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Due to my bladder and bowel incontinence, I frequently wet and mess myself while walking. Peeing myself in public doesn't bother me but pooping myself in public is really embarrassing. Either way I wear premium diapers all the time to keep my accidents contained and as discrete as possible. Obviously a pooping accident is much harder to hide simply because of the smell.

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Only time I have accidentally shit myself is when I did an enema and thought I had gotten all out

So I put on a diaper and went to store and about 10 minutes later I couldn't hold it anymore and it came out, so now I know how to do it on purpose

Use 1+ liter of water, hold it in as long as you can, before using the toilet, put on a diaper and go for a walk, the rest will come out soon enough

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On 4/25/2016 at 8:14 PM, Chalky10 said:

Hi Everyone!

I had an amazing experience this morning and I wanted to get some feedback and see if others have had the same thing.

Walking will do that if you have contents in your bowels and are wearing diapers. A common process with a constipated baby to get them to poop is to cycle their legs (simulate walking) or bring them out for a walk. This tends to trigger the bowel to contract. The feel of the bulk of a diaper between ones legs while walking tends to remind the wearer that they are supposed to relax their anal sphincters also. It is a core memory from early childhood, where the baby/child is praised for pooping in their diaper, and this is reinforced by the intimate contact that the child receives from the person as the diaper is changed. A wet diaper does not evoke that emotion as there is a lot less time spent changing a wet diaper. The bulky wet diaper does evoke that emotion also, as it is normal for the baby to have a very bulky wet diaper as its first change in the morning - where the parent etc would spend a lot of time in changing and dressing the baby as apposed to changing a wet diaper during the day.

Core memories / triggers in our mind are the times that we spent with another. Where diapers are concerned, the interchange is intimate. ABDLs seem to be seeking some form of this contact from a pseudo parent.

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