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Found 13 results

  1. Many of you will know my site, and I know that many of you will know me personally. Now the weather is cooling down a little, would anyone be interested in attending a BBQ at the warehouse? http://www.littles-downunder.com.au on a weekend - or may be on a weekday evening? Just for clarification, the warehouse is in Brendale - north Brisbane. I know that I have previously mentioned this to some, but time got the better of me! Let me know if you are interested - there would be an attendance fee for food / drink etc - but I am not making into a money making event - but it would have to break even. I am always happy to chat and assist with anything with anyone - just let me know - you know where I am ! Meet your existing friends or make new friends - no toilets on site - Diapered event!! Let me know your thoughts.
  2. I have been around so many diaper sites for many years and it seems that this site has an excellent rep. So I am a DL who runs the website littles-downunder in north Brisbane and have been around the community for around 8+ years. I love chatting to people and sharing experiences and I have been in the fortunate position to meet a great number of ABDL and related fetishists. Many visitors feel comfortable and able to talk about their own particular interests. I am lucky to share many confidences - all of which stay in the warehouse and are not discussed outside with others. Others who are not able to shop personally for their product have it shipped in discreet packaging to their own address. I am happy to help and talk with anyone - as long as they are not offensive!
  3. Hi guys, So I am a little nervous about doing this I suppose I have been a long time abdl and little but never had the courage to admit that to anyone lol anyway I am looking to connect with some like minded people
  4. Hello im 26 m from bendigo australia. New to site. Been visiting the site for awhile. Finally thought id join and hopefully make new and awesome friends . I guess i consider myself dl havent done much i have worn a couple disposables i find im also able to quite comfortably and easily fit in to huggies drynites the up to 15yr ones. Hope to chat with yas soon
  5. Hi! So, I joined this site two years ago because I love reading the stories and role plays on here. I haven't properly introduced myself or at least I can't remember if I have or not. Lol. So yeah. You can can me Yuni, Sparkles or whatever you like. I live in Queensland, Australia and I'd love to meet other Aussie ABDLs and furries. I'm into a bunch of different kinks, all or most being non-sexual. If you want to know if I'm into something and would write it or role play it with you, just ask. Also, I love cats. They're my favourite animal.
  6. Hi, I'm a straight babyfur fox from Gippsland Victoria I don't know of anyone else around my area int any sort of ageplay but am happy to chat and maybe meet others if I can beat my shyness. I'm very polite and respectful.
  7. So I was out shopping at yesterday and I walked past the diaper isle and noticed a new package that I hadn't seen before. They were bigger than the Junior size and had a purple packaging. On the front they were sized as XL diapers for older kids and I am pretty sure that the weight measurement was 30kg+. Just wanted to know whether anyone else has seen these before or tried them. They were on sale at $8 and 40c a diaper and the pack is normally $10 Thanks.
  8. http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2016/jan/28/the-festival-of-really-good-sex-introducing-whole-new-schools-of-thought This mainstream article gets about halfway through when it has a page about "daddy" relationships. Enjoy!
  9. Hello my name is Baby_Krit As you can tell by the name I am an adult baby and I have been for some time. And I come from Australia. I don't wanna write too much on this post, just introducing myself. I have so much more written about myself in the About Me section of my profile. Anyways, hello I'm new *waves shyly and sucks paci* Baby_Krit
  10. Where do you buy you your "supplies"? I am trying to get a dummy/pacifier and the only one you seem to be able to get in aus is the medic pro one which I don't like the design of, or you can order one overseas but they are really expensive.
  11. Hi al new to this site and ABDL stuff. Wanting to meet a daddy/older bro/friends in Brisbane to chat and meet up with. Feel free to email or message me
  12. Hi, I just signed up after being a creepy lurker for aaaages so I thought I would say hello and introduce myself. My real name is Katy and I guess I act more like a 6-year-old than a toddler or a baby. I don't do nappies/diapers, although I am curious. I love my teddies and my pacifier/dummy. I'm from Melbourne in Australia and I do have a daddy who is my boyfriend, too. I chose to have 'Riley' in my username because I consider myself gender fluid and I like to play around in the 'gender spectrum' and Riley is my chosen boy name. Nice to meet you all
  13. From the album Accessories

    Happybaby Natural Latex Cherry Soother Australian Brand