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Found 11 results

  1. footed pajamas info

    do any one if there is a website like this. .http://adult-baby-shop.eu that is in the UK or USA that ship to the uk
  2. footed pajamas info

    do any one if there is a website like this. .http://adult-baby-shop.eu that is in the UK or USA that ship to the uk
  3. What Onesie or Pajama do you have?

    Hello friends! What type of onesie or pajama do you have or wish you had? I don't have a picture of me in mine, but this one is the one I have. That's not me in the picture, either.
  4. Set of top and bottom pajamas; pink with pink and white bunny faces and hearts. Size S. Footie pajamas with the pads on the bottom of the feet so you don't slide about. Gently used, has been washed more than it has been worn, it reflects slightly in the quality of the fabric though it is still extremely soft and buttery to the touch. Perfect for ABDL/Age Play. Asking $40 and free shipping anywhere in the US. Or give me your best offer. http://imgur.com/a/haxfK
  5. Hi everyone I'm in a bit of need for some cash and thought I would put up a post to try and find some mommy/daddies/babies that want to find a reliable seamstress that'll make baby wear with no embarrassing questions or conversations! I have been sewing for 5+ years now and I loooove making footie pajamas. I've made a number of fabric diapers, onesies, cute jammies, booties, whatever you want. I do $10 USD per diaper, they're machine washable and I can use just about any cute pattern or design you can think of. My onesies are about $50 and go up 10 if you need a plus sizes. They're made out of cosy cotton and are also machine washable and durable. My pajamas vary from 30 to 60, depending on the type of jammies you want. They're often made of soft fleece with no slip feet bottoms. My booties are 20 and are also made of fleece. Everything takes about a week to complete, unless you order multiples of one item. Shipping is about 5 to 10 for the US, which isn't included in the price. You can email me at [email protected]
  6. Hello I'm in some need for money so I thought I would advertise here for my small business. I'm a seamstress that makes AB products (Diapers, onesies, pajamas, booties, bonnets, etc.) I have no website but I'm a reliable businessman and if you email me I check that at least three times a day. I have experience making dresses too, or if you want any other sewed items I'm sure I can do that as well. I ask cheap prices, and my items are high quality so no seams tearing when you get all down and dirty playing. I make my items only when commissioned, but they only take about a week to complete. I know many online stores and my local retail store has a variety of cute prints in fleece and cotton, so if you want a specific print or color I'm more than happy to fill the need. My prices on average are 10 dollars a diaper. They're machine washable and made out of soft fabric. 50 for a onesie, 10 more if you need plus sizes. My pajamas vary depending on the style, ranging between 30-50. They're made of soft cotton with no slip feet. Booties are 20, Fleece as well with no slip bottoms. Bonnets are 10, 5 extra if you want it to be cute and lace-y. Please email me if you want me to get your order quicker, I very rarely check my mail here. Email is [email protected] Thank you.
  7. Hey guys, does anywhere know where I can get a footed sleeper that looks just like this one? I noticed that there's a logo on the left breast, but I can't tell what it says.. http://oi46.tinypic.com/o0nvxg.jpg Thanks!
  8. Time for my morning change!

    From the album You can call me champ

    It's wet. Soon after this photo it was messy too...
  9. Is that a diaper?

    From the album You can call me champ

  10. Free Diapers And Pjs

    I am done with college & moving back in with my parents. I have a bunch of diapers and no room or space to hide them. They are as good as new, out of original packaging, stored in cardboard boxes ready for shipping. There is also a pare of fuzzy hooded footie pajamas, Fits 5'8"- 5'11" 130-170 lbs. *Also rubber pants. There are 51 Medium Tranquility ATN Briefs left & 32 Abena Abri-Form Briefs (X-Plus Absorbency) 1 pare Yellow Hooded Fuzzy Footie PJs 51 Tranquility ATN diapers (Medium) 32 Abena Abri-Form diapers (Medium) 1 pare Rubber Pants Links: http://www.footedpaj...p/ch-803-ah.htm http://www.northshor...e.com/atn1.html http://www.northshor...ites-abena.html I'm reaching a crossroad in my life and I think I'm ready for a change (harhar). I need this stuff out of my hair very soon (2 weeks) and if it were to find a good home instead of the dumpster, it would put my mind at ease. Rubber pants & Pjs WILL be washed before shipping, but you might want to wash again upon receiving just for your comfort. Message me and we'll figure something out.
  11. The Pajama Babygirl

