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  1. I'm 19 and still living with my mom I have cloth reusable diapers and plastic pants as well as regular disposable diapers I mainly use my cloth ones considering the cost of regular diapers. Though it's annoying not having a washer and dryer so I wash them by hand, but I want to be unpotty trained I don't know how I should go about it. I wouldn't mind if anyone also had tips for cloth diaper wearing.
  2. Hi there. My name is Kinsir, and im an ABDL for quite some years now. My whole life, i was allways sexually fixated on diaper content, but id love to take it wven one step further. So im dreaming about conditioning or training myself in such a way, that im fully diaper dependant on diapers. If possible maybe in such a way that i cant propperly masturbate without wearing one anymore. It would be my total dream. So i was curious if you had any idea what i could try out, in order to further go into that direction. Thanks for your answers in advance
  3. Hey everybody !! Before I start I know "I must be carefull for what I wish for" but I finally made up my mind and I'm ok with all of the "challenges" that come with being a bedwetter. Let's start with some backround, I'm a man in his mid twenties, I was a bedwetter when I was young and stopped around 6 or 7, I live with my girlfriend and she knows about my diapers, she let me wear whenever I wish to, so it's basically every nights and most of my days off. I got my own place, diapers costs isn't an issue for me either and I already tried the "bedwetting program" drinking a lot before going to bed and all that stuff. About the bedwetting training, it worked pretty well since I easely reached the "turning point" about 6 months in but when I reached it (I was 23 by the time) I felt like I wasn't sure if I was ready, I was at this point when I didn't need to drink right before I go to bed to weke up in a wet nappie. SO I retrained my blader but since this time my desire to be a bedwetter grow deeper and stronger everyday, I thought a lot about it and now I finally decide that this is what I want to be. I' began the training again 3 days ago, drinking a lot before going to bed (1lt at least), be sure to be really tired before going to bed so I would fall asleep before my bladder begin to fill,I can wet in every position I want and I try to listen to some hypnosys files, I don't know if it make a real effect but any help is good to take I guess, I'm also going to bed with a fresh but slightly wet nappy . So far it's not a real success it's been 3 nights in and I didn't manage to sleep, have to let it all out in my nappy before I was able to found some sleep. Maybe I was a little too excited to begin my journey and i'm also a side/belly sleeper and I know the pressure on the bladder is not helping it.. If any of you have done this journey already and have some advises for me I would be glad to hear it ! Also I will try to make some updates on my progress if some of you are interested !!
  4. Training the Maid Chapter1: It had been six months since Mariela was cut from her job, and because of that, she had been out on the streets for the last four months, scraping by with whatever kindness strangers would leave her as they walked by. The twenty-three year old got up from the curb she was sitting on, her shorts caked in stains and dirt along with her face and hands. Her shirt was ripped in the back which exposed her dingy bra strap. She smelled from not having a proper shower for days, and looked around before making her way towards the nearby McDonalds with what little change she had. She walked into the fast food, and immediately, an employee stopped her. “What are you doing here?” “I was just going to use the restroom.” “The restrooms in here are for paying customers,” the young girl told her. “Yes, I have money.” “Let me see.” Mariela sighed and reached into her pocket and pulled out two wrinkled dollar bills, six dimes, and 8 nickels. “That’s enough to get something, right?” The employee shook her head. “It’s not that much. I’ll take your money for you and get you some food. My manager will not let you order like you are.” “That’s fine,” Mariela held her stomach. “I don’t really care what it pays to eat, I just want anything. And now, may I use your restroom?” “No. The bathrooms in this establishment are clean, and people are doing to doubt that if they see you coming out like you are. Just wait here, and I’ll get your food.” “But….” “Look, if you move from this spot, I’m not going to hunt you down. You’ll lose your money for nothing. So, either you want to eat, or you don’t.” Mariela nodded. She was put just outside the restaurant door to wait, and while she didn’t think the girl meant to rob her, she did feel anxious to be separated from the only money she had for the night and probably the only meal she’d get with it. It took an eternity for the girl to come back, but while the girl was gone, another woman walked up to her, and she lightly patted her on the shoulder to let her know she was there. “I’m