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Sometimes telling others you love is plain hard

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I had this girl at one time a night shift nurse at the veterans hospital where we lived at and after a appendix surgery we started dating. In the first week I told her I was a Diaper Lover and sometimes I liked being a Adult Baby. In the first 1/2 of the relationship all was well and she did a complete 180 after that. Well one day she couldn't get me off after a round of set and she got one of my diapers out of my drawer stuffed with diapers and she got me off really quickly, and she said you don't love me this is what you really want from me and what you really love. I learned something from the past the truth can absolutely destroy someone or help them build on their psychology. I said "  your right that's what I love, And I love what u do for me but truthfully years down the road I was still in love with my ex girlfriend Amanda. After I told her the truth of these things I thought I was going to be killed that day. She was so angry. I heard her say she had liked changing diapers giving shots and whatever at the Jack C. Montgomery VA  well she said quote "I took it out of context". But carefully saying if your love interest cares enough to tell you these things that means you have some level of trust. Back then I was a business man and somedays my phone rang almost every hour and it was always business but she would ask "who was that or where you going" constantly I was being accused of doing everything I wasn't and it hurt me badly because had this person accepted these things we would still probably be together but she was insecure and had no self esteem back then. Reynolds her ex before me had blacked her eyes I felt bad for her she was a domestic violence victim before she met me. I found these victims are extremely guarded and lacking in trust as well often don't even trust those around them trying to help them. So patientce is a very important and try to let your partner set the speed in the relationship trying to understand otherwise you may find yourself alone in the Wendys booth LMAO




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it sounds to me like there was some sort of confusion. Confusion can lead to something like this, and words can be said that aren't meant to be the way they're said Or what can happen is words can be taken at face value and words can hurt almost as much as anybody that suffers from PTSD or has dealt with domestic violence.

I'm glad that there was no injuries or anybody that got hurt. What I see is I see a lady who was somehow interested in your diaper fetish, Then apparently something went wrong, things were said, she ended up taking it the wrong way, and then you end up with a problem like this. The problem that I see is that there are people out there who say they love you, or they care for you, or they want to spend time with you, and then it works out for awhile, and then something happens, you're not sure why: i've had that happen on several occasions, a girl would be interested in me or I would be interested in her, and within two weeks I would lose my girlfriend because something is not working right, or the chemistry just isn't there. It sounded To me as if she was golden as far as helping you, and then she just switched off. He's a nurse, so she's Used to giving shots and changing diapers, but I'm not sure why the miscommunication started, but that can be something that can destroy a friendship and it can also lead to heartbreak and despair.

I've been where you're traveling, because I've had several girlfriends in my life. Said what usually happens is I get serious with a girl comment and then something happens within a couple of weeks, and I lose my girlfriend. This is what happens in high school all the time. Everybody says that I'm a sweetheart, and that I have a good heart, and everything else, but the thing is my heart I wear on my sleeve, so I'm willing to help any one, and when you get hurt, that really throws a wrench into a relationship. I find the right girl, then and only then would I reveal my use of diapers, but everybody here on DD for example knows about it, and all the people that need to know about my diapers know, because I'm not gonna hide it. It's just too bad that this broke down and you were unable to have fun with this girl. My mom used to tell me that That if it is not meant to be, it's not meant to be.

She meant that there are plenty of ladies in the sea. Told me that I shouldn't worry about whether I lose one or not, because you end up getting into wicked depression if you end up remembering her, and that will probably set you off. Once you find the right lady, I can guarantee you that she would understand, and that is the type of situation I'm in.

