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modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers final!!!

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This story was made for Kami-bozu who asked me to make a story based on his pictures.
Each chapter will be based on one of his pictures. I wish to thank him for giving me this neat opportunity. ^.^

“Mom!” I yelled at loud as I could. “I don't want to do that!”

“Andy it's either this or you go back to regular school.” my mom told me. “That was part of the deal.”

About a year ago a man came up to my mom and me and asked if I would model their companies new clothing line.

Their child model got sick and missed the shoot. Desperate to finish the shoot, the photographer ran up to the first random boy with a parent that he could see and begged us to help him.

After a bit of a discussion, my mom allowed it and I modeled the latest kids outfits.

After we were done, the photographer offered me a job!

Mom told me no at first. Saying I still had school and stuff. But after a bit of a discussion about it, she decided to allow it. I would be placed into homeschool and be allowed to model.

But there was an exception. If I didn't model for over 4 months, I will have to go back to school.

At first, it was great! People really liked the way I looked and wanted to hire me. But after 8 months, people stopped calling. 

I didn't really have an agent, besides my mom, and she didn't really know much about the job.

Now I was coming up to 3 ½ months without a job and I really didn't want to go back to regular school.

So when mom found a job for me I was excited, at first. Then I saw what I would be modeling.

“But mom! There diapers! I don't wear diapers!” I protested.

“They are Pampers plus size.” my mom told me. “You just have to model them, you don't actually need to use them.” 

“But it's still embarrassing!” I told her.

“Well it's either this or you go back to school.” mom told me sternly. “You wanted to model and sadly there's nothing else at the moment.”

Mom was right, it was the diapers or school. I had to decide.

Mom and I were in the dressing room getting ready. 

“I still can't believe I'm doing this,” I mumble as I fumble to tape the diaper on while on a changing table.

“You decided this, too late to back out now.” mom told me from behind a curtain.

“Hey mom, these don't feel right.” I tell her as she opened the curtain to check on me.

She immediately started laughing. I blushed a deep shade of red.

“MOM IT'S NOT FUNNY!” I screamed.

“No, no, no,” mom said through her laughter. “I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing because you put it on backwards.”

“Ow…” I mumbled before mom pushed me down and untaped the diaper.

“Mom what are you doing!” I yelled

“Don't worry sweetie. I've changed you more times than you can count. I'll be real quick.” mom told me.

And she was right, Mom quickly slid the diaper from under me and flipped it around. she easily lifted up my butt and sat me down on the soft padding of the diaper. She then folded the top part over my crotch and re-taped the diaper back onto me.

Luckily, right on time as someone opened the door and looked inside. 

“Aww how cute! Having mommy put you in a fresh diaper!” the lady assistant said.

My face was blushing bright red and I nearly yelled at her but my mom spoke first.

“Andy’s almost ready. Well be there in just a second.” my mom told the lady.

With that, the lady left and mom helped me up.

The diaper felt odd. Like I was sitting on a pillow despite standing up. It felt so strange with the padding around my crotch and butt.

I turned to a full body mirror and got a good look at the front of the diapers. They were mostly white, except for a blue lining around the diapers with 5 cartoon dinosaurs on the landing zone for the tapes.

“Come on Andy, we don't want them to be waiting for us.” mom said as she took my hand and led me out into the main set.

There were already taken pictures of a few other kids and asked me to wait just a moment.

There were kids of all ages, from 3 to 17 and all were wearing diapers!

I'm 10 and I'm modeling the diapers meant for kids 10-14.

“Excuse me miss, but could my son get something to drink?” my mom asked 

“Yes, just one moment.” the assistant lady told my mom.

Within a few minutes, another lady walked up to us.

“Did you just ask for a drink?” the assistant asked.

“Yes we did.” mom replied to her and the assistant handed my mom a sippy cup.

“I guess they were out of regular cups.” mom told me as she handed me the cup.

I wasn't about to start drinking from the sippy part, so I unscrewed it and began drinking the juice inside.

The juice was very sweet and had a slightly strange aftertaste. But it was still good. 

“Andy, you're up!” the photographer yelled.

I quickly downed the rest of the juice before I ran up to the stage.

Over the next few minutes, the photographer had me in all types of poses. Most of them showing off the diaper. 

“Ok, now let's get the one for the package.” the photographer said as a lady about my mom’s age walked onto the stage. “Ok Andy, I want you to look like your happy to be in a new clean diaper.”

