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  1. A/N: Story is not finished yet but has some stuff I am very happy with. Will be releasing once a week for at least the next three weeks and hopefully motivated to keep working on this one. TIA for reading! Update (06/15/24): Chapter 2 submitted Continuing Education Chapter I: “Let the Lesson Begin” Life was supposed to be better than this. Michael Mason was twenty seven years old. He had a Bachelor’s Degree in forensic science. His gorgeous wife loved him deeply. And yet all he could think was how relieved he was that his boss was getting ready to write him up. It got him off the sales floor for awhile and away from all those damned boxes of merchandise. The manager’s office was small, little more than a desk and a couple of chairs. The room itself was unusually hot. Surprising since the company was too cheap to pay for heating in the store at night and the building felt more like a freezer. The only job Michael had been able to land was an overnight stocking gig. Every night, five nights a week, from 9 PM to 6 AM he opened boxes and stuck things on the shelves for minimum wage. The job was originally supposed to be something temporary while he found something in his field. Every morning he drug himself home, physically exhausted from the manual labor and from battling his circadian rhythm. What little free time he had he wanted to spend with Alyssa, his wife. The store itself had completely unrealistic times. Lectures about safe stretching and lifting exercises didn’t mean much when the only way to get the work done as quickly as his managers expected was to bend and lift in the most unsafe ways possible. And while he was tearing his body up to get product on the shelves, the people complaining that he wasn’t fast enough were doing what exactly? Hanging out in the back office on TikTok. It had been more than once that he’d wandered to the back in search of equipment or supplies, things his managers never seemed to know where to find, and caught them all crowded around someone’s cell phone, laughing their heads off. So the job was dogshit but at least he was bringing in money. He’d probably be fired eventually but he wasn’t going to quit on them. If they did plan to fire him for being “inefficient” then he was going to get every last penny he could out of them first. Kyle, the overnight assistant, who thought he was a store manager himself, sighed dramatically as he dropped into the chair on the other side of the desk, sitting upon it as if it were the throne from which he lorded over his subjects. “Mike, I’m tired of having performance conversations with you.” “It’s Michael sir.” His nametag said Michael. He indicated on his forms he preferred Michael. He’d told Kyle on numerous occasions he preferred Michael. “Mike,” Kyle continued, ignoring the protest. “To be blunt, your performance is wholly inadequate for this job. We have written disciplinary actions for you twice and this will now be the third time in less than a year. As such, we’ve decided to move forward with separation. I’m going to need your nametag, box cutter, and any other company equipment.” Kyle gestured to the third man in the room. “Jack will have to escort you out after you clean out your locker.” So, that was it. Game over. There was a part of Michael that would be completely relieved that he wasn’t going to have to show up anymore. Of course there was also the part that knew Alyssa was going to be absolutely furious with him. They could barely afford their rent now and they had just managed to open a savings account and drop spare bits of change into it. Going back to a single income was going to set them back by months. There was no point in complaining about it. Michael tossed his boxcutter and nametag on the table and stood up without a word. He was not going to give Kyle the satisfaction of crying or begging for his job. In silence, he strode out of the room, only slightly irritated that Jack was following him every step of the way. “It’s a tough thing,” Jack said. “But you really did it to yourself Mike.” “It’s Michael,” Michael sighed as he pulled a few personal things out of his locker. “Well look on the bright side Mike,” Jack said, “In six months you can re-apply.” “Jack, why would I re-apply for this shithole job?” Michael had tried his best to keep his cool but he’d failed. His only recourse was to blast his hate through his eyes directly at Jack. The expected effect occurred and Jack smirked as he saw the anger in Michael’s face. “You’ll be back,” Jack said. “Your type always comes back.” “You know what Jack?” Michael was already headed for the exit. “Go fuck yourself.” * * * Michael wasn’t sure how manly sitting in his bathrobe at the kitchen table with a container of ice cream and a scoop was but it was making him feel better. It was barely after 2 AM and Alyssa was fast asleep. He’d quietly changed and moved back out to the living room to wallow in his own misery. She was going to be so damned angry when she found out. He had no idea what time it was when the light in the bedroom turned on. He was cold. His robe was barely hanging on him and the ice cream had mostly liquefied. He slopped another bite, getting sticky melted goo all over his face, and sending another jolt of brain freeze to his head. “Michael? Why are you home so early?” It should have been a crime how easily Alyssa made it seem to look beautiful. Despite having slithered out of bed, her hair cascaded down her back as if she’d just had it styled. Her face was perfectly shaped and her eyes popped as if she had a ring of mascara. She could have done a hell of a lot better than an almost thirty year old loser who couldn’t even hold down a job at the grocery store. Here it came. Might as well rip the band-aid off. “I got fired.” He gritted his teeth, prepared for the explosion. Which didn’t….come? He caught a whiff of Alyssa’s perfume, vaguely scented like lilacs, as she wrapped her arms around him in an embrace before gently prying the spoon from his fingers and pulling it away. “Honey, you’re sticky,” she frowned as she disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a washcloth, which she ran over his face. Rather dumbfounded that he wasn’t having his face ripped off, Michael sat there and let his wife clean his face instead. “You’re not…huh?” Michael blinked. Alyssa had a bit of a temper but they didn’t exactly fight. He was expecting her to be mad. Mad in that sort of, “I’m disappointed in you” type of way that would make him feel like a total jackass without her actually raising her voice at him. “Not what?” she smiled as she sat down across from him. “I’m not a mind reader babe, use your words.” “I thought you’d be mad at me,” he confessed. “I’m not thrilled, no,” Alyssa frowned. “You don’t need me to tell you it’s going to hurt us. But you’ve been pretty unhappy at that job and I feel like I barely get to see you. We’ve got to be able to find a way to make things work where we don’t have to be apart so much.” “Yeah,” Michael nodded. His stomach growled in protest at him. Gorging on ice cream had not exactly been his most erudite moment. “What if…” Whenever Alyssa had an idea that she thought exceedingly clever, a grin spread across her face not unlike the Cheshire Cat. “...what if you finally followed through with your plan and went back to school?” “Yikes,” Michael sat up, pushing through his angry stomach. “That’s not gonna help our money situation at all Alyssa.” “That’s the best part,” she replied. “I found a place, let me show you…” her phone appeared in her hands and she played with it for a moment, “Look at this place!” Michael glanced at the phone, reading it off, “The Finch School? What am I? A bird?” “It started as a finishing school,” Alyssa said. “Miss Finch’s Finishing School for Marriageable Young Ladies. That was back in the 20s. It’s evolved into a co-ed liberal arts college. And they offer scholarships for returning adults. Finish your education and all that.” “Yeah but Alyssa, this place is ten hours from here,” Michael frowned. “How is that going to get us more time to be together?” “That part will suck,” Alyssa nodded. “But I barely see you as is. If you go to the school, you can finish your Master’s Degree, land that inspector’s job, and get away from all of these back breaking places you’ve been applying to.” Michael looked down at his wife’s phone again. He’d have to get a place near the campus. Or a dorm room, heh. And of course there was no point in any decision at all if he couldn’t claim that scholarship. There was no way he was taking loans out and they definitely couldn’t pay tuition out of pocket. “Ok then, I’ll apply for the scholarship and we’ll go from there.” “Good boy,” Alyssa beamed at him. * * * He’d done it. He’d gotten in. The application process was very easy and had been done completely online. He’s sent in some writing samples and records from his time at the state university. A few days later he’d received an acceptance email. The terms seemed almost too good to be true. He was required to accept campus housing, agree to a code of conduct that mostly boiled down to not doing stuff he’d hated doing when he was twenty anyway, and had to keep his grades up. That’d be easy enough. Michael had always learned his lessons well. He’d briefly met his roommate Nick when he’d dropped his luggage off at his dorm room. Nick was a few years older too so there was definitely a level of relief there that he wasn’t going to be shacked up with some eighteen year old kid fresh out of High School. It was a little odd that they’d been roomed together but Nick just laughed when Michael voiced his concerns. It would work. “The campus is beautiful babe,” he had his phone glued to his ear and was chatting with Alyssa. She was back at home getting ready for work. “My room’s not too bad. We’ll have to video chat later. My roommate seems cool. There’s a lot of…” Michael glanced around. There were a lot of girls at this school. It had been a women’s college originally. If it was one of those schools that ended up recruiting the kids of former students, maybe that wasn’t too surprising. He was pleased to note that there were plenty of older students but some of the styles of dress…he’d walked by an entire group of girls in Japanese lolita style! A girl, a woman really, who had to be at least thirty but nevertheless was wearing shortalls and had her hair in pigtails, literally skipped by him swinging a Hello Kitty backpack from her left hand as she bounced along the sidewalk towards one of the class buildings. “...girls here.” “That’s not a problem is it?” Alyssa asked. “Not for me, but uh….” Michael trailed off, too embarrassed to finish the thought. His half comment was greeted by a shriek of laughter. “Not to toot my own horn Michael but, you’re not going to cheat on this, are you?” His phone chirped and he pulled it from his ear long enough to glance at the picture that his wife had just sent him. She wasn’t wearing anything at all. And she had her fingers between her spread legs, pulling a pair of lips apart. “Alyssa!” More giggling from the phone. “We’re gonna have to get used to sexting sweetie. And babe, mommy is going to need A LOT of pics while you’re at school.” “Maybe save the NSFW for when I’m not walking around a college campus in the middle of the day,” Michael laughed. “But seriously babe, you are gorgeous. You just made it that much harder for me to concentrate on my classes.” “Well then, I guess you won’t get any more pics until you show me that you’ve learned something,” Alyssa said. Michael was outside his classroom now. “I’ll show you exactly what I’ve learned tonight babe. I’ve got to go now though, I’m at my first class. Love you.” “Love you too. Learn a lot!” Michael hadn’t been in a college classroom in several years but the room he stepped into was certainly not what he expected. The walls were a pastel green with rainbows adorning them. Along the back wall were rows of cubbies, many filled with bags and other things. Many students were already sitting at desks with their hands folded. Every person in the room was a girl, none younger than twenty five, and none dressed older than twelve. Along the front wall was a chalkboard - a chalkboard! And above it a poster showing the alphabet. If it weren’t for the size of the desks, Michael would have sworn he had walked into a kindergarten classroom. This couldn’t be his class. He was here to take an advanced criminology course. The worst part about walking into the wrong room was that all the heads had turned to gawk at him. The teacher was the only person dressed remotely normally - if goth scientist was “normal.” Her long curly hair was died sea green and coiled halfway down her back. She wore a black lab coat over boots, fishnet stockings, a leather skirt, and corset. Goth…bondage…scientist? The mix of styles was almost too much. Her piercing pale blue eyes seemed to be digging into his skull and he caught just the faintest hint of lilac from her. “Oh excuse me, I must be in the wrong class,” he muttered as he turned to leave. “Stop right there!” the woman called. Michael found himself stopping in his tracks. “You come inside right now and put your things in your cubby please.” Michael found himself walking back into the classroom. Did he actually have a cubby? Impossible. That would be the easiest way to prove that he was in the wrong spot. Jennifer, Kelly, Lisa, Daisy, see…no…Michael blinked and rubbed his eyes. Right next to “Daisy” was an empty cubby labeled “MIchael.” “Well?” the instructor called out. “Uhh, yes ma’am,” Michael swallowed as he tossed his bag into the cubby and turned around. “Very good,” the instructor smiled sweetly. “Now if you’ll take your seat please.” “Oh, which one is mine?” Michael was a bit confused. There were several empty seats, so he wasn’t exactly sure where he should sit. “Oh Professor!” the blond in pigtails that had skipped past him earlier had raised her hands and was waving it excitedly. Dress aside, Michael was definitely sure that this girl had to be in her early 30s at least. Meanwhile the professor looked like she couldn’t be more than about twenty two. “Yes Daisy?” the Professor smiled sweetly. “Professor, can she sit at my table?” the girl named Daisy asked. She? Michael had to admit that he was a bit on the thin and small side but still, there could be no way he’d be mistaken for a girl right? Short hair, tee shirt, jeans. He practically screamed “guy going back to college after failing at life.” “Yes, that will be fine. The new girl can sit with you Daisy,” the professor replied. “Oh, but, uh…” Michael cleared his throat. He wasn’t entirely sure where this misconception was coming from but it was definitely something he wanted to clear up. “Yes sweetie?” the Professor beamed at him as if he had just answered a really hard question. “Can you use the words to share your thoughts with the class?” “I’m a boy actually.” Michael said. The classroom erupted, first as every girl gasped and then peels of laughter echoed from all around the room. Every table seemed to burst into chatter as all the students began talking and pointing at him. “Girls, settle down!” The Professor grabbed a yardstick from her desk and wrapped it three times. The knocking sound killed the conversation. “Is that any way to treat a new student? Now sweetie, I want you to come to the front of the room ok? I promise, you’re not in trouble.” Feeling foolish, and knowing he was blushing, Michael walked up to the front of the room and stood next to the teacher. Her lilac perfume wrapped itself around his nose in a way that was intoxicating. He could feel his head going light. “Now sweetie, this is Miss Finch’s Finishing School and it is a school for girls. If you’re a student here, you have to be a girl here. You are a student here, aren’t you?” “Yes, but…” Michael went to protest. The school hadn’t been a girls only school in fifty years! And it wasn’t a finishing school anymore, it was a liberal arts college. Something in the back of his mind told him that whatever was going on was so strange that his best bet would be to run. But that smell… “And if all the students here are girls, that means you’d have to be a girl too, doesn’t it?” “But I’m not a girl!” Michael insisted. “Oh don’t worry sweetie, I’ll help you with that,” the Professor said. She reached for his face, caressing it in her hands, and pulled him forward before delivering a peck on the cheek. “You see, I can make it all better with just a kiss.” Michael felt just slightly off. He couldn’t quite place it but something was different. His shirt seemed to hang from him loosely as if it had grown two sizes too big. Oddly, it felt tighter around his chest than it had before. The reality of the matter, that he had somehow shrunk, set in when his pants slid right off his hips, now hopelessly larger than his waist. “What in the…” Michael’s hand slammed across his mouth. That hadn’t been his voice! Michael had a deep, husky voice, just slightly gravely. The voice that had escaped his lips had been honeyed, soft, and very feminine. When he glanced down, he realized more was wrong. The hair on his hands and legs had disappeared completely, his skin now soft and smooth. He had previously had many blemishes and moles all across his body, they were all gone now. And his chest? The reason his shirt was tight was that he now had cleavage! A strand of hair fell into his face, dirty brown having turned into a silken brown mousse - short length having transformed into mid length curls that coiled around his shoulders. His…more like…”What did you do to me?!” “I told you sweetie,” the Professor replied with a smile. “Only girls attend Miss Finch’s Finishing School. Since you’re a student here, you must be a girl.” “I’m not a…” Michael stopped himself, no…herself, as she felt a new sensation. Her underwear was becoming warm and wet. She was peeing herself! The escaping fluid quickly turned into a flood as her boxers became uselessly saturated and pee dripped down her legs, pooling in her jeans at her feet. “Oh dear, oh dear,” the Professor shook her head. “Daisy, will you go into the supply cabinet and get me the diapers? It looks like our new student had her first accident.”
  2. Franziska von Karma was in the Prosecutor's Office looking for cases when she saw a forty-five-year-old scientist with black hair, blue eyes, and dressed in a black dress with a white lab coat over it. Franziska squinted at the woman, having the sinking feeling she'd seen her before. "You don't remember me, do you?" The scientist asked. "I'm afraid I don't." Franziska said plainly. "I'm Bridget Nurzey." Bridget said. "You prosecuted me for illegal animal testing." "Oh yes." Franziska replied. It was the last case she took before coming to America to try and defeat Phoenix Wright and Edgeworth. Bridget had been subjecting various animals to a myriad of mechanical devices to "make life easier", but she hadn't bothered getting the approval she needed out of paranoia over being beaten to the punch. For her crimes, Bridget spent six months in prison. "I just wanted to thank you for helping me see the error of my ways." Bridget said. "In fact, if you’re not too busy, how about a drink at my lab?" "Interesting." Franziska said. She was aware that Bridget might try to do her harm, but she doubted that it would be anything she couldn't get out of, and then she could prosecute her for assault. "Lead the way, Bridget." The two women then walked off. After a half hour's walk, Bridget and Franziska arrived at a large building that looked more like a nineteenth century hospital than a laboratory. Bridget walked over to the door and opened it, gesturing for Franziska to go in first. Franziska cautiously did so, keeping an eye on Bridget while scanning the room with her eyes. Once the two were inside, Franziska couldn't help but be amazed. The interior of the lab looked perfectly sterile and organized. With bright florescent lights almost blinding Franziska. Eventually, her eyes adjusted, and she followed Bridget to a table with a tea set on it. Bridget sat down, gesturing towards a seat opposite her, and Franziska sat down and took the cup in front of her. "It's not poisoned, is it?" Franziska asked, half jokingly. "Now that would just be rude." Bridget said, chuckling. "In all earnestness, my breakthrough concerns you." "Me?" Franziska asked in confusion. "Well, your line of work." Bridget said quickly. "You see, during those six months in prison, I realized something. People weren't changing, at least not like they should have. As such, I wondered about what to do when it hit me. As children, we’re more prone to correcting our bad habits. So if prison could cause a similar state of mind, we'd have less repeat offenders." "So what?" Franziska replied. "You want to turn prison into a giant daycare, Dr. Bridget Nurzey?" "Exactly." Bridget replied. "It's why I built my new lab within this old, abandoned hospital. All the space and supplies I needed, and after five years, it's ready." "F-for what?" Franziska asked nervously. "Human testing." Bridget said with a smirk as Franziska stood up to escape, but Bridget pushed a button in the floor with her foot. The ground beneath Franziska's feet opened up, and she fell into the hole, screaming all the while. Eventually, she landed on a blue conveyor belt and groaned. She looked around and found that she was in a brightly colored room with pink walls, an orange ceiling, and a green floor. She also saw that the belt she was on led to a large red cube. "Oh, I will not stand for any of this!!" Franziska said angrily. Franziska then leapt off of the belt when a gray mechanical arm with two ball joints allowing for movement and a hand with a white glove on it grabbed Franziska by the neck and pulled her back to the belt. Franziska tried to get off the belt again, but the arm let go of her neck and held her down by her stomach. Franziska did her best to get out from under the hand, but its hold was too firm. "You made me lose six months of my life!" Bridget said over a loudspeaker. "Now you'll lose the next six months in my new Nursery Prison!" "You kidnapped animals to test out your inventions!" Franziska shouted. "You deserved your prison stint!" "Just like you deserve this stint for denying the world my genius!" Bridget replied. While this argument was going on, Franziska was sent into the cube by the belt. Once inside, more arms, like the one from before, grabbed Franziska and began removing all of her clothes. In a matter of minutes, Franziska's cravat, the sapphire broach that held it in place, her black gloves, her black vest and skirt, her white blouse with the poofy shoulders, her black leggings and high heels were taken off. Next, her bra and panties were removed too, leaving Franziska naked as the day she was born. Following that, Franziska was set back down on her hands and knees before one of the arms held her down by her back, and another arm began spanking Franziska. After several minutes, during which, she was spanked at least one hundred and eighty-two times, the spanking stopped, and Franziska was crying. "This was the baseline of your punishment." A feminine computerized voice said. "All future punishments will be far more severe." "You don't understand!" Franziska wailed. "I'm not supposed to be here!" "Of course you are, Little Franny!" The prison cooed as Franziska was rolled out, so sore from the spanking that she didn't dare to try and rush off. Then she saw a sign that read "BATH TIME", and she gulped nervously. The belt then came to a stop as Franziska fell into an oversized plastic bathtub for infants. She came up groaning again when more arms came down, each holding a scrub brush with soapy water. The arms rubbed the brushes against Franziska's body, causing her to call out in pain. "Stop this at once!" Franziska shouted. "I am not a baby you foolish--" Before Franziska could finish her insult, one of the arms rubbed its brush around Franziska's mouth, causing her to gag from the taste of soapy water. Once the brush was removed, Franziska spat the water out and coughed a little. "You can't do this to me!" Franziska insisted. "I am Franziska von Karma! The--" Once more the arms interrupted Franziska by shoving her head into the water which caused her butt to stick out in the air. More arms then began scrubbing her butt and groin. The arms then released Franziska as she pulled her head out of the water, gasping for air. "Are you crazy, Dr. Bridget Nurzey?!" Franziska shouted. "I could have drowned!" "That's why I haven't released it yet." Bridget's voice said, chuckling. "Who better to test it on than you, Franziska? By the way, the soap the prison uses is laced with a moisturizer I invented that makes the skin as smooth, soft, and tender as a baby's. What do you think?" Franziska begrudgingly looked at her arms and saw them shining with water. She brushed it away and felt how smooth and soft her skin was now, earning Bridget Franziska's begrudging respect. While Franziska was distracted, the arms grabbed her again and dropped her down a new belt that was in the middle of high powered fans. As she slid down the belt, the water was practically blasted off her. Franziska could only scream in panic from the sudden drop until the belt evened out, and the arms came back with brown towels. They roughly dried Franziska's body, causing her to nearly suffocate from when they dried her face and to shriek and groan when her butt crack was dried. Another arm came down with a brush and began brushing her hair while the other arms continued drying her butt and stomach. "There now." The prison said. "Little Franny's all cleaned." Franziska could only groan in response, having become very dizzy from being dried. She was in such a daze that she didn't notice the arms pick her up and bring her to a station marked "BARBER STOP". When Franziska was dropped into a brown, leather barber chair and strapped in, she quickly got her barrings and immediately began struggling, even as a towel was tied around her neck. "Hello, baby!" The chair said in a high, jovial voice. "Such a cute little baby! You'll look so cute when I'm done with you." Mechanical arms like the ones Franziska had dealt with at the tub and on the belt came out with a pair of scissors and began cutting Franziska's hair. Franziska watched in alarm as chunks of her hair fell this way and that in a haphazard sequence. "I beg your pardon!" Franziska shouted. "Release me at once! Help!! SOMEBODY, HELP!!" Once Franziska's hair was cut down to the point of a pixie cut, the arms brought out an electric razor and began shaving off the rest of her hair. "Ouch!" Franziska shrieked. "Stop it! Let me go!! Dr. Bridget Nurzey, tell this dumb chair to stop!!!" There was no response as Franziska's head was shaved bald, and the arms applied shaving cream to her head and used a straight razor to take off the rest of her hair. Feeling the breeze on her bare scalp, Franziska broke down and began crying. "Aw..." The chair cooed. "It's all right, sweetie. Now for the finishing touch." One of the arms came back with a frosting tube and squirted blue goo onto the crown of Franziska's head as it sunk into her scalp and became a lone lock of hair, much to Franziska's shock. "That's instant hair." Bridget said, angering Franziska. "Are you just using this contemptible place to shill out your useless inventions?!" Franziska asked angrily. "I could leave you bald." Bridget retorted, and Franziska quickly closed her mouth. "That's better." Bridget said with a sneer in her voice. When Franziska was released from the chair, she tried to run off when one of the arms grabbed her by the neck again and dropped her onto another belt. As Franziska groaned and rubbed her neck, one of the arms came down with a bottle of baby oil and squirted some onto its hand. More arms then came down and held onto Franziska's legs. "No!" Franziska wailed. "Don’t do what I think you’re about to do!" It was too late. The arm with the oil rubbed its two fingers into her butt hole. It made her moan and groan. Plus what was worse, she felt her butt grow numb, almost like the baby oil was a muscle relaxer, which considering the rest of Bridget's inventions it probably was. Once the arm pulled its fingers out, Franziska sighed with relief. The belt then moved forward, and Franziska hit a rolling pin, causing her to flip onto her back while the arms grabbed her ankles and powder puffs came towards her butt. The powder puff then began patting Franziska's butt, giving off the strong scent of baby powder. "Oh come on!" Franziska called out in agitation, especially considering what she knew would come next. More arms then set down a white cloth as the powder puff continued patting Franziska's bottom, making her sneeze. Eventually, the arms released Franziska's legs and wrapped the cloth diaper around her pelvis. Another arm with a pink safety pin then came down and put it through the middle of the diaper, holding the diaper together. Seeing her diapered bottom and seeing from her reflection in the metal that her lone lock of hair was curled, Franziska began to cry, slamming her arms and legs onto the belt while every inch of her body got patted by the powder puff. She didn't care anymore that she looked like an overgrown infant. She just wanted to go home. "Let me out!!" Franziska wailed. LET ME OUT!!" "Oh, but Mommy still has six months with Little Franny." The prison said. "Won't that be fun?" "NO!!!!" Franziska screamed. "Don’t worry, Little Franny." The prison cooed. "Mommy's here for you." The belt continued forward as Franziska continued crying. At the end of the belt, the arms grabbed Franziska's wrists and put black mittens on her hands before tying them on with pink ribbons. The arms then put black booties onto Franziska's feet, tying them on with the same pink ribbons. At this, Franziska finally stopped crying, remembering that she was the prisoner of a lunatic. "If Miles Edgeworth sees me like this, I'll never hear the end of it." Franziska moaned. The arms then carried Franziska to a high chair as her eyes widened in horror. "Oh, when's this going to end?!" Franziska shouted. "In six months." Bridget reminded her smugly. The arms then dropped Franziska into the high chair as she groaned. The tray then snapped into place, pinning Franziska's arms to her sides. Franziska struggled with all her might, but she just couldn't free herself. "You stupid bucket of bolts!" Franziska shouted. "What do you think you’re doing?!" "Feeding you, Little Franny." The prison said ominously as a clamp came up from the back of the chair and snapped itself around Franziska's neck, holding her head in place. A mechanical arm then came up and shoved a baby bottle of what appeared to be milk into Franziska's mouth. With no recourse, Franziska began drinking it down. To her surprise, she found that the milk was very tasty and surprisingly filling. "Another of my inventions." Bridget said over the speakers. "A special formula that provides anyone with all their daily nutrients. The only downside is that continual consumption of the formula causes bloating and eventually an exponential growth of fat cells." At this, Franziska tried to spit the bottle out, but the hands were holding it to firmly. Eventually, the bottle was emptied, and the arm removed it. Franziska gasped at that, feeling like her stomach was ready to burst. Franziska then caught a look at herself in a mirror as the arms cleaned up her face and saw that her stomach was protruding out a bit, giving her a pot-bellied look. Seeing this, Franziska wailed in anger and horror. Her perfect figure was damaged, and it would only get worse over the coming months. After feeding her, the tray of the high chair popped off, and Franziska fell onto her hands and knees, still exhausted from the formula. "What have you done to me?!" Franziska shouted at the ceiling, only getting a chuckle from Bridget. Just then, the arms moved to grab Franziska again as she tried to run away from them. She hoped that if she could escape, she could just lay low, work off the potbelly and wear a wig until her hair grew back. Unfortunately, the arms grabbed her by the neck again and hit her head with a small hammer, making Franziska go into a stupefied state. After that, Franziska began talking baby talk as a white baby bonnet was put on her head and tied under her chin. She was then put in a white baby dress that covered her arms but barely came down to the waist line of her diaper. Once that was done, Franziska was placed onto one more belt. After a few moments, Franziska shook her head and observed that she was back on yet another conveyor belt. Naturally frustrated by this she looked at the ceiling. She knew Bridget was somewhere up there, and she wasn't about to go down quietly. "When I get out of here, Dr. Bridget Nurzey, I will take great pleasure in making sure you are put back in prison and punished to the fullest extent of the law!!" Franziska declared angrily. "Oh, I'm so scared." Bridget said sarcastically. "By the time I'm done with you, you'll be lucky to have bladder control." Before Franziska could retort Bridget's claim, the arms grabbed Franziska and put her into a giant crib. Seeing her predicament, Franziska threw another tantrum, crying and waving her arms and legs in the air. She didn't know what was worse, being treated like a baby or acting like one thanks to all the abuse Bridget had put her through. "Nap time." The prison said softly. "I do not need a nap!" Franziska said definitely as an arm came down with a blue pacifier with string at the ends of the mouth guard. "I am an international prosecutor being held against my will, and I demand to be released!" The arm then shoved the pacifier into her mouth and tied the strings around the back of her head. With no other choice, Franziska sucked on the pacifier, tasting an odd liquid and assuming it was a laxative. Crossing her arms, Franziska sat there grumbling until she eventually fell asleep, still sucking on her pacifier. From a series of monitors in her office, Bridget laughed smugly at Franziska. She thought about how the liquid in her pacifier would slowly cause her speech to deteriorate, and she couldn't help but laugh. She then sat back and observed the sleeping Franziska in her crib. "This is going to be so much fun." Bridget said with a smirk, taking a drink from her cup. To be continued...
