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Summer'S Vacation

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Guest clinediap

Chapter Eight

"My, my, you're a wet little thing, aren't you?" Heather cooed, making Summer squirm and blush as the other girl stared down at her while her mother walked away, having disregarded the muffled protests that had caused the latest deluge on her bib, not understanding Summer's pleading not to hire this girl as her and Valerie's babysitter. Summer could see the sudsy saliva collecting in the pocket at the bottom of her bib, though she had to admit it was better to have it there than soaking into her shirt. "Are your little panties wet, too?"

Valerie giggled at that, shaking her head. "She doesn't wear panties anymore," she announced, reaching out for Summer's shorts again. Now knowing that her little sister had no problem with the idea of pulling her pants down in public, Summer reached down as well, only to have her own hands slapped away, much to her surprise and dismay. It wasn't enough to hurt, just to make her pull away long enough for her shorts to be tugged down.

"How adorable!" Heather gushed, bending down a little. "Oh, my little two year old sister has those same Pull-Ups! But they look even more adorable on you." Summer bashfully pulled her shorts back up, staring down at the floor to avoid having to see the other girl's predatory grin. Suddenly, she felt herself being spun around, then let out a tiny gasp at the feeling of the back of her shorts, and her Pull-Up, being tugged backwards. She was being checked, like a toddler! She was mortified.

Her pants were let go, snapping back into place as Heather gave her a pat on her sore behind, just hard enough to make her wince a bit. "Since I know you're still not quite potty trained, I have to check you," she explained, though Summer, still pacified, obviously hadn't questioned it. "Good job staying dry! Though it looks like you've been quite the naughty little girl, haven't you?"

Summer blushed again, as Heather grinned and Valerie, confused by that, went back to looking at dance clothes. Heather, satisfied that she had humiliated Summer enough for the moment, went to join her. Summer watched them, feeling slightly sick to her stomach. Just that morning, she'd been a normal young woman, an older sister... Now she was the baby of the family, in training pants, silenced, dominated, helpless to stop any of it.

She stared at Heather as the girl talked to her little sister, marveling at how much taller she seemed now than when they'd been in school together. Heather was a year younger than her - she was a senior in high school now - but she was built like the dancer she was, with long legs, while Summer had gotten started in cheerleading because she'd been told her petite frame would be a big benefit. But dressed like a toddler, with the Powerpuff Girls, rather than the team name, emblazoned across her shirt, and without the authority that came from being head cheerleader, their size difference seemed bigger than ever. She really did feel like this girl could be her babysitter, and that wouldn't be so absurd. Except, of course, that she knew she didn't need a babysitter, not to mention that she was older.

Finally, Heather seemed satisfied, and came back around to collect her, grabbing her hand and leading her to the checkout counter, letting Valerie carry their purchases. Heather paid for them with the money their mother had given her, then, still in line, loudly asked Summer if she needed to go potty. Summer blushed, feeling like the cashier, and everyone waiting behind them, was staring at her, but she nodded anyway. She didn't have to go that bad, but it was enough that she'd rather not wait, in case Heather decided to take a random detour on their way home.

"Good girl," Heather smiled down at her, patting her head, then taking the bags and handing them to Val. The three of them walked over to the bathroom, where, to her horror, Summer watched Valerie sit down on the bench outside.

She mumbled a request, then, when that had no effect, broke free of Heather's grip and ran over to Valerie, tugging on her arm. "It's all right," her younger sister giggled at her desperation. "Heather won't let anything happen to you. I don't have to go. I just went at the last store, remember?"

Heather grabbed her hand again and started dragging her towards the bathroom, as she shook her head, deciding it would be better to wait after all. "You just told me you had to go," Heather reminded her. "Did you already have an accident?" Summer shook her head, but of course Heather had to check her anyway, turning Summer's cheeks bright red as she felt a pair of invading fingers wriggle their way into the leghole of her Pull-Up. "Well, let's get inside before you do," she said, tugging at Summer's hand again, and then, when she still resisted, she bent down and scooped the girl up.

Summer let out a gasp, too surprised at Heather's strength to try to wriggle free until she had been carted into the bathroom and set down. "I'm sure you know what to do from here," Heather told her, patting her bottom roughly again before vanishing into a stall.

Summer looked around nervously, wondering when it would start, what the spell would do to her this time. Everything seemed normal, the hand dryer staying shut off, her pacifier staying firmly in her mouth, nothing flying about. Perhaps she was wrong, and, despite what the woman had said, it wasn't Valerie specifically that had to be in there with her. She let out a sigh of relief, one that was cut short as her gaze moved towards the sinks a final time.

She was standing there, in the reflection, but, to her delight, she was wearing her normal clothes, the jeans and shorts she had put on before her outfit had transformed itself. There was no bulge beneath her pants, no pacifier in her mouth, no sign that any of the weird events of that day had taken place. Even though she could still feel her Pull-Up, and taste the soap of my pacifier, she still found herself staring down at herself, hoping to see the same thing there as in the mirror. She was quite disappointed.

