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  1. Hi! I’m new to the community! Nice to meet u! I want a mommy so this bby girl can have her diaper changed and feel like the most special girl in the world 🥰🥰 I don’t want a daddy! I already have enough issues with them.
  2. Emma woke up early on the morning of the move. The truck was going to be arriving soon and she wanted to make sure she had the last bits of what she needed all boxed up. Truthfully, it wasn’t much. Emma shared an apartment just off campus with two other girls and didn’t have a lot beyond the personal possessions in her bedroom. Honestly, she probably could have moved it all herself were it not for wanting to take her bed and furniture with her back to Mom’s. She’d spent the past few months applying to positions and Master’s programs in kind, thinking that if the right job opened up she’d take a year off school or if she could get into a Master’s program she might jump into that. Unfortunately, there weren’t good options on either front. At least no jobs that didn’t balk when they saw her size. No one said being a trans Youthlock was why they didn’t hire her, so it must have just been an exceptional coincidence that interviewers were excited over the phone but always told her they would call back and never did. She got up and stretched all 49 inches of her body and then undid the safety railing with the press of a button. She hopped down and began stripping the bed. There was some moisture in the blue and pink stripped trainers she wore but fortunately nothing had seeped through that would need to be washed back at Mom’s. Emma cleaned herself up in the bathroom and transitioned into her normal daily wear; a pair of trainers, a bralette, tight jeans and a black tee shirt. She tied her thick, dark hair back and commenced packing up what was left of her stuff. After a few hours of that included assuring the movers she was in fact an adult complete with an ID check, packing up her stuff into the truck, and then making it through late morning traffic and out of the city, Emma’s car rolled to a stop in her mother’s drive way. She took a deep breath, Emma had come out about two years ago as a junior. She’d come home for visits and stuff and Mom was polite but she hadn’t really been around Mom a lot since going to college, let alone coming out. This was going to be a new experience as they figured out what a mother-daughter relationship would mean with her back at home. Emma imagined it would mean more gendered chores and some awkward conversations but hopefully those would blow over soon. Emma turned off the ignition, and walked to the door as the moving truck pulled in behind her.
  3. It had been an eventful year for the Palmer-Kelly family. Things had started off with Ivy being laid off and although having a parent at home ended up being helpful given what would happen with the kids, the loss of income wasn't easy. Then their oldest Avery told them he was actually their son and that was a whole new change to adjust to. Then after the family gotten acquainted with having two boys in the house Ellie announced that she had always felt like a girl two and now Jess and Ivy were raising two trans highschoolers. On top of all of that the rent went up, Jess was turned down for a raise citing budget cuts, and the state legislature was moving towards laws that would make things even harder for Avery and Ellie than they already were. Jess put out her application everywhere she could with no luck until she got a reply from the Clarke Institute. The Institute was based on a small island off the coast of Washington and was relatively famous, or infamous depending on who you asked. It started as a Department of Energy backed particle accelerator and since then the lab has grown and now has billionaires and corporations donating to fund research as well. The research that went on there was strictly need to know but the conspiracies that came out about the place were wild, including things like contacting parallel dimensions if you could believe it. Gibbs Island was beautiful and the Institute was going to not only pay over twice her teaching salary but help the family move and start renting a cute three bedroom home with an option to own down the line. The only issue was the school. The Foundation assured her that what they were promising was possible but Jess wouldn't have believed it without them flying her out there. It was all true. The Foundation school's experimental results spoke for themselves. Every kid who passed through came out a prodigy. Still, it was such a big change though she would only agree if both kids signed on. A month ago there had been a family meeting where Jess and Ivy had told Ellie and Avery. There was some confusion, upset, and more than a few tears from Ellie but in the end her big brother talked her into it. The decision was made, the family would be moving to Gibbs Island and both kids enrolled in the Gibbs Island School. Only instead of starting as a senior and a freshman they'd be starting as, well, it was hard to say exactly but physically at least they'd be indistinguishable from toddlers. Jess woke up early on moving day. She'd always been a morning person and that made her take point today. She started a pot of coffee and poured out a quick breakfast of cereal for each of the kids to eat before the movers came. Jess made knocks on both doors and called for the kids to get up, offering whoever woke up first the first dibs on a shower since she and Ivy had taken one the night prior. Once she heard stirring in both rooms, Jess