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Lounging around in diapers

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Until recently the idea of lounging around whilst wearing nothing but diapers was something I only drempt about doing but now it's kind of become how I relax each day after a hard days work, or should I say working holiday.

I also think that when I am in diapers my whole life style improves because I don't have to worry so much about those oh no moments when I suddenly realise I have that urge to rush to the toilets because alot of times I simply am too late due to the fact I don't feel it until I have a embarrassing accident in public.

This has to do with the fact I have permnant neurological damage to my muscles controlling my bladder because of past epileptic seizure's which I suffered from in 1992/1993 and also a bad horse riding accident which happened in 1996 which weakened my bladder to the point it has been ever-since 2010 when I have had to wear diapers virtually all of the time.

although since accepting the fact that I will need to wear diapers for the rest of my life doesn't daunt me because I don't see it as a problem.

yours sincerely


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also a dream of mine, teksing. i'm still settling into my new digs, constantly moving things around between houses, in my house, and now especially with the holiday season of every weekend being something christmas related, and just general daily/nightly busy-ness,

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I lounge around in nappies and plastic pants every evening.

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I had a short break well, define short, two weeks. Under normal circumstances I wear 24/7 but during these days I was able to live out my desires as I see fit. Lounging in my diaper and just a t-shirt is most definitely a part of it, stretching the changing times to its maximum, awesome.

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2 hours ago, Kenseibert said:

I Lounge

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