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   Hello I've been reading a bunch of little space stories and became inspired to write my own. It's the first story I've written like this so I hope everyone enjoys it.


          Chapter 1 Classification Day


    Sarah looked around the auditorium, there were just over two dozen students assembled. Every year from the ages of fifteen to eighteen students are tested for any developing classifications. Those who test positive are divided into three types, dominant, subordinate, and neutral, with several subtypes under dom and sub.

     Sarah figured she was going to be a caregiver, she always loved playing with her little cousins. Loved seeing them happy and smiling. Caregivers are usually taller but it's not unheard of them to be shorter than six feet. She stood just over five feet tall, with chestnut brown hair and sparkling green eyes that seemed larger than normal. Her face was soft and slightly puffy giving her an innocent look. It was a source of frustration for her, while it helped her when dealing with kids and littles, adults treated her younger than she actually was. 

     The other students looked around nervously, a few of them were obviously friends as they huddled together whispering amongst themselves. She can't blame the others, they probably didn't know what they were going to be. Their attention was drawn to the front by an opening door. A woman walked from the open door to the podium, tapping on the mic before turning her attention to the students. 

     “Welcome to Classification assignment,” the woman said. She was taller than the assembled students. Standing at least six feet tall, with long blond hair and a warm gentle face. “You all can call me Miss Clarissa, and today you’ll all be tested for a classification.”

     The students' voices raised as a few blurted out questions.

     Miss Clarissa raised her hand, silencing everyone. “I know you all have questions but we have a lot of students to get through. When your name is called please go through those doors.” she pointed to a set of double doors that stood open. A nurse in scrubs standing there with a list.

     “Sarah Anderson,” the nurse called.

     Sarah jumped a little and walked over to the woman, who had a gentle smile on her face. Sarah was led to a small area sectioned off with some partitions. 

   “Please sit. Today we're going to be drawing some blood and then you’ll take the Bectel test.”

     “Is it painful?” Sarah asked.

     “Not at all sweetie, some electrodes will be placed on your head then you’ll watch a video while a computer monitors your neural activity. Now I'm going to draw some blood. Is that alright with you?”

     Sarah nodded her head, and watched the nurse take out a blood draw kit and several vials. She wrapped an elastic band around the girl's arm before feeling for a vein in the crook of her elbow. It took her a moment to find an acceptable vein but she nodded in satisfaction and cleaned the area with an alcohol wipe. Popping the safety cap off the butterfly needle she went to insert it. The girl watched the needle, her heart racing as it drew closer to her skin. She squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her hands.

     “Relax sweetie, it’ll only take a moment,” the nurse said gently.

     Sarah nodded and unclenched her hands, whimpering as she felt the needle pierce her skin. 

     “Shh shh, you’re fine. Just going to take a moment,” she spoke calmingly and soothingly. “Just one more. That's a good girl.” The nurse took four vials before removing the needle and taping a cotton ball to the puncture.

     Sarah felt a few tears fall from her eyes as she watched the nurse put labels on the vials and drop them into a bag. The nurse walked away and came back a few seconds later with a sucker. 

     “Here you go darling,” she said, handing it out. “Ready for the next part? I promise it won't hurt.”

     “‘Kay,” Sarah said with a sniffle. The nurse led her through the room, other kids were having their blood drawn. One of them bawled their eyes out. She tried to focus on her breathing. Trying to calm her racing heart. She didn't notice when they left the room and entered a small room with a machine in it. An older man stood beside a small reclining chair.

     “I have Sarah Anderson here,” she said, handing over some paperwork. 

     “Excellent, can you sit here for me,” the doctor asked gently. Sarah nodded and hopped up on the chair, her head feeling fuzzy from the needle, she always hated needles.

     The doctor explained what he was going to do, which she mostly ignored. Except for the last part which caught her attention.

     “... then once I get a baseline reading I'm going to show you a video.”


     “Yes, it's just some funny shapes and colors,” he said, walking over to the computer, then tapping a few buttons. “Ready sweetheart?”