sorry,” Mariela said sadly as she moved aside thinking she was blocking the door. “Sorry?” a taller blond girl asked. “I was in your way, right?” Mariela asked. “No, sweetie. I was just wandering, what are you doing out here all by yourself, and where are your parents.” “That’s nice of you, miss, but I’m actually twenty-three years old.” The woman dwarfed Mariela easily, and so the woman shook her head at the little dirty girl and shrugged. “Baby, you don’t need to lie to me. I’m not going to turn you into the police if that’s what you are scared of. You’re probably an illegal Mexican, right? And your parents sent you to get food because they thought the police wouldn’t harass a child. Am I not right?” Mariela shook her head. “No ma’am. I really am twenty-three years old.” The woman sighed. “Okay, well, you are obviously waiting to go in to get something. Did you decide you didn’t have enough money? Maybe I can help.” Mariela shook her head. “A nice young girl is getting my food for me.” The woman shook her head and took the little girl by the hand and started to walk her into the restaurant. “Come on, baby. Let’s get you and your family some food. I’m not buying any of this.” Mariela tried to pull her hand back, but he woman was locked on to her wrist pretty good, and she pulled the little lady right into the store and they stood at the back of a line with twelve people in it. Mariela squirmed a little bit, hoping she wouldn’t wet her pants in front of everyone while they were waiting to go to the front. She knew if she got caught in the restroom, the girl would get her thrown out and keep her money. However, the tall blond that was with her, saw poor Mariela grabbing at her crotch and dancing around from time to time. “You poor little child! You need to pee, don’t you?” Mariela looked down and mumbled about not being allowed to go. “Nonsense,” Susan told her. “I’m not in a hurry. I don’t care if we lose our place in line, you are going to the bathroom before you wet your pants, sweetie.” She walked the girl, grabbing her tightly by the wrist again so she couldn’t pull away, and she marched her right into the sparkling clean restroom. Susan stood by the sink. “Go ahead go in the potty, baby. I’ll be right here, so if anyone tries to ask what you are doing in here, I’ll tell them I’m taking care of you.” Mariela sighed and went into the toilet. She had no reason to fight what the lady was doing for her. It felt good to finally get to pee after waiting for who knows how long it was taking. When Mariela came out of the toilets, the woman motioned for her to come to the sink, and she put the little woman’s hands into the water and started to wash them for her as if Mariela was a toddler or something. “Ma’am, I do know how to wash my hands,” she tried to tell her, but the blond woman was not listening to her complaints as she washed her hands so they were cleaner than they had been in a while. When you were on the streets, it was hard to get soap, and normally, she felt too nervous being in a restroom like in McDonalds to clean her hands well enough because other people wanted to use the sink, and she also noted how black the sink got as she washed her hands in it. “They are going to be pissed that I got the sink dirty,” Mariela told the nice though pretty stern and meddling woman. “Who, honey? Your parents?” “No, ma’am. I’m really an adult. The restaurant staff really told me to wait outside, and they told me if I went to the bathroom, I’d lose the money she took from me to get me something to eat.” “Well, she’s no longer in charge of you eating, is she?” the taller woman said matter-of-factly. “I’m going to take care of you for now, and make sure you get something to eat. If you really are a woman, and not a child, then you really should be ashamed at how dirty you’ve allowed yourself to become.” Mariela lowered her head in shame. She was ashamed of how she couldn’t take a shower, how she probably smelled, and how that she didn’t even have a place to live or nicer clothes to wear. “What is your name, anyway, sweetheart?” “Mariela,” she mumbled up at the meddler. “My name is Susan. When we get up to the front, our story will be you are my niece from out of town, and you are dirty because you didn’t get a bath yet after being on the road for a while, and you got mad at my place because I was telling you what to do, telling you to get in the bathroom and clean yourself up or something like that.” Mariela looked down. “If you do what I say, you can get a meal not only tonight, but I’ll take you home so you can get a bath, and let you at least get one night of a good rest, okay?” Mariela sighed and nodded. Even if she didn’t like the way it was happening, a nice meal, a refreshing shower, and a nice soft warm dry place to sleep was sounding like heaven. They were finally at the counter, and the lady recognized her immediately when they got up there. “I told you to wait outside,” the woman said. “Here, I have your bag of food.” She pushed the sack towards her. “Now get out before I call the police.” Susan