got to work packing and sealing some of the final boxes. Ellie groggily sat up, brushing the sleep out of her eyes. She'd been sleeping terribly since she learned where they were going and what was going to happen once they got there. If it hadn't been for Avery, she would have dug in her heels and refused to ever go. Somehow he managed to convince her it wasn't going to be so bad though Ellie still had her doubts. Ellie spent her whole childhood quietly hating the lengths her moms went through to make her feel comfortable as the only 'boy' in a house presumed to be full of girls. Avery told her it offered a chance at doing things again the right way and though Ellie was intrigued, she wondered if idea might be motivating Avery more than he let on. She trudged to the bathroom with an arm full of towels as ready as she could be to start the day.
  4. Today was the day that Zoe had been waiting months for. She had to admit now that it was facing her down she was a little anxious. Growing up her parents had always kept a close eye on her, wanting to know where she was, who she was with, and when she’d be home and that hadn’t abated even though high school ended a month ago. This was going to be the longest and furthest she’d been away from her home and despite the mixed feelings and apprehension, Zoe was most of all excited. Her bag had been packed a week ago but that didn’t stop her from checking it again when she woke up, almost certain there would be something she forgot when she got there. Her few outfits and accessories, the beginnings of a makeup collection, and the first stuffie she purchased just before coming out, a cute cockatiel plush. “Can’t forget these,” Zoe thought as her eyes danced to her bedside table. Fluoxetine, sprionolactone, and estradiol were all emptied into her hand in the appropriate doses before being downed with the remaining contents of her bedtime glass of water. She’d been taking anti anxiety medication since she started high school but the other two were much more recent additions. She’d started taking her meds on winter break from high school after her doctor finally approved a scrip. In the past six months, she’d been awed by the changes even if she was impatient at the pace. Her skin cleared and got softer, body hair grew finer, and most enjoyably of all her breast tissue was beginning to develop nicely. Her family was only grudgingly supportive and had asked her to refrain from a bra while she was still in school even as the changes became obvious to all of her classmates and fellow students. She wore a sports bra under her gown the day she gave her valedictorian speech. It was a compromise to get her to agree to a nice shirt and tie for her grand parents who still had no idea. She’d worn one every day since. Zoe made a quick stop in the bathroom to brush out her hair before giving herself a quick little eyeliner job and putting on some jeans and a hoodie over her tee shirt. She was ready and waiting before her family ever woke up, she fidgeted and flipped through the booklet for the university as she waited. Her high school science had been from that dimension and if it weren’t for Ms. Drake’s recommendation she probably wouldn’t have considered studying abroad there. The psychology program was top notch though. Ms. Drake being an alumni her recommendation carried a lot of weight, and with that letter, her SATs, and a valedictorian’s transcript, in hindsight acceptance should have been a snap. Of course that didn’t stop her from worrying every day until the letter came, it was a huge relief when it finally did but no sooner was she relieved than another worry crept into her mind. The diapers. It was really all most people knew about the place. There were horror stories, hell, about twenty years ago there was a whole genre of scary movies about people finding their way to the ‘diaper dimension’ and ending up forcibly infantalized. Zoe had raised the issue with Ms. Drake who assured her that may have been how things were in the past but nowadays the only ‘littles’ who ended up like that did so of their own consent. She was promised she wouldn’t have to worry about being snatched off the street and taken into a strangers house to turn into a drooling baby. That assurance gave her enough confidence to accept and a few weeks back the university had let her know she’d be staying with a woman named Martha in the same town the college was in. She would have the option to move to dorms at the start of the semester but having a sponsor upon arrival would make for an easier transition to living in such a radically new place. Zoe hadn’t really spoken with Martha yet, other than some emails, but she trusted Ms. Drake and if Ms. Drake said it was OK, she would believe it. Zoe was getting anxious waiting for her family to wake up, her fidgiting turned to pacing and finally to walking down the hallway to knock on the door and wake them up. Sure, it was only 7:30 and her arrival through the portal was scheduled for 12 but what if there was traffic? Or it took a long time to get through whatever dimensional TSA looked like? Her family got up, got dressed, and ate breakfast while Zoe paced nervously, trying to hurry everyone along through their morning tasks the best she could. What if she missed the portal and they decided she wasn’t mature enough to even come? It sounded silly but Ms. Drake told her it was most likely she’d come through as a ‘mid’ and maybe if she was late they wouldn’t think she was a mid? Finally her mom grabbed the keys from the keyring and Zoe shot to her feet and bounded