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  1. Dating

    Ok so im sorry if this is really long. Ive been with my now fiancee almost a yr. Just over the past 2 weeks my incontinence issues have been getting worse. Im now diapered 24/7. For almost 2 yrs id been able to just wear a pad. My fiancee has been supper supportive hes been making sure im never leaking. Or making sure i change on time. Tho things are awkward at times cause i didnt have this issue when we met. ill wake up soaked an he will just come in a change me. He wont even wake me up he just does it. Does this mean hes accepting or he just cares a lot. Hes been going to all my doctors with me. He held my hand when i found out ill never be the same again. I never expected any of this. Hes not tge type to change anyone or make sure im ok. It was alot for both of us to take in. We are a really strong couple. An all of our family has been there for both of us an always making sure were taking everthing ok.
  2. Oops

    Well its been awhile since I've been any kind of sick. I'm not a true bedwetter. I'm guessing last night was a fluke. I woke up about 4 am to my underwear wet. I'm like sweat?? No (I'm normally up at 3 am peeing) what is that. OMG I HAD AN ACCIDENT. Oh god did my bed get wet no ok I'm good. I'm guessing part of my issue is I'm coughing all night an I'm not sleeping so I'm sleeping so hard I don't wake up. Thank god I still have a good supply of diapers cause ill be in them every night from now on. If you have something similar do share..
  3. Hello.....i am in east central illinois also just wanted to say hi.....im between champaign and danville bean ab/dl for many many years just recently on here.....btw im male 40 and happily married to my wife of 20 years.....anyways wanted to say hi

  4. Thm phpykudw2

    Yep I'm back at it
  5. near decatur.

    pm me if you like. I'm trying to meet more people since I've only met one other person that's in diapers.
  6. near decatur.

    Send me a pm puffy pants
  7. 20150110 130619

    Aww thanks guys
  8. mehhhhh

  9. 20150110 130619

    From the album mehhhhh

    Long hair day
  10. 20150119 085611(0)

    From the album mehhhhh

    Before my morning change on 1-19-15
  11. near decatur.

    I haven't been driving very far so it's all good
  12. new here

    No I didn't
  13. near decatur.

    Yah we don't have the money yet
  14. new here

    I'm near decatur
  15. near decatur.

    I'd say yes but I'm sure my jeep wouldn't make it woth my 3 bad tires.