stepped up. “Excuse me! Is that how we treat little kids who’ve been on the road now?” “What? How. How do you know this dirty girl?” “She’s my little niece. She was scared to get off of the bus while she was coming to my house because her parents got in some real trouble and they sent her to me. That’s why she’s kind of dirty.” “Your niece looks like she’s been out on the streets for days.” “She has,” Susan said. “But that’s really none of your business, is it? You are here to serve the public, and this child was a paying customer. So, she told me you didn’t let her come in to use the restroom. That is a violation of her rights. Maybe I’ll call the police!” The commotion drew a manager over to the scene as people in line started talking about what they were talking about. “You ought to be ashamed of yourself,” Susan rounded on the manager. “What do you train your employees to do? Attack a poor little fourteen year old girl, and practically make her pee her pants? Well, like it or not, I took my niece to your bathroom, and TOO FUCKING BAD she got your sink a little dirty washing her hands like a good girl!” The manager got really red in the face and he rounded on the employee. “Did you really tell that girl to stand outside?” he asked her. “Well, her aunt wasn’t anywhere near….” “Oh, so because she was a child,” Susan started but was cut off by the manager shushing her and then turning on the employee. “You can go home for the day, Ms. Baker. We’ll talk about this incident tomorrow.” The manager then handed Mariela the bag of food she bought and then went out around the bar where the customers order, and he took Susan and Mariela to a private corner where he whispered to them. “I’m sorry to ask, little miss, but are you sure you made it to the toilet?” Mariela’s face got really red, and Susan started to get red, too. “I’m not just asking because I want to embarrass you, child. If you did wet, even a little bit in your panties, then we owe you some new clothes.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. “Don’t worry, honey. That employee that was mean to you will be the one reimbursing me, but since I doubt you made it to the toilet because you do kind of smell, I’m going to go ahead and give you a hundred and twenty. That should help you get some clean clothes, right?” Susan took the money from the man. “Thank you so much sir. Are you going to fire that woman?” “Is that what you want us to do?” “Just firing her won’t teach your employees how to treat people. Punish her, preferably in front of the other employees so they know they can’t treat children like this, but don’t fire her.” The manager nodded. “I’ll see what I can do, but rest assured, we will make sure our employees know not to treat people like that.” “Thank you, sir.” “Were you done ordering? There doesn’t seem to be much in this bag for the two of you.” “Well, as I was saying, my niece was on the road with the last of the money her parents gave her, so she got mad at me earlier and left the house and probably thought she’d have to sleep on the streets again, but I went looking for her.” “So, you still need food?” “Yes sir.” “Well, as you were supposed to be in line, I’ll get you near the front, okay?” “Thank you, sir.” “And since your aunt is buying you dinner, baby, how about I take that sack of food from you and give you back what little spending money you had?” Mariela looked up at both of these people hardly able to speak at all. She hated that they were treating her like a child, but if she went along with everything thus far, she would have money for an extra meal, a place she could sleep safely and a nice bath. She just looked at her feet and nodded her head. Susan bent down to the little woman, and she patted her bottom to check her. “You did wet, didn’t you, honey?” Mariela shook her head. “Mariela, aunt Susan is not mad at you. It’s not your fault that you were made to wet your pants like that. Don’t be scared, sweetheart.” Susan took the little woman’s hand and started to lead her back to the lines, where the manager put her right behind the last guy that walked up to order. “There, now you’ll be next.” He told the supposed aunt with her dirty niece. “I’m sorry about the inconvenience, but the woman and her little niece were taken out of line at the fault of our store, so we had to let them order as soon as possible. It would have been no different to you had she been able to order when she was supposed to be able to.” The customers clapped though instead of getting irritated. Some of the people chanted “fire the waitress. Fire the waitress.” Susan turned on the crowd. “And where would that young woman go for work?” she asked them. “I asked the store to punish her for her inconsideration, but with the way things are right now, firing her will only mean she’ll be living on YOUR taxes that you are paying. Is that really what you want?” The crowd got quiet. Susan finally satisfied, went to ordering. “What did you want to eat, baby?” “I only had about three dollars, aunty,” Mariela decided to play up to Susan’s story. “I’m