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Caught By My Sister

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Before you all go wild on me. Know that there was noting sexual about what happened with me and my sister recently in this story. Read it first and you will see what I mean. I think the loss of our mother last year has brought on some feeling about when we were younger. I was 8 years old when I started to baby sit my sister and brother sometimes all night and I had to be up when my mother came home. I had a mother that thought of them and not me. I had a terrible childhood even as a baby. That is what made me start wearing diapers in the first place. I received no love and affection from my mother. I felt warm and comfortable and secure in my diaper. It took me longer to punctuate and spell check this story than writing it. So if I made a mistake please for give me.


Since my divorce I have been wearing my diapers outside the house. I’m enjoying it and love to wet them when I have to. Isn’t that what their used for after all?

I was going to my younger sister’s house a few weeks ago for a family occasion.

The older you get the harder it is to drive a long time. Lucky for me I had my diaper on so when I got caught in traffic I peed in my diaper. The feeling was wonderful.

So when I got to my sister and after I said hi to everyone. I went up into the bathroom with my nap sack to change my diaper.

My sisters land lord is one of the laziest people on the face of this earth. The last time I was at my sisters was Christmas. I noticed then that there was no lock on the bath room door and 7 months later it was still not working.

I needed to change so I tried to hurry and get changed before anyone had to use the bathroom. The bath room was upstairs. There was a small one down on the first floor so I thought I would be safe. I was just about to tape the sides of the diaper when my sister walked in on me.

“Holy shit” I shouted.

“Why is that what you did in your diaper” she asked as she laughs?

I held the diaper up hiding my balls and dick.

“Having trouble big brother” she asked. “Why are you wearing a diaper” she asked raising her eye brow?

I explained that I have a back injury from work and I started wetting my bed at night. She was surprised (because it was a lie).

“Mmmm a back injury” she said with a question. She asked if she could help.

I told her no thanks that I had plenty of practice. I guess I wasn’t really embarrassed maybe just surprise that I got caught.

I told her the biggest problem with putting them on by myself was getting them tight enough so they didn't leak. I leaned against the shower door like I do at home on my closet door. But I had my pants around my ankles and when I went to lean against the shower door it moved.

I fell into the tub and dropped the diaper on the floor. We managed to laugh as she helped me up and told me to come into her bedroom.

She grabbed my hand and I shuffled my feet into her bedroom. When we got into her bedroom she told me to lie down on the bed. She took my shoes off and then my pants. She told me that it was easier to change a baby's diaper when they are lying down.

I blushed when she called me a baby. She noticed and told me she didn't think I was a baby and that she was sorry for saying that.

I told her “not a problem”. “My X use to call me her baby when things were right with us”. (I wrote that story a few years ago).

She lifted my legs and put the diaper under my butt. When she put my legs down she said “you should shave your pubic hair”. “It's healthier for you and if I wet at night it wouldn't cause a diaper rash right away”.

I told her "OK". "I would shave it all off when I got home".

She offered to do it for me but I was to embarrassed. (I should have let her. It was a tough job by myself so I found out) She asked me where my spare diapers were. I told her in my nap sack in the bathroom. She got my nap sack and placed it on the floor. She took out a diaper and laid it on the bed.

She went over to her dresses and brought back Johnson's Baby Powder. She told me she uses it to go to sleep at night when it was to hot in her apartment. She sprinkled it on my diaper area and then rubbed it into my crotch. Surprising I didn't get and erection. She pulled the diaper between my legs and taped both sides nice and tight.

“Ya I said its better if you lie down but I tried that at home and it was to lose so I have been leaning on my closet door when I put one on” I told her.

She helped me up and helped me get dressed. She kissed my forehead and said “OK baby all done”. We hugged and laugh at what she said.

“I like taking care of my big brother” she said as we went out to join the rest of the family. I was a little surprised at what she said.

We had a nice time and we all went home after wards.


The next time I saw my sister was at my son’s wedding. When we were alone she asked me how the diaper situation was. I told her that I was lying on the bed now and it seemed to be better than before.

She shocked me when she said "see mommy always knows best". “If baby needs any help just ask mommy” she said as she went outside?

“OK sis thanks” I replied.

My sister called me a few days later. She wanted to know what I was doing for breakfast on Sunday. (Before we would take turns and have breakfast together. Sometimes she comes by me and sometimes I’d go by her) It should have been her turn to come by me. But I didn’t mine. So I told her sure. I’ll be there.

We had breakfast at a diner by her house. We talked about many things. She is still having a hard time coping with our mother’s death last year. She was very close to her. My sister is 3 years younger than me and my brother who lives in Florida is 1 year younger than her. So that makes me the big brother.

She didn't mention anything about my diaper situation until we were leaving. When I was paying the check, she asked me in a baby kind of a way if I had to use the potty? I looked at her and turned red. After I got my head back on I told her no I'll be fine thank you.

When we got into the house we sat down on the couch and started to talk again. I asked her why she would say something like that in public. She told me she didn't know why and after she said it she was sorry. She kissed me on the forehead and told me she was sorry. I told her that was OK and it was forgotten.

She started to remissness about when we were younger. (I guess with our mother’s death on her mine). She recalled how hard it was for me. I had to be the baby sitter for her and my brother at a very young age. How many times I would get punished because of things that her and my brother would do and I would get the blame for not knowing better and letting them do it. She told me she always felt bad about that.

