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The Relaxation Tape (Part Two - 27/06/2019)

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Part One

Sleep, study, social life; a good student could only afford two. Connie’s choice had been difficult enough without work in the mix. A thousand miles from home, sharing a room with a stranger, she clung to the future promised by her degree. Things would be better after that, even if the present was killing her.

It was a brutal week of rude customers bookended with assignments. Connie could barely remember coming back from the library, or if she went back to the dorms at all. Every moment saw her crossing points from her endless to do list before trudging through the next item.

She needed sleep.

Whether it was a Wednesday or Thursday Connie could hardly tell; only that it was the afternoon and she had a window through which to crash. The handful of hours offered by her angel of a professor was a gift she was determined not to waste. Perhaps when she woke it would be with sanity restored.

But even after her head struck the pillow rest evaded her. She closed her eyes and cleared her thoughts, but remained aware of herself and her surroundings. Her body, it seemed, had been trained to endure through exhaustion, and did not recognize the now alien nature of her reprieve.

Something had to be done.

On the rare nights she stayed in the dorm she watched her roommate, Emily, sleeping with her headphones on. ‘Relaxation tapes,’ she said, and they appeared to do the trick. Under the dim light emanating from her desk Connie would often find the other girl smiling in her sleep, sometimes squealing in delight; always peaceful, always happy. Oh, but for a fraction of that contentment!

On any other day Connie would have left things as they were, but times were desperate. She opened the top drawer beside Emily’s bed and removed the small mp3 device sat inside. She replaced the headphones with her own. After scribbling a note to Emily, apologizing for borrowing without permission, she sprawled across the bed and hit play.

Soothing music washed her thoughts. A gentle warmth ran to the tips of her fingers. All care melted into the ground. And then…




Connie bunched the comforter in her arms, and held tighter as she began to stir. Better to bury herself in the warm fabric than think about how cold it was between her thighs.

The thought landed; why were her thighs cold, and why were they wet?

Connie started up in bed. Her heart nearly beat out of her chest when confronted by the stark reality. She’d wet the bed, like a small child! Her jeans, her underwear, her sheets, all stained and reeking.

As though it weren’t bad enough the dread tightened when Emily stepped into the room with a gentle smile. Wild with panic, Connie threw the comforter over her lower half. Emily, however, did not falter, and kneeled by her side.

‘I’m so sorry,’ she said. ‘This is all my fault!’

Connie knew the words, but the more she thought about them the less they made sense.

Though they’d barely spoken she recognized Emily as a gentle soul; the kind of girl who’d grow up to be a perfect mom. Her long, straight, strawberry blond hair had the same divine aspect as her eyes, sparkling pale and green. That was to say nothing of her smile upon which she’d carried a thousand wounded souls. She took care of her friends, though Connie was hardly that. Even then, the gentle touch running down her arm was familiar, as though they’d known each other for the better part of forever.

Emily winced. ‘You listened to my relaxation tapes.’

Guilt wrenched Connie’s chest.

‘Those aren’t normal tapes,’ Emily said. Words faltered on her tongue. ‘The point is this isn’t your fault. Everything’s going to be okay. Come on. Let me help you get cleaned up.’

Connie flinched at the thought. Help? Wet clothes and a wet bed were easy to handle, maybe, on any other day. Yet every time she tried to move her body resisted. The job became bigger and bigger as she became smaller and smaller, and none of it made any sense. Connie whined as tears started to flow down her cheeks. What was wrong with her?

Next she knew Emily’s arms were around her, pulling her close, drawing circles on her back. The other girl hushed and sang and assured her that everything was going to be alright. Connie couldn’t explain why, but she believed her. Something about those gentle arms made the world safe; even more than her comforter when she was clinging tight.

‘You must be feeling very fragile right now,’ Emily said.

She was.

‘And little.’

She was.

‘And you really wish someone strong and kind would come and make things better.’

Connie hesitated before giving a loose nod.

Emily eased back to brush the stray hairs falling over Connie’s face. Her green eyes lit up as she met the other woman’s gaze. ‘You can trust me to take care of everything,’ she said. ‘I owe you that much. I won’t hurt you. I promise.’

For reasons beyond her comprehension Connie’s thumb slipped into her mouth. She may not even have been aware of it; only the soothing sensation that followed when something was inside her mouth. If such a thing were unusual Emily said nothing about it. Instead she guided her roommate to her feet and held her hand as they stepped into the bathroom.

Dutifully Emily lowered into a squat and unbuttoned Connie’s jeans. She slipped her fingers into the band of her underwear and slipped both garments to the ground. She then prompted Connie to step out of the leg holes, one after the other.

