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Small Frosty (Complete!)

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7 minutes ago, Sophie ♥ said:

She's still sleeping, but I'll get back to you. XD

Please do. I need to know if my Internet magic is still up to snuff. ;)

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Pssssstttt.... Sophie....... Pudding...... it's Friday.  Also I just binge read the whole story to get caught up and feel like I need at least 2 more chapters now. And I don't want to cheat and open it on Patreon. Plus the formatting is way easier to read on here.

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I'm still on bedrest, but Soaps has the day off and I think we're writing today so I bet she'll put some more up! <3 

(You never can be sure with babies like her~)

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6 hours ago, thedman said:

Pssssstttt.... Sophie....... Pudding...... it's Friday.  Also I just binge read the whole story to get caught up and feel like I need at least 2 more chapters now. And I don't want to cheat and open it on Patreon. Plus the formatting is way easier to read on here.

Ohhh is there a way I can make the Patreon format easier? :o 

And yep!  Another chapter coming up today.  Maybe two!  But I'm working on like five different projects today. ;) 

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Both of us had eaten.  He had dinner at his office and I ordered Chinese.  I sat across from him, on a chair closer to the TV, and he sat on the sofa where I'd been in my dream.  I was nervous.  I didn't know what to expect... but I had to start with the obvious. "You didn't come home last night... where were you?"

"Ah, I went back to work, and fell asleep on my desk I'm afraid. I hadn't meant to stay out all night, little one, I'm sorry to have worried you. Do you want to talk about what happened? About why I was cross with you?" I used the kind of words Ginger would use.

Cross.  He'd never said that word before, not like that.  But it seemed to go over my head. "Um.  No, I think I understand.  We were doing your... thing you like.  And I guess it's more than just the clothes, right?  It's like... I have to act like I'm a kid?" But I still didn't understand.  I sighed.  Maybe I did need an explanation. "I don't get it, Remy.  I don't know why you like that stuff.  Do you think... kids are sexy?  Or..."

"You know the answer to that." I replied, almost as though I were scolding her. Maybe I was. "And you should know better than to think that of me." Why did I like it, then? "I like it because I do, and that's enough for me. Seeing you small, and dependent on me, it makes me feel... warm. Not like arousal directly, but similar. When you gave me that coloring in page when I got home? That felt better than finishing does, little Frosty, do you understand?"

"No," I said honestly.  I had no idea what he was talking about. "So what does any of that have to do with acting like a kid?" "Kids are... dependent.  They need someone." "So?" "So I like feeling needed." "I make you feel needed." He laughed a little bit and I crossed my arms in frustration. "I do!"

"Yeah, you do? So when you have accidents, you're happy to let me take care of you? Or how about giving you baths? How about trusting me to help you stay dry at night? You've been asking me what you should wear a lot more, and that's a really good effort and direction, Frosty, but I know you can do more. I know deep down you want it, too. You want to be dependent on me, you want to need Daddy." Huh. I didn't expect to gush like that.

"I..." I didn't know what to say.  I didn't know how to explain this to him.  But in a way, he was right.  In a weird, messed up way... "Listen.  I... I enjoy how things have been the past few weeks.  Going on dates.  Going to the movies.  Getting ice cream.  You're cleaning the house and making me meals and you're always home for dinner..." I sighed and looked down at my feet. "So I like it.  Depending on you.  It means you're actually around... and that is so wonderful..."

"And I want more..." I reached across the table and took her hand. "I want to dress you up cute and bring you to work, buy you some legos and watch you build them all morning in the corner of my office. I want to pick you out things, I want you to trust me to make your decisions. I don't want kids, I want you.  I want you, my little Frosty."

Kids had always been a sensitive topic for us.  I never really wanted them, but I knew Remy did.  I finally gave in and said we could have children after we were married for a few years, but we both knew I was making a compromise.  For him.  If he really didn't want kids, if he just wanted to take care of me like one... this opportunity seemed too good to pass up. "Alright," I said quietly. "Okay..."

"You need to trust me, little Frosty. I want this, and I know you want it, too. So just... think about... trusting me, and being the best little girl you can be. And little girls don't curse, do they? They don't beg for wanton things, right? They just enjoy being bounced on Daddy's lap." And I had been giving her arousal, anyway!

"Wanton...?" I looked at him strangely.  I felt like I heard the word before, but I couldn't remember where. "I don't know what that means." "...uh.  Perverted." "Oh." I didn't understand, though.  What did he mean by that? "I understand the swearing thing, but... I mean, I am an adult.  Like... we can still have sex.  Right?" Obviously.  I mean.  This wasn't a 100% of the time thing.  It was just a sometimes thing...

"It's different." Maybe it was better not to explain it to her, maybe it was better to show her. I just couldn't think about how to demonstrate adequately to her the ideas I had in my head. Hm. "You're a good girl, and you're innocent, you're beautiful... sometimes I want to be lewd with you, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I just want to see your pretty eyes looking up at me while I play with your hair and you go down on me. It's different."