When she stared back up at the mirror, it had changed again, this time revealing her sitting there, on the floor, naked except for a diaper - not a Pull-Up, a diaper, one with the white and purple color of a Pamper, Elmo displayed across the front, though this diaper was far thicker than any real Pamper ever was, leaving the her in the mirror unable to press her legs together at all.

There was a sudden rush of vertigo as the whole room seemed to jerk upwards. She felt as if she were falling, except at the same time she noticed that, she had already hit the ground. And there she was, sitting on the floor, diapered. Her eyes went wide as she stared down at the thick garment around her waist. It was thick, stiff... She touched it experimentally with one hand, but could barely feel the pressure beneath, no matter how hard she pressed. She tried to stand, and then just to press her legs together, but the diaper kept her as she was, legs open.

It was then that she noticed the wet feeling on her chest, realizing that she'd been drooling the whole time, even though there was no pacifier in her mouth. Her attempts at stopping it were as useless as trying to stand up.

She jumped as she heard the bathroom door open, turning to see Valerie stride in, looking around, and then down at her, shaking her head. "What are you doing in here?" Valerie demanded. "I've been looking all over for you!" Summer stared up at her, dumbly, unsure if she could have spoken even if she'd have known what to say.. "Why would you even come in here? It's not like you even know what to do here..."

As her sister spoke, Summer began to squirm, feeling a sudden fullness in her belly. By the time she recognized it, to her horror, her body had begun to lift itself up off the floor, only slightly, but enough that she could feel a rush of warm mush flowing out into her diaper. She fidgeted, trying to fight it, trying to do anything, but her body was determined to finish. Her face went red, from humiliation and strain, as the backside of her diaper ballooned outward, much to Valerie's delight.

At last, it stopped, and, exhausted, she sat back down, wrinkling her nose as her bottom sank into the mess, squishing it beneath her. "See?" Valerie said, smiling. "That's all you know how to do. Now come on, we need to go home." Summer tried again to stand, but the extra bulk of her accident made it even more impossible, and, finally, she simply leaned forward, getting onto her hands and knees to crawl. She wanted to ask for a change, so she wouldn't have to go home like this, but all that came out was cooing and gooing.

"You're such a good girl," Valerie praised her, patting her bulging diaper gently."Aren't things so much better this way? I've always wanted a baby sister, but the problem with them is that they always grow up... But you won't have that problem, will you? You'll be my little baby Summer forever."

Summer jumped as she felt someone tapping her shoulder, then stumbled forward as the world shifted again, and she found herself standing in the middle of the bathroom, still in her shorts and shirt, and just a Pull-Up, which she'd never have imagined she'd be so grateful for. In the corner of the mirror, she could see the other her crawling out the bathroom door and then vanishing before the reflections shimmered, returning to showing a normal version of their surroundings, showing Heather standing behind her. The spectacle, and the memory of the feeling of her dirty diaper, had made Summer feel a little sick to her stomach, its message clear - This could be your future. Or maybe it already was.

Before she could think too much about which it was, Heather asked, "What are you doing? You have to go into the stall. That's where the potties are." Heather grabbed her shoulders, pushing her away from the mirrors and into one of the stalls. Summer stood there for a moment, shaking, before finally starting to slip her shorts down her legs, but only after Heather told her, "It doesn't count as using the potty if you're still in your Pull-Up when you go."

She stared down at the Pull-Up between her legs, waiting to see if the bathroom was going to do anything else horrible to her. When everything stayed calm for a moment, she reached down for the waistband of the undergarment to tug it down, relieved that she'd actually be able to use the bathroom like a grown-up, especially after what she'd just experienced.

The Pull-Up wouldn't budge. She pulled down again, but it was just as useless, and this time, she felt something writhing around her legs. She whimpered as she looked down, seeing her shorts twitching and moving their way closer to her feet. When they got there, they twisted and turned for a moment, like a snake she'd stepped on, and then jerked backwards, sending her falling to her knees.

"What are you doing in there?" Heather demanded. Summer couldn't answer, couldn't do anything but kneel there, watching as her shorts floated upwards, hardly noticing her bib turning itself around on her neck. The shorts dangled above her head for a moment, then made their way over the toilet. She reached up for them, having a good idea what was about to happen, trying to catch them before they plummeted downward.

She didn't manage to, however, because at the moment they fell, she was distracted by the feeling of the back of her Pull-Up tugging itself outward, followed by something wet being poured into it. She jumped, squirming, grabbed for the shorts a second too late, then reached back to try to clamp her Pull-Ups closed, right after her bib had been emptied completely, and began to spin back around to its rightful spot.

