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Livy's New Family

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Olivia is a young woman who has problems with her anxiety. Unable to take the stress of her job she quits.

Landon is a young woman who, in may ways, is the polar opposite of Olivia. Confident and oozing sexiness she senses an opportunity.

Dan is Olivia's husband and works in the same company. When he goes home to see his wife he is greeted by an unusual scene for most people. For Dan is was entirely expected.


Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page!

The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️



Livy’s New Family

By Elfy

“I can’t do this!” Olivia was practically in tears, “I quit!”

Olivia turned out of her now former boss’s office and hurried towards the women’s bathroom. She let out an involuntary sob as she pushed straight into the room and headed for a cubicle. She locked the flimsy plastic door and dropped on to the toilet. With her head in her hands she started crying, it felt as if she had let everyone down. Every moment since she had got this job had been hell for her and she just couldn’t cope.

This had been a long time coming. Olivia had been struggling with the stress of her job as a paralegal pretty much since she started there a couple of years before but the last few months had been intolerable. The stress and anxiety had been building until it had erupted. It didn’t help that she had ADHD which seemed to only be made worse by the recent stresses.

“Come on, Livy.” Olivia said as she took some toilet paper, “Get it together. What would Dan say?”

Olivia had met Dan originally in college and it was like love at first sight. In truth, Olivia may not have been able to finish her education without Dan’s help and conversely Olivia had helped Dan when he went through law school after finishing his degree. They were married soon after college and then Dan got a job at this legal firm. When an opening for a paralegal came up Dan was able to put in some good words for her. It’s why Olivia felt like she had let her husband down, he had gone to bat for her and she had been a bad employee and now just wanted to run away.

“Olivia?” A voice Olivia was familiar with came from somewhere in the bathroom.

Olivia had hoped she had got into the bathroom without being seen. She stood up and opened the door to the stall. She stepped out and over to the sink trying to suppress the sobs that still rippled through her body. She looked into the mirror to see an acquaintance, someone who worked with her husband as a fully-fledged lawyer. At first she wanted to hide the fact that she had been crying but as soon as she saw herself she knew there was no masking the puffy red eyes or running mascara.

Landon walked over and put her hand on Olivia’s shoulder. The two women could hardly have been more different. Olivia was naturally submissive. She was insecure and never felt like she deserved the job she had which probably greatly contributed to her anxiety. She was quiet and withdrawn, shy and nervous. Landon on the other hand was someone everyone gravitated to. She was confident, outgoing and, in Olivia’s opinion, sexy.

“What’s going on?” Landon asked with a frown.

“I just… quit.” Olivia sniffed and dabbed at her eyes with tissue.

Landon remained silent as she continued rubbing Olivia’s shoulder. She was looking at the smaller woman but it was as if she wasn’t really looking at her, it was as if she was staring through her. Olivia watched her in the mirror.

“What are you going to tell Dan?” Landon asked eventually.

“I don’t know.” Olivia said as she dropped the tissue in the trash can and sniffed again, “He knows I’ve been stressed.”

“I’m sorry. If there’s anything I can do…” Landon said as she stepped back.

“Thanks.” Olivia said as she picked up her bag.

Olivia flashed a quick smile to Landon though it was one without any emotion behind it. She left the bathroom and started heading down the corridor to the cubicle that counted as her office. It only took a minute to sweep all of her things into a cardboard box and head down to the elevator. She was just about to press the button when she saw Landon hurrying down the hallway towards her. She looked sexy and in control even whilst running for the elevator, Olivia thought jealously.

“Olivia, do you want me to tell Dan?” Landon asked as she drew near.

“W-Would you?” Olivia asked.

“Of course.” Landon smiled a little condescendingly, “I know these things can be difficult.”

“Thank you.” Olivia said. This time her smile was a little more genuine. She dreaded telling Dan what she had just done and seeing the disappointment in his eyes.

“No problem. Make sure you go home and have a good rest, alright?” Landon reached out to pat Olivia on the arm.

Olivia stepped back into the elevator and pressed the button that took her down to ground level. As she slowly descended the floors of the tall building she had plenty of time to second guess herself. There was no doubt the job was causing her an awful lot of stress but should she have just worked through it? She hated that she couldn’t deal with it when everyone else seemed to be able to live with it just fine. Why was she so weak that she couldn’t do something as normal as work?

By the time Olivia was back at her car she felt like she was on the verge of tears again. She left the car that she had arrived in with her husband and hurried to the bus stop. She needed to go home and relax before she had a complete breakdown. There was one thing in particular that really helped Olivia calm down and she was counting the seconds till she could get to her bedroom.


Landon watched the elevator doors close with her well-practiced warm smile on her face. The moment they closed it changed subtly into a much more sinister grin. It felt like just the opportunity she had been waiting for ever since she had found out Dan was married. She waited a minute and then called an elevator of own. Instead of heading down to the ground floor she went up a level to where the lawyers had their offices.

Whilst in the elevator Landon looked into the mirror and touched up her hair. She checked her make-up and quickly touched up her lipstick. She adjusted her clothes to push up her breasts and make them more prominent. All the subtle tricks she had learnt to get ahead in a male dominated environment.

When the doors opened Landon stepped out and walked towards Dan’s office. She sauntered with one foot in front of the other causing her hips to sway, she smiled as the heads turned to watch her go past. She only had eyes for one man.

“Dan?” Landon knocked on the open door, “Are you busy?”

“I am.” Dan replied as he scribbled down some notes before looking up to the doorway, “But I’ve always got time for you. What’s up?”

“I just saw your wife going down to the lobby with a box.” Landon said as she walked in and perched herself on the edge of the desk, “She wanted me to tell you that she just quit.”

Landon watched as Dan seemed to deflate a little. He leant back in his chair causing it to creak slightly. He closed his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. Landon studied the man, his chiselled bone structure and handsome features set him apart from nearly any other man in the office. He was intoxicating to Landon who wasn’t embarrassed to admit she had been lusting after him ever since she had first seen him.

“I was afraid this was going to happen…” Dan sighed.

“Trouble at home?” Landon asked as casually as she could manage.

“No, no…” Dan looked back down from the ceiling with a disappointed expression, “Olivia has just been under a lot of stress recently. She’s been struggling to cope.”

“The poor little thing.” Landon said with a sympathetic frown.

“Olivia took on the majority of the household chores since I made a majority of the money.” Dan continued, “But recently she’s been falling behind. I’ve tried to help but I’m so tired after work. I’m afraid the house has become a bit of a mess.”

“She has always seemed quite… sensitive.” Landon was secretly delighted about getting to gossip about Dan’s wife.

“She struggles sometimes.” Dan said, “Normally we can get through it together but she’s been much more stressed recently. It’s one of the reasons I was hesitant to get her a job here in the first place. It’s not that I didn’t think she could do it, it’s just a tough gig for anyone, you know?”

“Oh, of course.” Landon nodded her head, “It’s not the sort of thing just anyone can do.”

“Exactly.” Dan nodded, “And after getting the Peterson case dropped on my lap this morning this is the last thing I need.”

“Peterson case?” Landon said with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah. Really complex and a lot of moving parts, a mountain of paperwork to sift through.” Dan sat back in his seat and massaged his temples.

Landon nodded her head thoughtfully. The gears were turning and she was seeing an opportunity, a little crack that she could get into and push open. After saying her goodbyes she left the office and closed the door behind her. Instead of heading back to her own office she walked with purpose down the corridor. People hurriedly got out of the woman’s way, when she moved it was like there was a force-field moving people aside.

Landon wanted Dan all to herself and that desire had only increased when she learnt that Olivia was an obstacle. No one stopped Landon from getting her way and she had started to plot and scheme against Dan’s wife. It had taken a pathetically small effort to get Olivia unsettled at work. As she had found out Olivia was hardly the most stable person to begin with.

Landon knocked on the door of Mr. Myers. He was an older man who had started the law firm and still ran it as boss despite not dealing with any cases any more. He was a fount of knowledge with an encyclopaedia-like knowledge of law. Landon had been very quick to make sure she was on his good side as soon as she had started there.

“Come in.” Mr. Myers’ voice was gruff unlike his appearance which was much more like a kindly old grandpa.

Landon opened the door and stepped into the office. The furnishings inside made Mr. Myers’ office look more like an extension of his home. Stepping through the doorway made it seem like Landon was being transported to an entirely different building.

“Hello, Sir.” Landon said as she closed the door behind her.

“Ah, Miss. Hamilton, how may I help you?” Mr. Myers asked.


Dan pulled his car up outside of his house. He tilted his head from side to stretching the muscles in his neck. He climbed out of the car and pulled his briefcase with him, it banged against his leg as he pushed the door closed. He pressed the button on his key fob and the lights flashed to let him know it was now locked.

Dan loosened his tie as he walked up the garden path to the front door. It had been a tough day. The Peterson file that had landed on his desk was more complex than anything he had seen before. It seemed like there were at least a thousand pages of intricate legalities to sift through. It was a mountain that he would have to climb up by himself. Hearing that Olivia had quit her job, whilst not totally a surprise, had also put a downer on the day.

Opening the front door Dan was met with the sound of children’s television coming from the living room just off the hallway. He put down his briefcase and took off his jacket. He grabbed the handle of the door and then paused to take a deep breath. He pushed the door open.

“Daddy!” Olivia jumped off the couch and hurried over to Dan.

Dan forced as much of a smile as he could manage for his wife as he wrapped his arms around her and patted her back. He had been almost certain this was the scene he would be returning to. He looked over Olivia’s shoulder and could see some blocks laying on the floor and a pacifier sitting on the table, more clutter adding to the general mess.

Olivia was wearing a white t-shirt with pink denim pinafore dress. Her hair was in pigtails with little pink bows on the end and, as Dan’s hand travelled down her back, he discovered she was wearing regular panties. That was something of a surprise for him all things considered.

“Hello Livy.” Dan said. Livy being the name Olivia preferred when she was being little.

“Erm, Daddy, I have something to tell you…” Olivia let go of Dan and looked down at her feet nervously.

“I already know.” Dan said, “Landon told me.”

“I’m sowwy.” Olivia lisped childishly.

“It’s OK.” Dan sighed, “Does Livy want nuggies for dinner?”

Dan watched as Olivia looked up with a big smile and rapidly nodded her head causing her pigtails to bounce all over the place. Dan patted her on the head and then walked out of the room leaving Olivia to hop back on the couch and continue watching her cartoons.

Many people might think this was an odd scene to come home to but for Dan it was normal. Very early on in their relationship Olivia had told Dan about her love of age play. She liked to pretend she was a child, sometimes she even went so far as to wear diapers but most of the time her little self was potty trained. Olivia liked to be called Livy when she was little and Dan became a sort of de facto caretaker for her. He didn’t usually mind since he knew it helped Olivia a lot but on days like that one it did nothing for his stress. When Olivia was extra anxious, stressed or in any way not feeling her best she tended to want to be little more and more. Dan enjoyed the “Daddy” role a lot of the time but on some days he would’ve preferred resting, Olivia was so cute when she was feeling little, it was hard to say no.

Dan yawned as he slipped some chicken nuggets and fries into the oven. He looked for some plates but found they were all unwashed and in the sink. He sighed and sat down on one of the chairs around the kitchen table.

When Dan and Olivia had moved in together and sorted out the dynamics of their relationship it was agreed that since Dan was the main breadwinner that Olivia would do a majority of the housework. This setup worked a lot of the time but recently things had started to slip. The chores weren’t being kept up with by Olivia who was much more likely to be sat with her toys than doing the dishes. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help out, it was more that she couldn’t. Dan knew about her mental health obstacles but knowing about them didn’t always mean it was easy to empathise after he came home from a long day at work to have to do chores all evening.

Dan rubbed the back of his neck as he took a couple of minutes to relax and the heat of the oven filled the kitchen. The only sounds in the house came from the television in the living room. Losing the extra source of income wasn’t the biggest deal in the world but Dan did worry about his wife. Olivia had always been on the fragile side and he worried that leaving her job and spending more time as a little was a sign that she was not coping well. He was desperate to help but already felt like he was stretched to the limit himself.

When the food was ready Dan got a couple of plates and dished it up. He placed the two meals on the table and then got two drinks, for Dan it was a small bottle of beer whilst Olivia had a sippy cup full of juice. He screwed on the pink plastic top and then went into the living room to retrieve his wife.

“Livy, time for dinner.” Dan said as he poked his head around the door.

Dan smiled as Olivia jumped off the couch and hurried out to meet him. She wrapped her arms around Dan and hugged him before letting go and almost running to the dining table. She looked adorable in her dress which bounced with every step to sometimes give a look at the pink panties underneath, Dan recognised them as being the ones decorated by princesses from various animated films.

Dan walked back through to the dining area to see Olivia already sat on her seat ready to tuck in to her childish meal. As he walked past Dan reached over and gently patted his wife on the head causing her to become giddy. As soon as he sat down Olivia started tucking in to her meal.

Olivia was the first to finish her food and was gulping greedily from her sippy cup as Dan ate the last few bites of his own. When he put down his knife and fork he sat back in his chair and sipped his beer with a sigh. With a finger and a thumb he rubbed his eyes and tried to de-stress from everything that had happened.

“Are you OK, Daddy?” Olivia asked from across the table.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” Dan gave a tired smile, “Just a lot on at work.”

“Oh…” Olivia put her a finger up to her lip as if thinking about something and then slipped off her chair.

Dan watched Olivia walk around to him and she sat on his lap sideways. They hugged for a minute before Olivia pulled back and gave Dan a kiss. Dan had to admit that no matter how stressed or upset he might be Olivia was always able to put a smile on his face.

“Can I do anything to make Daddy feel better?” Olivia asked breathily. One of her hands ran down Dan’s chest.

“And what did Livy have in mind?” Dan asked with a knowing smile.

