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Hey everybody! First time poster, longggggg time lurker (and I DO mean LONG. Like, 15+ years at least). Here is a little story I have been cooking up. It’s your standard fare “be careful what you wish for story”. Not meant to revolutionize the ABDL fiction game or anything, but just some nice, hot material for those who want it. It started out as prompts for captions I was planning to make, but ended up 6,000+ words, soooo...oops! Anyways, enjoy! Feedback/encouragement is always appreciated. Love our community- love you all!


Stephanie’s Descent


Stephanie was a beautiful, petite young lady of 26 who seemed to be grabbing the world by the horns. She had a job in an office doing clerical work while she was in school to become a lawyer, and had a sexy boyfriend named Mark. Sure, she felt insecure in her mature office suits, looking up at one well-dressed man or woman after another from her small stature with her girlishly cute looks. And sure, she had her suspicions that Mark was being unfaithful to her with another friend of hers. Yes, the schoolwork was intense and difficult, and despite her being so charming, this caused her on more than one occasion to be snippy or bratty to her other classmates. But Stephanie did not worry about this. Things would work themselves out. They always seemed to for girls who had it all, like her...


One rocky living situation after another led her to have ask her mother if she could return home while she continued to work and study hard. It was a blow to Stephanie’s ego, but her mother Karen was secretly ecstatic. Karen supposed she should be happy for the strides in adulthood that Stephanie was making, but at times she would be so mad about the passage of time that she would do anything to get her little girl back. She would shake these thoughts from her head, as she already had an 18-month-old chubby baby girl to contend with named Lily. Lily’s father quickly left after Karen gave birth, making Karen all the more protective of her girls. She would use this time to impose motherly control and rules on Stephanie, whether she liked it or not. Plus, she could use a helper with Lily, so Stephanie added “caregiver” to her growing list of responsibilities...


Stephanie stared down at Lily sleeping in her crib. She smiled and took a deep whiff of the smells of her baby sister’s nursery. Baby powder, baby wipes and the distinct smell of Pampers danced around her nostrils as she sighed, looking around the pink nursery adorned with infantile motifs of baby Disney characters and Winnie the Pooh.

“I wonder what it would be like to be a baby again.” Stephanie wondered out loud as she headed over to the changing table.  “No adult responsibilities- just toys, and baby shows and....diapers.”

She felt a tingle shoot through her as she caressed the crinkly padding piled high under the changing table, imaging herself wearing it.

“Oh sure, it would be SO embarrassing, but it might be kinda fun.”

Stephanie bit her finger and looked around nervously. Her little shaved pussy throbbing and juices dripping into her panties, she took a breath and yanked her pants down. Then came her now soaked underwear. And now she stood in her baby sister’s nursery, naked from her bellybutton down, except for a cute pair of socks, ready to do something girls her age should not even be considering...

 Stephanie grabbed one of Lily’s diapers and a bottle of baby powder and placed it deliberately on top of the changing table. She took a big breath, unable to believe she was about to do what she planned to do and hoisted herself up onto the white padded surface. The cool, slick plastic of the changing surface caressing her bare bottom and privates sent another jolt of tingles through her body. Lying on her back she opened the thick diaper and gently fluffed it out to ready it to wear. Just like she did for her baby sister countless times.

“If everybody could see me now! I wonder what they would say.” Stephanie again wondered aloud, this time with a chuckle.

She bit her lip, lifted her small, perfectly smooth butt and slid the Pampers underneath her. She plopped her tushy down on the waiting, thirsty padding and shuddered as she began to feel more and more like a baby every second. She shook out a liberal amount of sweet-smelling baby powder over her already somewhat infantile looking, perfectly shaved crotch. Her heart was pounding as the mix of nursery aromas and baby sensations brought back feelings of helplessness and memories of daycare. She pulled the diaper up snugly in between her legs and taped it shut tightly against her. She knew from countless shopping trips previously that baby Lily wore the biggest size Pampers available on the market, being a chubby baby and all. The baby diaper fit Stephanie’s slender frame like a glove. She nearly spasmed as she looked down to see Sesame Street characters smiling up and waving at her from the top of the diaper. No, it was HER diaper now. The padding was thick, and almost oppressive, as it pressed securely into her most sensitive areas. The sensation was undeniably babyish. Even slight movements of her butt or legs caused a tell-tale crinkle to emit from her new infant underwear. Her powered pussy encased in her Pampers was dripping with a level of excitement she had never felt before. She was in pure baby bliss.


