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It's just a checkup (FINISHED) (Chapter 7 added 2/12)

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“Is my little girl excited for her visit to the doctor?” Mommy said as she looked back at me in the rear view mirror.

“Yeah, super excited” I told her, the sarcasm practically dripping off of my words as they came out of my mouth.

“Is my baby being sassy?” She looked back at me in the mirror with one eyebrow up. I immediately knew that she meant business. All I could see was her dirt brown hair tied into a ponytail, her right eye, and that eyebrow positioned in the last place it wanted it to be. 

“Of course not mommy. It’s just...who really LIKES going to the doctor?”

“When I was a kid, I did” mommy told me with that matter of fact tone in her voice. “In fact, I remember a time when I was around 7. I wanted to go to the doctor’s office so badly I took a red marker and drew red dots all over myself. I wanted my mom to think I had chicken pox so she would take me to see doctor Shelly. I think I liked it so much because she was such a nice lady and I felt special every time I went there. Either that or the lollipop at the end” she said with a small laugh. 

As we took a left, a smile emerged on her face as she saw the front of the building. “Look sweetie, we’re here” she told me in a sing-song voice as she pulled into the parking lot.

As I got a look at the building, it just looked like any normal store she would see on any road in any city in America. All I knew is that mommy paid a lot of money to get this “special” visit to the doctor to happen. She had to actually buy the building as well as all the stuff inside. I thought she was crazy when she told me a couple weeks ago, but she told me it was going to be used more than just a doctor’s office. She even added in a wink to make me wonder even more. When you are a lawyer, however, you are able to spend money on stuff like that. Include my big girl job of a veterinarian and we live pretty comfortably. 

The rear driver’s side door opening up brought me back to the present. Mommy showed me a huge smile, no doubt very excited to show her little one all the work she had put in just for her. 

“Are you ready to go princess? If you want to, you can take Charlie with” my lovely girlfriend told me as she unbuckled me and helped me out of the sedan. Of course I was going to take Charlie with me, what kind of a question was that? I took him with me everywhere I went. The teddy bear’s soft fur was something that calmed me down regardless of the situation. Everything from cuddling with him during playtime to having to deal with the mean owner of one of my patients, I knew that Charlie would be there to comfort me. 

As they walked up the concrete walkway towards the front door, mommy’s hand in my right hand and Charlie bear in my left, I was glad I picked a short sleeve shirt on such a warm day. To be fair, it was a short sleeve onesie, but only me and mommy knew that. No patterns or anything, just a light pink color. I wasn’t sure where this place was located, so I wanted to make sure that I was as low key as possible with my little side. The onesie was tucked into a pair of tight blue jeans. I often went for a pair of sweatpants when wearing a onesie, but I know mommy loved the way my butt looked in these jeans and I wanted to make her happy. She did something nice for me, so I was going to do something nice for her. 

Once we reached the door, she smiled down at me. She was naturally 3 inches taller than me, never mind the heels she was currently wearing. They looked amazing combined with the black dress she was sporting. “She looks like she is ready fora night at the opera as opposed to taking her baby girl to a doctor’s appointment” I thought. She did, however, look sexy as hell. Once we got home, I was going to rip the dress off…

“Are you ready baby?” She asked, more of a rhetorical question than anything, as she opened the door to the building. Mommy knew I was still a little apprehensive, so she went in first and let me follow. Once I got a view of the inside, I was blown away: I looked exactly like the waiting room of a real doctor’s office. Chairs lined the white walls. There were even toys on the floor for the little ones to play with as they waited. The last thing I saw was the front desk, completely with a very beautiful woman in her mid 20s smiling back at us.

“Welcome” she announced with a syrupy sweet tone as we walked up to the desk. “How are you doing today?” she asked mommy, almost ignoring me. I looked at the name tag she was wearing. Kayla. What a pretty name. 

“We are doing great. We are here for our appointment” Mommy answered her with almost the same tone that made my little side go wild. All I wanted to do was cuddle Charlie to calm me down. 

“Ok, You must be Kelsey Anderson” Kayla said, flashing a big smile at mommy. She nodded back at the lady. I couldn’t remember the last time I was allowed to call mommy Kelsey. When we were at home, it was only mommy. Any mention of her real name would end in a spanking. I learned pretty quickly it was mommy or nothing at all. 

“Which means this little sweetheart must be Katie” Kayla’s attention shot down at me as she gave me that wave that all adults gave to kids: the one where they just wave their fingers. 

“Yup, this is my little Katie. Why don’t you say hi princess?” Mommy pulled me in front of her. Great, now there was nowhere to hide. I couldn’t even hide behind mommy. Looks like I have no choice. 

“Hi…” was all I could muster. When I am in little space, I am incredibly shy. Mommy was the only one who could coax anything more than two words out of me. 

“Hi there Katie. Can I tell you a secret?” Of course you can, who doesn’t love secrets? All that I could respond with, however, was a slight nod of my head. “When you are done seeing the doctor, why don’t you come back to see me before you leave and I will give you a little something for being such a brave girl?”

My head nodded much faster and I even let a smile show at that remark. I wonder what it could be. Candy? A huge stuffed animal? A unicorn?!?! The possibilities were endless.

“Prefect! You two can take a seat while I let the doctor know you have arrived” the nice lady told us as she motioned us towards the waiting room. Mommy thanked her as we walked over. While mommy found a seat on one of the chairs, I walked over to the toys on the floor and immediately began playing. 

“This might not be as bad as I thought” I whispered to Charlie. He was my favorite stuffed animal, so I told him all my secrets. I sat him down between my legs as I poured the puzzle I found out of the box. “Look Charlie: Pooh Bear!” I showed him the box.

