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Feeling different!

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wetste    5

OK apart from the ABDL side does anyone just feel different to other people? 

I do.

I don't know what it is, I can't seem to make and keep friends, i'm married and we love each other to bits but the friends we do have are really my wives friends and i feel they just put up with me.

I have no friends of my own, i seem to get them then loose them and i have no idea why. They just seem to deciede not to bother with me anymore. I regualary find myself being excluded from social circles for example i take part in triathlon and there was a group of us that started together we often went swimming and running and cycling together then slowly i found i was being left out of the sessions then they started socialising together and i ended up being non-existent to them. This has happened loads. 

I have always toyed with the idea that i'm on the autism spectrum i do come across as very confident even maybe over confident at times but this is due to nerves more than confidence ( i have an awful nervous laugh that has got me into trouble since childhood) 

I don't know I always seem to be alone when i'm not with my wife, I have no real true friends....

anyway that's enough of that!

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Richnap7    3

I do sort of understand. Could not say about autism, but I suffer from depression, and tend to turn friends away. Also tend to "chicken" out of social events and later regret it. We are what we are, and I hope you do find a friend or friend who can stick in there. Take Care. Rich 

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baby-dandan    10

 I have the same problem you do Richnap7. I tend to shy away from social events because of my depression. When I do go out with friends I have a good time but other times I tend to forget how much fun it is. I struggle with severe depression I think I am even borderline bi-polar but when I get depressed I tend to forget that people care about me and that I do have fun when I hang out with them. Hang in there guys. :-)

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