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Humiliating And Embarssing Words When In Messy Or Wet Diaper

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I deffinatly want to hear some of your most favorite humiliating and embarssing sayings/words you or somebody use when in a messy diaper. Some of mine are:

"did you make fudgies in your huggies?"

"looks like somebody made a chocolate soft serve"

"daaw did the wittle baby poop his/her diaper?"

"peeyeeww I think someone needs a diaper change"

"huggies fudger"

"ewww gross I think he/her poop their pants" 

"Did my little one make a special present for me?"

"Looks like someone ran into the sog monster"

"Did someone go wee wee in their diaper"

"Smells like your not ready for potty training"

"Eww gross did someone just fart"

"What a poopy baby"

"Pamper filler"

"Stinky baby" 

"That's right fill that diaper for mommy/daddy"

"Stinky wittle princess"

"Time for some squishies" 

My personal favorite when squishing in a messy diaper and wiping it back and forth. I like to call it "the dirty diaper wiper"


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I mostly use "messing, messy, mess," and sometimes "poop, pooping, poopy." Also, very rarely "potty and/or load." Never "sh..." All this brings me to the current moment and status of my morning Total Dry X-Plus diaper, "very wet and messy." The feeling is wonderful, warm, lumpy, and squishy. Emotionally, My wet and messy diaper is relaxing and soothing. I won't change for several hours; and last night in preparation for my wet and poopy morning diaper I used liberal amounts of Vaseline and baby lotion. I don't mind changing and cleaning at all, it's just part of the whole experience. Yesterday I got a case of new diaper that I have never tried delivered, Bambino Classico v2. So I am going to give them a try. I'll wet during the day but no messing because my wife will be up and I don't go poopy in my diaper around her out of respect.

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I've really started liking the phrase "Pushies." Like, "Did you make Pushies Little One?!" Or "Big bro, I made pushies for you in my diaper!"??????????♥️??

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