     She nodded again, and watched him flip a switch with trepidation. Bracing for the unknown she was slightly disappointed when nothing happened. He simply smiled down at her, putting her at ease. While she waited she looked around the room. It was a classroom, all the desks were pushed to one wall and the room divider was stretched across it, dividing the classroom in half.

      “One of my colleagues is in the other half with another Bectel tester,” he said, following her gaze. The computer dinged and he clapped his hands together. “Alright sweetheart, I'm going to start the next part now, go ahead and look at the TV there.”

     “‘Kay…” she said watching the tv. It was still black for a moment before turning on. It was showing a pure white image. She started to turn her head when the doctor gently patted the top of it.

     “Keep watching.”

     She nodded and became entranced as some shapes and colors flashed on screen. They began to change, changing size and color. As she watched her head began to feel fuzzy again. She shook it, trying to clear it while keeping her eyes on the screen. But the fuzzy feeling continued. Spreading through her whole head. The funny shapes continued to change.


     “How are you feeling sweetheart?”

     “I few fuzzy,” she giggled. 

     “Do you know where you are?”

     “Scoo!” she exclaimed. 

     “That's right,” he said, smiling at her. 

     “Pwetty sparkus,” she beamed. The video kept her rapt attention, running for a while before fading back to pure white.

     “Are you with me sweetheart?”

     “Huh?” Sarah blinked several times before shaking her head. “What…?”

     “We're done, you'll receive your results in a few days after the bloodwork finishes.” 

     “Thank you,” she said.

     “No thank you for being such a good girl,” he said, smiling as her cheeks turned pink. “Nurse, I'm ready for the next one.”

     Sarah looked at the clock, somehow thirty minutes had passed already. Her attention was pulled away as the door opened up. The nurse led another student into the room and took Sarah back to the auditorium. 

     “Sarah Anderson?” Miss Allison called. 

     “Yes ma’am?”

     “You may go home, take this letter to your parents please,” she said, holding out a sealed envelope.

     “Yes ma’am,” she said, taking the offered envelope and walking to the door. She pulled her phone from her pocket and texted her mom asking for a pickup. Settling down to read something while she waited. She got a few chapters through one of her favorite little stories before her mom pulled up.

     “Sarah sweetie,” her mom called her, making her jump. She was so focused on what she was reading she didn't notice her mom standing in front of her. “How’d it go?”

     “It was alright, they took some of my blood and hooked me up to a weird computer.”

     “Ah, I remember the day I was classified. Everyone there said it was obvious what I was,” she said, a nostalgic tinge to her voice.

     “Really?” Sarah asked, hopping to her feet and following her mom to their car. 

     They both climbed into the car, and buckled in. “Yea, it was very obvious I was a dom even before then.”

     “It was?”

     “Yea, I was already more developed than other girls my age, and I was very authoritative. The next year I met your father,” she said, then sighed.

     It was true, her mom was nearly six feet tall, standing at five foot eleven. She was a mistress, which she reluctantly told her daughter. Much to Sarah's embarrassment. Her mother had the same chestnut hair, but hers fell down to the middle of her back. Her warm honey colored eyes drew the viewer to her face, with its small dainty nose, full pouty lips, and sensual smile.

     “I miss dad,” Sarah said, sniffling slightly, a tear rolling down her cheek.

     “I do too.” 

     A silence between them fell as her mother drove back to their house. 

     “So, any idea what your classification is?” her mom asked, breaking the silence.

     “Caregiver probably.” 

     “You do have a lot of fun playing with Alice and Sam. Are you sure you’re not a little?”

     “No mom, I don’t want to be a little.”

     “Why not sweetie?”

     “Cause I don't want to be reliant on someone my whole life. I don't want to be restricted from being an adult. I don't want my freedom taken away. Besides, I don't have any little tendencies.”

     “Still you might be surprised,” she said softly.

     “Mom no, I don't even want to think that way. I’ll be a caregiver. End of story,” she said, crossing her arms.

     “Alright sweetie,” her mom said, chuckling softly. “Did they say how long you have to wait?”

     “No, but they gave me a letter for you,” she said, pulling it out of her pocket. 

     “Hold on to it until we get home sweetie.”

     “‘Kay mom.” 