She hopped off the changing table and waddled up to the full-length mirror near Lily’s crib. She was unable to stop herself from toddling, the thick diapers forcing her legs apart and causing an embarrassingly cute cascade of crinkles to follow her as she moved. She looked at herself in the mirror, her large puppy eyes and small figure complimenting her new choice of babyish undergarments. She giggled innocently and smiled as she examined her diapers from all sides. Caressing the outer padding and pulling them up tighter between her legs, she checked out her butt while moaning. Every touch and every movement cause the soft insides of her Pampers to further stroke and rub against her now incredibly sensitive clit, making her purr with pleasure. She looked to her right and glanced down at her still sleeping baby sister. Her gaze shot back to her reflection in the mirror, she popped her thumb in her mouth and in the most babyish voice she could muster exclaimed

“More!” She giggled, twirled her hair and began bouncing in place. “More! More! More!” She chirped as she set about the nursery to further enhance her naughty, but incredibly pleasurable experience.


Stephanie practically skipped over to Lily’s Winnie the Pooh dresser and threw open the drawers to rummage for more goodies to complete her immersion into babyhood. She practically ripper her halter-top off and unhooked her bra in an instant, letting her pert little breasts bounce free as she did so. She pulled from the dresser the biggest shirt she could find- a nursery yellow My Little Pony shirt featuring cartoon ponies hugging each other on the front. The immature shirt clung to her tightly, barely stretching down to her navel, and holding her small tits close to her chest, making her look flatter than ever. From the top drawer she pulled a small hairbrush and two hair ties with two bright pink plastic balls attached to them. With a sense of urgency, she deftly secured her brown hair into two high pigtails on top of her head. She fished around in the top drawer for a little while longer until she found what she sought, an all-white pacifier with a pink ring on the front of it. She popped in her mouth and almost bit down on the nipple with the surge of pleasure she felt from debasing herself even further from her adult self. She crinkled back up to the full-length mirror with a waddle and gasped at the reflection greeting her. From head to toe she looked every bit a baby- not a day older than her sister Lily. Gone were the fancy suits she wore in the office. Gone were the trendy clothes she wore to stay noticed in college. Gone were the date night dresses she donned to look sexy for her boyfriend Mark. Here she stood completely raw and infantilized for the world. She looked so cute and babyish it was humiliating. She blushed at her appearance and her rosy cheeks only served to make her look MORE like an infant. She looked down and felt her body to make sure it was really her she was looking at in the mirror. She had never felt more infantile or embarrassed. The butterflies in her tummy and the warmth wetness she felt in her private parts signaled to her only one thing...she loved this.



End of part 1. I will most definitely be posting more!

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Thanks to @Kaleros @Guilend @le yack! Your super sweet and quick feedback makes me feel like an ABDL smut Santa Claus. So here, in the same day, is part 2. Keep the love coming, y’all! (And don’t expect it to get very “realistic” or anything from here on out. I am not trying to win a Nobel Prize, here.)


Stephanie’s Descent Part 2 - BUSTED:


It was as if she had caught some sort of kinky virus that propelled her further and further to want to degrade herself with babyhood. No dick, no porn had ever made her feel this turned on. Her heart was thumping in her chest as her mind began racing with scenarios that just made her more and more horny. She imagined some cruel, invisible hand of fate coming down and making her switch places with her baby sister indefinitely. She squealed as she thought about how people she knew would react to seeing her in such a babyish state. Admonishing her for giving up her adulthood so readily, but humiliatingly agreeing that her new baby status suited her with snickers and teasing.

She thought about being forced into infancy and the chorus of laughter that would ring out when her diapers were changed in front of everyone. The inside of her thirsty padding became slick with all of her pussy drippings. Pigtails bouncing in her peripheral vision, she dropped to her hands and knees, crawled over to her sister’s giant teddy bear in the corner and dragged it back to the mirror. She sucked furiously at her pacifier as she straddled the bear’s soft, protruding belly.

She feigned shock and exclaimed in a high-pitched squeal, made even more childish by the lisp the teat of the pacifier forced, “Oh no! Pwease don’t make me be a baby! It’s so embawassing! I’m a-posed to be a big giwl!”