"But what about me?" I said with a pout.  I had my arms crossed over my chest. "We haven't had sex in almost three weeks, and... well I am sort of needy you know!  And every time I try something always comes up and..." I looked at my feet.  Sex talk wasn't really something I was good at.  I learned how to talk dirty over the years because Remy was into that, but I was a very conventional person when it came to sex.

"Well be sweet, and innocent, and coy. Appeal to my sense of Daddy...ness, I guess. Make yourself irresistible, while being innocent and sweet. And I'll have no choice but to pick you up and pin you to the shower wall..." Wow, I was getting warm under the collar there, huh?

"But I don't know how to do that!" This was stupid.  He wanted to make my decisions but he wanted me to manipulate sex out of him?  I just wanted to get laid!  Like, once a week!  Is it that hard? "Listen.  I'll do this... dependent thing.  But I want something too.  I want you.  And me.  Like we used to!  Right now.  And every week.  Deal?" See, fairness!  Ginger didn't know what she was talking about.

I'd gone over around the table and I picked her up and I put my lips on hers and pushed her back against the fridge, still suspended in my arms. And I whispered in her ear. "When Daddy wants you to have cummies, hunny, you'll have them. But you don't choose when that is, because you're my little girl.  You’re my little baby princess, and you're mine, and I'm charge. Say it back to me, say Daddy’s the Boss."

It had been way too long.  Honestly.  Yesterday I was willing to put on that stupid dress and call him Daddy just to get some.  I didn't care what he wanted.  As long as he had his lips on mine. "Daddy's the boss," I mumbled as he kissed me again.  I had never been kissed like this before, suspended, with my back to something.  It was... very interesting.

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I feel like all my comments on this story are just bashing Remy & Ginger. But it's getting kinda stale to me. I need to find something else to say...


... Umm, get well soon, Pudding?

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It was time, it was time to do what I should have done a week ago, when I'd thought about it. When the bedwetting had started.  I was going to dress her in something very special, very... age appropriate. I carried her from the kitchen to the bedroom, and I sat her on the counter in our private bathroom, sat her up there like an actual child. "You've had some trouble keeping the bed dry, little one.  It’s been hard to stop from having accidents, isn't it? Yes Daddy, that's the answer. Say it for me."

I stared at him for a second, a quiet second, before answering. "Yes Daddy," I mumbled.  Why had he brought that up?  I wanted to have sex and the bedwetting was the least sexy thing I could think of.  I kicked my feet and leaned in for another kiss, but Da- er... Remy had already stepped away.  I pouted. "Can we talk about something else?"

"If you question me again, young lady, there'll be no cummies for you tonight." I took her by the chin. "Am I clear?" I felt... fuzzy in my head, warm and pleasant, and I leaned down to open the counter beneath where she was sitting.  She wasn't going to like it, not when I stood up with the pull-up in my hand, but arguing or questioning me would be her giving up her chances of finishing.

He fumbled around beneath the sink, then stood up with something in his hand.  A cloth?  Or something.  It looked sort of like one of my pads.  But when he started to unfold it, I recognized what it was.  A pull-up.  A children’s pull-up no less, with butterfly designs all over it. "Ohhhh no no no no!" I slid down off the counter and regretted it.  Remy was a lot taller when I was on my feet. "I am not wearing that, and I am not a baby.  There is zero chance.  You're being an idiot."

"And you're not going to get cummies tonight." I ruffled her hair nonchalantly, and walked out of the bathroom. If I were right, if I were reading the situation correctly, she'd chase after me and do just about anything to undo what she'd just done.

I opened my mouth in frustration, but Remy had already walked out of the bathroom.  I exhaled sharply and stormed after him, into our bedroom. "Remy!  You are being stupid!   I am twenty-two years old - I don't need a goddamn diaper and you know it!" "If you want cummies--" "And stop calling it that!  I am trying to do your stupid little kid fetish thing and you're treating me like..." Like a little kid?  No.  It was more than that. "You're being... disrespectful.  I'm your fiancée.  I'm your future wife Remy!  And I'll play make believe if you want but I am not a child!"

I watched her rant, and I let her get everything out that she wanted to say, smiling a little bit like a patient parent, with my arms crossed, before I raised my eyebrows. "Are you done?" She was being such a brat, but I kinda liked that right now...

"Forget this," I mumbled under my breath and turned to walk out, but Remy grabbed me by the wrist and pushed me up against the wall.  I felt my feet lift up off the ground and his lips crash on mine.  Again, and again, and again.  I wrapped my legs around him and started to move my hips, only to be dropped to the floor again.  I was so out of breath...

"Daddy asked you a question, little Frosty. Are you done with your temper tantrum now? Are you going to be a good girl, or do I need to wait a little longer? I don't mind waiting, maybe I'll go take a shower and leave you out here all on your own." I had all this confidence in my tone, the likes of which would usually have made her so annoyed. But now she was just blushing...

