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I've gone shy wearing diapers around my girlfriend.....

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Sorry for posting so many new topics! I'm normally very shy about all this, but I feel like I'm able to release on here!

Anyway, if any of you are familiar with me on here, I managed to get my girlfriend to be totally cool with me wearing diapers quite early on into the relationship.

The first time it happened, she actually wore one and fell asleep, but whilst she was asleep I decided to put a diaper on too! She didn't realise I was wearing one.

Anyway, she hadn't realised I'd put one on and when she came back from work she was pleasantly surprised I was wearing a diaper! But either way, even though it was our first experience with this, she decided to pull my dick out the side of my diaper and made me explode! I literally could NOT believe that this was happening, and I was sooo scared when I knew she was going to find the diaper!

Anyway, I've worn quite a few times around her, but I've kinda grown a bit shy towards it all now. I almost feel as though I'm being judged more so than before....maybe it's the spark of the early-relationship lust wearing thin, but somehow I feel too scared to do it now.
Separately, I've had a previous relationship fall apart.... and although she never admitted it, I am convinced it was because of the diapers, which she just couldn't comprehend!

This is so weird as wearing is a major thing for me, and I completely realise finding a girl who accepts it is extremely rare!

Why do people think this is? Why am I scared when it's my biggest desire, to wear diapers and cuddle up to her?!

Cheers guys!

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Sounds like you need to have a talk with your girlfriend about what works for her and you. Communication is the key to a good start in the diaper world. I wish you the best.

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Nice that you *realized* that you can have a DL relationship - good luck on any advice. Personally I wouldn't rush anything, but that is just me.

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i wonder the same thing every so often with my g/f. she's "just" a g/f, not a mommy, sitter, auntie or anything. simply my girlfriend who loves me,

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