That was easier said than done. I really just wanted to be out of the diapers as fast as possible,

But I did the best I could and put on a happy smile and tried to look as cute as possible as the lady grabbed the back of my diaper and pretended to be pulling it onto me.

“Perfect!” the photographer yelled as he started snapping pictures.

Right behind him, however, I noticed my mom talking to the same assistant mom asked for the drink earlier. In her hand, she had a paper cup and both the assistant and my mom had a look of terror on their faces as they turned to look at me.

There was a flash as the picture was taken, and I let out a big fart!

My eyes went wide as my stomach suddenly felt like it was doing somersaults and I wrapped my arms around it.

What the hell was happening!

Then it happened. Without warning. My eyes went wide as I felt the backside of my diaper suddenly explode outward as I began filling with poop!

“GROSS!” the lady holding my diaper screamed as she jumped back.

The sudden movement made me jump as well and I lost balance!

Falling backward, I landed on my butt and I felt my poop go everywhere!

For a second, my mind could not process what just happened. Everyone was now staring at the 10-year-old boy in a black t-shirt sitting in a full diaper. When that realization finally hit me, I began to bawl!

Mom immediately rushed over to me and hugged me, trying her best to get me to stop crying before she lifted me up and had me walk back to the dressing room.

Later we would learn that it was all just a big misunderstanding. The sippy cup was meant for a different kid who was going to show off how much the diaper can hold. 

The assistant was only told to deliver the cup to the parent that ordered the drink. She didn't know it wasn't meant for me.

But in that moment, I didn't care. I was crying so hard as my messy diaper was seen by everyone as I walked back to the dressing room. 

I was first laid down onto the changing table as before and my mom rubbed my face trying to calm me down. Next, she untapped the tabs on both sides of the diaper and flinched when she say just how bad the mess really was. Using the front of the diaper, mom did her best to wipe off most of the mess with just that.

Next my mom got out the wet wipes and began cleaning every part of me. She wiped my legs, my but, and even my crack! I was so ashamed and still crying that I didn't care that my mom was now wiping my butt clean!

“Ok sweety, i need you to lift yourself up for a moment.” mom told me.

Doing as she asked i lifted my butt off the dirty diaper and mom finished cleaning under me and pulled the diaper out from under me.

She quickly balled it up and tossed it into the trash before coming back over to me.

I was about to get up when my mom pushed me back down and pulled out another diaper.

“M-M-MOM! I-I-I don't want a-a-a new diaper!” I bawled.

“I'm sorry sweetie, but this is just in case.” mom told me as I cried even harder.

Mom lifted me back up and sat me back down onto the new diaper. She then got out a bottle of baby powder and pored some onto my croch.

“This is just so you don't get a rash.” mom told me as she taped the diaper. 

Still crying about the diaper, my mom lifted me up and hugged me as she tried to calm me down.

This was the worst day in my life! Also, I was now the face of Pampers plus size diapers!

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  • PinkTheDinosaur changed the title to modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers ch1

Very good start ! I really like how you explain why he has to wear a diaper and how his mommy takes advantage to have her baby back (because it’s obvious that was not a mistake that he drink a laxative hehehe evil mommy)

realy ansious for the next part !! When you gonna release chapter 2 !!!

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6 minutes ago, Pierry Louys said:

Very good start ! I really like how you explain why he has to wear a diaper and how his mommy takes advantage to have her baby back (because it’s obvious that was not a mistake that he drink a laxative hehehe evil mommy)

realy ansious for the next part !! When you gonna release chapter 2 !!!

"Right behind him, however, I noticed my mom talking to the same assistant mom asked for the drink earlier. In her hand, she had a paper cup and both the assistant and my mom had a look of terror on their faces as they turned to look at me."

mommy did not know what was in the cup ^.^ 

ill be doing chapter two in a few days after I finish up a project for another person. in that chapter, mommy will have him poop in his diaper, but you'll just have to wait and see why ;)


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4 minutes ago, Pierry Louys said:

Ok thanks !! But is so suspicious her asking a drink for him hehehe

i realy want see the next part when our protagonist is gonna take another step to babyhood heheh

please don’t take much time ! You are very talented writer !!


lol just a coincidence  I sware.

check out the picketers and get a little hint as to where this is going ^.^ link at the top.

lol thank you, but if I rush, my work won't be as good. ill start on the chapter as soon as I can.