"I... I'm not wearing that.  I'm having... trouble.  And you said... you said it was fine.  You said you didn't mind cleaning up..." His lips were close to mine.  His breath brushed my forehead.  I was having trouble thinking. "You said you didn't mind, so why... I shouldn't have to.  And I'm not..." I wasn't sure why, but the bedwetting didn't seem like an issue anymore.  Sure, it happened.  But Remy cleaned it up.  He wanted to clean it up.  He wanted to take care of me, didn't he?

"Because I want you to tug on my sleeve on the way to work, I want you to look down shyly, swing from foot to foot with your sleeves just a little too long and hanging over your hands, and mumble that you need to be changed. I want you to depend on me, I want you to sit on my lap when we go to the movies and get too worked up to remember to go to the bathroom... I think when you have your accidents... I think that's so cute, Frosty..." Yup. I just admitted that.

...oh.  Well.  Alright.  This was officially weird.  I mean, it was weird before.  But it was weirder now.  It was a lot weirder.  I looked at the pull-up on the bed, where Remy had left it, and then at my feet. "I don't wanna do that," I mumbled. "It's gross, and--" "Any worse than waking up in wet sheets?" I pouted.  Damnit... "I just..." "Why are you so against it?" "Because.  I'm twenty-two." "But you're okay wetting the bed?" "Well, no, I just..."

"But you like it, don't you? Like it when I take care of you, clean you up, soothe you, bake you garlic bread and put some juice in a little lidded cup while I tend to it? There's no real difference, Frosty. it's just another way you can need me, and depend on me... don't you want to be able to give me more?"

"...I wanna have sex," I said plainly, annoyed, but... embarrassed.  Embarrassed because I was considering it.  Because, I guess, it was better than waking up in a wet bed.  Ugh... "Bedtime only... only until I stop having accidents.  And no one ever knows!  And never outside of this bedroom!  And... and sex.  Right now." Selling my soul for Remy's dick.  Ugh, I was so desperate...

The thing is? I would have given her that deal, too, if both my work phones didn't start ringing at once. She looked at me desperately, needy, and I leaned in and kissed her forehead. "You know I have to get that, Frosty. I'll be right back."

I sat on the edge of the bed for fifteen minutes, staring awkwardly at the pull-up next to me.  It was so stupid.  So childish.  But it was just like any other underwear, wasn't it?  And adults have bedwetting trouble too, don't they?  They make adult diapers.  Better to be in a pull-up than a diaper, I reminded myself.  After fifteen minutes, I was annoyed.  I went out to the living room to find Remy, but he was on his computer in the den.  Damnit.  I waved to try to get his attention, but he put a finger up at me.  I sulked back to the bedroom, feeling dejected.  I was so turned on.  I was going to start wearing pull-ups to bed and I was still so turned on!  Then I looked over at my dresser and I thought about what Ginger had said.  How she left me a present.  I bit my lip.   Remy would be busy for hours at this rate...

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Everybody hatin' on Gingie but she has done literally nothing wrong, ever!

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*covers Puddin's ears* She has odd morals just humor her. ^_^ 

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So now we are to the toys.  I wonder if Ginger programmed Remy to deal with that?  I'm not hating on Ginger, Pudding....  I'm just trying to figure her out.  ...  And haven't.

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hope you're feeling better puddings *hugs*

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I was strangely okay with Remy's behavior in this chapter & the previous one. They're finally talking to each other about this like adult. Albeit horny, manipulative adults.

But that damn work phone! :angry2:

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11 hours ago, ELLIE52 said:

So now we are to the toys.  I wonder if Ginger programmed Remy to deal with that?  I'm not hating on Ginger, Pudding....  I'm just trying to figure her out.  ...  And haven't.

I've been wondering the same thing. Maybe it could be a sequel to this story.

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Nooooo..... you evil storytellers. Not another cliffhanger moment. I don't know what I can't wait more for, the moment he puts her in that pull up or when she explodes in orgasm from that vibrator

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I didn't recognize the wand massager on the bed when I finally finished my work and went to go lay down, but it seemed like my fiancée was already long asleep... and her skirt was hiked up, and her panties were around her knees. Huh. Predictably, the bed was damp beneath her bottom, too. "Frosty..."

"Mm...." I was having a very, very, very nice dream.  My head was swimming even as Remy shook me awake.  I looked up at him with a wide smile.  He was in my dream.  Oh boy, he was the star of it.  I leaned up to kiss him, but he stopped me short.  I didn't realize why.

"You laid down and went to sleep just after our talk, and you didn't dress properly?" My fiancée was dazed when she looked up at me, but came to her senses pretty quickly when I took her hand and pressed it to the dampness of our sheets. I think I might have realized at that stage that it wasn't pee, but arousal, staining the sheets, but it didn't matter at this point. "You're in big trouble, little girl, you disappointed Daddy a lot."