Just as I got all the pieces flipped over, I heard a voice from the other side of the room. “Katie and Kelsey. The doctor is ready for you.”  

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Chapter 2

As I turned my head, I figured there were two ways this nurse could be dressed. She was either going to be wearing a sexy nurse’s outfit that was normally reserved for Halloween costumes or she was just going to be wearing the traditional scrubs that normal nurses wore. Just knowing the mommy set this whole thing up, I was honestly not sure what to expect. 

Turned out to be the latter as I locked eyes with the women who looked to either be in her late 20s or early 30s. Just like I expected to be the case with everyone here, as soon as I looked at her, a huge smile appeared on her face. Mommy has hired some really good actors. 

“That’s us baby girl, let’s go” she told me, knowing I might be dragging my heels because of our conversation in the car earlier. She lightly rubbed my back to encourage me and, to be honest, it helped a lot. Mommy knew that anytime she touched me, I felt much safer. 

I got to my feet, trying to show mommy that I was being brave. Even though I was nervous, I had Charlie by my side. Having him and mommy made me feel invincible. 

“Well hello ladies. You must be Katie, you little cutie” the nurse tickled my tummy a little bit as we reached her. “Let’s head down this way” she told us, leading us down a main hallway. There were no pictures, no colors, just white walls. It felt empty. We took one right and then we were in our room. 

This looked more like a traditional doctor’s office. A desk sat in the corner with a bunch of medical equipment and a computer on top. A huge scale and what looked like something to measure me was on the other side of the room. There was one of those big tables with the paper on top in the corner opposite the desk. I have no idea what those are called. 

“First, let’s get her height and then we can get her weight” the women told mommy as they both walked me over to that area. I just stood with my back, holding Charlie tight to my chest, to the wall as the nurse slid a stick down the wall to right on top of my head. 

“Looks like she is 64 inches tall. Such a big girl!” the nurse told me as she pinched my cheek. She was really into touching me. Wait, did she say 64 inches? As I did the math quickly in my head, she was right. I am 5’3”, why didn’t she just say that? 

“And how old is Katie?” the nurse asked mommy, completely ignoring me. 

“Oh, she is 19 yea...months old” she answered, knowing the game the nurse was playing. 

As she flipped her sheet back and looked at another piece of paper, she smiled at mommy and told her “That is perfect. She is right on schedule for this age. Now how about we get her weight. Since her clothes add weight, I am going to need you to strip her down to her…” 

“Oh, she is still in diapers. We tried potty training once, but it didn’t take” Mommy told her, almost as if it was no big deal for a 19 YEAR old to be wearing diapers. 

“Makes sense, 19 months is a little young to be starting potty training. Let’s get her down to her diaper and put her on the scale” the nurse said to mommy. I am right here and I can hear you. Talk to me too!

Without any warning at all, mommy reached around my waist and undid the button on my jeans. She had undressed me plenty of times before, so it wasn’t a shock to me, just the suddenness of it threw me off a little. Once the button was undone and the zipper was down, she yanked my pants around my ankles. At this point, I know what to do and step out.

“One thing I love about you wearing a onesie is the way the leg gathers of your diaper show out the side, it’s just too cute” she told me as if she was trying to make casual conversation with me. At that moment, you could have cooked an egg on my face with how hot it was. My face must have been as red as a fire truck. 

Once my onesie was pulled over my head, I was obviously standing in nothing but my diaper. Mommy then did something that only made my face even warmer. I felt her hand grab the bulky padding between my legs.

“Uh oh, someone is soaked. Is it ok if I change her before we check her weight?” mommy asked the nurse, not sure what to do.

“No, it’s ok. The doctor will want to check her fluids and seeing her diaper is a good indicator for that.” As the words left the nurse’s mouth, all I could think was two words: oh great. I have to stand here, naked except for a swollen diaper. Not only does she have to check my weight, but the doctor who was coming soon was going to be probing my diaper to see if mommy was feeding me enough. Wonderful. 

“Alright honey, let’s get you weighed” the nurse cooed at me as she ushered me onto the weighing machine. I just stood there, staring at Charlie, who was sitting on that big table. I couldn’t take my teddy bear with me, but they let me get weighed with this bloated diaper on. That’s some great logic. 

“And…” mommy asked, seemingly getting impatient for some reason.

“She is a healthy little girl. 12.6 pounds.” the nurse announced. I figured that she moved the decimal point over one. The last time she weighed herself, she was around 120, so 126 pounds made sense. 

“Good, I’m glad my little princess is all healthy.” mommy said, sounding relieved. Why was she acting like that? I was perfectly healthy and she knew that. 

“Perfect” the nurse mumbled to herself as she wrote some other things down on the sheet she was holding. I really wanted to know what she was writing. Once she finished up, she told mommy “Well, it looks like I have everything I need. I was nice to meet you Kelsey.”

“Likewise” mommy told her with a smile.

“It was also super nice to meet you little Katie” she told me as she walked out of the room, but not before giving me a pat on my sagging bottom.

Once I was sure she had walked away from the door, I looked at mommy and joked “I’m just glad Touchy McToucherson is gone. She touched my tummy, my face, and my diaper. I thought I was getting a checkup, not a message.”

She laughed back “yeah, but I would expect about the same thing from the doctor. They are treating you like a baby and people love to tickle babies. I don’t know what it is, it’s like a law or something.”

“Oh perfect. I’m not too excited about this doctor getting handsy with my wet diaper, but it is what it is. I am just gonna have to put a smile and let it happen.” I know I was the lowest on the food chain in this office, so the doctors would treat me how they wanted. 