"What is going on in there?" Heather asked, banging on the door of the stall now. Summer quickly got up, wiggling her bottom slightly, feeling the new dampness in her Pull-Up, then grabbed for her shorts, pulling them out of the toilet just as the door burst open. "What are you doing?! Why are... What did...?" Heather was speechless, at least until Summer turned to face her. Then she grinned, reaching down, cupping the crotch of the Pull-Up in her hand and pressing up. "Just what I thought," she announced. "You couldn't make it, could you? You were already going when you tried to take off your Pull-Up, and you got your shorts wet, so you thought you'd act like you somehow dropped them in the toilet. How dumb do you think I am?"

Summer tried to argue that this wasn't, at all, what had happened, but, of course, just wound up with a soapy mouth. "And look, your flowers are all faded." Summer looked down, a bit dismayed to see that the designs on her Pull-Up had, indeed, turned fuzzy from the wetness inside. "My sister's kept her flowers for almost a whole week... And look at you. When did you get those, again?" Even though she knew it hadn't been her fault, Summer couldn't help but blush. "Jeez, how did you make it through your little halftime routine without peeing your pants? Or did you wear a diaper under your uniform?"

Heather left her standing there, sniffling, as she walked out of the bathroom, only to return with an empty plastic bag, taking Summer's shorts from her and dropping them inside. "Go wash your hands," she instructed, pointing to the sinks. Summer walked over to them, defeated, the wet padding giving her Pull-Ups extra bulk, making her waddle a little more. She reached up to the soap dispenser and pressed it, but none came out. Furrowing her brow, she tried again and again before moving to another. She could see that they were both full, but nothing was happening. Or so she thought.

"Hurry up!" Heather told her impatiently. She began pressing the plunger faster, only then noticing that the pacifier in her mouth was growing ever so slightly larger with each pump. She stopped immediately, blushing, and went about washing her hands with just water, annoyed and embarrassed that she'd just partially refilled her pacifier on her own, even if she hadn't known what she was doing.

Heather took her hand as she came toddling over and led her towards the door. Summer grumbled wetly, shaking her head, not wanting to go out with no pants, but Heather was tired of her, and picked her up again, carrying her out. Her cheeks burned as bright a red as the skin peeking out from beneath her Pull-Up as she hid her face, then closed her eyes, praying nobody else she knew was around, while Heather carried her outside, Valerie walking beside them, listening as she was told how her older sister had supposedly wet her training pants.

Summer was surprised when, after they finally stopped and she heard the car being unlocked and a door opening, she was set down, not on a regular seat, but hard plastic one. It was covered in worn cloth padding, but not enough to disguise, even before she opened her eyes, that this was a carseat. She opened her eyes in time to see Heather adjusting the straps, then pulling them into place, snapping them all into place, leaving her held to her new seat by her shoulders and hips, with a final strap pressing the damp material of her Pull-Up up against her crotch a little more tightly than she really thought it should be.

It took her a moment beyond that to realize that there should be no way she should fit into a child's car seat - but then, she shouldn't have fit into that Pull-Up, either. She squirmed as much as she could, tied into place as she was, then, as Heather closed the door and started to get into the driver's seat, reached for the buckle. It was no real surprise that it didn't respond to her touch, but it was a disappointment all the same. Frustrated, she tugged at the straps, then, when that didn't help either, broke down into tears.

"What's wrong?" Valerie asked, turning around in her seat.

"Oh, she's fine," Heather told her, turning on the car. "She's just cranky. We'll get her home, into a fresh Pull-Up, and put her down for a nap, and then she'll be all better."

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Wow, Bravo! Yet again well Done Clinediap. I wonder if Heather was rushing Summer in order to discover the Ordeal that Summer is going through. Please indeed do Continue this Story, I am enjoying it very Much!

Rockies Fan. Go Rockies in 2011!:D

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Yes continue this it great i love the way the plot twisting ever time i read it.

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Great story, I like the way Summer keeps seeing glimpses of her “future†and her gradual decline to baby sister. Perhaps Summer could have a few more of her friends baby sit her?

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Final Catastrophe is approaching fast & lethal and feels... bulky, with the pleasurable, oblivious scent of Pampers and "accidental" fresh pee. Soon, no more potty for little Summy :)

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Guest clinediap

Chapter Nine

The ride back home was far less pleasant than the one to the store had been, the combination of the damp padding of her Pull-Up, the much harder seat beneath her giving little relief to her aching bottle, and her soapy pacifier, somewhat deflated inside her mouth now, yet still full enough to keep her drooling, making it an experience she didn't much want to repeat. It didn't help that, as was inevitable with the passing of time, her bladder was beginning to feel full. The idea of actually going to the bathroom in a Pull-Up was so strange, so gross, yet she wasn't sure that there was anything she could do to stop it, just postpone it as much as she could.

After what felt like an eternity, Heather pulled her car into the empty driveway of Summer's house, then, as Valerie got their bags out of the back seat, unbuckled the straps holding Summer in place. Summer hopped down gratefully, feeling her Pull-Up sagging beneath her, but, at least for a moment, she didn't care about that - she was just glad it wasn't being held against her so tightly. As soon as that moment passed, however, she realized she was standing in the driveway, where anyone could see her, in just a shirt and Pull-Up.