With that, she began the rhythmic humping of Mr. Bear that caused a flurry of crinkles to emanate from her bottom, and her little sex to nearly catch on fire from pleasure. This was more overwhelmingly orgasmic than anything she had experienced in her young life. She felt so silly that humping a stuffed animal dressed as a toddler turned her on more than being with her boyfriend did, but that only made her even more horny.

The intensity of her arousal peaked, and she climaxed in her diapers while screaming out “I’m a diaper girl! I’m a widdle baby diaper girl! I’m gonna cum in my Pampers! OH GOD!!”

She collapsed in a heap of sweat and heavy breathing on top of the teddy bear. She could only manage a small “wow.” as she caught her breath. Suddenly, she heard a giggle to the right of her. She looked up and saw Lily, now awake and standing at the railing of her crib, gazing down at Stephanie and laughing.

“Bababbbabbba” Lily babbled, obviously trying to point out that Stephanie looked like a baby.  Stephanie started giggling herself and stood up to greet her little sister.

“Yes, I’m a baby- but shhhhhhh, you can’t tell anyone, Lily. Can you keep a secret?” She laughed to herself and reached down into the crib to pick Lily up. “Thank god you can’t tell anyone that your big sister loves diapers...”

Out of nowhere, a stern voice manifested behind Stephanie. “She can’t tell who you WHAT?”

Stephanie spun around and came face to face with her mother. Karen stood with her arms folded, tapping her heeled foot on the soft carpet and looking unamused. “Care to explain all of...this, young lady?”


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You said you wanted feedback, so I will give you two things to consider:

  1. You really are going way too quickly. One of the secrets to fun stories is the slow burn: let us get to know the characters before putting them into fetishistic situations.
  2. Be wary of the "block o'text" formatting: paragraphs are really very important (as you seemed to recognize in Chapter 1). Also, dialogue requires a new paragraph each time the speaker changes. 

Thanks for sharing!

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I wonder if her mom saw her on the teddy bear or if she'll tell her mom what she did in her diaper especially since I'm sure it's soaked in her own juices. I can't wait for more.

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Thank you all for the wonderful feedback! To address your point @kerry, I have fixed any "wall-of-text" issues in my first two posts and will be cognizant of any issues moving forward. As far as "slowing the pacing down", look- I get it. Some stories that have been posted her with slow pacing have been some of the most excellent works of ABDL fiction I have ever read. I am not going for that with this. This story is meant to be an homage to the older days of ABDL fiction. When stories were a bit more succinct and the dominant characters in them were particularly cruel. A time when the "baby treatment" was all-encompassing. I'm looking particularly at the old and excellent stories written by someone named Mistress Janice. This is not meant to be some great work of fiction, it's just meant to be some great fap material for some people that really want some of that great ABDL steamy stuff. Like I stated previously, I started this one out intended for picture captions, but it kind of took on a life of its own. That being said, I would absolutely ADORE writing a "slow-burn" piece in the future, and this is where I would post it without hesitation.

Without further ado...


Stephanie's Descent Part 3 - If You ACT Like a Baby...




“M-Mom! It’s not what it looks like!” Stephanie stammered as she faced her mother.

Her face was hot, and her heart was pounding so hard she could hear it in her ears.

“Oh really? And what do you think it looks like, little miss?” Karen replied with a cocked eyebrow and an unwavering tone.

“T-that I w-want to be a b-baby or something...but I was just trying it out. I just wanted to s-see what it was like.” Stephanie managed to eek out, feeling like she was going to throw up.

Her nerves won out, and without realizing it until she heard the tell-tale soft hissing, Stephanie started to wet her diaper. If she wasn’t mortifyingly standing in front of her own mother, the warmth and squishiness now filling her padding would have been quite pleasurable. Stephanie stared down at her expanding Pampers; mouth open in shock. Her mother clicked her tongue, unamused.

“I suppose you ‘just wanted to see what THAT felt like’, as well? I give you one task while I’m away- watch your sister. And you take it upon yourself to indulge in whatever little perversions your heart is set on??” Karen admonished.

“No, Mom! It’s not like that!” Stephanie whined.

The humiliation of her mother’s words were unbearable. Karen ignored her complete and strode right up to Stephanie’s discarded jeans and panties by the changing table. She snatched up her daughters-soaked panties and examined them. Stinky with sweat after being worn for a couple days, wet with Stephanie’s arousal prior to stepping back into babyhood, and even stained with an errant skid mark demonstrating her pretty daughter’s inability to wipe properly- these were not the panties of a “big girl”. Karen thrusted the dirty panties into her daughter’s face.