“Do you want something to make it easier?” Mommy asked, taking my pacifier out of her purse.

It wasn’t my normal pacifier. Mine said “I’m a princess” on the shield as where this one was just pink. However, a binky in my mouth was better than saying something I would later regret to the doctor. I didn’t answer, instead I just lunged my mouth towards the rubber nipple and grabbed it with my teeth. 

“Well, it looks like I have my answer. How about you take Charlie bear and complete the innocent baby look?” she said, handing me my favorite bear. 

We both took a seat next to the doctor’s desk. I sat on mommy’s lap and let her pat my diaper. Diaper pats were one of a few things that made me relax and be calm. Hugging Charlie was another, When I had them both at the same time, full regression mode usually took place. Since I was in a strange place, regressing was a bit tougher, but I was getting there. 

After a couple minutes, we both heard a knock on the door.

“Come in” mommy called out, giving me another pat to try and calm me down. 

Here I was: naked except for a droopy diaper, nursing a pacifier with a teddy bear in my arms. I had never felt so exposed in front of another person. I did, however, know that mommy would never let anything bad happen to me.

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Hearing two knocks on the door, I felt mommy sit up a little straighter. A second later, the door opened and a woman who looked to be in her early 30s emerged. With the stereotypical look of a white coat and stethoscope around her neck, she looked every bit the doctor I had imagined. 

“Good morning you two. You must be Kelsey” she said, extending her hand to mommy, who returned the gesture and shook her hand. The woman quickly turned her gaze to me and her demeanor changed. Getting down on one knee and wearing a huge smile, she cooed at me “and this little princess must be baby Katie” with a tickle on my tummy. Great, another toucher. “My name is doctor Maddi” she informed me using that same infantile tone. 

“Aren’t you gonna say hi baby girl, you don’t want to be rude” mommy told me, poking my back lightly to get me to comply with her request. 

I stuck my hand out and waved my hand side to side in an exaggerated motion. “Hi doctor Maddi” I told the stranger around the nipple of my pacifier. I was actually surprised it came out as understandable as it was. 

Doctor Maddi stood up and took a seat in the chair in front of her miniature desk. “So, what brings you two in today?” she asked, her confident tone echoed throughout the room.

“Well, I think we are just going to do a simple checkup today. Make sure my little girl is happy and healthy” mommy told the doctor, ruffling my hair as she did. 

“Well, she looked mighty happy to me. Half of my job is already down” she told my mommy with a laugh. “First off, I see someone has quite the saggy diaper. Why don’t we check her fluid intake and get that precious little girl into something much more comfy.”

I took that as a cue and hopped off of mommy’s lap, immediately understanding what the doctor was talking about. The padding between my legs drooped between my legs as soon as my feet hit the floor. Waddling my way, my gait wider than normal, to the padded table in the corner of the room, I hopped up and felt the diaper squish under me. A warm, wet diaper never bothered me. It was when it cooled down when the issues started. 

“Has she been drinking fluids at a normal rate?” Maddi asked as she walked over to me and squeezed the soggy padding wrapped around my waist. 

“Yes. I fed her a bottle this morning as soon as she woke up. I was planning on giving her one on the way home too” Kelsey to the doctor as she produced a bottle from her purse. 

“Here, why don’t we give her that now. Just to make sure she is properly hydrated. Would you like that baby girl? Do you want a nummy baba?” Maddi asked me, her baby talk both slowly regressing me and making my insides twist. I loved baby talk...when mommy was the one doing it. In order to appease her, I nodded my head and did grabby hands towards the strawberry milk filled bottle. 

“Here you go princess” mommy cooed at me as she handed me the oversized bottle. As I took it from her hands, my fingers brushed against hers. The feeling of her amazingly soft skin always put me in a good headspace. Any type of physical contact with her drove me wild. 

As soon as the binky left my mouth, it was immediately replaced with the bottle’s nipple. As soon as I began nursing, both of the women staring down at me emitted a loud “awwww” and smiled down on me. One thing I loved about being here was that I was the center of attention. 

“Wow, looks like a little one was very thirsty. Perfect timing for a bottle” the women in white joked as she reached down for the tapes on my diaper. 

Here was the moment of truth for me. No one had ever changed my diaper except for mommy. It was an incredibly intimate act and this woman we both just met was about to do it. Instead of objecting or speaking up to slow things down, I just concentrated on the sweet milk coming from the bottle. 

Maddi undid all four tapes and pulled the soggy padding off my hips. “Wow, someone was soaked. Hold still for a second baby, I need to weigh this and see if you are getting enough to drink” she told me as I lay there, completely naked. My eyes followed her as she walked over to a mini scale and placed the yellow padding on it. After sitting there for a second, she picked up a clipboard and marked something down as she nodded. Once she got back to me and mommy, Maddi let us know “good news, this little one is drinking the perfect amount.”

“That’s great to hear” mommy responded “I figured she was good in that department, but it was nice to get confirmation.” After a second of silence, she asked the doctor “If you don’t mind, can I finish changing my baby girl?” 

The doctor nodded and stepped aside as mommy took a wipe from the container and cleaned my bottom. The way her hand slowly ran down my most intimate spots just sent shivers up my spine. It was a short process, but getting cleaned up and having powder sprinkled on my diaper area felt heavenly. 

As soon as the thick diaper, with the stuffer inside, was pulled up and taped against my tummy, I felt at ease with whatever was going to happen next. Diaper changes always calmed me down. Nothing like snug padding to calm my mind. 

“There we go baby girl, all snug and dry in your fresh dipey” mommy cooed at me. The way she baby talked to me was not like anyone else. I can’t put my finger on it, but the way it comes out of her mouth turns me into a puddle. 