  3. "Good boy! Drink your buh buh so mommy doesn't have to worry when she's shopping." "Mmph," Jerry mumbled as he squirmed in her lap. He sucked on the tip of the bottle, draining the sweet apple juice inside of it. "Good baby. Good boy," his mommy, Jenny, cooed, stroking his back and his hair. He leaned back into her and finished the bottle. "Good baby," she said. She picked him up, and recentered him on her lap so that he was balanced on one knee and facing her. She bounced him a few times, then pulled him in and began patting his back. "Why's that help when you're shopping, mommy?" He asked. He shuffled, luxuriating in the thick padding of his diaper. Double layered, and with two stuffers, it felt like sitting on a cushion. It, along with his baby blue bonnet, matching short blue t shirt with teddy bears printed on it, soft booties, and pacifier, all added to the look of his new role. Finnally, he knew the thick diaper meant he wouldn't need a change for a long time, which was a dangerous notion when his new "mommy" was going out shopping. He burped, then blushed and put a hand over his face. "I can't beleive that actually worked." "Mhmmm," she said and smiled at him. "Lot's of babies like you are suprise at how much I can still treat them like babies." She began bouncing him up and down on her knee, and he bounced along with her, again loving the feeling and sounds of his diaper crushing against him. "So what about the juice?" "Well, Mommy is going shopping and needs to leave her baby behind for a bit." He raised his eyebrows in fake shock. "Not really "treating me like a baby" to leave me behind, Mommy. Seems dangerous. Abusive. Even trial-worthy." She paused her bouncing and patted his backside. "Sometimes we have to make exceptions. Or would you rather I take you out into public with your quadruple thick pampers? I'll tell you what, I'll give you the choice of any of your baby clothes to wear over them and try to hide them. You'll keep your collar on though." He blushed and shook his head. "No no mommy, that's ok!" She resumed bouncing and smiled. "That's what I thought. Don't worry, you'll be plenty safe. Mommy is going to put you down for a nap in your nice and cozy crib, all safe with the roof locked and your hands tied in mittens so my baby doesn't accidently get out and hurt himself, and a pacifier tied into his mouth so he doesn't lose it or accidently cry so loud the neighbours hear." "Gee, thanks mommy," he said, smirking at the selective description of his bondage. "Mhmm. Thought you'd like that. You've had plenty of juice so you won't be thirsty, and you have your extra thick diapies if you need to go potty. You should be fine for a good nap while mommy is gone. I'll be back in an hour or two" Jerry looked down at his diaper. "So if I have to go now..." "Then you'll be sitting in a soggy diaper for a few hours, or a stinky one. You should have been a good baby gone before I changed you into your nap time nappy. Why? Are you holding it in like a bad baby and need a spanking to help?" He forced a massive smile back at her. "That's ok mommy, I'm good!" "Good baby! Thought so! Now," She reached down to the pacifier on his shirt and puts it in his mouth. "Time to go beddie bies!" She lifted Jerry up and cradled him in her arms. Jerry hung on tight as she carried him through the house. Even as a shorter, thin man, he was always baffled by how easily she carried him. "Such a widdle baby! So easy to carry!" She said in a sweet voice, teasing him at his embaressment. She brought him into what was now his bedroom. A full adult sized nursery, with a double sized crib, changing table, bouncer, and piles of toys pastel blue walls, it always made his heart flutter to see. His new life was odd, and often embaressing, but seeing it all at once reminded him of how long he had dreamed of it. Easy days of little to no work, filled with toys and games while everything else was taken care of, wearing cute, comfortable clothes, and of course... He gulped. A few of the other other kinks his Jenny liked to try out on him often using bondage gear. He at a pile of mittens and booties on the ground. "What's that, mommy?" He asked. She put him down on the ground on his bottom, and huffed at the exertion of having carried him. "That's how mommy is going to make sure you're a good baby while she's gone!" She said. "Uhhh huh... I"m just going to go over this way..." he said, and began to crawl away from her. "You come right here, diaper butt!" she shouted. "AUUGGH!" Jerry screamed, and began to crawl as fast as he could. He heard her jog after him, and was tempted to get up on his feet and run, though he knew breaking his role only lead to more punishments. However, before he got far, he felt her grab his ankle. "No no no!" he shouted as she dragged him backward. He kept trying to crawl away and grabbed at the carpet, but felt a hard smack on his behind. "Now now. Behave or Mommy will spank your diapered bottom, babykins," Jenny said. "Hmph," he said. He stopped crawling and turned to face her, but refused to move back. Instead he sat with his arms folded and let her pull him back, sliding on the plastic against the diaper. "I don't think its fair you get to just threaten to spank me whenever we disagree. I am still a grown adult." She rolled her eyes. "SUUURE you are. The only grown adult I know who sits in a diaper and drinks from bottles all day." He blushed. "Anyway, if you don't like it, you can always go back to being a REAL grown adult working your REAL grown adult job like you used to, rather then living off of a more MATURE adult who works while you play with toys." He glared at her, and she watched back, folding her arms in immitation of him. He sighed. Embaressing as his role was, it was still better then working. He put a hand to his collar and pulled the tab that said "Property of Mommy Jenny" toward her. "No, please not that mommy. I know where I belong. I'll be good, mommy," he said. "Good baby. I thought so. Now be still and let mommy get you dressed." "Hmph," he pouted, but didn't fight back as she began to take his soft booties off. He sighed in annoyance. He knew the new footwear he was getting, she had used them on him when she was "crawl training" him, a period which went much faster then his embaressing "diaper training" sessions. It seemed strange to need to be "trained" for such things, but as his "Mommy" pointed out, this was techically now his "job." All "jobs," required training, even if it was being trained in things most people got past by age three. The botties were the same baby blue as his other booties he was already wearing, with the main visual difference being the strings of lace and ribbon she tied securely around his ankle, then the tiny key hole she used to buckle them on. He looked at his right foot. At first, it felt like more of the soft material, but if they were the ones he remembered, that wouldn't last long. He pressed the sole against the ground, yelped, and confirmed what he thought: a series of metal pieces were sewn into the bottom of his booties, each coming to a point against his foot. They weren't sharp enough to cut or to bother him when he was sitting, but they became more then uncomfortable whenever he put weight on his feet, making walking an annoying chore. They were designed to encourage the wearer to crawl, and they worked fantastically well. Next, she had him hold out each hand. She secured them with padded, fingerless mittens, each which locked on with a strap. This meant that not only were his hands useless, but any attempt to yank off his diaper or bootties would become impossible. She kissed him on his forhead. "Say your goodbyes now Babykins, talking time is about to end." He sighed and rolled his eyes. "Goodbye mommy! I love you! I promise to be a good baby and not take my diapies off while you're gone!" He said, repeating the same line he always said when she left. "As if I could with these on!" He held up his mittnes. She giggled. "Good baby, love you too." She pushed a giant pacifier into his mouth and securited it with straps behind his head. She then picked him up and deposited him in his crib, and tucked him in under the sheets. She closed the top of it and locked it, then turned on a mobile of spinning stuffed rabbits and elephants. "Goodnight babykins Jerry! Be a good baby until Mommy is back!" She laughed. "As if you possible COULD misbehave like that. Maybe work on making mommy a present in your diapers while you sleep, it will be good un-potty training." "Mmph," he said from behind his pacifier, and watched as she left. She shut off the main light, leaving him with only the soft night light, and closed the door. Jerry lay back in his crib. The mobile turned over his head, playing "Rock A By Baby" in soft, quiet tones. He looked to his side, and grabbed one of the teddy bears beside him, and turned toward it. If he had to play the role, he figured he may as well play it well and enjoy the "fun" parts of it. In this case, "fun" meant cuddling with soft toys while resting. He closed his eyes. He opened them again. There was a knock at the door. He looked around the room and wondered why Jenny would knock on her own door.
  4. Lucy held the position of local manager at a highly esteemed multinational corporation specializing in early childhood products, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. Through years of dedication and hard work, she had earned her place within the company. However, she faced a significant challenge in the form of her less-than-competent personal assistant. Despite Lucy's patience, the assistant's repeated errors, some of which were grave, had caused serious issues within the company. Following a severe reprimand from her superiors due to a mistake that jeopardized a $17 million deal, Lucy decided to address the situation. During lunchtime, she summoned her assistant to her office and calmly instructed her to take a seat.
  5. Ms Jaimie: *the 5’4 brown haired petite math teacher sighed as she handed the tests back to her four worst students” here are your tests girls I must I’m very disappointed looks like it’s summer school again and of course no cheerleading next year but of course this wouldn’t be happening if you four actually bunker down
  6. Chapter One: The Incident The summer sun blazed high in the sky, casting a golden glow over the schoolyard. The air was warm and thick, filled with the sounds of children’s laughter and the distant hum of grasshoppers. The smell of freshly cut grass mingled with the faint aroma of hot asphalt, creating a distinctive scent of summer. The school, a large red-brick building with ivy creeping up its walls, stood as a sentinel overseeing the lively playground below. The distant sound of a teacher’s whistle occasionally pierced through the ambient noise, signalling the end of a game or a call to order. Liam, a tall and lanky 14-year-old, strode confidently across the schoolyard. His unruly hair caught in the warm breeze, giving him a wild, untamed appearance that matched his reputation. He was flanked by his friends, a group of boys who looked up to him as their leader. "Let's show everyone who runs this place," Liam said, his voice loud enough to carry over the noise of the playground. His friends nodded eagerly, their eyes darting around in search of their next target. Liam's gaze settled on Emily, a quiet, bookish girl who was walking passed the old, oak tree in the school grounds making her way towards the school building, her arms laden with books. "Hey, nerd! Where do you think you're going?" Liam jeered, his voice dripping with malice. Emily, a petite girl with straight, chestnut brown hair tied back in a neat ponytail, froze. She wore a simple white blouse and a pair of blue jeans. Her round glasses perched precariously on her nose as she tried to avoid eye contact. She had always been an easy target. Her quiet demeanor, combined with her academic excellence and impeccable behavior, set her apart from the others. "Come on, Emily," Liam called out, a cruel smirk playing on his lips. "Don't you want to hang out with us?" Liam's friends circled around Emily, blocking her path. As they did, the other kids in the playground began to move away, casting wary glances but not daring to intervene. Nobody wanted to risk becoming the next target of Liam and his gang. Emily lacked close friends who might stand up for her, making her even more vulnerable. Some kids looked sympathetic but quickly turned away, while a small group whispered quietly, their eyes filled with a mixture of fear and pity. She clutched her books tighter, her knuckles turning white. "P-please, let me go," she stammered, her eyes darting from one face to another, searching for an escape. One of Liam's friends, a stocky boy named Jason, nudged Liam with his elbow. "Go on, show her who's boss." Liam stepped closer, his smirk widening. He began pacing around her, occasionally shoving her books to add to her distress. "What's the rush, huh? Afraid you'll miss a class or something?" he taunted. The other boys laughed, their voices a chorus of mockery. "Yeah, Emily, why are you always such a loner? Think you're better than us or something?" one of them sneered. Emily's heart pounded in her chest. She blinked rapidly, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to spill. The warmth of the sun was oppressive, and she felt herself starting to sweat, more from fear than the heat. Why does it always have to be me? she thought desperately. "Look at her, she's gonna cry!" another boy shouted, and the laughter grew louder, more mocking. Emily's vision blurred as the tears began to fall. She tried to speak, to plead with them to stop, but her voice was choked with sobs. Her body trembled, and a deep sense of humiliation and helplessness washed over her. Maybe if I just stay quiet, they'll get bored and leave, she hoped, but her hopes were in vain. "Aw, poor little Emily," Liam crooned, leaning in close and shoving her books harder. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" His words were like poison, each one a dagger aimed at her already fragile self-esteem. Suddenly, Emily felt a warmth spreading down her legs. She looked down in horror to see a dark stain forming on her jeans. The evidence of her complete and utter breakdown. The world seemed to close in around her, the laughter echoing in her ears, growing louder and more malicious. "Oh my God, she peed herself!" Liam howled, pointing at Emily with glee. "What a baby!" Emily's sobs turned into wails as she stood there, paralyzed with shame. Her face burned with humiliation, her tears mingling with the sweat on her cheeks. The boys' laughter reached a fever pitch, their taunts a relentless assault on her dignity. It was at this moment that a stern voice cut through the cacophony. "What on earth is going on here?" Mrs. Thompson, the school's principal, marched towards the group, her expression a mix of shock and fury. Her authoritative stride commanded immediate attention. The boys immediately stopped laughing, their faces draining of color. Liam's confident stance turned rigid with fear. His smirk vanished, replaced by a look of dread. They all turned to face Mrs. Thompson, who had seen enough to understand the gravity of the situation. "Liam, and all of you," Mrs. Thompson said, her voice icy. "My office. Now." Emily was left standing alone, tears streaming down her face as she tried to cover the stain on her jeans with her hands. Mrs. Thompson's eyes softened momentarily as she placed a gentle hand on Emily's shoulder. "It's okay, Emily. Come with me, let's get you cleaned up." As Emily and Mrs. Thompson walked away, the boys trudged towards the school building, knowing that their actions would have serious consequences. Liam's heart pounded in his chest, the reality of his behavior sinking in. The warm summer breeze continued to rustle the leaves of the old oak tree, as if whispering the lessons of the day to anyone who cared to listen.
  7. Lucy held the position of local manager at a highly esteemed multinational corporation specializing in early childhood products, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. Through years of dedication and hard work, she had earned her place within the company. However, she faced a significant challenge in the form of her less-than-competent personal assistant. Despite Lucy's patience, the assistant's repeated errors, some of which were grave, had caused serious issues within the company. Following a severe reprimand from her superiors due to a mistake that jeopardized a $17 million deal, Lucy decided to address the situation. During lunchtime, she summoned her assistant to her office and calmly instructed her to take a seat.
  8. Tammy was getting ready for work. It didn't take her long, there wasn't a dress code for coming into work. She worked at Ms B's Etiquette Center for Littles. They had their own uniform to put on when the staff gets to work. It paid really good money and was difficult to get hired on there, even after getting the Little and Child care training and the degree that was required. After breakfast Tammy drove to work, it was about a 15 minute drive. She parks and as she walks through the security gate she greets her coworkers she'll be working with and even saying bye to a few already heading home from working the night shift. After walking down the hallway she walks into a large room. There was several stalls with a computer monitor for each one along the walls. Another area had showers, toilets and sinks. Tammy walked up to one of the stalls and scanned her badge and waited for the computer to register her as here and deliver her uniform using a conveyer belt behind the stall. The computers around the room was chirping, signaling the accepted badge scans of her coworkers and the green lights accompanying the chirp. Tammy's computer chirped, but it sounded odd. As she looked at the monitor it showed her work file as usual. It had her name, date started, department she worked, name of immediate supervisor. The part that caught her eye was the red box at the bottom. Inside the red box was a weekly calendar. It had several green check marks on that week, but it had three red Xs on three of the days. The last one was from the day before. It was to keep track of their personal cleanliness, specifically their panties cleanliness when they returned their uniforms each day. Instead of a green light flashing as the other computers did, her's was flashing red. Then a computer voice spoke through speakers in the room. "Tammy Tarrence, age 30. You have failed your third panty check this week. Remove your clothing and stand in the naughty corner till the staff disciplinarian can come deal with you. You have 3 minutes to comply or security will be called." After the voice ended a 3 minute timer began on the screen on the wall. Tammy could here goggling and whispering from my coworkers, but she ignored it as she rushed to get undressed and went to the only corner that didn't have something in it. On the wall in colorful letters it read Staff's Naughty Corner. On the floor was an absorbent pad to protect the floor in case the person in the corner wets themselves. Tammy was pretty sure it was mostly there to add to the humiliation. Which she was now feeling wash over her as her heartbeat slowed down and as she realized how bad things could get.
