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Sleeping in Plastic Pants


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Chapter I

 I was watching the Sprint Cup race at my friend Ted’s place the other night, and when I used his bathroom during a commercial break I happened to notice that there was a pair of transparent plastic pants hanging on the shower caddy. They looked big enough to fit him. We’ve been friends for quite a while, and we’d had a couple of beers during the race, so after the race was over I asked him about them. He said, “Oh, I’ve been wearing them to bed now for a few months.” 

 “Oh yeah? Tell me more.” 

 “Well, you remember all that stress I was having at work last summer, those crazy shifts I was working and on weekends…I was surfing the web one evening and ran across a site where some guy said that he wore plastic pants to bed every night, and had done it for years, and the main reason he did was because they relaxed him so that he could sleep better. So that was just some guy online, but I got to thinking about it, and I remembered when I was a kid the family next door to us, all their kids wet the bed until they got to be 8 or 10 years old, so they wore plastic pants and diapers. The boy who was my age said that they all slept really well because they knew they were protected from wetting the bed, so they could relax and fall asleep easily. So I figured, why not give it a try? Of course I don’t have any need for diapers so I figured just the plastic pants would be better. I searched online for plastic pants and found quite a few places that sell adult-size plastic pants. Like everything else online, they were quick and easy to buy.”

 “It must have taken some time for you to get used to wearing them…”

 “Yeah, about three days or so, I guess. I felt kinda weird putting them on the first night, especially when I realized I had them on backwards. I thought they were the same front and back until I had a closer look at them. So I could really feel them on me the first night, and it took a while to get to sleep. But I felt fine when I woke up, and even better the next morning. By the end of the week I was falling asleep right away, and waking up really refreshed in the morning. Now I’ve gotten used to wearing them, I wouldn’t go to sleep without them.”

 “So what does Alice think of them? I’ll bet you had some explaining to do.”

 “Yeah, I did, I told her pretty much what I just told you. She knew how the stress had been affecting my sleep, because it affected hers too. She was kinda dubious about the idea at first. Said they looked like baby pants. I said no, they actually look kind of like yours but  see-through. Just a few days ago she told me she really likes the idea of me wearing them - not only do we both sleep better and get enough sleep, but she said that with my package in there they don’t look like baby pants at all.”

 “Are they hard to take care of?”

 “No, not at all. I just rinse them off in the shower and hang them there, and they drip dry overnight. Sometimes I wash them in the sink with hand soap just to make real sure the elastics are washed clean.”

 “Don’t you get all sweaty in them during the night?” 

 “There’ll be a little sweat on them in the morning, nothing that doesn’t wipe off with a little toilet paper. That kinda surprised me, I thought there would be more.”

 “So you’re convinced it’s a good idea wearing them…”

 “Oh, yeah, they give me a feeling, a relaxation that I never felt before. I’m going to try getting some more in different colors, maybe some bikini-cut ones for the summertime. Then I can trade off and they won’t wear out so fast.”

 On the way home I had plenty to think about, never having considered this idea before.

 Chapter 2

 So a couple of weeks later i was puttering around online and it occurred to me to see what I could find out about people wearing plastic pants. It didn’t take very long to find out that there’s a lot of online activity about wearing plastic pants. I discovered that it’s a huge fetish for some people and that others wear them over diapers because of incontinence. Not only are there dozens of places to buy plastic pants online from quite a few different countries, but some of them have other kinds of plastic garments as well. The next time I talked to Ted I asked him if he thought he might develop a fetish for plastic pants now that he was wearing them every night. He said, “No, I don’t think so. It’s true that I do like to wear them, but it’s because they help me sleep, not because they turn me on or something.” Well, that made sense to me, because I definitely did get the idea from reading people’s posts online that most people who had a fetish for plastic pants or anything else developed it when they were really young. 

 I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to try wearing them to bed myself, just to see if they’d help me to sleep better. I could tell that Ted seemed a lot more relaxed lately but still able to get plenty of work done. I looked at a couple of different websites and decided on one of them, because the site had lots of information on choosing sizes depending on whether a person would be wearing the plastic pants by themselves or over a diaper. 

 I mentioned to Carol, my wife, that I was going to order some plastic pants, and of course she wanted to know why. I explained to her about what I’d learned, and that I really thought they would help me to sleep. “Well, that sounds like it may be worth a try - if you didn’t toss and turn so much I could sleep better too.” I showed her the full-cut translucent pants I planned to buy, and she said, “Why don’t you get a couple of them - that way you can switch from one to the other and they’ll both last longer. We don’t need to get any more until we find out if this plan of yours really works.” I went ahead with the online order, and in a couple of days the package showed up in the mailbox.