Blushing, she scampered up to the front door, cupping her padded bottom with both hands, hoping that would be enough to keep anyone from seeing what she had on. "Come on," she urged Valerie impatiently as her little sister fumbled with the bags while trying to dig through her pockets for the key. Summer had brought hers, too, of course, but it had been in the pair of jeans she'd originally put on. Once those had changed to shorts, her keyring had apparently vanished, taking her house key with it, along with the keys to her car.

Her car! She turned, staring at the driveway, blushing a split second too late and moving her hands in front of her. There were no cars there, other than the one they'd just arrived in... But shouldn't hers have been there? She thought back, but she didn't remember seeing it there when they'd left... But, then, had she seen it there that morning, when she'd gone over to confront the old woman about the baseball? She wracked her brain, trying to remember if she'd seen her car or not... And then, after some consideration, she tried to remember just what her car looked like to begin with, but it was all just a blank.

She did have a car, didn't she? She couldn't recall her mother or Donald coming to pick her up for spring break. But, then, thinking back, she didn't quite remember driving herself, either. But she had to have done one or the other. Either way, she knew that she really should know whether she had a car or not, and yet she didn't, no matter how hard she thought about it, and that lack of knowledge gave her a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, a nasty taste in her mouth, besides the soap. Hadn't her mom asked her to take Valerie training bra shopping? She'd done that, sort of, but she thought the initial request, back before this whole mess had started, had seemed more like she was meant to do so on her own...

"Are you going to stand out here all day?" Heather asked, snapping her out of her daze. Summer blinked, looking around to see the front door open and Valerie inside, setting her bags by one already sitting on the floor, filled with a package of Pull-Ups - her mom must have dropped them off on the way back to the office. Heather was still standing outside, waiting expectantly on the other side of the door as Summer, who quickly made her way inside, blushing.

"Hey," Heather said as she also came inside, grabbing Summer's arm before she could make her way to her room. Summer turned her head, only to find that she was talking to Valerie. "How would you like to learn to be a babysitter?"

"That'd be great!" Valerie exclaimed. "Until my daddy got remarried, I was an only child, and until... Well, this..." Summer blushed again, squirming in Heather's tight grip, not liking that reference. "...I was the youngest. So I don't really know any of that kinda stuff... But I'm almost old enough to be a babysitter, right?"

"Sure!" Heather agreed, as Summer scoffed behind her pacifier, unable to imagine anyone even thinking of hiring Valerie for many years. "You can make tons of money at it, if you're good! And it's never too early to start learning! Now, she..." she said, swinging Summer around, putting her in between herself and Val, "is wet. She didn't quite make it to the potty in time. You can tell from the way she's fidgeting, like she's got ants down those cute little panties of hers, and not just pee-pee." She patted the back of Summer's Pull-Up roughly, making it difficult for her to keep still, as she'd resolved to do after having her squirming pointed out.

Valerie nodded, taking it all in. "Also," Heather went on, "you can see how her Pull-Up droops in the middle, there, where the padding is all matted and wet. And, of course, on these, you can see that the flowers on the outside are all faded, or gone, but you won't always have those. More mature kids will tell you when they need a change, but babies like her won't, so you have to keep an eye out for stuff like that, or else they'll wind up with diaper rash, and then the parents will get mad at you."

"Makes sense," Val said sagely.

"Why don't you go ahead and change her? It's very easy... The sides of her Pull-Up rip, so you can just grab them and tear them apart. Go on." Summer gave a muffled, wet protest, one that only accomplished having Heather tighten her grip. She looked down in horror as her little sister walked closer to her, hands moving to the side of her underwear that, humiliating as it was, was still better than being seen naked.

"Like this?" Val held the Pull-Up between her hands, as Heather nodded and Summer shook her head. For a moment, Summer thought she had gotten through to her step-sister, and then there was a rip, and she could feel a rush of cool air on her skin. Val quickly moved to the other side, ripping it as well now that she'd gotten the hang of it, and then tugged the Pull-Up away, leaving Summer mortified and half nude, wishing she could vanish, or just die, as she heard Heather chuckling. It wasn't until she dared to look down that she realized what had tickled the other girl so, her eyes going wide as she looked down at her bald crotch. It didn't even look as if it had been shaved, just that there had never been any hair there to begin with. "What's so funny?" Valerie asked as she returned from throwing the Pull-Up away, not liking being left out of the fun.

"Oh, nothing," Heather shook her head. "I just remembered a joke somebody told me the other day... Anyway, now you need to clean her up."

"Okay!" Valerie chirped, going to the bag with the Pull-Ups and taking out a tub of baby wipes. "With these, right?" Summer blinked, staring at the wipes. She didn't remember her mom picking those up... But, then, maybe she'd just been distracted by humiliating it all was... Before she could figure out what was going on, she was jumping and shivering at the cold touch of the wipe on her sensitive flesh.