  9. (Image by Rosie BRS, commissioned by PrincessofThemyscria) "MMM MMMPH!!" Ed, muffled by the giant pacifier tied to his mouth, tried to shout as his former wife kissed her new boyfriend directly in front of him. He struggled against his binds. Cuffed, held tight in a kneeling position with his hands behind his back in the giant crib he was told was now his bed, gagged with a pacifier, and locked into a tight dress lifted to keep his diaper on display, he could do nothing but watch in humiliation as Sarah and Dwayne made it clear how little they respected him. Lost in their emotional and sexual attraction for each other, he was a non-entity, just their to witness how a "real" man acted, and to add his embaressment and whining to their joy. If he didn't want to look at them, there were few other places he could look without the same embaressment. The room, formerly his office, had been turned into a full on adult sized nursery, and decorated for his new role as the 'baby girle'. Stacks of adult diapers, dresses, and onsies piled on shelves, all intended for him. Toys stood in each corner, piles of teddy bears, a rocking horse with buckles to keep him in place, and a baby bouncer with more of the same locks. Even the walls reminded him of his positon, painted bright pink, with a line of disney princess around it. Of course, it wasn't entirely true that they didn't think of him at all. Sarah stole a glance into his eyes, giving him a malicious grin between kissing her new boyfriend. She turned around so that Ed could see his hand running up and down her back and gripping her bottom hard. Dwayne then opened his own eyes and watched Ed's raction as he spanked her hard, showing his own control over what used to be Ed's, then lifted a hand under her skirt. Sarah put a hand on Dwayne's chest and backed a way. "Alright honey, I need to get going." He smiled and raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure? I could do this allll day." She laughed. "I know, I've seen it before." They kissed again, and she backed away. "But I do need to go to get something for this little stinker here." She pointed at Ed. "Ah," he nodded. "Of course. Go ahead, I'll take care of your baby girl." "Are you sure? You won't mind babysitting? She's about due for a diaper change." Ed looked down at his diaper. At the moment, it was still clean. Hearing her predict his future 'accidents' was always embaressing, especially since she had so far always been right. He couldn't help but think she was deliberatly feeding something to cause it, but the truth was with other option then his diapers, the result was inevitable. "Not a problem. I've changed diapers before, these ones will just be a bit bigger." He turned to Ed and leaned into him. "Won't they, baby girl?" He said in a cooing, teasing voice and pinched Ed's cheek. "Just a bit bigger baby in a bit bigger diapies for a bit bigger diapie changes?" Ed blushed and groaned, but saw Sarah's look from over Dwayne's shoulder. He nodded, agreeing to the humiliating question. Dwayne smiled. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get along just fine. And if the baby girl doesn't want to get along... well, you already showed me how to spank her padded bottom. I bet a good trip over my knee will remove any problems." Ed shuddered. He had strong, horrible memories of all the times Sarah had spanked him, including the time Dwayne had watched. It shamed him to admit how easily she could bring him to tears with the childish punishment, and looking at Dwayne's powerful, muscual arms, he didn't want to know how much worse it would be. "I'm sure they will," Sarah said. "I know she won't cause many problems anyway. You're a full grown man, someone like this little baby girl won't stand a chance." She looked at Ed and winked. "Won't you baby girl? Widdle baby girl can't stand up to a man? Widdle baby girl Olivia need her baby sitter for her widdle diapies?" She turned back to Dwayne. "And either way, you know how to work her straps." Ed cringed at the teasing, and especially at the new name they had slected for him, which deorated the tag on the collar around his neck under the words "Baby Girl." It had seemed like so little time, and yet they had been so throrough so much of anything that had defined him as a man. Ed pulled at the straps again, but they held tight. He was sure this discussion was planned. They LOVED discussing his new life in front of him as his gag kept him from responding. Going over his changes, his spankings, and his straps one after another was just to get a reaction, and unfortunatly it worked. Already, Ed was squirming in shame, and only a bit more might send him over the edge into another tear filled "tantrum" at his new lifestyle, followed by their choice of punishing him for brattiness or an equally humiliating "soothing" session on their laps to calm down the "whiny baby girl." So, he held his emotions in. Dwayne laughed and hugged Sarah, then gave her another firm pat on the behind. Ed was unsure whether it was for her benefit, Dwayne's, or his own. "So the diapers are still in the same place? And her bottles and baby food in the fridge?" "Yep! Have fun you too! I'll be a bit, widdly baby girl Olivia's credit card has a MUCH better rate then mine. Goodbye Dwayne, byebye widdle baby girl Olivia!" "Say byebye to your mommy princess," Dwayne said. "MMMM MMM!" Ed said from behind his pacifier as she left. She turned to give a tiny wave and blow a kiss, and headed out. Ed's heart was racing. Panic, confusion, shame and humiliation all filled him. He swallowed, and turned to look at Dwayne, who was watching Sarah leave. He turned to Ed and smiled. His punishment had been a lot when it was just Sarah. When Dwayne came in to see him, it was worse, but at least it was still his wife controlling everything. Now, solely in the control of the strange man who slept who replaced him with his wife and as man of his house, had had no idea what to expect. Dwayne watched him, seeming to take pleasure in his obvious fear. He leaned in close to Ed, grabbed his nose, and started playfully tweaking it from side to side. "Well well well, look at this little baby girl. What a pathetic, helpless sight you make, Olivia. You were once a big man? Once married and owned a house? Now look at you, sitting in your diaper and in your crib while another man fucks your wife in front of you. You had everything and you threw it all away so you could cheat and play at being a big man. Hows that feel?" Ed whined, but couldn't do anything to stop him. Dwayne was right, he knew how pathetic he looked. He had initialy hoped this would be a short, private agreement between Sarah and himself, a way to avoid losing everyhting in the divorce. Instead, it seemed he now risked losing far, far more. Dwayne ran his hand down his dress and flicked the skirt. "Such a pretty girl in her pretty dress. Bet you never thought you'd wear something like that, eh?" He rested a hand on Ed's diaper. "Much less this. Still dry it seems." "You know, when she told me how she planned to sissify you, I thought it was hilarious on its own. But when she mentioend diapering you and making you her little baby," he pressed harder, and Ed groaned. "I think I laughed for an hour straight. What a fitting punishment for a low, immature cheater like you." Ed glared and pulled at the ropes, but nothing moved. Sarah teasing him had been embaressing, but hearing this man mock him filled him with rage. Every part of him wanted to reach out and swing at him, to re-assert some level of masculinity and strength, but the straps held in place. Dwayne just laughed, then waved a finger in front of Ed's nose. "Ah ah ah, even without the straps, you know how that would go. Either way, you'll just be pinned down, then over my lap for a spanking." He reached to Ed's bicep and pulled at the soft putty of his arm, then flexed his own. Ed watched him and blushed. His rage was quickly replaced with embaressment and despair. He knew it was true. It had been years since he excercised, and the difference between his own arm and Dwayne's powerful, muscular body was clear. If the straps broke, he'd just end up being beaten back down anyway. Dwayne patted his diaper. "Now, your mommy mentioned that you will be filling your diaper soon. My guess is she knows your body better then you, and she is bound to be right. However, I want to emphasize something to you. You see, you still think this is just an agreement with your wife where she gets to humliate you and I just happen to be here. I you to realize the truth is that even though this is your house, you are such a pathetic little loser that anyone who comes in can control you. So, you are going to mess your diaper for me, and you are going to do it soon. Then I'll change you like your mommy does while you lay helpless in your binds, and you'll know how much you've fallen." "MMM MMM! MMM MMM!" Ed shouted from behind the pacifier. He felt his eyes go wide, and he pulled again at the ropes. Dwayne just laughed. "Now now, you know this is going to happen. There is no way around it, little potty pants. So, here's whats going to happen." He took his cell phone out, placed it on record, and faced it toward Ed. He could see himself in it, backward with the focus directly on the seat of his diaper. Dwayne then took out a second cellphone and showed it to Ed. "This video is streaming directly to my phone so I can monitor the state of your diapers. I'm going to go back down through your house, make myself at home, eat your food, watch your tv, and take my rightful place as man of the house which you used to think was yours. You are going to lay there in your pretty widdle pampers and in your crib, helpless while another man takes advantage of you, and struggle not to mess your pampers. When you fail at that too, I'll see it and come to change you like a baby. How's that sound, little cucky?" Ed, filled with rage but unable to respond, could only watch as Dwayne walked out the door. He glared at the phone, and on it, his own image glaring back. He HATED seeing his own reflection dressed in his new 'style.' He always knew how he looked, but at times he could almost pretend it was normal. Seeing himself with the pacifier in his mouth, frilly purple dress with bows, and thick, exposed diaper, only drove home how humiliating his newfound positon was. If that wasn't enough, he could hear Dwayne living out his promise. He heard the cuboard and fridge open, and Dwayne grabbing at drinks and food he had bought. Dwayne then walked through the house, and Ed heard the TV playing. The image of the strange man sitting on his couch, watching his tv, and eating chips and drinking beer where he used to drove him mad. He pulled at his binds, imagining himself running down the stairs, grabbing Dwayne, punching him, kicking him, and... What? Getting beat up, then still having to play out his agreement with Sarah. He opened his eyes and saw his image again, in the outfit locked onto his body. The same plot played out in his head, except this time he waddled down, barely able to walk in his over thick diaper, charged at Dwayne with his skirt flaring behind him, and struggled, barely able to move in the tight clothing. Even he wanted to laugh at the image of a man dressed as he was trying to seem tough, and it ended only one way: himself pulled over Dwayne's lap, skirt pulled up and diaper pulled down as Dwayne spanked him into submission. Fighting back was nice to imagine, but impossible. Worse, he knew Dwayne was right about another thing. He had no idea what Sarah had been feeding him, but she seemed intent to ensure he had multiple diaper changes a day, and his stomach was telling him it was almost time. The presure came suddenly, his stomach grumbled, and he moaned out loud in dread. The phone chimed up. "Seems like SOMEONE is realizing I'm right! Is the widdle baby girl going to soil her pampers soon?" Dwayne said through the phone. Ed groaned out loud and pulled at the straps, but his stomach kept turning and grumbling. ...
  10. Michael P.V Hi, my name is Michael and I'm 8 years old. I live in a small city called Nul, which has only 2000 people. It's in the Goran princedom. I'm like the boss at my school, you know? Even the girls are scared of me. That just shows how tough I am because here in Goran, the women are in charge. Nobody can boss me around, not even my mom or my older sister. I do whatever I want. I have complete control over my life. Today, the teacher got mad at me because I was late for class. But when I talked back to her, she kicked me out of the classroom. So, I got really mad and started throwing stones at the school windows. The principal saw me and she was super angry. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to her office. Then, she called my mom. "Mrs. Tyuli? Hi! I'm miss Asiyor the principal of your son's school. I'm really sorry to bother you for the third time this week," I overheard her saying. "Of course, I'll wait for you here!" she said before hanging up the phone. (if you are interested you can contact me privately)
  11. Prologue (part 1) Hi, my name is Antony! I'm nine years old and I live in Oxer, a little town in Goran princedom near the sea. You know what I don't like about this place? The women are in charge and they make all the decisions. They call it "Matriarchy" but I don't really understand what that means. All I know is that I don't like it. I hate being treated like a baby by my classmates. I don't like it when my teacher checks my underwear to make sure I didn't have any accidents. I mean, come on, I can control myself! And I definitely don't like having a teacher assistant accompany me to the bathroom and watch me like I'm a little boy learning to use the potty. It's embarrassing! My mommies say I'm just going through a rebellious phase and that it will pass, but I don't agree with them. I will never like something that I don't like! This morning, I had a brilliant plan to skip school with my friends. We wouldn't learnt anything useful anyway, so we decided to go to the skatepark instead. We were using our skates on the sidewalk to go faster when suddenly, I saw a lady in my path. I tried to avoid her, but I ended up falling onto a greengrocer stand. Oops! Hey there, kiddo! I only remember that I hurt my hand so bad, it made me cry like a waterfall. But guess what? A super nice lady police officer came to the rescue! She took me to her cool police car and let me sit in the back seat. While her friend talked to the angry lady, Officer Koll, that's what she called herself, checked out my hand. She thought my finger might be broken and said we should go to the hospital. But then I got worried that my mommy would find out I skipped school, so I shook my head. Officer Koll understood my fear and said, “Listen, little one, I get that you're scared of your mommy's punishment, but going home like this will make her even more scared. Don't you think that would be worse?” And that's how she convinced me to go with them to the first aid. The doctors took a look at my hand and then went somewhere I couldn't see to talk quietly. While the nurses were treating my scrapes and cuts, I really wanted to suck my thumb, but I stopped myself when the doctors came into my room and told me they needed to take some pictures of my hand. When we were done, I left the room and saw my mommies walking towards me. Mommy Lydia gave me my stuffed koala, Puf, to hug and help me calm down. Normally, I wouldn't take Puf outside, but this time I really needed him, so I hugged him tightly. "Listen, Antony," Mommy Stephanie called me. "A doctor will come here and give you a little shot to make you fall asleep." She told me this just before a nurse and a doctor entered the room where I was. The nurse made me wear a diaper and explained that it was necessary for the surgery. Then I went into a strange room where the doctor gave me a shot and I slowly fell asleep.
  12. Happy Homestuck Day! This is the beginning of a new series I want to continue with an older story I did. This series will be called "Jade babysits the Homestuck universe". (Working title) ------------------------------------------ Jade's Adventures in Babysitting It was that time again, the time that Rose Lalonde dreaded each month. Her mother was going away for the weekend, leaving her alone. But she was not alone, Rose would always get a sitter to look after her. But Rose didn’t care, she just cried and cried her head off all while her mother was putting her makeup on, begging for her mother not to leave. She would ignore her daughters temper tantrum, like usual. And she would pick her up, place her over her knee and spank her like usual. It would always be followed with a comment like “You are getting too old to behave like this.” Her mother placed her down on the floor as she once again heard the doorbell ring. “That would be your babysitter. Let’s go meet her!”. She said. Rose of course was not enthusiastic to be left alone with some random woman for the weekend. She grumbled underneath the pacifier in her mouth as Roxanne opened the door to reveal a tall dark haired woman in a flowery dress and glasses with buck teeth. “Ah, good! You are right on time!”. She said, smiling down at the young woman. Jade returned the smile. “I’m always happy to help out a friend of my grandfathers!”. She said, looking over to Rose. She blushed, seeing that the girl was practically not much taller than herself. “Oh, I didn’t think she would be- uh well. This big!”. Jade exclaimed, giving a nervous laugh to Roxanne. The woman laughed back at Jade, giving a wave of assurance at the girl. “Oh, don’t you worry. She is no more trouble than she is worth!”. She says, giving Rose a pat on the top of her head. Rose simply hugged her mother’s waist tighter. “Now Rose, you be good for Jade, okay?”. She said, kneeing down to kiss her on the cheek. Once her mother had left, Rose looked up at Jade, giving a frown at her. Jade tried to be polite. “Hello Rose, I’m Jade!”. She said in a friendly voice. Rose pouted, glaring at her with what could be described as hate in her eyes. As far as Rose was concerned, this woman had just taken away her mother. Jade blinked, waiting awkwardly for a response. “Ahem, well. If you need anything, then please ask!”. Jade told her. Rose opened her mouth to say something and then quickly waddled her way past Jade to the couch. “Oh, you want to watch cartoons?”. Jade asked as Rose sat down on the floor in front of the television. Jade sat behind her, turning on the television. After about any hour, Jade looked up at the clock, and then she turned off the television. “Hey! I wasn’t finished!”. Rose exclaimed, spinning around on her knees to face Jade. She not only looked annoyed by upset at having to lose her only form of entertainment for the moment. Jade sighed as she stood up, approaching Rose with crossed arms. “Now Rose. We cannot watch Television all day!”. She said. Rose didn’t like this response, sitting back down away from her sitter with her arms crossed. “I don’t care. Turn it back on!”. She said, raising her voice again. Jade’s eyebrows raised up, shaking her head at the overgrown toddler in front of her. She didn’t want to resort to rasing her voice to do something, but she knew that she needed to be firm. Jade placed her hand gently on Rose’s head, rubbing her hands through her hair. “You miss your mommy, don’t you?”. She asked her, feeling rose shiver underneath her hand. Rose didn’t say anything but stuck her thumb into her mouth, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling of Jade’s fingers on her head. Rose gave a nod, removing her thumb from her mouth as she rolled away from Jade to another part of the floor. “I want my mom!”. She said, giving a whine as she slammed her hands down on the rug. Jade just gave a sigh, not sure how to respond to the woman in front of her. “I know you do, sweetie. I know you do!”. Jade replied to her, trying to calm down the clearly upset girl. She was just about to take Rose to the kitchen when she noticed that the seat of her diaper was swelling up as she sat there on the floor. “Oh no. Did you have a little accident?”. Jade said, pointing to her diaper. Rose stuck out her tongue at her, shaking her head as her face went bright red. Jade gave a smile, then her face dropped. “Uhh, your mother didn’t tell me how to change you!”. She said nervously, wringing her heads together in thought. Rose didn’t appear to like this information one bit, giving another slam of her hands on the floor below her. “Rose, please stop acting out!”. Jade asked her, more annoyed this time then before as she continued to slam her hands on the rug. “Okay, that is enough!”. Jade said, grabbed Rose by the arm. “Used diaper or not, you are getting a time-out until you decide to behave!” She explained, dragging Rose over to a corner of the living, bringing a stole with her. Rose gave a fuss as she was dragged towards the chair. “No! NO TIMEOUT!”. She cried out, struggling against Jade’s grasp as she was forced to sit on the stool before her. She gave a groan, crossing her arms as she was now forced to face the wall. Jade crossed her arms, looking at the shaking figure of Rose in front of her. Jade gave a sigh in disappointment. “You are not getting that diaper changed until you calm down!”. She told Rose, still unsure of her promise because she had no idea how to change her. The only sound that could be heard from the room was the sound of Rose’s sniffing, and then she nodded, looking back at Jade, who noticed how distressed Rose was about the whole thing. “Rose, you cannot see your mother until she comes back, don’t be a b- I mean, you know this!”. Jade explained. She gave a sigh. “Look, I’m sorry I snapped at you. But you need to act a little more mature about the whole thing”. She said in the most caring, motherly voice herself that even surprised herself compared to what she usually sounded like. This seem to calm Rose down some more for Jade to take her hand. “Now, how about we get you a new diaper, and we can get you some milk and cookies?”. She asked Rose. The girl thought about what she said for a moment, then nodded her head in agreement. Giving a internal sigh of relief, Jade picked her up- or at least trying to pick up Rose and carry her up the stairs. She was just about to put her back down when Rose went ridged in her arms. “Uh Rose are you-“ Jade didn’t get to finish her sentence before Rose start to mess her diapers. Jade quickly rushed up the stairs, but she was not fast enough as the back of Rose’s diaper expanded with a audible squishing sound. All Jade could think was “Fuckfuckfuck”. Over and over again in her head as she get her second wind, opening the door to the bathroom and placing Rose on the changing table. She took out her cellphone, and dialled a number as she stood there in front of Rose now out of breath slightly. ‘H-hello? Miss Lalonde?” She asked the person on the other end. “Yes, no everything is fine! It’s just, Rose had to use her diapers and well… I don’t really know how to change them!”. Jade explained. After a moment on the phone, and Jade fumbling with the tapes of Rose’s diaper, she would start to change her, listening to the instructions Rose’s Mom gave her on the other end. “Right, so I lift her legs first and then, take off the tapes?”. She would ask. It only took a few minutes, but Jade had done it, she felt very good about her job as well, seeing the brand new diaper on Rose’s crotch after she had removed the old one, cleaned her up and sprayed baby powder on her. Rose sat up, and the tapes gave a rip, the diaper failing off her waist. Jade groaned, placing her head in her hands. It appeared that was going to be a long weekend.
  13. Does anyone wanna rp this beautiful story with me (looks like some little darling threw a tantrum when she saw her husband was cheating on her)
  14. Another old commission that I decided that I wanted to reupload here. And yes, it's Homestuck again. Sorry. ---------------------------------------------------- Padded Playdate It was playdate day in the Lalonde household, that meant Rose had company and her mother couldn’t have been more overjoyed. Rose however wasn’t that pleased. She stomped her feet, throwing a tantrum. After a short session over her mothers knee in which she promised to be a good girl, mom got her ready for her guests, replacing her diaper with a fresh one, and putting Rose in the appropriate clothing. Rose was currently wearing nothing more than a pink teeshirt and diaper when the doorbell rang. She ignored it as she continued to play with her new kitten. But Mom picked her up, making her walk to the door with her as she sucked grumpily on her pacifier. The big baby insisted that she did not need a playdate, but it was already too late as her Mom was greeting their guests. “Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by!” Her mother said, giving the man across from her in the doorway a friendly kiss on the cheek. “I see you brought John as well! Please come in!”. She said, leading Rose back to the living room now in the company of a boy with short spiky hair and glasses. John was wearing pretty much the same thing that Rose had on, a shirt and a diaper. “Now you two play nice while mommy and her friend make some snacks!” She said, disappearing into the kitchen with John’s dad, and leaving the pair of big babies alone in the living room. John gave Rose a big hug before sitting down on the floor to play with some building blocks, she reluctantly sat down and joined him, waiting for her mommy to come back from the kitchen. After a few minutes of playing with John, she looked up at hearing the sound of her mom’s voice. She laughing at something’s John’s dad has said. Ignoring the plate of cookies that she was carrying in her hands, Rose rushed over to her mother, wrapping her hands around her body. “Rose dear, if you want a cookie please be patient!”. All Rose really wanted was her mother’s attention, and she felt like she wasn’t giving it to her while she was in the company of another adult. Rose let go of her mother’s waist, taking a cookie as she sat back down on the floor next to John, who was happily eating his own cookie. “Sorry about Rose, she is particularly clingy!” Her mother would say, causing her blush. “Hehe, your face is red!” John commented, causing Rose to stare daggers at the boy. She quietly ate her cookie, looking back at her Mom from time to time. She was currently sat next John’s dad, taking with him quite intently. Rose watched as the man took her mother’s hand, which caused her to stand straight up and shout aloud. “Mommy, Mommy!” She jumped up and down in place, trying to get the woman’s attention. Her mother quickly turned to look at her daughter, her expression one of concern and curiosity. “What is it dear?” She asked, a little annoyed to see that there was nothing of immediate danger or wrong with the young adult. “Mommy I uhh… think I need a new diapee!” She exclaimed, hoping up at down. Her mother stood up and walked over to Rose. She reached her hand down between Rose’s legs as she felt the crotch and back up of her diaper. Her mother shook her head at Rose. “No, you a good dear, no accidents!”. She said, giving her a kiss on the forehead before turning around and sitting back down next to John’s father. Rose felt a little bit better after that kiss, and sat back down to playing with her toys again. Rose continued to play with John for a few more minutes, but found herself once again staring at the pair of parents sitting on the other side of the room. Rose couldn’t help but feel jealous of her mother. She was so protective of Rose that she felt like she was the only one she loved sometimes. Any other time Rose wouldn’t have been bothered to try and keep her mothers attention, but something about now was different. Rose watched as the man leaned into her mothers ear and whispered something into it. Her mother’s response was to laugh. Rose’s response was to cry, ad cry loud. “Rose, dear. What is the matter?”. Her mother said standing up from her seat on the couch. Rose had tears rolling down her eyes as she pounded the floor in front of her. John didn’t seem to pay any attention to the scene that was unfolding right next to him. Her mother picked her up, holding her face again her bosom as she attempted to calm down the infantile woman. “I’m sorry, she has just been very difficult today!” Rose said to John’s dad. He nodded as he understood himself, watching his own offspring on the floor keeping to himself. Roxanne bounced Rose up and down in her arms, giving her hair a stroke as she would shush her gently. “What is wrong dear, come on, you can tell your mommy!”. She said. Rose shook her head, a little calmer than before now that she was being held by her mother. Her hands grabbed needly at her mother’s shirt. “Mommy do you luv m-mee!?” She said, stiflingly her tears back as she buried her head into Roxanne’s shirt. Her mother stroked her head some more, confused about what her daughter meant. Her mother turned her chin up, looking down at Rose with a concerned look on her face. “Of course I do sweetie! What made you think I don’t?” She asked Rose. Rose lip quivered as she talked. “B-but you kissed him!” She said, pointing at John’s father. It suddenly clicked in her mothers mind what was the problem. She gave a smile down at her daughter, looking back at John’s dad with a smirk. “I see, little miss Rosie is a little jealous, huh?” Rose blushed at hearing the man’s words. Her mother nodded her head in agreement. “I think she is indeed!” She replied, giving Rose another kiss on the forehead. “If Mommy gets you another cookie will you promise to behave?” She asked Rose, giving her nose a touch with the tip of her index finger. Rose thought about it, in fact you could say that she thought a little too hard because before she could say anything the sound of something hissing filled the air. Looking down at her daughter’s diaper, she felt it become soggy and damp. “Well, let’s get you a new diaper first dear…” She said with a giggle. “You don’t mind, I’ll be right back” She said to John’s father. He waved her off with a thumbs up, letting the pair move upstairs to the bathroom so that Rose could get a new diaper and hopefully her mom could have a talk with her about behaving while there was guests around. After a few minutes had past, John’s father took up the newspaper, knowing that his son wouldn’t get into any trouble while he was sitting in the same room. He was just turning to the comics page when he heard Roxanne shout out from up the stairs, followed by the pattering of feet coming towards them. Rose rounded the corner, only wearing her teeshirt as her diaper was missing from her lower half. She came up to John’s dad, looking at him with a grumpy expression. “Is there something I can help you with, young lady?” He asked Rose. The young adult was just about to respond but was cut off by Mom quickly coming down the stairs to stand behind her. “Right, that is it!” She said, scooping up her daughter. “You have been very bad today!” Her mother said in a stern voice. Rose gave a struggle, crying out as she picked up and placed over her mothers knee. “Mommy no!” She exclaimed. But there was nothing that she could do to stop Roxanne delivering a hard smack to her bottom, to which she gave a loud yelp. “I’m going to have to cut this playdate short, I’m sorry.” She said to John’s father. He was already helping John up as she was speaking. He gave a tip of his hat, walking John towards to the door. “Goodbye Rose!” John said, waving his hand at her as they left. Rose gave a humph, sticking out her tongue at him behind his back. She received another smack to her bottom, to which she out another cry.“I hope you are happy Rose!”. Her mother said, not realizing that in fact, yes Rose was happy. She had gotten what she wanted after all and that was her mother’s attention.