Olivia’s hand continued down Dan’s body until it reached his crotch. She smiled and then bit her bottom lip as she giggled. Dan knew that for Olivia there was a sexual aspect to when she was little, she enjoyed it and found it exciting and it wasn’t uncommon for her time as a little to include some very grown-up activities.

“Shall we take this upstairs?” Dan asked with a grin.

Olivia enthusiastically nodded her head. Dan smiled as Olivia hopped down and took his hand. She eagerly pulled him out of the room and towards the stairs. The sex was always great. Dan was naturally dominant in the bedroom whilst Olivia was naturally submissive, it made for great chemistry. No matter how tired Dan felt he could always find energy for intimacy.


If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-83503962

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With Olivia becoming a stay-at-home wife Dan is hoping she can take care of some chores. Olivia, however, has some other things on her mind, like which toys to play with and what children's show to watch.

Meanwhile, Landon finds she'll be working closely with Dan and sees this as an opportunity to learn more about her co-worker and his relationship.


Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page!

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Dan walked into work the next day with a bit of a pep in his step. The memories of the night before had given him an extra burst of happiness which was only slightly deflated when he went into his office and saw a huge stack of new paperwork. There was a note on top that said the new papers were the latest on the Peterson Case.

The extra work made Dan puff out his cheeks but he resolved to get back to it. He sat down behind his desk and started pulling files towards himself to do the relevant work. It was only an hour later that the good mood had evaporated and Dan felt like he was slogging through mud, with a sigh of exasperation he looked at the clock and begged it to tick faster. The new paperwork was even denser than what he had been working on the previous day.

“Knock, knock.” Landon’s smiling face appeared at the open door.

“Oh, Landon. Come in.” Dan said as he pushed a particularly thick folder away from him.

“Is this a good time?” Landon asked as she walked in, “I can come back.”

“No, no, please stay.” Dan chuckled, “Anything to give me a break from this paperwork.”

“I can do better than that.” Landon smiled as she strutted across the room and sat in the seat on the opposite side of the desk, “Myers has put me on the Peterson case with you.”

“Really?” Dan raised his eyebrows. It was unusual for more than one person to work on a case, even one as big as this.

“But I’m not here to tread on any toes.” Landon said, “You tell me what you need and I’ll do it.”

Dan had to admit to being intrigued in this new working situation. He was obviously happily married but Landon was undeniably a very sexy woman. She looked like she could have gone into modelling if she had chosen to do so. He also noticed what she had chosen to wear that day, her bust was almost falling out from the low cut dress that was only barely suitable for work.


Olivia woke up late and when she rolled over she saw that Dan had already left for work. She stretched a little and felt the anxiety in the pit of her stomach, it took her a couple of seconds to remember that she didn’t have to worry about work anymore. She smiled to herself as she hugged her owl stuffie that she always slept with.

“What shall we do today, Hootie?” Olivia said.

“Play!” Mr. Hootie replied. His voice sounded suspiciously like Olivia talking like an owl.

“That’s a great idea!” Olivia said and then giggled.

Olivia rolled out of bed and then turned to pick up Hootie. She was wearing a very thin pink nightgown which she pulled over her head leaving her naked. There were two chest of drawers dedicated to Olivia in the bedroom, one was full of her regular adult clothes and the other was bursting with clothes for “Livy”. It was to this second chest that Olivia now walked.

Olivia dug through her various outfits until she eventually pulled out a pink Barbie t-shirt and a similarly colored frilly skirt which went over a pair of white panties with pink hearts on them. She took a minute to pose in front of the mirror before heading downstairs. It wasn’t often, especially recently, that Olivia woke up feeling little but now she saw no reason to be a grown-up. Being little was so relaxing, Olivia’s busy mind would calm down a little and she was able to concentrate on the things that seemed important in that headspace, things like coloring and making sure all her stuffies got enough attention.

Once downstairs Olivia made herself some cereal. After a quick breakfast she took a sippy cup full of juice with her into the living room. As she sat down she saw that Dan had left a note for her on the small table at the end of couch.

“Olivia, just wanted to leave a quick note asking if you could do a little tidying up whilst I’m at work. No pressure or anything, I just thought since you’re going to be at home all day you could work on the house a little. Love you, Dan.” Olivia read. She put the note down. Maybe later she would do some cleaning, right now it didn’t feel right.

Olivia turned on the television and switched to a channel that exclusively showed cartoons and programs for very young children. Olivia clapped with glee when she saw her favourite show was on, she loved cartoons with talking animals and this was easily her favourite. She sat on the couch with her feet up and cuddled Hootie as she lost herself in the colorful world on the screen.

Time quickly slipped away from Olivia and after a day of playing she looked at the clock to see that it was nearly time for Dan to come home. She rather guiltily looked back at the note next to the couch that had asked her to do housework. She knew she wasn’t pulling her weight in terms of chores, it just felt so difficult and the allure of being little was too enticing to resist. She would get around to her tasks eventually… probably.


Landon sat in the passenger seat of Dan’s car and considered her next move. She was sure Dan had been checking her out a little throughout the day and she had been trying to impress him with her legal knowledge. As five o’clock rolled around and it was time to go home she had suggested the possibility of her coming over sometime to get some more work done. Dan had agreed immediately and quite to Landon’s surprise had suggested that very evening.

Now Landon was listening to some classic rock songs coming from Dan’s car stereo. Dan had a nice car and he was a smooth driver, Landon didn’t know the route exactly but she knew the rough area that he lived in. It seemed to be a nice neighborhood though.

“Are you sure Olivia won’t mind?” Landon asked for the fifth time that afternoon.

“Of course not.” Dan replied without hesitation, “She’ll like seeing you again. She likes you.”

“She does?” Landon raised an eyebrow. Whilst Olivia had never been cold towards her she was surprised to hear Dan’s wife had positive feelings for her.

“How could she not?” Dan asked with a chuckle.

Landon looked out the window as the car slowed and then turned into a driveway. Dan’s house was one of a dozen or more that looked identical on that street. A two-story detached house with a garden in front that had clearly once been well cared for but had fallen into some disrepair. Weeds were popping up among the flowers and the grass was a little too long compared to the neighbors.

“Nice place.” Landon said as she took her seatbelt off and started to open the door.

“Yeah, well, you haven’t seen inside…” Dan said quietly. Landon wasn’t sure if she was meant to have heard him.

Landon sensed possible cracks in the relationship and eagerly filed it away mentally. She reached the front door first and took a step to the side as Dan walked up and put his key in the lock. He paused and looked at Landon, clearly there was something on his mind.

“Look, the place isn’t as tidy as it could be.” Dan muttered quietly, “Try not to mention it. It’ll stress Olivia out and become this whole thing…”

“Oh, the poor dear, I won’t say a thing.” Landon frowned in sympathy and then put a hand on Dan’s shoulder.

Dan looked at the hand and then turned back to the door. He turned the key and pushed the door open. Landon followed Dan inside and her first impressions weren’t bad. Dan had rather overstated the cleanliness problem, the situation wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful either. Landon was about to say as much when she heard scampering of feet from the room closest to them.

“Hello Dad-... Dan.” Olivia came bounding out of the living room with a big smile on her face. When she saw Landon staring there she stumbled both physically and mentally.

Landon could immediately tell something was up. It didn’t exactly take Sherlock Holmes to see that Olivia had been caught very off-guard. She was now looking down at the floor determinedly with a face that was turning redder even as Landon studied her. Landon raised an eyebrow when she looked at the outfit Olivia was wearing, it seemed very out of place on a thirty-year-old woman.

“Olivia, sorry, I should’ve called ahead…” Dan mumbled.

Landon could see that even Dan looked a little embarrassed. There was definitely something unusual here, perhaps something she could use. For now though she had to play the good guest.

“Olivia, so great to see you!” Landon stepped forward as if she hadn’t noticed anything unusual and gave the smaller woman a quick hug, “How are you?”

“I’m… fine.” Olivia said slowly.

Landon let go of Olivia and stepped back. She again took in the childish clothing which she had to admit looked cute on her. The three of them remained in the hallway for several silent seconds. Landon was sorting through everything she saw and trying to decide if she could use it. One of her best attributes at work was her attention to detail, she didn’t miss anything.

“Shall we go into the living room?” Dan said eventually, “I’ve got some files we need to review.”

“Of course.” Landon smiled.

“Livy, I’ll do dinner in an hour or so, OK?” Dan said, “Why don’t you wait upstairs or something.”

“Sure.” Olivia seemed thankful to have an excuse to leave the situation and no sooner had Dan finished his sentence than she was off up the stairs. Landon watched her go curiously and waited until she was out of sight.

“Livy?” Landon asked.

“What? Where did you hear that?” Dan stopped as he was opening the living room door and turned to look at Landon with wide eyes.

“You just said it?” Landon frowned.

“I did? Oh, right… Erm…” Dan swallowed and turned back to the door as he muttered, “It’s just a term of endearment.”

Landon was almost overloading from all the information she was getting. She almost felt like she had to get a notebook out to take note of all the little quirks. She followed Dan into the living room and looked around. Nothing immediately seemed to be out of the ordinary.

“Please, take a seat.” Dan said, “If we go over these customer forms now it should save us some time before the meeting tomorrow.”

“Sure.” Landon smiled and nodded. She went over to the couch and sat down.

Landon reached out for a stack of papers that Dan handed her. She put the pile on the couch next to her and pulled the top sheet of paper off. As she scanned the page she allowed her eyes to wander. The room was nice, the carpet could do with a vacuuming and there was a layer of dust on nearly every surface but it was far from a disaster.

Landon sat back with her pen and went through each sheet of paper. Occasionally she would cross something out or make a note of something but only a couple of times did she talk to Dan who was equally absorbed in his own work. Olivia was still upstairs and after hurrying up there Landon hadn’t seen or heard from her, it was enough to peak her curiosity. After forty-five minutes Landon looked up from her paper to Dan.

“So, you’re the one that cooks meals?” Landon asked conversationally.

“Usually.” Dan replied.

“I would’ve thought… you know what, don’t worry about it.” Landon looked back down at her forms but her eyes darted up. She could see Dan looking up and towards her.

“What?” Dan asked.

“It’s nothing…” Landon made sure every movement and syllable was absolutely precise. Despite what she said it was clear there was something she was itching to say. Inwardly she smiled as she saw Dan taking the bait.

“No, go on.” Dan continued.

“It’s not really my place to say but…” Landon paused for dramatic effect, “If you’re the one working shouldn’t Olivia be the one cooking and cleaning?”

“You know how Olivia is.” Dan said with a sigh, “It’s difficult for her and stopping work is a big change…”

“Forget about it.” Landon said as she held up her hands, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t pry.”

Landon continued to work with Dan for a while before they had finished the stack of forms. She stood up and stretched, with some satisfaction she noticed that stretching her arms above her head emphasized her chest which drew Dan’s attention. She thought it was cute the way he furtively looked her way and then then focused on something else when he thought Landon was watching.

“I’d better go.” Landon said as she started putting her things back in her bag, “I don’t want to impose.”

As Landon and Dan said goodbye at the front door the woman saw some movement from the top of the stairs. Just glancing around the bannister at the top, leaning like a child trying to spy on her parents was Olivia. As soon as she saw Landon looking Olivia quickly disappeared behind the wooden guardrail.

“Are you sure you don’t want a lift home?” Dan asked.

“Thanks, but I don’t want to be a bother.” Landon said as she turned to look at her co-worker. She wanted to emphasize how independent and low maintenance she was, everything Olivia was not.

Landon turned away to walk towards the nearest bus stop with a big smile on her face. She had hoped to push herself in between Olivia and Dan but she hadn’t expected to find such fertile ground to do so. She had a lot to think about as she travelled home.


If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-83865704

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Dan and Landon continue to get closer as Olivia becomes increasingly determined to show she could be every bit the woman that their frequent guest was... Whether she was succeeding at it was a different matter altogether.


Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page!

The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️



Dan closed the front door and smiled. He remained at the door and looked through the peephole as Landon walked away. He shook his head slightly as he pulled back, he heard a noise from the top of the stairs and turned to see Olivia peeking around the top of the stairs.

“Alright, I’m going to put dinner on.” Dan said as he looked up at Olivia.

Dan saw Olivia nod quietly and he walked through to the kitchen to start cooking. He heard footsteps coming downstairs and then as they came towards the dining room there was a noticeable crinkle as the steps got closer. Dan turned away from the oven with a smile just as Olivia waddled into the room.

“Ah, feeling very little tonight, eh?” Dan said.

Olivia blushed and nodded. She had changed whilst hiding upstairs, she was now wearing a thick princess diaper underneath a pastel pink onesie with white sleeves and a bunny on the chest. Dan nodded as he turned back to the food. Although Olivia was a little she didn’t actually wear diapers all that often.

“Landon was asking after you.” Dan said as he walked over to Olivia and gave her a big hug.

“Oh?” Olivia replied.

“Yeah, just wanted to make sure you were alright.” Dan continued.

“Did she… Did she notice anything strange?” Olivia asked as she buried her face into Dan’s chest in embarrassment.

“Not at all.” Dan replied with a small chuckle, “I’ll make sure to call ahead next time. I’m sorry, baby.”

“It’s OK, Daddy.” Olivia replied. She couldn’t help but relax in the big strong arms of her husband.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Dan asked as he pulled back, “You’re very quiet. You wouldn’t need a diaper change would you?”

Olivia bit her lip and looked down at the floor. With her hands held behind her back and one foot kicking the floor she was the picture of innocence. Dan grinned as he reached down and slipped two fingers underneath the elastic of the onesie. He pressed his digits against the diaper and could feel a warmth.

“Do you want me to change you now or after dinner?” Dan asked as he stroked the side of Olivia’s face.

“After dinner.” Olivia replied wanting to sit in the warm diaper for a while, “Can I go play?”

“Of course.” Dan replied.

Dan chuckled as Olivia hurried away towards the stairs. He checked on the food one more time before walking to the living room. He walked into the living room just as Olivia ran down the stairs and into the room with a couple of her dollies. Dan sat down as Olivia crinkled into the middle of the room and sat down to play.