“Does THIS look like the panties of a girl who ‘just wanted to see what being a baby is like’?? Honestly, Stephanie, it looks like you BELONG in diapers!” 

Standing in front of her Mom in wet diapers and pigtails in the baby nursery with her pungent smelly panties being waved under her nose made Stephanie feel two feet tall. She clearly had no leg to stand on, so she started to cry. Something in Karen snapped. Here was her supposedly “adult” daughter, the same daughter who was constantly trying to assert her independence, the one who bragged about her good job and tough courses in college, the one who flaunted her cute boyfriend at every turn, the one who pushed the limits of the rules and boundaries while living under HER roof, clearly proving she wasn’t ready for adulthood at all! In Karen’s mind, Stephanie was a pervert, a liar and every bit the baby she wanted to be. The idea her daughter could be so deceitful and so pathetic made Karen livid. She looked down at Stephanie in disgust, believing wholeheartedly that Stephanie deserved whatever harsh anger and consequences she would receive as a result of her actions.

Lily stared worriedly out from her crib at her crying sister. She stuck her hand in her mouth and started to babble. Karen drew a white chair to herself and sat down. She patted her lap with the strictest of demeanors and motioned of Stephanie to lay across it.

“Since you so selfishly decided to steal your baby sister’s things, and since you so blatantly destroyed your big girl undies, maybe even your big girl life, I believe a spanking is in order, little miss.” Karen stated plainly in a condescending tone.

Stephanie danced from one foot to the other, whining and trying to hide her face in shame, but eventually relented. She hung her head and waddled over to her mother, feeling sillier and sillier with every little crinkle. She laid across her mother’s skirted lap with a sob. She felt Karen grip the back of her diaper and rip it open. The warm, squishy pee-padding was still pressed against her shaved pussy, but she could feel the cool air of the open diaper caress her butt. She winced as she thought about the childish punishment about to be brought down on her rear.

 *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* The hard swats of her mother’s hands came down on Stephanie’s bare backside.

Karen spoke in angry, motherly tones- as if she was admonishing a toddler. “You have proven to me today that you are totally unfit for adult privileges while you are in this home, young lady.” She delivered ten more spanks in rapid succession. “Furthermore, your ability to function as an adult outside of this house in the real world is in SERIOUS question!”

This time Karen spanked Stephanie 20 times, and extremely hard. Stephanie was bawling now. She could not handle the embarrassment and pain. Her vision went white with how much it hurt.

“Heck, how am I supposed to rely on you for babysitting, when you seem to be the one who needs a babysitter?”

Stephanie’s mom delivered 30 of her best smacks to her daughter’s bottom. Stephanie was at her breaking point, now a blubbering mess.

“The punishment should fit the crime, I always say. Well, baby Stephanie, your crime is one that is very serious, in my eyes. You have shown yourself to be willing to give up your adulthood for little baby perversions. So, as of right now I am reducing your status to that of ‘baby of the house’.”

Stephanie gasped from shock at what her mother was saying- but no sooner did she let out her breath was she unable to find it as her mother spanked her 40 times. Her butt was fire engine red now, and completely raw.

“You want to wear diapers? That’s fine! You will get your wish. For the next 24 hours you will spend your time here in Lily’s nursery. During this time, you will get a little preview of what your life will be like under my roof with your baby treatment. While you are in here, I will be using what is left of your college fund to fully supply your new baby life and to make some BIG changes around here.”

Stephanie couldn’t believe her ears. This was all happening too fast! Just this morning she was dreaming about shopping, watching daytime soap operas and playing with herself to the thought of Mark’s cock. Now her mom was trying to destroy her with a “baby life”? Just as soon as she collected her thoughts, her mother furiously spanked her 50 times. Stephanie’s tushy was on fire. She began begging and pleading with her mother to stop.

“Oh Stephanie, you WILL do everything I say, to the letter- or we can make these spanking sessions a regular three-a-day ordeal.” Stephanie couldn’t imagine enduring this just one time more, let alone three times a day. She knew that she would obey her mother’s every command. “I am not without a sense of fairness, little girl. I will give you another chance, though I certainly don’t think you deserve one. After I lay out your new rules and lock you in this nursery, I will order everything we need for your new life with overnight delivery, of course. BUT, if you can manage to show me that you have learned your lesson and demonstrate what a big girl you really are by keeping your diapers dry until Mommy checks you in the morning, I will return every last thing, let you out of the nursery and we will never speak of this again. That means, of course, that you will never indulge in this silly little fantasy again, either. Are we clear?”

