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any Nintendo switch gamers that play Mario kart, Yugioh Master Duel, Mario Party, Mario Tennis or Super Smash bros ? Just curious always looking to game with people online. 

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I Play Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Brothers, and I also have Nintendo Switch Online so I can play all the games available, including Sega Genesis. NES and Super NES :)


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Newest games I have for the Nintendo switch are:

Donkey Kong country tropical freeze

Namco museum volume one

Pacman museum plus

on order awaiting delivery tomorrow: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection (this particular cartridge has all of the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles games that kanami made all in one compilation. When I saw it, I just had to have it, just like when I saw the Pac-Man museum plus.What was the real selling point for me was being able to play super Pac-Man, and I'm able to play Pac-Man 256, which I could play on my Xbox as well. I'm glad that I'm able to get this cartridge, as well as the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles , and one of the Donkey Kong series , because I love Donkey Kong as a kid too period of course the only game I was able to play was the coleco cartridge that Atari made, but when I got ahold of super smash brothers ultimate, I was able to use Mr Donkey Kong to be able to ground pound most of my enemies into submission )

I also like games like jeopardy and wheel of fortune, and I have a lot of different games as well. If anyone is interested, I will post my game collection here in this thread, so people can see what I have for games. I will then update my website list so that everybody knows what I have for games available. Of course, I don't play with my Xbox as much as I used to, I play with my switch because it is easy to play with, has a lot more variety of games, and I can take it with me anywhere I want, and as long as I have good Internet, I can play any game I want.

The teenage mutant Ninja Turtles cartridge even has the one that was made by Nintendo for the gameboy attack of the foot clan, which I played on my brothers Game Boy, when I went to college, and I borrowed his Game Boy for three months. They really went out of their way to make sure that as much as possible as many Konami versions of the game are there. I couldn't pass this one up, and even now they have one called shredders revenge. Not sure how good that one would be, but I can't pass it up, because we basically played every single one of those games as kids, even though when I was growing up I didn't get a chance to play too much on the 8 bit Nintendo, but I have my switch now and can play anything Nintendo makes.

If they could come out with a way to release miss Pacman, I would be very happy! That was one of my favorite games, and even though my mom wasn't a heavy arcade game player, she had her favorite games. These were asteroids, video pinball, and miss Pacman. I love playing games like that, because they help me with my eye hand coordination, and helps it keep sharp.

Last night, I brought my switch out with me when I went to the local subway after work period I have a friend that works there, and he likes the switch as well as I do. I showed him when he had a chance to stop and take a break, all of the games I had on my switch. I went all out on this one, because I have all of the protective cases and I have two of the pro controllers as well as 10 joycons. I wanted to make sure that if I was gonna play with two switches, I had enough hardware to be able to play with them. One of them is a stock switch, one is a low numbered switch, which I've modified to allow for playing games that are game ROMs. This way, I can have one switch that does not go online, and one advantage to this is I can put anything I want on this switch. That way, when I want to play online, I just go back to my stock switch, and then I can deal with it when I want to play on the one that is modded to allow for playing of most any game. I don't particularly like to mod switches like that, but when you can't even use some of the things that you should be able to use, it does make it hard. I wish that the switch would come out with its own browser, so you could go online and look for different stuff, and I wish they would be able to bring out some of these apps that would be able to we run on the switch, but the only thing you can run on the switch right now is the Hulu app or the YouTube app, and there is no Netflix app for it, and as time goes by most of the companies that allowed you to run stuff like Hulu and Netflix, those particular apps are being phased out, I don't know if it's because of age or whatever, but I do love my switch, and I can't help it: when you've been playing games ever since you were about 7, you get used to playing certain games that you love, and now I can play game ROMs that are similar to what we used to play in the arcades. If I can find the particular game I want in a compilation, I'd much rather buy it and have the cartridge than have to try to manipulate it and get it on a game ROM.

Nintendo really knows how to do it right: not that Sony or any other company doesn't. However, when you have as many games that came out that are so much fun, and you have several generations of systems, you get used to playing specific games, and most of them are available for the Nintendo line of products. The switch is no exception, and I'm so glad that now I do have the Namco collections, because now I can play Pac-Man and super Pac-Man, I just wish that we could play with the lady miss pac.

So hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to play my first game of teenage mutant Ninja Turtles with my new compilation from Konami. I will let everyone know how it is once I play a few rounds of it. So far loving the Pac-Man museum plus because now I can play those games and I don't have to put in quarters anymore, I just have to press my right bumper about 10 times to put quarters or simulated quarters in the machine, and it acts just like you were in arcade, and even the room itself is an arcade to start with, and you end up earning tokens to be able to make your arcade better for each time. There's only one game that is still locked in that collection, and I hope to be able to unlock it soon karma but other than that these games have been really fun to play.


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I just wanted to update this thread: the other day I was able to obtain splatoon 3 digitally. so far I am Liking the game, but it is kind of a little confusing period what I mean by that is that you used to go into this entranceway, and it would pop up with all of your menu controls and everything else so you'd be able to get Into any battle you wanted period now you have to walk around in something that reminds me of my local mall in Burlington VT where my College was. you walk in the doors and you have this humongous building, and then you have to walk through to different stations, and then jump in the elevator. once in the elevator it doesn't close but it has this funny looking camera angle where it spins your head around so that you're looking out the door but you also have all of your menu controls. Once there the only thing that's really weird is when you launch you have to press the ZR Button to launch yourself onto the playing field. in splatoon two you are just sitting there on the field when the whistle blows and then you have to ink the whole place and this is in turf war where the idea is to get as much ink on your side and then go and attack them to get the most ink on their side in order to win the game period when I got the new game, splatoon three automatically knew that I had split tuned 2, and it took some of the information from that game period what I would have liked to have seen was that I am a level 14 on splatoon too, but now I'm only a level 4 on Splatoon 3.  I would have liked to have some of the weapons that I had in Splatoon 2 in my new game, since some of the levels that they use in splatoon three are splatoon 2 levels according to what I've heard. so far i'm really enjoying the game, but I get my butt kucked Return my turn around, because I'm using the lower end weapons. even if I have the right licenses, I still have to make sure I have the right weapons.

I'm not sure if you play splatoon 3 yet, or if you have splatoon 2, But it is kind of fun to end up making a mess. I'll put it this way: it's like if somebody had a humongous rec room like Mikey for example, and he said now it's time to have some fun, I want somebody to make as much mess as they can down here and cover this floor with paint.  so outcomes of splatoon weapon, and we start blasting paint all over the place. Of course that would never happen in real life because @DailyDi would never allow his home to be invaded or covered in ink, but ever since Super Smash Brothers I have been really impressed with the splatoon idea, and I was taken right in with it because this game is one of the few where you can put ink everywhere. I can also play that with my nieces, and I don't think my brother would have a problem with that because all we're doing is basically painting the floor was colored ink, and we have to make sure one color ink is in abundance, versus the other color. I think teaching my niece is this game would be kind of fun, once they do that then they could have a lot of fun.

If you would like my friend code for Nintendo switch, simply PM me and I'll give you the code. maybe we could play together sometime not sure, but it would be kind of nice to have another friend on my friends list. I think I have one user from here on my list, but I have not seen her on in over a year.

Happy Gaming!


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It's awesome that you're into Nintendo Switch games like Mario Kart, Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, and Super Smash Bros. Nintendo gaming can be a blast, especially when you're playing with others online. Connecting with fellow gamers is a great way to enhance your gaming experience.

Speaking of gaming, have you ever considered exploring other gaming options beyond Nintendo? I recently came across a detailed solitaire cash review, which could be an interesting addition to your gaming repertoire. It's a platform that offers a unique twist on classic solitaire games while giving you the chance to win some cash.

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Nintendo has been a big part of my gaming journey too. It's like a classic comfort food, you know? Whenever I need a break, I always find myself reaching for my Switch. As for solitaire, I think it's one of those timeless games that never gets old. It's perfect for when you just want to unwind and relax. Plus, it's great for keeping your mind sharp! Do you have a favorite version of solitaire? I personally love the classic Klondike version, but I've heard good things about Spider Solitaire too. And hey, don't worry about feeling like you're "too old" for Nintendo games.

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