7 minutes ago, redwelch2222 said:

very good start. I like the modeling idea. don't think I've seen that one be used really. I checked out the pictures and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

thank you ^.^

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this chapter is based on this picture: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/gallery/image/32073-4cqxz7bjpg/



It was a nice and hot day outside. 

The weather was nice and clear,  I couldn't even see a cloud in sight.

Today would be an almost perfect day if it wasn't for one thing…

“Andy! Your shoot starts in ten minutes!” someone yelled to me.

 I'm still modeling diapers...

Even worse than that, the shoot is at a public park!

“I'm sorry Andy, but you signed the contract locking you in for the next year.” my mom told me the day after my first diaper shoot.

“What do you mean a year!” I screamed at my mother. 

“We already went over this when you first signed the papers hun.” mom said to me. “They wanted a new model for there brand. Whoever they chose would be the main model for the next year.”

“But, but I didn't think I would actually get picked!” Andy told her. “I don't want to model diapers!”

“Well, you are and now you have a modeling job for the next year.” mom told me.

Why the hell did this have to happen to me?


Now, its been 4 months since then and it's nearing the end of summer.

I finally got used to wearing diapers but I still don't like it. They just feel so weird. Also, thankfully, I haven't had any more accidents since I was given the laxative on the first day. Mainly because I only drink from my own water bottles now.

Drinking the last of my water, I toss it into the trash before I go to the shoot.

Our shoot today is at a public park in order to get a few nature shots. Thankfully they have the park blocked off because I don't think I could stand being seen in a diaper by regular people.

For the next 3 hours, they have me all over the place posing in just my black shirt, socks, and a diaper.

They have me in trees, on swings, going down a slide, and even posing on a park bench.

“Hey, can I use the bathroom?” I asked. “I really need to pee.” 

“Just a few more, you can hold it.” the photographer told me as he took another picture.

‘Ya, barley.’ I thought. 

Because of how hot the day is, I've drunk at least 6 water bottles in the last 4 hours and I can already feel my bladder close to bursting.

But I do as I'm told and I hold it for as long as I can.

However, that was easier said than done. 

“Andy, would you stop fidgeting!” the photographer yelled at me 20 minutes later.

“I can't!” I yell back. “I got to pee!”

As I yell I grab the front of my diaper as I bend my legs to hold my pee in. 

“Sir, my son just needs to use the bathroom, he'll be back in 10 minutes.” my mom told him.

“Fine, everyone! take a twenty-minute break!” the photographer yelled.

Oh, thank god!

I immediately run from the shoot and towards the porta potties set up for us. They were a little far away to keep the smell away but I didn't care. I just really needed to pee.

But when I got there, my heart sank when both porta potties were occupied!

The only other bathrooms were on the other side of the park. Even if I could run all the way there, everyone would see my diapers!

“Please hurry up in there!” I yelled as I knocked on the door.

About a minute later I was bobbing up and down, just trying to hold my pee in.

“hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!” I repeated to myself.

“Nice pee pee dance Andy.” mom teased me as she finally caught up with me.

I ignored her and continued to bounce up and down. Not realizing how funny I must look wearing a diaper and bouncing around.

“Andy, you do know there are some bushes right over there.” mom pointed out to me.

“But were in public! What if someone sees me!?” I asked her.

“Don't worry sweetie, were on the other side of the park and no one's around, I think it will be safe. 

Personally, I didn't want to, but when I felt another twinge in my bladder I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. 

So, I ran to the bushes as fast as I could in hopes that I could get the diaper off and finally release my aching bladder.

But as I ran over, My foot slipped into a little hole near the bush and I fell on my face.

“ANDY!” mom yelled as she ran over to me as I started crying.

Mom bent down and easily picked me up.

“Your ok sweety, that fall wasn't that bad.” mom said but I was still crying as I looked down.

When she looked down she could see why I was really crying about as my diaper starts to turn yellow and expand right in front of her.

“It's ok sweetie.” Mom said as she gives me a hug. “It was just an accident. You're ok.” 

After about another minute, mom stands up and takes me by the hand.

I'm lead a little further into the park and behind some more cover while mom takes out a changing mat and a few supplies.

“Mom.” I wine. “I can do it myself.”

“No arguing, you just wet yourself so I'm changing you.” my mom told me. 

Reluctantly, I finally sit down on the mat and feel the warm wetness of my pee spread all over my crotch. 

