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bloom    2

Hey All,


What are your go-to sites for pictures, videos and stories? (OTHER THAN DD OF COURSE, WHICH IS #1in my book :drive1: )


Anyways, thought it would be nice for everyone to share for the good of all!


DD moderators -- hope this is OK to post!



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MxDL    0

For stories, aside from this site, I like www.toiletstool.com (although not exclusively ABDL, there are certainly diaper stories in there if you keep looking) and www.bedwettingabdl.com


Pics: diaperedanime.com, imagefap.com has a good selection of diaper photos, tehthul.net, omuchan.com, shanachan.org/fetish and gurochan are all pretty good as well.


abdlvids is the only really good vids site I personally know of, but I'm always on the lookout for others.

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Dubious    125


its french, but it has a massive collection of pictures

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Zander    121

I appreciate this will be a somewhat unpopular view, but...


There are loads of 'professional' sites out there that have good quality content. The Links section of this site links to a good number of sites, most of which update at least one per week, sometimes two or three times.


I think that good work should be rewarded and if you're into this kind of thing (and thus want it to be made), then you should encourage there to be a market for it by signing up (paying!) for a site which produces the kind of content you want. Everyone here is over 18, so practically all of us can get/use a credit card to subscribe if they really wanted to. If no one is willing to pay for this stuff then good quality, well produced content of this kind will be by far the exception to the norm. If you're buying diapers and aren't incontinent, then clearly you're already wiling to pay for this hobby/fetish/kink/personality-quirk/whatever, so the argument that you wouldn't spend money on this stuff shouldn't/doesn't fly.


Practically all the worth-looking-at content that appears on the sites mentioned above is either previews / ads from pay-site produced content or has been stolen from those sites and re-posted without permission. Of course there are exceptions to this (e.g. furry/anime stuff tends to be more "open" and gets posted to places like DeviantArt and "amateur but realistic" stuff tends to get posted to reddit/imgur and Tumblr every now and again), but generally its pretty low quality, low quantity stuff.


Even if you don't keep a subscription running all the time (e.g. you only subscribe for a few months a year) and/or you change between sites say, every 6 months or so, you'll generally get much better quality content and encourage the market to continue to produce this kind of material by virtue of the fact you create a proper market for it. 


If you're looking for good ABDL porn pics/vids/stories/etc., how about supporting those people who are trying to make a living by creating it?

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I'm not opposed to paying for the kind of content I'm interested in Zander, but I am extremely paranoid about giving my credit card information out to anyone online. If I found sites that would accept concealed cash, I'd definitely consider signing up for them. I know I'd have to give them an address if I wanted to buy a DVD or something, but I'd be much more comfortable if I only had to do that for shipping purposes.


The "content I'm interested in" part is another issue. Few AB/DL sites ever have models that use/can fit into baby diapers/Pull-Ups/GoodNites etc. Also, the ones that do seem to limit their baby diaper usage to Pampers only, and I'm not really into Pampers the way that I'm into Huggies. (I know others will feel differently, but I've just never been a big fan of Pampers.) I've also realized that I like seeing a lot of used diapers worked into the kind of pictures/videos I watch, and I doubt any professional model would ever do the kind of shoot I'm interested in unless she was an AB/DL with a similar fetish herself. If I didn't think my girlfriend would kill me for it, I'd even consider trying to start a paysite with the kind of content that I like. (She has no problem with what I'm into, but I could definitely see her having a problem with me working with adult entertainers.)




My real problem is with giving out my credit card info, I don't even like having it on file with sites like Amazon.

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