out the door. Zoe’s leg bounced the entire trip in the car to the portal center. She spent the trip finishing up her goodbyes, messaging friends on Discord telling them she’d see them next year. “Love you Ale-Zoe.” Her mom corrected most of the way through her dead name. Zoe pretended not to hear and gave her mom a hug. Her dad exchanged a firm handshake but didn’t say much. With her bags in hand Zoe made it promptly through processing. They made her brush her hair out of her face for the picture and Zoe filled out some forms that she assumed to be typical; name, emergency contacts, medications. She smiled when she got to mark ‘F’ besides gender. Due to Zoe’s pestering they’d arrived far ahead of schedule, she busied herself on the phone until the time came. A few minutes before noon an attendant called for everyone to assemble in the portal room. Zoe joined a room full of about 20 or so people. Some she imagined were like her but she also saw a few adults dressed fairly child like and holding hands with other travelers. They were given a count down, Zoe closed her eyes. There was a bright flash and then she found herself in a very similar room with a new attendant. This time though, most of the people were taller than her. Some, including the attendant, towered over her in fact. “Through the hall and to the left for the main lobby for returns. New arrival Amazons and betweeners to the right for processing. Littles remain behind for assistance.” Zoe was confused, she walked uncertainly toward the exit when the attendant stopped her, “Woah there missy, littles need to stay put for now. We’ll find your sponsor in a minute.”
  5. Nearly two years ago, Brielle Elizabeth Klein walked into a therapists office and said her name for the first time. Since telling it to Dr. Renee Evans, she'd said it to most of the people in her life for the first time. Her mother and father weren't happy about it, but were accepting enough. Her littler sister went through a few months of not speaking to her before they finally reconciled. Her younger brother still was giving her the cold shoulder. She'd told it to her general practitioner who gave her affirming hormones, the judge that gave her a new name, and her workplace which gave her a pink slip. She'd had to move back in with her parents for a bit until she found new work and after the awkwardness that involved, she vowed never to resort to that again. The first few months were a heady rush of changes and firsts and she was grateful that Dr. Evans was there to help her down the path. She'd found her doctors name on line and was surprised when she first met her. Renee was a giantess of a woman nearly topping out at seven feet tall. Brie thought that perhaps Renee was a girl like she was, but it turned out she was an immigrant from one of the parallel dimensions that had been reached by scientists. Dimensional immigrants were something of an anomaly still, but living in a medium sized city they wouldn't be out of the ordinary especially with the population that did cross daily for work. She knew a bit about the other dimension and it seemed a pretty fantastical place. Stories of domineering amazons enforcing a rigid social hierarchy based around height with those at the bottom having no rights. It was chilling but one couldn't help but admire the society they'd built. Advances in medicine, science, and dozens of other fields made study or travel there a tempting prospect and soon Brie felt lucky that she'd found herself with a doctor trained in that realm. Physical changes began soon bringing about another rush of gender euphoria. Body hair vanished, breasts grew, and Brie generally was happy with the way she looked for the first time in her life. She grew her hair shoulder length and bangs and chose new glasses to better frame her changing face. She was pretty and she loved it. The early days were sort of embarrassing thinking back, her fashion choices trended toward high schooler styles and the junior section. It was a touch awkward for a tall, mid twenties woman to be dressing like a teenager, but she felt like she was making up for lost time. Somethings she liked were younger still. After banishing stuffed animals a long time ago in her past life, she became a stuffie queen. The first time she was called 'cute' she nearly died. After a year passed though, things slowed down. The whirlwind of her transition gave way to what had become her day to day life. For the first time it occurred to Brie that the depression and anxiety that led her to finally confront her dysphoria didn't magically go away once the dysphoric feelings did. For all the good it did her, estrogen wasn't an anti-depressant. She struggled and began having problems at work and in her personal life. Fights with her mom, roommates, and a bad break up with a boyfriend drove her into as deep of a depression as she'd felt since before the transition. Being 24 meant she had access to liquid methods of coping that she didn't in college and her life in general had seemed to stall. Thankfully, she still had Dr. Evans. Renee listened to her and after talk therapy didn't help she suggested an unorthodox form of therapy to Brie. Renee offered to sponsor her and make arrangements with her health insurance to get her mental help in the other dimension. Renee was prepared to write Brie two months of paid leave off of work through the employee short term disability plan to get her the treatment she needed, and even offered to let her stay with her sister May. Brie wasn't sure and voiced some of her concerns about the dimension Renee