  15. I wrote this with the help of AI. What would normally have taken me weeks to write took me hours. It was a fun experiment and feel this story has a lot of ways to go. The interesting thing was fixing it be in the right tense and person. Either way, love to hear feedback. Here is the first bit. Let me know peoples thoughts and if I should continue it. Chapter 1. [Boyfriend] I woke up with such a headache. My head was pounding and I was struggling to even remember why. I sat up and all the blood rushed to my head making the headache amplify by a thousand. With the onslaught of blood to my brain brought all the memories of last night. We decided it would be a good idea to do shots of tequila at the bar. Like the old saying goes, one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. I vaguely remember throwing up in the parking lot and Laura driving my car back to my apartment. The rest is pretty fuzzy. I stretched extending my arms and legs out as far out as I could and in doing so heard a crinkling sound. I looked down and saw that I was wearing nothing but a diaper. Upon closer inspection, a very wet, very pink, and very puffy diaper. The diaper itself wasn't a big deal. I had been wearing diapers off and on for a few years enjoying the feeling of wearing then and sleeping in them on occassion when I was by myself. The difference here was I had never wet the diaper without intentionally doing so. I also didn't remember putting it on last night. Lastly, this was one of those things I kept to myself and never talked about to anyone. I went to push the covers off and that is when I started to panic. I went to push the covers off and realized I was wearing a pair of mittens that forced my hands in to a fist making my hands almost useless. They were designed to keep prying hands immobile in case someone couldn't keep their hands off their diaper. I knew this beacuse I bought them off Etsy after stumbling upon them one day. I was instrigued with the idea and bought them immediately. The problem is its almost impossible to put them on without help. It is however, absolutely impossible to engage the locking mechanism without help since your hand are effectively useless once they are on and you don't lock them until they are actually on. Needless to say, I had never gotten to really use them before. "Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!!" I said very loudly as I hopped out of bed. I put one of my hands in between my legs, closed my legs and tried to pull the mitten off. They wouldn't budge. It was on VERY securely. I tried again with the other hand and recevied the same results. I then tried to take the diaper off at least but since I didn't have use of my fingers or hands I ended up just punching myself in the groin. I started to panic even more. The total time from waking up to my ephiphany felt like it had been a few minutes but in reality it was probaly no more than 30 or 45 seconds. As I am processing all of this, Laura walks in the bedroom holding a cup of coffee and wearing a big ass grin Laura is my girlfriend. We have been together for a little less than two years. We met at a bar and for me it was love at first site. Laura is an avid athlete. She ran track in college, runs 3 or 4 Olympic triathlons every year, and goes hiking all the time. She is also a joy to be around. She is my ride or die partner. Always down for an adventure and the type of girl who will hold your hair while you puke your guts out from drinking too much tequila. She is also incredibily smart and perceptive. She has this ability to gain trust and influence with anyone she meets. If you take that and combine her ability to read people, work a room, and her patience it is obvious to see why she I am head over heels in love with her. However, when you are standing in front of her in nothing but a diaper and she isn't saying a fucking word it isn't awesome. Laura took a sip of her coffee and just stood there saying nothing. The silence was killing me and so I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind. "I would kill for a cup of coffee!" I said. Laura looked at me, still wearing her big ass grin, and extended her cup of coffee signaling for me to take it. I didn't think in my current predicament I could hold a cup of coffee let alone drink any of it without spilling it and possibly burning myself. "If I take it I will spill it all over me!" I said. "We definitely don't want that" Laura said again grinning. Laura was clearly not going to help me here. I knew there was a lot to talk about but I seriously needed out of this very wet diaper and I also had to pee. Just thinking about it was causing me to shift my weight from one foot to the other constantly. "I have to pee!" I told Laura. Laura took another sip of her coffee and look at my diaper and then back me. "It looks like you have already done a lot of that" she said while stifling a laugh. "This isn't funny" I told her. "I think that depends on perspective" Laura said. "Just help me out here before I have an accident." I said as calmly as I could. "How much do you remember from last night?" Laura asked me. "Not much after the bar" I told her. "Interesting" Laura said coyly. "Come on just tell me" I said in desparation as I was moments away wetting the diaper again. "I think we should go sit down and talk about it." Laura said gently. "I first need to pee and get out of this diaper." I told her exasperated. Laura chuckled, a playful glint in her eyes. "Alright, alright," she said. "But before we discuss escape routes, there's something we need to talk about." Her voice softened a touch. "Remember on the way home from the bar how you were talking about you wanting to be a little more… submissive sometimes?" Recognition dawned on your face. There had been a conversation, fueled by tequila and whispered secrets, about exploring power dynamics in the bedroom. I vaguely remembered confessing a secret enjoyment of diapers, a childhood comfort I never quite outgrew. "Yeah," I mumbled, cheeks burning with a mixture of shame and a strange anticipation. "I, uh, I might have mentioned that." Laura's smile widened. "Well, as your ever-supportive girlfriend," she said, her voice dripping with amusement, "I made you a promise." She tapped the wet diaper with a finger. "You wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't made me promise not to leave this little guy friend on you until you confessed everything about your… fascination." I groaned, the weight of your predicament hitting you all at once. The dampness against my skin was no longer just uncomfortable, it was a constant reminder of my vulnerability. The mittens, a playful purchase now felt like shackles. "But Laura," I pleaded, voice strained, "I can't even hold a coffee cup! And besides, I swear I have to pee like right now!" Laura's smile softened a touch. "Alright," she conceded, "accidents happen, even to big boys in diapers. But," she wagged a finger playfully, "we'll have to change you out of this one before we can have a proper chat about last night, wouldn't we?" A flicker of hope sparked in your eyes. Maybe there was a way out of this, a chance to explain yourself before facing further humiliation. "Really?" you asked, voice barely a whisper. "Of course," Laura said, her voice gentle now. "Come on," she gestured towards the bed, "let's get you cleaned up. Then, we can talk." Your gaze darted down to the offending article of clothing – the pink diaper, now straining uncomfortably against your skin. Shame burned your cheeks hotter than the wetness seeping through. Beside it sat the matching pink mittens, a constant reminder of your drunken confession and bizarre request. You needed to explain yourself, to confess the secret desires that fueled your love for diapers. But the words stuck in your throat, choked by a paralyzing fear of rejection. "Laura," you croaked, your voice thick with a mix of desperation and embarrassment. "This is ridiculous. Please, just take these mittens off. I need to use the bathroom, and I can't explain anything like this." Laura knelt beside you, her gaze holding a mixture of concern and a strange intensity. "I know this is uncomfortable," she said, her voice gentle but firm, "but you promised, remember? You wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't begged me to keep you diapered until you confessed everything about your… fascination." Her voice softened on the last word, devoid of judgment. A surge of panic constricted your chest. "But Laura," you pleaded, "I can barely hold it anymore! Don't you see I'm serious? Can't we just talk after I use the bathroom?" "We can talk now," she countered, her gaze unwavering. "You promised, and besides," she added, a hint of amusement flickering in her eyes, "I wouldn't want you ruining another perfectly good diaper before we even get started, would we?" Frustration bubbled over, fueled by the growing pressure in my bladder and the weight of your unspoken secret. "This isn't funny!" I snapped, my voice strained. "I'm not a child! Take them off, or I swear I'm going to…" The threat died on my lips as a warm sensation spread across my backside. Shame flooded me as I realized I'd lost the battle against my own bladder. Laura sighed, a hint of disappointment in her eyes. "See," she said, her voice calm but firm, "accidents happen. Even to big boys in pink diapers. But," she added, a playful glint returning, "that doesn't change the deal. We still need to talk." Chapter 2 The weight of the wet diaper felt like a physical manifestation of defeat. Tears welled up in my eyes, a mixture of frustration, fear, and a strange sense of vulnerability I couldn't explain. Looking at Laura's determined face, I knew there was no escape. The conversation I dreaded, the one that could change everything, was finally about to begin. The tears blurring my vision made it hard to meet Laura's gaze. Shame gnawed at me, a raw confession clawing its way out of my throat. "It started in high school," I mumbled, voice thick with humiliation. "I… I liked the feeling of diapers, the comfort, the… vulnerability." I choked on the word, the truth hanging heavy in the air. Laura listened patiently, her expression a mix of curiosity and something more. "Vulnerability?" she echoed softly. "Yes," I continued, voice barely a whisper. "It was like a… secret world. Something nobody else knew about." I described the on-and-off relationship with diapers throughout high school and college, the periods of indulgence followed by guilt-fueled purges. "But this wasn't just about the feeling," I confessed, voice barely audible. "There was… there was a part of me that liked being forced to wear them. Like having someone else make the decision." I blurted out the truth about the pink mittens, the dark fantasy they represented. "I bought them online, imagining being… made to wet myself. I never thought it would actually happen." A tense silence filled the room. I stole a glance at Laura, bracing yourself for rejection. But her expression surprised me. There was no disgust, no anger, just a deep curiosity. "Anything else?" she asked gently, her voice laced with concern. I met her gaze for a fleeting moment, then looked away. The truth burned on my tongue, a secret too dark to share, even with her. "No," I lied, the word hollow in the quiet room. Laura's gaze held mine, a knowing glint in her eyes. I could practically feel her seeing through the flimsy lie, but she didn't press it. "Alright," she said finally, a sigh escaping her lips. "This is a lot to take in. But for now," she continued, her voice softening, "let's get you cleaned up, okay?" Relief washed over me, a temporary reprieve from the emotional onslaught. But as Laura began to remove the wet diaper, a sliver of fear wormed its way back into your heart. This confession might be just the beginning. I knew, deep down, that the secret you still held close was the real key to understanding your desires. And I wasn't sure if I was ready to unlock that door, not even for Laura. The conversation might have started, but the real journey into my hidden world had only just begun. A flicker of hope sparked in my eyes as Laura rose from the bed. Maybe, just maybe, this ordeal was over. Maybe I could explain everything later, after I'd showered and regained a semblance of normalcy. But my hope died a quick death as I saw Laura head towards the closet, not the bathroom. Panic clawed at my throat. "Wait!" I blurted, the word laced with desperation. "Where are you going?" Laura turned, a fresh diaper in hand. "To get you cleaned up, of course," she said gently, her voice laced with amusement. "No!" I protested, my voice rising in a squeak. "I mean, not like that! I thought… I thought you were going to take these things off!" I gestured frantically at the pink mittens, the symbol of my forced confinement. Laura's lips curved into a knowing smile. "Honey," she said, her voice soft but firm, "I know you're scared. And I know there's more you're not telling me." Her gaze held mine, unwavering. "No, there isn't!" I lied, the word tasting like ash in your mouth. Laura sighed. "Look," she said, kneeling beside you again. "I'm not going to pressure you to tell me everything right now. But we can't just pretend this didn't happen. So, how about a compromise? You stay in diapers for the day, the pink ones," she added, a playful glint in her eyes, "until you're ready to be completely honest with me. Then, and only then, will we talk about taking these things off." The idea of being stuck in diapers all day, the pink ones a constant reminder of my helplessness, filled me with a surge of frustration. This wasn't supposed to happen! I threw my arms around, knocking over a glass of water on the nightstand. "No! This is ridiculous!" I shouted, tears welling up in my eyes again. "I can't stay like this!" Laura reached out, her touch surprisingly firm as she grasped your shoulders. "Actually," she countered, her voice surprisingly calm, "you can. And deep down, isn't this part of what you secretly wanted?" I flinched at her words, the truth stinging like a slap. A tiny voice inside you whispered a shameful confirmation. But I refused to acknowledge it. "No! It's not!" I denied vehemently, pushing her hands away. Laura didn't argue. Instead, she quickly removed the wet diaper. However, this time, she left the pink mittens firmly secured on my hands. Shame burned my cheeks as she cleaned you up, the vulnerability raw and exposed, amplified by the restriction of the mittens. "Alright," she said, fastening a fresh pink diaper around me. "Why don't you go wait in the living room while I get some more coffee?" The thought of leaving the safety of the bed, venturing out into the open while diapered and defenseless, filled me with terror. I shook my head stubbornly. "No. I don't want to go anywhere." Laura stood up, a hint of exasperation flickering across her face. "Look," she said, her voice firm, "we both know you can walk. So, either you go to the living room, or you can stay here and face the consequences." The implication hung heavy in the air. This wasn't a request, it was an order. Heat flooded my cheeks as I realized the truth of her words. This, the forced compliance, the helpless dependence, might be the very core of my secret desire. But I couldn't admit it, not even to myself. Defeated, I pushed yourself off the bed, the plastic crinkling beneath a constant reminder of my predicament. As I started to shuffle towards the living room, Laura's hand landed on my backside with a sharp smack. A yelp escaped my lips, more from surprise than pain. "That," Laura said, her voice devoid of anger but laced with a hint of amusement, "was for the water glass and the tantrum. Now, go." The spanking, a I only fantasized about with the impossible addition of the mittens, sent a jolt through me. Shame and a strange flicker of… something else, warred within me. I bit my lip, the unspoken desire a heavy weight in my gut. There was so much I wanted to tell her, so much I craved to experience. But the words wouldn't come Defeated and still buzzing from the spanking, I shuffled into the living room, the plastic crinkle of the diaper a constant reminder of my predicament. Laura followed close behind, a determined glint in her eyes. Just as I settled onto the couch, the shrill ring of her phone pierced the tense silence. Laura glanced at the screen, a flicker of annoyance crossing her face. "It's Sarah," she sighed. "Says she needs a ride home." My stomach lurched. Sarah, your friend who was with you both at the bar last night. The friend who probably knew nothing about your drunken confession and newfound diaper predicament. "She went home with some guy," Laura continued, her voice laced with concern. "Apparently, it didn't work out, and now she's stranded." A wave of relief washed over me, tinged with a pang of guilt. Maybe this was my chance to escape further interrogation. But Laura's next words dashed that hope. "Look," she said, her voice firm but gentle, "I know this isn't the best timing, but I can't leave her hanging. This conversation isn't over, but I need to go get her. I'll be back as soon as I can, okay?" Before you could protest, she knelt beside you, reaching for the pink mittens. Relief flooded you as she unbuckled the straps, the symbol of forced helplessness finally removed. "I love you," she whispered, her lips brushing your cheek. "And when I get back, we're going to talk about everything. Everything." With a final squeeze of your hand, Laura stood up and headed towards the door. But then, something unexpected happened. Laura paused at the closet, her gaze flickering to you for a fleeting moment before disappearing inside. A muffled rustle reached your ears, followed by the sound of the door closing again. Confused, I watched as she hurried out the door, leaving you alone in the living room. The weight of my secret desires, momentarily forgotten, was replaced by a new mystery. Why did Laura go back into the closet? And why did she take an extra diaper with her? As the minutes ticked by, my mind raced. Was Laura planning on continuing this… experiment even while she was gone? The thought sent a jolt through me, a mixture of fear and something strangely exhilarating, bubbling in my gut. The conversation might have been put on hold, but with that extra diaper in her purse, you knew one thing for sure: this was far from over. Chapter 3 [Laura] I pulled up to Sarah's building, the frustration from the interrupted conversation simmering beneath the surface. Sarah practically tumbled out of the apartment building, a sheepish grin plastered on her face. "Laura, you are a lifesaver!" Sarah exclaimed, throwing her arms around Laura in a hug. "I am so, so sorry for dragging you out like this." "It's alright," I mumbled, returning the hug halfheartedly. "Just glad you're safe." "Seriously, though," Sarah continued, pulling back and grasping Laura's hands. "I owe you big time. How about brunch to make it up to you?" I hesitated for a moment, then a small smile tugged at my lips. Maybe some pancakes would be good right about now. "Alright," I agreed, "brunch it is. But you're paying." As we settled into a cozy booth at a nearby diner, Sarah's curiosity got the better of her. "So," she began, swirling the coffee in her mug, "what happened after we left the bar? I saw your other half was pretty hammered." I took a sip of my coffee, my mind flashing back to the scene in the apartment, the pink diapers, the helpless vulnerability in his eyes. "Yeah, he was a mess," O admitted, choosing the words carefully. "Actually, he had a bit of a… revelation last night." Sarah's eyes widened. "A revelation? Spill the tea, girl!" I chuckled, a hint of nervousness in my voice. "It's… it's a little complicated. We haven't really talked about it fully yet." Just then, Sarah's gaze flicked down to Laura's purse, which was resting on the table beside her. "Hey," Sarah said, a curious glint in her eyes, "what's that sticking out of your purse?" My's heart lurched. I glanced down and saw the unmistakable corner of the extra diaper peeking out from the open compartment. A wave of heat flooded my cheeks. There was no way I could explain that to Sarah, not now, not ever. "Oh, that's… uh…" I stammered, desperately searching for an excuse. Inspiration struck in the form of her ever-present purse clutter. "Just some… feminine hygiene stuff," I blurted out, quickly reaching down and shoving the diaper further into the depths of my purse. Sarah's eyebrows shot up, a flicker of amusement dancing in her eyes. "Oh, alright," she said, her voice dripping with skepticism. "Just girl code, I guess." I forced a smile, relief washing over me as Sarah turned her attention back to her pancakes. The secret of the extra diaper was safe, for now. But as I glanced at Sarah, a mischievous thought flickered across my mind. Maybe, just maybe, there would be a chance to share this little secret with Sarah someday. After all, what were friends for? But for now, I had a much more pressing issue to deal with – unraveling the mystery behind the revelation of these hidden desires and navigating the uncharted territory of my boyfriend's newfound kink. The conversation might have been interrupted, but I knew, with a newfound sense of determination, that it was far from over. I just hoped I was prepared for wherever this diaper-clad journey might lead. The low hum of the engine filled the car as I pulled away from Sarah's apartment building. Glancing down at the diaper peeking out from my purse once more, a wry smile touched my lips. This whole situation with mt boyfriend was turning out to be far more complicated – and intriguing – than I ever could have imagined. Reaching for my phone, I dialed his number. The phone rang a few times before he picked up, his voice thick with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation. "Hey," he mumbled, the simple greeting laced with unspoken questions. "Hey yourself," I replied, my voice warm. "Just finished up with Sarah. Brunch was good." "Uh-huh," he replied, a barely audible question hanging in the air. "So, what are you going to do now?" "Well," I said, drawing out the word, "I think I'm going to head home, shower, and maybe… take care of a few things." My voice trailed off, leaving the unspoken implication heavy in the silence. He chuckled nervously, a blush creeping up his neck. "Right," he said, his voice barely a whisper. "Sounds like a plan." There was a comfortable pause on the line, both of us dancing around the topic of our earlier encounter. Finally, I spoke again. "Why don't you come over to my place a little later tonight?" I suggested. "We can… continue our conversation." "Yeah," he agreed eagerly, relief flooding his voice. "That sounds good. See you then." "See you then," I echoed, a playful glint in my voice. "And babe" "Yeah?" "Try not to get into any more trouble before I get there, okay?" He let out a nervous laugh. "No promises," he admitted, the unspoken truth hanging heavy between us. I chuckled, the sound warm and inviting. "We'll see about that," I said before hanging up. A smile, tinged with a nervous excitement, played on my lips as I ended the call. The conversation about his secret desires might have been interrupted, but judging by his tone, it was far from over. Tonight, I knew, he would finally have the chance to fully explain his… fascination, and explore the strange new world of diapers we both seemed to be hurtling towards. The thought sent a shiver down my spine, a mixture of fear and exhilarating anticipation. This evening, I was determined to create a safe space for him to be honest, to shed the layers of secrecy and explore the desires that burned beneath the surface. The journey into his hidden world was about to begin, and I couldn't wait to see where it would lead. Chapter 4 [Laura] As I pulled away from Sarah's place, a new mission bloomed in my mind. The extra diaper in my purse felt more like a challenge now, a dare to delve deeper into this unexpected kink unfolding between us. I grabbed my phone and I Googled "adult diaper stores near me." A place called "The Diaper Depot" popped up, conveniently located on my way home. Perfect. With a slight flutter of nerves, I pulled into the parking lot of the store. Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the door and entered a world of plastic crinkling and baby prints. A friendly woman with a nametag reading "Lisa" approached me with a warm smile. "Can I help you find anything today?" she chirped. "Uh, yeah," I stammered, feeling a blush creep up my cheeks. "I, uh, need some diapers." Lisa's smile widened. "Absolutely! We have a great selection for all needs. Are you looking for daytime or overnight protection?" "Actually," I blurted out, surprising myself with honesty, "they're not for me. They're for my boyfriend." Lisa's smile faltered slightly, then recovered with a knowing nod. "Ah, I see," she said gently. "What kind of diapers is he looking for? We carry a wide variety, from briefs to pull-ups to…" I felt a wave of panic. What kind of diapers were we looking for? This whole thing was moving way too fast. Sensing my distress, Lisa offered a reassuring smile. "Is your boyfriend an adult baby, or more of a diaper lover?" she asked delicately. Completely lost, I furrowed my brow. "Adult baby? Diaper lover? What's the difference?" Lisa chuckled softly. "Well, some people enjoy the feeling of wearing diapers and the feeling of being babied. Others are more focused on the physical restriction and, well, the… cuteness factor of adult diapers with baby prints and characters." Suddenly, the lightbulb clicked on in my head. I reached into my purse and sheepishly pulled out the rogue diaper. Lisa's eyes widened in understanding. A playful smile spread across her face as she ushered me towards a display case overflowing with brightly colored adult diapers adorned with a menagerie of animals – playful elephants, cuddly pandas, and curious koalas. "These are our most popular designs for those who enjoy the babyish look," she explained, holding up a package with a parade of zoo animals across the plastic. As we delved deeper into the world of adult diapers, a wave of nervous excitement washed over me. This was all so new, so unexpected. But seeing the variety of options, the openness with which Lisa discussed it all, calmed my apprehension. "Honestly," Lisa said, her voice dropping to a gentle whisper, "it's all perfectly normal. Some people like the security and comfort of diapers. Others enjoy the feeling of being looked after. There's also a subset who enjoy the power dynamic, the feeling of being dominated or helpless." Her words struck a chord. The way his eyes had lit up when I mentioned the consequences, the way his defiance crumbled when I spanked him… maybe there was more to it than just the diapers themselves. Taking a deep breath, I confessed my newfound realization. "I think… I think there might be some of that too," I admitted, feeling my cheeks burn. "He mentioned mittens earlier…" Lisa's smile widened knowingly. She pointed to a section of the display case I hadn't noticed before. There, nestled amongst the colorful animal-printed diapers, were a pair of soft, pink mittens. And right next to them, a curious contraption: a plastic diaper cover in a matching shade of pink, complete with a magnetic lock on the front. "This is a locking diaper cover," Lisa explained, sensing my curiosity. "It uses magnets to keep the diaper securely fastened. Hospitals use them sometimes to prevent patients from removing their diapers." The idea sparked a fire in my mind. This could be the perfect solution! I could still allow him to use his hands, but he wouldn't be able to tamper with the diaper itself. A delicious blend of control and vulnerability simmered in my gut. Thanking Lisa profusely for her expertise, I walked out of the Diaper Depot with a newfound confidence and a shopping bag full of supplies: a case of the most adorable animal-printed diapers I could find, and the intriguing pink locking diaper cover. "Thanks, Lisa," I said, handing her my card as we reached the door. Pulling into my driveway, a nervous thrill danced in my stomach. This little shopping spree had been impulsive, exhilarating, and a bit terrifying all at once. Grabbing the bag from the passenger seat, I practically skipped to my front door, eager to examine my newfound treasures. Inside my apartment, I tossed the bag onto the couch and ripped it open with a flourish. The first item I retrieved was the package of diapers. It wasn't the babyish kittens I'd initially considered, but a design that caught my eye – a parade of colorful zoo animals: a playful elephant with a mischievous grin, a cuddly panda munching on bamboo, and a wide-eyed koala clinging to a branch. Perfect, I thought, a touch of whimsy without being overly childish. Tearing open the plastic packaging, I unfolded a diaper. It was thicker than I expected, a soft, absorbent material encased in a crinkly plastic shell. Across the back, a menagerie of the same zoo animals frolicked in a repeating pattern. A small tab on the front held the diaper securely closed. Curiosity piqued, I peeked inside. More absorbent material, designed to be ultra-leakproof. A slight blush crept up my cheeks as I imagined my boyfriend swaddled in these, a vulnerable dependence washing over me. Carefully placing the entire package – ten diapers in all – beneath the sink in the bathroom, I reached back into the bag. The second item was the intriguing locking diaper cover. This wasn't the sterile white contraption I'd envisioned. This one was a soft, bubblegum pink, the plastic surprisingly pliable yet secure. Running along the front was a series of magnets, strategically placed to line up with a corresponding metal clasp. A sense of delicious power surged through me as I imagined my boyfriend securely diapered, unable to tamper with his situation without my help. The key to the magnetic lock was a small, silver rectangle attached to a thin plastic cord. A perfect size to dangle from my keychain, I thought, a mischievous glint in my eyes. Fishing a key ring out of my purse, I looped the magnetic key next to my house key. The weight felt oddly comforting, a symbol of the control and care I was about to take on. With a satisfied smile, I tucked the pink locking diaper cover next to the package of zoo animal adorned diapers, both hidden beneath the bathroom sink, waiting for their moment to be unveiled. The anticipation simmered as I stashed the diaper supplies away. A quick shower washed away the day's remnants, and I emerged feeling refreshed and a touch daring. Slipping into a pair of comfortable jeans and a worn-in t-shirt with a band logo that he always teased me about, I tackled the apartment with renewed energy. First up was the living room. Armed with a feather duster, I waged war on the dust bunnies that had taken refuge under the couch and behind the bookshelves. Sunlight streamed through the window, illuminating the swirling motes of dust as they danced in the air before succumbing to my cleaning wrath. With a satisfied grunt, I surveyed the battlefield – the vanquished dust bunnies lay defeated in the vacuum cleaner's belly, and the once-hazy air shimmered with newfound clarity. Next came the kitchen. A quick glance at the fridge revealed the usual hodgepodge of leftovers and questionable science experiments in Tupperware containers. Tonight called for something special, something that hinted at the unexpected turn our relationship had taken. Grabbing my phone, I pulled up a grocery delivery app. With a few taps and swipes, I curated a menu that felt both playful and indulgent – cheesy garlic bread, a simple pasta salad bursting with colorful vegetables, and a decadent chocolate lava cake for dessert. Hitting "confirm order," I leaned back against the counter, a satisfied smile playing on my lips. The doorbell chimed, jolting me out of my thoughts. The groceries had arrived with impressive efficiency. Unpacking the bags, I reveled in the cheerful burst of color from the fresh vegetables and the intoxicating aroma of the garlic bread. Tonight's dinner was going to be a feast for the senses, a prelude to the even more decadent exploration that awaited us later. With the groceries safely tucked away, I turned my attention to the rest of the apartment. The bathroom received a quick scrub-down, the towels replaced with fresh ones. Back in the living room, I straightened the throw pillows on the couch and dimmed the lights, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Just as I finished fluffing the throw pillows, my phone buzzed on the coffee table. A text from filled the screen. Hey beautiful, what are you up to tonight? Dinner and a movie? Or something more adventurous? A sly smile played on my lips. He knew exactly what kind of adventure we were both hinting at. The stolen glance at his earlier "accident" had ignited a spark, and this unexpected turn of events was fanning it into a full-blown fire. He might have mentioned movies, but our conversation this afternoon had left a lot of unspoken words hanging heavy in the air. We both knew a movie night wasn't what was on either of our minds. Taking a moment to craft my response, I tapped out a message that was both playful and suggestive. Cooking up a little surprise for dinner. Come around 6, grab some drinks on your way, and we can finish our conversation... in more ways than one. Leaving the ending open-ended, I knew he'd catch my drift. The image of his face lighting up with understanding, the unspoken excitement hanging heavy in the air – that was a thrill all on its own. The evening stretched before me, full of possibilities, and I couldn't wait to see where this unexpected journey would take us. As I hit send, a nervous flutter danced in my stomach, a delicious blend of anticipation and apprehension. Tonight, we were going to explore a new facet of our relationship, and a part of me wondered if I was truly prepared for what lay ahead Chapter 5 [Boyfriend] Hunger gnawed at my stomach as I pulled into Laura's driveway. The afternoon's conversation had left me a tangled mess of emotions – excitement, nervousness, and a hefty dose of shame for springing the diaper incident on her. Opting for comfort over anything fancy, I threw on a pair of jeans and a well-worn t-shirt. Grabbing a case of drinks I snagged on the way, I headed for her door, a knot of anticipation tightening in my gut. The scent of garlic and herbs hit me the moment I stepped inside. Laura, her back to me, hummed along to some upbeat music as she stirred something colorful in a pan. The sight of her in her element, bathed in the warm glow of the kitchen light, calmed my racing heart a touch. Placing the drinks in the fridge, I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She jumped slightly, then melted into my embrace, a relieved sigh escaping her lips. The air crackled with unspoken words. A playful tension hung between us, both of us unsure how to breach the subject on everyone's mind. Stepping back, I grabbed a can of sparkling water from the fridge and popped the top. Awkward silence filled the space as I took a seat at the kitchen table. Laura continued her culinary endeavors, occasionally glancing my way with a mix of curiosity and something I couldn't quite decipher. Conversation flowed, albeit a bit stilted. We talked about work, the upcoming weekend plans, anything to avoid the elephant in the room. All the while, I kept stealing glances at her, hoping, yearning for her to bring up the diapers. But she remained frustratingly silent. Finally, unable to bear the suspense any longer, I cleared my throat. "Laura," I began, my voice thick with apprehension, "can we talk about… earlier?" She nodded, a flicker of emotion crossing her face before it schooled itself back into neutrality. My heart thumped in my chest, a drumbeat against my ribs. "Look," I blurted out, hating how shaky my voice sounded, "I, uh, I've been thinking a lot about everything. And I just… I'm so sorry. I should have talked to you about it first, not just sprung it on you like that." Shame burned in my throat, acrid and bitter. "I know it was weird, and confusing, and frankly, pretty messed up of me." The apology tumbled out, raw and unfiltered. Tears pricked at my eyes, blurring the image of Laura across the table. Taking a shaky breath, I buried my face in my hands, the weight of my stupidity pressing down on me. The words tumbled out of my mouth, a torrent of regret and shame. Tears welled up in my eyes, blurring the image of Laura across the table. Taking a shaky breath, I buried my face in my hands, the weight of my stupidity pressing down on me. Silence stretched between us, thick and suffocating. Then, a gentle hand touched my shoulder. I flinched, bracing myself for rejection, but Laura's voice, soft and reassuring, washed over me. "Hey," she murmured, her touch light and comforting. "It's okay. Really." I peeked through my fingers, searching her face for any sign of anger or disgust. Instead, she wore a soft smile, her eyes filled with a warmth that sent a calming tremor through me. "But it's not," I mumbled, voice choked with emotion. "It was weird. I freaked you out." "Maybe a little," she admitted, a playful glint entering her eyes. "But mostly, I was surprised." I frowned, unsure what to make of her answer. Was she just trying to be nice? "Surprised?" I echoed, my voice barely above a whisper. "You weren't… horrified?" Laura sighed, a hint of exasperation creeping into her tone. "Look," she said, her voice firm but gentle, "seeing you like that… it was unexpected, yes. But honestly? It kind of turned me on." My head snapped up, confusion warring with a flicker of hope in my chest. "Turned you on?" I stammered. "But… the diapers…" "The diapers," she interrupted, a mischievous glint in her eyes, "are an interesting proposition." She paused, letting the weight of her words hang in the air. "But right now, I'm more interested in seeing you like this – vulnerable, honest." My heart hammered against my ribs, a frantic drum solo in response to her words. Part of me, the part that still clung to shame, couldn't quite believe it. Was she really okay with all this? The other part, the part that had dreamt of exploring this secret desire with her, pulsed with a mix of excitement and terror. Laura's smile faded, replaced by a playful sternness. "So," she said, her voice leaving no room for argument, "you either believe me, or I put you in a diaper right this instant." Panic surged through me. The idea of being diapered, of surrendering control to Laura, sent a jolt of electricity through my core. But the thought of her being repulsed by my desires, of shutting down this unexpected exploration before it even began, was even more terrifying. In that moment, caught between fear and a strange, exhilarating mix of desire and vulnerability, I knew exactly what I had to do. Laura's words hung in the air, a challenge both thrilling and terrifying. Part of me, the cautious, logical part, still shrieked in protest. This was crazy, impulsive, a complete departure from everything I knew. But the other part, the part that had dreamt of exploring these hidden desires, whispered possibilities, a world of secret pleasures waiting to be unraveled. Stealing a glance at Laura, I saw not disgust or judgment, but a spark of curiosity and, dare I say, excitement, dancing in her eyes. Taking a deep breath, I decided to take a leap of faith. "Okay," I mumbled, my voice barely above a whisper. "Okay, you win. But…" I hesitated, the words catching in my throat. "I… I need to understand. What do you want to know?" A satisfied smile spread across Laura's face. "Start at the beginning," she instructed gently. "Tell me how all this… diaper stuff… started." My cheeks burned, a blush creeping up my neck. How did I even begin to explain this? "Well, it was a long time ago," I stammered, desperately searching for the right words. "High school, actually. I remember seeing a diaper commercial on TV, and something about it just… clicked." The memory was hazy, a distant echo of a time when these desires were a secret shame, hidden away in the deepest recesses of my mind. Back then, it was just a spark – a fascination with the image of someone swaddled in soft, absorbent material. I'd spend hours reading articles online, anything I could find about diapers. The feeling was strange, a mix of comfort and a strange sense of vulnerability that I couldn't quite explain. "At first, it was just curiosity," I continued, my voice barely a whisper. "But then, I started noticing things. Like, whenever I saw a baby in a diaper, it would… I don't know, do something to me." My cheeks burned even hotter, the confession tumbling out in a rush. "And then there were the commercials, the way they emphasized the feeling of security, of being taken care of." The words felt raw, exposed, but a strange sense of relief washed over me as I spoke them aloud. Laura listened intently, her expression unreadable. Taking a shaky breath, I pushed on, my voice barely above a whisper. "Finally, in college, I decided to… to experiment. I ordered a pack of adult diapers online, and…" Shame threatened to engulf me again, but I forced myself to continue. "The feeling of being wrapped up in them… it was… overwhelming. A sense of comfort, of being little again, but also…" I hesitated, searching for the right words. "It opened up a whole new world of feelings, desires I never knew I had." My confession hung in the air, heavy with unspoken implications. Had I gone too far? Would Laura understand, or would this be the end of everything? Stealing a glance at her, my heart hammered against my ribs in a frantic tattoo. Her expression remained unreadable, a mix of curiosity and something I couldn't quite decipher. But to my surprise, a single word escaped her lips, a word that sent a jolt of electricity through me. "Continue," she murmured, her voice soft yet firm. "Tell me everything." My voice dropped to a barely audible mumble as I continued. "It's hard to explain," I confessed, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks again. "The diapers... they made me feel... submissive. Like a little kid again, needing to be taken care of. There was this strange comfort in that, a release of control." My eyes darted around the room, unable to hold Laura's gaze. "But it was more than that too. The vulnerability... the feeling of being completely dependent... it was... arousing." The last word hung in the air, a shameful admission. But as I spoke, a weight seemed to lift from my chest. These were things I'd never dared articulate, not even to myself. For years, they'd existed as a secret fantasy, a hidden desire that gnawed at the edges of my consciousness. "And then there was the punishment aspect," I continued, my voice barely above a whisper. "The idea of being scolded, maybe even spanked... it... it added another layer of excitement. The humiliation, the loss of control... it became part of the whole thing." Shame warred with a newfound sense of liberation. I felt exposed, raw, yet strangely exhilarated by finally admitting these desires. Hesitantly, I glanced at Laura, bracing myself for judgment. "Until this morning," I stammered, a touch desperate for reassurance, "I'd never... never actually wet a diaper. Or had someone else change it." My voice dropped to a near inaudible level. "And when you swatted me... it was... almost too much. I..." A blush crept up my neck, burning my cheeks. "I almost..." The words wouldn't come out. But the truth hung heavy in the air, a silent confession. Laura's reaction to the swat had sent a jolt through me, a rush of unexpected pleasure that had left me teetering on the edge. Silence filled the room, thick and expectant. Would she understand? Would she be disgusted by this dark side of my desire? My heart hammered against my ribs, a frantic drum solo in my chest. And then, Laura spoke, her voice a gentle whisper that sent shivers down my spine. "Tell me more," she murmured, her eyes holding a spark of unexpected interest. "Tell me everything you fantasize about." Laura's cheeks flushed a rosy pink, but her eyes remained steady. "I changed your diaper, didn't I?" she countered, a hint of amusement in her voice. Think you can handle a little more honesty?" There was a playful edge to her words, but also a subtle warning. This wasn't a one-way street; she was in on this too. Shame washed over me again, hot and prickly. "You're right, of course," I mumbled, my voice thick with apology. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have hesitated." Taking a deep breath, I plunged back into the deep end. "Fantasies," I began, my voice still shaky. "There have been... a few. Like, you putting me over your knee. Pulling my pants down, spanking me..." My cheeks burned, but I continued, the words tumbling out in a rush. "Maybe even with your... that wooden hairbrush you keep in your purse." A shiver ran down my spine at the image. The next confession felt like a leap of faith. "And... being forced to wear a diaper in public. Maybe to the store, or even on a walk. I don't know if I could actually go through with it," I admitted, "but the idea..." My voice trailed off, the thrill and humiliation of the fantasy warring within me. Laura listened intently, her expression unreadable. A million questions swirled in my head. Was this too much? Would this be the end of everything? Finally, she spoke, her voice a low rumble. "Is that all?" she asked, a hint of amusement creeping into her tone. "Just spankings and diapers?" Relief washed over me, mingled with a flicker of disappointment. "Well, there's more," I admitted, hesitantly. "But I don't know..." "Tell me," she urged, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "What if I put you in timeout? Grounded you like you were a little kid? Would that be… interesting?" The idea hung in the air, a new twist on the already swirling vortex of desires. Grounded? Timeout? The image that popped into my head was childish, yet undeniably arousing. "Maybe," I stammered, my voice laced with uncertainty. "I… I'm not sure." A hint of frustration flickered across Laura's face, quickly replaced by a playful sternness. Her hand, which had been resting on the countertop, drifted down to her hip, brushing against the familiar weight of her purse. "Well," she said, her voice leaving no room for argument, "we can explore that uncertainty. But if you keep holding back like this, maybe you'll need a little reminder of who's in charge here. Perhaps a swat on that cute little soon-to-be-diapered butt will help jog your memory?" The playful threat hung in the air, laced with a hint of something more. A delicious shiver ran down my spine. This wasn't just about exploring my desires anymore. This was about exploring Laura's too, about the power dynamic that had shifted between us. And as I looked into her eyes, the amusement sparkling there mixed with a newfound dominance, I knew I was in for a night that would be far more exciting, and a touch more daring, than I ever could have imagined. Chapter 6 [Laura] The air crackled with a raw vulnerability I hadn't anticipated. Here I was, the normally composed Laura, completely captivated by his whispered confessions. This submissive side of him, the way his voice hitched when he spoke of dependence and control, it ignited a spark within me I hadn't known existed. Dominance. It wasn't a word I readily used, but the truth was, I'd always harbored a bit of a secret desire for it. The thought of him over my knee, struggling against my hand as I delivered a firm swat, sent a delicious thrill through me. "Is that everything?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper. Part of me wanted him to keep going, to delve deeper into these hidden fantasies. Another part, a more cautious side, worried about overwhelming him. He shook his head, a sheepish grin spreading across his face. "I can't think of anything else, right now at least." Taking a deep breath, I decided to accept that for now. There would be time to explore further, to unravel more layers of his desires. But for now, there was a different emotion gnawing at me. Disappointment. "Two years," I said, my voice flat. "It took you two years to tell me any of this?" The sheepish grin vanished, replaced by a look of pure panic. "Laura, I'm so sorry! I… I was ashamed, embarrassed. I didn't think you'd understand." His apology was a little too eager, a little too practiced. It rubbed me the wrong way. "Don't you think that's a bit insulting?" I snapped, a touch of frustration creeping into my voice. "Do you really think I wouldn't accept you, quirks and all?" He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off. "Look," I said, my voice firm but gentle, "I love you. And what you just told me… it might be a little strange, a little unexpected, but I accept it. Hell, I'm kind of excited about it." A relieved smile spread across his face, melting some of the tension in the room. But I still needed a moment. This whole conversation had been a whirlwind – a rollercoaster of emotions that left me needing to catch my breath. "I need to finish dinner," I announced, forcing a smile. "And honestly, I need a few minutes to process all of this." His smile faltered slightly, a flicker of concern flickering in his eyes. "Okay," he mumbled, standing up a little too quickly. A mischievous glint entered my eyes. This exploration of desires went both ways, didn't it? "Actually," I said, my voice taking on a playful edge, "you're going to be spending those few minutes in timeout." Confusion clouded his face. "Timeout?" "Exactly," I confirmed, a grin spreading across my face. Walking over to him, I grabbed his arms, surprising him with my sudden assertiveness. "On your feet, mister." He stood awkwardly, his eyes wide with surprise. I guided him towards the corner of the kitchen, a playful smile on my lips. "Stand right there," I commanded, positioning him facing the wall. Crossing his arms behind his back, I gave his butt a few gentle pats. "Now, you are not to move an inch for the next twenty minutes. Consider it a little taste of what's to come." Setting the timer on my phone, I winked at him. "Twenty minutes," I announced, turning back towards the stove. As I stirred the sauce, a delicious thrill danced through me. This wasn't just about diapers and confessions anymore. This was about control, about exploring the dynamic that had just shifted between us. And with a smile playing on my lips, I knew this was just the beginning. I stirred the simmering sauce, a satisfied smile playing on my lips. The revelations of the evening had been a heady mix – surprising, exhilarating, and a touch unsettling. Yet, beneath the initial shock, a thrill of anticipation simmered. This newfound knowledge about my boyfriend, this vulnerability he'd finally exposed, had ignited a spark within me I hadn't known existed. My mind drifted back to his confession, picturing him in a diaper, standing meekly in the corner. A pang of regret, unexpected and sharp, pierced through me. He was in timeout, yes, but wouldn't the humiliation be tenfold if he were swaddled in plastic, his vulnerability amplified? The image sent a jolt of heat through me, a delicious mix of dominance and possessiveness. I could practically feel the soft plastic beneath my hand, hear the satisfying smack of a well-placed swat. Shaking my head slightly, I forced myself to focus. The food wouldn't cook itself, and besides, a little delayed gratification never hurt anyone. With renewed focus, I checked the simmering dish, my smile returning. Almost done. Time to set the table. As I pulled out plates, a flicker of movement in the corner caught my eye. My boyfriend, ever