Though still wearing a tee shirt, Connie had never been so naked. She winced knowing that Emily was the first to see her this way - not even boyfriends had seen her body entirely - but remained calm under the clinical gaze. Nothing, however, could prepare her for the cold shock of a wipe running between her thighs. Connie whimpered. Her knees buckled, but Emily’s firm hand kept her straight.

‘Everything’s alright, princess.’

‘Princess,’ Connie echoed. At any other time it would sound condescending. Why not then?

A sudden rush coursed through her body as the wipe ran between her lips. It was an area once exclusive to Connie’s touch. She pulled her arms closer across her chest. Her mouth sucked more intensely on her thumb.

Emily hummed a bright, bubbly tune. ‘There we go, sweetheart. All clean!’

Finally, Connie thought.

Emily paused. Her smile tightened. ‘We just need one more thing...’

New pants were exactly what Connie needed, but when Emily reached for the side counter she found her roommate had something else in mind. From the lower cupboard designated for Emily’s use she removed a flat, plastic piece of padding. Emily’s jaw tightened as she brought herself upright.

‘The effects of the tape last for about twelve hours,’ she said. ‘You’re going to need one of these.’

Unless her eyes deceived her Emily was offering Connie an adult sized diaper. More than it was an incontinence aid it was also strewn with pink shapes, decorated in the same way that it would be for a child.

Connie frowned. ‘Why do you have this?’ The answer should have been obvious, but still evaded her.

Emily retreated into her shoulders and fixed her eyes shut. Rolling up her shirt seemed to cause her pain, as did pressing down the hem of her skirt to reveal an identical garment taped up underneath.

‘You wear these,’ Connie said.

Emily nodded, but dared not look.


‘Because I’m a big, pervy weirdo that likes to be a baby sometimes,’ she said, ‘and the tape you listened to helps me regress into little space. I don’t use my pacifier when you’re around, but you never notice when I’m wearing, so…’

Connie blinked. ‘Wearing?’

‘Wearing diapers,’ Emily groaned. ‘I have been for nearly the whole time we’ve been rooming together.’

‘But you said they were rela… re-lack-say-’

‘Relaxation tapes, yeah,’ Emily said. ‘Being a baby is relaxing for me. I didn’t think you’d ever sneak through my drawers and use them!’

Connie shook her head. This was a lot of new information; more than she knew how to handle in such a short amount of time. Confusion swirled between her ears. Her tummy ached. It didn’t feel good. Soon it was too much, and came spilling out in tears and sobs. Emily leaned into her and hushed her, just like a mother would.

‘It’s okay, little one. I told you we’d get through this, remember?’

There was no reason for Connie to place that level of trust in her roommate - the two were relative strangers - and yet her scepticism remained absent, perhaps overtaken by the immense need for comfort. Was it a product of the tapes? It had to be, she thought; she needed as a child might need, and filled her arms with a figure to protect her.

Emily lead her back to the  main room. ‘Come lay on my bed.’

She did as she was told, allowing herself to be all the more vulnerable. Connie’s shame grew when her legs fell open. She’d revealed more of her body in the last few minutes than she had to anyone. The cool air tickled, and she shuddered.

Guiding the girl’s backside up Emily slipped a towel beneath her. She beamed and hushed Connie with a finger to her mouth.

‘I’m not going to do anything untoward,’ she said. ‘You’re perfectly safe, and this is perfectly chaste.’

Connie groaned. Strange that she was both disappointed and relieved with the prospect.

Reaching into a drawer Emily produced a pacifier, one whose plastic nipple was larger than any the vulnerable woman had ever seen before. She offered it to Connie who accepted it happily. It was even better than her thumb, and the relief that came with it! All her tension poured into sucking the plastic object.

Emily wasn’t done, however. She reached over Connie’s head and to the far corner. From there she fished a stuffed rabbit; one which Connie had mistaken for ornamental, but now realized was so much more. It should have seemed silly to draw comfort from an old toy, but the moment Connie touched its fur she was filled with the love that was poured into it, night after night. She clutched the plaything and exhaled.

‘I see you and Whiskers are making fast friends,’ Emily teased.

Connie held tighter, and buried her face in the rabbit’s fur.

‘Are you feeling happy, little one?’

Connie nodded. The butterflies eased some. How could something so weird be okay? Perhaps, she thought, it was the lilt in Emily’s voice, like magic.

‘Good girl.’