“Now that she has a fresh diaper, let’s do some easy tests. There is nothing to be scared of baby, just some things to do that make sure you are healthy” the doctor nearly whispered that to me. At this point, with a fresh diaper on my butt and a bottle in my mouth, there was no test I was worried about. 

As I sat up, the bottle still held to my mouth with both my hands, doctor Maddi brought a weird contraption up to my ear. Before it went out of my vision, she clicked it and a little light came out of it. 

“Let’s take a look and see what we have in that head of yours,” she said, gently sticking the device in my ear. “Oh wow, that’s interesting. I didn’t know you could fit that in your ear” she told herself, trying to peak my interest. It worked. 

“What do you see doctor” I asked as I took the bottle out of my mouth. I thought back, trying to think if I had accidentally put anything close to my ear in the past. Nothing came to mind. 

“I think I might be able to grab it” she said as she brought her free hand to the side of my head. “I’ve got it!” she announced as she put her hand in front of my face, showing me a pink bouncy ball. “How did that get in your ear little girl?” she asked me. 

I had no words to give her. How was I able to hear with that thing in my ear? All I could do was giggle as I placed the bottle to my left and took the ball. There wasn’t even any earwax on it either. Did she have some sort of magical power? This was incredible. 

Mommy then reached over to me and took the ball from my hands. “We will save that until we get home. Mommy doesn’t want you bouncing that in here and breaking anything” she told me, giving my padded crotch a couple pats in exchange for the bouncy ball. 

After Doctor Maddi checked the other ear, not finding anything fun, she moved in front of me and let me know “Looks like your ears are all cleaned out! How about we check your reflexes?” As if I had any choice in the matter.

I watched as she walked back over to her desk. She came back with some sort of tiny rubber hammer in her right hand. My imagination started acting up. 

“Sweetheart, the doctor is just going to lightly tap your knee with that and see if you kick afterwards” mommy told me, trying to soothe me when she saw me fidgeting. Hit my knee with a rubber hammer and make me kick? What kind of a test was that?

As mommy was talking with me, the doctor tapped my knee with the hammer, forcing my leg to kick itself out. Mommy was right. I couldn’t help but let out a giggle watching my leg kick itself out. My giggle went to a full on laugh when it happened with the other leg. 

Maddi wrote something down on my clipboard, nodding approvingly. “I think we are done with the tests, if you would like to hold her on your lap” she told mommy as if I wasn’t even in the room. 

Not a second later, mommy took both my hands and helped me off the table. I was on her lap shortly after that. This was definitely more comfortable than being on that crinkly plastic. The only crinkling I needed in my life was the padding strapped around my waist. She handed the bouncy ball back to me, telling me “mommy and the nice doctor are going to talk for a little while, why don’t you play with the ball.”

Yes, I finally got the ball back! I bounced it off the floor. Once it made its way back to me, I immediately bounced it again. This was so much better than listening to boring adult talk. After a couple more bounces, though, the novelty had worn off. My listening ears wandered into their conversation. I wish they hadn’t.

“Is she having regular bowel movements?” Doctor Maddi asked mommy, my face turning bright red. I know that she was a doctor, but did they really have to talk about how much I go poopy in my diapers?

“No, not really. My little Katie doesn’t like messy diapers at all. She holds it in as long as she can” mommy told the doctor as if they were having a conversation about the weather. “It’s really hard to get her to go poopy at all.”

By now, you could have cooked an egg on my face. Mommy was right, though, I did hate making stinky diapers. They were super smelly, were super hard to walk in, and they just felt super uncomfortable on her tushy. Plus, sometimes she would get rashes and those hurt super duper bad. 

“I think we should do something about that. Holding in a bowel movement is not healthy. Plus, when she does let go after holding it for so long, they will hurt. I have a couple ideas. We could use a suppository or castor oil, but those might take a while to start working. If you want something that will work quickly, we do have equipment for an enema. 

My ears perked up at that mention of an enema and the only two words that escaped my mouth were directed at mommy: “Wait, what?”  

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Kelsey could hear the worry in my voice. Honestly, she couldn’t blame me for being a little bit worried. Enemas are invasive and uncomfortable. On the other hand, she wanted me to be healthy. As a mommy, Kelsey’s number one concern was taking care of me. “Can me and my little one talk about this in private for a minute doctor?” she asked, wanting to make sure this was ok with me before they moved forward. 

“Of course. Not a problem at all. Just open the door when you want me to come back in. I will be waiting right outside” Maddi told mommy in a cheery voice. From the look on both of their faces when she mentioned an enema,I was definitely not on board, but the woman I call mommy was mulling it over. The woman in the lab coat had no idea what they were going to decide, but had a plan B if the enema was off the table. 

Once the door closed behind the doctor, my eyes shot up to meet mommy’s gaze. “Mommy, I don’t want an enema. I have heard about them from other little friends and they don’t sound nice at all.” I tried to plead my case to my caregiver. The whole time I was talking, mommy’s face never changed. I had absolutely no idea what my girlfriend was thinking. 

Once I was done giving my two cents, mommy calmly opened her mouth and started her argument back with “I know an enema is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it seems like it is pretty necessary.”

“But mommy…” I whined, cutting into mommy’s response. I went silent when the woman who’s lap I was in put a finger to her lips. 

“It’s mommy’s turn to talk little one” was all she needed to respond in order to quiet my worried objections. “Now, back to what I was saying. This seems like something you need. I know you don’t like making stinky diapers, but you have to go poopy. If you don’t, you could get very sick and mommy doesn’t want to see her baby girl sick. Plus, if you hold in your poopy, it makes it hurt when you try to go potty later. I just want you to be a comfortable baby” she finished her piece by giving me a kiss on the shield of my princess binky. 