My sister remembered when I would come home from school when I was about 14 or 15. I would get a glass of chocolate milk and go into my room close the door and do my homework. When she got finished with her homework she would knock on my door to see if I needed any help, I would tell her thanks but I was fine.

What my sister told me next almost floored me. This is my sister telling me the story.

“I don't want you to be embarrassed for what I’m about to tell you” she said. “But at the time this happened”. “I thought it was the cuties thing”. “One day after finishing my home work I walked over to your room". "I went to knock on your door but your door was slightly opened". "When I looked in you were on your bed sucking on your thumb”.

“What” I said in disbelief?

“I pushed the door open a little more. I saw a big fluffy bathroom towel pined around your bottom. It could only be one thing I said to myself. He’s using the towel as a diaper. You were so cute sucking your thumb and wearing your make shift diaper. I watched you for about 10 or 15 minutes. You were smiling with your thumb still in your mouth. As I watched you, you fell asleep so I slowly closed the door and went back to my room”.

She continued to tell me. “When mom or dad would come home from work I would make some kind of noise so you knew they were home. As far as I knew you never got caught. (And I never did).

“I would listen for you to come home and go in your bedroom. I would get up and see if your door was open so I could peak in. I saw you a number of times in the same position every time I peeked in when your door was open. I felt bad back then about all the crap you took for me when you baby sat us. I wanted to sneak in your room get into bed with you. Hold you tight in my arms and rock you to sleep. I did this every day until you went into the service. You were 19 when you joined the service”.

“Until the time I caught you in my bathroom a few months ago I always wondered if you still wore a towel as a diaper. So when I saw you putting on a real diaper I started to remember back when we were kids and all the things I should have done for you then. I want you to allow me to take care of you the way our real mom should have taken care of you”.

My sister knew about me getting wounded in the service and the hard time I had before and after my divorce. She knew I was lonely and needed someone. Little did she know that she hit a nerve deep inside me?

She seemed sincere when we were talking, nothing sexual just a sisters love for her big brother. Trying to make up what I went through for her with our parents.

I began by saying “I would have loved for you to have come into my room and rock me to sleep had I known. I told her I have been wearing diapers except for the time I was in the service. I needed it then and I need it now. I burst into tears and she held me in her arms and rocked me.

“It’s OK baby”. “It’s OK” she said. She wiped my tears from my face and told me everything would be just fine.

I know what you needed then and I'm going to make it up to you for all the bad things that happened back then and now.

Maybe it was my frame of mine. Or maybe the fact I was crying like a baby that made me put my thumb in my mouth and it made me felt all better.

My sister rocked me back and forth. Holding me tight and whispering that she would take good care of her baby now.

After about 15 or 20 minutes I really don't know how long. She whispered in my ear and asked me if I was wet.

I shook my head yes.

She laid me on the couch and told me she would be right back.

I closed my eyes and continued to suck on my thumb. When I heard her come back I must have been half asleep because when she touched my hand I jumped.

“It’s OK baby mommy has you now” she said in a sweet mellow voice. “Come with mommy” she said as she grabbed my hand and I followed her into her bedroom. She took my thumb out of my mouth and took my shirt off. Then she said “I think a binky would be better than your thumb and put my thumb back into my mouth”. She sat me down and started to take my shoes and socks off. Then she took my pants and underwear off. Surprising I didn't have a woody. (I told you it wasn't sexual, just a sister’s love for her brother).

When she had me naked as the day I was born she led me into the bathroom. The tub was filled with water and bubbles. She told me to step in and sit down. I notice the tub was only half way filled with me in it.

“Mommy is going to give you a little bath then she is going to put a clean diaper on you and baby is going to take a nap”. “Won't that be fun” she said in baby talk.

I looked up at her with tears in my eyes and smiled.

“I'll take your smile as a yes and don't cry your new mommy has you now” she said as she reached for the shampoo. Mommy washed my hair and rinsed it with the hand held shower. She grabbed a wash cloth and soaped it up with this sweet smiling soap. Mommy started to wash my arms, face, neck, ears, my belly and my back. Again she rinsed me off. “Now don't be embarrassed” she said. “You have to stand up so mommy can wash your hinny and your pee pee”.

When I stood up I was happy I still didn't have a woody.

Mommy washed my hinny. Then she spread my legs and washed my legs outside and inside all the way up the crack in my hinny. (As she put it) She renewed the soap on the wash cloth and washed my diaper area. Making sure she washed my pee pee and balls. When she rinsed me off, she told me that I did a terrible job at shaving my pubic hair and she would do it tonight before I went to bed.

Mommy helped me out of the tub and dried me off with one of those fluffy towels I used as a diaper.

I didn't notice I put my thumb back into my mouth as we went back into her bedroom. Mommy laid me down on the bed. She got my nap sack and took a clean diaper out. Walked over to her dresser and came back with the powder and the diaper. Like the first time last week Mommy took my legs and pushed then up until they were up near my chest. She put the diaper down and then dropped my legs and spread them open. Mommy took the powder and sprinkled baby powder all over my diaper area. She taped the diaper nice and tight and told me to get up by the pillow. “It’s time for baby to take a nap” she said. She pulled the sheet up and kissed me on the forehead. She whispered in my ear that little sister will take good care of her big baby brother. Mommy left the room and I feel into a deep sleep.