so slightly, was shifting his weight, his crossed arms no longer fully behind him. A playful frown creased my forehead. Rules were rules, after all. Picking up a wooden spoon from the counter, I strolled over to him, a playful glint in my eye. Before he could react, I delivered a sharp swat to his backside. A gasp escaped his lips, his body jolting slightly. "Hands back up, mister," I commanded, my voice firm yet playful. "Stay still. Nose in the corner. Twenty minutes haven't passed yet, you know." He mumbled an apology, scrambling to straighten himself back up, a sheepish grin battling with the sting on his backside. I watched him for a moment, the playful glint in my eyes turning into a hint of something more – a promise, perhaps, of what was to come. With a satisfied nod, I returned to the table, setting the plates and cutlery. The food was ready, the timer buzzing insistently. Tonight, I thought, dinner wouldn't be the only thing served. A delicious anticipation bubbled in my stomach as I called out, "Alright, timeout's over. But dinner comes with a side of discipline, wouldn't you say?" Chapter 7 [Boyfriend] The sting from the spoon lingered on my backside, a sharp reminder of my transgression. It wasn't painful, but it was a jolt, a current that sent a surprising thrill through me. Maybe it was the unexpectedness, or maybe it was the dawning realization that even a minor punishment turned me on. Ugh, this whole situation was a confusing mess of emotions. "Side of discipline?" I echoed, turning from the corner. The playful edge to Laura's voice sent shivers down my spine, a mix of apprehension and anticipation. "But you just put me in timeout." Laura raised an eyebrow, her expression playful yet firm. "Twenty minutes in the corner hardly makes up for two years of holding back, does it?" she countered. Shame washed over me again, hot and prickly. My lips parted to form another apology, a desperate plea for forgiveness. But before the words could escape, Laura cut me off. "Look," she said, her voice softening slightly, "I love you. And I accept you, diapers and all. But honestly, I'm tired of apologies. Tonight, we're exploring this new side of things, together." Her words were a mix of reassurance and challenge, and a delicious thrill shot through me. Together. This wasn't just about her controlling me; it was about us exploring a hidden part of our relationship. "So," she continued, a playful smirk gracing her lips, "after dinner, you'll be on dish duty. Consider it a first taste of what's to come." The image of me, in whatever fate awaited me, scrubbing dishes while Laura watched, sent a blush creeping up my neck. This wasn't quite how I imagined the evening unfolding, but a strange sense of excitement bubbled within me. Dinner first, discipline later. It seemed like a fair compromise, at least for now. With a resigned nod, I pulled out a chair and sat down at the table. Laura dished up our dinner, placing a steaming plate in front of me. As we began to eat, an unspoken tension hung in the air, a delicious current of anticipation that promised a very different kind of dessert later that night. [Laura] I watched with quiet satisfaction as my boyfriend tucked into his dinner. The conversation flowed easily, a comfortable mix of mundane details – Sarah's brunch obsession with bottomless mimosas, the never-ending battle against dust bunnies in their tiny apartment. It felt almost normal, a stark contrast to the raw vulnerability they'd shared earlier. But beneath the surface, a delicious tension simmered. He knew what was coming. The playful swat with the spoon had been a mere taste, a prelude to the real discipline waiting for him. As we finished the meal, I cleared away the empty plates, stacking them neatly in the sink. He offered to help, a hint of eagerness in his voice. "Actually," I said, a sly smile playing on her lips, "there is one thing I forgot to mention about those dishes." He paused, a flicker of uncertainty crossing his face. This was it. The moment the playful dominance shifted into something more. "You'll be doing them," I continued, my voice a low murmur, "with no pants on. And in a diaper." The words hung in the air, a challenge and a promise rolled into one. His eyes widened, a blush creeping up his neck. There was a flicker of apprehension, yes, but also a spark of something else – an undeniable turn-on, a delicious thrill of surrendering control. I watched him, captivated by the way his emotions played across his face. This wasn't about punishment, not entirely. It was about claiming a new kind of intimacy, a vulnerability that went beyond whispered confessions. It was about exploring a secret part of him, and a secret part of myself. "So," I said, voice soft yet firm, "ready to get started, little one?" His mouth worked silently, a strangled protest forming on his lips. However, I left no room for argument. "This is happening," I said, a playful yet firm edge to my tone. A defeated sigh escaped his lips, but I could see the flicker of something else in his eyes – a reluctant acceptance, a tremor of excitement warring with nervousness. It was a look that both frustrated and titillated me. Leaving him for a moment, I marched purposefully to the bathroom cabinet, retrieving a diaper and some baby powder. I wasn't sure why I'd bought the powder – a strange, domestic impulse – but it felt oddly fitting in the moment. Returning to the kitchen, I grabbed his hand, a playful tug that sent a jolt through him. "Living room," I announced, leading him through the apartment. He stumbled slightly, his body already anticipating the vulnerability to come. In the living room, I guided him down to the plush carpet, the coolness a stark contrast to the heat radiating from my touch. With practiced ease, I unbuckled his belt and waistband, a slow, deliberate movement that had him squirming beneath my gaze. The zipper hissed down, and I slid his pants down his legs, the fabric pooling around his ankles. A surge of heat flooded his face as he felt the cool air kiss his exposed skin. "Seems like someone's excited," I purred, her voice a husky whisper right next to his ear. He mumbled something incoherent, his gaze darting nervously between me and the discarded pants. Then, his eyes landed on the diaper I held. It wasn't the same pink one he'd seen me take earlier. This one was a surprise. It was a crisp white, but decorated with a playful pattern of colorful jungle animals – elephants, zebras, and lions with friendly smiles. A flicker of surprise crossed his face, quickly replaced by a surge of heat. This wasn't what he'd expected, but a strange sense of anticipation bubbled within him. The familiar mix of fear and excitement intensified, a cocktail of emotions that left him breathless. I saw the surprise in his eyes and smirked knowingly. I let her fingers trace a slow path from his exposed chest down to his stomach, causing him to squirm underneath her. Then, with movements as smooth as silk, I slid the new diaper underneath him. [Boyfriend] The diaper felt oddly comforting against my bare skin, its soft, plastic surface providing a layer of unexpected warmth. The baby powder Laura generously applied clung to him like a second skin, its scent – a sweet combination of lavender and vanilla – enveloping them in an intoxicating cloud. My senses were amplified, every touch and scent magnifying the intimacy of the moment. My eyes met Laura's again as she proceeded with the next step. Her fingers brushed against me as she gently pushed my hardness down and folded over the diaper. The contact sent sparks of pleasure shooting through me and I couldn't help but gasp at the sensation. It was held firmly in place by the diaper, encapsulated in this new world that we were exploring together. Suddenly, the tape was ripped off the plastic, making a sharp noise that echoed in the silent room. My heart pounded in anticipation as Laura carefully sealed me inside the diaper. She smoothed out any creases expertly, her fingers gliding across the playful jungle pattern that adorned it. I was acutely aware of every touch, every movement – all building up an intensity I had never experienced before. Finally sealed in, I looked down and saw myself encased in white plastic decorated with friendly animals he had seen only on children's shows before. The sight sent another surge of heat coursing through my body a strange cocktail of innocent charm and adult desire that left me breathless. Laura looked at him then, her eyes twinkling with mischief and satisfaction. This was a new adventure for them. One filled with unexplored sensations and experiences—and I knew we wouldn't trade it for anything else. As I rose from the floor, the thick, crinkly diaper Laura had just fastened around my waist felt almost suffocatingly bulky. Each movement was accompanied by a distinct waddle, the padding between my legs forcing me to take slow, deliberate steps. With every waddle towards the kitchen, the feeling of the thick diaper pressing against me became more pronounced, the plastic shell rustling loudly with each shuffle. It was a constant reminder of my newfound vulnerability, a physical manifestation of the punishment I had earned for keeping my secret from Laura for so long. As I entered the kitchen, Laura's warning hung heavy in the air. Her hand came down with a sharp pat on my diapered bottom, sending a jolt through me. "You better do a good job in here," she cautioned, her voice laced with a hint of sternness. The combination of the thick diaper and Laura's warning filled me with a mix of embarrassment and determination. I rolled up my sleeves, feeling the padding between my legs shift uncomfortably as I began to tackle the mess in front of me. With each dish washed and each surface wiped clean, the crinkle of the diaper seemed to fade into the background, replaced by the rhythm of my own thoughts. Laura's warning echoed in my mind, driving me to work harder, to prove myself worthy of her trust. By the time I finished cleaning the kitchen, the feeling of the thick diaper had become almost second nature, the constant rustle of plastic a familiar companion. And as I shuffled back to Laura, ready to face whatever consequences awaited me, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in my accomplishment. Despite the discomfort and the embarrassment, I knew that this was a step towards redemption, towards earning back Laura's trust and rebuilding our relationship on a foundation of honesty and openness. And as Laura's hand came down with another pat on my diapered bottom, I knew that I was one step closer to becoming the partner she deserved. Chapter 8 [Laura] As I stood in the kitchen doorway, a mixture of pride and uncertainty swirled within me. My boyfriend had done an amazing job cleaning the kitchen, and I couldn't help but feel a surge of admiration for his efforts. The countertops sparkled, the dishes gleamed, and the floor was spotless – a testament to his diligence and commitment. Suppressing the urge to let out a sigh of relief, I reminded myself to stay composed. This was uncharted territory for both of us, and I needed to tread carefully. Grabbing two beers from the fridge, I returned to the living room, where my boyfriend awaited my inspection. Handing him a beer with a smile, I praised him for his hard work. "You did an incredible job cleaning the kitchen," I said, sincerity lacing my words. "I'm impressed." As he accepted the beer with a grateful nod, I couldn't help but notice the mix of emotions flickering across his face. Uncertainty, perhaps, mingled with a hint of anticipation. And beneath it all, I sensed a vulnerability that mirrored my own. Taking a seat beside him on the couch, I struggled to keep my emotions in check. The idea of exploring my dominance and his submissiveness was undeniably enticing, but it also brought with it a wave of apprehension. This wasn't how I had envisioned our relationship unfolding, and the thought of delving deeper into this uncharted territory left me feeling both exhilarated and hesitant. But as I glanced at my boyfriend, his eyes brimming with trust and affection, I knew that I couldn't let my fears hold me back. We had both taken a leap of faith by confronting our desires head-on, and now it was time to see where that journey would lead us. Squeezing his hand gently, I offered him a reassuring smile. "Thank you," I said softly, my voice barely above a whisper. "For everything." As we sat together in comfortable silence, the weight of unspoken words hung heavy in the air. But beneath it all, there was a sense of possibility, of newfound connection. And as I sipped my beer, I couldn't help but feel a glimmer of excitement for the journey that lay ahead. As the evening stretched before us, I turned to my boyfriend with a smile, ready to suggest a plan for the rest of the night. "How about we take it easy?" I proposed, warmth infusing my words. "We can stay in, watch a movie, and just enjoy each other's company." But to my surprise, my boyfriend's response wasn't quite what I expected. With a hint of hesitation, he voiced his concern about staying in his diaper for the rest of the night. "I'm not sure if I can stay dry," he admitted, a note of worry in his voice. I couldn't help but smirk at his sudden resistance. "Well, that sounds like a personal problem," I teased, my tone playful yet firm. "You wanted to explore this side of our relationship, remember? Now you have to deal with the consequences." His frustration was palpable as he protested, insisting that he didn't want to wet his diaper again. But deep down, I sensed a hint of reluctance mingled with his resistance, as if a part of him was secretly intrigued by the idea. With a soft chuckle, I reached out to squeeze his hand reassuringly. "Relax," I said gently, my voice tinged with amusement. "It's just a diaper, and accidents happen. Besides, we can always change you if need be." As his expression softened, a flicker of understanding passed between us. This wasn't just about diapers or wetting them – it was about exploring new boundaries, pushing past our comfort zones, and discovering new facets of our relationship. And as we settled in to watch our chosen movie, the glow of the TV casting soft shadows across the room, I couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment wash over me. Whatever the night held in store for us, I knew that we were in it together – navigating this uncharted territory as partners, lovers, and confidants. As the movie played on the screen, casting flickering shadows across the room, we settled into a comfortable rhythm, sipping our beers and losing ourselves in the storyline. But about halfway through the movie, I noticed my boyfriend becoming increasingly fidgety beside me. At first, I thought nothing of it, assuming he was simply adjusting his position or getting restless from sitting too long. However, as his movements grew more pronounced, a nagging suspicion crept into my mind. Could it be that he needed to use the bathroom? As he started to rise from the couch, I couldn't help but interject, my curiosity piqued. "Where are you going?" I inquired, my voice laced with a mixture of amusement and concern. His sudden restlessness had caught me off guard, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss. Turning to face me, he hesitated for a moment, his expression a mixture of discomfort and embarrassment. "Uh, just... need to use the bathroom," he muttered sheepishly, avoiding my gaze. A knowing smile tugged at the corners of my lips as I watched him squirm. It seemed my suspicions had been correct all along. But rather than letting him off the hook, I decided to remind him of his current predicament. "Oh, no you don't," I said firmly, my tone leaving no room for argument. "Remember, you're wearing a diaper tonight. Sit back down and enjoy the movie." As he sank back onto the couch, the unmistakable sound of the diaper crinkling filled the air, a constant reminder of his current state of vulnerability. The noise seemed to hang in the air for a moment, a tangible reminder of our unconventional evening. Despite his efforts to maintain his composure, I couldn't help but notice the slight flush of embarrassment that tinted his cheeks a deeper shade of red. Suppressing a smirk, I shifted my gaze back to the screen, determined to enjoy the remainder of the movie. But beneath the facade of nonchalance, a thrill pulsed through me, fueled by the realization of the power dynamics at play. With each crinkle of the diaper, I felt a renewed sense of control, a heady rush that left me eager to explore this newfound territory even further. As the movie continued to play, I couldn't help but notice the subtle shifts in my boyfriend's demeanor. His fidgeting had grown more pronounced, his discomfort palpable even in the dim light of the living room. With each passing moment, it became increasingly evident that he was struggling to hold it in. I stole a sideways glance at him, catching the telltale signs of his internal struggle. His brows furrowed in concentration, his jaw clenched tight. It was clear that he was fighting a losing battle against the inevitable. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of tension, the moment arrived. A subtle shift in his posture, a barely perceptible release of tension, and then it happened – the unmistakable sound of liquid meeting plastic. I turned my head to look at him, expecting some kind of acknowledgment, perhaps a sheepish admission of what had just occurred. But to my surprise, he remained silent, his gaze fixed firmly on the screen as if nothing had happened. Curiosity piqued, I shifted my focus to the diaper, expecting to see clear evidence of its use. But to my astonishment, it appeared barely even damp, a testament to its impressive absorbency. A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of my lips as an idea began to form in my mind. If he wasn't going to acknowledge what had just transpired, then perhaps I would play along and see how long he could keep up the charade. Rising from the couch, I made my way to the kitchen, the crinkle of his diaper echoing in the quiet room. Retrieving two more beers from the fridge, I returned to the living room and handed one to him, making sure to meet his gaze with a knowing look. "Thirsty?" I asked, my voice laced with subtle amusement. He accepted the drink with a grateful nod, taking a long sip before settling back into the couch. But beneath the facade of nonchalance, I could sense a hint of uncertainty, a flicker of unease at the realization that I knew his secret. As we continued to watch the movie, I couldn't help but wonder how long he would be able to keep up the facade. But for now, I was content to play along, enjoying the thrill of our shared secret and the newfound dynamics it had brought to our relationship. [Boyfriend] As the movie rolled on, I found myself increasingly distracted by the uncomfortable sensation between my legs. The thick padding of the diaper pressed against me, reminding me of what I had just done – wetting myself like a child. Shame burned hot in my cheeks as I tried to focus on the screen, desperate to ignore the evidence of my humiliation. But with each passing minute, the discomfort only grew. The diaper, once soft and pliable, now felt heavy and swollen, the added weight a constant reminder of my lack of control. I could feel it clinging to me, the plastic shell crinkling with every movement, amplifying the sound of my shame. A part of me wanted to confess, to tell Laura what had happened and beg her to change me, to rid me of this humiliating reminder. But another part of me hesitated, held back by the fear of her reaction. Would she be angry? Disgusted? Disappointed? And then, to my astonishment, she returned with another beer, her smile warm and inviting. I accepted the drink with a grateful nod, my heart pounding in my chest. Did she know? Could she tell what I had done? The thought sent a shiver down my spine, a mix of embarrassment and excitement swirling in my stomach. As the movie played on, I struggled to focus, my mind consumed by conflicting emotions. I wanted to tell her, to confess my humiliation and seek her forgiveness. But the words caught in my throat, trapped by the weight of my shame. In the end, I remained silent, the secret of my wet diaper weighing heavily on my conscience. And as the night wore on, I couldn't shake the feeling that this newfound dynamic between us had opened a door to a world of uncertainty, where the lines between pleasure and shame blurred and the only certainty was the unpredictable nature of our desires. As the movie drew to a close, I couldn't ignore the relentless pressure building in my bladder. With Laura excusing herself to the bathroom, I seized the opportunity to discreetly relieve myself into the already damp diaper. The warmth spreading against my skin offered a momentary reprieve from the discomfort, but it was short-lived. When Laura returned and inquired if everything was alright, I attempted to brush off any concerns, assuring her that everything was fine. However, her keen eyes didn't miss the telltale signs of my soaked diaper. With a mixture of frustration and disappointment, she confronted me, demanding to know why I had lied to her. My heart sank as her words cut through the air like a knife. I struggled to find the right response, guilt gnawing at me for deceiving her. "I... I didn't want to admit it," I admitted sheepishly, unable to meet her gaze. Laura's expression softened, but there was an underlying tension in her features as she sighed heavily. "What am I going to do with you?" she asked, her voice tinged with exasperation. "How could you lie to me when it's so obvious that you've wet your diaper?" I hung my head in shame, knowing that I had let her down. "I'm sorry," I murmured, feeling utterly defeated. Her frustration was palpable as she paced back and forth, clearly struggling to process her emotions. "I just don't understand why you felt the need to hide it from me," she confessed, her voice tinged with hurt. "I guess I was embarrassed," I admitted, my cheeks burning with shame. "I didn't want you to see me like this." Laura's expression softened, and she took a deep breath, visibly trying to calm herself. "I get that it's not easy," she said gently, her tone more forgiving. "But we can't build a relationship on lies. We have to be honest with each other, especially about something like this." I nodded, feeling a sense of relief wash over me at her understanding. "I know," I replied, my voice barely above a whisper. "I'll do better, I promise." With a nod of acceptance, Laura reached out to take my hand, offering me a reassuring smile. "That's all I ask," she said softly, squeezing my fingers gently. "We're in this together, remember? We'll figure it out, one step at a time." [Laura] I decided to discipline her boyfriend for lying, I wouldn't waver in this decision. Ignoring his protests about his full diaper, I firmly instructed him to go to timeout in the corner. Despite his discomfort, I remained resolute, adamant that consequences were necessary for his dishonesty. Leaving him to contemplate his actions, I headed into the bathroom to retrieve a new diaper and some baby powder. I returned to the living room and placed the diaper and powder on the table, the cool surface contrasting with the warmth of my resolve. Standing before him, I maintained a firm yet compassionate demeanor, ready to address the situation head-on. "Since you lied to me," I began, my voice firm but not unkind, "there are going to be consequences. I'm going to give you a spanking for your dishonesty, and then I'll put you in a fresh diaper." My boyfriend's expression softened as he realized the gravity of his mistake. With a nod of understanding, he accepted the consequences of his actions, silently acknowledging the importance of honesty in their relationship. I took my boyfriend out of timeout and led him to the center of the room. With a firm yet gentle grip, I positioned him across my knee, his wet diaper pressing against my thigh. I could see a wave of humiliation wash over him as he realized the vulnerable position he was in, with me poised to administer his punishment. As my hand made contact with his diaper-clad bottom, he winced, feeling the impact more as a sting to his pride than to his skin. With each subsequent spank, the humiliation intensified, tears welling up in his eyes as he realized the gravity of his actions. The sound of each smack echoed in the room, a stark reminder of his wrongdoing. By the eighth spank, he was openly crying, his apologies pouring out between sobs as he begged for forgiveness. My hand paused, my touch softening as I looked down at him with compassion. "I forgive you," I said gently, my voice carrying a warmth that enveloped him like a comforting embrace. "But you need to understand the consequences of lying. Next time, there won't be a diaper to soften the blow." I looked into my boyfriend's eyes, searching for sincerity. "Do you understand?" I asked, my voice soft yet firm. He nodded vigorously, tears still glistening in his eyes. "Yes, Laura, I understand. I'm sorry, and I promise I'll never do it again." With a final nod of approval, I delivered one more gentle spank to his diaper-clad bottom, a symbolic punctuation to the conversation. Then, I helped him up and laid him on the floor to change his wet diaper, the crinkling sound a reminder of the events that had transpired. Once his fresh diaper was securely fastened, I sighed wearily. "It's been quite a night," I remarked, exhaustion creeping into my voice. "I think it's time to call it a night." He nodded in agreement, hopefully understanding the need for rest after the emotional rollercoaster we just went on. I handed him his pants which he quickly put on, kissed him good night and then collapsed in to my bed.
