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Tykable Patterns.

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So, I just noticed.  Is it just me or do all Tykable diapers look pretty much the same?  Like, yeah, they're different decorations, but it's all using the same basic "all over" pattern using the same color palette.  It's like they had several "stamps" but only three pads of ink.

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I wouldn't know as I have only tried the Overnights as of yet, but I love those by the way.

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Part of the similarity is that they have the same three animals on each diaper.  I assume that these animals are part of their branding strategy.  They are in diapers and/PJs on the Overnights, in space suits on the Galactics, in construction clothing on the Little Builders, and there is just their faces on the Waddler.  And as you said, the colors used are pretty much the same.

The differences are mainly in their weight and absorbency.  Little Builders is the thinnest and holds the least.  The Waddler is their midrange diaper -- thicker and holds more than the Little Builders.  Both the Overnights and the Galactic diapers are pretty much the same diaper with a different design. 

I have tried all of them and like them.  I'm not much for designs, so I'm hoping for a Tykables diaper that is plain white.  The owner hinted they might sell one again someday, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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