"...huh?" I looked down between my legs.  The bed was wet.  But the patch was so small.  When I saw my panties at my ankles and the vibrating toy on the side of the bed, I remembered.  I touched myself.  I used a vibrator.  Ugh, I hadn't masturbated since I was like, fifteen.  This was his fault! "I'm not in trouble - I didn't have an accident."

"Oh you didn't? So you soaked the sheets intentionally then? Was that it? Was it just to get Daddy’s attention, I wonder?" Stern were my words, but my touches were soft. "Maybe you have a condition?"

...I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.  His fingers ran up between my legs, against my thigh.  I pushed his hand away. "This is your fault if anything.  You have an obligation as my fiancé you know?  And you always take your work calls.  You want me to be dependent, but you aren't very dependable." I pushed him off me and got up off the bed.  It was just past nine.

"You're right." I guess she didn't expect that, because she froze in her place. "I should be more dependable for you, if I want you to trust me. This is a learning experience for us both, right?" I could have pushed her to get my way, but it seemed right to talk about it.

Alright... so I didn't expect that.  Remy wasn't usually the type to admit his mistakes, at least not right away.  I hesitated at the edge of the bed, looking over at him with skepticism.  The spot on the bed was barely wet anymore and my panties were on the floor at my feet. "Yeah," I agreed. "A learning experience..." It almost sounded like he was treating me like an equal again.

I picked her up, naked from the waist down, and I carried her wordlessly into the bathroom where I put her down on the counter and then began to draw a bath. This time when I leaned under the counter beneath her, it was to fish out the bubble bath we kept for when my niece would come to visit, and I squirted a good deal of that into the running water before putting it back in its place. I still hadn't said a word.

"...I'm sorry.  About taking care of things on my own." I wasn't sure if Remy was actually upset or not about that.  In all our time together, I'd never touched myself.  Not once.  Remy on the other hand, probably had.  Guys did it more than girls, didn't they?  I guess, in retrospect, it didn't upset me if he masturbated.  So why should he be upset if I did?  But it still felt weird.  It felt weird because it was new.

"You should have asked permission, and you should have worn one of your Goodnites." Lecturing tone, not angry tone. “Next time, you'll do both of those things because you're a good girl." I began to undress her right there, sitting on the edge of the countertop, as the water filled the tub.

"If I'm asking permission, you might as well do it yourself," I said plainly, a little annoyed with him for the suggestion. "And I'm not touching myself in a pull-up.  If you want to decide how I cum, then you can make me cum yourself." Strong words from a girl who had masturbated for the first time in seven years.

"We'll put away those absolutes and demands, little Frosty, or you'll get yourself in more trouble. Daddy knows best here, and you're going to listen." Daddy knows best. I didn't even notice her stiffen up at those words, or her blush spread. ”So be good, understand?" I lifted her up and deposited her into the bubbles.

I shuffled down into the bubbles.  This whole part of things: him bathing me, dressing me, taking care of me... it was normal now.  Like this was always how it had been.  It felt natural.  And as he worked the shampoo into my hair, I started to relax into the water.  It was very soothing...

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Wow... 3 chapters of conversation. Two people talking mostly not knowing where the words came from and I only heard one voice. It wasn't theirs, but we still have to learn exactly what that 3rd voice has in mind and what it will look like.

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We didn't talk much, not deep conversation anyway; I told her how pretty she was, how proud I was of her, how perfect a little girl she was and all of that. But it was shallow talk, chit-chat to pass the time before the bath was finished. And when the bath was finished, I was going to put her in a Goodnite and pick out a nightgown for her to wear, and then I was going to sit her on my lap and brush her hair. This was our normal now, somehow.

"You didn't follow your end of the bargain," I said flatly as he held out the pull-up, opened and at my feet. "Part of it was having sex.  We didn't have sex." "Would you rather wet the bed?" "Than wear a diaper?" "They aren't diapers - they are Goodnites." "Whatever.  I don't want to wear it."

"Come on now, Daddy knows best, don't be difficult, because difficult girls miss out on sitting on Daddy’s lap and having their hair brushed. You don't want to miss out now, do you, princess? Maybe some other little girl wants to sit in my lap even more, and I bet she'd wear her special undies..."

I pouted.  Princess.  Daddy knows best.  Some other girl?  I shook my head and took a step forward, putting my foot, then the other, inside the pull-up.  Remy pulled it up between my legs and I felt my face get hot.  Oh, this was so humiliating... "I want my pajamas now," I muttered.

"Daddy has something in mind." My grandmother had gotten it for her for our first Christmas together, an exaggeratedly cute nightgown with a strawberry on the chest and ruffled over-the-top detailing on the shoulder straps, in pink and red, with ruffles at the bottom hem.