Wait, you mean I could get sick if I didn’t poop? Honestly, I had no idea that was true. Maybe mommy was right and an enema was a smart thing to do. While I really didn’t want anything stuck up her bottom, if it was going to make sure I wasn’t sick, maybe it was for the best. Heck, even mommy had taken my temperature by sticking a thermometer up my tushy a couple times. “Okay mommy” I murmured, accepting what needed to happen while, at the same time, still not very happy about it. 

“Okay what baby girl?” she responded, knowing full well what I meant. She just needed to hear it said so it would make the process more real. 

“I am okay with getting an enema. I want to make sure I am healthy. Plus, you told me it was a good idea and I trust you mommy. I love you!” I told my girlfriend, planting a kiss on her lips before popping the pacifier I took out to say my piece back and nursing it steadily. 

“Mommy loves you too baby. More than you will ever know” the women I called mommy responded. “Now, how about get Dr. Maddi back in here so we can get this enema over and done with. Plus, if you are a good girl during the process, I bet we can stop and get some ice cream on the way home!” Mommy knew how to sweeten the pot with me. Chocolate ice cream was the way to my heart. 

“Me wan chocowate” my regressing brain cooed, the mixture of slipping into little space and nursing my binky making my speech slur. 

“Mommy knows you love chocolate” she responded to me as she plopped my padded bottom on the chair next to her, getting up to open the door for the doctor. 

Once Maddi got settled back in her comfy chair, she asked the question everyone was expecting: “So, did you two make a decision?”

As mommy scooped up my crinkly tushy and placed me back in her lap, she responded with a simple “Katie is going to do the enema.” Looking down at my face, my caregiver didn’t see any reaction. I was just nursing my pacifier and making Charlie dance in my hands. 

“That’s a good choice. I know that Katie was a little nervous about it, but it will definitely make her healthier in the long run” she told my girlfriend, a small smile running across my face as Maddi heard the giggles coming from behind my pretty pink pacifier. “Well, let’s not waste too much time. How about we get this little girl all ready to go?” 

Picking up the phone and dialed up a nurse. “Hi Jessica, this is Maddi in room 5. Can you bring in the equipment we were just talking about? Awesome, thank you very much.” Once the woman in the white coat hung up the phone, her infectious smile pointed towards me as I sat on mommy’s lap. 

I had no idea what was happening around me. All I really cared about was making sure Charlie was dancing on point to the rhythm in my head. I really didn’t know why I was able to sink so easily into little space in this foreign place. Maybe it was because my brain was just trying to cope with the upcoming enema or maybe it was just because I was comfy and happy in mommy’s lap. Either way, the talking between mommy and doctor Maddi was just mindless babbling that I really didn’t need to worry about. 

Mommy could notice that I was in little space immediately. A smile crossed her face knowing that I was at least comfortable at the moment, even if she wasn’t thrilled at the idea of an enema. As she bounced my padded bottom on her knee, the door opened to her left, revealing another smiling woman. Instead of the white coat that Maddi was sporting, this woman had on a pair of bright pink scrubs. 

“Hi, I’m Jessica” the woman announced to me and mommy, extending her hand to the woman whose lap I was currently riding like a horsey. Once they shook hands, her attention moved to me. “My my, such a cute baby girl. You look like you are so happy right now princess” the blindingly pink nurse cooed, tapping me on my nose. 

“Yeah, she sure is a sweetheart” mommy replied as Jessica got to work setting up the enema equipment. 

In no time, everything was set up to clean my tummy out, except for me that is. I was still playing with Charlie and giggling behind the shield of my binky. Knowing there was no easy way to get this process started, mommy just helped me to my feet and helped me waddle over to the examination table. “Alright baby girl, mommy needs to get your dipey off so we can make you feel better.” She didn’t expect any response as she brought her hands closer to the diaper tapes. 

“Welp, he goes nothing,” the woman I called mommy told herself, patting the crotch of my puffy diaper a couple times to comfort her before they got everything started. 

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Chapter 5

Each tape pulled off of the landing zone of my plastic backed underwear rang out like a gunshot in my ears. All I could do was focus all my energy into snuggling Charlie as the second tape was yanked off. The last two adhesive strips holding the diaper on my tiny frame came off in no time at all. Why couldn’t mommy just slow it down a little bit? Plus, having Doctor Maddi and Nurse Jessica watching the whole time didn’t help matters at all. 

“Remember baby girl, mommy is doing this to make sure you are healthy. We want your tummy to feel good, not filled up with yucky stuff” Kelsey tried to reassure me. I could hear the wavering in her voice though, feeling the nervous tension coming from her made it that much worse for me. 

“Alright Kelsey, if you could flip little Katie onto her stomach, we can get the procedure started” Jessica instructed mommy as if I wasn’t even in the room. It made sense though, that’s how I have been treated all day. 

“Here we go baby girl” the woman I call mommy cooed to me as she slowly rolled me over. With my bare bottom exposed, I was just glad the “adults” in the room couldn’t see my face. It looked like every ounce of blood had gone from circulating through my body up to my face. Try as I might, I couldn’t even stop a single tear from running down my cheek. 

“Okay Katie” doctor Maddi talked to me with the tone of a parent trying to reassure their child everything was going to be ok “Miss Jessica is gonna put a little tube in your tushy. It will feel just like when your mommy takes your temperature. It also might feel a little uncomfortable. If things start to hurt a lot, let me or Miss Jessica know right away ok?” I nursed on my pacifier that much faster now that it was the moment of truth. 