not talking about how much money you had, baby. That’s your spending money, and has nothing to do with how much I’ll spend to make sure you eat good. Order what you want, and make sure it costs at least seven dollars, baby.” “Seven?” “That’s what I said. Or more. You are a growing girl. You need to eat. I know you’ve had it hard with your family, but your daddy sent you to my house because he knew I could feed you better than that.” Mariela nodded with tears streaming down her face at the taller woman’s kindness. She shyly pointed a happy meal, but the supposed Aunt Susan smiled and said… “What else, baby? That’s barely four dollars, and barely enough to eat for a fourteen year old little lady.” Mariela looked up at her gratefully. “I mean it, sweetie. You don’t have to conserve at my house like you had to for the last, what, couple of months?” “Four,” Mariela whispered ashamed of being on the streets for that long. “Well, whatever, baby. You have got to be more hungry than that, so what other burger or whatever do you want?” “Can I have a shake?” the girl asked. “Of course, baby, but that’s still only two more dollars. I still need you to order another sandwich.” Mariela looked down. “Too shy, huh? Or don’t know what you want? How about I get you an extra cheese burger then, and if you turn out to be full, then I’m sure Uncle Steve will eat it, otherwise, it will be there for you when you decide you are still hungry.” Mariela nodded, tears just getting more insistent at coming down her face. Susan took the food, after she order for her and this man named Steve, and she pointed the girl out of the restaurant towards her light blue Nissan four door sedan. “Get in the back,” she told the little girl. “First of all, you did pee your pants, even if you don’t want to admit it, and Steve and I both would really not want to sit in your pee spot tomorrow when we go to work.” Mariela nodded. “You are also supposed to be a child, and it is better that children ride in the back anyway.” Mariela nodded. Susan didn’t go straight home, though. She took the dirty little woman to a second hand clothing store. “We are not getting your main things here,” Susan told her. “We’ll spend the hundred and twenty that that kind man will deduct from the waitress’s wages at a regular place, but you can’t go into a regular place in the clothes you are wearing, and I have nothing at my house that will fit you, sweetheart.” Mariela nodded. The woman took her around and found a floral top for five dollars and a jean skirt for fifteen. She got her some panties that looked like they came brand new, and she got her socks and a pair of better shoes. “This isn’t coming from the hundred and twenty?” Mariela asked Susan. “No, baby. That would not be right. The man paid for you to get some nice clothes, not hand me downs. This is just so you can have a bath and have something to wear in the morning.” Mariela nodded. “Now, I think I’m going to call in sick tomorrow so we can get you some clothes together, and then get you at least one more nice meal before you are on your way. And we won’t spend the whole hundred and twenty because you’ll need money for a motel or something so you can keep clean. Maybe if you are cleaner, if you really are an adult, you can find a job a little easier.” Mariela nodded. When they were done at the second hand store, though, Susan also stopped at the drug store. “Stay out here in the car,” she told her pretend niece. “You don’t need to use the restroom, do you?” Mariela shook her head no. “Okay, I’ll be right back, but there’s no reason to go in there in your wet pants embarrassing you. I had to take you into the clothing store because I didn’t know what size to get you.” Mariela nodded though she really didn’t pee her pants. Mariela sighed as she sat in the comfortable car, wishing she could stay somewhere comfortable like this after tomorrow. She would do almost anything to have this comfort again, and she had practically done anything, even selling her body if a guy was nice enough to her beforehand. Soon, Mariela was pulling up to a nice two story house, and judging by the foundation, he figured it also had a basement. “Come on, little one,” Susan said to her as she opened the car door. “You’re home, baby.” Mariela thought that all that niece carp was just for the public so that they would think Susan had a reason to help her. But Susan was not dropping the child act. Did she really think Mariela was a lost child or something? “Steve, are you home?” Susan called out as she opened the door. “I brought home dinner and a little something else.” A man a little taller than even Susan came around the corner and looked down at the very dirty little woman, her brown hair so dingy, it was hard to tell if the brown in it was her natural hair color or dirt. “Who is this?” Steve asked Susan. “I’ll tell you about her after we get her in the bath and cleaned up a bit. But she needs to eat first.” Steve nodded. Mariela felt really small as she walked behind the two tall people, and they led her to the dining room. “So, what’s