     Sarah pulled out her phone and texted her best friend Melissa. She’s also doing her classification test today, but later than Sarahs. With a big yawn her head bobbed and fell to her chest as she fell asleep.




     “Sweetie, time to get up.”

     “Huh?” Sarah stirred, looking at her mom bleary eyed. 

     “We’re home.” 

     She looked around in confusion.

     “Still tired sweetie?” Sarah nods and holds up her arms. “Such a spoiled girl,” her mom said, giggling as she picked up her daughter, pocketing the envelope that had fallen from her grip. Carrying the half awake girl to the front door. She used her free hand to open the door.

     “We’re back,” she said, closing the door behind her.

     “Welcome back Mistress Michelle,” a woman called from the other room. “How’d it go?”

     “Well enough,” she replied, walking into the living room. Placing her daughter down on the couch she turned to face a woman who looked very different than her. Smaller with light blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She was much smaller at only 

     “Long day?”

     “I think she was just stressed. You know how stressful classification day can be,” she sighed sitting down next to the woman, who pressed into her side and hummed contentedly. 

     “I know, my mom was sad that I got designated as a pet,” she said nuzzling into Michelle. “Like she was super supportive but I could tell she was disappointed.”

     “And it's her loss,” she replied, planting a kiss on the smaller woman's lips. “You’re a wonderful woman, Ariel. And an amazing pet.

     “I’m so glad you adopted me,” she said. “Especially after Jason.”

     “Shh shh, don't even think about him,” Michelle said, swiping a tear from her pet's cheek.

     “Should we wake Sarah up?”

     “No, leave her to sleep for now, it's barely been twenty minutes. She gave me a letter,” she said, holding up the sealed envelope. 


Dear Miss Michelle,

This letter is to inform you that preliminary results show that your daughter will be classified as a little. You should make sure she's aware and ready to receive the official announcement, as well as her official regression range. Should she drop before receiving the results we encourage you to allow it to progress naturally.

Sarah will be required to attend special classes. Before her eighteenth birthday we advise finding her a caregiver. If she doesn’t have a registered caregiver sixty days after her eighteenth birthday a foster caregiver will be assigned to her. Once her age range is established a list of required items will be supplied with the classification folder. 

Best regards,

Agent Alexi, C.L.P.S.

     “Shit…” Michelle swore.


     “Sarah’s going to be pissed…”


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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry about the delay, chapters will probably be a bit inconsistent due to my job. But I am still writing this ^-^



Chapter 2 Caregiver?





“Melissa Cooper,” the nurse called, jostling her from her reprieve. As she walked over her mind began to wander.

She was hoping to see Sarah here but once about a third of the kids were called she received a text from her. It was a little disappointing, she was hoping to speculate what their classification might be.

Although she already knew she was going to be a master. After all she was barely a few months older than most of her friends yet she already towered over them. That and her urge to protect and care for them.

“Come this way please,” the nurse said, holding the door open for her.

“Thanks ma'am.”

“Go into the first curtain,” she instructed.

Melissa walked into the small divided area. Somewhere in the distance she heard the unmistakable sounds of crying. Whoever she saw or heard someone very she just wanted to scoop them up and coddle them till their tears stopped.

These feelings were especially strong around her best friend Sarah. Every time she saw the small girl she wanted to scoop her up and snuggle her until she fell asleep.

Her musing was interrupted when the nurse spoke. “I'm going to draw some blood now. Is that okay?”

“Yes ma'am.”

The nurse pulled out various bits and bobs before drawing blood. The needle went in with barely a flinch from Melissa. Someone else, probably a little, just had their blood drawn probably. Judging from the wailing that came from somewhere to her right.

“Having some problems today?”

“No more than usual. That's why we only do this once a year. I saw that you're fifteen. Didn't get a classification last year?”

“Oh no,” she waved her other hand dismissively, “I was really sick last year.”

“Ah well I'm glad you're feeling better this year. Still not uncommon for people to be classified later. Some kids are late bloomers.”

“Yea my older sister didn't get classified until she turned seventeen.”

“There, all done!” She removed the needle and bagged up the vials filled with their crimson liquid. “I know you don't need it but do you want a sucker?”

“Yea sure.”

