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Found 10 results

  1. LG's Taking Dolly(ies) to Bed

    For LG's do you take Dolly or Dollies to bed?
  2. Hug Your Dolly Day

    When I was at GirlTalk To, we had a custom that was celebrated around the world. The third Saturday of every month was "Hug your Dolly(s) Day". You do this at 10:00 AM local time, and that is tomorrow
  3. Drool...Swoon...Thud!

    Are we jealous yet? Shall we be anytime soon?
  4. A Fairy Dolly Family

    From the album Christine's Dollies

    Queen Kierestelle, Lady Arielle, Princess Tiara and Bride Kiersten These are the dollies that every Fairy and part-Fairy Little Girl gets
  5. Dolly Lisa Michelle Denise Christine

    From the album Christine's Dollies

    A 36" doll
  6. Dolly Andrea Lynne Rachel Christine Paradise

    From the album Christine's Dollies

    A 29" Dolly
  7. A New Dress for Dolly

    Dolly Andrea Lynne Rachel Christine is in need of a new dress. The one she has now is comming apart at the waist and the hem This is what I found for her on eBay The name of the company that made it is Lid'l Dolly's http://www.lidldollys.com/ it is a real little girl's size 2T dress
  8. Dolly Advice From Other Girls

    I need some dolly advice from others who list themselves as Girl This is my Bride Doll; Dolly Cassandra Lynette Estelle Christine Paradise. She is a 32" Bride doll. I got her on Ebay with just a (different) tiara, which I wanted form me, different hair (that was in sad shape) and a gorgeous full white gown and a wristlet. so she had the beginnings of a bride doll which I also wanted I got some material and made her cape and veil, got her a new doll wigh and tiara, white ruffled socks and pearl white pearlized shoes, and a clasp for her cape. I had a white little girl's purse to use for a pocketbook and I got her a doll stand. She is just so scrumptious that I wish I could play with her and take her to bed with me like my other dollies and like dollies sooo love, but she is a bit fragile for that, not being a real "play" dolly. I do kiss her a bunch to show that I love her burstingly and for just ever Under her dress she was wearing a kind of training panty. Well I had a pair of waterproof lined ruffled panties that I put over the panties But there is a rule that all us Paradise girls have to wear rubber panties if they can be found that fit Now here is my dilemma. I have some left over Gerber rubber panties from a package of 6 that I got for Andrea Lynne Rachel Christine Paradise and Lisa Michelle Denise Christine Paradise. They are smooth material Now should I tale the ruffled panties off Cassandra and put a pair of the Gerber on her? Should I talke both ruffled and training panties off her and put the Gerber panties on her? Should I take both panties off her, put the Gerber on her and the ruffled panties over them or should I keep things as they are? I could also get for her a satin diaper and put that under everything and you know how scrumptious satin feels, it is what Andrea and Lisa have under their diapers. I wish it were put under mine [sigh] I am afraid that I f I put the Gerber baby panties on her, especially with nothing under them, that Cassandra will not love me anymore
  9. Bride Dolly Cassandra Lynette Estelle Christine Paradise

    From the album Christine's Dollies

    a 32" bride doll