As mommy walked in front of me to comfort me when it was happening, I felt the cold gloves the nurse was wearing slightly separate my butt cheeks. Once the nozzle went in, I had to do all I could to stop myself from crying. The only thing that came out of my mouth was a whimpered “mommy” from behind my pacifier.

My girlfriend reassures me “It’s ok baby girl, you are doing so good!” as she ran her fingers through my hair. That definitely helped me calm down a tiny bit and focus on something other than the tube in my bottom. At least until the fluid started rushing in.

“Holy shit” was all that I could think, almost loud enough to have it shoot out of my head so mommy could hear it. I mean, I have seen other littles on social media getting enemas and it didn’t look too terribly bad. Well, as not bad as sticking a tube up your bottom so you would poop a lot as it could be at least. It felt like there was a water balloon in my stomach and it was about to burst! How could anybody possibly enjoy this?

Seeing me wince when the mixture flowed into my bottom made my mommy a little worried, I could see it on her face. She worried about me all the time, she was a mommy after all. Even though this enema wasn’t something I really wanted to do, I know my girlfriend wants nothing but the best for me. 

“It’s ok baby girl, it’s almost over” she reassured me, rubbing my back as she looked back at the doctor and nurse. I’m assuming she was glazing to see how much of the enema was left. A smile and kiss on my forehead when her gaze turned back to me put the tiniest smile on my face. Even when times are not the best, I know Kelsey will be there by my side. 

“Just a couple more seconds little miss Katie” I could hear nurse Jessica announce as I felt her cold, gloved hands. One was placed on my right butt cheek and the other was at the base of the nozzle. After what felt like 3 minutes, she pulled the end out and gave a light tap to my bottom. 

“Now little one” Maddi instructed, the sing song voice of hers still bouncy as ever “I need you to hold in your poopies until we get you back in a fresh dipey. Can you do that for me and your mommy?” Of course I could, she does know I’m not an actual baby right?

As if to mock me, however, my stomach felt like it kicked me. As I wiggled due to the sudden slight pain, the contents of my stomach shifted with it. God, this is horrible! Why do people do this for fun?!? As slow as I can, I maneuver my way onto my back and moan behind the pacifier “dipey pwease!”

“Don’t worry baby girl, mommy is here with a fresh diaper” she announced to me and, like lightning, she was in front of me with a fresh diaper. Mommy always was fast with diaper changes when she needed to be. The fastest hands in the west as far as I was concerned. 

“And done” she called out, almost bragging to Jessica and Maddi. I barely heard or felt anything during the change, however, because all I wanted to concentrate on was making sure I didn't let everything out before I was taped up. 

I shifted as quickly as I could onto my knees, the crinkling of the plastic on the table below me matched that of my puffy padding. As soon as my back was straight, my tummy couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to be empty. I had no say in the matter. 

A shiver went down my spine as the mess fell out of my bottom and into the fluffy padding of the previously white diaper. At this point, all I could do was sit there and try to hold back tears. Any second now, I am expecting the contents of my stomach to leak out of the quickly filling diaper and spill out onto the examination table. After a half minute of more of the same, there was no leakage at all. Wow, mommy really does pick out the best diapers!

“Okay, I think it’s ov…” my brain tells me before my bowels cut in and bring on a second wave. My god, is it ever going to end? 

For the first time since all this started happening, I look down at the brown diaper sagging between my thighs. It was just a disaster down there. I do not envy whoever is going to have to change me after this. Also, part of me is kind of surprised that the tapes haven’t given out under the weight of the enema. 

I picked Charlie up and gave him a big hug as I felt what had to be the last of my stomach contents. My eyes went from my stuffie to my demolished padding and then over to my mommy. A big smile on her face, I could tell she was proud of me. For what, I’m not quite sure, but she was looking at me like I just finished running the Boston Marathon. 

“You did such an amazing job sweetheart, mommy is so proud of you” my amazing girlfriend cooed, putting so much syrup in her tone I expected an order of pancakes to come out of her mouth. However, right now, I could use any encouragement I could get.

“Does your tummy feel better? It looks like it should be pretty much empty now” doctor Maddi asked, walking over to me and looking at the ticking time bomb that was my messy diaper. “Like your mommy said, you did a great job!”

While praise was nice, the thing I wanted more than anything else was to get out of this Pamper. “Mommy, change my dipey?” I asked, giving her puppy dog eyes to sweeten the deal.

“I wish I could baby girl, but not yet,” she replied. My jaw hit the table below my knees. 

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Chapter 6

“But, but…” was all I could get out before she gave me that vintage “you better stop right there” face that every caregiver has given to their little at least once. 

“Sweetheart, I’m sure that diaper isn’t comfortable at all, but we need you to stay in it just a little bit longer. Everything that has already come out of your tummy” Kelsey poked the bloated diaper sagging between my thighs “might not be all of it. We need to make sure your tummy is totally empty.” 

“Your mommy is right baby girl” Doctor Maddi picked up right her mommy left off. “Pampers aren’t cheap, so us three are going to wait a couple minutes before we change you just to be sure everything that went in is sitting in your dipey.”

Alright, I get it. Can everyone please stop addressing the droopy diaper attached to my waist? It already was uncomfortable to have on, I don’t want to be embarrassed about it to boot. The more I think about it though, the adults in the room asked for this. Heck, Doctor Maddi almost begged mommy to put something in my butt that made me have a super stinky diaper. Plus, to top things off, I didn’t have to change it. Sometimes (heck, most of the time), the baby life is the best life. 