She giggled in spite of herself. She hadn’t been a ‘good girl’ since she was a child, but then again that’s what she’d become; or a psychological facsimile of one. So many people spent their lives reclaiming a lost childhood. Why shouldn’t Connie enjoy the experience while it lasted?

Her embarrassment returned with the sound of crinkling and the realization of what was about to happen. Twelve hours, Emily said; twelve hours until she could return to adulthood and control of her bladder. What part constituted ‘relaxation’ was anybody’s guess, but for the sake of her sheets and what semblance of remaining dignity she could muster Connie would see it through to the end.

Obediently and with minimal complaint she lifted her behind for Connie to slide the garment beneath her. She clung tighter to Whiskers as the rain of powder tickled between her legs. The heavy scent caused a tiny sneeze to escape her.

‘Bless you,’ Emily sang. She was going to make a great mom someday.

Connie winced with the tearing sound and planted herself ever deeper into Whiskers’ fur. She lay still as the soft lining closed over her mound and Emily fastened the plastic flaps around her hips. They were firm against her body, but as Connie sat up she couldn’t help but notice how loose it was underneath. When she was upright it was with a quiet puff and a cloud of powder.

Emily knelt and perched her chin on Connie’s knees. ‘How do you feel?’

She mumbled around the pacifier. ‘I feel…’ Words half formed on her tongue. Most failed after the first syllable. ‘Feels like my pants are going to fall off…’

Her roommate smiled. ‘Don’t worry. Diapers are supposed to feel that way. They need room to, erm, how do you say, expand.’

The stark reality drove deeper. First Connie had wet the bed, next she was wearing a diaper, and soon she would likely use it for its intended purpose, all because of a silly tape! Her hands trembled and her cheeks burned. Tears rolled down her already swollen features and ran under her chin.

Emily pulled her into another embrace. Her fingers swirled in circles around her back, keeping her in one piece. All the while she hummed sweet assurances. ‘There, there, little one. You’ve got nothing to be afraid of. This is going to be our little secret, okay? I promise to look after you until this is all over, and then everything goes back to normal.’

‘But- but I have so many things to do,’ Connie said. The very thought of her workload prompted a fresh round of tears. Her schedule was heavy enough for adult shoulders, let alone in her current state. She sobbed until the lump in her throat was full and hard.

Emily climbed into the bed and pulled her reluctant charge back into her arms. Connie clung to Whiskers so that he sat between them. The blankets were drawn over them, and a safe cocoon took shape.

‘You don’t have to think about that now,’ Emily sang. ‘Just think about how good it feels right now, to be in my arms, safe and cared for.’

Her eyes closed, and for the first time since waking Connie’s troubles floated away, carried by the breeze. Her limbs collapsed against the force of gravity until her body was a lump held by her roommate. She breathed the warm scent of Emily’s flesh and the lingering apple shampoo she used.

It was a moment of perfect peace, suddenly interrupted by heat between her legs. A small sound trickled to her ears as liquid expanded underneath her, curling up her behind. Connie stirred, but was quickly soothed by Emily’s melodious voice.

‘Just let it happen, little one. Everything’s alright. That’s what it’s there for. Just relax and stay here in my arms, okay?’

The world had gone topsy turvy, and yet Connie could not refuse such an offer. Emily’s breasts were warm and full of life. Her gentle heart beat set the rhythm for Connie’s breathing, until soon she closed her eyes and nothing else existed.

Emily kissed her brow. ‘Goodnight, princess.’

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On 6/24/2019 at 6:41 PM, Jayme said:

Intriguing premise here, I wonder how Connie will feel in 12 hours?


16 hours ago, DLSweetheart said:

Oooooo interesting premise, looking forward to how it continues.

Thanks, guys. I'm inspired to write a second part now. :)

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Part Two

Hours passed, and with it the stress that haunted Connie during her college career. She lay peaceful and dozing in her roommate’s bed, oblivious to the hour drawing upon her. When she finally woke it was evening, and Emily’s arm lay over her hip to claim her. Connie drank in the sensation of a warm body against her back, and the hot breath tickling her neck. It was safe here in a way she’d never known before.

Then she saw the clock on the bedside. ‘6:17’ screamed at her in blaring green numbers. Her shift at the restaurant started an hour ago! Connie jumped from the bed, starting the other girl awake.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Emily stirred. She brushed a wavy red strand from out of her eyes. “Whassgoingon…?”

“I overslept,” Connie told her. “Best fucking sleep of my life, and now I’m late for the evening shift!” She darted back and forth between the closet and her drawers, assembling the bits of pieces of her uniform. It wasn’t until the last second that she noticed the crinkling between her legs, and the wet, heavy sagging that pulled her diaper toward the ground.