Stephanie saw a light at the end of the tunnel. She managed to catch her breath in the midst of the pain and cried out “Yes! Yes, Mom! Of course! Thank you, Mom!”

Karen stood Stephanie up to meet her face. “That’s a good girl, but you will refer to me as ‘Mommy’ until I say otherwise.”

Stephanie rubbed her bright red and throbbing backside, face messy from all the crying. “Yes, Mommy.” Stephanie said in a quiet, small voice.

She was embarrassed alright, but she had bright hopes for the future. She had a chance to undo this mess! She would not screw it up.

Karen took Stephanie by the hand and led her to the changing table. She pulled the open wet diaper from between Stephanie’s legs where it was pinned, curled it up into a perfect little ball and plopped it into Lily’s diaper pail with a dull thud. Stephanie wanted to curl up into a little ball and die. The reality of this humiliating situation was sinking in. It was one thing putting diapers on herself, but her mommy changing her was overwhelming. With a scary display of strength, Karen hoisted her small daughter up onto the changing table and pushed her firmly so her back was flat against the changing pad. 

“Mommy, please...I’m so so SO sorry!” Stephanie cried. “Now, now, that’ll be enough of that.”

Without hesitation, Karen scooped Stephanie’s dropped pacifier up off the floor and popped it in her mouth. Stephanie sucked quietly as tears rolled down her face. Karen expertly lifted Stephanie’s in the air with one hand as she began wiping her daughter's butt and sensitive parts with cold, sweet smelling baby wipes.

“All shaved down there already, I see. How appropriate!” Karen quipped, making Stephanie blush a deep crimson.

She felt like such a baby as her mom thoroughly wiped her clean. Karen reached for another Sesame Street Pampers and unfolded it deliberately in front of Stephanie.

“Look baby, it’s Elmo!” Karen laid the syrupy baby talk on thick for Stephanie as she pointed out the character normally associated with toddlers.

She shook the diaper out, lifted Stephanie’s legs higher and positioned the now flat padding under her bum. She rested Stephanie’s legs down on the Pampers and began preparing the baby powder.

“Now, I will be taking Lily out of the nursery to be cared for by me while I buy your baby things, widdle Stephanie. I will lock this nursery door from the outside. I have counted the diapers stacked under this changing table and I know how many dirty diapers are in the diaper pail. You are not to remove your diapers once I have you snugly taped in. You are not to attempt to leave this nursery for any reason. Your bedtime tonight is 6PM. Do NOT test me, or I can make it earlier. You are to suck on your pacifier the whole time you are in here. You are to refer to me as Mommy. The toilet is completely off limits for any reason. Period. I will be in to feed you two bottles of formula at 5:30. You will be spending your night in Lily’s crib- I do not care how cramped it is for you. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a spanking that will make this previous spanking seem like a blessing. I will be in to check on you and the state of your diaper at 8 tomorrow morning. If you are dry, you are proving to me that you want another shot at being a big girl, and all of this ends. If not, well then, you are proving to be that this is EXACTLY what you deserve and we will have quite a few surprises in store for you, baby girl.” Karen said all of this while covering Stephanie’s privates in more powder than she had ever seen and taping her even more tightly in her diapers than Stephanie had done for herself previously.

Stephanie was good and swaddled in her infantile underwear. Karen gave a little pat on the front of her baby daughter’s diaper to emphasize her diaper change and lifted Stephanie from the changing table. She pulled Lily from her crib, placed her on her hip and walked to the nursery door.

“I hope you really think about your actions, little girl.” Stephanie’s Mommy said. She then immediately turned around and exited the nursery. The nursery door lock clicked, and Stephanie was left alone.

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Keep going its great, and the speed is fine, often its more fun to just put the ideas down and get them out there, and move on to the next chapter than to spend hours up on hours perfecting the same chapter. Writing for fun should be fun, don't work so hard on a hobby that it comes a chore that the quickest way to burn out.

looking forwards to hearing more and have fun writing more.