"Don't be afraid to really get in there," Heather encouraged. "You want to make sure she's nice and clean before you put her in a fresh diaper... I mean, Pull-Up..." Though she knew the difference was rather small, Summer was still annoyed by the slip-up, which, she realized when she looked up to see Heather's smirk, was the point. "You know, since we're putting her down for a nap, we might as well take this off, too," Heather said, then, before Summer could figure out what was going on, she felt Heather's hand moving from her arm, traveling to the bottom of her shirt.

"Upsy-daisy!" Heather called, yanking the shirt up and off Summer's body before she could stop her, tossing it to the floor. The bib came off with it, leaving her in only her bra, but not for long. Summer's cheeks glowed red as she felt Heather undo that, as well, casting it aside, leaving her standing there, naked as the day she was born, sucking on her pacifier in horror and anger. She saw Heather raise her cell phone and leapt into action, trying to cover herself as much as possible, but Heather seemed satisfied with the shot she'd gotten anyway, smiling as she walked back around behind her. Summer jumped as she heard the phone's camera go off again, not having even thought about Heather caring to take a picture of her other side. "My, my," Heather teased, "you really were a naughty girl, weren't you?"

Summer found herself being spun around, her red bottom patted for emphasis. "You can always tell a kid's going to be a troublemaker if their backside looks like this," she lectured. "Of course, when they're your sibling, you don't really have a choice most of the time, and you just have to take care of them anyway." Summer was turned back around, arms moving back into place to shield as much as they could from view. "If you sit for a baby long enough, you can sometimes get a sense of their bathroom habits, and know when it's all right to let them run around without a diaper for a little while. It isn't something you should do too often, though, no matter how cute they look, toddling around like that." Summer shot Heather a dirty look, which the other girl just laughed at. "But with a baby like this, who you just can't trust, it's best to get them padded back up as soon as possible. So, if you would..."

Valerie nodded, scurrying back over to the bag of supplies and taking out a Pull-Up, opening it as she brought it back over. "You can just have her step into those," Heather suggested, "like big girl panties." Valerie spread them out, held them down at the floor, and Summer, sighing, let herself be put in them, glad for at least something to cover her, even if it did feel thick and bulky.

"Good job!" Heather praised Valerie, giving her a high five. "Now, take her up to her room and put her down for her nap." Valerie looked up at Heather, confused, for a moment, until the older girl grabbed Summer's hand, holding it out to her. Smiling, Valerie took it and started off through the house, up the stairs to Summer's bedroom, Heather following behind them, amused.

"I can help you with this part," Heather said once they'd gotten to the room, scooping up the surprised Summer and depositing her on the bed, pulling the blankets up over her and tucking them in tightly. "If the baby doesn't have a crib, you want to make sure they're in there nice and snug, so they won't fall out," she instructed. "Night-night, Summer," she smiled down at the girl, patting the front of the Pull-Up through the covers. "Don't let the bed-bugs bite. And try not to leak all over your nice sheets."

Valerie went over to the window, closing the heavy curtains to block out the sunlight, before making her way to her sister's bedside, kissing her forehead gently. "Have a nice nap!" she said cheerfully, then switched off the light and closed the door behind her, plunging the room, and Summer, into darkness.

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Guest diaperboykcmo

Hope she ends up in diapers. Not big kid underware, Boo pull-ups! Yeah diapers!!

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Guest clinediap

Chapter Ten

Summer gagged as she felt the soap draining from her pacifier make its way down her throat, courtesy of her position on her back. She tried to spit it back up, and then to turn her head to give the sudsy saliva somewhere to go to, besides further into her body, but as she'd been concerned with that, she hadn't noticed her blankets slithering further up her naked body, settling up to her chin, holding her in place.

She tried to thrash and squirm her way free, but the blankets wouldn't so much as budge, leaving her trapped in one place, with no choice but to swallow the contents of her pacifier, no matter how disgusting they tasted. Luckily for her, it had been nearly drained before she was put to bed, so, before long, she was finished. Now, however, she had nothing to occupy herself with besides staring up into the darkness surrounding her in her room, so, despite herself, she soon fell asleep.

The next thing she knew, she was feeling the confining pressure of the blankets being tossed away a moment before her light was turned on, leaving her blinking and disoriented. "Look at that!" Heather was declaring, staring down at her. "You actually kept yourself dry all the way through your nap! I'm surprised! Maybe you're almost ready to be a big girl after all." Her eyes moved up Summer's body, though Summer wasn't sure exactly where they'd wound up until she said, "Well, maybe not that big," which left her sputtering and blushing, raising her arms to hide her breasts. They weren't huge, but she didn't think they'd qualify as small, either, but the implication that they were still stung, whether it was true or not.

