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Just put one on. VERY soft and comfortable. Nice size pad with a rounded top that extends out towards the side. Makes a nice pouch around my crotch so I expect it to absorb quickly. Tapes have that little stretch section of premium baby diapers. Very nice.

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Yes.  These are an excellent breathable diaper and very comfortable.  The waist stretches less than most other cloth-like shell diapers.  They have all the usual features found in a quality diaper - standing leak guards, refastenable tapes, wetness indicators, front and rear waistbands.  Maximum absorbency is an ISO rating of 4,000 ml (135 oz.). The useable capacity is listed as 86 oz. As I am well hydrated and a heavy wetter I usually add a small booster pad to them.  

I am double incontinent and wear these for need along with my plastic-shelled diapers such as Better Dry.  I definitely can recommend them.

You can purchase them from Walmart (online) but at a very good price from LL Medico or XP Medical.

I hope this helps.


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