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During my transitional phase from control to untrained, I definitely found myself more likely to wet when I was ill. I'd have control (albeit looseish and I wouldn't have trusted myself outside of training pants) during the day but I'd be far more likely to wet the bed if I was stressed, exhausted or ill.

As an incon person (no #1 control, impaired #2 control) there's still graduations within that. I find myself needing to change wet diapers more frequently when I'm ill. I also find that if I've got something which makes my tummy even a little bit unsettled I become 1000% more likely to have a #2 accident (on a normal day I can make it if I'm within 10-15 minutes' walk of a toilet).

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I have been a on and off bedwetter for a long time so I've had that happen a lot, and my response was the same as yours, put diapers on just incase. Am to the point now though I am wearing diapers every night. Wetting is happening much more but wearing diapers takes some of the stress out of it

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Have never been a real bedwetter but woke up about 4am and peeing a river. I'm 33 and never have wet the bed. Has anyone had this happen to them?

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