The girl reeled in horror. It wasn’t a nightmare. She was wearing a diaper!

Emily took dutifully to her feet and ran her hands down the other girls arms. “It’s alright,” she hushed. “I knew this would happen, so I called your work and told them you had an emergency.”

“What kind of emergency?”

Emily winced. “I said that there was a TB outbreak, and you wanted to get checked out just in case.”

Connie’s eyes grew wild. “You told my boss I have TB!?”

“No, that you might be at risk of TB,” she explained. “I told him it was probably nothing, but that you should call him tomorrow. Unless you want to tell him what really happened…”

The diaper crinkled audibly as Connie said on the bed. She shivered as the wet, clammy fabric pressed into her skin. People did this for fun? Granted, she felt more rested than she had in a long, long time, but that seemed beside the point.

Emily sat beside her and drew lazy, concentric circles on her roommate’s back. The other girls muscled eased with her touch, prompting her to exhale.

“I guess you did the right thing,” Connie said.

She pulled her legs tight together as flushed. She was out in the open with her roommate, wearing a diaper and soaking wet. Not even in her worst nightmares could she have seen landing in such a scenario.

“You know this is weird, right?”

Emily shrugged. “All the best things are.”

“Yeah, but… this isn’t me,” Connie said. “Okay?”

“And that’s okay too,” Emily said. “What happened was an accident. How could you have known my ‘relaxation tapes’ would cause you to wet the bed? But I guess that’s your fault for snooping.”

Connie wanted to be angry at someone, anyone. Emily was an easy target, but she was right; the only one to blame was Connie and her own selfish crossing of boundaries. She had to wear the result of that, or rather sit in it.

Emily hummed. “I think it’s safe for you to put on big girl panties now.”

“Y-you think so?”

“I think so,” the other girl said, assuringly. “Would you like me to help change you?”

“No, I-I’ve got it,” Connie said. Dressing herself was the first step to reclaiming her dignity.

As she stepped toward the miniature bathroom they shared Connie stopped. A thought hesitated on her tongue, until she found the courage to speak it.

“You do this… for fun?”

Emily nodded without shame. “I feel safe and happy as a baby. Didn’t you feel that way after you listened to the tape?”

She did, and that scared her. Connie said nothing and closed the door. As soon as she did the soggy garment hit the floor and went into the garbage. Seconds later she was in the shower for the most thorough cleaning of her life.


Even with the unintended side-effects, the tape did exactly what it promised. Connie, for the first time in months - maybe longer - sat in the study corner, shoulders relaxed, and flew through the first draft of her term paper. Her thoughts were no longer sluggish, and the research materials practically offered themselves to her, all for taking the time to rest effectively. It almost made the bedwetting and diaper worth the experience.

Things changed back in the dorm where she found a friend in Emily. Being a baby aside the two had a lot in common, such as a youthful obsession with horses and the Spice Girls. They had the same sense of humor, and could watch Gilmore Girl repeats until the cows came home. With the barrier between them shattered Connie began to spend more time at the dorm, and didn’t mind at all when Emily cuddled her bunny and sucked her pacifier in the open.

Actually, it was kind of cute, and brought a smile to Connie’s lips the more she thought about it.

The feeling was good while it lasted, but last it could not. Connie, by her very nature, was a workaholic, and sleep was a luxury she could rarely afford. Even in the comfort of the dorms she worked well into the early hours, often with only a short break to eat before the first morning class. Then in the afternoon she had restaurant shift, usually assigned to her at the last moment. Being a casual meant snatching every available shift, no matter how inconvenient.

It was on one such afternoon - again on a Thursday - that Connie came crashing down. She’d started her shift on a cocktail of energy drinks and ritalin borrowed from a friend, but even that couldn’t carry her through to closing. Connie passed between tables, forcing a smile and a chirpy welcome, then delivered food and drinks to patrons in an old-timey mom and pop establishment with hardwood floors and classic signs from an age gone by.

Just when her energies were at their lowest Connie started to her feet. Walking through the entrance with the usual posse was her favourite customer; a soft butch girl with a penchant for bowties and a dapper haircut. Her name, she’d learned on her second visit, was ‘Max’. Connie’s heart skipped a beat, and she hurried through her last order. No matter where Max and her friends sat Connie always made a point to serve them. Tonight was no exception.

“Hey, folks. What can I get for you?”

Max looked up with a roguish twinkle in her eye. Connie fought to contain her smile, and held her notepad against her chest. God, she was so obvious, but what did it matter? Max knew how handsome she was, but didn’t let it go to her head.