Dan always found it fascinating to watch Olivia playing. It was like watching an actual child, the adult side of the woman seemed to disappear leaving just the small child. Dan found it very endearing and it brought out his more domineering side. Olivia happily babbled away with her dolls as she put them through a scene. In fact Dan got so engrossed in watching Olivia play he almost lost track of time, he had to hurry out to the kitchen to make sure dinner didn’t burn.

As Dan dished up dinner and called out for Olivia to come eat he couldn’t stop his mind from drifting back to Landon and the sultry sexiness that contrasted completely with Olivia’s innocence. Dinner passed without incident though Dan finished first and leaned back in his seat to watch as Olivia finished.

“All done?” Dan asked as Olivia put her cutlery down, “Livy’s tummy full?”

Olivia smiled bashfully and nodded her head. Dan stood up and walked around the table, he took his wife by the hand and led her out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Dan reached under the bed where he kept the towel he used for diaper changes. He pulled it out, flattened it and placed it on the edge of the bed. He turned to Olivia who had placed her thumb in her mouth.

“Let’s get you out of this…” Dan said as he crouched down. He pulled the snaps on the flaps of the onesie and the two sides opened up. Dan pulled it up and over Olivia’s head leaving her naked except for her wet diaper.

Dan gave Olivia another cuddle before gently lowering her down on the towel. He went across to the chest of drawers and pulled out the baby powder and baby wipes. As he walked back across the room he squeezed the powder bottle to make little puffs of white particles form clouds in the air. Olivia giggled as he placed the items down either side of her.

Dan pulled off the tapes on the front of the diaper and lowered the front. He took a handful of wipes and started to delicately clean Olivia. As he wiped her clean with the cold wipes he could feel Olivia wriggling.

“It’s cold!” Olivia complained half-jokingly.

“Unlike your diaper which is very warm, right?” Dan smiled widely, “What a wet baby!”

Olivia pouted playfully as Dan finished cleaning Olivia and pulled the diaper out from under her. He made a big show of pretending it was very heavy as he balled the diaper up and used the tapes to keep it closed. It wasn’t often that Olivia wore more than one diaper in a row but she didn’t complain as Dan started unfolding a new one.

“Better put another one on you to make sure you don’t wet the bed.” Dan said matter-of-factly.

“Hmph!” Olivia folded her arms across her chest as she pouted again.

Dan lifted Olivia’s legs into the air and brought them back so that the new diaper could be slid underneath her. When he lowered her legs there was a crinkling noise as her weight pushed the diaper down into the mattress a little. The front was pulled up between the woman’s legs and then taped tightly closed.

“Alright, you can play for another hour or so before bed time.” Dan said as he took Olivia’s hands and pulled her to her feet.

Olivia gave Dan another tight hug before hurrying out of the room. In her haste to go play she hadn’t even paused to get dressed again. Dan shook his head in amusement and sat down on the edge of the bed. Yet again he was struck by the differences between Olivia and Landon and yet both seemed to command his attention equally.


The first visit from Landon to Dan and Olivia’s home certainly wasn’t the last and over the next couple of weeks she was coming over after work almost daily. When combined with work hours Dan was spending more time with Landon than he was with Olivia. Not that he minded this new status quo, of course. Landon was fun and unashamedly sexy, Dan didn’t think any red blooded male could disagree with that. She was essentially everything that Olivia wasn’t, he found himself wishing he could squeeze the two women into one perfect person.

There was of course a large part of Dan that felt guilty but he reasoned that once the Peterson case was completed he wouldn’t be spending as much time with Landon any more. Landon was fun to be around and he was happy to invite her into his home. She was great with Olivia as well, Dan noticed that Landon was like a big sister to his wife. Olivia was often shy when Landon was around but the alluring lawyer always made sure to talk to her over dinner.

It was a strange dynamic but one that Dan felt was benefitting everyone. Olivia seemed to be less stressed as Landon would often help out with small chores whilst visiting. This also helped Dan who really needed the help to keep the house presentable.

Dan did notice that he was slowly changing the way he thought about the two main women in his life. Olivia was spending all her days as a little and she would jump straight back into that role whenever Landon wasn’t there. Even when she was most stressed Olivia spent maybe half her time as a full adult but recently she was rarely Dan’s wife and more often his little girl. Dan certainly didn’t mind too much, he was increasingly seeing Olivia as a little girl that needed taking care of and spending time with Landon only seemed to emphasize that.


Olivia was sat on the living room floor on her front. She had Hootie, the stuffed owl, in one arm and a crayon in the other. She was coloring in a scene of a zoo and knowingly giving Daddy a show. Her frilly dress was raised up showing her unicorn panties to Dan who was sitting behind her on the couch. Every time she looked around she would catch Dan looking at her and it made her giggle.

It was Saturday and Olivia was playing as she usually did. She preferred the weekends though because it meant Daddy was with her all day. She knew she was on a time limit though because Landon was coming over for dinner. Olivia liked Landon though something about her always left Olivia feeling a little incompetent as a wife and adult.

“You’ll probably want to get changed soon, Livy.” Dan said a little after lunch.

“But I’m not wearing a diaper!” Olivia giggled.

“You know what I mean, sweetie.” Dan said with a smile, “Landon will be here soon.”

“Yuck! I hate being an adult!” Olivia said as she closed her colouring book.

“Well, you could always stay like that.” Dan jokingly suggested.

Olivia quickly shook her head feeling suddenly very bashful. She picked up her colouring things and Hootie before quickly walking out of the room. She was a girl that was easily embarrassed which could be both a blessing and a curse. Humiliation could excite her in certain situations but otherwise she turned into a blushing mess very easily.

Olivia went into the master bedroom and over to her side of the bed. She took off her decidedly childish clothes and carefully put them away in her closet. She took a moment to look at herself in the mirror, she had always been happy with her body. She had a slight build and every part of her was perfectly proportioned for it. She went to the other side of her closet where her adult clothes were and put on a pair of comfortable pants and an old blouse.

As Olivia went into the bathroom she heard the doorbell ring and then Dan hurry out to answer it. Olivia felt her heart rate quicken as it often did when she knew Landon was coming. She hurriedly did her business and then made her way downstairs. This visit was a bit different than the usual ones though, Dan and Landon weren’t doing any work today, this was purely a social visit.

“OK, Livy, time to be a grown-up.” Olivia muttered to herself as she went back downstairs.

Olivia heard voices coming from the kitchen as she turned the bottom of stairs. Dan let out one of his deep belly laughs as Olivia approached the kitchen.

“Hey Olivia.” Landon was smiling widely as she stood next to the kitchen counter with a plastic bag that Dan was unloading.

“Hello.” Olivia replied, “How are you?”

“I’m good.” Landon said as she walked across the room, “All the better for seeing my favourite people.”

Olivia allowed the taller woman to give her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. Olivia suddenly felt underdressed. Landon looked very sleek in a long black dress that made her look like a supermodel, the dress was low cut over the chest showing off an almost scandalous amount of cleavage. She was on tall heels which made her seem even bigger than usual, Olivia didn’t know how she was able to walk around on them without breaking her ankles.

“Dinner won’t be too long.” Landon said, “How about you go watch some television whilst Dan and I make dinner?”

“I could stay out here and help…” Olivia said quietly, “If you wanted, I mean.”

“I think we’ve got it covered.” Landon said with a big smile, “You know what they say about too many cooks.”

“Oh, OK.” Olivia replied. She looked over at Dan who was busy getting ingredients ready.

Olivia slowly left the room. As she walked down the hallway and into the living room she heard the two people in the kitchen laugh at something. She pouted at not being in on the joke then fretted that she was the subject of the joke. She stood in the living room unsure of what to do, part of her wanted to do as she was told and sit down to watch television but there was another part that desperately wanted to impress their guest.

Olivia quietly left the living room and heard conversation coming from the kitchen. She crossed the hallway and went upstairs. Walking back into the master bedroom Olivia hurried over to the closet and slid the door open. At the very least she could pick out something that looked a bit fancier. She wanted to show Dan that it wasn’t just Landon who could dress up.

There wasn’t a lot of options for Olivia. She looked at her clothes with a critical eye and none of them seemed to match up to what Landon was wearing. She flicked through the various outfits and dresses but just wasn’t sure what would impress their visitor. It wasn’t like Olivia was invited to a lot of fancy parties and she was glad about it, she found those stuffy events interminably dull. She would much rather do something fun.

It seemed Olivia’s choices were limited to two different dresses. One was a dark green number with straps over both shoulders whilst the other was a pale pink that looked quite like what Landon was wearing. Olivia was leaning towards the pink dress though there was just one small problem, it was very much a “little” dress. It was difficult because whilst it was certainly not as grown-up as the green dress Olivia so rarely got chances to wear it.

Maybe “Livy” was winning out but Olivia reached for the pale pink dress and pulled it off the hanger. She got herself undressed and had just started to put the dress on when there was a knock at the door that made her freeze.

“Olivia, it’s me.” It was Dan and Olivia breathed a sigh of relief, “Landon wanted to hear that story about when you were a kid. You know, the one where you were playing hide and seek and… Well, you tell it better than me.”

“I’ll be down in a minute.” Olivia replied as she tried to turn the dress the right way round.

“Alright, just don’t hide up here all evening, OK?” Dan said as he walked away from the door.

“I wasn’t hiding…” Olivia muttered with a pout.

Olivia pulled the dress over her head and stood in front of the mirror. She thought it looked appropriately grown-up, there was certainly no way to tell this was something she often liked to wear with a diaper underneath at least. She pulled at the material and adjusted it a bit as she turned this way and that, she wanted to be certain there was nothing announcing it as clothing for a “little” as if she expected there to be a sign hanging on it or something.

“Olivia!” Dan was calling from downstairs, “Come on, dinner’s nearly ready!”

Olivia wondered just how long she had been getting changed. She supposed she had been dragging her feet a little but it wasn’t because she was hiding!

Olivia turned around and hurried out of the door. The dress went down past her knees but was billowy enough not to impede her movement. In her haste to leave the room she hadn’t noticed she had forgotten to close the closet door. Moving quickly down the stairs she saw Dan at the bottom who looked surprised to her dressed as she was.

“What?” Olivia asked when she reached him.

“You’re just looking very pretty.” Dan said as he reached forwards and gave his wife a hug. He continued in a whisper, “Livy…”

Olivia felt a shudder go through her body as she bit her bottom lip and smiled bashfully. She could feel little space trying to invade her mind but she had to fight it off, she couldn’t allow herself to be little when Landon was here. She had to be the woman of the house and impress her guest. Quite why she felt such a need to impress Landon she wasn’t sure but she couldn’t deny it was on her mind.

Olivia followed Dan through to the kitchen where she found Landon serving the food on to plates. Dan took a seat at the table and Olivia took the seat to the side. When Landon turned around and saw Olivia a big smile came across her face.

“Don’t you just look lovely?” Landon said as she carried the food over.

Olivia smiled widely. It felt like she was visiting Landon rather than the other way round as a plate of food was placed in front of her. Landon had even donned an apron to serve the food, she looked like a regular homemaker.

“Drinks?” Landon asked.

“I’ll have a wine.” Dan replied as he picked up his cutlery, “You don’t need to do all this though, I feel bad. You’re a guest!”

“Nonsense.” Landon waved her hand dismissively, “It’s no trouble at all.”

When Landon came back over with the drinks she placed two wine glasses in front of hers and Dan’s plates, for Olivia she brought over a regular glass. Olivia frowned slightly in confusion.

“To a prosperous partnership.” Landon said as she raised her glass, “And happiness.”

Dan and Olivia raised their drinks and after chinking the glasses together took sips. Olivia realised very quickly that Landon hadn’t poured her wine, she received the very sweet flavour of fruit juice instead. She stared at her glass as she put it down.

“Is something the matter?” Dan asked.

“It’s nothing really…” Olivia said quietly, “I just thought I was getting wine as well.”

“Oh my. I’m sorry. I thought you said you wanted juice!” Landon covered her mouth and pushed back her chair preparing to standing up.

“No, don’t worry about it.” Olivia said with a smile. She didn’t want to put the woman to any more work than she had already done, “I like juice as well.”

Landon sat back down. Without further ado everyone started tucking into their meals. Conversation was mainly between Dan and Landon as they gossiped about work. Olivia was content to stay in the background a little and enjoy the food, it was delicious, Landon was clearly a stunning cook and it was just yet another thing she was better at than Olivia.

“Would you mind if I used your bathroom?” Landon asked about two-thirds of the way through the meal, “I swear this wine goes straight through me.”

“Of course, you remember where it is right?” Dan said.

“I’m sure I’ll find it.” Landon replied, “Don’t gossip about me too much whilst I’m gone.”


If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-84243429

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Landon spies something she wasn't supposed to see but it confirms suspicions she had and gives her an idea. Meanwhile Dan is finding it increasingly hard to keep up with both work ad home life whilst Livy... just wants to play.


Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page!

The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️



Landon chuckled as she left the table. She went down the hallways and up the stairs. Just as the bottom floor disappeared out of sight she paused and leaned over the bannister. She could see Olivia facing sideways eating her meal, neither her nor Dan were looking her way. Perfect.

Continuing up the stairs Landon walked straight past the bathroom and further along the landing. She saw a likely looking door and gave it a nudge, with the barest of creaks it swung open and revealed the master bedroom. Landon paused for a second to make sure she hadn’t been followed and then stepped inside.

The bedroom was exactly what Landon expected. It wasn’t a mess per se but it definitely looked lived in. The bed covers were askew, the tables either side of the pillows were cluttered and covered in a layer of dust. Clothes were strewn on the floor and the whole place just looked untidy.

“This place needs a woman’s touch.” Landon muttered to herself. The unspoken assumption that Olivia was just a girl made Landon smile.