Of course, she should have known better than to show just how much it hurt. Heather grinned down at her, grabbing her arms and pushing them aside. "Oh, don't worry... There's nothing worth hiding there," she said, then grabbed Summer and picked her up, carrying her to the living room, where Valerie was watching TV. "Look who's up!" she announcing, plopping her load down on the floor. When Summer tried to get up to sit on the couch, she found herself picked right back up and put in the same spot. "If a baby isn't potty trained yet, you really shouldn't let them on the furniture," she told Valerie. "No matter how hard you try to keep an eye on them, they'll always choose the worst possible time to spring a leak and get everything all wet."

Valerie nodded and giggled, while Summer sulked. She was glad her pacifier had run out of soap, at last, but she was still unable to take it out to speak, leaving her unable to point out that she was potty trained. "Hey," Val said once she was done being tickled at that, staring over at her sister thoughtfully. "Should we get her dressed?"

Heather shrugged. "We can if you want. She's just a baby, so it's okay for her to run around like that, but if you want, you can dress her up."

Summer never thought she'd feel so grateful towards her step-sister. She'd been expecting to be dressed in nothing but a Pull-Up and pacifier for the rest of the day. Valerie hopped up and scurried off, as Heather also decided to get up, picking Summer up on her way into the kitchen. "We don't want you getting dehydrated, now do we?" she asked, setting the girl down in front of the sink as she began to rummage through the cupboards, finding a bottle rather quickly.

She went to the fridge, pulling the door open and looking through the contents before finding a jug of apple juice, which she grabbed, filling up the bottle before setting the jug on the counter. "Open up!" she said with a smile, reaching down to grab the pacifier. For a moment, Summer wondered how she would react when she found that it was stuck in her mouth, no matter how hard she tried to remove it. But when she got ahold of it, it popped right out, just the way it should, and Heather set it on the counter, next to the juice.

Summer took a deep breath, surprised at how good it felt after having her mouth held shut for so long, moving her jaw back and forth. It was such a relief, but it was also quite short-lived, as a moment later, Heather had shoved the bottle in there. Summer found her hands raising up to grab the bottle from her, one on each side. Just like with the pacifier, when she tried to pull it out of her mouth, it wouldn't budge.

The first mouthfuls tasted almost more like soap than apple juice, a taste she was all too familiar with. It became less pronounced as more and more of the liquid made its way around her mouth, rinsing it out, though the aftertaste never quite went away. Those mouthfuls came rather quickly, she thought, even more-so than she would have expected when coming from a baby bottle, at least until she realized how hard she was sucking on it. She tried to slow herself down, but it was no use.

"Somebody's thirsty," Heather teased, tapping the bottom of the bottle with her finger. "I guess you want those training pants of yours nice and soggy, huh?"

Summer glared at her from behind her bottle, only to find her attention drawn to something else. As she watched, her pacifier - so small looking now that it was empty - began to tremble and shake on the counter, before rolling off completely. Instead of falling to the ground, though, it froze in midair for a moment before floating away, towards the still open fridge.

Summer wanted to point it out, to show Heather, as much to make sure anyone else could see it, and she wasn't just going crazy, as to show that there was something going on her besides her supposed desire to be a kid again. But, occupied with sucking and swallowing, her mouth couldn't call out, and her hands wouldn't move from the bottle, as if they were glued there. When she tried to walk over to the fridge, to draw Heather's attention there that way, Heather just grabbed her, holding her in place.

"Stay here and finish," she commanded. Summer had little choice in the matter, especially the latter part, as her body seemed determined to make it happen, whether her mind wanted that or not. So, unable to stop it, she could only watch, eyes wide, as her pacifier made its way into the fridge, bobbing here and there before finding what it was looking for. It seemed to enchant the bottle, one Summer didn't recognize at first, until it began to float as well, turning so that she could see its label, which left her whimpering and whining in between gulps of juice.

That did nothing to stop what was going on, as the lid of the castor oil bottle unscrewed itself, moving aside so the pacifier could sit over top of the bottle. As one, they turned over, castor oil pouring into her pacifier and making it swell until it couldn't hold anymore. Silently, the bottle of castor oil went back to its place in the back of the fridge, lid screwing back on as it went, and the pacifier floated back to the counter, swollen, waiting for her.

"Good girl!" Heather praised her, making Summer notice that she had finally drained the bottle. Heather took it from her, just in time for Valerie to pop into the kitchen.

"There you guys are! I was looking for you!" she pouted.

"Sorry, hon," Heather shrugged. "I thought I should get Summer here a bottle. She was looking thirsty."

"Ooh!" Valerie's eyes lit up. "Can I feed it to her?"

Heather glanced down at Summer, smiling at the panicked look on her face. "Well, sure!"

"No!" Summer protested. "I not fiwsty!" She gasped as she heard herself speak, hands shooting to her mouth. What was wrong with her?!

"Isn't she cute?" Heather cooed. "She's just so into it!"