“Just a root beer for me and some curly fries for the table,” she said. That sultry drawl could melt butter.

Connie bounced toward the kitchen. “Coming right up!”

It wasn’t until college that Connie though she could be bisexual, and longer still until she found the type of woman that could draw her attention. Some said that Max was ‘practically a man anyway’, but that wasn’t true; it was plain as day to Connie that she was all woman, even if she didn’t wear it in a feminine way. To carry herself as a butch took a lot of confidence, and that confidence turned Connie into a giggling school girl whenever she turned her head.

Normally such feelings wouldn’t have been a problem, but coupled with exhaustion Connie was in her own little word, unaware of the tray of food headed in her direction. She and the other waitress collided in the hall, with meat and sauce and salad spilling all over Connie’s apron. Ketchup, mustard and beet juice dripped down her legs and into char grilled mash that lay at her feet.

For a panic-stricken moment she met the eyes of the other waitress, but by then it was too late. After too many long days and long nights, one hard task after another, Connie was at her limit. She balled her fists and barely contained her sobs as she ran to the bathroom, the shame of customers burning at her back.

It was all too much for her; much too much.


Several minutes and a whole heap of crying later Connie had regained her composure, right in time for a well-meaning manager to give her the night off. Somehow that just made it worse. In her mind she was able to power through anything; all she needed was discipline and the right attitude. For something so small to reduce her to tears was more humiliating than being stained with muck.

Still, she wasn’t going to argue. How large a sign did the universe need before she listened? Connie was at the end of her tether, again, and something had to give. If only that something wasn’t always her.

She made a quiet exit through the kitchen and stepped into the parking lot. There was barely enough change in her purse for a cab home, but it would be worth it for the convenience. Fate, however, had other plans.

“Need a ride?”

Connie turned and flushed with embarrassment. Why did she have to be there? Stupid, handsome Max with her slick hair and suspenders, like an extra out of an old movie. She dressed like a dork, but carried herself with the ease not typical in most women, at least in Connie’s experience.


Max grinned. “Wow. That happy to see me.”

She flushed deeper and pulled off her apron. “No. Just… been a rough shift.”

“I can see that.”

Connie furrowed her brow and looked away. Why did Max have to be so understanding? They hardly knew each other, and she was a wreck; yet here was this handsome girl offering a free ride, not out of pity, but… because she was her.

Finally, she relented.

“Yeah, I could use a ride. Thanks.”

Max drove a pale blue Ford only a few years old, practically new. Sat in the passenger seat offered Connie the first change to really say something outside their usual small talk. Yet for some reason she couldn’t find anything to say.

They shared the usual chit-chat. Both lived on campus, Max had a love of lepidopterology - not that Connie could pronounce the word. Funny how they were only a few buildings apart, but never seemed to run into each other outside the restaurant.

“Maybe it’s kismet,” Max said. Though it sounded suspiciously like flirting Connie figured the other girl was just being polite.

Finally they arrived in front of the dorm, where both women lingered a little too long. Connie smiled into the passenger side window, and hoped that Max didn’t notice her eyes follow as she left. For the briefest moment she caught a returned glimpse in the rear view mirror. Oh god. Max probably thought she was a total creep! A creep wearing a stained dress with puffy eyes and burning cheeks…

Ugh. Could this night get any worse?

Connie meandered up to her room, her only thought being the bed waiting at the end. She all but fell through the door to find Emily sucking on a pacifier in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt, playing on her laptop with Whiskers tucked into her lap. The other girl spit out her binky the moment she laid eyes on her.

“Jesus. You look like you’ve been through hell.”

Thank god she didn’t address her with baby talk.

“Just shoot me,” Connie said, and collapsed into a heap.

Emily inched closer, but not so close as to smother her. “Do you want to talk about it?”

But of course the last thing Connie needed was to relive her disaster of a night all over again. What she needed was sleep, and so much more. Then, out of the blue, there came an idea. She lifted her weary head and hesitated to open her mouth. Of all the things to come out of it, this either of them expected least.

“You know that relaxation tape,” she started.

Emily pivoted her head like a curious bird.

“Can I… maybe… borrow it again?”

A wide grin beamed across Emily’s face as she scrambled for the drawer. “Yeah! All you had to do was ask!”

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I am really enjoying this. Starting out to be an awesome story . As much as she seemed to dislike the diaper I had a feeling that Connie would be asking to use the relaxation CD again. I was happy I could give this a like and I am really looking forward to reading more. 

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