your name, honey,” Steve asked her as if she was a child. “Mariela,” she mumbled a little intimidated by his size. He wasn’t only tall, but was well filled out so his body matched how tall he was. He was not fat by any means, but he was definitely a lot bigger than she was. He was like a giant. “Mariela,” he smiled and nodded at Susan who smiled. “Little Mariela was outside McDonalds trying to get some food, and some mean people in there told her to wait outside like she was a dog or something. They wouldn’t even let her use the bathroom.” “Is that why she smells?” “Obviously,” Susan said. “There’s no telling how long the little child has been out on the streets, but she’s obviously had a hard time keeping clean because look at her. Even if she hadn’t wet her pants outside of McDonalds, and was still leaking when I took her in, basically trying really hard not to wet until she got her food, but failing at it.” “Poor little one,” Steve said. “I know, right.” Mariela frowned at them both. “I didn’t wet my pants,” she tried to say but because of how big they were, and how they talked, she felt too intimidated to get mad or stay it with confidence. Steven walked over and put an arm around her hugging her from the back. “Well, we’ll have to call the police to find out where her parents are,” he told Susan. “Please! Don’t call the police,” the woman shivered. “What’s wrong, honey? Did you steal something? Are you in trouble with the police or something?” Mariela looked down tears in her eyes. “I don’t have identification. I was fired from my last job about six months ago because the restaurant was going to be inspected. Someone said they let illegals work there, and since I don’t have papers, I might be an illegal.” “Might be?” Steve asked her. “Well, I’ve never had papers as far back as I can remember. I came to the states when I was twelve, but somehow, I got separated from my parents, and then turned over to these people who kind of raised me incognito until I was seventeen. Then, I was turned out on my own after I got a restaurant job, and I just got fired from it six months ago, after working there for almost six years.” The two people looked at one another and then back at the little girl. “Honey, that’s an interesting story, but immigration would have sent you back with your parents if they caught you, and if someone smuggled you into the country, they would not have just let you go like that.” Mariela shook getting frustrated. She had no proof to her story at all, and she was aware that she was so short and she basically looked like a dirty child sitting there like that. “Mariela, baby, you are going to be our niece from now on,” Susan told her. “You’d like to not have to go back out on the streets, wouldn’t you?” Mariela frowned. “But I’m really twenty-three years old.” “I know what you are saying, baby, but look at it this way. If you keep saying you are twenty-three, and you convince us to let you take care of yourself, do you think you are going to find another job if you really are an illegal?” Mariela started to think on that, but they continued. “On the other hand, if you accept your fate as a fourteen year old child, and you stay with us as our niece, you can eventually get papers that we will get for you, and when you turn eighteen, in four years, you’ll have papers so you can work.” Mariela keep looking down at her lap. “Can I take some time to think this over?” she asked them. “Sure, baby. Take a week, if you need it, but after a week, if you still haven’t decided, and you are still in our house, then you will be treated as our niece, who has no other place to go, and you will be disciplined as a child if you try to run away after that, understand?” Mariela nodded. “She’s done eating,” Steve observed. “Take that poor little stinky girl to the bathroom and get her out of those peed in pants, honey.” Susan nodded. Susan took Mariela by the hand and led her to the bathroom closing the door behind them. “Baby, don’t be scared. Uncle Steve just said it like that because he wanted you to recognize how dirty it was to sit in peed in pants for that long. He wasn’t trying to be mean, and he was trying to get you motivated to get a shower, baby.” Susan started to help her undress. “I can do that, Susan.” “Aunt Susan or Aunty, while you are under my room, honey. And yes, I suppose you could, but Aunty is going to help her little niece because her baby niece made a boo boo in her pants and she needs to be cleaned. Besides, you haven’t had a proper bath for about four months, right?” Mariela nodded. “That’s a long time to not be properly clean, and I don’t trust you to get yourself clean enough. You are too nervous and worried about wasting things like our water to spend all the time you need to get clean, baby. But if I clean you up, you have no choice but to stay here as long as I decide you are still dirty and still need to be washed, right?” Mariela looked down. It did make sense, and she was right, that Mariela would likely try to hurry it up so she didn’t waste these people’s resources.