"Nooo," Summer complained, wishing she could get them to understand that she wasn't playing along, that this wasn't supposed to be happening.

"Don't worry," Heather told Valerie as she went about re-filling the bottle. "You can't trust kids about this stuff... You can't risk them getting dehydrated, so sometimes you just have to make them drink."

"Not baby!" Summer stomped her foot in frustration.

"Of course you're not," Heather said patronizingly. "You're wearing your Pull-Ups, just like the big kid you are. Here you go. Just pop it in." Heather handed the now full bottle to Valerie, who took it eagerly, advancing on the unhappy Summer.

"Vaw, no," she sniffled, backing away. Valerie took that opportunity to do as her teacher had told her, and, to her dismay, Summer's jaws began working right away, giving no regard to how full she was already feeling from that first bottle.

"See? I told you she was thirsty. She's just cranky. I thought the nap would fix it, but I guess that's just how she is." Heather patted Summer's head as she went about putting the juice back in the fridge before leaning against the counter, watching the show. She noticed the pacifier sitting there and smiled, picking it up and playing absentmindedly with it. When the second bottle was finally finished, leaving Summer feeling as if her back teeth were swimming in the stuff, Heather moved forward quickly, shoving the pacifier into her mouth. "That's why we use these," she explained. "To keep cranky babies quiet."

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Oh, poor Summer. She must have a very full bladder right now. But a good babysitter should bring her baby to the potty from times to times - not that this would help Summer with her special problem :)

Very good Story hunny!

I love it sooooo much!

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Wow what a twist and she does get a full bladder by now. However, if I remember the right castor oil will make you poop when you can't so I smell dirty diaper coming her way than the real diapers.

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Another magical chapter. Please continue soon.

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Another two excellent chapters, I love the way poor Summer is becoming more of a baby, the vacation could be very long with much more humiliation to come :crybaby:

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You write so well. I can't wait for what happens next.

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Guest clinediap

Chapter Eleven

Before she could stop herself, before realizing that it was already too late, Summer began to protest, to beg for mercy in her mangled voice, only to stop quickly as that produced a burst of castor oil in her mouth, enough to leave her wrinkling her nose at the foul taste, nearly gagging. She began to drool again, though this time she meant to do it, trying to push as much of the oil out around her pacifier as she possibly could, leaving the slick, clear stuff running down her chin rather than her throat, though there was still plenty of it getting in there, too.

"We'd better make sure to put her bib back on her," Heather said, taking a washcloth from the sink and wiping Summer's face. "Did you pick something out for her to wear?"

"Uh-huh!" Valerie nodded enthusiastically. "I thought she'd want to try on her new clothes!"

"Oh, that's a great idea!" Heather praised her. "Good thinking!"

Heather grabbed Summer's hand, leading the miserable girl out of the kitchen. The castor oil, being much thinner than the soap, was running out of her pacifier much faster, and there was no way for her to get rid of all of it. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, all the apple juice was making her feel very full and uncomfortable. She wasn't sure what she'd done to deserve all this, but she was more than willing to apologize profusely for it, swear never to do it, do whatever she had to in order to make up for it, if she could just talk.

Somewhat surprisingly to her, her misery did not go unnoticed. "What's wrong, Summer?" Valerie asked, sounding rather concerned as they got into the living room. Heather let go of her hand and turned to take a look at her, also noticing the sour, unhappy expression on her face.

Heather tugged out the back of the Pull-Up, then slipped two fingers into the crotch of it, just to be sure. Summer found herself squirming slightly, but, otherwise she was more bothered by how much she was getting used to this invasion of her privacy already, resigning herself to it, since, at the moment, there was nothing she could do about it. "Well, she hasn't had an accident," Heather said, "and she just had a bottle and a nap... Maybe she's just in a bad mood. Sometimes babies are just like that. You try and try to figure out what's wrong with them, but there just isn't anything. Don't worry about it. I'm sure she'll perk back up soon enough. Now, let's get busy!"

Summer groaned as the other two girls began to get things ready, squirming in place, pressing her fingers against her padded crotch as her overfull bladder spasmed. Reflexively, she bit into her pacifier as she fought to keep her body under control, sending a fresh wave of the disgusting oil into her tummy. Heather turned around first, grinning as she spotted Summer's position, but rather than saying anything about it, she firmly moved her hands aside, finishing right before Valerie could see them.

"Arms up," Heather commanded. Summer obeyed, not wanting any more trouble, staring upwards as she saw Heather starting to pull the Disney Princess training bra that had been bought for her down over her arms. She was sure that it wouldn't fit, that there was no way. At first, it was, indeed, a tight fit, though Heather just persisted through it, tugging it further and further down. "Almost done!" she declared as she finally managed to get it all the way down her arm. This was where Summer was positive it had to stop, as there was no way something like that, designed for flat-chested pre-teens, could fit on her.