Landon stepped slowly into the bedroom taking care not to move anything or make any noise. She started looking around for anything that might give her some leverage, she already had suspicions about Olivia but she wanted more before she acted on anything. She scanned the room slowly looking for anything that might seem odd. It turned out she needn’t have looked particularly closely because the evidence was practically staring her in the face.

Landon walked over to the open closet. The colourful outfits on display attracted Landon’s attention and she started flicking through them, she pushed the hangers apart to get a better look and saw a vast away of childish outfits. This wasn’t just a quirky fashion choice either, Landon saw a fluffy white baby’s onesie with a cotton ball tail and big floppy ears on the hood, a pink baby dress that seemed to be fifty percent frills. There was a yellow footed-sleeper with little ducks all over it and innumerable t-shirts with childish designs. Everything looked designed for babies and yet it was clearly designed to fit adults.

Beneath all these babyish outfits Landon saw something that made her eyebrows raise practically past her hairline. In a box under the clothes were dozens of diapers. There were some with childish prints and others that were plain white, some of the packages had been torn open with diapers missing whilst others were full. Landon reached down and picked up one of the tightly packed white rectangles. The shiny front where the tapes were supposed to go had the words “Baby Girl” written in balloon-like letters.

Landon smiled deviously. She had suspicions before but now there could be no mistaking it, Olivia was definitely a little. Landon had done her research online when she first suspected something was a little strange, she had read all about adult babies and now she was certain Olivia was one.

Landon could’ve stayed in the bedroom for ages searching for more clues into how Olivia operated and finding things that might help her get Dan but she knew she would soon be missed. She backed away from the closet and back out on to the landing.

Hurrying to the bathroom Landon flushed the toilet to make it seem like she had gone there and then went back downstairs. She re-entered the dining room with a smile and sat back down. She had to try and keep her new knowledge to herself which was easier said than done when all she wanted to do was look over at Olivia and try to tell if she was wearing one of the diapers or not.

“Everything alright?” Dan asked after a few minutes.

Landon looked up from her plate and realised she had been quiet since returning to the dining table. She smiled and nodded her head. She finished the rest of the meal and spent most of the rest of the time at the table talking to Dan about work, never once did her thoughts turn away from the closet in their bedroom.

“Is it alright if I get a glass of water?” Landon asked.

“Of course.” Dan replied, “Mi casa es su casa.”


Olivia watched Landon stand up and as she crossed to the sink she suddenly remembered something. She bit her lip as Landon turned the faucet. No water came out but there was a rumbling in the pipes, then water started trickling out at a very slow rate.

“Olivia, I thought you were going to call a plumber to sort that out?” Dan said as he looked over to the sink.

“I… I forgot…” Olivia ducked her head.

“Honestly, I ask you to do something and-” Dan started.

“It’s no problem.” Landon smiled as she started rolling up her sleeves.

Olivia was so scatter-brained. She remembered Dan asking her to call a plumber the previous week, and then again at the start of that week but she had forgotten both times. It brought home all the things she felt responsible for. She found it so hard to concentrate on one thing and despite planning to make the phone call she so quickly became distracted that she forgot everything else. All the chores she was supposed to do felt so daunting and when she started thinking about little stuff she quickly found it take over all her mental real estate.

“You really don’t have to do this.” Dan said.

“I think I know what’s wrong…” Landon opened the door to the cabinet under the sink, “I just need to get in here…”

As Landon started to fiddle around under the sink Olivia looked up to see Dan looking at her with disappointment. Olivia knew she was letting Dan down by failing at her chores but she genuinely found it really hard. She knew Dan understood her ADHD and forgave her failings but that just made her feel even worse because she felt like no one expected anything of her, that she was useless as an adult. It pushed her towards her little space even more. Being little meant no one expected anything of her, the pressure was off and she could live her life in relaxation.

“Really, Landon, you should come sit down. I’ll call a plumber and-” Dan started.

“Not going to be needed.” Landon replied as she removed herself from the cabinet and stood up.

Olivia watched as Landon closed the cabinet and picked up her glass. She held it under the faucet and turned the water on. Sure enough, the water came through straight away and looked perfectly clear. Landon held the glass up to her mouth and took a sip before smiling.

“Amazing.” Dan shook his head in amusement, “Is there anything you can’t do?”

“It’s fine.” Landon waved a hand dismissively, “The same thing happened at my place.”

Olivia watched as her husband stood up and ran the faucet again. He and Landon started talking about how it hadn’t been working right for weeks and they were going to get it fixed but… Olivia saw both faces turn her way and she looked down. Of course, it was a simple problem that could’ve been fixed long ago if it wasn’t for how hard she found adult life.

“I know we said we weren’t going to do any work.” Landon said as the conversation died down, “But did you maybe want to go through a few things?”

“Sure.” Dan said, “All the paperwork is in the living room.”

Olivia watched from the table as her husband, still effusing over Landon, left the room with their guest. Olivia felt very much like the third wheel as she kicked her heels at the table. After a few minutes she stood up and slowly walked down the hallway unsure of where she was planning to go exactly. She stood in the doorway to the living room and saw Dan and Landon talking animatedly about something to do with work whilst holding a couple of glasses of wine. After a second of hesitation she turned away and headed up to her bedroom.


“Did you want to play with my blocks with me?” Olivia asked.

Olivia was sat on the living room floor and had made herself as cute as possible. Her hair was in braided pigtails, she wore her favourite onesie and had a diaper on underneath. She had waited for Dan to come home and watched from the upstairs window so she could make sure he wasn’t bringing Landon with him. She had then rushed downstairs to greet her husband at the door.

“I can’t tonight.” Dan said distractedly, “I’m afraid I’ve just come home to get changed.”

“Get changed?” Olivia frowned.

“Yeah, Landon is in the car, we’re going over to hers to do some more work.” Dan said as he started walking up the stairs.

“Oh.” Olivia bowed her head in disappointment.

“You’re welcome to come along…” Dan said when he noticed Olivia’s concern, “I’m just worried you’ll be bored since we’ll just be doing work.”

“It’s fine.” Olivia said quietly.

“I’ll pick up pizza on the way home, OK?” Dan called out as he disappeared into the bedroom.

“Sure.” Olivia replied.

It wasn’t long before Dan was rushing back downstairs in some much more casual clothes. Olivia was still standing in the hallway as he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and a hug. He shouted a goodbye over his shoulder as he opened the front door and hurried out. Olivia was left alone, dressed up but with no one to play with.

This had become a common occurrence. Olivia watched the car back out of the driveway and then disappear up the road. It felt like she barely saw her husband recently, all his time was spent with Landon. She couldn’t help but feel jealous as she sat down on the couch and folded her arms across her chest.


“So you see, if we move the top ten percent of the expenditure over here we can…” Landon was leaning forwards over the table.

Dan couldn’t help but see her magnificent chest. It was practically spilling out of her top. Landon was still talking but it was difficult to concentrate with Landon bent over so suggestively. Her pretty face was close as well and Dan could see her perfect make-up, not that she needed it. She was wearing perfume as well, a sweet smell that Dan found himself inhaling just to experience.

“What do you think?” Landon finally finished a long speech.

“I, well, erm…” Dan was suddenly on the spot.

“You haven’t heard a word I’ve said have you?” Landon’s lips curled into a smile as she sat back a little. She took her wine and sipped from the glass.

“I did hear… some of it.” Dan mumbled bashfully.

“You’re usually so on the ball.” Landon said, “What’s up? Something’s distracting you.”

“I’m fine.” Dan said.

Dan was looking down at the papers in his hand but as he glanced up he saw Landon looking at him with raised eyebrows. It was remarkable how hard it was to lie under such a penetrating gaze. He quickly looked down again but after a second sighed and slumped back in his chair. He looked up at Landon again and could tell she wasn’t going to let him off the hook.

“It’s Olivia.” Dan finally sighed. Then when he saw that wasn’t enough for Landon he continued, “I love her, I want to make that clear right off the bat. But it’s not easy…”

Dan saw that Landon was still listening for more. Her hard glare had softened considerably, before he knew what he was doing Dan started spilling everything he had been keeping in to his co-worker.

“She’s under a lot of stress and she’s… fragile. I know that and I’m as patient as possible.” Dan said, “But she’s not been doing anything! I have to do the money earning, I have to do the cooking, the cleaning and all the chores. The other day I gave Livy a drink, I went to the bathroom and when I came back she had spilled it on the floor, she had just gone back to playing leaving it to me to deal with. It’s all me! It’s like… It’s like she’s a…”

“A child?” Landon offered.

Dan was flustered. A cork had popped out of the bottle that had been holding in his thoughts and emotions, these were things he couldn’t tell anyone. He wondered if Landon knew how close to the mark she was with her last comment. He let his head hang down and shook it slightly, he had said too much. He shouldn’t be airing the dirty laundry of his marriage to outsiders.

“I’m sorry, let’s get ba-” Dan started.

“I saw Olivia’s baby things.” Landon suddenly interrupted.

Dan’s eyes widened and he felt as if he had frozen on the spot. His hands holding the paper shook slightly and he swallowed through a knot in his throat. Thoughts chased each other through his head. He was horrified Olivia’s secret had been found out but also angry that Landon had potentially been snooping.

“The other day, when I went to the bathroom, I passed your bedroom door.” Landon offered as an explanation, “I only glanced in as I went past but I saw diapers and childish clothing on the floor. I didn’t mean to invade her privacy I just… Well, I couldn’t help but see it.”

Dan let out a deep breath. He couldn’t remember what the bedroom had looked like recently, like most of the house it was in a constant state of mess. It seemed like a perfectly plausible explanation. He finally looked up at Landon who seemed to be much more comfortable than he was. He finally dropped the papers he was holding on the table and leaned back in his seat. He massaged his temples with his right hand.

“It’s complicated.” Dan finally said, “It’s a kink thing but… it also helps her relax.”

“It’s OK.” Landon said softly, “You don’t need to explain anything to me. I’m not going to go blabbing about it, whatever happens in your home is your business.”

Dan nodded his head and smiled. He was already wondering if he should tell Olivia what Landon had said. He dismissed the thought, Olivia would likely go straight into a panic attack if she knew anyone else had caught wind of her embarrassing secret. Dan actually felt a surge in affection for Landon, a woman he couldn’t help but find sexy, she was a truly great friend. He was sure he could trust her.

“It’s just…” Landon looked down to her lap where she was playing with her hands, “No, don’t worry about it.”

“What is it?” Dan asked.

“It’s not my place to say.” Landon shook her head.

“I want to hear it.” Dan leaned forwards again, “There’s no need to be shy or hold anything back.”

Dan watched as it was Landon’s turn to take a nervous breath. She seemed to be weighing stuff up in her mind. She slowly looked up at Dan before starting.

“I think you need a real woman.” Landon said matter-of-factly, “You need someone who can share the load. Someone who can look after you. It’s not fair that you have to come home from work and desperately try to keep up with all the chores. Olivia is wonderful and lovely but it’s too much work for one man.”

At first Dan wanted to stop Landon from talking but the more she said the more he found herself almost enthralled by her words. It was all things he had thought privately but not dared to voice to Olivia who he knew needed his support. It made sense to him, he was essentially trying to look after a career, a house and, for all intents and purposes, a child.

As Dan sat in thought he saw Landon get up off her seat and come around the table that was between them. She perched on the edge and leaned forwards slightly.

“I’m not saying anyone should replace Olivia or anything.” Landon continued, “But you need help… and I want to help.”

“I… I don’t know.” Dan replied uneasily.

“Things don’t have to be much different to how they are now.” Landon added then shrugged, “I’ll just do a little housework after we do some work.”

“I guess it couldn’t hurt.” Dan said.

“Great.” Landon smiled as she stood up, “Let’s get back to work shall we.”


If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-84587075

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10 hours ago, Tinybabyboy76 said:

Love how this is progressing! Looking forward to more! ❤️

I'm glad!

We are still mostly in the set up phase but once things start happening I hope a lot of people are going to be rooting for Livy!

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Landon hops online to speak to a friend about what has been happening. Before heading back to Dan and Olivia's for work and dinner. Once there she pushes things a little further much to Olivia's shock and embarrassment.


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“Alright, I’ll see you at the office tomorrow.” Landon said as she waved at Dan from her front door.

As soon as Dan was out of sight Landon couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across her face. She closed the door behind her and thrust her arms into the air in victory. In her mind she imagined crowds of spectators cheering and applauding her efforts. She had pushed Dan’s boundaries and found them a lot softer than she expected.

Landon walked across to her kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She went through to the living room and sat on the couch. She put her legs up and pulled her laptop over, she opened the lid and turned on the power as she sipped her drink.

Ever since Landon had realised Olivia was a “Little” she had been doing research. Landon had been exploring every resource she could find and was paying particular attention to the roles of “Mommies” and “Daddies” within the lifestyle. Dan had essentially confirmed for her that evening that he was essentially Olivia’s Daddy whether he would describe himself as such or not.

“Hey, JustCurious, how are you doing?” A message popped up on the screen.

“Not too bad. Got a lot to tell you, Little_Princess!” Landon smiled as she quickly typed her response and sent it back.

These messages were being exchanged on an age play forum that Landon had found on her first day of research. She had gone into the chat room and in amongst the immediate bombardment of messages she saw one that interested her. Little_Princess was one of the few in the room that had a profile picture and she looked absolutely adorable. Landon had started talking to her and they hadn’t really stopped since.

“Do tell!” Little_Princess replied quickly.

Landon typed out her latest update. She delighted in sharing her successes with someone who seemed genuinely happy for her. She sipped her wine as she waited for a response, in the meantime she opened another window and put on some relaxing music.

“Wow! It seems things are going great!” Little_Princess wrote excitedly, “What’s your next step?”

“I don’t know yet.” Landon replied honestly, “We’ll see what happens. I’m just so close I can practically taste it!”

“Erm, I think I need a change…” Little_Princess typed along with an embarrassed emoji.