“Here you are,” she said, handing over the brightly colored lollipop. “Follow me to the next testing area.”

“Is this the Bectel test?”

“Yes, how'd you know?”

“I want to take classification specialization as my major.”

“An aspiring doctor. That's great, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully.”

“Thanks,” she said, her cheeks turning pink unused to praise.

Being the only other dom in a family of subs was not the easiest thing. Mama Shirley was a master for Momma Lisa and Papa Chris who were a sub and pet respectively.

Her mind was really wandering today she realized as the doctor coughed to get her attention.

“Sorry…” she said sheepishly.

He flashed her a simple smile before speaking. “Quite alright, if you're ready, sit here please.”

She sat down, feeling strangely small in this man's presence. Even though she looked to be close to his height.

“I know what the test is, I studied it for when I eventually take my exams to get into university,” she said, preemptively.

“Ah, coming for my job eh…?” He chuckled.

“Not at all Sir,” she replied, smiling at his joke.

He made small talk while applying the electrodes to her head. She watched him with rapt attention.

“Alright I'm going to show you a video then you'll be done.”

“This to stimulate a headspace if any are present right?”

“Yes, you are well informed.”

“And that won't mess up anything, will it?”

“Not at all,” he said before turning on the TV sitting in front of her. It turned pure white before shapes and colors began to flash on the screen. She began to feel warm, her thoughts wandering, before settling on Sarah.

“I hope she's doing well,” she said as the warmth continued to spread.


“Sarah, she's so small, and cute as a button. I had to tell off these mean girls who were teasing her. She was about to start crying. The way her bottom lip quivered was adorable, but no one messes with my baby girl,” she answered, nodding thoughtfully.

“Sounds like she has a good protector,” the doctor said as he fiddled with the computer.

“I just want her to be happy. The wait for classification has been hard on her. She thinks she hides it well but I can tell she's sad and worried. I just want to scoop her up until she falls asleep in my arms.”

“I'm sure she'd like that.”

“You think so? I don't want her to hate me. She really wants to be a Caregiver. They usually do the comforting. I'm worried, she sent me a text saying she was done but didn't reply when I asked how it went. I hope she's not hurt…!” she tried to sit upright but was pressed back down by the doctor

“Almost done,” he said gently. “Just stay focused on the TV please.”

“Right, sorry…”

She fell silent after that, her mind playing different scenarios in her mind. Everything from Sarah getting smiling happily to her being abducted by a stranger.

Suddenly the screen turned white and she blinked, shaking her head to clear the fog that settled on it.

“All done,” the doctor said.

“What happened?”

“Test is finished sweetheart, you may go,” he said again, a gentle smile on his face.

“Right, sorry. Thank you for taking care of me,” she said shaking her head and trying to remember what the video showed.

“It was my pleasure.”

The nurse returned and guided her back to the auditorium, leading her up to Miss Clarissa, who handed her a letter and sent her on her way.

Momma Lisa was waiting for her outside the doors. The moment she stepped through her Momma threw her arms around her.

“Hey baby girl, how was it?”

“Strange, I don't remember the test part. But I felt like I was talking about something very important. I have a letter for you.”

She took the letter and opened it up. Her eyes scanned through the lines. Her face was unreadable as she finished the letter and folded it back up.

“What's it say?”

“It says that you're a caregiver, and that the test results will determine your ideal age.”

“...caregiver…? Not master…?”

“That's what it says sweetie. Let's… let's head home and talk to Mama Shirley.”

“Yea…” she replied rumbly before following her mom to the car and climbing in.

I hope Sara's a caregiver or she's going to hate me…




“So what are we going to do about her classification?” Ariel asked

“She's going to fight us,” Michelle replied, looking at her daughter. “We’ll need to ease her into headspace.”

“How are we going to do that?”

“I don’t know…”

“Well love, I'll do some research online for you,” she said snuggling to her masters side.

“I’ll make us all something to eat then,” she said, planting a kiss on her pet's lips, and giving her a quick hug. Before standing up and making her way to the kitchen. Ariel scooted next to Sarah looking down at her peacefully sleeping and sucking on her thumb. She gently rubbed the slumbering girl's back with a smile on her face.