And then Heather began to tug it down and over her breasts as she watched, horrified as the cloth seemed to grow, getting larger and larger until, finally, it was big enough, and Heather let it snap down into place. Summer let out an involuntary gasp as the thick cotton pressed down against her tightly. Her breasts pushed against it, but the training bra pushed back harder, compressing them down almost painfully, forcing the air out of her lungs. It took her a moment or two to feel as if she could breathe normally again, as she regained her composure, enough time for her to feel a small spurt of pee make its way into her Pull-Up, a dash of warmth and wetness around her crotch. She stared down fearfully at the feeling, squirming, glad to see that, while one of the flowers on her Pull-Up did look a bit smudged, it wasn't terribly obvious what had just happened in her pants.

She was less happy about what she saw a little higher up on her body, however, the same picture from her training pants staring at her from her chest, her breasts straining against it unsuccessfully, smashed down so that she looked almost totally flat. Her stomach, which normally was quite flat, from years of exercise to get, and maintain, the perfect figure for cheerleading, seemed to puff out slightly in comparison, making her look as if she was still holding onto a bit of baby fat, even though she'd worked so hard to rid herself of that years ago. It was, most definitely, not the, "Perfect fit!" that Heather declared it, and was almost physically disorienting to stare down at, leaving her too stunned to do anything but stare at it as Heather took another picture of her on her phone.

"Look at you," Heather cooed, stepping in closer. "In your little training panties and training bra... They fit you so well, sweetie, because you're just so clearly not ready for the real thing, in either area."

"And this!" Valerie broke in, holding out the tutu.

"Of course!" Heather nodded, taking it and having Summer step into it resignedly, the nearly transparent, pink tulle falling down over her Pull-Up, flouncing out, doing almost nothing to hide what was underneath. "And we need to give her this back." She picked up the bib, wiping Summer's damp face with it before tying it back around her neck. "Hey, do you want to do her hair?"

Valerie nodded eagerly, then rushed upstairs to retrieve the supplies Heather told her they'd need. Heather then turned to Summer, grinning. "Oh, just look at you," she said, poking her tummy. "The big, bad head cheerleader... I've got girl in my ballet class who look more mature than you. Hell - I think all of them do. I can't believe I let a little brat like you push me around in high school. You know, I was even a little afraid of you. How ridiculous is that? Me, afraid of an overgrown toddler like you?"

Summer sniffled, feeling a little scared now, unsure what this girl was going to do to her, blushing slightly as another rush of pee escaped her bladder. It was quite a relief to hear Valerie bouncing back down the stairs, knowing she was at least relatively safe. "Sit down on the floor," Heather instructed her as Valerie came over to the couch. Summer complied, feeling the now slightly more damp padding squelch slightly beneath her.

"Go ahead and brush her hair," Heather told Valerie, who was quick to comply. Summer squirmed on the floor, doing her best to keep her Pull-Up from getting any wetter, being scolded every now and then to keep still. Heather guided Valerie through a few more steps, and then, satisfied, stood Summer up and led her over to a mirror. "Now, don't you look precious?"

Summer kept her strawberry blonde hair fairly short, not even shoulder length, but it was just long enough to pull into a pair of tiny ponytails, held in place with pink ribbons. Combined with the rest of her outfit, she really had no choice but to nod in agreement. If she saw this girl in the reflection out somewhere, she'd have had no choice but to tell her mother that her daughter was adorable. But this was no little girl... This was her. That fact was almost impossible to accept, but after all she'd been through that day, she knew she had to. Like it or not, this was who she was now. And that thought just made her all the more determined to get back to the old woman's house and beg for forgiveness, before it was too late.

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Clinediap, I just finished catching up with this story & its an awesome one, Please do continue, the progression or regression of this story is awesome!

Rockies Fan, Go Rockies in 2011! :D

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First off, yes. I'm enjoying this story. So thanks for continuing along.

Second I also like how it's being drawn out. By this time in the story the victim is usually being physically regressed as well. Instead of clothing growing to fit, it seems the person always regresses to match the clothing.

Here we have a great balance! The people around her aren't being enchanted to see her as a baby. Nope, she's being forced to smile along as everyone thinks she's happily regressing herself! And the constant diaper tease is great. I honestly think a few of your readers are going to drop dead when/if she ever ends up the crawling diapered teen foreshadowed earlier! The sparse magical "pop" moments are great as well, "My car! Wait... Did I own a car?"

Just awesome story telling all around. Can't wait to see how this ends. And while I certainly count myself among those wanting to see her trapped as a big teen baby, fully aware that her family thinks she wants it. I'll honestly love this story to matter what happens. Though the image of her standing pigeon toed in front of a sneering old witch as she wets her diaper is contantly on my mind it seems.

Thanks again!

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As usual, I can rely on you for my "end of the day" treat, sure that each time you add a chapter, it will be just beyond expectations.


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how long is summer going to be abused for?

it seems mean to me.

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