camee from but was calmed when Renee told her that tales of the cruelty of her dimension were overblown travelers tales. Besides, Brie was a mature, responsible woman who'd navigated the transition process on her own and was just dealing with a little setback so there was no chance that her maturity would place her among the littles. In Renee's world, maturity wasn't simply an emotional concept, it had a physical dimension and Brie had proven herself an excellent candidate for treatment there. So, after weeks of thought, Brie agreed and Renee had went to work signing the paperwork with insurance companies and arranging for a travel broker into the alternate dimension. When the day came Brie took the ticket Renee had mailed to her to the dimensional transit terminal and checked in. After signing her travel waiver and getting her luggage situated her broker asked if she had any final questions and wished her well and promised he'd see her in two months. Brie lost consciousness in her seat and had no idea how long she was out of it. When she woke up, the door to the transition pod opened and immediately she knew something was off. She'd dressed comfy for the trip in sweat pants and a tee shirt but the clothes were now a bit too big for her, the chair was higher up than she remembered it, and the stuffed kitty she'd brought as a carry on seemed larger too. Brie felt tiny and it unnerved her. "You've arrived *MS BRIE KLEIN*, please vacate the chamber for use by the next traveler." Brie stepped out into a giant world, on the other side waited two months of adventure she was no longer sure she was ready for. Edit: This RP was originally started to run in conjunction with another RP with groveoflove, A New Start. Given the long hiatus between replies and the extended time at the zoo shifting focus on to this RP, it feels right to drop a link to the companion RP as well.
  6. Parum Journal Entry Day 0: Mag and I won the smart house! Everything is being set up today for us to move in tomorrow. The Plasti'Plants people sent the movers over earlier to pack our things and take them over. Tonight we'll stay in a hotel and they'll pick us up in the morning. Plasti'Plants is going to pay for everything we need for the year so that we can really test this place out. It's supposed to have everything. Guys, I'm so excited! ~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, we're checked into the hotel now. After my last entry the day got pretty busy. They had us go down to headquarters to have our scans done and everything. We had new chips implanted that are already coded for the house and have our data uploaded to the house's systems. Apparently, it'll be able to make or order anything we need customized for us. I'm so happy that Mag stumbled across this opportunity. When we signed up I never thought we would win. It feels like it was meant to be. Okay! Time to go get dinner! Ya gurl’s craving tendies! ~~~~~~~~~~ Mag Journal Entry Day 0: I went to sign the papers at Plasti’Plants today. A free smart house with full security and fencing to keep us safe, in exchange for one year's worth of testing? Easy life here we come! I could just feel Janice from accounting's glare stab at me the entire time I went in to sign the papers. What can I say Janice? It sucks to suck and you snooze, you lose! Only odd thing was the list of free items that I saw on the list. There were obvious things like a couch, kitchen table, some food and drink, etc. But there was also a crib, changing table, a high chair, and a whole host of other baby stuff? Did they think that we had kids? Ah well, I'm sure it was nothing. And worse comes to worse we can probably just donate everything that we don't want to some kids shelter somewhere. ~~~~~~~~~~ Checking into the hotel, I noticed that they had given us the first neural chip for Parum to download in addition to the keys for the room. I also noted that for some reason, the beds had plastic over the mattresses. Maybe the people who had the room before us had bedwetting problems? Oh well, I had Parum install the first chip before we went downstairs for dinner. It was so cute how even after all this high society and luxury that they wanted chicken strips off the kids menu! They said that it was just a craving that they had, but I still couldn't help but find it cute! <This is a collaboration with @RanchSkywalker (SkywalkerRanch here) and edited by @Aliceko_chan (both on Twitter) > https://toofplaypen.wordpress.com/2021/02/03/plastiplants-page-one/
  7. Stated plainly, there truly should be more representation for AB/DL trans folk on video sites.
  8. Hey! So i'm a trans girl living in Manchester and hopefully looking to find a loving Mummy or Daddy (does the prospect of both exist?) but yeah i i'd say i'm around 2yo but would love to explore more as i like the feeling of being a helpless new born but also love the prospect on being a little bit of a cute toddler, either way put me in a nappy with a dummy and coloring book and i think i'd be fairly content anyway would love to hear from anyone looking for a babygirl and happy to answer any questions xx