    She sat Indian-Leg style on a thick fleece blanket with a big bears face on it. Her Daddy was a football fan and this was the blanket of his favorite team. She often wrapped up in it and sat next to him on the couch on Sundays as he watched the game, but right now the blanket wasn’t for wrapping up in. It was for sitting on and keeping her tushy warm. They were far enough into Autumn for the chilly weather to have arrived, but it was still early enough in Autumn for them to enjoy the mildness of those first breezy nights without shivering. But she loved the Autumn season. The leaves changed colors on the trees and then fell to the ground, making for piles of fun to jump into after her Daddy had raked them up. The snow was super fun too, but those days were still to come. For now, the cooler weather made perfect the first use of the fireplace in their living room and it made perfect the conditions for him to start dressing her in her footed pajamas!! Spring and Summer had the nice weather where she would be dressed in a t-shirt by day and a nightie by night and she adored being a BabyGirl in a diaper and little else. But Autumn was fun too because he broke out her footed pajamas and kept her warm in them, from her neck all the way down to her “piddies” as she liked to call them. She rocked back and forth as the “little” feelings filled her mind and her senses, making a tingling feeling dance across her skin. She happily nursed on her pacifier and clung tightly to her teddy bear, debating whether she should tell him she had all ready wet her diaper or whether she should wait to allow him to figure it out on his own. She smiled brightly behind her pacifier at the thought of how her life had become so much fun and how much she loved her Daddy – not just for being her Daddy, but for how he made her feel about herself. She was complex in so many ways and this gave her character, but she sometimes wished everything could be simpler for her. He gave her the love she needed and he brought *the simple and the sweet* into her life. Tonight, they would sit in front of the fireplace, drink hot cocoa (with melted marshmallows, she hoped) and enjoy the most important thing they had ever known … each other’s company. She could hear him in the kitchen, fumbling through the cabinets and clanking mugs. She lied down on her back, snorting laughter as she covered her face with her hands to prevent making noise. He was trying desperately to figure out her new organization system, the task she had given herself yesterday morning to finally bring order to the chaos inside the cupboards. With diligence, it seemed he found what he was looking for as she heard the microwave turn on. Chocolate! Oh, Chocolate! What BabyGirl didn’t love chocolate? The sweetness, the sugar, the unhealthiness. It was bliss, plain and simple, in whatever form it came in. She waited patiently, drumming her fingers on her belly. Lying on her back and waiting for her Daddy was something she had grown accustomed to doing. Whether it was for a bath or a change or a wake-up or a tuck-in, it made her feel good. It made her feel little and that made her happy. Whether it was something a little more grown up in its appeal or whether it was to check on her through a sickness, it made her feel loved. It made her feel important and that made her feel like a Princess. Walking very slowly and carefully as to not spill the two mugs of hot cocoa he had obviously overfilled, her Daddy made his way from the kitchen to the blanket by the fireplace, setting the mugs on the bricks in front of the fireplace. He knelt by her side, touching his fingertip to her nose, then her left cheek, then her right cheek and then her chin. She beamed back at him with a glow to her face that made evident the contentment she felt in being with him. It was a wonderful feeling to see she could simply “be” somewhere with him and be happy for it. It spoke volumes about the kind of girl she was and made the attraction, connection, bond and love he felt for her run deeper than he could’ve imagined. Here she lied before him: this beautiful girl - so filled with compassion, so filled with life, so filled with happiness and so filled with a joy that could only be truly captured and kept by a soul which also harbored a love for being truly little. She reached up to him and he took her hands, sitting her up. Enough with the sentimental thoughts. It was time for hot cocoa! Her eyes were drawn to the mugs of cocoa sitting in front of the fireplace. The pacifier dropped from her lips as she excitedly reached for the mug that said “BabyGirl” on the side with both hands. At the same time, he picked her up and placed her on his lap. While sniffing the chocolate scent rising up in the steam from the mug, she situated her small Indian-Leg style inside his big Indian-Leg style. She sniffed the chocolate scent again, staring down at the even layer of melted marshmallows that formed a cap over the hot cocoa. She looked at the mesmerizing twinkle of the fire, then to the mug warming her hands and last, up to her Daddy. She smiled sweetly and took her first sip, giving herself a marshmallow moustache. She laughed at herself, licking off the moustache – just a happy little girl, sitting on her Daddy’s lap. She leaned her head back against his chest as he brought his hands up on her temples, running his fingers through her nearly-dried hair. The bath he gave her earlier had left her with that clean feeling she craved just as much as every other passion in her life he fulfilled. Added into that clean feeling was the wonderful memory of how she got clean – by his hands, by his actions and with the caress that only a Daddy could give. She finished her mug and leaned forward to pick up his mug. He scooped up her baby blanket, draping it over her shoulders before he began massaging the back of her neck. She leaned her head forward, smiling ath the knowledge that it would only be a matter of time before he had her so relaxed she would begin to get sleepy. This was how he began putting her to sleep every night. Within a few minutes, her eyelids were growing heavy and her head was bobbing as she began nodding off. He wrapped the baby blanket around the rest of her and leaned her back into his arms, cradling her as he returned the pacifier to her lips. She accepted the pacifier in her mouth, helpless to resist the comforting treatment and her pending slumber. He rocked her back and forth, patting her diapered bottom until she was far away and dreaming. The End (But really, just the Beginning) zorroabdaddy.com The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volume One