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littleforbig onesies

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I want to get a good onesie and the littleforbig onesies look nice. However they seem to be fitted more for woman by the pictures of them only on woman via the website. I was wondering of these would also be for men also. Any recommendations on cute, comfy onesies appreciated, thanks.

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I'm a guy and I have one and it fits and looks nice. I really like the print on it. I realize it's stressful trying to get it right. The key is to make sure you take accurate measurements before ordering - even use a tape measure if you don't have a cloth measuring tape. The fabric allows for some stretch. I would say that if you're very very worried about this you could order a size up, but only a size up. I got a few more onesies from Onesies Downunder after getting mine from Littleforbig and found that they have a little more give and another onesie snap (4 total).

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