I woke up on my belly my thumb still in my mouth. I noticed it was dark outside. I had no idea how long my nap was. When I was fully awake I felt rejuvenated, like I didn't have a care in the world. My mine was clear. I could feel my heart beat on my thumb that was in my mouth. It had to be the best sleep I have ever had in my life. I felt like I was reborn again. I had my sister to thank for that and I was very grateful for her help.

I turned onto my back and remembered what my sister had done for me early that morning. I immediately felt the wetness in my now wet diaper. I never wet when I was sleeping (remember that was a lie). I always wet them when I woke up in the morning because I was too lazy to get up and go pee like a big boy. I was adjusting myself in my diaper when my sister walked into the room.

“Does baby have a problem” she asked smiling at me?

In baby talk and at a whisper I answered “no mommy my pee pee is all wet and I had to move it”.

She smiled and sat down on the bed. “That was nice baby, you calling me mommy” she said as she put her finger into my diaper. “Oh boy” she said “baby is wet”. “Let mommy change you before we eat dinner”.

My sister married but she never had children because her husband die shortly after they were married. She had me changed in a matter of minutes. “You look cute in a diaper” she said as she helped me off the bed. “Mommy thinks you're so cute in your diaper, you can walk around in just your diaper”. She laughed as we walked to the kitchen.

When we got into the kitchen I noticed there were only two chairs at the table. One was a regular chair and the other was half the height as the regular chair. I followed mommy, she was holding my hand like I was a one year old.

“OK baby sit down in your chair” she said. “I'll get dinner and we can eat something”. “Are you hungry baby” she asked?

“Yes mommy” I said as I sat down on the smaller chair. My chest was just above the table top. I looked like a one year old waiting for his dinner. (Although I know a one year old would be in a high chair).

Mommy went over to a bag on the couch. When she came back she put a bib around my neck and tired it in the back. I picked up the bib and saw bugs bunny on the front. As kids we always loved bugs.

“Do you like your new bib baby” she asked?

“New mommy” I replied?

“Mommy went shopping when you were taking your nap” she said. “Mommy has a few new things for her new baby”. “Now din din is ready baby” as she sat down on the big chair. She had a bowl in her hand with bugs on the bowl. “OK baby” she said “open wide for mommy”. I opened my mouth and she put the spoon in my mouth. Mommy lifted up the spoon and pulled it against my upper lip cleaning the spoon in one motion.

I'm not sure what it was. I was to hungry to care. When dinner was done mommy washed my face and hands. She pulled the chair out and told me to go into the living room and wait for her. I went to remove my bib but mommy told me keep it on that I wasn't finished. I was waiting for about 20 minutes when she came in the living room. I figured she must have feed herself.

Mommy sat at the corner of the couch were I was sitting. After she sat down she patted her lap and told me to lie in her lap. I moved up and nestled on her lap and she pulled me up into her shoulder. Mommy reached over the arm of the couch to the end table. When she turned around she had a bottle in her hand. Mommy placed the nipple on my lips. “Come on baby you need to drink your chocolate milk” she said as she smiled at me. She remembered I liked chocolate milk.

I opened my mouth and tried to suck the milk from the bottle. It’s been a very very long time since I was bottle feed it was hard. I relaxed and keep trying. After a few minutes I felt the warm milk coming into my mouth and down to my belly.

Mommy held me tight and rocked me back and forth. I closed my eyes and was in a world I had only wished for, just me and my sister/mommy.

When I was half way done with my bottle mommy pulled the nipple from my mouth. She leaned me forward and started to pat my back. I think the whole neighborhood heard the burp I let out. Mommy laughed and returned the nipple back to my mouth. When I finished the bottle she burped me again.

I lie there still in her arms as she watched TV. I was so comfortable I started to go to sleep. My mine was in between sleep and awake. I felt my bladder let go and flooded my diaper. I heard mommy giggle as she watched TV and I wet my diaper.

Mommy nudged me and I woke up. She told me it was time to go to sleepy. I got up and we walked into the bedroom. On the bed was a changing pad (new) half the size of the bed and it was a king size bed. Mommy laid me down on the changing pad and went into the bathroom.

When she returned she had shaving cream and a razor. “Mommy told baby that you did a bad job shaving your public hair so mommy is going to do it for you” she said as she washed my diaper area with a warm wash cloth. Mommy put some shaving cream into her hand and rubbed it into my skin around the base of my pee pee and all over my balls.

Mommy carefully shaved me nice and clean. She rubbed every inch of my diaper area to make sure she got all my hair off and washed me with the wash cloth. When mommy was done with my front she told me to roll over on my belly. When I complied she shaved my ass clean and washed it with the wash cloth. I reached behind me and touched my hinny. I felt just like a real baby.

When I turned over mommy removed the wet diaper and I grabbed my diaper area and it felt so smooth. Mommy had me re diapered in no time. And again not once did I get a woody.

I put my head on the pillow and put my thumb in my mouth.

Mommy pulled my thumb out of my mouth and placed a baby binky in my mouth and told me this is better.

I feel asleep and again I woke up to a new world.

Mommy changed my diaper and helped me get dressed. We had breakfast.

She kissed me good bye and told me when I was feeling depressed or lonely that I should come visit my little sister/mommy. I intend to go back to someone who loves me and will take care of me.

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I don't know if this was a story or not, if so it was really well written. If not and this happened I am glad you two have found solace in each otehr after the death of your mother.

