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Overnight trip soon, do I...

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Find out how continent I still am and go without diapers, risking wetting the bed (idek how my overnight control is at this point), and have to have them stop frequently on road


Take a diaper bag and have very awkward conversations with my sparring partners?

I volunteered for the event without considering the implications of it being an overnight trip. I suppose I could also arrange my own accomodations, but idk how that's gonna go over for people. I don't want to seem like I can't be around people. I'm pretty sure I couldn't make it through the day without a diaper at this point, the last time i was out of diapers for a while, I was using pullups and pads to keep from wetting things. I have no real faith in my control at night and I'm not sure if I should test it.

These people don't know about this and it would be a new development for them and also they're literally sparring partners and while this isn't high contact, it will change their perception of me and therefore the force and things. idk. plurality is playing in here too bc this activity is from a part that doens't intersect with the ABDL parts in their public persona. I don't mind the actual act of telling them, but they still have to fight me after and I'm  worried I'm gonna get kid-gloved and my training will stall.


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1. What would be more embarrassing? Wearing a diaper or wetting the bed?

2. You are going to have to have this conversation sooner or later with someone. You say that this doesn't intersect with your ABDL parts? When you are incontinent all parts of your life are diaper ABDL parts. Going to the movies. ABDL. Going to the beach. ABDL. Your wedding day. ABDL

That being said I am a big fan of not forcing yourself to do anything that you don't want diapered but the more situations that you do while unconfortable about being diapered the more you convince your subconscious that this is the new norm and to let it go. 

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Id tell them then whoop em if they try kid gloves, which i kinda doubt they would considering the fact that they know your ability to take it. Wet diapers are WAY better than wet everything around you. Plus if your demoing stuff what would be worse than soaking the matt with a audience

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Get yourself a bed pad either disposables or a reusable one.  I full on diaper is not the only solution.  You can also use more discrete form of daytime protection which will require more maintence and montoring.  you can always use like a backpack or something to carry your supplies you don't need a 'diaper bag'


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There are some interesting ideas being offered, not sure how usefull they will be to you, but, some interesting ideas. A bedpad, thats going to be obvious, posably more obvious even than a diaper, after all, you can diaper up in the bathroom, come out in pjs and go right to bed. In the morning, go right to the bathroom, change your diaper, and change into day clothes. There should be some time in the day that you can dispose of the wet diaper without being seen, just make sure to double bag it so it does not smell.

I should note, no matter how carefull you are, plastic does rustle, and some might notice. 

Sense you are worried about day time as well, and from what your saying you are more than a little dependant on your diapers at this point, it might be best to actualy treat it as a non issue. Yah, you will need to sanatize stuff, so that theres no abdl hidden among your stuff,  aka, no pacis or the like, no baby print diapers, stuff like that would be potentialy a risk. Still, if you treat it like a non issue, its likely that they will reguard it as minor as well. It is not unknown for people your age to be incon. Oddly enough, the more adult you are about it, the less likely there will be a lot of question about it. *chuckles* Someone that focuses too much on it might be abdl as well, and might not know it even.

A problem is that you have stated that you do not have enough daytime control to get by without protection, and if your daytime control is that gone, your nighttime is not something you can trust eather. Your going to have to use protection.  A bed pad can help, but, they tend to be rather obvious as well. Same for the day stuff. Your going to be physicly active, that tends to increase chances of wetting, and you would be better off with decent protection, than something thats going to leak at the drop of a hat. Does not have to be thick, but, it does have to be able to take at lest one good wetting.

Sorry if I am a little disjointed, up way late for me, so its hard to compose my thoughts. Still, from your own words, you really have no choice but to go diapered. You just need to figure out how to eather hide, or explain to thoes you will be with.

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Their perception of you depends on how you approach the matter. If for instance you tell them that your body (not you, your stupid body) sometimes randomly chooses to empty the bladder when you’re asleep and that, after a lifetime of attempts to fix the thing, you decided that the only thing that really works are diapers, then you will remain the same person you were before and your body will take the blame.

Make sure to always keep your diapers covered. After mentioning it with whoever will sleep/sit in the car next to you, never mention it again unless they ask you. Keep your normal attitude and I’m sure they will not treat you as the diapered girl.

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