“Just one moment Andy.” Mom said as she lifts me up and into a crouching position. “You haven't gone potty yet so I want you to do it right now.” 

“MOM!” I scream but she puts a finger to my lips to shush me.

“There's no need to scream.” mom told me.

“But mom! I can just go in the porta potty!” I tell her.

“Yes, but that would mean I would have to change you, then you would have to take the new diaper off to use the porta potty and have to put on another new diaper.” mom told me. “These diapers tabs can only be used once. Or you can wait right in front of the porta potty with a wet diaper on full display.”

“But, but!” I stammered.

“No buts little boy, now you can either listen to me and go right now,  while no one is watching, or we can wait for a porta potty to open and let people see you in a wet diaper.”

With more tears in my eyes, I hate the position I'm in. I never wanted to actually use a diaper! The last time I pooped in one was because I was forced a laxative! This time I would be concisely pooping in a diaper. An already wet diaper!

But I had no choice. So I close my eyes and began to push.

“That's my good boy.” mom said as she rubbed my back and watched the back of my diaper expand outward as I poop into my diaper. “My good baby boy.”

When I finally finished, mom slowly pushed me back down onto the changing mat and I could feel the mess I made spread all over my butt!

“Ok, let's get Mr.stinky pants into a new diaper.” mom said as I sniveled in depression. 

I can't believe I just used my diaper right in front of my mom…

Mom easily undid the tapes and revealed the mess inside.

“P.U! you really needed to go didn't you.” mom teased me.

I was still crying even after mom finally got me all clean and into a fresh new diaper.

“Aww, come on, cheer up.” mom told me as she began tickling me and giving my exposed belly raspberries.

after a few moments, I couldn't help but smile and burst out laughing 

“There's my happy boy.” mom said as she kissed my forehead and helped me up.

I was still a little upset about what just happened, but I was feeling a little better.

“Hey Andy, after we finish the shoot, let's go get some ice cream.” mom told me as we walked back to the shoot.

“REALLY!” I yelled excitedly. I really love ice cream!

Mom always knew how to cheer me up. I was now ready to continue the shoot!

“Andy, come on!” the photographer yelled to me. "your 3 minutes late!" 

“Coming! I yelled back and immediately ran over to them.

“LOOK OUT!” someone yelled behind me before I heard a loud crash.

I immediately turned around to see what had happened and my eyes immediately went wide.

“MOM!” I screamed at the top of my lungs! 


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  • PinkTheDinosaur changed the title to modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers ch2
49 minutes ago, PinkTheDinosaur said:

lol thank you ^.^ don't worry, shell be fine. just needed a way to take her out of the story for a little while.

Oh thanks ! I was imagining that he’s gonna be a orphan adopted by his teacher !!! Wonderful work ! And please don’t take so long for the next part heheh!!

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7 hours ago, sonofninasayers said:

Another Fab Chapter, Looking forward to reading more soon

thank you ^,^

7 hours ago, Pierry Louys said:

Oh thanks ! I was imagining that he’s gonna be a orphan adopted by his teacher !!! Wonderful work ! And please don’t take so long for the next part heheh!!

similar but different lol. I'm currently halfway threw making a different chapter when I'm done with that ill make the next chapter for this story.

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-This chapter seemed to be a little long so I decided to cut the chapter in half.  This chapter leads into the picture where Andy is being put into a diaper by the three women. sorry it also took me a little while to post this chapter. i had to wait for someone to read it and ok it first.




Andy got off the bus and took a look around at the crowded bus station. he pulled out his phone and texted his mom's friend. 

Andy: *hi aunt Celestia. I just got off the bus.*
Celestia: *hi :) I'll be there real soon. *

As soon as Andy got that text he grabbed his bags and sat down on a nearby bench.

About a week ago, Andy's mom was in an accident. Someone had accidentally knocked over one of the heavy set lights they were using for the set and it fell right on top of Andys mom. This broke both of her legs and her right hand. Thankfully she moved slightly out of the way and it didn't hit her head! that would have been fatal!

But because of what happened, Andys mother could no longer take care of him until her legs healed. 

Without talking to Andy about it, she arranged for Andy to stay with one of her old friends from college. Someone Andy grew up calling aunt Celestia.

Celestia was on her way to the bus station and was hoping she got everything already set up.

Both Andy and his mother used to live with Celestia back when Andy was a baby/toddler. back before Andy's mother got a new job and moved away. 