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Thank you for your kind words ppbenn. Its nice to know someone liked my story. And just for the record this is and will continues to be a true story. I never knew my sister knew about this. Or the fact that she seen me so many times when we were younger. I think after the death of our mother she just started to remember things in her past. If it wasn't for her catching me in her bathroom she would have never remembered. You can not understand how wonderful this feels for me. Having someone who really loves and cares for me. To do this for me is at this late stag of our lives is just .....LOVE.

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Guest Chriskc

Wow. This was really a nice story. Were there any other experiences. If so please share. Thanks

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Wow. This was really a nice story. Were there any other experiences. If so please share. Thanks

My sister invited me over to her house for the week end. She asked me if I could spend some time with her. So I agreed.

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It is nice to have family that understands and is supportive. I am glad you found some happiness.

SoakedinIowa (Now in Oklahoma)

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Guest Chriskc

My sister invited me over to her house for the week end. She asked me if I could spend some time with her. So I agreed.

Please tell us about that weekend. Thanks

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I'm sorry it took so long to get this posted but I've been very busy. I did manage to correct some of the mistakes in the first post. Thanks to all that enjoyed my story. Here is the rest of Caught By My Sister. I should change the title to Caught By MY LOVING Sister.


My sister called me during the week. She asked me if I could take her shopping at the mall.

When I got to her house early Friday morning to take her shopping she asked me when I came into the front door if I was wet. She didn't wait for an answer she reached into my shorts and put a finger in my diaper. She got her answer. She took me into the bedroom and changed my diaper and we were off to the mall. We went from store to store just like all the women do. Then she went back to the first store and bought what she was looking at when we were there the first time.

(Why do women do that)?

My sister is a little taller than me maybe 2". So when we walking together she seemed like she is in control. After a few stores and I got tired of walking she grabbed my hand and we walked hand and hand. A few times she asked me if I had to go to the potty. Not to loud just load enough so I could hear and maybe the person a few feet away from us heard. I saw a younger girl maybe about 32 34 years old look at me and smile. I'm sure she overheard my sister ask if I had to go to the potty.

After about the 1000000 million stores she asked again if I had to go to the potty. By then I had already pee peed in my diaper. She asked me in baby talk "why didn't you tell your mommy you had to go"? Mommy looked up and found the bathrooms. We started to walk over to them.

When she started to walk to the ladies room I froze. "Sis I said I can change in the Mens room. I can't go in there".

Sure you can she said watch. She pulled me into the ladies room and pulled down the baby changing table. These tables are a little bigger than the regular ones in some of the bathrooms. I think they are for older handi cap people. There was a small step stool attached to the wall. She pulled it out and helped me get on the table. When she was unbuckling my belt an older lady (maybe my Age) came out of a stall. She went to the sink to wash her hands. When she saw me ling on the table she told my sister. I shouldn't be in here.

My sister told her, “This is my older brother. He had a stroke and needs help changing his diaper”. The lady said she was sorry and left.

When my sister was getting the new diaper taped up. Guess who walks into the bathroom.

Yes ... the girl who smiled at me when she overheard my sister asked me if I had to go to the potty. She came over to my sister and asked if she needed any help? She explained she was a nurse at AG. My sister thanked her and continued. The girl stayed there watching my sister finish.

My sister helped me down. She started to explain as she started putting my pants and shoes on. My brother had a stroke and needs his little sister to change his wet and dirty diapers.

That's really sweet the nurse told my sister. You must love him very much. Ya I do my sister said. Now it’s my turn to pay him back for all the things he has done for me since we were younger. He needs someone and that's why I'm here.

The young girl gave my sister her card and told her if you need any supplies she could get them whole sale. My sister thanked her and put her card into her pocket book. We all left together. The nurse went one way and we went the other.

When we got into the parking garage I asked “sis what are you coo coo”?

“Why” she asked. I thought it was cute”. “Isn't that what a real mommy would have done for her baby” she asked with a smile.

“Ya sis but what if she would have come in when you were taking my diaper off and she saw my ... pee pee”? “Sis she's not you”. I was getting hard while you to were talking to her about me”.

“So what’s the big deal you enjoyed it didn't you” she asked?

“Well ya kind of but I was so nerves, I was afraid she would find out I didn't have a stroke and thought I was a weird do”. “I was so nerves I peed in my diaper again”.

“Are you kidding me” she asked with a smile?

“Boy you really are a baby” she said grabbing my hand and walking to my Jeep. “Give me the keys” she asked.

“Sis you don't drive” I responded.

“Who said anything about driving”? “Give me your keys now please” she said holding her hand out.

I gave her my keys; she unlocked the back door pushed me on my back and proceeded to take my pants down to my ankles.

“Sis are you having a nerves break down” I asked her?

“Well first of all BABY!" ... “babies don't talk to their mommy's like that. Second we are against the wall in the back of the Jeep and no one can see us. 3rd it’s a long ride home and if I let my baby stay in a wet diaper to long he might get a bad diaper rash she said as she pulled my diaper off. Put your thumb in your mouth and relax your mommy has everything covered”.

When my sister and I got home I helped her carry all the bags she had. We went into the kitchen after we put everything away. She asked me if I was hungry and I told her no but I was thirsty. She told me to take my adult cloths off and sit in the living room and turn TV on. When she came into the living room she sat on the couch. I put my head into her lap and continued to watch TV but she pulled me up into her arms and cradled me like a baby. She put a nipple into my mouth and she asked “so baby is thirsty”? “Drink from your baba baby and rest”.