For the next 5 minutes, I waddled around the room as we waited to see if anything joined the contents already sitting in the back of my padding. The only noises in the tiny room were the voices of mommy telling me I was doing such a great job and the medical professionals whispering to my caregiver what the next steps will be. Oh, there was one more noise: Febreze being sprayed. Jessica sprayed so much, it smelled like they were laying in a bed of flowers in a field...with a skunk hiding somewhere nearby. 

“Baby girl, mommy has to go potty, so…” I had a bad feeling about what was going to come out of Kelsey’s mouth next “Nurse Jessica is going to change your stinky butt.” Looking at her eyes, I can tell she felt bad about not being able to change me herself. 

“Mommy, I want you to change me though” my voice taking on a whining tone as I tried to give her my patented puppy dog eyes. I have only had someone other than my caregiver change my padding once and it was a very odd experience. On top of it, that was only a wet diaper. The job that Jessica was about to undertake was notably more, for lack of a better term, messy. 

“I know princess, but we can’t have you sitting around in such a dirty Pamper. Mommy doesn’t want you to get a rash on your tushy. It won’t be that bad and, plus, I bet you will be so much happier with some nice clean padding on your butt. Now, be good for Nurse Jessica. Mommy will be back in a little bit” Kelsey told me as she stepped out the door, blowing me a kiss as she let me alone with two strangers.

As if on cue, the nurse dressed in pink scrubs held up all the necessary changing supplies including a diaper thicker than anything mommy had in their nursery. Was I even going to be able to walk in that thing?

“Alright Katie, why don’t you lay down on the crinkly plastic so we can get you all fresh and clean?” she asked me in a tone that made it sound like I had a choice in the matter, which I obviously didn’t.

Reluctantly, I hopped up onto the long chair that was commonplace in doctors offices. As soon as my mushy underwear squished against the hard surface, my stance on not wanting anyone else to change me was erased. The mess inside found its way into the few spaces that were still clean. 

On my back, I swallowed hard. It was the moment of truth. As she pulled the first tab free on my plastic backed Pamper, I wanted to yell at her to go faster. It felt like she was moving in slow motion. However, I knew all that would get me was a blistered bottom by mommy once we got home. 

As I felt the cool air bombard my diaper area, I knew the results of the enema were on display for both Nurse Jessica and Doctor Maddi. Something was missing from this picture, well besides mommy of course. I ran through my mind and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Charlie” I whined as I pointed my grabby hands towards the stuffed bear resting on the chair I was sitting on before this whole ordeal took place. Once I saw Maddi making her way towards my comfort item, a smile appeared on my face. 

“Here you go baby girl. Why don’t you give Charlie bear tons of snuggles? Let Jess take care of everything. In fact” Maddi left her sentence hanging in the air as she walked back over to her desk and picked up the pink pacifier from earlier. She made her way back to me, as I was getting my bottom wiped clean, and popped the binky right into my mouth. I just closed my eyes, nursed, and rubbed the soft fur of Charlie on my cheek as the moist wipes cleaned my dirty butt. 

“Oh my goodness” Jessica cooed, directing her faux exacerbation in my direction “you made so many stinkies! This Pamper is so heavy, I might have to find a wheelbarrow in order to throw it away” ending her statement with a slight chuckle as she wrapped the diaper in on itself.

I had to do everything in my power not to give the nurse a piece of my mind. After watching my uncertainty with even letting the enema happen, let alone the uncomfortable process itself, that bitch thought it was ok to mock her? Instead of jumping down her throat about it, I just decided to pretend like I didn’t hear her and dance Charlie in front of my face instead. 

After my diaper, “as heavy as a bowling ball” according to Jessica, was dropped in the trash, I heard the door open and looked past the shimmering eyes of my stuffie to see mommy’s smiling face.

As she waved at me and cooed “hi baby girl”, I could feel the person changing my diaper sprinkle baby powder all over my diaper area. Those two things combined brought my little space on full blast and I giggled around the pacifier in my mouth, babbling “dipey snow” in the littlest voice I have ever had. 

“That’s right little one, we are gonna put lots and lots of powder on your bottom so you don’t have any ouchies” Nurse Jessica said, or at least I think that’s what she said, as the mesmerizing powder floated from the bottle to my skin. God it felt amazing. Plus, the smell. Don’t get me started on the smell.  

“Wow, that is quite a thick diaper. Are we sure we need something this thick?” Mommy asked the nurse and doctor as she gave a squeeze to the bulky padding resting under my bottom.

“We just are not 100% sure that all of her enema has been expelled. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to that kind of a mess” Maddi told my caregiver as Jessica pulled the diaper tight and began taping it snuggly. 

“But, there is one issue you might have…” Jess told Kelsey as I watched her tape the first tapes down (bottom ones, of course). “With how thick these are, I don’t think those jeans are going to fit over them. So, that leaves you with 2 options: you can either dress her in the onesie she wore in or we can give her a t-shirt to wear. Now, this little one won’t have to worry about anyone seeing her diaper and giving her a hard time because our parking lot is not visible by anyone who doesn’t work here.”

“Well, I think we should leave at least one choice up to you, my little princess” mommy turned her eyes from Jess and squarely on me. “Do you wanna wear your onesie or just a shirt? Which one would be more comfy for you?” 

Just as my caregiver finished asking the question, I felt the last tape get placed, trapping me in my bulky prison. As I gave my butt a wiggle to get used to the new diaper, I realized that they were not kidding: this diaper was massive. It felt like I had 2 pillows between my legs. As I sat there, all 6 eyes in the room focused on me as well as their ears waiting for my decision, I went through the pros and cons of each choice in my head...

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Chapter 7 (FInal)

Was I really even considering leaving this room with no pants covering the cartoonishly thick padding wrapped around my petite waist? I must be crazy! “Um...do you have any sweatpants I could wear?” I asked. Even if there was no pair that would truly conceal my diaper, at least it would be covered for the short walk back to mommy’s car.