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Thank you to @diapernocturnus@Tld17@Babytom948 for the awesome words of encouragement. Love this community and love you all! The least I can do for the years of entertainment and pleasure is return some of it to everyone with a bit of fap material. I will keep it up if you all keep it up with all the love. ❤️ Back to your regularly scheduled programming:


Stephanie's Descent Part 4 - Stephanie's Dream, Stephanie's Nightmare


Stephanie's head was swimming from all that just happened. She plopped on to her thickly diapered tush, her legs splayed out, sucking her pacifier numbly. Why did she have to try these stupid diapers on this morning? She was very angry with herself. Never mind, now she just had to concentrate on staying dry. Considering she had just peed- she felt herself lucky. It gave her a head start on her goal. Not to mention that Stephanie always considered herself to have a strong bladder. As long as she concentrated, it would be no problem. Outside of the nursery, Karen chuckled to herself evilly. She sat sipping a nice tea and scouring the internet for anything and everything to make her daughter’s transformation complete. She found herself becoming addicted to the disciplinary ways of being a stern mother. This was a chance to have her baby girl back, and she did not want to let it go.

The day passed uneventfully for Stephanie. She sat in the nursery and played with boring baby toys to try and distract herself. Sure enough, at 5:30 on the dot, her Mommy entered the nursery with two bottles of warm formula. She compounded Stephanie’s humiliation by tying a bib around her neck that said, “Mommy’s Princess”, one of Lily’s no doubt. The formula was filling and sickly sweet. Stephanie was ready for this all to be over. She was plopped in Lily’s crib at 6, with light still streaming in from cracks in the curtains and got comfortable. She was tiny, so fitting in the crib was no difficult task. Karen turned on the baby monitor, wished her daughter goodnight and soon, after she got used to laying down with the bulk in between her legs, Stephanie was whisked away to dreamland...

 That night Stephanie tossed and turned with intense dreams. She dreamed she was at a mall with all her friends and classmates. It seemed to be her normal, local mall- and all her friends were behaving as they normally do. She was laughing and gossiping with them, just walking around the shopping center when they happened upon a strange looking store. It was called Baby ‘R’ U. She and all her friends stopped in their tracks and peered inside. From floor to ceiling the store was piled high with the thickest, most babyish diapers imaginable. Diapers in all shapes and sizes, with Barney, Sesame Street, Blues Clues and other babyish intellectual properties plastered all over them. Cribs, play pens, highchairs, onesies, lined the store for as deep as her vision would allow.

Stephanie’s snooty but beautiful friend Clarissa turned her nose up at the store. “Ew, this store is for gross baby loooserssss!” She said mockingly.

The rest of her friends all giggled, including Stephanie. She mocked the store further by getting closer to it and putting on a silly voice.

“Hey guys, look at me! I’m a dumb little baby!” Stephanie said in her best Goofy impression.

“Good one, Stephanie!” Her friend Amber giggled.

But as Stephanie turned around to look back into the store, she saw a gold light emanating from its aisles. The soothing, almost angelic voice of her mother called to her from within.

“Stephanieeeeeeeee...come hereeeee babyyyyy Stephanieeee...” it beckoned her.

“Did you guys hear that?” Stephanie asked quizzically.

“Hear what?” her friend Jenny retorted, confused.

“Hold on, guys...” Stephanie turned back to face the store and started walking closer.

The nearer she drew toward the golden glow, the more an intense buzzing started to move about her body.

“Yup, there she goes. Just like we thought.” Clarissa said from behind her in her usual judgmental tone. Stephanie spun around to snap back at Clarissa ``What do you mean-“ when all of the sudden she felt a breeze blowing around her.

She looked on as all her friends began laughing and pointing. Stephanie looked down and saw she was suddenly naked. Not only that, but she could swear that her boobs were shrinking. As she tried to cover her bare tits and pussy a hot stream of pee began to drip down her leg. She was mortified.

“God- she was always SUCH a baby! Oh well.” Jenny said in between laughter with a shrug.

Stephanie tried to walk away from the store when she noticed several large tentacles composed entirely of baby bottles, rattles, stuffed animals, fuzzy sleepers, and diapers extending from the entryway. It quickly wrapped around her and began pulling her into Baby ‘R’ U despite her screams and protests. She struggled against the soft tentacles to no avail. The monstrosities pulled her into the store while her friends continued laughing. Almost as quickly as they formed tentacles, all of the baby products formed a giant baby bouncer, suspending Stephanie’s naked body in the air above the doorway of the shop.

“Guys, HELP!” Stephanie cried, but was instantly muffled by the sentient baby products that formed a makeshift pacifier to shut her up permanently.