 I opened the package and examined the plastic pants. The soft, smooth plastic material had a faint, pleasant odor. I was surprised at how large the pants seemed until I realized that the plastic didn’t have any stretch to it, so the pants had to be big enough to cover me, with the elastic at the waist and legs to make them fit and hold them in place. The seller’s website had recommended that the new items should be washed before wearing for the first time, so I washed them in the sink with a little soap and warm water. I decided they’d dry faster if I hung them upside down by one of the legs. I thought to myself, “That’s the way Ted’s plastic pants were hanging when I saw them.” 

 They weren’t dry yet at bedtime so the next morning I folded them and put them in my underwear drawer. That night we got ready for bed, and as I undressed I realized that I was a little bit nervous, because this would be the first night I hadn’t slept nude or in underpants since I was in junior high school. And of course Carol was watching, or at least I felt that way although she was doing her normal bedtime routine. I took one of the plastic pants out of the drawer, made sure they were turned right, put my feet through the leg holes, and pulled them up my legs into their place around my middle. When I got into bed the first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t feel the sheet against my plastic-covered butt, or against my penis and scrotum. I could feel the elastics around my waist, and I noticed how warm and soft the smooth plastic was. I did feel quite self-conscious though, and it seemed to take a long time to get to sleep. I hoped that I’d soon be able to fall asleep, and that was the last thing I remembered until the alarm went off in the morning. Carol reached over, patted my ass, and said, “Get up, sleepyhead - oh, that feels smooth…”

 When I showered, I took the plastic pants into the shower and rinsed them off. There had been a little sweat in the front of them, but not as much as I thought there would be. I hung them on the shower caddy, and we both went about our day. That night I still felt a bit self-conscious when I put them on, but once in bed I found myself relaxing, and fell asleep quite readily. The next morning I woke up feeling quite relaxed and ready to get up and go. This continued for the next couple of weeks, and I started to get over being nervous about putting the plastic pants on at night. One thing I noticed is that my plastic pants slide easily on the sheets when I turn over and don't tend to bind like regular underwear does.

One Saturday a couple of months later when I brought in the mail there was a package addressed to Carol from the same seller that I’d bought my plastic pants from. I took it into her sewing room and handed it to her. “Look what came in the mail today….” She took the package and said, “Bob, I’d been planning to surprise you. You really have been sleeping so well lately that I thought I’d try getting some plastic panties too. I was looking through that website you bought your pants from and saw that they had some really cute bikini-cut plastic panties, so I got some pink ones to wear.” “Oh, yours are panties but mine are just pants then…” “Yes, that’s how it is, dear.” So that night when we were getting ready for bed she was the one who was a bit nervous. When she had put her pink plastic panties on for the first time, she turned and looked at herself in the mirror and said “How do you think I look?” I’d figured that I was going to reassure her that she looked great no matter what, but when she stood there in front of the mirror in that pink plastic bikini she did look just fine. “You look so fine in that….” I walked over to her and caressed her ass and “…you feel so fine too!” Well, as it turned out it was a while before we got to sleep that night, me in my clear pants and her in her pink bikini panties.

 Chapter 3

 It wasn’t very long after that night that I realized one Sunday morning that Carol was wearing her plastic panties under her bathrobe. I asked her if she was just wearing them until she showered. She said, “Yes, probably…”, and it turned out that this was what she did. The only thing was, she didn’t shower until almost noon. Another day when we were getting ready to go to dinner and a movie I saw her change into her plastic panties. At dinner I said, “You really like to wear your plastic panties, don’t you?” She grinned, “What was your first clue?” Then she continued, “Yes, I really do. I love the way they feel on me, and they give me a really neat, kind of a secure feeling. Also, I like that you think I look foxy in them.” Then she went on to tell me that when I originally asked her about me wearing plastic pants to bed, she had already been thinking about plastic pants, because the subject had come up for discussion when she was having coffee with three of her friends. They had been talking about when they were kids, and one of them said that the people next door had kids that were bedwetters, and they often had plastic pants and diapers hanging on their clothesline. The two girls wore diapers and plastic pants until they were 12, and the boy was still wearing them at 15. The mother had told her once that she had also worn plastic pants and diapers for bedwetting until she was in junior high school. Another one said that her father-in-law had had a fetish for plastic pants and had worn them often. He hadn’t ever said anything about it but she’d found out from her mother-in-law. The third lady remembered that her mother had worn plastic pants when she had her period. So Carol felt a little weird that she was the only one of the four without any plastic pants story to tell. I said, “I wonder how many other people are wearing plastic pants. It seems that there are all kinds of reasons for people to wear them, doesn’t it?” 

 “Yes, it certainly does. I wonder why we haven’t heard very much about people wearing them to bed just for the relaxing comfort they give.” 

 “Maybe it’s because they feel weird talking about them. Lots of people wore them as babies, but everybody thought they were just for babies, and big kids didn’t need them anymore.”