  5. Does your bladder start feeling differently at various stages of incontinence? I know the 12mo program references bladder spasms at some point but are there any other feeling one would feel at various stages?
  6. Alex struggled helplessly in his binds. Stuck in a diaper and dress, gagged with an oversized pacifier, and with a bright red ribbon wrapped around, he could do nothing but wait. He supposed that was what he was a Christmas present for someone. The only question was for whom. It was a question that had haunted him since the day he arrived at the training institute. Like everyone, he knew there was someone paying for him. Like most, he had no idea who they were, when he’d see them, or what they intended to use him for. There were several reasons someone could end up in the institute. A scant few were volunteers- people choosing the submissive lifestyle, often for a kink, or out sheer laziness, giving up freedom to be guaranteed food and shelter rather then work their entire lives and risk homelessness. This, in Alex’s opinion, was a poor trade and a worse excuse for a career. Others seemed to think they eventually be guaranteed a place their anyway, and so volunteered. The advantage there was that they could at least pick the manner of their submissiveness, and have some control over who their eventual master was. Had Alex known that would be necessary for him, he’d have taken that route. He shifted uncomfortably in his binds, his arms getting stiff, and his diaper beginning to chaff his spanked bottom. He definitely would have. Alex, for himself, was one of the many who had been chosen against their will. Some of them had obvious reasons for going. They had committed clear crimes, were put on trial, and plea-bargained out of jail or were sentenced directly. They stood out at first in the first days at the institute. Trying to look tough, with tattoos on their arms and glares on their faces, until they realized this just made them all the more ridiculous. Alex was in a final category- those who had no idea at all why he was brought. He had simply went to bed one night after drinking at a bar, blacked out, and woken up already locked and dressed in the institute, with his form of submissiveness and master chosen for him. Many had similar stories, or were dragged from public places kicking and screaming, or got into cabs that went in completely the wrong directions… There was a long list. They were usually given a explanation. Vague allegations of minor crimes, poor behavior, a likeliness of future crimes or failures, internet search histories, having failed some kind of government test- there were plenty. Alex had a mix of these, with the same accusations of brattiness and immaturity that most who ended up in diapers got. They may be true, he knew, but he tended to believe the rumor that the institute simply needed to sell certain number of submissive to operate and did what was necessary to keep going. The government turned a blind eye and the public kept silent less they be chosen- they were fulfilling a needed service, anyway. For Alex, it was hard to argue. They seemed to know everything about him, and his trove of 'secret' stories about similar kinks was brought up time and time again as a reason. Whether they knew about them when they grabbed him or coincidently found out after searching was beyond him. Alex moaned inwardly thinking of it. The struggled slightly, hearing the tissue paper and his diaper rustle, then stopped. He glanced at the paddle beside him. Tauntingly cute looking, but sharp and painful, he had been given a taste of it earlier and threatened with more if he woke anyone up. He was a Christmas present, and just like any other gift supposedly from Santa Clause, he would not be seen until morning. Waking them up would spoil the surprise, and he had been trained to obey. That training itself had been a nightmare. When he first woke up that day long ago, he had no idea what was happening. He had woken up slowly at first, feeling a slight headach, then bolted up when he noticed he was in a strange room surrounded by bars. “No” he had thought, “it can’t be…” IN reality it was obvious- he had long known about the training program, and that the diapered subs were one of options, but like most, he had never thought it would happen to him. When it did, he did everything in his power to deny it to himself. He had quickly glanced down at himself to see he was dressed in bright pink footed pyjamas and a bulky object he later realized was a diaper. He tried to scream out, only to find his mouth full of something he later realized was a pacifier. He tried to remove it, only to find his hands were wrapped in thick, fingerless mittens, leaving them useless. He looked around himself, and confirmed his suspicions. The