“Alright, come here.” Landon answered.

What followed was a short role play where Landon changed this ABDL’s diaper. It wasn’t the first time the two of them had engaged in such play and Landon enjoyed it. It seemed to make Little_Princess very happy so she had no problem obliging her. It was the least she could do when this anonymous Little had given Landon such an insight into the world Olivia inhabited.

“You really think Olivia would be happy with this?” Landon asked after a little while, “You think she would be OK with me muscling my way in with Dan?”

“I can’t speak for Olivia.” Little_Princess wrote, “But as for me? I want to be taken care of. I would love a Mommy and a Daddy. Having one would be great but both would be perfect!”

Landon put down her glass as she thought about what her friend was saying. It was true that it seemed a lot of these Littles craved being cared for more than anything else. She kind of felt bad knowing that a lot of them didn’t have a “parent” to take care of them. Which was why Landon saw an opportunity. Olivia wanted to be taken care of, that was very obvious, and Dan wanted another adult presence in the house. Neither of them could quite give the other exactly what they needed but Landon felt like she could come in and complete the puzzle. It was how she rationalised things at least.

After a couple of hours talking to Little_Princess and surfing the internet Landon shut down her laptop and put it back on the table. She stood up and stretched before making her way to bed. As she undressed and slipped underneath the covers she couldn’t help but look at the large empty half of the bed next to her and sigh. How she longed to have Dan there.


Olivia heard a key scrape in the lock of the front door. She had looked out of the front room window and seen that it was Dan… along with Landon. Olivia had foregone anything little that day and even done her best to do some chores though she had struggled. She had still managed to do a little cleaning which she was sure Dan would appreciate.

“Hello.” Dan called as he stepped into the house.

Olivia stood up and went out into the hallway where she saw her husband and Landon taking their shoes off. She didn’t say anything but flashed the pair a quick smile. Dan gave Olivia a hug and a kiss on the cheek before Landon approached her. To Olivia’s complete surprise Landon gave her a hug that lingered for a second more than she was comfortable with.

“It’s good to see you.” Landon said as she let Olivia go.

“You too…” Olivia replied slowly. As they parted Landon even reached over with one of her arms and patted her on the head.

“I’ll put dinner on.” Dan said, “Landon, did you want to come through and discuss work in the kitchen. Olivia, we can call you when food is ready.”

“Sure.” Olivia replied. She watched Landon walk through to the dining area with a frown.

Olivia was at a bit of a loose end as the smell of cooking permeated the house. She wasn’t exactly sure what to do with herself whilst her husband worked. She wandered back into the living room and turned on the television. She sat down and rested her chin on her hands. It took her a minute to realise the last thing she had been watching was kids cartoons and she hurriedly switched over before someone noticed.

“Livy? Dinner’s ready.” Landon’s voice came from the hallway.

“OK, I’ll be ri-” Olivia stopped as she realised the guest had just used her Little name. Landon was still in the hallway so she didn’t see as Olivia’s eyes went wide.

Olivia swallowed hard before leaving the living room. She leaned around the doorframe to see the hallway was clear before slowly stepping out and quietly walking down to the kitchen. Dinner was waiting on the table and Dan was already sitting down. The work the pair had been doing sat on the floor in a stack.

“Hey Olivia.” Dan said.

Olivia walked over and Dan leaned forwards to give her a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug. He seemed in a good mood which was a little unusual recently. Olivia sat down in her usual seat as Landon was sorting out drinks.

“How was work?” Olivia asked Dan quietly.

“Good. It’s going well.” Dan smiled, “We’re chugging our way through it.”

As Dan started explaining some of the intricacies of what he was doing Olivia just smiled and nodded. She didn’t really understand a lot of it but Dan was speaking passionately and that was enough to please her. She was looking at Dan as he explained things when Landon came back over the table. She was carrying two glasses of red wine, one was placed in front of Dan and the other in front of her own plate. She sat down before looking at Olivia and standing up again.

“Oh, of course, I’m sorry, Olivia.” Landon went back over to the side of the kitchen, “I almost forgot.”

“That’s OK.” Olivia said with a smile.

Olivia went back to listening to Dan describing the finer points of some very dense financial legalities. She really had only the faintest idea about a lot of the concepts being discussed but she nodded her head at the right times regardless. She could hear Landon at the kitchen counter and as her footsteps returned to the kitchen table Olivia turned away from her husband.

“Here you go.” Landon said easily.

“Thank you, La-” Olivia’s words caught in her throat as she looked down at what Landon had brought her. Her eyes practically popped out of her head.

Olivia was frozen as she stared down at the sippy cup that had been placed next to her plate. To the side of her she heard Landon sitting back down in her own chair as if she hadn’t just dropped a bombshell on the table. Olivia was shaking slightly as she looked quickly at Dan who seemed just as surprised. Olivia could feel the blush rising through her face as she tried to process what was happening.

“What’s all this?” Dan was the one to finally ask. Olivia could hear a slight tremor in his voice.

“Oh, you mentioned the other day that Olivia spilt a drink.” Landon said, “And the poor girl is under so much stress, I thought this might help.”

Olivia didn’t think this explanation made all that much sense but Landon said it with such confidence that she even doubted how she felt about it. There was no way this was something you did to help someone feel less stressed though… and yet Landon was acting normally and Dan wasn’t saying anything.

“Tuck in everyone.” Landon said cheerily.

Just like that Landon and Dan started to eat. Olivia remained still for another few seconds before belatedly joining in. As she saw the others drinking she looked at the sippy cup again. It wasn’t one of hers, Landon must’ve brought it with her. Did that mean she was a little too!? It was more likely she had bought it on the way over.

The sippy cup had two handles on the side and she reached out a shaky hand to take it. She bit her bottom lip as she lifted the infantile vessel towards her. She knew that nearly anyone else would’ve never accepted the sippy cup, they would have made a fuss about it and got themselves a regular glass. Olivia had those thoughts as well but deep down there was a truth to Landon’s strange assumption. Using the sippy cup would genuinely lower Olivia’s stress levels, though she couldn’t possibly know why.

Olivia tipped the sippy cup forwards and felt a cold juice washing over her tongue. She felt her cheeks warming as she swallowed down the juice. She could feel herself drifting dangerously towards little space, she felt like a little girl eating dinner with her parents. When she put the cup down she could see that both Dan and Landon were giving her sideways glances. She stayed quiet as she went back to her food.

For the rest of the meal and most of the evening Olivia remained quiet whilst Dan and Landon talked. There was a small change in the way they were conversing though, they weren’t talking about work. Instead they were talking about everything and anything else, it wasn’t a conversation between work colleagues anymore. They stayed that way for a couple of hours until Landon decided it was time to go home.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Dan said from the front door as he waved at Landon. Olivia stood in the living room doorway watching as Dan closed the door and stretched, “You know, I think I might head straight up to bed. I’m tired out.”

“OK.” Olivia said in a small voice.

“Are you alright?” Dan asked as he walked over and hugged his wife, “You’ve been quiet.”

“I’m fine.” Olivia smiled as Dan let go of her.

“Alright, well, I think it would be best if you came to bed as well.” Dan said, “Don’t you?”

Olivia nodded and as Dan started up the stairs she followed several steps behind. She didn’t say anything all throughout getting ready for bed until they were both sat against the headboard and mostly covered by their duvet. Olivia debated if she should say anything but eventually came to the conclusion that if she didn’t she would likely not be able to sleep.

“Was what happened this evening… normal?” Olivia asked slowly.

“Normal?” Dan repeated, “What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Olivia thought it was obvious, “The thing with the sippy cup.”

“Oh, I think Landon was just trying to be helpful.” Dan said dismissively, “I wouldn’t think too much about it.”

“Right…” Olivia said. Then after a pause, “You didn’t tell her I was a little, did you?”

There was a silence that stretched on long enough that Dan didn’t have to answer the question. Olivia covered her face in embarrassment as Dan looked down awkwardly. Olivia couldn’t believe it, she had never told anyone except Daniel about her little side.

“She found out herself.” Dan finally said, “She saw your little stuff. I couldn’t lie to her when she asked!”

“Oh god…” Olivia moaned, “I’m so embarrassed!”

“It’s OK!” Dan shifted over in bed and put his arm around Olivia, “Landon’s cool, she’s not going to tell anyone or anything like that.”

Olivia let Dan’s arms pull her closer to his chest but she still covered her face and groaned in shame. His body heat comforted her and she relaxed as Dan rocked her slightly.

“I think I know how to make you feel better.” Dan whispered into Olivia’s ear.

Dan suddenly released the hug and scooted across the bed. He was so quick Olivia nearly toppled over sideways. She looked up to see Dan over by the closet containing all her little stuff. She tilted her head as her eyes lit up. Dan moved some things around and when he turned back to face the bed he was holding something that never failed to cheer Olivia up.

“I think little Livy needs her bedtime diaper.” Dan said in a playful sing-song voice.

“I’m trying to be mad and embarrassed!” Olivia hit the mattress with her palms as a smile unstoppably crossed her face.

Dan giggled as he put the folded diaper between his legs and grabbed the edge of the cover. He gave it a yank and let it fall off the bed leaving Olivia nearly nude on the mattress. All she was wearing was a thin and frilly pink nightie that didn’t leave anything to the imagination. Olivia giggled as Dan took her ankles in his hands and then she couldn’t help but exclaim and laugh as she slid down the mattress towards her husband.

“Now be a good girl for Daddy.” Dan said as he picked up the diaper again.

It never took much for Olivia to slip into little space and she was falling quickly now. She smiled happily as Dan took the time to separate her legs and then lift her butt into the air. The fresh diaper was opened and slipped underneath Olivia’s rear end. As she was lowered back on to it she could only sigh happily as her skin touched the padding.

“Daddy knows what his little Livy needs.” Dan said as he opened the bottle of baby powder and sprinkled it over Olivia’s crotch.

Olivia sighed and felt all her stress leaving her body. The front of the diaper came up between her legs and was pulled smooth on her belly. She heard the sound of tapes getting pulled and then they were placed on the front of the disposable. When the last tape was placed Olivia felt her husband’s hand press against the diaper between her legs. All the trapped air rushed out around the leg bands and waistband.

“Now Livy can be nice and safe as she drifts off to dreamland.” Dan said with a smile.

Olivia scooted back up to her pillow as Dan picked up the cover and put it back on to the bed. The crinkling thickness between her legs was a constant reminder of her status as Daddy’s little girl. When Dan started walking around to go back to bed Olivia sat up quickly and pointed at the closet again.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked with a frown.

“I needs Mr. Hootie!” Olivia exclaimed and pouted.

“Oh, of course!” Dan said as he turned back to the closet, “Silly me!”

Olivia watched Dan as he reached into the closet again and this time emerged with her treasured owl stuffie. She opened her arms and quickly moved her fingers as she impatiently waited for her stuffed friend. As soon as Dan held Mr. Hootie out Olivia cuddled him to her chest and laid back against the pillows.

“What a sweet baby.” Dan said as he stroked the side of Olivia’s face.

Dan rolled over and turned off the light. Olivia rolled over too and when she heard the reassuring crinkles coming from between her legs she let out a long sigh and was soon fast asleep.


If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-84938850

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Olivia is told Landon will be staying the night ad worries that she is losing Dan. Once her husband goes to work Olivia decides that maybe she can prove her worth by helping out with the chores...


Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page!

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“So… how did she react!?” Little_Princess messaged Landon as soon as the latter came online.

“You should’ve seen her face!” Landon replied and then added several laughing emojis.

“And Dan was OK with it?” Little_Princess asked.

“Yeah, he looked surprised as well but he didn’t do or say anything.” Landon replied, “In fact, I feel confident moving on to the next phase ahead of schedule. When I put that sippy cup down in front of Olivia I expected one or both of them to put up a fuss, to freak out… maybe even kick me out. But they both just sat there. I swear, they are both begging for a real woman in that house.”

“Just be careful.” Little_Princess advised, “Don’t go too fast and get yourself hurt or I’ll come over and spank you!”

“I think you’ll find spankings are MY job.” Landon chuckled as she typed, “So why don’t you come over here, lower that diaper and bend over the bed!”

“Yeth, Mommy…” Little_Princess replied a few seconds later with a veritable wall of blushing emotes.


Olivia looked at Dan as she tried to process what he was saying. She had tried to raise her concerns with him bout Landon but every single time he had dismissed them. Now he seemed to be taking things a step further and Olivia wasn’t sure how comfortable she was with that. She was sat on the floor, her hair in pigtails and a thick diaper taped around her waist. Recently she had been spending more time in diapers than usual, it almost felt like even her regressed side was regressing.

“Olivia? Are you alright?” Dan asked from the couch.

“Huh?” Olivia responded dumbly.

“When I come home from work this evening I’ll be with Landon…” Dan said slowly and patiently, “She’s going to be staying the night in the spare bedroom.”

“Why?” Olivia asked.

It seemed a fair question. Landon didn’t live too far away and it seemed like it would be easy enough for her to travel to and from home. It was a Friday and normally Olivia and Dan would have a date night, even if it meant just cuddling up and watching a film together. It didn’t feel like that would be happening that week.

“She’s going to help with some things on Saturday.” Dan said, “It doesn’t make sense for her to travel back and forth does it?”

“I guess…” Olivia answered slowly.

“Good girl.” Dan said with a smile.

Despite Olivia’s misgivings she found herself flushing with pleasure at Dan’s praise. As Dan left to finish getting ready for work Olivia sighed. She felt annoyed but it was mostly directed at herself for being so easily pacified. She stayed in place in the living room as she listened to her husband getting his things and then, after bidding her a quick farewell, he left for work.

Olivia was left alone and she soon sunk into her regressed Livy state and played with her toys whilst forgetting all her problems. Around an hour or so later she dropped the two little dolls she was holding and sighed. Try as she might she couldn’t stop worrying about the situation.

