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Found 12 results

  1. Wal-Mart's Assurance Stretch Brief

    Just finished our Review of the Assurance Stretch brief available from Wal Mart for your consideration.
  2. Annebille: Creation

    So i saw Annabelle creation last night and it was good. 3 1/2 pacifiers out of 5. alot of jump scares that are great. Starts off slow but picks up near the end. For a budget of 15 million and grossed 245million def. worth to see. Also sets up for the prequel of the prequel (the nun 2018) So get your diaper on and grab a large soda and bring your teddy. it's a wild ride.
  3. well i had one heck of a short but terrible experience with this site. about a week ago i made a free account there and after filling out my information i was blocked from accessing the page. i tried initially at first to contact them to see why but to no response. now i know i didn't post anything bad, hate filled or even trollish in my bio or info and none of the information i provided was false. i recently tried again but to no avail. be warned my fellow padded friends, this is not a dating site to try out, let alone worth the effort. they will just block you and not bother to respond to you about the blocking access they have put on you there. you have been warned, spread the word please
  4. Most Durable?

    My wife and I do a lot of spanking play with diapers. As we have gotten more into spanking harder, we have become frustrated by the number of diapers that just sort of explode with a good paddling. Do any of you know of a (more inexpensive) diaper that holds up better to this kind of play? We use a thick wooden paddle with holes and swing sorta hard. We have used: Tena (normal), Tena super, abena L4, and a host of other off brand diapers
  5. The Bambino Bianco UltraStretch adult diapers are the thickest, most comfortable diaper that I have ever tried. This all-white, plastic-backed diaper has cotton stretch sides that can be adjusted for a snuggle fit on just about any body type. I have been wearing them for a few days now and I'm so impressed with the product that I wanted to write this review. i purchased a case from Bambino Diapers and with standard shipping it arrived to the East Coast in about six days. I wear often, in public and at work so I tend to gravitate to thicker, cotton style diapers rather than plastic backed. I live in a household with my wife, who knows I wear, and child who doesn't at the moment, so as to not impose my wearing on them I maintain discreteness. The first thing I noticed about the Bianco UltraStretch was how quiet it was. It is noisier than NorthShore Supreme cotton-style backed for sure, but it was much quieter than I had expected. It was also slightly crincklier than Tena Active Ultra (plastic backed) which I also like and wear in public. The front panel on the Bianco UltraStretch is not smooth plastic. It is a quieter a material made to enable the velcro-style tabs to stick. They stick and hold well, maintaining a comfortable fit and the noise level from the panel is greatly reduced. With that said, I am not sure the thickness of this diaper makes it a good choice to discretely wear in public. For me this will be an at-home diaper or one that I might wear out on short trips in jeans and a loose fitting shirt. This diaper can contain a lot of liquid and it absorbs quickly into the thick padding. The inner portion of the diaper locks away wetness and has tall leak guards to prevent leakage of liquid or stool. Another plus is the odor containment, which I found to be exceptionally good on the Bianco UltraStretch. It is on par with the Tena Active Ultra plastic backed for exceptional containment of odor from wetting and soiling accidents in my opinion. Bianco UltraStretch is an expensive diaper. One case containing 40 medium-size diapers will cost $128. The cost in this case is immediately seen in the construction and comfort level of this product. For those who can afford it, I would rank it as a buy. It is in-line with Abena, NorthShore and Tena Active for high quality construction and most dependable adult diapers on the market. Other brands should take notice.
  6. Hi everyone, About a half year ago i reviewed the Tena Slip Maxi Medium diaper. The old "vintage" style original plastic backed version, the one everybody's in love with! Link: Tena Slip Maxi Medium Review I've reviewed some more diapers i like and wear, just check out my YouTube channel. Diaper Reviews YouTube Channel Hope you'll like it! And if not, tell me please and i will do my best to make you happy ;). Cheers, IvoDL
  7. Can someone post a review of these, please?
  8. Angela Vinyl Pant - Frosted, Medium size Rearz Inc. 656 Colby Drive Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 1A2 CANADA 1-519-745-1000 www.rearz.ca Picture on page, http://www.rearz.ca/angela-vinyl-pant-frosted-p-559.html ITEM: ANGELA vinyl pant, frosted, size medium MATERIAL: vinyl plastic, welded side seams ELASTICS: 1/2-inch, not covered, sewn on inside with two seams MEASUREMENTS: The sides are 7
  9. May I point you to this discussion: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=44584 We, the writers, of this board would like to petition for a critiquing subforum. If you would like to add it under stories, that would be fine. I believe it should be by invitaiton only and everyone in that thread that has expressed an interest in participating should be an automatic member. The reason for membership would be to keep from having spoilers and unfinished stories leaking out until they are ready. The goal would be to produce better stories and to generally help each other with anything story related. At one time, that was what I had hoped the Writer's Lair would be but it never really went that direction. I would even vote to turn the Writer's Lair into such a feature if there is some desire to keep new forums to a minimum. In the end, it is to generate more and better quality stories for this board. Thanks
  10. Tena Flex Sizing

    TENA from what I see is mostly for girls however they look like something I would enjoy wearing. I have a 32inch waist, I'm a guy, not over weight, average body, butt and legs. Please tell me what type I should try (I like the look of the flex) and the size (I think either small or medium). Any other suggestions as to other types of diapers I may enjoy that I can get at my local stores is also appreciated. I have tried Goodnites (both boxers and briefs) Pampers Cruisers size 7 (Favorite so far) and Depends (pull-ups, extra absorbency, and maximum protection). Looking for something new that will fit me and is easily bought. I would really like to try Bambino and Cushies but cannot ship them yet. All suggestions are appreciated so please help me. Thanks in advance
  11. Recently I have had the chance to try a few Canadian products from Rearz Inc. (http://www.nhdcanada.com/) Laurie (The owner) is currently in between sites at the moment and this is the one with the most functionality on it. As their other site (http://www.rearz.ca/) is still under construction. I had a lot of questions about products and I even asked about AB/DL considering they have baby print pants etc. All she said is that she