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All the images in my signature and some in my about me are gone: Wah hoppen?

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Still going on. Itg is not all pix. I looked at source and the HTML is all there but most images do not show but the Alt or part of the HTML does. this correlated with the onset of wobbly connections (Ever on Sunday and Can't View Profile). While I have not done exhaustive investigations, I it appears to be the case when I LINK to an image at my webhost and when I use in internal link from an album pick to a post. I wonder if it might be from a Widnows or Firefox update

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Yes, I did notice when they were back about  two weeks ago when they returned. However, this is not my first trip to the Little Miss Tiara Pageant. I knew enough not to open my mouth since I was reasonably certain that the inevitable Murphy Event would occur. Had they stayed around for two straight wee,s I would have said something

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