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  1. runnerbuds

    Allusive Incontinence?

    Does seem rather strange. The claims on the site are doubtful
  2. runnerbuds

    Diaper blow outs.....How?

  3. runnerbuds

    ABDL FROM NSW looking for friends

    It's in Australia
  4. runnerbuds

    Wearing and showering

    That actually happened to me last night lucky it was just a little hole it didn't go everywhere.
  5. runnerbuds

    Wearing and showering

    Tonight before I got into the shower I put on a diaper just for a bit of fun and exprement. Having my diaper fill to capacity instantly
  6. runnerbuds

    Side Sleeper Diapers

    On 04/08/2017 at 3:01 PM, drynot said: I'll tell you what I use.
  7. runnerbuds

    How long and what to do?

    I often fill my diaper completely and waddle around and enjoy the nice feeling of a full diaper.
  8. runnerbuds

    Wore My First Diaper To School

    Good on you for getting up the courage to wear at school i don't think I'll get the confidence for
  9. runnerbuds

    Side Sleeper Diapers

    I'm a side sleeper and enjoy wearing to bed but always have problems with leaks. Have any of you ever had this same problem? Are there any good diapers that are designed for side sleepers?
  10. runnerbuds

    What should I use now i'm ditching the Depends[Aus]

    4 hours ago, Kira said: Bud, there are a few options you could go with, depending on if you want a more abdl diaper or medical diaper. There is bound to be other chemists that have a more wider variety, even better depends diapers, or you can look for tena or molicare.
  11. runnerbuds

    Hiiii :)

    Thanks for the warm welcoming
  12. runnerbuds

    Hiiii :)

    Hi everyone