"I don't want to wear that." My arms were crossed over my bare chest, looking at the horrible nightgown and then at my feet. "I thought we threw that thing out." "It was from my grandma." "So?  It's ugly." "It's cute." "It looks like she got it on some frilly boy-in-girls-clothes fetish website." I only knew so much because of Lala.

”Try it on, I think it’s cute and it’ll look cute on you too, don’t I always guide you in the right direction with clothes, Frosty?” Truthfully, id been picking her outfits out now for a while, as long as I could remember. “And I don’t want you looking at lewd websites at your age.”

"I am twenty-two." But he didn't seem to care.  He was right about the clothes - he'd been picking out my outfits for over a week now.  I raised my arms and Remy pulled the nightgown down over my head.  It looked just as stupid as I thought it would - in the mirror on the closet door, I saw my reflection.  Frilly, stupid... babyish.  Not even childish.  Downright infantile.  And my cheeks were as red as the strawberries on the dress.

While she was blushing, I was positively beaming! Like a proud as punch father, honestly. "Oh my little strawberry Frosty, thank you for wearing that, you look more beautiful than you ever ever have before, and I do not want to share you with anybody else, not when you look this fricking cute."

"Whatever," I mumbled, pulling away from Remy and heading to the bed.  My hair was still wet, but I didn't care.  I just wanted to cover up and sleep and pretend none of this was happening.  Maybe I'd wake up dry in the morning and I wouldn't have to wear these stupid pull-ups anymore.

"Where are you going?" She didn't want to answer me, because she was in a puffy huffy mood, but I wasn't ready to be ignored either. "Don't you want Daddy to brush your hair and put it up? It'll be all sorts of tangles in the morning if you lay down like that."

"I'm tired," I told Remy, but he sat down next to me on the bed, running his fingers along my back. "Why are you fighting this?" he asked. "You admitted earlier today that you wanted it too.  You want me to take care of you.  You want to be dependent on me.  And I'm trying to be more dependable, like you said." I didn't answer, but he got me thinking.  I did want this, didn't I?  Why was I being such a jerk?

"If you don't want me to push you, I won't, but I think sometimes you need to be pushed a little, don't you? You want this, too, but you'd never have admitted it without putting your faith in me and letting me push you a little. And I think you know how cute you look right now, but you're being contrary, aren't you? Can you tell me why that is?"

"Contrary?" "You're being difficult," he explained.  Honestly, I had never needed to ask about his word choice before, but today I'd had to do it twice.  It made me feel... well, a little dumb.  A little... childish.  I sat up and shrugged my shoulders. "I feel stupid.  I look stupid.  I'm dressed stupid... I know I agreed to do this.  I know I want it, sort of.  But... looking like this?  Why do you even want me to look like this?  This isn't sexy!  This is... dumb."

"Do you think that? Or is that just what you think you should think? What you think you'd have thought back in school? Because this..." I ran my fingertip under the shoulder strap of the nightgown, "is darling.  This is what you would have begged to wear a kid, and I think you know that, don't you?"

"...maybe if I was like, two years old, and understood fashion..." Or didn't understand fashion, I thought.  I sighed. "I guess it's sort of cute.  It's just... not cute on a twenty-two year old." "Well you're not twenty-two right now," he said simply, like it was the easiest thing in the world. "You're my little girl, remember?" "Right, but I'm still twenty-two.  I'm still your fiancée.  And... you seeing me like this is just humiliating."

"Is it humiliating to be seen by your Daddy when you're just a sweet little girl? Wearing this is what gets Daddy’s attention, right? I'd say having to wear skimpy low cut tops and short skirts, tacky lingerie... that seems much more humiliating to me, doesn't that sound right?"

"...when you put it that way," I pouted.  He was right, wasn't he?  Sure this was childish, but if you wanted to talk modesty... but we weren't talking modesty were we?  I wanted to be naked with Remy!  I wanted to wear less clothes!  I wanted to get his attention.  But if this was what got his attention...? "Okay," I whispered. "I'll try..."

"There's my good girl. Now why don't you go and get your hairbrush so Daddy can fix your hair before bed, alright?" This all felt so... normal. So normal to me, so normal for us. Hadn't we always been this way?

He brushed my hair and hummed a quiet song.  I didn't know what it was, but I started to relax.  Warm.  Easy.  When we got into bed together, Remy passed me an MP3 player.  I thought about the one from Ginger's office, but this one was a different color.  Same model, though. "It'll help you sleep," he told me.  And I had taken a nap.  So I put the earbuds in and closed my eyes.  

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The first of these 2 chapters came in I was just arriving at a gig & couldn't read it till now. :( But now that I have, wow! Great stuff! :)

I was kinda suprised you didn't devote, like, an entire chapter to Wendy using the vibrator for the first time. Since this story's been light on sexual content I thought you would jump at the earliest chance! But, that just goes to show how bad I am at predicting what you 2 will do.