She bounced helplessly in the air while her friends began to walk away. “Come on, let’s go. We have our lives to get on with. She seems fine just where she is,” Stephanie heard from one of her friends as they continued past the store.

The entryway began to close with two giant walls of diapers, sealing Stephanie in the store forever... she awoke with a start.

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Thank you for the continuing kind words! @CynthiaCMso glad and honored that you love this story. I know that ABDL is not sexual for many of you- in which case this story and many others of mine going forward will probably not be your speed, but I am truly grateful to those who vibe with what I am doing here. It really inspires me to do more. So that said, let the old-school diaper discipline tale continue...


Stephanie's Descent Part 5 - Stephanie Digs Deeper

Stephanie’s eyes flew open. She attempted to take in her surroundings. The crib, the pacifier next to her in said crib, the smell of diapers and baby powder surrounding her, and of course the soft, thick padding spreading her legs apart- was her dream only a dream? It seemed so real, and now, judging by her environment, it certainly felt real. The memories of the previous day flooded her mind and she shot up in her crib. She reached down nervously and felt the inside of her diaper. All dry!

“Phew!” She said aloud.

Her bladder was certainly full, and she even felt the need to poo-poo but judging by the morning light streaming in through her curtains- she did not have long to wait before her Mommy’s morning diaper check. A test she would pass and a check that would get her out of this mess. Maybe she didn’t like baby stuff as much as she thought she did before. She most definitely enjoyed her adult privileges, even if they all came with responsibilities. Outside the nursery door she heard the voices of several men, and what sounded like furniture being moved around the house. She didn’t even want to think about what it could be. She resolved to get out of the crib and to wait for her diaper check while playing with toys to distract herself of her increasingly strained bladder and bowels. She threw one leg over the crib railing and something curious happened. As she was straddling the railing, the wood from the crib pressed just right into her puffy padding- the soft cotton rubbing into her sensitive little clit.

A poisonous voice rang out in her head, “Aww, so close- but you’re never gonna make it. You’ll find a way to mess this up and get yourself trapped in diaper days, just like you got caught yesterday. It’s your destiny...” the voice whispered seductively to her.

The idea that she was right on the edge of losing her adulthood was unbearably hot to her. As awful as it was to think about everything she would be giving up, and how horribly humiliating her new life would be- it only made her pussy throb even more. She popped her pacifier in her mouth and started to rub her diaper into her clit on the crib railing. The crinkles from her humping grew louder and more intense. A moan escaped her lips as she rubbed her tits and thought about her nightmare last night. While it was frightening, the ideas and images she recalled from her dream only got her more hot and bothered. It shouldn’t be this way. A 26 year old shouldn’t be excited by this!

“FORMER 26 year old...” the sinister voice whispered in her mind. “Look how close you are to messing it all up...” the words in her head now made her hump even faster.

Her bladder and bowels now dangerously on the brink of bursting. A small gush of pee squirted out of her. It was small, maybe Mommy wouldn’t notice.

“Uh-ohhhhh, it’s all over now! Say ‘bye-bye’ to your adulthood. Hope it was worth it, little baby girl! Forever trapped in diaper days...”

Stephanie looked pathetically in the mirror, her pigtails bouncing wildly- looking every bit the little infant she was poised to become.

“Oh-noeees...” Stephanie whined, tears welling up in her eyes, but the fire in her private places was only growing.

She rubbed herself to climax and cried out with a pleasure she had never felt before. At the peak of her orgasmic, the dam broke. She flooded her thirsty Pampers with hot pee, and even worse, her little sphincter loosened completely, and she filled her backside with warm, stinky mush. It was the first time she had messed herself since her first infancy. The mess squished against her and the pee expanded her already bulky underwear. She dropped to the floor panting. Here, surrounded by nursery sights and smells, she cemented her babyish fate.

“Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no oh nononoNO!” Stephanie started to panic.

She did not want to ruin her life with diapers. She began to search around frantically for a way out of this predicament. Just then, the door flew open, and Mommy entered the room...

 Karen wore her hair up neatly and wore an apron over her smart white blouse and black pencil skirt. She wore dark pantyhose underneath and a pair of black heels. A string of pearls adorned her neck. She looked every bit the portrait of femininity, maturity and grace. Stephanie sank down onto the carpet in her nearly overflowing and incredibly smelly diaper, with messy pigtails from a long night of sleep, a ribbon of drool starting to form around where she was sucking her pacifier, still wearing a My Little Pony shirt. She felt so tiny and immature by comparison.