“I know!” Olivia suddenly said to Hootie next to her, “I’ll tidy up for Daddy!”

Not being able to do much housework was one of Olivia’s biggest insecurities and it seemed like one of the things she could do to help out. She crinkled to her feet as she looked around. What she needed was something small to get the ball rolling and to keep her concentration, the second thing being something she struggled with a lot.

Olivia wandered through to the kitchen and saw the sink full of dishes. Easy, she thought, I’ll do the washing up. With her legs forcing her into a slight waddle she went over to the sink and turned on the faucets. Once the water was running hot she grabbed the soap and started washing. It wasn’t long until she found her mind wanting to drift to other things. All of a sudden she wanted to play with her toys, watch cartoons, have a nap…

“No!” Olivia said forcefully as she screwed up her eyes in concentration, “Finish this first.”

Olivia finished drying the plate she had been holding and placed it to the side. She smiled as she picked up a glass and started scrubbing it with a sponge, she felt proud that she was really doing it. It was such a small thing and it felt almost silly to proud of something so simple but she was sure Dan would appreciate the effort. Her mind drifted to Dan and Landon. She couldn’t help worrying there was more going on there that neither wanted to admit to. She replayed the sippy cup scene in her head and then thought about Landon staying the night. Suddenly there was a loud crash of glass smashing on the floor.

“Ah!” Olivia screamed as she jumped backwards.

In front of Olivia the remnants of a now shattered glass spread out mixed with the soapy water it once contained. Olivia swore and reached over to turn the water off and then sunk down on to her padded butt. She was frustrated at herself for allowing distractions to worm their way into her head. Even something that simple was beyond her.

“I should really clean that up…” Olivia said as she sighed.

Suddenly it felt like more than Olivia could handle. As she looked at the water dripping off the side of the counter on to the glass she relaxed her body and felt a flush of warmth entering her diaper. She reached down with her hands and pushed the padding close to her body, the spreading heat made her sigh and relax more than any medication had ever done.

Once Olivia had finished wetting her diaper she stood up and decided she could leave the mess on the kitchen floor to clean up later. It was too much to try and do now so she waddled her way back into the living room. Maybe there was something else she could do and as she stood in the doorway with her diaper hanging low between her legs she thought she saw an opportunity.

“I could rearrange the living room…” Olivia thought as she tapped her chin with her finger, “Dan’s been wanting to spruce the place up a bit.”

Without a second thought Olivia walked inside and started imagining how the room could otherwise look. After a few seconds she waddled forwards and started moving things. The first step was to take everything off the table and unplug everything, once she had done that Olivia was already panting a little from the physical exertion.

Olivia pulled the couch away from the wall and then tried to work out how to get it to the other side of the room, as she pushed it from behind she accidentally tipped over the table. She stopped and walked around again, this was more complicated than Olivia had thought. She tried to drag the table away from the centre of the room when it got caught on something. She pulled harder and harder until there was a crack and the table come free.

“Oops…” Olivia said as she pulled the table to the doorway only to see that she had snapped one of the wooden legs.

Olivia pouted and sighed sadly. Yet again she had tried to help only to make things worse. She couldn’t face the scene of her failure and almost ran up the stairs to the master bedroom to hide. She felt completely frazzled by her distracted efforts and knew she had only made things worse. She dived under the covers of her bed as she cursed her brain. Before she knew it she was asleep.

“What in the world!?”

Olivia’s eyes sprung open when she heard Dan’s voice from downstairs. She sat up whilst still under the cover and then scrambled to find an edge. The sun had sunk low outside and it took Olivia a moment to remember her attempts at helping with the chores earlier. She jumped out of bed and tip-toed out on to the landing like a child afraid that their wrong-doing had been discovered. Without thinking, she was about to go downstairs whilst still dressed as a baby, it was only when she heard Landon’s voice that she remembered.

Running back to the bedroom Olivia quickly got undressed and looked down at her diaper. She sighed, she wanted nothing more than to stay in diapers because they were so relaxing but she knew she couldn’t, not with Landon here. She pulled on the tapes and let the wet padding drop to the floor. She was about to pull out a pair of her adult panties when she stopped herself.

“I guess I could…” Olivia muttered quietly before going back across to the closet with all her infantile things.

Olivia reached to the back of the closet and pushed the packet of diapers to the side. In the corner, almost forgotten, was a half-full packet of pull-ups. They were much thinner and less absorbent than the full diapers but they still had that padded feeling that Olivia loved, the feeling of padding rubbing against her skin.

“Olivia?” Dan’s voice came from the bottom of the stairs.

In a rush Olivia stepped into the pull-up and lifted it until it was snug around her waist. She then got one of her light dresses that she often wore around the home and pulled it over her head. She paused just long enough to make sure the pull-up was hidden before leaving the bedroom. When Olivia stood at the top of the stairs and looked down she saw Dan with his hands on his hips, he didn’t look too happy.

“What happened here?” Dan asked as Olivia made her way down.

“I… I was trying to help.” Olivia said quietly.

“Help?” Dan put one of his hands up to his forehead, “Sweetie, you’ve created such a mess…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it.” Landon appeared from the kitchen, “I’ll tidy up before putting dinner on.”

“You really shouldn’t have to…” Dan started.

“I’m happy to help out.” Landon replied with a smile.

Yet again Olivia was left feeling completely inadequate next to Landon. No doubt she would be able to clean up everything Olivia had messed up in minutes. Olivia remembered that her former work colleague knew of her little side and she hated that she wasn’t doing anything to disabuse her of that knowledge. She must seem so small and helpless to Landon.

Olivia spent most of the next few hours cringing. Landon cleaned up the glass that was scattered all over the floor and then did the washing up with Dan drying. Then they went through to the living room and put the room back together. Landon was even able to do temporary repairs to the table by taping the leg back together. Every time Olivia tried to help Landon would tell her she didn’t need any help and that she should just relax. It meant Olivia sort of hovered in the background whilst Dan and Landon cleaned up her messes.

Landon cooked dinner that evening and, just like before, she presented Olivia with her drink in a sippy cup. No one said anything and Olivia didn’t want to make a big deal of it so she just quietly drank her juice.

After dinner all three of the people in the house went through to the living room. Dan and Landon started working from the couch whilst Olivia sat on the armchair on the other side of the room. She turned on the television and lowered the volume so it wouldn’t distract the others. Olivia flicked through the channels looking for something to watch until she came to an action movie. She put down the controller and sat back as some particularly violent explosions appeared on the screen.

“Oh, I don’t think that’s appropriate.” Landon said after a few minutes as she looked over and saw someone on the screen getting shot several times.

Olivia watched as Landon stood up and walked across the room. The lawyer picked up the remote and started changing the channel. Olivia looked over at her husband who was staring intently at some paper. He was either unaware of what was going on or he was studiously ignoring it.

“Ah, here we go.” Landon finally said, “This seems much better for you.”

When Olivia looked back at the screen she gasped. She thought maybe Landon would pick some soap opera or boring news program; she definitely didn’t expect to see colourful cartoons dancing across the screen. Her eyes were as wide as they could go, it was the exact channel she watched when she was being little. Did Landon know? Had Dan told her?

“Much more appropriate.” Landon said as she looked down at Olivia with a smile, “Don’t you think… Livy?”


If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-85286658

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Love how this is going!


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Love this so far!

Thank you both very much :)

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Livy's life takes a wild turn as she goes to bed and Landon follows her up...


Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page!

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Landon walked back to the couch with the remote leaving Olivia frozen in shock. The heat rose in Olivia’s face as she felt herself blushing. She was so embarrassed and yet Dan was still looking at the papers as if he didn’t notice anything. Landon had used Olivia’s “little” name, given her a sippy cup and now put cartoons on for her. It was impossible to ignore that Olivia was a child in Landon’s eyes.

Olivia wasn’t really sure what to do. She was sure most women wouldn’t simply sit there and let all this happen and yet she stayed sat in the armchair anyway. She had to fight to keep her little side from exploding out of her and instead stared at the colourful pictures that danced across the screen, she allowed herself to become lost in them.

“I think it’s bed time for Livy.” Landon said.

Olivia looked up suddenly. She had been staring at the screen enjoying the cartoons for a little while but it didn’t feel like that much time had passed since Landon put them on for her. She looked up at the clock on the mantelpiece and was surprised to see that two hours had passed. She really had been sat there lost to the world and immersed in the cartoons for that long. It was still only eight o’clock though!

“Come on, Livy.” Landon said as she stood up.

“Erm…” Olivia was feeling overwhelmed again.

Any chance that Landon calling her “Livy” just once or by accident was gone. It seemed like that was just her name now to Landon. What was even more surprising was how Landon was acting, it was like she was taking care of her. She was the one making dinner, getting drinks, turning on the television and now, apparently, telling her it was bed time.

Olivia looked at Dan but as he looked up from the paperwork he just gave Olivia a smile and an encouraging nod. Olivia bit her lip, she had already let things go further than she should. She could see that Landon was muscling in on the relationship, she wasn’t stupid, so why wasn’t she standing up to her and fighting back? The answer it seemed was simple, little Livy was loving the attention.

Olivia stood up and walked across the room on rather shaky legs.

“Goodnight.” Dan said as he came around the table to give his wife a quick cuddle and kiss.

“’night.” Olivia replied quietly. It was still light outside!

To Olivia’s shock Landon followed her out of the living room. For a second Olivia thought their visitor was coming upstairs with her but instead Landon turned and went down the hallway to the kitchen. Olivia started to wonder if she wasn’t just being exceptionally paranoid as she continued up the stairs and into the master bedroom. She was sorely tempted by the diapers in the closet but couldn’t bring herself to put one on whilst Landon was still here. She got undressed and slipped under the covers.

Olivia reached under the bed where she had hidden Hootie, her cuddly owl, and held him tight. It was still early so she didn’t feel particularly tired even as she closed her eyes. She struggled to switch her brain off at the best of times but with everything going on she felt as if she was exceptionally distracted. Her brain kept whizzing through all the images of the day but it wouldn’t slow down enough for her to think about any of it, it was a supersonic slideshow that she had no control over.

“Knock, knock.” Landon said unnecessarily as she opened the door to the bedroom.

“Landon!” Olivia exclaimed. She pulled the cover up a little more. It already covered her completely but she felt particularly vulnerable being naked at that moment.

“Oh, don’t mind me.” Landon said as she walked in with a smile. One of her hands was hidden behind her back, “Nice owl. Does he have a name?”

“Huh?” Olivia looked replied dumbly. The top of her owl stuffie was sticking out above the covers, “Oh, erm, Mr. Hootie.”

“How sweet.” Landon smiled as she walked across the room until she was next to Olivia, “I just brought you a drink in case you get thirsty in the night. I feel like I should’ve brought a mouse for Mr. Hootie!”

“Oh… OK.” Olivia replied. She didn’t think Landon heard her as she laughed at her own comment.

Olivia sat up a little as Landon reached her side of the bed. Her eyes quickly darted over to the closet to make sure the door was closed, not that there was anything in there that would surprise Landon at this stage. When her eyes returned to Landon she almost screamed. Her mind went blank as she saw Landon holding out a large baby bottle full of milk. Olivia could feel her face burning with embarrassment.

“Oh, this?” Landon said as she gave the bottle a little shake, “It’s just so you don’t have to sit up to drink. Here, let me help you.”

Olivia didn’t know what to do. Her brain had been racing through a thousand thoughts a second just a minute ago but now it was like someone had hit pause. She did nothing as Landon walked around the bed and sat where Dan usually slept. She had a big friendly smile as she looked at Olivia and patted her lap.

Olivia shook her head as her cheeks went red. She could feel little Livy straining at the bit to come out and accept the bottle but she couldn’t let that happen… Could she? Landon already knew about Olivia being a little and had already been treating her as such after all. Maybe Landon was just trying to be a great friend who helped out. Olivia’s urge to give in was nearly overwhelming.

“It’s OK, Livy.” Landon said softly, “It’s just a little drink for the little girl.”

Olivia felt all her buttons getting pushed. She let out an audible whine as she felt her resistance, meagre as it was, crumbling away. She was mortified and yet still felt herself sliding under the cover until he was next to Landon. She didn’t know what to do next but when Landon pat her lap again it became more obvious.

With only the smallest hesitation Olivia pulled her cover closer to make sure it covered her and then backed herself towards Landon’s lap. She felt Landon lift her slightly and she flailed but when she came to rest she was horizontal across Landon’s lap and cuddling Hootie like her life depended on it. One of the dominant woman’s arms was under Olivia’s head whilst the other was holding the bottle.

“There’s a good girl.” Landon said softly, “Open wide.”

Olivia was shaking slightly as the bottle was lowered towards her face. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. With her heart beating nearly out of her chest she felt the tip of the bottle and a drip of milk touching her lips. She was instantly lost and gratefully took the bottle into her mouth.

“What a hungry baby.” Landon said with a small chuckle as Olivia started nursing.

Olivia was experiencing the strangest rush of emotions. She was utterly embarrassed to be bottle fed like that but at the same time she was elated at the attention and care. She decided it was probably best that she try not to think about it, just enjoy the moment.

The room was almost silent. Olivia’s suckling was the only sound and it seemed all the louder in the quiet room. She flinched slightly when she felt Landon stroke her hair. She couldn’t help herself, she was feeling just too relaxed, she smiled around the bottle’s nipple. Landon chuckled.

Olivia heard the door to the bedroom open and froze. Her eyes were wide open as she looked out of the corner of her eyes to the corner of the room where the door was opening. Thanks to the bottle in her mouth she couldn’t turn her head but she could see enough to see Dan standing in the doorway and looking in. She didn’t know what she should do, it felt like she had been caught having an affair. She couldn’t make out Dan’s expression and she felt herself starting to panic.

“I’m glad to see you two are getting on.” Dan said, “I’ll leave you two to it.”