  9. Repost. One of my older stories. I wrote this before I wrote Bad Seed. It was originally posted back in 2013. ? Yikes. Where does the time go? Well, hopefully in all the time that's passed, my writing has improved. TRICKY TREATS by Cute Kitten Kaoru squirmed in her carseat, stretching her cramped muscles with what little wiggle room the dip of the seat and the harness restraint allowed. She pressed against the thick pink cushions of the over sized infant carrier, her diaper crinkling. As much as she loved her carseat, she'd been in it for hours. Her mate, Danny, had decided to drive straight through, stopping only for gas, to feed or change her, or for the occasional piss at the side of the road. She had slept most of the way up north through the night. Mate was a funny word, but given what Danny was, it was suitable. It was the correct term, according to him. Kaoru just called him her boyfriend, but their relationship was deeper than that, more like soul mates from a fairly tale. The term married couple could have applied to them, but that didn't really fit right, either. Mate sounded just as funny to her as boyfriend or husband did to Daniel. Mate was a strange word, but then Danny's true nature aside, they were a strange couple, she supposed. She enjoyed playing baby. It helped her cope with her past and her insecurities. As for Daniel, well, he was not human at all. An oversized infant carrier was just as strange and unbelievable as Danny's true nature was. It had been a gift sent from Auntie Hester, who over the phone had told them in jest that making a car seat that size was as easy as bippity boppity boo. Karou settled back down, staring out the window at the crisp colors of autumn leaves in the early morning sun. Her gaze shifted from the trees to her reflection. Staring back at her was what looked to be a petite preteen girl, half white and half Japanese, or Halfu as she'd been called back in her home country- half Japanese and half gaijin, dressed in a pink, oversized infant sleeper with attached mittens and booties and evident bulge of a ridiculously thick diaper. The sleeper had Disney Princess print. The pink and purple pacifier she sucked on and the Cinderella bib around her neck completed the ensemble. She scrunched her pert little nose up at her reflection. She didn't like how her eyes looked without her usual gyaru style makeup that made her eyes look poppingly big, almost like a Shojo anime character or a doll. Danny assured her she looked beyond adorable either way. The no makeup rule when playing baby was the only part of it she didn't like. Without makeup, she looked even younger than the preteen or young teen she was usually mistaken for. Over here in America, people always thought she was around fourteen or fifteen with makeup and ten or twelve without it. Her actual age was eighteen. She wondered if she ever got the chance to go back to her home country what age people would assume she was. Her actual gender was more tricky. She had been born a male, and had physically been a male for few years of her life. As a toddler, she had been drawn to girly things and had always felt like a girl inside, even when her mom and maternal grandparents insisted she was a boy. That came to a head when her mother's yakuza thug of a boyfriend, after a drinking binge one day, snatched Kaoru by her hair, sliced her dress off with a knife, slicing into her skin in the process, then began to butcher- The memory suddenly vanished, blanking from her mind as if sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. Kaoru gasped, almond eyes wide and pacifier tumbling from her lips. Her pulse sped and she grabbed onto Miss Mopsy, hugging her beloved plush bunny tight. "Pumpkin, you okay?" Kaoru looked up into a pair of concerned blue eyes visible in the rearview mirror as Danny checked on her from the driver's seat. She forced a weak smile that he didn't buy. "J-just a-a bad memory but it....feels more like a bad day dream. It disappeared in the middle-" She trailed off into a low mumble but he could still hear her heavily accented English. Her face showed her confusion. That memory was real, had happened, but it was already gone from her mind, wiped away like the early morning mists. Remnants lingered like ghosts, but even they were fading. Danny's eyes softened with a touch of sadness, sorry that his baby girl's past still hurt her. "Auntie Hester said the effects of the potion she sent will increase with each dose. It will take some time, but soon you'll forget those memories forever." Hester was a very good friend of Daniel's; they considered each other siblings even though they were not related by blood at all. Or marriage. Neither was Hester Kaoru's aunt or any relation at all, but she insisted Kaoru call her Auntie, and Karou seemed to enjoy it as well. Kaoru's smile grew slightly more steady. There were things in her past she did not want to remember. Therapy and medication hadn't helped her cope much, and the scars on her body were reminder enough. Danny's sister had sent Kaoru a special potion she'd brewed, and dose by dose it was gradually erasing the painful things Kaoru dearly wished to forget, misting over the scars of her heart and mind.
  10. hiyaa everyone my name is amber ive been wearing for over 10 years now (wow i feel old), i am 24 human years old but im like 1-4 at heart, i mainly wear for comfort i just get peace of mind when i do when i get put into them it help me get into little space , ive recently moved to london so id love to make some friends that are like minded and can cope with my annoying ass, i love gaming and going on photography walks not that i know many good places to go or get to atm. hope i make some new friends here xoxo Amber
  11. From the album: Lazy diaper day

    © Emma

  12. From the album: Lazy diaper day

    © Emma

  13. From the album: Lazy diaper day

    © Emma

  14. From the album: Lazy diaper day

    © Emma

  15. From the album: Lazy diaper day

    © Emma

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