Celestia could still remember how cute little Andy was running around the house in nothing but his diaper and some socks. He was coming up 5 when they left. his mother decided to just get him a completely new bedroom set and left all of the old baby furnishers at Celestia’s place.

The plan was for Celestia to sell it or give it to a family who wanted it. But with her work and her busy schedule, the Baby stuff just stayed in the guest room of her house. Celestia figured, maybe one day I'll have a baby of my own and I can use it then.

But that never happened.

Then Celestia got a call from her friend that she was in the hospital. 

“If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know,” Celestia told her friend over the phone.

“There is one thing.” her friend told her. “I can't take care of Andy like this and I don't have the money to hire someone to watch him.”

“Say no more, he can live with me while you get better,” Celestia told her.

“Are you sure? Andy can be a little bit of a handful…”

“I think I can handle that little stinker,” Celestia told her friend, using the little nickname she gave him years ago.

However, Celestia didn't have time to clear out the guest room and buy new furnisher. Instead, she converted a lot of the baby stuff. The crib had one of the gates removed to become a bed. The changing table had everything removed to become a dresser. etc.

Andy might not like it, but until they have a chance to get a new bedroom set, this would have to do.

Andy was waiting for about 45 minutes when a tall woman with purple, pink, and blond hair walked up to him.

“Andy, it's so good to see you!” She squealed and gave Andy a hug. “Look at how big you've gotten!"

“Hi, aunt Celestia,” Andy told her with a smile.

“Here let me grab your bag. The car is just outside.” Celestia told him and made their way to the car.

It was a little crowded at the bus station but that just gave Celestia more time to talk to Andy. after a few minutes, Celestia had to bring up a big topic.

“I know you're in homeschool, but I was thinking of putting you into back into the local school for the rest of the year until you mom gets better.”

“I don't want to go to regular school.” Andy protested.

“It will only be until your mom gets better sweety,” Celestia told him

Celestia was the principal of a very large school that had classes from 6th - 12th. Andy would just be able to attend her school and still be able to keep an eye on him.

“Mom said I didn't have to go to school as long as I was modeling,” Andy told her.

“Yes, but you're not modeling right now,” Celestia told him.

“That's only because mom got hurt. As soon as she’s better I'll be modeling again.” Andy told her. “Besides, going to school is pointless.”

“What was that?” Celestia asked, getting slightly annoyed with his attitude and tone.

“School doesn't teach you anything you'll need to know in real life,” Andy told her.

“Andy, that's not true. And in my books, the only kids who shouldn't be in school are the sick and babies.” Celestia told him. “So I think you should go to school.”

“No way!” Andy told her. “What's so great about school anyway. I haven't had to know anything about math or science or history since I started modeling. What's the point?”

Celestia was starting to get a little fed up with his attitude. Has modeling made him into that much of a brat? Where was the cute little stinker she used to know?

She was about to just give him some tough love and tell him he was going and that would be that. But then she remembered what she just told him earlier.

‘the only kids who shouldn't be in school are the sick and babies’

This gave Celestia an idea.

“Fine. you win.” Celestia told him as they got to the car. “You can stay in homeschool, but only if you pass all your tests.”

“Puff! Easy.” Andy said as he got into the front seat of the car and Celestia got into the driver's side.


The ride home was uneventful. The only thing they did was stop for in & out burger.

When they got home, Andy was very disappointed with his room. 

“Why was it full of baby stuff?” Andy asked.

“It was all of your baby stuff,” Celestia told him. “I just haven't had any time to clear it out.”

“Do I really have to sleep in a crib?” Andy asked.

“I took off one of the gats and put in a better mattress,” Celestia told him. “You just have to use it for a few days until we can go shopping for a new bed.”

“I still don't like it,” Andy told her.

That attitude was really getting on Celestia’s nerves.

“I'm sorry Andy, but I only found out you were coming over 2 days ago,” Celestia told him. “You can either wait until the weekend for a new bed, or you may sleep on the floor.”

They both went into Celestia's kitchen where they set down there food and began eating.

“Man nothing beats in & out burger!” Andy said as he slumped back into his char and closed his eyes for a moment to let his food settle.

deciding now to be the perfect chance, Celestia knocked her soda over and had it spill all over Andy.

“WHAT THE HECK!” Andy shouted as he jumped up from his chair.

“IM SO SORRY!” Celestia yelled as she jumped up with some napkins and began trying to clean the soda up. “I accidentally spilled my soda.”