Olivia was almost more shocked at Dan’s reaction than the actual situation itself. As the bedroom door closed Olivia looked up at Landon. When she saw Landon’s wide smile she wondered if this had been planned somehow. She tried to sit up but Landon kept her horizontal. She sucked on the teat again.

Olivia was pretty sure Landon wasn’t going to be finished with her until the bottle was empty. She drank the milk distractedly as she wondered what was going on. In fact she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realise she had finished her bottle until she heard air coming through. Landon finally pulled the bottle away from Olivia.

“Now wasn’t that nice?” Landon asked as she ruffled Olivia’s hair again.

Olivia didn’t answer. Now that she had finished her bottle she was back to feeling embarrassed and she slipped off Landon’s lap and went back to her side of the bed. She slipped underneath the cover and curled up into a ball around Hootie and closed her eyes. She felt so embarrassed, she couldn’t believe what she had just done!

For a couple of minutes Olivia felt intensely self-conscious as Landon remained next to her. When she finally felt Landon’s body weight shift off the bed she let out a sigh of relief. She kept her eyes tightly closed as Landon walked around the bed and left the bedroom, she flicked the light switch on the wall as she went past leaving the room in darkness.

Olivia let go of Mr. Hootie. Her stuffed owl felt incredibly soft as she hugged it close to her chest. She inhaled deeply and caught the faint scent of baby powder that lingered on her favourite stuffed animal.

“What is going on, Mr. Hootie?” Olivia asked softly in the darkness.


If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-85676732

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After being put to bed in an embarrassing way Livy wakes up the next morning to face whatever will come next. It turns out what comes next is more of the same strange behaviour from Landon and a VERY embarrassing incident.


Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page!

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“She’s such a sweetie.” Landon said as she sat down on the couch next to Dan

“She is.” Dan replied rather distractedly, “I’m surprised she let you do that for her.”

“Why’s that?” Landon asked.

“She’s just normally very reserved with all of her little stuff.” Dan said.

“Maybe I just have the magic touch.” Landon replied with a giggle and a wink.

Landon could see Dan blushing a little. She had tried to implant sexy thoughts in Dan’s head and from the way he suddenly refused to look at her it was working. Everything was going better than she could have ever hoped, she had taken a big gamble in offering to bottle feed Olivia, she had originally planned just to take a bottle to her and leave it at that but then she had seen a chance and pushed her boundaries. She had been hopeful that Olivia would accept it and indeed she had. To have her feeding from the bottle whilst laying across her lap was brilliant.

It was almost like Landon was acting on instinct now. She reached out with a hand and placed it on Dan’s knee. It seemed like time stopped. Dan froze up and didn’t even look at Landon’s wandering limb. He swallowed and licked his lips. Landon was almost drunk on her own power at this point.

“You know, I think it’s more than just this house that needs a woman’s touch.” Landon said quietly.

“Landon, I…” Dan started but stopped just as quickly.

“You don’t have to say anything now.” Landon said as she stood up. She didn’t need to turn and look at Dan to know he was checking her out, “Just think about it. I think I’m going to head to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Landon left the living room and made her way back upstairs. She went through to the spare bedroom, her bags had already been brought up earlier in the day and she closed the door behind her. She stretched as she walked over to the bed and laid down, it was a long way from her feather mattress back at home but it was comfortable enough. She pulled out her laptop and opened it up.

“Hey, Little_Princess.” Landon typed.

“Mommy!” Little_Princess replied excitedly.

Little_Princess had been referring to Landon as “Mommy” for a few days now and Landon was used to it. At first she thought it was a weird but she didn’t have the heart to tell her to stop, now she found it kind of endearing. She really enjoyed talking to this young woman as well, they got on really well together.

“So dish the dirt, Mommy!” Little_Princess typed.

Landon started re-telling the story of the evening and she had to admit it sounded a little unbelievable when typed out. It was like one of the many, many adult baby stories that floated around the internet.

For the next couple of hours Landon laid in bed talking in the chat, mainly to Little_Princess, and thinking back on the day. She couldn’t help but smile to herself. When she heard Dan coming up the stairs she almost hoped he would come into her room but she knew that was asking a bit much. She heard the master bedroom door down the hall open and then close before darkness and silence fell over the house.

“Um, Mommy?” Little_Princess typed shortly before Landon planned to turn her laptop off, “Do you think we could maybe… meet?”


Olivia woke up the next morning feeling strange. She had a feeling of dread that seemed to cast a shadow over everything but it wasn’t immediately clear why she feel that way. It took a few moments for her brain to click into gear and recall the events of the previous evening. She closed her eyes tightly together as she recalled the bottle feeding.

After several minutes of tortured anguish Olivia slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. She looked next to her to see Dan still asleep, she wouldn’t have been all that surprised if Landon had been there. She felt so embarrassed.

Olivia slipped out of bed and got dressed. She was utterly determined not to slip up like she had done the previous evening, she couldn’t allow that to happen again. She was already worried that Dan was starting to look at Landon as a replacement for her she had to make sure she didn’t give them ammunition!

Olivia put on some regular grown-up panties with a skirt over the top of them. A plain white blouse adorned her top half and she didn’t look too different from the days she had tried to work at the legal firm. She tip-toed out of the bedroom and listened at the top of the stairs to see if Landon was already down there. There was no sound.

After a couple of hesitant seconds Olivia started making her way down the stairs. She continued listening for any signs of life but by the time she reached the bottom of the stairs she was fairly certain no one else was there.

“Why are you sneaking?” Landon’s voice suddenly came from the landing.

Olivia nearly fell over on the bottom step as she jumped and exclaimed in surprise. She turned around to see Landon in her dressing gown coming down the stairs. Unless she had glided down the landing Olivia didn’t know how she could miss the larger woman’s footfalls. Landon smiled as she made her way downstairs.

“Come on, I’ll make us breakfast.” Landon said as she walked past Olivia and patted her on the back.

Olivia pouted at Landon’s back. She had wanted to avoid Landon for as long as possible but now that plan was ruined. Even worse, she now felt even more like a little girl as Landon was taking charge straight away. Olivia followed the guest into the kitchen and sat at the table, Landon was already popping some bread in the toaster. It felt like she had been living there for years.

“Do you like anything on your toast?” Landon asked over her shoulder from the counter.

“Just butter please.” Olivia replied.

Olivia was terrified that Landon was going to bring up the previous night. She was playing with her fingers nervously when Landon brought the breakfast over and placed it on the table. No sooner had she sat down herself than Dan walked in.

“Ah, Dan. I was hoping you’d be up soon.” Landon said with a wide smile, “There’s some toast waiting for you on the counter.”

“Wonderful.” Dan replied with a yawn.

Eventually everyone was sat at the table and as everyone ate there was a tense silence. Olivia’s foot was shaking, she kept expecting someone to bring up the previous evening but no one seemed to want to be the one who would break the silence. She was more than happy to remain quiet, maybe if everyone pretended last night never happened everyone would conveniently forget and they could go back to normal. Dan was the last to finish eating and no sooner had he sat back in his chair than Landon was looking up at him smiling.

“Why don’t you go through to the living room?” Landon suggested, “I’ll make us some coffee and bring it in.”

“Are you sure?” Dan said as he started to get up, “I don’t want you to put yourself out.”

“It’s fine.” Landon replied, “You too, Livy.”

“I don’t really-…” Olivia started.

“Come on guys. I’m trying to be nice!” Landon chuckled as she stood up and walked over to turn the kettle on.

Olivia looked at Dan hoping he would have a reason to stop everything but he was smiling and getting up. Olivia was rather embarrassed as she got to her feet herself. With reluctance she followed Dan into the living room, she dreaded seeing what Landon was going to bring her to drink after the previous evening. Olivia went to her laptop and turned it on, she wanted to look busy whilst Landon and Dan were working, maybe allow herself to think she was a competent adult for a little bit.

“Here we go.” Landon said as she walked in.

Olivia didn’t dare look up from her screen as Landon brought the drinks to the table in the middle of the room. She heard her husband thank Landon as he leaned forwards to take his cup but she didn’t dare look up herself. It was only when she heard the two discussing things related to their work that she quickly glanced up. She was shocked to find a regular cup and from the way it was steaming it seemingly held coffee just like the others.

Scooting herself forwards slightly Olivia took the cup and carefully sipped it. The last thing she wanted to do was spill it or in any way make herself look silly. It tasted wonderful and she had to fight to stop herself smiling like a loon, it felt stupid but getting just this tiny amount of responsibility felt like a huge success.

For the next few hours nothing of note seemed to happen. Olivia scrolled through the internet and played some games whilst Landon and Dan worked. She would occasionally look up to see Landon staring at her but she would quickly look away each time. Olivia was very comfortable in her seat, she was leaned to the side and idly clicking through various links when she started squirming. She was just shifting her laptop to get up when Landon quickly stood up herself.

“I’m just going to visit the little girl’s room.” Landon said as she quickly left the room. She was so fast she was practically out of the room before she finished her sentence.

Dan didn’t look up from the form he was filling in so he wouldn’t have noticed Olivia freezing and watching Landon go with wide eyes. The reason for her reaction was simple, an urgent need to urinate had rapidly descended on her and it was only getting stronger. Landon couldn’t have timed her journey to the house’s only bathroom to be more inconvenient for Olivia.

“Everything alright?” Dan asked shortly after Landon had left the room.

Olivia knew she was shifting awkwardly in her seat and must’ve looked very uncomfortable. She could only nod at her husband and give him a pained smile. The urge to empty her bladder was rising constantly, it was a feeling Olivia couldn’t remember ever having before. The urge was growing and growing, it wouldn’t abate at all no matter what position Olivia got herself into.

After a minute or so Olivia knew this feeling wasn’t going away. She needed the toilet and it was quickly becoming an emergency. She stood up and had to clench tightly to prevent an accident from occurring.

“I… I think I’m just going to…” Olivia kind of trailed off but started shuffling out of the living room with one hand hovering over her bladder.

Olivia hurried up the stairs and to the bathroom door. It was predictably closed and locked. Her foot tapped on the floor repeatedly as she bit her lip and wished the door would suddenly open. She spent every second hoping that she would hear the toilet flush, to know she only had to wait a few more seconds.

Olivia let out a little whine as the hand over her bladder slipped lower until it was covering her crotch. It was getting to the point where she was considering finding a trash can or a potted plant that she could use as a makeshift toilet. Her diapers weren’t far away but she didn’t think she had time to put one on.

“Oh… Oh no…” Olivia whined.

A small stream of urine trickled out between her legs causing Olivia to gasp. She felt the wetness soaking straight through her panties and into her pants, some of the warmth ran down her fingers. She clenched twice as hard as she tried to stop the disaster that was unfolding. A high-pitched whine escaped her lips as she stepped up to the bathroom door and banged on it with one hand whilst the other was clasped against her crotch.

“Just a minute.” Landon called out.

Olivia didn’t have a minute though. She didn’t even have seconds. Her eyes were filled with tears as the urine on her clothes cooled and what was still in her body was desperate to come out.

“Please!” Olivia cried out as she hit the door again.

It was already too late. Olivia’s exhausted bladder had finally had enough. The warmth of her fresh urine started flowing and there was nothing she could do about it. She looked down to see the wetness spreading all over her pants, her hands were still clamped to her crotch but could do nothing except soak in her accident. She pulled them away and stared in open-mouthed horror at the streaks that soaked the legs of her pants. The bigger the wet patch became the more her body gave up until she was wetting herself uncontrollably.

A puddle started forming underneath Olivia’s feet and she could see her pee dripping on to the carpet. She felt frozen to the spot as she flooded her clothes like a toddler failing at potty training. Just as she stopped wetting herself with a few final drips coming out of her she heard the toilet flushing from beyond the door. She just had time to look up before the door opened.

“OK, Olivia, you can-…” Landon stopped talking as she looked out on to the landing where Olivia’s trembling form was rooted to the spot.

Olivia was sniffling and sobbing. She didn’t know what to do, nothing in her life had prepared her for a situation such as this. She didn’t think things could possibly get worse until she heard footsteps on the stairs.

“What’s all the banging…” Dan had come up the stairs to see what had been going on and now he was stood staring at Olivia in shock.

“I… couldn’t hold it…” Olivia said in a tiny voice.

The next thing Olivia knew she was crying helplessly. She wished everyone could go away, the last thing she wanted was to be gawked at by her husband and the woman who was seemingly getting more and more involved in their relationship.

“It’s OK, dear.” Landon was the person who broke the awkward silence, “Come on, you’d better get yourself cleaned up.”

“I… I don’t know what happened…” Olivia sobbed.

Olivia let Landon put her arm around her and steer her into the belatedly free bathroom. For a minute Olivia thought the guest was going to wash her herself when Landon went over and started running the bath and testing the water’s temperature. She felt some relief when Landon gave her a quick hug and left the room closing the door behind her.


If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-86019804

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Sneaky. A tricky time now for Landon - she could gaslight Dan into forcing Livy into diapers "temporarily" to show she can maintain control, but she might even the wrath of Livy. Perhaps she needs several accidents to play out before this, but she could also try to lull Livy into diapers herself, perhaps via Dan, "She seems very stressed, would a diaper help her to relax?". Hmm...

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one little continuity thing that through me off.. 

when she woke up “Olivia put on some regular grown-up panties with a skirt over the top of them. A plain white blouse adorned her top half”

but when she had her accident.. “She looked down to see the wetness spreading all over her pants, her hands were still clamped to her crotch but could do nothing except soak in her accident. She pulled them away and stared in open-mouthed horror at the streaks that soaked the legs of her pants.”

other than that, great chapter.

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2 hours ago, dmavn said:

one little continuity thing that through me off.. 

when she woke up “Olivia put on some regular grown-up panties with a skirt over the top of them. A plain white blouse adorned her top half”

but when she had her accident.. “She looked down to see the wetness spreading all over her pants, her hands were still clamped to her crotch but could do nothing except soak in her accident. She pulled them away and stared in open-mouthed horror at the streaks that soaked the legs of her pants.”

other than that, great chapter.