I was also surprised when Remy admitted he wasn't being dependable. So far Wendy's always been in the wrong with him & Ginger. It was nice to see her win a battle for once!

On a side note I heard my healing spell didn't work on Pudding. :( well, I have another one prepared if you don't mind me trying. *Ahem*

!esaesid eruc

Let me know if that one worked, okay Sophie? Thanks, Princess. :)

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Is that what Ginger told him - it'll help her sleep? Is he in on the side of adjusting Wendy's outlook and if so to what extent? And also, if so, how can he ignore what's happening to him?? I'll ponder that for a while...

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I was kinda suprised you didn't devote, like, an entire chapter to Wendy using the vibrator for the first time. Since this story's been light on sexual content I thought you would jump at the earliest chance! But, that just goes to show how bad I am at predicting what you 2 will do.

You can always tell the difference between when I'm leading a story or when Pudding is based on how much sex happens. XD I am all about psychological manipulation, behind the scenes sort of thing.  And tragic backstories.  She likes the physical stuff and corruption.  Actually, she wanted them to have sex in that scene and I wanted Remy's phone to ring! ^_^ But I'm leading most of this story.

And Pudding is feeling a lot better, so your magic spells are definitely working!  I'm still keeping her on bedrest for another two days though.


On another note!  Frosty ends today. :D Get hyped.

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The next minute, I was waking up.  The sky was barely lit but the clock said it was morning.  6:25.  I could hear the shower from my bedroom.  I rolled over to Remy's empty side of the bed and felt a wetness against my skin.  Huh?  I pulled the blankets away and ran my hands up the sheets.  Wet and warm.  But the stain on the bed was small.  Damnit...

"Don't you worry your little head, Daddy is going to take care of it." I'd found her trying to pull the sheets off the bed when I came out of the bathroom, wrapped only in a towel around my waist. I put my hands on her hips from behind and kissed the back of her ear. "Hold still." I reached up under the nightgown and pulled down the Goodnite from underneath, which hit the carpet with a very wet sound.

My cheeks were crimson, but the room was still too dark for him to notice.  He made me step out of the pull-up and picked it up, balling it in his hands before taking it out of the room.  I stood dumbfounded and humiliated in the center of our bedroom, having jut been changed out of a wet pull-up by my fiancé.  And suddenly and unexpectedly, I started to cry.  I never cried.  But I couldn't help it...

Even though it was day time, I dressed her in a new pull-up and held her in my arms. In my head, her fate was already decided: she'd be in these during the day, and in proper diapers at night. Ginger had told me about some cute ones she had, and I didn't question why she did.  I would tell her I would be over tonight to get them. "Shh, Daddy's here, there's no need to cry, little one. There'll be no more leaks soon, I promise."

I wrapped my arms around my Daddy and cried into his shoulder.  I couldn't handle this on my own anymore.  I just needed help.  I just needed him.  I wanted to be taken care of.  When I didn't fight, when I let it happen, I was happy.  I just wanted to be happy.  Remy dressed me in some clothes - something sweet and beautiful from my late high school days - and made me breakfast.  I never argued.  I never protested.  Not until he pulled me by the wrist out of our apartment. "No no no!  Wait, I need to change first!"

"Are you wet?" At the same time as I asked that, I checked her, too, like I didn't believe her answer regardless. And when I found her dry, I took her her hand again. "We're going to be late for work, babybun, what's the matter?"

I... he... what... he had pulled me halfway down the hall before I pulled away, complete bewildered, completely furious! "Wh-who do you think you are?!  Y-you can't put your hand up my skirt in public, you idiot!" Fuck was I blushing.  My knees felt like Jell-O. "You said!  You said I don't have to wear these in public and I'm not!  We agreed!  I have work today!  No!  Absolutely not!" And it wasn't until I was done yelling that I realized exactly how loud I was yelling.  I looked around the empty hall in a panic.  I was already out of breath.

"Are you done?" I leaned in and put my hand on her cheek, pulled her close to me, and kissed her on the lips. Just like her entire outburst had meant absolutely nothing to me. "You're happier when you listen, right? Do you remember who knows best? Do you remember what I said about coming to work with me?"

I did remember.  Sitting in the corner, playing with Legos.  I shook my head and shoved him away from me.  I was so embarrassed.  My cheeks were burning.  I thought I might have a panic attack! "I am not going out in this!  I am not!" Now, my screams were hushed, but no less sharp. "This is humiliating, Daddy!!" My hands shot up and covered my mouth.  No, no, no...

Oh my days she was cute. She was so darling, so precious. I couldn't help myself; right there in the hall I picked her up in my arms and kissed her on the nose, then set her against my hip. "I'm not ashamed of you, little Frosty, and I know you're not ashamed of me, so there's nothing to be humiliated over. We're going to be late, and if you have one more outburst then I'll have to leave you at home, all on your own. Just like before, do you remember?"

