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Found 6 results

  1. Time for a diaper change

    From the album My Images

    I picked up a diaper bag. Every little boy and girl needs a diaper bag. Too bad I couldn’t find one suitable for the diapers a big little boy needs.
  2. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    Does anyone else carry a diaper bag or anything around with them? How discreet (or not) of a bag do you feel comfortable toting around with you? I only change myself, so with discretion in mind I just carry my things in a handbag for now. (It's not much) I'm thinking about finding something a little more whimsical that an adult could still carry without drawing unwanted attention and looking for ideas. Unfortunately, this is a rather secretive part of my life, but I like to think there are ways around everything.
  3. Stocked Diaper Bag

    From the album Amytheil's Diaper Bag

    This thing holds onto everything I need, including pockets on the outside for bottles, and pockets on the inside for pacifiers, clips, and additional bottle nipples.
  4. Owly Diaper Bag

    From the album Amytheil's Diaper Bag

    Is this not the most adorable thing ever? I stumbled upon this little gem at a Walmart and decided it had to become part of my AB/DL kit. Now I am a DL with little tendencies, but I couldn't say no to a giant owl bag.
  5. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    Being a Diaper Lover (DL) that happens to be bladder Incontinent, I have an excuse to wear and enjoy diapers and plastic pants and not be embarrassed by wearing them in public. I've embraced it and started carrying my own diaper bag when I leave the house. When I am in my responsible adult mode, I carry a black and blue backpack that has Dry 24/7 diapers and plastic pants, a change of shorts along with plastic bags, baby wipes, etc. When in DL mode, I have a large Graco diaper bag tote, black with teal trim and I carry the following; 6 Dry 24/7 diapers 2 Babykin cloth diapers 3 plastic baby pants 1 baby bib 1 pair of shorts or shortall 1 T-shirt or polo 1 bottle of baby lotion 1 bottle of baby powder Plastic bags for dirty diapers A container of baby wipes That about fills up my bag, So, do you carry a diaper bag, and if you do, what do you carry in it? Also, can anyone give me ideas on how to embellish my diaper bag to scream out "Diaper Bag" when someone sees it?
  6. I have not been to the mall in several years, went by the mall to get my wife a surprise from jc penny she had been hinting around I just left work in my truck grabbed my diaper bag aka book bag with a few extras supplies in there. I was going to change in the bathroom when I got in to the mall. I went in stright to the bathroom because i knew i couldnt make another round on this diaper. I went to about the 5th or 6th stall in the bathroom and quickly changed myself. I came out of the stall and went stright over to the garbage can and threw the used diaper in there. I went over to the sink washed my hands and turned to get paper towel and low and behold two of the malls finest. You guessed it security guards . Surprisingly polite asked my name, I gave it to them . Then asked me what was in the bag. I told them personal medical items. The one officer took my word for it but the other was having none of it and asked to inspect the bag I said I would open it for him . I begin to ask why they were so interested in my bag for, evidently my bag looks like it could contain a bomb. I opened the bag and the two looked in and turned red probaly not as bad as I did. I asked to speak to a supervisor, they said they would have someone call me because the supervisor was off grounds at the present time. I gave them my number and the one apologized profusely and shook my hand the other one was a Dic*. I went on and did my shopping on my way home my cell rang and a number popped up I didnt reconize. I answered anyways,it turned out to be the two guards bosses boss . He apologized to me and offered me a gift card saying i could pick it up the next time I was at the mall, I was assured it would never happen again. I declined the gift card told him I had alot to think about but I was ok little embrassed and said it could have been someone with a bomb. I would have rather been checked out seeing what had happened in mass bombing a few months back. I just had really mixed emotions still do> I guess times are a changing Shawn