“Well, well,” Karen said, “let’s see how my little girl did!”

She took two steps into the nursery and started to sniff the air. The odor from Stephanie’s wet and poopy diaper was unmistakable. Mommy strode right up to Stephanie, lifted her to her feet and pulled the back of her diaper out to check inside.

“Okay, baby Stephanie- if that is your decision, so be it! You are CLEARLY telling me you want your treatment to continue, and so it will.”

Karen let go of the waistband of Stephanie’s diaper and gave her butt a firm smack, smushing stinkies into every crack and crevice found in her diaper. Stephanie started to cry. She was terrified.

“Honestly Stephanie, wets AND messes? You MUST be telling me that you are done even trying to pretend to be a big girl! Well, lucky for you little girl, we have some BIG changes lined up for you today. Today is going to be a big day for you indeed.”

Stephanie tried to plead with her mom using her eyes. It was no use. She was finished and she knew it.

“I hope you’re happy Stephanie. I hope it is everything you wanted. Who would have thought- my daughter, the BABY.”

Stephanie wanted one more chance, but she knew that had disappeared just like the pristine whiteness of her soft baby padding had when she went potty in her pants.  She really had trapped herself in a baby nightmare.

“Now you stay here, little girl. We have a biiiig day ahead of us and I have to go get a few things for it. I had a feeling you would fail. Not just at keeping your diapers dry, but at being a grown up. Well, you just sit there and smell your mess. Think about what you’ve done. It will be far from your last poopy accident, little Princess.”  With that Karen stormed out of the nursery, leaving Stephanie to contemplate her fate.

Stephanie sat down in her mess, feeling like her baby diapers had become a prison. This was all happening so fast. It was all going too far for some silly fantasy she only just started exploring yesterday! Despite how absolutely babyish and silly she felt in a nursery clad in a dirty diaper- she steeled herself to stand up to her mother. She was 26 and she would not let herself be treated like a toddler. She gulped; this may really be her last chance to stop this nonsense. Stephanie stood up and waited for her mother to re-enter the nursery. Karen strode in shortly after carrying an outlandishly infantile Peter Rabbit diaper bag with Stephanie’s name embroidered in it. Sticking out of the top were the nipples bottles and diapers that looked much bigger and MUCH thicker than what Stephanie was wearing currently. The image of her imposing mother holding such a thing shook Stephanie to the core.

“Baby’s day out! That’s right- you heard me! You have quite the day ahead of you, baby girl!” Her mother chirped with sadistic excitement.

Stephanie tried to find her resolve. “N-no, mother. No! I will not let you do this! I am a big girl and this h-has gone far enough.” She winced and the small stutters and warbles in her voice when attempting to stand up for herself.

Karen turned to her baby daughter with what could only be described as a death stare. “EXCUSE ME, LITTLE GIRL?!”

Before Stephanie could come up with a good argument for herself, she was yanked across her mother’s lap. The swats that landed on her rear were painful, but more humiliating than anything, as Stephanie could smell her babyish deeds emanating from her diapers.

“Am I supposed to listen to sass from a dirty little potty-pants like you? I don’t THINK so!” Her mother lectured and she spanked Stephanie’s already raw and sore bottom. “You have made your bed, or in this case CRIB, and now you will sleep in it young lady!”

Stephanie felt her mommy pause for a moment to retrieve something from the diaper bag now laying at her side.

“I was hoping not to use this, but you leave me no choice!”

CRACK! A smack came down on Stephanie’s red tushy that she had never felt in her life. She screamed with tears welling in her eyes. Her mother had a very firm, unrelenting wooden paddle brush clutched in her hand. She pulled Stephanie’s diapers up as high as they would go in-between her cheeks without bursting and starting to spank her in a way that took Stephanie’s breath away. This continued until the little girl was left a sobbing, snotty, limp mess over her mother’s lap. She was clearly defeated.

“Your attempts to defy your Mommy when she is giving you everything you so desire and crave are unacceptable. You must learn that any behavior like this will be met with swift and VERY unpleasant punishment. Come, now!”

Her mommy’s words sent chills up her spine, but she was even more panicked when Karen took her by the hand and began to lead her out of the nursery in just her dirty diaper, My Little Pony Shirt, messy pigtails, and tears running down her crimson face.

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