bars he had once thought were for a cage were in fact part of a crib, and the room was a giant nursery, decorated cutely, with a changing table, high chair, and toys all clearly intended for him. A pit had begun to form in his stomach. A woman, not much older then Alex, came in beaming. He still remembered the first words she said. “Hello, how’s my little baby doing?” She spoke in a sweet, familiar voice, as if he truly was a baby girl and there was nothing strange at all with him being there. The rest of the day had followed suit. He was offered no explanation and given no chance to ask for one. He was carted helplessly from humiliation to humiliation, unable to get out of the arms, baby harnesses and strollers that held him, and unable to speak with the pacifier in his mouth, only leaving it for feedings. That day he wasn’t even treated as a sub, but simply as a baby. Spankings or other punishments weren’t necessary yet- he was too restrained and bewildered to fight, he was simply there to learn his place. He was fed, talked to in baby gibberish or simply ignored, and changed. THAT was a memory that had stuck with him, not because of the teasing or punishment, but because of the lack there of. “Do you smell something?” one has said calmly. “I think the baby has a stinky butt” the other replied with no sign of surprise. “Check him?” Alex was bent over, his onesie undone. “Yep,” then, in the high pitched joking voice used for infants, “has the baby made a stinky? Does she need to get her butt changed? YES SHE HAS! YES SHE DOES!” The lack of mocking and teasing had made it seem all the worse, as if it was something natural that should be expected. The truth was, as he would learn, it soon would be. As Alex was lain on the floor in a main hallway and changed as the pair in front of him talked on as if nothing was wrong, he had even begun to wonder if he really was a baby, and the last few decades of his life were some bizarre dream. It seemed a better option then being a submissive. The real training had started the next day.
  7. Hi, I've lurked here for years, and even posted a couple of times under an old account years ago. I've taken the plunge to become a bed-wetter for real. Partly for fun, as weird as that would sound to anyone outside this community. And partly so I can get a continuous, uninterrupted night's sleep. In other words, I am aiming to train myself to cease waking up to go. So, I'm thinking about establishing a blog to chronicle my progress if anyone is interested. I've been at it for about four weeks now. I'm getting some customized coaching help to see if I can speed things up faster than the 12-month program. (I know, typical American, always in a hurry.) I want to sleep soundly all night through bed-wetting to be willing to pay a bit for help if it really works. I will mention the training I'm using on my blog if I set it up. I don't mind mentioning it here so long as that does not break any of this site's rules. (Don't want to start off participating in forums by getting in trouble!) I may put some ads on my blog like an Amazon store, but I have zero financial interest in the bedwetting training service I use. I'm neither an owner nor an employee nor an independent contractor. I'm just a satisfied customer -- given progress so far. I can also chronicle progress here which has been kind of interesting. But again, still trying to sort out if there is interest and where I should post my experiences as well as when I hit my goal of sleeping all night and letting things "go" as they will. I'm not looking for acrimonious debates, so I'll just ignore any nasty comments should they pop up. If you're interested, great! Tune in. If not, well, DD is a huge site so there are plenty of other places to play. Bob
  8. Alex struggled helplessly in his binds. Stuck in a diaper and dress, gagged with an oversized pacifier, and with a bright red ribbon wrapped around, he could do nothing but wait. He supposed that was what he was a Christmas present for someone. The only question was for whom. It was a question that had haunted him since the day he arrived at the training institute. Like everyone, he knew there was someone paying for him. Like most, he had no idea who they were, when he
  9. Im finally roommate free and want to live my "little" life, Ive been thing about getting some training pants ive already got some dinosaur My First Training Pants from baby-pants on the way and am super excited but want more cute little boy options, i saw these in a video and want some if they aren't some custom super expensive thing. im also open to suggestions of other brands as im not seeing any options other then babypants or rearz safari