Alone.  Like before.  But I'd just called him Daddy.  Not on purpose.  On accident.  And... and I was so torn.  I kicked and flailed until he put me down, which didn't take long at all.  I shook my head.  I couldn't do this, not today. "I... I wanna go home.  I wanna go home right now." I took the keys out of his hand and went back down the hall to our apartment.  I'd have to call Ginger.  I'd have to call in today.  I couldn't get my anxiety under control...

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So nice I just happened to be here to catch this latest chapter so soon! I love the fight she's giving, but I'm wondering why Ginger hasn't stepped up the programming to deal with her remaining feistiness. 

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"I'm almost there, don't you worry. Your Daddy called me and let me know you were having a bad day, so I'm going to take care of you today. I'll talk to you soon." Ginger didn't leave much option for argument or complaint, that was for sure.

"I don't need--" But she'd hung up.  It was only fifteen minutes after I gave Remy the keys back.  I had managed to calm down enough to call Ginger.  She still hadn't replied to my text from yesterday.  I still wasn't completely sure what happened was a dream.  But it had to be a dream!  It just had to be.  I tore off the pull-up and threw it away, burying it deep in the bottom of the trash can, along with that horrible pink strawberry dress.  I shut my bedroom door, where the sheets had been removed from my bed.  I changed my clothes, even though the clothes I was wearing were fine.  I was a ball of anxiety with Ginger knocked on my door.  I didn't want to answer.  I couldn't do this right now!  I just wanted everyone to leave me alone!

"Come on now, let me in, I know you're in there." Ginger did have her own key, but she really wanted Wednesday to answer the door voluntarily; it would help drive things forward from here. Honestly, she'd expected the girl to breakdown a lot earlier than this, so this wasn't any big deal.

I opened the door.  Ginger closed it behind her.  I looked up at her with frustration, like I was mad at her or something, but I wasn't.  I was just confused.  I went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes from breakfast.  I was doing anything I could to keep from thinking about last night, thinking about today... "I don't need you to be here with me," I told her simply. "I can take care of myself."

"I believe you, you're very independent for a girl your age, and we're all really proud of you." That statement she got away with, but Ginger didn't push. "Tell me what's going on, let me help you, okay? I'm like a Mom to you recently, so let me help out."

I slammed the dish down in the sink and the sound of shattering glass rang through the kitchen.  Fuck.  I hadn't meant to do that... "It's... everything.  It's wrong!  It's all wrong!  A month ago, all this was normal!  Remy wasn't trying to make me dress like a little girl and I didn't call him Daddy and I never fucking wanted to!  And now everything is messed up and I..." I held my hair in my hands. "It's all wrong.  Something is wrong.  I just don't know what.  And it's... it's infuriating me.  I'm furious about it!"

"You're furious at the man you love, for entrusting you with his secrets? That doesn't sound like the Wednesday I know now, does it? You're much kinder than that, and much more gentle. Let's finish the dishes later, come sit on the sofa with me, alright? We can play therapist."

"See!  You say things like that!  And part if me just wants to hit you!  I just hate you so much for saying it!  And the other part knows you're right!  And I don't..." She took my hand and I tugged away from her, on instinct.  But when she left the room, so did I.  I sat next to her on the sofa, balling my hands in fists in my lap. "You said I don't sound like the Wednesday you know.  Well I don't feel like the Wednesday you know either!  I don't... feel... right..."

"You feel different? Is different a bad thing, would you say? Do you think you feel worse, or just different?" She tapped her chin thoughtfully and waited for a response; she wanted her little project here to dig deep inside of her for answers. And then, any answers that were incorrect would be corrected by Ginger.

I bit my lip and looked up at Ginger.  Part of me wanted to climb onto her lap and have her hold me.  Part of me wanted her to make it all better.  I knew she could.  She had a magic power.  But there was another part of me and that part was winning out.  A part of me that thought... "I think... this might be your fault," I mumbled. "I don't know how.  And I don't know why... but... this is your fault, isn't it?" I looked up at Ginger in bewilderment, like I didn't believe the things I was saying.  But when I said the words, suddenly, I knew they were true.  Pieces were coming together.  Every mystery of the past month was answered perfectly by her.

"It is, yes, but you won't remember knowing that." Her answer was candid, honest, and bold; she didn't seem surprised at all to have that accusation leveled at her, and truthfully she was actually pretty happy that Wendy had revealed that loose thread so soon for her to hide away. At any point she could click her fingers three times and drop Wendy into a deep as night trance space. At any point she could make her forget this conversation, and her realization.

I stared at her.  Blankly.  She... admitted it?  My mouth was wide open.  Shocked.  Appalled!  But a part of me had always known... "Y-you... you want... Remy?" She nodded her head. "I... I don't understand.  I thought you liked me?  I... I don't understand any of this." But I did.  She was using me.  She was changing me.  Was she changing Remy?  But how?  She couldn't just... wait no.  She was a hypnotist.  But I never-- the MP3 players.  Remy working late.  I didn't... I didn't understand just one thing... "Why...?"

