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Shaving pee pee

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I have been shaving my privates for a number of years.   I prefer being smooth, and now hair seems very weird and uncomfortable.  I simply use soap and a disposable razor while taking my shower with no problems.  If you may experience a little bit of a rash in the beginning , but that will stop after a while.

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8 hours ago, Shesaidno said:

Normally use a Venus razor and body wash, but have used an epilator. Love the look and feel after complete epi, but the battery went bad...

Was the epilator unbearably painful.  I can’t imagine having all the short and curlies yanked from my boys by a device that could also mechanically separate chicken.

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On 8/3/2017 at 4:44 AM, Slim27 said:

Hi this is fit the guys(or little boys) that shave their sensitive area i was wondering if there's a easier or safer way to do it then using a beard trimmer cause i got a small cut from it

use a razer that you would use on your face,hold your balls in a fist tight and shave your balls and get a erect penis and shave it down words then shave under your  balls and your ass hole and butt


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