 “Hey, look at the time - we’d better get going to the show.”

 Chapter 4

 Now it’s a year later and things are going well. We’re both still wearing our plastic pants - or panties - to bed and sleeping very well indeed. Last time I bought more clear plastic pants for myself, I also got some pink and some red bikini plastic panties that I’m going to give Carol for her birthday. She likes wearing her pink plastic panties sometimes during the day as well as to bed. On some of the really warm days last summer she would just wear them and a bra or bikini top. Sometimes when we get ready for bed I see that she already has her plastic panties on. I haven’t really thought about wearing mine at other times - I’m saving mine to wear to bed. We’ve both talked a little bit about them to some people we know, but I don’t know if any of them have started wearing plastic pants to bed. Ted and I talk about them from time to time and he’s still wearing his every night. In a way it’s just a small thing, but on the other hand most people think it’s kind of a big deal to change what they wear to bed. We are so happy that we discovered this method of improving our sleep that we don’t mind talking about it, and bringing into the mainstream the idea that wearing plastic pants to bed helps people sleep better.


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I'm an older man who has discovered how relaxing it can be to sleep in plastic pants with nothing on underneath; under pyjamas or a nightshirt if extra warmth is required. I'm at an age I need to get up 3 times a night to empty my bladder and always dribble slightly afterwards so as well as relaxing me my plastic pants serve to catch any dribbling and prevent it soiling my bedding. I also find plastic pants relax me by daytime when I wear them under my normal clothing. So easy to clean, just get in the shower in them, pulling at the waisband to allow the shower water to enter then hang them on the showerhead after to drip dry. Its worth paying for quality as I find cheap plastic pants not only harsh on the skin but also they soon split at the seams. A good make will last indefinitely; I've some I've worn most days for several years. An alternative to plastic pants is plastic bloomers which give you greater plastic coverage so even more of that comfortable relaxed feeling.

I live and sleep alone so my plastic pants are all the more of a comfort for that reason. I couldn't do without them.

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That was rather informative. I wear plastic pants over cloth diapers most every night. I wave also worn them over disposable diapers. I do find that during the day when i am wearing plastic pants over a disposable diaper i do

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I just looked through this story again and made a couple of minor changes. It seems to be getting read (or re-read) to some extent. Of course if you google "sleeping in plastic pants" it's first on the list because that's the title, but I've noticed that it will pop up fairly quickly in other google searches related to plastic pants, so i suspect a good part of its readers are coming from google rather than from inside DD.

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On 6/22/2017 at 9:56 AM, vvp39 said:

I just looked through this story again and made a couple of minor changes. It seems to be getting read (or re-read) to some extent. Of course if you google "sleeping in plastic pants" it's first on the list because that's the title, but I've noticed that it will pop up fairly quickly in other google searches related to plastic pants, so i suspect a good part of its readers are coming from google rather than from inside DD.

I much enjoyed your story and this made me join DD. I like wearing Gerber 2T-3T plastic pants occasionally (no diapers) as I find it arousing. The longest period of time I wore them so far is 4 hours and there was a build-up of humidity from sweat, but tolerable. (I had to remove the pants because sexual play was over.) No skin rash or anything even though I did not use baby powder. I wonder if I could sleep 8+ hours in them without risk, though, but it is apparent that you can and do. What would you estimate to be the longest non-stop period of time that they can be worn before there is a risk of skin problems ? Thanks in advance for your or anyone else's reply!

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Well, I'll start by saying that I wear more plastic and wear it more often than any of the characters in my story. I've slept in plastic panties every night for ten years, and on some cooler nights in the winter I'll wear a plastic romper or even a plastic dress over them. I'm quite likely to be wearing some sort of plastic outfit if I'm home by myself, which is most of the time since I live alone. I've corresponded online with guys who wear plastic pants 24/365, and they've all said that after about three weeks of this, they experience

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Wow! This answers my question (how long non-stop) beyond any expectation I had. I trust you when you say that some can wear plastics 24/365 and that after three weeks, perspiration stops or becomes vanishingly little. I'd love to meet other plastic lovers online, yet I'm already extremely grateful to you for all the information you kindly provided!

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I adore wearing plastic pants in bed, also sometimes with a plastic romper and plastic pants underneath - they are so wonderfully sensual!  Then slipping on a soft translucent plastic mac before getting into bed with a large plastic sheet makes it for me.  It not long before my plastic pants are delightfully wet and I can drift off to sleep knowing I am safe in all the layers of plastic...

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  • 10 months later...

Wearing plastic pants is the MOST sensual feeling I've had in my life!!  I was attracted to plastic as a child, and still use them in my sexual play.  The feel of them makes me cum, I love everything about the feel, the sight, the aroma, and the look.  I love to see my cock enclosed in plastic.   

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