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Care Down There :: Important Announcement Regarding Dry 24/7 In Canada

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CDTMS    5

As posted on our online store...

Greetings everyone,

First off, let us thank all of our customers from the past year. We have been happy to serve you as best we can. However, the time has come to move on to other ventures.

As most of our clients are already aware, B4NS has a stellar reputation of providing top quality products with superior service for almost a decade, and, as such, we have chosen to turn our Dry 24/7 distribution over to Philippe at B4NS.

Dry 24/7 Medium sized stock is now available for immediate order on the B4NS website, located here.

Dry 24/7 Large sized stock continues to be available in extremely limited quantities on a first come, first served basis through the Care Down There online store. When this stock is depleted, we will close our doors.

B4NS is expected to carry Large sized stock in the future, so keep an eye on the B4NS.com online store.

Again, we thank you all for your patronage, and I know you will be in good hands with B4NS for your future needs.

Care Down There

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glycerine    21

It's wise business sense to know when to close the shop down. It's never easy, and it's often painful.

Good luck...and thanks for serving the community.

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drynot    136

Well that's too bad. Its always a bummer when a retailer shuts down and especially hard to take when its a good Canadian retailer supplying a great product.

Don't get me wrong. I like dealing with B4NS and I've been really satisfied with their service but it is always nice to have a few other options.

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Necros    36

I really appreciated the good products you sold O:!

Annoying thing is that Philippe will only stock permanently the dry24/7s if and only if they sell good. So there is a slight chance we may loose both suppliers at once if the demand isn't strong enough ! D:

I for one don't have a lot of cash on hand being a student and all but if i had i would buy dry24/7 almost every month ... that's how awesome they are. Sucks.

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dprdaveyk    24

Like mentioned above I'm curious to see how long they will be available. Seems as though b4ns has been out of stock on the bambinos for a very long time and out of abus for a while too. I seriously think the same thing will happen with the dry 24/7 :(

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