“You’re so adorable,” she said, leaning over and giving the girl a kiss on her cheek before walking out of the room.

She went to her mistress's office and booted up the computer. As she waited for it tpo start up her thoughts fell to the small girl slumbering in the living room. She knew what her master would say. But she knew the truth. That girl's classification was her fault. A tear rolled down her cheek as she began to search online, printing out some guides from the classification bureau website. While those printed out she searched for ways to ease people into their headspaces.

A half hour later the door opened inwards with a small click, Sarah walking in while rubbing her eyes sleepily.


“Hey my precious girl, did you have a good nap?”

“Yes mamma,” she said, making grabby hands.

Ariel smiled at the small girl, as she adorably reached out to be carried. Turning off the computer she picked up her daughter, carrying her on her hip. Sarah buried her face in the crook of her Mamma’s neck. Ariel walked to the kitchen to check on the food.

“There's my two precious girls, hope was your nap sweetie.”

“It was tay mommy,” she replied with a yawn.

Michelle gave her pet a questioning look, who just shook her head and held up her fingers. Squeezing them close together.

“Are you hungry sweetie?”

“Yes mommy! Super hungry.”

“Well you're just in time then,” her mom smiled.

Ariel put her daughter in a chair and scooted her in, the small girl barely able to lean over the table. To eat the plate of food set before her.

“Tanks mommy,” she said before digging in. The two women watched her eat, noticing that she seemed to be eating far clumsier than normal. Michelle had a smile on her face as her daughter ate with gusto. Their dinner passed in relative silence, their silverware clinked against their plates.

“Alright sweetie, let's get you in a bath. I swear you got more on you than in you,” Michelle said when her daughter finished eating.

Her face lit up in excitement and she started bouncing excitedly. “Bath?”

“Yes sweetie, a bath.”

“I’ll clean up the dinner dishes, Mistress.”

“Thank you, you’re such a good girl,” she said, giving her pet a kiss and a pat on the head. “Alright munchkin, let's get you clean.”

“Okay mommy,” she said, holding up her arms. Letting her mom pick her up and carry her out of the room.




“Alright I put our daughter to bed, so tell me Ariel, what's wrong?”


“Yes since dinner you’ve been unnaturally quiet.”

Her pet shifted awkwardly under her master's gaze. Her eyes flicked between her master's own and the ground.

“Speak!” she commanded.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, breaking out in tears.

“Sorry for what?”

“For what I did to Sarah. For what we did to her. It's my fault the poor girl is like this.”

Michelle walked over to her pet, who flinched and shut her eyes. She sat there, apprehension building inside her. She felt the bed shift as her master sat down. Then a pair of strong arms wrapping themselves around her.

“It's not your fault.”

“But Jason…” she started, before her master's finger silenced her.

“How many times do I have to tell you that we don't talk about him. What he did has nothing to do with you. I wish you’d stop beating yourself up about it.”

“But your daughter is a little because of him…”

“We don't know that. And even if that were true it's still not your fault. No matter what you say. The courts themselves even said you did nothing wrong. So please stop beating yourself up.”


“Do I have to make it a command?”

“No ma’am, I'll try my best.”

Michelle leaned back, pulling her pet along, and cuddling her. “We’re visiting my sister tomorrow and right now I just want to cuddle my pet.”

“I love you mistress.”

“I love you too darling.”

The two women shared a kiss. Simply basking in each other's presence.

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11 minutes ago, LGGrace said:

I like where this is going. I'm big fan of Classification AU stories. 

It took me reading half of the first chapter to realize I pretty sure I read it on Wattpad already.😄

TY ty and yea is posted there and on AO3.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. 

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Loving this so very much, wanna know so much more bout the characters and world!!!

Your craftsmanship really shows also, cramming this much worldbuilding and character development in just 2 chapters is really masterful.

Cant wait for more

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21 minutes ago, Little Lamb said:

Loving this so very much, wanna know so much more bout the characters and world!!!

Your craftsmanship really shows also, cramming this much worldbuilding and character development in just 2 chapters is really masterful.

Cant wait for more

Thank you so much that means a lot to me. I'm really excited to tell you all about them.

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