I'm single right now and I like being single, but sometimes I feel like I wanna get together with friends or be able to hang out together or whatever, then sometime maybe it can go to something else, but the thing is all the time that I've been dealing with girlfriends, they always seem to love me and then next thing they drop me like a hot potato, they tell me that it's not me it's them, but the thing is, sometimes people say we're hurtful things or do hurtful things and things are blown out of proportion or misunderstood which causes a lot of strife. Believe me when I tell you I've been there, and it's not fun. I know you may be hurting right now, but please understand that there are times that you have to make the decisions that make sense to you. If one girl doesn't seem to workout, you can always try again at some point. I want to make sure happens is that the person that I am with if I do have a girlfriend understands my incontinence and would help me if I need it. I can't help being incontinent, but sometimes I feel only because I haven't been able to get very many ladies interested in me, and I don't think I've had too much luck. Next time I had a girl that was interested in me it was because they said my wheelchair looked pretty, because all my status slates indicate how much battery power I have, and they were attracted to me because of my chair. I wonder if one day I will be lucky enough to have that special person in my life that loves me and will take care of me, just like I would take care of her, but at my age at 51 I'm not sure I would be able to marry, because the rules say that if you are on disability and you marry you may lose your benefits, and that's the marriage penalty that they put into the Social Security Act in 72. I just wish that someday I would be lucky enough, but I always look at it this way: as long as you're happy, then that's great! If you're not happy, then you might have to change something, or make drastic changes to your lifestyle, but it sounds to me like this was just a big miscommunication that blew up and caused a lot of hurt in anguish.

But take heart because there's a lot of people out there, and eventually you will find the person that will love you for Who And what you are. Mom said to me that if they don't love you for who you are and what you are, then that is not the girl for you! I'm sorry about the confusion and I'm sorry that you had to go through this, but I've been through it too and it's not fun! It really hurts sometimes when you feel so much down that you just want to cry, and it doesn't make sense when it happens, you just let it out. That is an emotional response and sometimes you have to cry to get the feelings out, but don't despair, because eventually you will find the right girlfriend and you will be able to have fun, and when that happens you will know it.

Much love and support!

Brian 😁😁


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Yeah b I hear you I was offline for a few days my other phone broke  I been by my self for quite some time and after these incidents I was in no hurry to find replacements I just was starting to share some of my experiences because American service members struggle with d.v. incidents si  incidents and other family related problems then most professionals even know about than the respective physical conflict injuries. I had this really good doctor and he told me that at a Midwest USA VA 


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On 8/17/2023 at 8:20 PM, pyrotechnicshobbiest said:

I heard her say she had liked changing diapers giving shots and whatever at the Jack C. Montgomery VA  


I worked at that hospital for a short time about 2010 till 2012. 

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Next thing that happened was we started going out to eat and various other places our work schedule conflicting I was traveling most weekends and she was working the night shift at the veterans hospital. But one weekend is set up a lot of fireworks and electronically fired these fireworks and I asked her out. At that time she lived in a small aframe house called The chalet. What what was strange one day is she said "you showed me what you're into, now let me show you what I'm into".


     I reluctantly agreed and I said okay do your West show me what you're into. So she did she pulled out like this 10-in butcher knife she ran it down my chest and she said she had a slasher fantasy. I knew she was in the violence but I didn't know as to what kind of violence or how violent but I tell you what man she was one crazy b**** and ironically that's the name of a buckcherry song is crazy b****.

I specifically told her many times I don't like kids I'm not into kids and I'm not into raising other people's kids I told her that a hundred times in the first month. Well her and  the ex-husband we're in a custody battle and she didn't know it but the whole time she held the keys to her own like her own dreams. Well her ex didn't tell her but she was the primary custodian and I as I read down through the file she was calling around for lawyers I said hey wait a minute I don't think you need a lawyer it says right here you're the primary custodian that means you're in charge of what they do and where they stay and like a dumbass I showed you this and she still thought she need to get a family court lawyer and all he did was tell her what I already said. And charge $500 to boot. And where did you f****** bring him she brought them to my house and it wasn't my job to raise someone else's kids and I straight up told of this I I straight up told you this and she brings them to my house and it goes fine for a while and then they start getting into my stuff and they they they taking away my time they're taking away my time from their mom.. she told me that she never been married which was b******* because married means two people becoming one or having a child with someone that's what married means and she did she had two kids with someone else and to this day when I find me someone else if they got kids or baggage of any kind like taking care of their their mom and dad their Grandma I don't want nothing to do with any of that I'm just burned out on helping people


I hung up my Superman cape a long time ago. Or my or my hammer of Thor they always say not to be the hero and I never knew why but now I know why the hero in the room or the nice guy always definitely finishes last I saw it for myself that that's what some of these people like they like getting the  shit kicked out them So the oldhat is true nice guys finish last brd



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