"Because you're awful for him. You're an awful, selfish, needy person, who doesn't ever put him first. You hold him back; he turned down three promotions because of you. His career is at a standstill because of you. And you're not without potential; you're impulsive, clingy, needy... you need nurturing. You're a child, Wednesday. And as you refused to give him any, it seems fitting to... restructure things."

"...this is about not wanting to have kids?" I was... I was at a complete loss for words.  I... "I said I would... I told him I would!  I am not a child!  And I'm not awful for him!  I love him!  And I am not letting you do this to us!  I am his fiancée!  I am going to be his wife, Ginger!  And you are never going to keep us apart you fucked up basketcase!" I had stood up.  I was on my feet without thinking.  My phone was in the kitchen, on the counter.  I had to tell him.  I had to tell Remy.  I ran out of the room, but before I could get my phone, Ginger spun me around.

"You're happier this way, Wendy. I'm doing this for you, as well. I promise. I'm not an awful person, and you're not either. You just need some help." She could have clicked her fingers at any time, and still she would, but Ginger honestly wanted to see if any of this had sunk in with her little project.

"I am not happier!  And you are an awful person!" I reached for the phone again but she held my hands firmly in front of me.  I struggled to pull away but she didn't let go.  I kicked at her thighs, but she hardly flinched.  I was scared.  I was out of breath. "You.  Are.  Evil.  And you won't win.  I'm telling him everything.  I'm telling him what you are, what you did to us!  He won't ever talk to you again!"

"Do you think that will make him happy? Or do you think he'll just think you're continuing your tantrum?" Because she wet the bed and leaked, because she refused to leave the house, because she screamed out Daddy in the hall. This was all simple facts that Ginger knew. "He's happy now, he's happy for the first time. He feels like he knows you, he feels like you love him. Are you going to take that away from him? Will you be so selfish?"

I opened my mouth to argue, but I shook my head instead.  I... I wasn't winning this fight.  Everything she said had two sides.  A side that made sense and a side that didn't.  The side that made sense was fake.  It was made up.  But it was a very strong side... "I.. I'm..." "You're Mommy and Daddy's little girl." My stomach flipped at the words.  Butterflies.  I struggled in her arms. "Stop it... stop right now!  Let me go!"

"You love Daddy, and you want him to be happy. You love Mommy, too, and you want to be our little girl. We're going to be a family, Frosty, we're going to be a family and we're going to see the world together, the three of us. You're going to wear the prettiest dresses, and you're going to have all the toys you could ever want. No responsibilities, no worries or cares... just cute clothes and thick padding between your legs... happiness and crayons."

Everything was muddled.  I knew it was getting worse.  She shouldn't have come.  I should never have let her in.  I was only now noticing my mistake, but it was too late.  She let go of my wrists, but I didn't reach for my phone again.  I was shaking. "Y-you're not gonna get away with this," I mumbled quietly. "I'll tell him.. tell everyone... you'll go to jail, or... or..."

"You wouldn't want Mommy to go away, would you? Mommy knows best, little Frosty, and you love Mommy, right? You love Mommy." She paused for a moment. "Say it. Tell me how much you love me, be a good girl. It only makes sense, doesn't it? It makes sense to you, don't fight it."

Don't fight it.  I'm happy when I don't fight it, I remembered.  I remembered last night, when I let Daddy take care of me.  But no, this was different... this was... I shoved Ginger off me, which took a lot more energy out of me than I'd ever want to admit.  I grabbed my cell phone and opened a text with Remy. "She's manip--"

Ginger clicked her fingers in rhythm, and the phone dropped from the girl’s hand, landing on the floor with a sickening crunch. Not to worry, though; girls her age didn't need a phone, right? Her arms were limp, and Ginger spoke very slowly and clearly. "It's time to let go.  You're a little girl, Wendy, you always will be. You want Daddy and Mommy to be happy, you love them more than anything. You obey them both. You're sweet and cute, you never want to change.  You wear diapers to bed because you wet the bed every night, and pull-ups the rest of the time because accidents happen. Wendy, you tried to pretend to be an adult, but the game is over now. You'll never try again... you just want Mommy and Daddy to get married, so we can all live happily ever after."


Please continue on in this thread to read Small Frosty: Intermission!


Small Frosty Pt. 1 is available on our Patreon in ePub and PDF format!  Please consider supporting us! ^_^  

And special thanks to all our commenters and readers!  You guys are amazing.  More Frosty will be coming your way in the near future, and it will DEFINITELY make up for the lack of diapers in this one. ;) 

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Sooo.........      Pudding lied.

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Pudding's moral compass points to the nearest hypnotized babygirl. :lol: She is not to be trusted on matters of right and wrong.

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