“Baby, mommy doesn’t want to have to come back and drop the sweatpants once we get home. Plus, everyone already knows about your diapers! Remember me telling you that I paid everyone to be here? Nobody is going to judge you or make fun of you whether you choose to wear a onesie or leave your diaper uncovered. Mommy loves you no matter what!” my caregiver let me know, letting me know what came from her heart in front of Doctor Maddi and Nurse Jessica.

It was at that moment that everything clicked into place for me: this was my fantasy. I don’t need to feel bad about anything. If I chose to wear a parka and snow pants out into the 80 degree weather, Kelsey would support me. What do I really want? It then hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Mommy pick! Mommy pick!” rang through the small room. Once I had a second to truly think about what I wanted, it only made sense that my partner would decide for me. When I’m in little space, I never have a say. When a diaper change happens, what to watch on tv, even when I could drink: everything was up to mommy.

“Ladies, can we have the room to ourselves for a couple minutes?” mommy asked the others in the room, a smile as big as the sun beaming on her beautiful face. 

“Of course” Doctor Maddi replied, shooting a smile in my direction as Jessica opened the door. “The shirts are in the cupboard right behind you, if you choose that option. I can’t wait to see how cute this pretty princess looks!” No matter how syrupy the doctor’s tone was, it still brought a shy smile to my face every time. 

“Alright, let’s get some clothes on you cutie! Well, part of you anyway” Kelsey chuckled as she turned her back to me, opening the cupboard and examining the clothing within. I figured this would be her choice. Whenever we were at home together, I rarely wore pants. Mommy has told me countless times that she loves the way my puffy padded bottom wags back and forth. Plus, it just made me look more like a baby, which was my caregiver’s main goal. 

While my amazing partner was searching for the perfect tee, my eyes wandered down to the enormous Pamper taped snuggly to my bottom. Normally, mommy dressed me in a diaper covered in baby blocks or cartoon characters. This was a totally different animal. The Huggies on my waist was light teal in color and had a giant wetness indicator running down the middle. As a diaper lover, as long as the diaper was thick, I was in love. I caught myself running my hands over the crinkly exterior as mommy turned around with a pink shirt in her hands. 

“Well well, it looks like someone like the dipey they whined about just a couple minutes ago. Now, why don’t you take your hands off Pamper and show me how Supergirl flies?” she asked, knowing that would snap me out of my diaper trance. 

Immediately after those words left my girlfriend’s mouth, my arms shot up sky high. In what seemed like seconds flat, mommy brought the shirt down my arms and let it rest comfortably on my torso. “Mommy’s princess” was written in cursive and covered in sparkles. Perfect.

“Stand still so mama can fix your hair princess” was all that needed to be said in order for me to glue my feet to the floor. Kelsey always made me look absolutely adorable. With a, what I can assume will be massive, diaper waddle, my hair will be the cherry on top of my cuteness sundae. 

With mommy handing me Charlie and popping my binky back in my mouth, the image was complete. As I turned to look into the mirror in the corner of the room, my caregiver turned my to face the door and said “Not yet baby” as she opened the giant wooden door to a chorus of “Awwwwww” coming from both Jessica and Maddi

“You are the cutest little one I have ever seen Your mommy made you look so pretty! Why don’t you come over to me and nurse Jessica so we can get a better look at you” the doctor cooed to me, holding her hands out my way like a proud aunt watching her niece take her first steps. As soon as I took a step, I felt like I was learning to walk. This diaper was easily 3 times thicker than my nite nite diaper. How could they even make padding that thick?!?

Once I toddled my way over to the pair, everything was being pinched. My cheeks, my diaper, my tummy, nothing was escaping their grasp. 

“Alright ladies, I think it’s time for this little baby girl to head home. After the day she has had, a nap is definitely in order” Kelsey announced as she took my hand and started to take me out to the waiting room. “Say bye bye Katie” she whispered to me, smiling as I bring my fingers to my palm 4 times and call out “bye bye doctor Maddi and nurse Jessica”. 

As me and mommy made our way to the front door, slowly thanks to the plastic covered pillow taped between my legs, I heard the voice of the receptionist calling out to me. 

“Little one? I have a special something for you! The doctor talked to me while you were getting changed into that adorable outfit” she gave my extra padded bottom a pat as she walked over “and told me that you were the best patient ever. I think you earned yourself a little treat!” As if on cue, Kayla pulled out two lollipops from her pocket. She smiled a beaming smile as she handed one to me while her other hand went towards mommy. 

I spit my binky out and replaced it with the cherry flavored sucker in 2 seconds flat. “Thank you so much!” I told Kayla, licking the lolly in order to get as much flavor as I can.

“Say, you are really great with my little Katie Watie! I was wondering if you would like to be a babysitter to this little baby girl someday? I bet you would be great at it.” Mommy told the receptionist, handing her a card with their phone number on it and asking for hers in return. 

I might have been embarrassed if I wasn’t so distracted by the amazing flavor dancing around in my mouth. The chat both of them had might have lasted 2 hours or 2 minutes. All I know is that, when mommy tugs my hand, that means it's time to go. 

“Bye bye Miss Kayla, tank you again” I called out as we left, the sucker in my mouth slurring my speech to make me appear even more like a toddler.

As I waddled a massive waddle, with mommy holding my hand and accommodating my gait, my eyes wandered to the beautiful woman I am lucky enough to have as a partner. “I love you so much Kelsey!” I told her as I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“That’s mommy to you princess” she replied, a sly smile on her face as she gave me a couple pats on my diapered tushy.


The End 

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