I reached up with my hands to hold my bottle and she swatted my hands away and told me she would hold it. Babies don't feed themselves she said as she watched TV. I couldn't see TV anymore because I was facing her.

“So”...she whispered, “is this OK with baby Jerry”? “Is this making him happy”?

“Yes sis” I replied “this is making me very happy” after taking the nipple out of my mouth.

“Then I think we should make up our mines what you should call me” she said in a whisper. “All my life I have always wanted to be a mommy. It was terrible that my Richie had to die before he gave me a baby. But now I have one. I don't know if I want you to call me mommy or sis.

I'm your younger sister after all. If it was reversed I would have no problem with you calling me mommy”.

Again I took the nipple out of my mouth and told her “I think that would be up to you. You're not my real mommy but you sure are a lot better at it than mom was. I feel funny calling you sis when I'm wearing a diaper or you're changing my diaper but I can get use to that if that is what you want” I said to her looking into her eyes.

She responded by saying “I love being your mommy. It makes me feels so good inside to know that you are enjoying it so much with me”. She paused for a moment.....”When I’m babying you, I'd like you to call me mommy if that's OK with you baby? And I would also like for you to speak to me like a baby also. I'll talk to you the same way so we understand where we stand. Is that OK too”?

In baby talk I told her....”es ommy ats OTA ith me. Oss at eam I ave to all ou ommy hen we go oud”.

“Maybe when there is no one around you can call me mommy when we go out” she repeated what I said. Mommy kissed me on the forehead and put the baba back into my mouth and smiled.

I sucked on the nipple knowing I was making my kid sister happy again. She had a hard time after Richie past away. When I was finished with the bottle she took it out of mouth and turned me on my belly in her lap and started to rub my back. I never saw this method before but I did give her a burp. She turned me over and we watched TV with her arms around me.

We must have fallen asleep because when we woke up. The room was dark except for the light on the TV. “Wow” she said “I guess we fell asleep baby”.

In baby talk (but not as bad as the first time I talked to her in baby talk) I said “ya mommy I'm hungry”.

“OK baby you wait here and mommy will fix us some dinner”.

Mommy got up and went into the kitchen. After a few minutes or so she called me in. I sat at the table and she sat next to me. I looked for a knife and folk but didn't find one. There was a bib on the table. I picked it up and it had bugs on it. I remembered she bought it for me the last time she went shopping. She bought a bunch of baby things the last time too.

Mommy brought a salad and laid it on the table. She also laid a dish of what looked like Mac and cheese on the table. She came around the back of me and tied the bib around my neck. “Now my baby won't get all messing” she said as she sat down next to me.

“Mommy” I said “I don't have anything on except a diaper”. “What am I going to get messy”?

“Shh” she said as she started to feed me. I love Mac and cheese. I guess she remembered that too. I liked when she put the spoon in my mouth and pulled it up against my upper lip to clean the spoon. Then she took the spoon and pulled what missed my mouth and fell onto my chin back into the spoon. I swear I felt like a real baby.

When we finished she put the dishes into the dish washer.

She told me to be a good baby and wait until she got back. She walked up stairs and started to run the water in the bath room. When she came back down Mommy pulled my chair out and washed the bib. She untied it and placed it on the table. She grabbed my hand and we went into the bath room. I was right the tub was filled with water and bubbles. She knelt in front of me and started to take my diaper off. She was inches from my pee pee. But she did nothing but slapped my hinny and told me to get in after she removed the diaper.

Mommy washed my hair and my body. Again when she told me to stand so she could wash in between my legs and my hinny she was inches from my pee pee. I didn't get a woody and I loved the attention. Mommy dried me off and we went into the bed room. She laid me down on the bed on my back and went to the bottom draw of her dresser. Mommy came back with the powder and a diaper. Mommy powdered me and diapered me in no time. She pulled the covers over me kissed me on the forehead and put my Binky into my mouth that was on the night stand. Mommy thanked me for being her baby and that there were other things she wanted to do with her baby and hoped that she would let me do them.

“OK mommy” I said in baby talk. “Whatever my mommy wants me to do I will do for you”. “You don't even have to ask” I told her.

“Mommy has to do some things before she goes to bed so you go to sleep and mommy will check on you before I go to sleep”.

After mommy left the room there was one thing that I forgot I didn't like about Mac and cheese. I was reminded as my belly started to cramp up. Sometimes it made me poop. My belly settled down and I went to sleep.


When I woke in the morning I felt wetness in my diaper and something I wasn't sure of. I pooped my diaper for the first time in I don't know how long. It felt really bad as it squished around my bottom every time I moved. I was going to call for mommy. But I was embarrassed for her to see me like this.

We never discussed what would happen if I pooped. I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I figured I would clean up but I was wrong. Mommy caught me as I was entering the bathroom.

“And where do you think you're going” mommy asked me with her hands on her hips?

“I'm sorry sis that Mac and cheese went right though me last night. I was going to clean up”.

“I thought we disguised yesterday you were going to call me mommy” she said with her hands still on her hips. She looked a little pissed.

“But” I started to say ... she stopped me.

“You’re a baby. Only mommy or an adult will change your diaper. The bath room is off limits unless mommy said otherwise”.

“But sis.... mommy” I said ... again she stopped me.