  10. To Mary, who sat suckling her thumb in her newest prison, life seemed simple. you listened to the higher classes of furries, and obeyed when they gave orders, so you got food pleasure warmth and shelter. It was a good life she had, with her master Phillip, but he had been ordered to move nearer to the northern Lights alliance, rather than stay In Unityia. ANd Mary couldn't go with him. so as his property, she was part of the estate sale. She sat, listening to the market bustle around her, and tried to breathe softly, easily, calmly. Phillip had been so kind, he had changed her diapers as soon as she had wet them and he only required her to mess her diapers in the night...during the day, in his usual lenient manner, he had allowed her to actually use a bathroom for her messy accidents. But this market around her brought down the realization that she was, in fact, a diaper slave. just a little fox in her diapers. She knew better than to talk to the Market manager, she would be punished. she was supposed to act like any of the other possessions, like the couch or the range, silent and useful. Mary could see a woman across the yard from her, a tall panther, who had been pointing at Mary and talking to one of the market directors for over half of an hour. Mary turned away from her, trying to wiggle her bum at some of the nicer looking people, old men who she didn't think could spank her if they tried, and young women with children, who knew what it was like to have real babies. but none of them looked at her seriously. she didn't know how much she was being sold for, but it must have been high. according to her slaves' contract, it should make her proud that it was so high. But mary had never been good at Being a Diaper slave. The Panther woman continued to haggle, as a storm cloud moved in. the tents set up over the soft items like couches and painting would keep them dry, but Mary was considered waterproof. She only wished that her diaper knew that. as the soft rain started to hit her skin she enjoyed the cooling effects after yesterday's summer heat. it was hard sometimes to look as cute as she was supposed to, but that made some people drool even harder. her thoughts were interrupted as the door to her cage opened. two strong arms pulled her out, and presented her to the Pather woman. Mary spoke first "Hello Ma'am, are you purchasing me?" The panther smiled and nodded her head "Yes, little fox, I am. but first we need to test your obedience. tell me, how long have you been a slave?" "fifteen years ma'am. I was sold when I was six" Mary responded, shifting uncomfortably on the hard market tiles, slid with rain. annoyingly, her diaper was starting to sag with the water weight. The panther nodded, then looked at her notes. "Unfortunately, it looks as if Sit Westburton, Your master Phillip, and previous daddy, was rather as laxidasicle with your training as he was with his militia and his finance. so let's test this, shall we? As your first order, I want you to fill that diaper for mommy. immediately" Mary blushed as she moved from a kneeling, to a squatting position. the pee came first, hot and fast, hissing into the front of her diaper, making it sag and discolor. the mess was harder, she pushed, and it slowly came out, pushing into the seat of her diaper, forming a solid, squishy mass as her diaper ballooned out. Mary was panting like a dog, her long foxes tounge loolling out. her conditioning making the diaper filing a highly erotic and stimulating experience. as her diaper continued to sag and discolor, the Panther shamelessly began to rub her own clot from the outside of her pencil skirt. it was one of the perks of being an alpha, since the change had taken place. that kind of behavior was outlawed in lower slave castes, and certainly would have never been allowed in The pre-change Human society. Mary moaned as she tried to push out any more, but there was none left to evacuate, and the panther walked around behind her, gently bouncing the mess in mary's diaper up and down with the toe of her high heels. "I'll take her for the price we agreed upon, and her entire Nursery stock. around how many diapers did her has in reserve, and what condition..." Mary stopped listening as the panther absent-mindedly handed her a vibrating wand, and gestured towards Mary's bulging crotch. mary HATED to pleasure herself while she was messy. but..but.. she couldn't disobey her new mistress/mommy, not on the very first day! So she pressed the head of the wand against her wet padding, moaning openly as she went up and down with it, groaning as her hips bucked, and inwardly screaming at herself for enjoying it so much. as she climaxed, she fainted into the arms of one of the guards. as her eyes were covered by darkness and she fell into sleep, the panther woman squatted down and said "good girl"
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