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Found 19 results

  1. TitaniumPopscicle

    Suffolk County AB/DLs

    Hiya everyone I'm new here! I really wanna start meeting people in the local community I know there must be a lot of us out here. I'm a 24 (5) year old bi AB/DL. I'm cute and cuddly and I'd love to have someone to share stories with. I'm down to just be friends but I would definitely love to find someone to love
  2. loving to meet other diaper lovers or diaper wearers in the Allentown, Emmaus or Bethlehem area. I am a 34 year old male and live on the south side of Allentown. looking to meet others in my area!
  3. Fowlerdzachary93

    Houston area north and south

    Looking for like minded people who enjoy kicking back in life with the finer things. Ab welcomed i myself love just love adult diapers. Feel free to ask anything. Im here to make new friends and build some great relationships and friendships that are going to last
  4. KYDiaperLover21

    Trying to Meet DLs

    Hey, I'm a diaper lover from Louisville, Kentucky. I'm tryna see who is in the area and if anyone is up to meet up sometime.
  5. svenb

    holland represents :)

    Hi all, Im a dutch guy 27 years old and am an dl for about 8 years now, i wonder if there are more dutch people still active these days, i started a club for abdl in holland called dutchdiapers, if you read this and you are dutch feel free to join, hope to hear something
  6. BabyboyBaumbs


    Im new to this site, hoping to make new friends and playmates. I like video games and drawing. I hope to live the baby life style someday.
  7. Hi, I am completely new to this and have been very shy about my diaper and wetting fetish for a long time. I am a 38 year old male who enjoys wetting (both myself and others) I would like to meet someone of similar interests to explore further. Even just a chat and a coffee. I'm in Bristol most of the time though I do travel a lot.
  8. hi boys and girls, DL in doncaster looking to meet other DL's or ABDL's. Bi not out and looking to meet others who like a warm comfy nappy on :-) Both a comfort and an arousal for me, let me know if your close, would love to meet! 6ft 2, half cast, stocky but not fat, short dark hair, clean and polite, friendly and respectful
  9. Pudgemountain


    Howdy I am new here, I had an
  10. iAMe

    Meet ups

    Hey are there any meet up type things close to StL? Or would there be enough people interested in getting one together? We have lots of place in the area that would be very safe to make this happen....Ballpark Village for example!!!!!
  11. Lord Ashtag


    Hey! I'm looking to get to know any dl's of any kind in the Oregon area! Feel free to message me! As of right now I'm just reaching out, maybe I'll get lucky and will meet some cute little dl girl who I can get to know more.
  12. Having a pub meet in a city centre pub in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  13. Title says it all, I've used Dailydiapers for along time now and saw the forums and just on the chance of a blue moon, anyone leave around Canby/Oregon City?
  14. xXnickasaurXx


    Hey I am in Chattanooga and I am wondering if anyone would like to meet up and have some fun. Email me at [email protected]!
  15. Little Christine

    LG weekend?

    The US branch of GirlTalk To had a "Little Girl Camp" at http://www.rainbowmountain.com/ However, I have lost contact with them as of late 2009 They are kink-friendly. Are there any girls, espeically in my area, who would like to go to such a campI would imagine that we could assemble a group that should be as large as any
  16. NewBaby94

    Anyone In Warrensburg?

    Just wanted to see if there are any abdl's in Warrensburg, MO, or any mommies. Looking to meet likeminded people, also looking for some sort of mommy. There really should be more abdl in missouri! lol
  17. theuke1

    east yorkshire?

    Hi everyone
  18. jamie0316

    Can Anyone Help Me?

    I'm a young guy in my twenties and I'm on just about every diaper site there is. I'm kinda frusterated because for a long time I've wanted to ahve a diapered experience with another person, and I'm not picky about it being a man or a woman (although I'd kinda' prefer a male). I just want to be babied and playdominated a bit. If you like to wear too, I would help you out. I'm just wanting to have a discreet first time. I'm open to just about anything (seriously) so long as it is private and discreet. If you diapered me I would do anything to please you. I travel for work and I am most often in northern/western pa. I dont know... I'm just frusterated. If you'd like to learn more, or if you just want to talk, feel free to email me at [email protected]