“Mommy will change her baby's diaper no matter what he puts in them. Now march back into that bed room and lay on the bed” she said really meaning it.

I went into the bed room and lay down on my back. Mommy went in the bath room and came back with a wet wash cloth and some wipes. Mommy went straight to the night stand and picked up my binky and put it into my mouth.

“This should calm you down while I change your stinky diaper” she said smiling.

Mommy took a changing pad and placed it next to me and told me to slide on top. I slid over and she started to remove my diaper. When she pulled the diaper down she said “pew baby made a stinky for his mommy this morning”. Mommy pulled the diaper off me rolled it up and placed it on the floor next to her. She started to clean me up with the wipes then the wash cloth.

“Baby better not try using the bat room again” she said. “Don't think for a second I will not punish you the next time you try to take your diaper off” she said with a little smile. “You know I may like that” she said. “Do you remember my Barbie doll you pulled the head off one time when you got upset? I may just enjoy spanking your little bottom for that one” she said with an evil grin.

I sucked on my binky a little harder and faster.

“Mmmm it looks like mommy needs to shave her baby down here again. Maybe next time I change you”.

Mommy finished changing me 1, 2 3. She pulled me up and kissed me on my forehead. Good morning she said to me.

“Morning mommy” I answered with my binky still in my mouth.

“You get dressed baby and meet mommy in the kitchen” she said as she left the room.

I got dressed and went into the kitchen. I smelled bacon.

“There you are baby now sit down and we can eat a good breakfast”. Mommy tied my bib around my neck. Mommy let me eat by myself as I saw a knife and folk on my side of the table. We talked a little as she kept smiling at me.

“What are you smiling at” I asked her?

"I just thought of me spanking your little bottom for what you did many years ago to my Bobbie doll” she answered.

“Well that will never happen because I don't intend on being a bad baby. HA HA” I said smiling back.

The rest of Saturday was like Friday. We watched TV. Played cards and every time I wet my diaper she would change me. I thought she would get tired of changing me but she didn’t.

When we had lunch mommy made me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My baba was still given to me as before. In her lap while she watched TV.

We continued to play games. After lunch mommy had to change my dirty diaper. Same as before but still she had that wicket smile when she was cleaning me up. With my binky in my mouth I was a good baby not giving her a reason to be spanked.

At dinner she decided to take me out. We went to a dinner (the same one we went to the first time).

When we walked in she talked to the guy who seats us. He put us in the corner away from the front door. I thought it strange being the place was not busy.

When the waitress came over to take our order, mommy knew her and said hello and introduced her to me. Again she told her about my stroke and I was staying with her for a few days. I had to act like I had a mild stroke not to embarrass my sister. The lady seemed very nice. But I was pissed at my sister.

Mommy ordered for us, she ordered a salad for herself and chicken fingers for me. Then she reached into her pocket book and took out a sippy cup. She asked her friend to fill it with chocolate milk.

After the waitress left I said “what the hell is wrong with you”? “If I wanted to be embarrassed I would go on line and find someone to humiliate me in public”. “I was really enjoying your mothering”. “Shit I don’t want anyone to know about my diapers or anything else for the matter about me”. “You’re the only one who knows”.

“Are you done with your tantrum baby” she asked? “I’m not trying to humiliate you”. “I just wanted to see how it felt as a mommy taking her baby out that’s all”. “And besides you lost your temper and talked to mommy with curse words”.

She started to smile at me and then I realized this was all a plan to get me to be bad. “Oh no” I said to her. “You’re not going to”… just then the waitress came with our food. I had to shut up.

We sat in piece not saying a word. Mommy cut my food and helped feed it to me. I took my sippy cup and drank my chocolate milk. After we finished mommy paid the bill and we started for home.

“You’re not really going to do it are you” I asked?

“I always wanted to get back at you about that doll” she said as we pulled into the driveway. “You have any idea how much I loved that doll and how much you hurt me after you did it”?

“No” I said feeling kind of bad at what I did.

“You told me you would do anything for me and I wouldn’t have to ask remember” she said as she opened the front door. “We’re enjoying what we are doing so just give me this one little thing” she asked.

For the life of me I cannot understand why this has come up now. Maybe she was really hurt about what I did back them. I’m sitting on the couch deep in thought when I hear her ask. “Are you wet”?

I look up at her and tell her “yes mommy”.

She leaves the room and comes back with a clean diaper, the powder and the wipes.

“Lie down on the floor” she tells me.

I do what she wants and get on my back on the floor. Mommy takes my shoes off and my socks. She takes my pants off with my help. Then she helps me take my shirt off. She takes my wet diaper off and washes me with the baby wipe. Mommy stands up and pulls me to my feet. She sits on the couch and pulls me over her lap. I’m not even fighting. I don’t know why but I’m letter my sister give me a spanking which I should have had 55 years ago.

Before I lay down I look down and notice I don’t have a boner. I hope it stays like this because if it doesn’t our relationship will change for sure.

As I lay across mommy’s lap she said “I should have rocked you to sleep when I saw you in your make shift diaper and I should have spanked you when you tore off my dolls head back them”.

Mommy put her hand on my hinny and slowly spanked my bottom. She wasn’t hitting with all her force. She was just making my cheeks red. The last one was hard and she said “OK now we are even”. Mommy let me up and told me to stand in the corner.