“Aw man!, now I'm all sticky!” Andy complained.

“Why don't you go take a quick shower,” Celestia suggested to Andy. 

Ya, that might be a good idea.” Andy said as he went to the bathroom.

As soon as he was in there, and started the shower, Celestia knew she had to work fast.

She quickly ran out to her car and grabbed out Andy's bag and decided to hide it in her closet for now. Next, she knocked on the bathroom door.

“Andy, I'm going to grab your clothes real quick to throw them in the wash!” Celestia yelled at him. “I don't want to attract ants.”

“Ok!” he called back as she slipped inside and grabbed his clothes real quick. At least this part wasn't a lie.

With the cloths hidden and in the wash, all that was left to do was wait for Andy to finish.

Once Andy was done with the shower and raped in a towel, he went to his new room.

“Um, Aunt Celestia!” Andy called threw his door.

“Yes!” Celestia called back.

“Could you go grab my bag!” Andy called. “I forgot to grab it.”

“Sure thing sweety!” Celestia told him and went out to her car where she knew the bag wouldn't be. Then went back inside.

“Sweety?” Celestia said as she knocked on the door.

Andy opened the door and looked at his aunt who didn't have his bag.

“Where's my bag?” Andy asked.

“I'm so sorry sweety, I must have left it on the sidewalk when we left the bus station,” Celestia told Andy, trying her best to sound upset with herself.

“WHAT!” Andy yelled.

“I'm sorry sweety,” Celestia told him. “I called the bus station and they told me they did find your bag and it's in the lost and found. But sadly there closing right now.” 

“Aw man! Wait! I can just put my clothes back on until tomorrow.” Andy said.

“I put those in the wash remember.” Celestia reminded him.

“Then what am I supposed to ware?” Andy asked. “I cant keep carrying around a towel.”

“Well, you do have two options,” Celestia told him as he looked up at her. “I could let you borrow some of my clothes until tomorrow.”

“WHAT NO!” Andy screamed.

That was just what she wanted to hear.

“Well. there is the other option.”

“What?” Andy asked.

Celestia opened the door more and walked past Andy and towards the closet. She didn't know where to put the baby stuff from the changing table earlier, so she put it in the closet. 

Once it was open she reached inside and pulled out something that made Andy's eyes go wide.

“NO. NO WAY!” Andy yelled as Celestia held up a baby diaper.

“It's one of your old ones and I think it might still fit,” Celestia told him.

“NO! I don't want to wear a diaper!” Andy yelled at her. He had just got done with modeling diapers and he didn't want to wear another one!

“Well, it's either this or my panties,” Celestia told him. “Because I'm not going to let a young boy walk around my house with only a towel.”

Celestia knew from the face distraught Andy was giving her that she had won. 

“I think I still have some pink panties that I haven't used yet,” Celestia told him just to get Andy to make his decision faster.

“FINE,” Andy yelled before crossing his arms and began to pout. “I'll wear the stinking diaper.”

At least a diaper was better than girls underwear. Andy thought.

Celestia then picked Andy up and placed him on the changing table.


“Your mommy told me you still don't know how to properly put a diaper on,” Celestia told Andy and his face immediately went red. “Don't worry, I've changed you plenty of times.”

With that, the towel was removed and andy covered himself.

But it didn't take much for Celestia to remove his hands and put the baby diaper on him.

The diaper just barely fit on him and they had stars all over the front that would disappear when wet.

While Celestia would just love to see Andy in a wet diaper, but she decided this would be enough for now.

“Ow, stay right there,” Celestia said before running out of the room and coming back a second later. “Wouldn't want your feet to get cold.”

Celestia had grabbed a pair of white socks and put them on Andy before taking a good look at him. 

While Andy had grown much bigger, she could definitely now see the little stinker she knew right before her eyes.

She knew come tomorrow, she would have to give him back his clothes, but for right now, she was going to enjoy having the little stinker run around her house in nothing but a diaper once more.

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29 minutes ago, Pierry Louys said:

wow Very good I can’t wait to see the next chapter !! Especially when aunt discovery his modeling job hehehe please don’t take so long 


lol thank you, ^.^ she already knows his modeling job, she even said 'Your mommy told me you still don't know how to properly put a diaper on' eluding to the fact she already knows. I'm hoping to have the next chapter done in a few days,

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  • PinkTheDinosaur changed the title to modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers final!!!

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