Ah, remembering what my characters are wearing, the bane of my existence!

Well spotted. I'm glad it hasn't ruined the chapter for you though :D

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Landon has a special meeting to attend but it has nothing to do with work.


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Olivia was in no rush at all to get out of the bath. She felt utterly humiliated by everything that had happened. She had resolved herself to proving she was every bit the adult that Landon and Dan were and yet she had wet her pants. Maybe she wasn’t really an adult, maybe she would truly be better off as a useless baby. She couldn’t deny that the idea held at least some appeal…

The humiliation of everything that had happened was made much worse when Olivia heard Landon and Dan discussing the stain she had left on the carpet. There was some discussion over who should be the one to clean it up, the one thing they seemed to agree on was that Olivia shouldn’t do it. All she could do was sit in the hot water as she heard the carpet outside being scrubbed.

The water in the tub had turned cold by the time Olivia climbed out. She had no idea how long she had been in the bath but she knew it had been a relatively long time. Even after all that time in the water she was in no rush, she let herself slowly dry as she sat on the toilet with her head in her hands. She felt so embarrassed.

Once dry Olivia slowly opened the bathroom door just a tiny amount and stuck her head out to make sure the coast was clear. Seeing no one else on the landing she hurried across to the bedroom and closed the door behind her. She saw no reason to go downstairs and face either of the others after the humiliation she had just suffered.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” Olivia kept repeating to herself as she climbed under the covers and hid from the world.

For the rest of the day Olivia stayed in her room. She ignored calls for lunch and dinner. At some point she heard someone leave a plate of food for her outside the door which she was grateful for. When Dan came to bed that night Olivia simply pretended to already be asleep. She knew she couldn’t hide forever but she could certainly do it for as long as possible.


Landon stepped off the bus and looked around at the busy street. She was feeling nervous, much more so than when she had slipped a little something into Olivia’s drink to help her relax the previous week. It was a nice day and Landon was dressed casually with a large sun hat and sunglasses, she thought she looked like a spy, it felt like it would be intimidating to others and she liked that.

Today was not a work day. Over the last week Landon had spent half her nights staying with Dan but today she had plans with someone else. She started walking along the street passing a few dozen storefronts as she looked for the scheduled meeting place.

The café was small but comfortable. It was mid-morning so the morning rush had past and the lunchtime rush was yet to arrive, there were a couple of elderly people at one table and a man in a luminous vest at another otherwise it was empty of customers.

“Hi, erm, a latte please.” Landon said as she walked up to the counter, “And a ham and cheese sandwich, thanks.”

“No problem.” The young man behind the counter said, “If you want to take a seat we can bring it over when ready.”

“Wonderful.” Landon said with a smile before turning away.

Landon decided to sit at a table that was next to the large window which faced the busy street. She felt nervous which was an unusual thing for her, she didn’t like it. Landon looked out the window at the people passing by and wondered when she would see her friend, she wondered if she would even recognise her since they had technically never met before. Sure she had a description and had seen photos but meeting someone in the flesh was always different.

When Landon finally saw Little _Princess she immediately felt butterflies in her tummy. There was no possibility of mistake, it was definitely her. She looked utterly adorable. She was short, perhaps a little shorter than Olivia even, and was wearing a cute denim sundress with a light red shirt underneath. It was unmistakably the outfit of a little.

“Landon?” Little_Princess had turned to face Landon and her eyes immediately grew wide. She practically skipped over and couldn’t stop smiling.

“Princess, it’s great to finally see you.” Landon said as she stood up.

“Please, call me, Robyn.” The excitable young woman said. It was only as Robyn hugged her that Landon realised she hadn’t known her real name before now.

Landon opened her arms and Robyn came in for a quick hug. When she let go and stepped back her cheeks were a little pink. Landon watched Robyn sit down and slip her bag off her back, she was beautiful in a way that the photos had entirely failed to depict. Landon got the impression of a very bubbly person with a personality that was so large it was barely contained by the woman’s small frame.

“I can’t believe I’m talking to you in person!” Robyn said with raised eyebrows.

“Me neither.” Landon replied.

Landon couldn’t help but wonder if Robyn was wearing a diaper. She had requested it but whether Robyn had complied was another matter, she was certainly dressed little but in a way that wouldn’t arouse suspicion. To Landon it seemed obvious that the girl in front of her was a baby in the same way it was obvious Olivia was, others might write Robyn off as “quirky” but Landon knew the truth!

“Your drink, ma’am.” The man from behind the counter said as he brought over a small tray with Landon’s coffee and food. He turned to Robyn, “Can I get you anything?”

“Erm, just a cola please.” Robyn replied.

Landon smirked. She knew from their conversations that cola made Robyn pee a lot. That settled the question of whether she was wearing a diaper or not. There was a touch of awkwardness in the air, it wasn’t in Landon’s nature to be shy and yet she wasn’t sure what to say so she settled for sipping her drink.

“So did you drive here?” Robyn asked.

“No, I took the bus.” Landon replied, “You?”

“Oh, I walked.” Robyn smiled, “I live nearby.”

Robyn’s drink was brought over shortly afterwards. After a difficult start Landon and Robyn soon fell into easy conversation. Landon had immediately thought Robyn was cute but now she found out her friend was also smart, funny and great to talk to. About halfway through their meeting she started to realise that she was quite smitten by the young woman.

Landon hadn’t expected herself to have feelings for Robyn. She knew they could be great friends but she was thinking it could be something much more than that now. This complicated things quite a bit. It was far from insurmountable though and Landon was intrigued as to where things might go from here.

The mid-morning meeting was very friendly but not much more until shortly after Robyn had finished her cola. That’s when things got very interesting for Landon.

“So, yeah, I was just… looking at…” Robyn had been talking about looking for work when she stuttered to a stop.

Landon had been looking at her half-eaten sandwich but when she looked back up she could see Robyn staring down at the table quietly. Her face was going even redder than when she had first seen Landon.

“Are you…” Landon asked quietly.

Robyn looked up with a thin-lipped smile that said she knew she was doing something naughty and that she didn’t care. Landon felt taken aback. She remembered Robyn mentioning online that she didn’t often use her diapers in public because she got nervous that people would notice, the fact she was doing so right then seemed to be a huge compliment to Landon.

Landon watched Robyn until she seemingly finished. Robyn had already been very bubbly but now she was giggling away to herself. Landon bit her bottom lip and then leaned forwards across the table like she was about to share a conspiracy.

“You said you lived nearby, right?” Landon asked in a whisper.

“Yeah…” Robyn replied. She looked and sounded more like a little girl than ever.

“Maybe you should show me that nursery you’ve been bragging about.” Landon suggested with raised eyebrows.

“R-Really?” Robyn’s eyes were wide, “Sure!”

Landon leaned back and smiled. She hadn’t expected to feel a connection like this and from the looks of things neither had Robyn. That wasn’t to say she had suddenly given up her designs on Dan and Olivia, this just simply complicated matters a little bit. As far as Landon was concerned there was a lot of her to go around!

Landon smiled as she got up out of the chair and took out her purse. She walked up to the counter and paid, when she looked over her shoulder she saw Robyn looking excited and practically bouncing on her seat.

“Let’s go.” Landon said as she returned back to the table.

Robyn nodded and stood up. She practically ran out of the café with Robyn following behind her with a big smile. As they walked down the road Robyn talked excitedly about the area and as they left the commercial area and walked down some quieter residential areas Robyn pointed to a building in the distance.

“I live there. Third floor, I hope the elevator is working!” Robyn said as she carried on down the street.

Landon couldn’t get over Robyn’s personality. She was like a mixture of the wide-eyed innocence of a child but she was also clearly adult with her charisma, charm and personality. She seemed perfect to Landon who followed her to the bottom of the tall building. The lobby area looked clean if unspectacular and it was to one of the two elevators at the back that Robyn walked and pressed the button.

“I hope you like it.” Robyn said, “If I had known you were coming over I would’ve cleaned up some more. Is your place clean? I mean, of course it is, but I mean…”

The elevator dinged as Robyn continued talking excitedly. Landon was quickly discovering that, when excited, Robyn could hold a whole conversation by herself. The doors slid open and the pair of them stepped inside.

“Do elevators freak you out? They used to freak me out. When I was a kid the door of one started closing on my mom and it scared me for-…” Robyn suddenly gasped and stopped talking.

Landon was stood behind Robyn in the elevator. Without a word she had stepped close to her and put a hand up under her dress. Her hand rested against the warm wet padding Robyn was wearing, it was hard to tell if she had wet it a second time but she was clearly very soggy.

“I think you need a change.” Landon said quietly into Robyn’s ear as she removed her hand.

“Uh huh.” Robyn replied.

So that was how to stop Robyn’s monologues. After moving her hand and lowering Robyn’s dress the Little remained quiet until the elevator dinged again and the doors opened. Robyn led the way down the hallway to one of many identical doors and fumbled with her key, it fell to the floor as she tried to put it into the lock. As she bent over to pick it up Landon got a good look at her diaper underneath the dress.

The door swung open and the apartment inside seemed fairly unspectacular. The furniture throughout was fine but clearly cheap and bought from a chain store. It was all quite unspectacular until Robyn led the way to a closed door at the end of the hallway. Robyn hesitated, her cheeks were very red now.

Landon decided it was the perfect time to take control of the situation. She patted Robyn on the head a couple of times and then grasped the handle of the door, she turned it and the door swung open.

The nursery was a little bare and clearly homemade but at the same time it was very cosy. The walls were the same colour as every other room, a pale cream. Landon looked towards the bed. It seemed to be a regular bed with very rough wooden bars put up all around it. The changing table seemed to be an old painters folding table that had been strengthened. Shelves had been put up underneath, the slight unevenness to them betraying the amateur craftsmanship. On the floor and on shelves around the room were lots of toys and colourful activities. It was a nursery on a budget but that somehow made it feel even more special.

“W-What do you think?” Robyn asked nervously as she played with her hands.

“I think it is wonderful.” Landon said as she walked over to Robyn.

Landon put her arms out and slowly embraced Robyn. She pulled her close and hugged her, the smaller woman practically melted into the hug, Landon could feel her relaxing by the second. After a few seconds Landon let Robyn go and could see that she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

“I… I know it’s not as good as some of the ones in pictures online.” Robyn said defensively.

“I think it’s better than those ones.” Landon replied honestly, “I can see all the care and time you put into it. It feels so much more real than those other ones.”

Robyn was beaming with pride. After a couple of seconds of silence she looked down at the ground. She bashfully kicked at the floor and twisted her hips a little, the soft crinkles were like music to Landon’s ears.

“L-Landon… would it be alright if I… if I called you Mommy?” Robyn asked.

“That depends.” Landon said as she reached down and placed a hand over the front of Robyn’s diaper, “Are you going to let me change your diaper?”

For a second Landon thought Robyn was going to collapse. She watched as the Little’s eyes bulged out and she took half a step back. She bit her bottom lip and blushed even harder. Landon noted that Robyn didn’t step back away from her touch completely. After a second she stepped forwards again. Their eyes met and Robyn nodded in an almost imperceptible way.

“Right then, let’s get going.” Landon instantly switched into her Mommy mode.

Landon wouldn’t let Robyn help her as she undressed her slowly and carefully. The dress had a zip on the side that loosened it and then it was pulled over her head. Robyn’s skin was blemish free and without the dress the only things that covered her were the obviously wet diaper and the small bra. It didn’t seem Robyn was particularly well endowed in the chest area.

“My, my, my…” Landon said as she reached down and felt the diaper again, “You are a wet little girl aren’t you.”

Robyn didn’t reply. She let out a little whine as Landon prodded her diaper. Landon slipped a finger past the leg band and could feel the warm confines within. She wanted the diaper check to last as long as possible so even though she knew Robyn wasn’t stinky she still walked around and pulled back the rear of the waistband.

“Do you want Mommy to change you?” Landon asked Robyn.

“Yes…” Robyn’s voice was little more than a whisper.

“That’s not how little girls ask for diaper changes is it.” Landon said.

“M-Mommy…” Robyn had gone so red in the face it looked like she might burst, “Could you change my diaper please?”

The words tumbled out of Robyn’s mouth very quickly and they all linked together. Landon chuckled as she stood up straight again. She took the Little’s hand and took her over to the changing table. Robyn climbed up on to the table with a helping hand on her butt from Landon.

Landon went and stood at the foot of the table. She pulled out the baby wipes and powder that Robyn had on the shelves underneath the padded table. She placed them on the edge of the surface and then reached forwards to Robyn’s diaper. Despite her dominant personality and reputation for being a “Mommy” this would be the first diaper she had ever changed.

Despite her inexperience Landon had to try to appear as confident as possible. Nobody wanted a Mommy who didn’t know what she was doing after all. She reached forwards and started pulling the tapes off the diaper, the way the padding felt, the sound, the look… it was all so exciting!

Landon lowered the front of the diaper. The padding inside had swollen up considerably and Robyn’s skin glistened. Landon looked up to Robyn and saw that the blushing girl was studiously avoiding meeting her eyes.

Pulling out a couple of cold baby wipes Landon reached forwards and pressed them against the delicate folds of Robyn’s most sensitive areas. She wasn’t sure she was doing it right but when she heard Robyn let out a small moan she knew she must be doing something right. She was just about to put the wipes down when Robyn’s hands shot down and held Landon’s fingers right where they were.

“Ooh, a naughty baby…” Landon said playfully. She couldn’t ignore how excited she was.

Robyn nodded her head enthusiastically which made Landon laugh. She looked down at her hand exploring the prostrate woman. Robyn’s knees flopped open and she was going even redder in the face.

“Well, we can’t have a frustrated baby can we.” Landon said as she bit her bottom lip and started to lean forwards.

If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-86374871

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Would find it interesting when Robyn and Olivia meet for the first time. But that would most likely be some time away. Still find this story very enjoyable

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