I looked down while I was walking to the corner. Thank God no boner. I stood there kind of happy in a way. Knowing our relationship was going to be the same and that she got what she wanted “EVEN”.

While I was standing in the corner I listened as mommy was changing the channels on the TV. After about 30 minutes she told me to lie on the floor. I did as she asked. As she diapered me she told me I was a bad baby talking to mommy the way I did. She never mentioned anything about the doll.

We sat on the couch and she pulled me into her lap. She took a bottle from the end table and put the nipple into my mouth. (she must have made the bottle while I was standing in the corner) Before I opened my mouth I said “Sorry Sis, sorry mommy”. She smiled down at me and I opened my mouth and she slipped the nipple in.

Mommy woke me and told me it was time for beddy bye. I got up and we walked hand and hand into the guest bedroom. She asked if I was wet and I told her no. I got into bed and mommy tucked me in. She kissed me on the forehead and said “good night baby sleep tight”. “Have pleasant dreams big brother. Mommy will check on you before she goes to bed” she said as she closed the door a little.

During the night I know she changed my diaper. I was half asleep but I knew she was there.


When I woke up in the morning the sun was shinny threw the window. I heard birds singing. I think I ever heard my heart singing.

Mommy came into the room and kissed me on my forehead. “Did baby sleep good” she asked?

“Yes mommy I sleep real good” I answered.

“Mommy will change your diaper and you get dressed. Mommy will have breakfast all ready when you come down”.

“OK mommy” I said.

Mommy changed my diaper and I got dressed. When I went down stairs breakfast was waiting for me. The baby chair was gone and in its place was a big chair. I noticed silverware and a napkin on the table.

“Oh good just in time” mommy said. I sat down as mommy put our breakfast on the table. My sister even had a cup of coffee for me.

I picked up the knife and folk and went to dig in but mommy wanted to put my bib on so I didn’t get my clean adult cloth dirty.

As we ate the talk seemed to change from baby talk to adult talk. When we were done we talked for awhile. She told me she was sorry about the spanking. I told her not to worry about it because I deserved it. We got up and headed for the door. I picked up my nap sack and turned around.

She gave me a hug and kissed me on my cheek. She whispered in my ear “I know what you were thinking when you got up off my lap after the spanking”. “I’m very happy treating you like this like a baby”. “It makes me feel really good”. “And to know that it’s not sexual is even better”. “I feel the same way”.

With that she kissed me again I kissed her back opened the door and left. I started the drive home and half way home I noticed I still had my bug’s bunny bib on. Oh shit I said out loud. I hope no one saw me in all this traffic.

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OK I got the hint the story ends here. Thank you for reading it. In the mean I'll enjoy what ever my sister has in store for me

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Eagle0769 thank you very much for sharing this part of your life here. Please post more if you have any more experiences.

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Thank you. I had other chapters ready but no one said if they liked it or not. It looks like members read it and then go to the next story not letting authors know if it was good or not. Thank you ppbenn

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Sorry. I for got a small section the last time I posted. I write my stories on word copy and paste it to the board. FRIDAY is the one I forgot on my last post. More coming soon. Every time I think about what has been happening with my sister and I. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Even with the little embarrassing things she does. Thank you for reading. :)

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Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Please keep us up to date with your exploits.

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Guest Chriskc

Yes please continue. I have a similar story. I might even post it.

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Yes please continue. I have a similar story. I might even post it.

Post it. I would love to read it. :)

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Thank you for your contribution. I enjoyed it and hope you keep writing :D

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Thank you for all your kind remarks. I haven't forgotten about this story. I have been busy and just have time to let you know I have a few more chapters that have already happened. Labor Day Weekend Sales (4 days of pure LOVE). :wub:

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Guest Chriskc

Post it. I would love to read it. :)

wsup Eagle, I did post it. Thanks for the encouragement. It's called my gf and her mom.

Please read it, and tell me what you think. Thanks

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wsup Eagle, I did post it. Thanks for the encouragement. It's called my gf and her mom.

Please read it, and tell me what you think. Thanks

I read your story. I like it alot. Please continue it.

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Sorry it took so long to post this chapter. Been very busy. Hope you like this chapter as much as you did the last one. Again I posted it with the others.

Friday afternoon Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend has always been a busy weekend at my sister’s house. She has a barbecue for all the family and all her friends. When I arrived at her house Friday afternoon I knocked on the door and let myself in. My sister was in the kitchen making her famous potato salad.

“Is that you Baby” she asked?

“Yes Mommy” I replied.

“After I get done with my potato salad” she said. “I’m going to need a ride to the mall for a few things”. “Can you drive me there please baby” she asked as I came into the kitchen.

“Sure sis” I said not thinking.

My sister snapped her head around and looked at me.

“Sorry mommy” I said in baby talk looking at her with puppy eyes.

“That’s better’ she said as she finished with what she was doing, washed her hands took her pocket book and my hand.

“OK baby lets go”. “Oh is my baby wet” she asked as she opened the door?

“Yes mommy” I replied “but it can wait until later if you’re in a hurry”.

Mommy closed the door and locked it and we were off to the mall. (Again)! “Mommy must like the mall” I said to myself.

When we got to the mall I was surprised we stopped at P.C. Richards first.

I whispered in mommy’s ear, “Mommy why are we going in here” I asked?

“My TV has been going on and off by itself and I want to price a new one”. “My TV must be 30 years old” she said as we entered the store.

We stopped by the TV section and we started to browse around. When she found something she liked she wrote the stock number down and the price.

“I’m glad I waited” she said. “The store is having a sale this weekend”.

But as usual there was no one there to take her order.

She got pissed and we started to walk out the door. “I don’t have time for this” she said.

As we were walking out she meets a friend and started to talk to her.

I walked back and took one of the sales people and walked her over to the TV section and told her I wanted to buy this TV and have it delivered in the morning. She wrote up the purchase and gave me my receipt.

As I was walking back to where she was she was just saying good bye to her friend.

The next stop we made was the super market. She bought all the meats and vegetables for her barbecue. My sister always buys the best when it comes to her family or her friends.

I was pushing the shopping cart and she said with a smile “I should put you in the cart”. “All babies sit in the cart when their mommy’s are shopping”.

I didn’t answer because I heard her giggling while we were leaving.

“How is your diaper”? “Will you be OK until we get home” she asked?

“I’ll be fine mommy” I said as we continued to the parking lot.

When we got home I helped mommy carry all the groceries into the house. She didn’t put them away right away. She grabbed my hand and walked me into the bedroom.

“OK baby lie on mommy’s bed and mommy will change your diaper” she said as she went over to her dresser and pulled out a clean diaper, wipes and the powder from the bottom draw.

I looked at her in shock. I was the one who supplied the diapers. But there in her draw were 2 dozen disposable diapers.

“OH ya I bought them during the week” she said as she started to remove my cloths and my wet diaper.

Mommy washed me with a baby wipe and told me it was time for my bath. She pulled me up totally naked. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a binky and put it in my mouth before I was able to say a word.

Mommy told me to stand still until the water was ready. As the water filled up she reached under her bathroom sink and threw into the water 5 little baby toy ships.

With the binky still in my mouth I smiled and asked, “Are they for me mommy”?

“Yes baby they’re yours” she said as she kissed me on the cheek. “You can play for awhile until I get everything put away in the kitchen”. Mommy helped me into the tub when she thought it was filled enough. After I sat down the water was just high enough to cover my pee pee.

Mommy saw the look on my face and said, “Mommy’s never fill the tub up when they give their baby a bath”. “It’s safer when they play”. “Mommy will be right back” she said. “You play with your new toys and stay in the tub”. “I’ll be back to wash you nice and clean" she said as she left the room.

I sucked on my binky and started to play with my new toys.

Mommy returned a short time later and started to wash me. She started with my hair as I continued to play. Mommy took a wash cloth and washed me from top to bottom. (No pun indented). She dried me off and we went back to the bedroom.

On the bed was a changing pad and I lied down on my back. Mommy pushed my knees up to my chest and placed a diaper under my hinny. She lowered my legs and powdered my pee pee and diaper area. She pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped the sides nice and tight.

“It’s time for baby Jerry to take a nap while mommy finishes her cooking for tomorrow and tonight” she said as she pulled the sheet up to my chest. Mommy touched my nose kissed my forehead and told me she was really enjoying her new role as mommy.

When I woke up the room smelled so good. I was about to get up when mommy came into the room.

“Oh good” mommy said. “I was just coming in to wake you up”. Its time for din din baby, are you wet baby” she asked?

No mommy I don’t think so” I answered.

Mommy put her finger in my diaper smile and said “I was dry”.

Mommy helped me out of bed and took my binky out of my mouth and placed it on the night stand. She held my hand and we went into the kitchen. The kitchen smelled so good.

“Mmmm mommy what smells so good” I asked?

“I cooked everything for tomorrow so it doesn’t take that long to cook” she said as she sat me down at the table. “Can you still cook on the barbecue she asked?

“Yes mommy I think so”.

“Good baby you can cook for everyone tomorrow” she said as the bib was going around my neck.

No silverware in front of me meant mommy was going to feed me. Mommy came back from the stove with a plate full of chicken fingers, her salad and a sippy cup. Mommy put ketchup on my plate and told me to eat up. I watched mommy eat her salad and managed to get more ketchup on me then in my mouth.

Mommy looked at me and started to laugh. Mommy took her napkin and wiped my face. I sipped from my sippy cup and started to laugh too. I laughed so hard I did pee pee in my diaper.

When diner was over mommy cleaned off the table and put the dishes in the dish washer. Mommy turned out the light in the kitchen and we went into the living room to watch TV. Mommy held me tight as we sat. When the news was over it was time for bed.

Mommy took me into the guess room, changed my diaper again and kissed me good night.

Saturday morning:

I woke because I heard the door bell. I heard mommy telling someone. “It must be a mistake”. “What name is on the receipt” she asked?

The person at the door said my name. I figured it was the TV being delivered.

45 minutes later my sister came into the guest room.

“You’re such a good brother” she said with tear running down her face. “Oh Jerry you didn’t have to do that I had the money to pay for the TV” she said as she hugged me tight.

“Come on sis” I said. “It’s no big deal”. “I wanted to show my appreciation for making me so happy for the past few months” I said hugging her back. She held me for a few minutes then asked if baby was wet?

Mommy pushed me back on my back and started to change my diaper. She was still crying as she powdered me and put the diaper between my legs pulled it up and taped it shut around my waist.

She helped me up and hugged me while all I was wearing was my diaper. We walked into the kitchen and mommy made me the best breakfast I have ever had. Mommy still feed me as if I was her baby boys.

More to come if I get some response.

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