  16. Kaden waited outside the door, staring at his watch. "Come at 7:46. That is 7:46, not 7:45, or 7:47. You will wear exactly what I send you in your messages. If anything is off, you will be punished. Understood? " he had said. 7:44 Kaden bit his lip. Of course, he had agreed. Why wouldn't he? He was being paid to, and had to admit to himself he loved the orders. 7:45 and 30 seconds. He was wearing exactly what he had been told. Most of it was normal. A dark blue suit, with a lighter blue tie, the kind of thing anyone else would wear to the same job. Someone looking closely might notice it was far more expensive then he should have been able to afford on his salary, but it wasn't that strange for high level lawyers like Edward Greyan to buy clothes for their secretaries for looks. Traditionally those secretaries were women, but especially in the modern era, no one would question a separate choice. If someone looked even more closely, or, say, took some of the clothes off as Edward was wont to do, they may have noticed a few other things. They may have noticed the small, thin collar hidden under his tie. They may have noticed the tiny lock on his belt, which Kaden had attached at home knowing Edward had the only key. They may have noticed something else, which was what made Kenyan blush the deepest when he thought of it. 7:46. Kaden opened the door and walked in. He walked down the long hallway bordered on both sides by mirrors. Seeing himself, an his own shy, awkward stride, only made him more nervous as he approached the main office. "Good morning sir," he said as he entered. "Good morning Kaden" Edward replied. Kaden sighed in relief. No anger yet, so that meant no punishment. "Kaden, can you come into my office for a minute?" Edward said. Kaden closed his eyes and swore in his mind. Something was off. He entered the office to see Edward facing away from him, going over a pile of files on his own desk. Edward was everything Kenyan wanted and wished he could be. Successful, smart, and with the confidence and air to show it. While Kaden walked in short, shy steps, Edward strode with long, broad movements. He stood straight, suit and hair maintained perfectly, and spoke with an authoritative voice his clients had come to trust. Kaden stopped at the door. The instruction was "into my office," no further, and he was careful to follow it exactly. Edward shuffled through a few more papers. He picked a few out of the pile and laid them straight on his desk. Finally, he let out a quick sigh and began. "Kedan, what time is it?" Kaden swallowed. "7:46 sir," he said. He looked at the clock on Edward's wall to confirm. "Is it now?" he smiled. "And what is wrong with that?" "Ummm..." "Well?" "You said come in at 7:46." Edward turned to look at Kaden, who flinched at his gaze. "I did. And did you arrive then?" "Yes sir," he said. He paused. If he had, Edward probably wouldn't be asking. "I think so sir?" Edward sighed. "How long have you been standing there?" "Maybe a minute sir." "So if you've been standing there for a minute, and it is now 7:46, what time did you come in?" Kaden panicked. "But I checked my wa... Edward cut him off. "What time did you come in?" "7:45." "And what time did I say to come in?" "7:46 sir." "So you didn't follow my instructions. That is ten." Kaden flinched. "Yes sir."
  17. Hello! This is the first story I ever have written. Pure fiction. English is not my native language. Enjoy! If someone likes it I might write a sequel. BR Sandman Dan’s adventure By Sandman Chapter 1 The stewardess had just sat down and fastened her seatbelt. For a moment, her thoughts seemed to have drifted far away from the passengers and her work in the aircraft. Was she on her way home to her boyfriend or family or was it going to be another night in a concrete hotel where she would party with her colleagues in the crew? Dan tried to relax and looked around. In a few minutes, the aircraft would touch down and once again he was on his way to a new adventure. Dan was used to this life. He was looking forward to new challenges and seeing new things and meeting new people. Dan's colleagues were jealous. Everyone had hoped to get this job. It was a well-paid foreign contract that, unusually, was not located in a godforsaken den in the wilderness. No one begrudged Dan that he had finally drawn the longest straw because he really had the skills and experience that the customer was looking for. He had also had a successful assignment for the same company quite recently and that had been the deciding factor. The client had been clear and said that they would be more than happy to have Dan as Supervisor. The project was supposed to last for three years, but everyone involved understood that it was a very optimistic time estimate and that it would probably take much longer than that. Delays were standard in this industry. For Dan, it was okay. Every extra day in this paradise would feel like a reward. Dan closed his eyes and stretched in the airplane seat, feeling expectant. Several good years lay ahead of him, and it was likely to be a soft start. Dan wasn’t that much needed in the beginning of the project where he could assist only with some simple administrative activities, but when the project took off, there would undoubtedly be some hectic days. The pilot landed the plane pretty well and began to brake sharply to quickly turn off the runway. Dan rested his eyes on the cute stewardess sitting right in front of him. Her thoughts were still far, far away, but suddenly, she looked at Dan with a sexy smile. Dan smiled back. Throughout the flight, he had admired her Afro-Asian looks, and she had a sexy little ass that Dan just couldn't help but rest his eyes on. As Dan started to walk towards the plane's exit and passed the flight attendant, their eyes met. Dan responded politely and then followed the stream of passengers out of the plane and on to passport control and baggage claim. When Dan was waiting for his bags, his phone beeped and when he checked, he saw that a WhatsApp message had arrived. "Hey handsome! I saw your phone number on the notepad that you held in your hand. At 20:00 I'll be at the lobby bar. Hilton Downtown. Regards Rhonda" Dan looked around and saw that the cute stewardess was standing a short distance away in the company of the crew. She had her eyes fixed on Dan and had the phone in one hand. Dan responded quickly. 🔥 😊 //Dan Just after Dan sent the message, he saw that the flight attendant was reading something on her phone and smiling. She then looked at Dan with a happy smile and then grabbed her cabin bag and said something to another member of the flight crew. Then they walked towards the exit. Gosh, this is too good to be true, Dan thought as he sat in the taxi. What are the odds of getting picked up on a flight? Either way, that put Dan in a very good mood. The taxi eventually arrived in an area that Dan recognized, even though he had never been there before. He knew the streets thanks to his explorations in google street view where he had clicked through street by street. It had been part of his preparations to quickly settle into his new surroundings. Dan had received several suggestions for different accommodations but decided on an apartment that was relatively central within walking distance of both restaurants and the subway. The taxi stopped and the moment of truth approached. Would the furnished apartment be as good as he thought and was the key there the landlord had said? Dan keyed in the code to the padlock with the metal box attached to the bike rack and was able to confirm that the keys were in the agreed place. A few minutes later, Dan was in his new apartment and after a quick round, he could breathe a sigh of relief. The apartment was just as good as he had hoped for. Bright, fresh and with a majestic view. Dan immediately set to work and unpacked his suitcases. He always did it when he came to a new place. Even though it felt hard, Dan had realized that it always paid off later. Dan was also something of a pedant when it came to orderliness. Especially when it comes to clothes in wardrobes. Everything had to be folded with meticulous care and each piece of clothing had to have a specific place. This almost morbid mania for order was something that amused Dan's closest friends and something that was often joked about. They said he was a "fake man" but that was something Dan could offer. In fact, he couldn't believe how his friends could leave their gym bags lying around inside the front door for days on end before they were unpacked. No, it was something that would never happen at Dan's house. In the afternoon, Dan began to prepare for the evening's unexpected and very promising "date". Dan had always found it easy to meet new girls and God knows he'd had many casual sexual relationships but never with a flight attendant. Two hours later, Dan and Rhonda were sitting in the lobby bar with drinks in their hands. Not surprisingly, Rhonda was outgoing and easy to hang out with, and after a couple of steady drinks, they had broken the ice and sat tightly entwined and were united in a long, erotic kiss. When Dan returned to his apartment early the next day, his hair was in a mess and his shirt was hanging outside his pants. The night had been hot and intense, and Dan had a lot of sleep to catch up on. Rhonda was probably already back at 10,000 meters on its way to its next destination and it was unclear if their paths would cross again. When Dan tried to get the keys to the front door, he heard footsteps downstairs and a couple in sportswear approached. “Are you the new neighbor? Hi, my name is Brad, and this is Sarah!” “Hi Brad, Hi Sarah! Nice to meet you!” Brad looked like a fit Greek God with straight facial features and exuded confidence. At first glance, he looked like a nice guy who cared about his appearance, but Brad, or if you should call him "Sport Ken", was completely uninteresting to Dan. Brad was like a stain on his glasses that you immediately wanted to get rid of in order to have the opportunity to see more of his girlfriend "Sport Barbie". Sarah had the most kind and seductive eyes Dan had ever seen. Jesus, what a beauty! She gave a mature and stable impression and Dan guessed that she was about 35 years old. The couple said they had just returned from an exercise and Sarah was still a little stunned, causing her lovely breasts to dilate under the olive top as she inhaled. Dan could feel it growing inside his underwear and blushed when he realized that Sarah had observed what he had been looking at. “How about meeting over a cup of coffee some day in the future? What do you say to that, Dan? “Well, that would be very nice. Let's get in touch. I just need to settle in a bit first.” “Did it get late last night?" asked Sarah? “Uh, well..” Sarah grinned and then she said happily. “Nice color on the lipstick... but you'll need to use stain remover to get it off your shirt!” “Uh, ... Oh, yes look. Well, uh, I guess I'll have to take a trip to the washroom in the basement.” When Dan entered the apartment, he immediately sank into the couch in the living room. He felt tired. The night's activities had left their mark and besides, he wasn't really used to the new time zone that was very different from what his body was set to. Dan couldn't quite let go of the impression of "Sport Ken and Sport Barbie". His new neighbors. It was undeniably a handsome couple, and Sarah didn't really have a Barbie look, but it was more Brad who looked like a movie actor with perfect looks regardless of the time of day. Sarah had more of a mature and curvy MILF look and appeared to be a determined and sexy woman he easy could fall in love with and Dan could only congratulate Brad for capturing her. It bothered Dan that he just had blushed in front of Sarah. Brad probably hadn't seen it because he was facing the door lock when it happened. Dan, on the other hand, was convinced that Sarah had noticed Dan's reaction. It had almost felt like she had intentionally exposed her sexy breasts just to provoke a reaction inside Dan's underwear. Dan had stepped into the trap and blushed like a little child when he realized that Sarah had seen the bulge under his pants. Dan felt tired to death, but right now was the wrong time to sleep in case he was going to get into the groove and adjust to the time difference. A quick shower did the trick and Dan went on a shopping spree around the neighborhood. In the grocery store at the small square, he got hold of the most important basic goods and when he was back in the apartment, he brewed a cup of coffee. He took it out to his terrace. The apartment was superb. The best Dan had ever had and the central location with easy walking distance to most things got Dan in a wonderful mood. It really felt on all levels that he would be happy in his new home. In the evening Dan passed out quite early. The last 24 hours' escapades took their toll, but around midnight he was abruptly awakened by some noise in his surroundings. At first, Dan was completely disoriented, but quickly his brain woke up and then he realized that the sound was coming from the bedroom in the neighboring apartment. Apparently, the insulation of the wall did not dampen the sound waves from the other side very effectively and it was obvious that Sport Ken was having a very good time right now. The rhythmic squeaking from the bed was unmistakable and neither Sport Ken nor Sarah seemed to be discreet about what they were doing, quite the opposite. It could be heard so clearly that it almost felt like Dan was in the same room. Sarah's irresistibly sweet moans affected Dan who immediately became very horny which resulted in a rock-hard erection. Sport Ken increased the pace, and you could clearly hear their genitals bumping against each other. Sport Ken started to groan heavily, and their lustful moans got louder and louder and when Dan heard that Sarah was having an orgasm, he shot a big load all over his belly. Dan hadn't been able to keep his hands over the quilt. With a cupped hand on his stomach, Dan sauntered off to the bathroom and washed himself before crawling into bed and going back to sleep. A few hours later, he woke up again and had a tired eye open and saw that it was 4:32 a.m. Once again, it was full speed ahead with the neighbors. Sport Ken apparently hadn't had enough of Barbie... Or maybe it was the other way around. They fucked until the feathers roared. Dan could eventually hear Sport Ken muster his last strength and clearly declare that he was shooting his load deep into Sarah's pussy. "Yes, ... yes... came in me Brad... oh". Then you could hear them hugging and kissing. For a short while it became quiet and peaceful and Dan tried to go back to sleep, but the stillness was replaced by noise, clatter, and lively conversations. Brad and Sarah seemed to be doing anything but sleeping. Chapter 2 Dan eventually got up and brewed a cup of coffee. He ate breakfast in peace and quiet but accidentally spilled on his shirt. Dan understood that it was a stain that needed to be fixed immediately or it would become permanent. With the coffee thermos in one hand and the dirty sweater and shirt with lipstick in the other, he went down to the laundry room in the basement. Dan didn't have an appointment but found what he was looking for, a bench section with a stainless-steel tub that could be used for hand washing. A tumble dryer was running and apparently there was someone in the house doing the laundry. Dan put his coffee thermos aside and poured some lukewarm water and a splash of detergent. Just as he got his sweater into the tub, the door to the laundry room opened and in came Sarah. She looked like she had just gotten out of bed, and her hair was a little tousled, and she yawned widely. “What's a guy like you doing in the laundry room this early in the morning?” “Good morning, Sarah! Yes, I managed to stain my sweater...” “Oh god, your coffee smells so good I could kill for a cup, said Sarah. "Uh, I'd rather not die today," replied Dan. Go ahead, grab my coffee. It's probably cold anyway before I’m done with my sweater.” “You’re so cute”, said Sarah and took the coffee mug in her hand and leaned her ass against the countertop right next to Dan. “Oh wonderful”, Sarah said after the first mouthful of coffee. “Today I really need something to cheer me up”. Dan understood what she meant. Rummaging around all night undeniably leaves its mark. Sarah continued, "Damn, I thought my laundry would be dry by now, and I'm waiting for an important call in a few minutes.” “Could I ask you for a favor, Dan?" “Absolutely.” “Could you bring my laundry upstairs? It should be ready in just a few minutes!” “Of course," Dan replied. Dan stood with both hands in the washtub and Sarah put her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, you're so kind! Then I'll see you again soon" said Sarah and hurried up to the apartment. Dan took a deep breath and tried to collect his thoughts. Sarah's presence had caused Dan to have sinful thoughts. It wasn't just that she drop-dead gorgeous. She had a charisma that Dan had never encountered before. Normally, Dan felt confident around women and was the one who always took the initiative, but in Sarah's presence, he felt like a little schoolboy. It was as if she owned everything around her, and her naturally feminine ways had made him stand at attention. By the time Dan was done removing the stains, the dryer with Sara's clothes had also stopped. He emptied the machine of clothes and immediately began to fold everything neatly before putting the freshly washed garments in the laundry bag. He recognized the olive-colored top. Damn, he remembered how great it looked on her yesterday. Dan was then shocked and embarrassed by what he held up. He quickly checked behind his back to make sure no one else saw what it was. The garment was some kind of baby blue romper in adult size with short legs and buttons at the crotch. It had long arms. Very long arms... that could be locked onto the stomach. At the front of the chest there was also a print "Mommy's big boy". What the fuck!? Dan hoped Sport-Ken wasn't sad now that his favorite piece of clothing was in the wash. Dan didn't really know what to think. Probably it was just a masquerade dress and Dan quickly proceeded to take care of the rest of the laundry, which included bedding. When Dan tried to fold one of Sarah's duvet covers, he realized that something was stuck inside. At first, he thought it might be a sock or a panty, but soon he realized that it was something else. Something that was even more astonishing than the romper. It was a baby pacifier but scaled up in adult format. And that's not all. The pacifier had a long strap with a locking device that forced the user to hold it in their mouth. Dan discreetly tucked it under the other clothes and walked up to the apartment and rang Brad and Sarah's doorbell. Dan tried to figure out how he would react if it was "Mommy's little boy" who opened the door. Unfortunately, no one seemed to be at home, so Dan put a note in the mailbox saying that he had taken the clothes up to the pool on the roof terrace. It was there that Dan had planned to spend the morning. The roof terrace turned out to be a real oasis and a huge contrast to the city's pulse down at street level. Dan was alone in the pool area, and he immediately sat down on one of the sun loungers under a parasol. The sun was shining, and Dan realized that he needed to put on sunscreen immediately. The warmth and the comfy bunk quickly made Dan fall asleep and he didn't notice that Sarah was approaching. “Hi Danny” “Uh., Hi Sarah” "Is it okay if I join you?" “Absolutely”, Dan replied, raising the backrest of the deck chair a notch. At the same time, Sarah was laying out her bath towel on the sunbed next to him. She stood with her bottom facing Dan and leaned forward to smooth out the towel. Of course, Dan couldn't help but look, and just then Sarah took the opportunity to glance back. “Do you like what you see Dan?” “Oh, sorry, Sarah. You are a very beautiful woman Sarah, but I apologize a thousand times. That was stupid of me.” “The apology is accepted, Dan, but as punishment you must put suntan lotion on my back.” She handed Dan a bottle and lay down on her stomach on the bunk. Then she unbuttoned the back of her bra. Dan poured some suntan lotion into his hand and began to rub it into her softly and gently. Dan felt ashamed and regretted staring so rudely at her buttocks. After Dan was done, Sarah stood up and held her hands over her breasts. “Is it okay for you if I sunbathe top less?” No sane person, regardless of sexual orientation, including Dan, would answer no to such a question. Sarah's impressive breasts were thus released into the open. “What about your back, Dan. Is it lubricated?” “Uh, no.” "Okay, Danny boy, lie down on your stomach and I'll fix it." Dan did as he was told, and soon he felt Sarah's hands almost caressing his back. As Sarah approached the lower back, she resolutely grabbed Dan's swim shorts with both hands and pulled them down over his buttocks. She took plenty of time to lubricate the lower back and Dan felt pitiful and uncomfortable with his pants pulled down. "You know what, Dan, this white ass actually deserves a little spanking considering your sinful looks on my buttocks," Sarah said, slapping him a little harder than Dan was prepared for. “It was rude of me to look at you like that, and… if it would feel better for you, you can do it!” Dan said jokingly. "Well, that would be a useful lesson for you," said Sarah with a smile. “You'll have to come over to my place and pull down your pants and I'll make sure you behave better next time. You can pull up your swim shorts now... young man.” Sarah then lay on her back in her deck chair and closed her eyes. It didn't take long for her breathing to change, and Dan realized that she had fallen asleep. Given her activities in bed this past night, it was no wonder she needed recovery. Dan couldn't help but admire Sarah as she lay there, looking peaceful and relaxed. Dan was amazed by her plump and naked breasts and the reaction inside his swim shorts was embarrassingly obvious. Like a tent pole, his cock stretched out his shorts. In an attempt to change his mind, Dan snuck off for a dip in the pool. The cool water did the trick and Dan leaned back against the edge of the pole and put his arms up. It didn't take long before he had company in the pool. "Oh, that was a much-needed power nap," Sarah said, and swam up to Dan. She stood up in the waist-deep water and stood in front of him. Dan had to bite his tongue to keep from staring at her lovely boobies. "Have you had time to swim in the sea?" asked Sarah. "No, not yet" I replied, "but I'm really looking forward to doing it. Mask, snorkel, and flippers were the first things I packed on my way here". “I could show you some real gems," said Sarah. “Do you have any plans for Saturday?”, she asked. “No, I don't have anything special to do this weekend, but don't get me wrong, I don't want to be a nuisance and ruin your and Brad's plans”. “Brad left early this morning. He belongs to the Navy and is on his way to a secret mission. All I know is that he will be out for at least three months. I can't believe he's so childishly fond of riding around in that submarine!” “Yes, we're all different”, said Dan, and couldn't help but think of the light blue romper. How would Brad manage without it for three months, and how on earth do you choose a life in a submarine instead of hot nights with Sarah? Dan lay there thinking. Would he sink so low and put on something as unmanly as baby clothes? Not a chance in hell. What was that couple doing? Probably quite strange things, but Dan had heard with his own ears how they had fucked both loudly and passionately, just like any heterosexual couple. Maybe it was just masquerading dress after all? Dan tried to see himself in a romper, and the very thought of it made him blush. “What are you thinking of Dan? Your thoughts seem far away”, said Sarah “Uh, well I was just thinking about, uh. I'm going to pick up my leased car today just after lunch and I'm not sure what papers I need to bring.” “A driver's license is enough, said Sarah. What kind of car are you going to have?” “Well, uh... Quite a far cry from an eco-friendly family car. A Dodge Challenger.” “Woah... Then we'll take it to the beach on Saturday”. Just before Sarah and Dan parted before lunch, Sarah said, "Thank you for folding the laundry so nicely, and you, my friend, don't forget that your little white ass is going to learn a lesson.” Sarah said the last thing with a smile and Dan had a hard time deciding if she was joking or serious. Dan began to get the feeling that she wasn't joking, and that the romper was something completely different from a masquerade dress. Chapter 3 Dan had long dreamed of having a real American muscle car with a male V8. The 6.2-liter engine with 807 hp did not disappoint him. The Challenger went like a rocket, and he had a hard time tearing himself away from the car when he had parked it in the basement garage. The white Tesla in the adjacent parking slot looked like it had a female owner, and Dan guessed it was Sarah's. Unless, of course, Brad wore feminine sunglasses and a pink scarf with his blue romper. Dan didn't have far to go to his office in the city's financial district. That's where he would hang out when he wasn't out on site. To get to the office, it was easiest to go by public transport, although it was also possible to walk. Initially, the project was far from hectic, and the team focused mainly on administration like reviewing project plans, signing contracts with suppliers, and preparing for the mobilization before the start of construction. Dan quickly found several like-minded colleagues that wanted to hang-out after work and Dan was really looking forward to Thursday's after-work at the Sports Bar near the office. The week went by quickly and soon Dan was standing there with a beer in one hand and a pool cue in the other. It was an insanely fun and wet evening and just after midnight Dan walked home to the apartment. He was far from sober, and strolling happily along the street in his neighborhood that was lined with open-air cafes when he heard a woman shouting from one of the tables. Dan turned around and saw Sarah with a friend. ” Dan, this is my best friend, Melissa.” “Hi Melissa! Nice to meet you.” “Please Dan, have a seat.” Dan barely had time to sit down before Sarah had fixed a large and strong drink for him. Dan knew it wasn't a good idea to drink more today, but he was past the stage where the wrong head started making decisions. Dan quickly forgot that he was on his way home and time really flew by and suddenly the restaurant closed. Sarah then insisted that they should continue at Dan's house. He remembered that a bottle of wine was uncorked. Also, that Sarah had said that it was now that Dan would get spanked on the bottom as punishment for staring at her butt like crazy. Dan had thought she was joking and said, "be my guest" and the two girls had quickly gotten his pants and underwear off. As the most obvious thing in the world, Dan had then agreed to lie down with his ass in the air over Sarah's thighs. Still unaware that his poor ass was going to be spanked.... for real. It had hurt. It had hurt like hell, but he had let Sarah spank him without resisting. Then everything had flowed together in a blissful mess of disconnected memories. It was somewhere there that Dan had lost consciousness. When Dan woke up, it was well past 11 o'clock in the morning. He felt better than he deserved, but it took a few seconds before his brain registered time and space. Dan thought back to yesterday and realized he didn't remember much. He had no memory of how he ended up in bed. His mouth felt as dry as sandpaper, and Dan regretted that he hadn't been more restrained in his drinking. Just the amount of alcohol he'd drunk at the Sports Bar was enough to keep him away from his new Challenger all day. Training at the gym also felt distant. No matter how he tried, his thoughts kept tracing back to yesterday. The memory lapse bothered Dan, but he felt warm inside as he thought about the evening with Melissa and especially Sarah. Dan took a deep breath and felt it start to grow down his crotch. It wasn't until he put his hand under the covers to straighten his underwear and make room for his incipient erection that he realized that everything wasn't as usual. Dan lifted the covers and looked down at his genitals. He could hardly believe it. The white diaper looked huge. Chapter 4 Dan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It can't be true; it can't be true. Dan opened his eyes again and looked down. ... No, no, no.... How on earth did this happen? Dan blushed and squirmed, causing the diaper to make a plastic sound. How...!? Apparently, Dan had completely lost control yesterday. Goodness knows Dan really doesn't spit in the glass but he's always good at setting boundaries and he had also done that at the Sport bar yesterday but then it had gotten out of hand. Dan stared at the diaper and felt the bulge where he knew his stiff member was struggling to blossom and get even bigger. A strange feeling of arousal and some kind of inferiority spread through Dan's body. The diaper made him horny, but he couldn't quite tell if the arousal was due to the diaper itself or to the fact that it was Sarah who had put it on. Either way, it made Dan blush. He blushed not only because he looked like a grown-up baby, but mostly because he didn't dare to admit that it felt good. After all, it was against all principles of masculinity for a normal adult man to enjoy something as childish as a diaper. Dan sat up on the bed, put his feet down on the floor. Damn it. His butt hurt, which made Dan realize that at least one memory hadn't been a drunken dream. It had really happened. He had been lying over Sarah's thighs with his pants pulled down. Dan sighed heavily and got up and walked towards the bathroom. The plastic sound of the diaper made Dan feel ridiculous and it didn't get any better when he was forced to rock forward as it didn't work to get his legs together because of the thick padding in the crotch. Arriving at the bathroom, Dan quickly pulled up the diaper nibs and was shocked by what he saw. His best friend was barely recognizable. A good layer of powder had made it chalk white but that wasn't all. All the pubic hair was gone. All of it. The sight of his clean-shaven cock made Dan's jaw drop. How on earth did that happen? Dan had zero recollections. Absolute zero. He closed his eyes and cursed himself. Why, why, why did I drink so much yesterday. Dan really needed to pee, and it felt like the peeing would never stop, but once the last drop had been squeezed out, Dan did something that surprised him. An act that made him blush and, to his surprise, gave him a powerful erection. The obvious thing would have been to throw the diaper in the bin and then jump into the shower. Instead, Dan had carefully put the diaper back exactly as it was before, and then he had gone back to the bedroom and crawled under the covers. Dan closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the soft and thick diaper enveloping his genitals. Pretty soon one of his buttocks started to itch and reflexively Dan brought one of his hands down to try to fix it. Immediately, he was reminded of how sore his ass was and that Sarah had given him a good spanking. It would be difficult to sit on a chair today. Damn it! That's what happens when you think with the wrong head. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Dan froze. Holy shit. He couldn't go and open the door as he looked now. Dan considered his options and thought it would be best to stay in bed, hoping that the visitor would think he wasn't home. That plan fell apart right away. A key was put in the door, and then he heard the front door open. It was Sarah, and she went straight to the bedroom. "Excuse me for intruding", said Sarah, “but I was a little worried about how you were feeling today, and I thought I heard you were up, so I hurried here." Sarah had two cups of coffee in her hand, and without hesitation she jumped into the bed and sat down next to Dan and gave him a cup of coffee. “You really look like you need a strengthening cup, Dan!” “What a surprise! Thank you!” “Did you have fun yesterday?”, said Sarah. “Yes, I think so!” “Think?” “Uh, well I had a lot of fun but, obviously, it was a little too much of a good thing.” “What do you mean?”, said Sarah. “Well, uh... It got a bit blurry at the end, uh, very blurry.” “Kind of pitch black?” Sarah asked. “Uh, . . .Well you could say that. “ "How lucky you were that you were in good hands, and that Melissa and I tucked you into bed! By the way, I locked your door from the outside yesterday with your keys. That's why I was able to come into your apartment just now.” “Thank you, Sarah! I sincerely apologize for losing control.” “Accepted, though with some hesitation, and I must consider giving you another round of spanking.” “Uh, No, I firmly believe that I got the point, and I will be painfully reminded of my blunder for many days to come.” “Are you sore in the butt?” “Uh. Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?” “Let's take a look!” “But no, wait...” Sarah snatched the covers from Dan, which made him embarrassed to say the least. “Look at that, a big little guy”, Sarah said. “You know, we couldn't just leave you all by yourself without protection yesterday.” Sarah stroked her hand on her diaper and grinned. "How did it feel to wake up as a little boy, Dan?” Dan really didn't want to tell the truth, that it felt good, and tried to tell a lie. “Well. I haven't had time to think about it though and I'm not in need of a thing like this it at all. Not even when I'm drunk. It's completely unnecessary.” Dan felt extremely uncomfortable about the situation and didn't even want to take the word diaper in his mouth. Diapers were only for wimps and completely out of the question for a real man. “Is it true?”, said Sarah. “I think I can see something completely different.” Sarah still had her hand on the diaper where there was a big bump. “In fact, it's a perfectly normal reaction. I know a lot of adults who gets horny on regression games just like you seem to do.” “Hey, this is not a sexual orientation or fantasy that I have. Uh, I'm an ordinary man with a traditional sexual orientation.” “Sweetie, all women can see that you are masculine, fit and have an attractive appearance, but a strong man dares to show emotions and live out his sexual desires. Now, I'm not talking about wanting to fuck your partner in the ass. I'm also not talking about men who think it's male and enough with two minutes in-and-out as soon as the lights are off. No, I'm talking about men who dare to break norms and taboos. In fact, it may be that what you consider unmanly is the manliest thing you can do. Dan, I'm pretty sure the guy in front of me should try to step outside your comfort zone. Just like you did so nicely yesterday. By-the-way Dan, there is one thing I wonder about. Have you been peeing today?” “Uh, yes. Why do you ask that?” “The diaper looks dry Darling. So, then you apparently took off the diaper before you peed and then you put it back on? “Uh, yes...” “Okey, good boy!”, said Sarah, patting her hand on the diaper. “Tomorrow at nine o'clock we go to the beach Dan. I'm sorry I must go now, but I'll see you tomorrow.” “Okay, see you then”, Dan said. “Another thing, Dan. You remember what you promised me yesterday, don't you?” “Uh, well, not exactly." “We'll get to it later," said Sarah, with a subtle smile. Chapter 5 It was a very quiet Friday for Dan. He had spent most of the day in front of the TV, but twice he had been down to the garage and sat in the car and opened the bonnet and admired the shiny V8. Dan had a craving to go for a ride, but he realized that it wasn't possible because his body still had alcohol in his system. On top of that, his buttocks were incredibly sore, and he wouldn't be able to sit for very many minutes before the pain became excruciating. His ass kept reminding him of the insanely unmanly things Sarah and Melissa had done to him yesterday. He couldn't believe he'd let it happen and felt a lump of unease in his stomach. Dan realized that he would be "smoked" for time and eternity if it came out that he had allowed himself to be spanked on the buttocks and slept in a diaper. Apparently, he had also promised something he didn't remember, and he bitterly regretted that he had been stoned and lost control. Dan really hated situations where he didn't have complete control and now, he had messed up a lot. To make matters worse, he began to have warm feelings for Sarah, which made the situation even more complicated. Especially after she was in a relationship with Brad and Dan really didn't want to get an entire submarine crew on his neck. Sarah was forbidden fruit. At the same time, Sarah had shown interest in Dan in a way that felt more than friendly, and Dan didn't really know how to handle the situation. Sarah made him horny, but he'd never forget that she'd beating him up like the worst imaginable little hooligan. His male self-image had taken a big hit and Dan told himself that what had happened was an isolated drunken thing, a one-time thing and something that would never be repeated. Now he was going to cover up all his tracks. It was just that Dan was drawn to Sarah as if he were a small piece of iron next to a giant magnet, and her powers of persuasion were incomparably effective. She would always get what she wanted, and Dan was horrified by what it would lead to. He felt ambivalent. A part of him said no, no, stop, that's a dead end, but his head between his legs wanted something else. But there was something special about Sarah that he couldn't put his finger on, and he knew almost nothing about her. He had no idea about her past or what she did for a living, and something told him that Sarah had given birth to a child. She had a few little streaks on her sexy belly that Dan associated with girls who had been pregnant. Dan realized he had a lot to figure out. Sarah felt satisfied as she packed the parcels into her Tesla. The delivery of the special things she had ordered had been delivered much faster than expected. Now there was an opportunity to move forward a little faster with Dan than she had originally intended. Yesterday it had been exactly ten years since her husband had died in a climbing accident. Steve had really been extreme in everything he undertook, even sexually, and that's what Sarah had fallen for. However, she had always had a feeling that Steve's challenging lifestyle would one day be his death. It had taken time to get over Steve, but Sarah got a lot of help from her closest friends, and she could see that time heals all wounds, although she would carry a scar with her for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, it seemed almost hopeless to find a new love, but Sarah did not compromise on her high standards. It would be allowed to take the time required. Now, however, a person had appeared out of nowhere. Dan. Already at first glance it had felt right. His friendly eyes and athletic body made him easy to like, but it was his attitude that made him highly interesting. Despite his somewhat tough macho style, he had blushed precariously at their first meeting and Sarah had sensed that behind the male façade there was something completely different that was much softer. Sarah's first impressions had turned out to be 100 percent accurate. When Dan had been drunk, Sarah had tested him and just as Sarah suspected, Dan had shown himself to be playfully compliant and could take a step back without in any way coming across as a paralyzed sissy. He was a rough diamond who would need a little help to become Sarah's obedient little boy, but Sarah new exactly what was needed to get him there. Sarah was punctual and knocked on Dan's door just as agreed. “Hi Dan! You haven't forgotten about me and that we're going to the beach today, have you?” Dan looked alert and excited, and Sarah understood that Dan was just like any boy, regardless of age. They love beach life and swimming in the sea. “Hi Sarah! I certainly haven't forgotten about you. In all honesty, I've been longing for this excursion all week and I’m ready to hit the road”, Dan said. “Let's go right away then!”, said Sarah. “It's going to be so much fun to ride in your new car. I saw it in the garage next to my Tesla yesterday. It really is a beauty!” “Yes, of course it is! I've never had anything like it, but I thought you only live once and I did well in the negotiation with my employer so yes, now it's just a matter of sitting back and enjoying.” The V8 rumbled nicely as they swung out of the garage and Dan felt like a king. For him, this was a boyhood dream come true. The muscle car was awesome and really had all the power and beauty that he had been longing for, but it was still the travel company that contributed the most to Dan's happiness right now. Sarah was truly enchantingly beautiful. She looked relaxed and ran her hand through her blonde hair to straighten a streak. Then she looked at Dan with her brown mottled eyes. It didn't matter which part of Sarah Dan rested his eyes on. No matter where, a warm tingling sensation spread that made him want to hold her. Dan realized, however, that he had better not show these feelings. Sarah already had Brad and he really didn't want to risk his new friendship with Sarah. The road to the beach was incredibly beautiful but narrow and curvy and Dan cruised along at a leisurely pace. After half an hour, Sarah suggested they stop by a beach bar and have a cup of coffee. Perfect, Dan thought, as his bruised ass had begun to bother him. A few minutes of breathing space in a standing position would do the trick. Sarah understood very well what Dan was going through but couldn't help but enjoy the situation because Dan seemed to have taken his punishment with a happy mind. “Well, Dan said, the sports seats on that damn car don't seem to be suitable for a freshly spanked ass at all.” “Oh yes, said Sarah. It's just that you've forgotten to put on the diaper, Dan.” “Uh, he, he, yes, it would have been nice and soft” Dan said jokingly. “But as a completely inexperienced person in the field, you don't realize how to relieve the pain." “Before I'm done with you, Dan, you'll be an expert”. Dan couldn't quite tell if she was joking or serious, but Dan suspected that she was testing his reaction and that there was more to what she was saying than just a joke. Dan grinned and tried to think carefully before commenting. “Well then, I guess I'll have to get used to you adding color to my life. It's going to be standing tickets from now on”. “Darling, there are other ways to make yourself an obedient boy too.” “Ha, ha... That was my suspicion, but the question is what is the least bad?” “You'll have to try it out, Dan... In any case, they have very good coffee here.” Dan and Sarah sat down at a table and Dan grimaced a little as he put his butt down. "Poor little thing", said Sarah, grinning. “It must have been a memorable evening for you last Thursday.” “Well, truth be told, I have very few recollections of what happened. By-the-way, what was it that I had promised you in the wee hours of the morning? You said you'd tell me a little later.” “Are you sure you want to know Dan?” “Yes, actually I do. I'm ashamed of that memory lapse and for me it's important to be honest. If I've promised something, then I must fulfill it. A drunken evening is no excuse for not keeping my promise.” “Okay Dan. Then I'm going to take out my phone and show you a video that I recorded. This happened when Melissa and I were trying to get you into your diaper and tuck you into bed.” What Dan saw next made him white and shocked for real. Suddenly, he realized where the disconnected piece of the puzzle fit in. The memory that he thought was just a drunken dream. “Dan, we're going to take that step tonight!”, said Sarah and interrupted his thoughts. Dan realized he was pushed into a corner and took a deep breath and sighed. “That'll be our little secret”, Sarah said. Chapter 6 Dan nodded cautiously and then became very quiet. Sarah let that sink in and left him alone with his own thoughts. Yes, she thought. Now I've got him on the hook. “The beach is waiting for us, Dan! I'm just going to powder my nose on the ladies, then we're off!” The atmosphere was a little tense when Dan started the car, but Sarah took it in her stride and took out her phone and texted Melissa. "He's seen the😊 video. You should have seen his shocked expression!!! ... but I could see in his eyes that he wanted to do it again..." The answer was immediate" 🧡 🥰 😍 🧡 "What are you thinking about Dan?", said Sarah. “Oh, I'm sorry that I'm a little quiet", said Dan. “It's kind of uh, quite a lot to take in. I would never have thought that..” “But you stick to what you promised, right?” “Uh, I... I guess so.” “But come on, Dan. Cheer up!” “I'm sorry, Sarah. I promise. Just give me some time.” “Take the time you need Dan!” After about 30 minutes, Sara pointed to a road sign with information about an exit a few hundred meters ahead. “Turn left at that exit, then it's not far to go”, said Sarah. A few minutes later, they drove into a large fenced-in area. "This is an all-inclusive hotel for members only", said Sarah. “Everything you could possibly need is here. Gym, pool, tennis courts, spa, restaurants, cinema and of course a very nice beach strip. Since I'm a Gold member, I'm allowed to bring visitors with me.” "It looks great", Dan said, when parking in front of a large building that looked like it contained a gigantic lobby and beyond it you could see the sea, but the beach was completely hidden and could not be seen. “Are you okay Dan?”, said Sarah. “Yes, but I can't really let go of that video. Uh, I can't quite make ends meet... how?” "Dan, don't think about it right now. Once we're settled on the beach, we have all the time in the world to talk. All right!” Dan nodded and locked the car. “Come on Dan, first we're going to the locker room and then we'll report to the reception.” Men and women changed in the same place, which Dan thought was a bit strange, but he didn't say anything about his thoughts. “Here is my locker where we can store all our things.”, said Sarah Dan opened his backpack to get his swim shorts, but Sarah stopped him. “You can't bring anything in”, said Sarah. “Okay, I get it, but I'm just going to put on my swim shorts.” “No, Dan. You must leave everything in the cupboard. Valuables, phone, camera clothes. Everything must be locked up. Including swimwear. This is a nudist resort with strict rules. You will be naked all day, Dan”. Dan took a deep breath and gathered his courage. He didn't know if he was going to be able to do this. Showing himself naked was the worst thing he knew, and it had been that way ever since he was a child. He remembered the agonies he had had every time there was gymnastics at school. At least then he would have had the opportunity to wrap himself in a bath towel and only show off his naked body to a few male schoolmates. Now Dan would walk naked among complete strangers of different genders and ages. It wasn't that Dan needed to be ashamed of his body, quite the opposite. He was slim and fit and had a physique that most people dreamed of, but that was of no importance now. He really didn't want to walk around naked and especially not considering the way his spanked ass looked. It was as colorful as a traffic light, and besides, he didn't have a shred of hair down there. Everything was shaved off and his family happiness looked like a porno cock or like a little boy's dick. Dan was close to panicking, and he tried to think of a way to back out, but he just stood there completely paralyzed and felt awkward and helpless. Sarah's huge breasts were already out in the open and Dan felt a certain thing between his legs start to move. He understood that sooner or later it would lead to disaster. Dan wouldn't last a whole day with a naked beauty like Sarah's without getting an erection. It just didn't work, and the consequences would be as embarrassing as it gets. I'm sure Brad would hear that Sarah had been walking around on the beach with Dan, the sissy. The one with the spanked ass and the cock that stood out like the Empire State Building. Brad and his submarine buddies were going to kill him. Sarah was now in the process of taking off her panties and Dan closed his eyes and tried to shift his thoughts to something else. “What are you thinking about Dan”, asked Sarah? “Uh, yes… " “Dan, take off your clothes now!” Dan reluctantly did as she said, and it took some time, but in the end, he was standing there in his birthday suit. “Good boy”, Sarah said, taking him by the hand. “Now we go to the reception and sign up”. The reception was gigantic with a large open lobby area where naked people crisscrossed. Dan was so nervous that he hardly knew where to go. He stood next to Sarah and turned his ass towards the counter, dropping his hands down in front of him to cover himself. When they were finally about to leave for the beach, a “male” couple called out to Sarah. “Hello Sarah!” “Oh, you're just getting prettier and prettier every day!” “Hi Jeff. Hi Rob! Thank you, that was kindly said. It's always a pleasure to meet you guys! How are you? Still on your honeymoon?” “You bet!” “This is Dan, said Sarah, “My new special neighbor” “Hello Dan! Nice to meet you!” “Nice to meet you too”, said Dan. “You'll have to excuse us”, Sarah said, "but we need to go for a swim!" Jeff grinned broadly and then said to Sarah. “I see that your "neighbor" really must have been a disobedient boy!” “Exactly”, Sarah said, stroking Dan's buttocks with one hand. “You know Jeff, Dan only had to lie with his ass bare over my thighs for a few minutes before he became a wonderfully harmonious and affectionate little boy.” “Come on, Danny boy! Let's go swimming.” Chapter 7 Dan felt his chin drop when he heard what Sarah had just said to Jeff. He turned black as a thundercloud and was just about to roar but stopped at the last moment. He didn't want to attract any extra attention. He wanted to be invisible and crawl under a rock and disappear. Sarah, on the other hand, enjoyed it like never before and happily showed off Dan as her new trophy. Before they were down on the beach, she had talked to about ten more friends. Friends who had been amused by Dan's colorful buttocks. Dan took a deep breath and tried to collect himself. The cylinder head had almost flown off several times, but somehow, he had calmed his anger and balanced on a slack line and come over to the other side. Now he had a real adrenaline rush, and an unexpected and nice feeling began to spread through Dan's body. Even though he'd just been through a minor hell where Sarah had presented him as her little “slave boy," which had been insanely humiliating, he felt happy. Horny. Proud. He wasn't proud that she'd presented him as the little guy who was raised with his pants down. No, he was proud to be the chosen one. In front of many of her friends, Dan had been presented as her "property," as a boyfriend and not as a neighbor. Sport Ken was not going to be happy. Sarah had had a long discussion with Melissa last night about the best way to “catch” Dan and both agreed that the best way to do it was to go hard and "throw him in the water to see if he swam”. Sarah had been a little worried that he might freak out, but her gut feeling had been right. Dan was a fighter who didn't give up easily. He was the docile guy Sarah had been looking for, but she also knew that Dan was having a hard time with himself right now, and especially with the nudist life that seemed completely new to him. Sarah couldn't help but smile at his childish shyness and fear of showing himself naked. “Look at this Dan, this will be our little oasis for today and a place where we get much needed shade.” A little secluded among the palm trees and flowerbeds was the most exclusive sunbed Dan had ever seen, and Sarah could tell by Dan's body language that he was shining like the sun and liked the place. “Woah exclaimed Dan.” The sunbed, or rather the "four-poster bed", was big enough to accommodate two people and it was equipped with everything you could possibly need for a day at the beach. A white semi-transparent mosquito net hung down the sides. “I'm glad you like it, Dan. I suggest we start with a bath, but before we do that, I need to help you get smeared with sunscreen. Can you give me the bottle to your right, please!” Sarah immediately started rubbing it on Dan's back. When she got down to his bruised buttocks, she stood to the side of Dan and asked him to stand a little wider with his legs. Sarah had one hand on Dan's stomach as she gently rubbed his bruised buttocks. She then put plenty of suntan oil on both hands and let one hand slowly find its way between Dan's buttocks. “Oompf”. Sarah suddenly pushed a finger deep into Dan's ass while her other hand quickly encircled his cock which immediately became rock hard. Sarah then pressed her body against Dan's right side. The closeness of Sarah's warm pussy against Dan's thighs and the touch of her stiff nipples against his chest became too much. Dan exploded. The first load of sperms hit a nearby flower bed and the second ended up in the sand. The rest flowed out over Sarah's right hand. Dan was breathing heavily, and his cheeks turned rosy as if he had run a marathon and he was speechless. “Oops! Now I firmly believe that both of us need to wash ourselves off in the sea.”, said Sarah. Chapter 8 Hand in hand they had walked down to the water and Dan was in a dream. Sarah had set his heart on fire, and he had a hard time taking in what had just happened. Ideally, he would have liked them to be alone on a deserted beach right now and not here in this bizarre place. Then he might have felt more comfortable being naked, but now in the water he felt better since no one could see his naked body. Sarah put her arms around Dan and jumped on top of him, locking her legs behind his back. Then she pushed her pussy up against Dan's now semi-flaccid cock. “What are you thinking of Dan?” “Yes, I'm thinking of a very enigmatic woman who I would like to know a great deal more about, said Dan.” “Oh, and how did you think that would happen?” Before Dan could answer, they were united in a fiery kiss. Dan had dreamed of just that, but he had never dared to believe that it would happen for real... And so openly. Dan felt a bit guilty when he couldn't let go of the fact that Sarah was having a relationship with Brad and now, he had crossed a forbidden line and tasted Brad's "property". But now there was no turning back. Dan would go all the way. Sarah and Dan swam out to a floating platform and Dan really missed his mask and flippers that were in Sarah's locker. But considering what the bottom looked like, there wasn't much to see, especially since he didn't see any coral reefs. When they got out of the water, Dan had hoped they would go straight to their private corner, but Sarah had other plans. They were going to walk along the long strip of beach and the consequence was one long "walk of shame" for Dan where his bruised butt was shown to hundreds of bathers. Dan only got some respite for a short while when they stopped at a simple beach bar and had lunch. There he had sat as if enchanted, admiring the beautiful Sarah and her golden-brown plump breasts. When he looked at this wonderful woman, he couldn't believe that she just an hour ago had grabbed is cock and given him a hand job just like that among all other nudists. Dan was sure that at least one younger woman had seen his "money shot" but at that stage it felt so lovely that Dan had lost the concept and did not care about people in the surrounding. But Dan had become extremely embarrassed, and he felt like he still was blushing even though it had been a couple of hours since it happened. Although it had been extremely embarrassing, it was very liberating. The ejaculation had made him sexually numb and dampened his horniness, which was just what he needed to get through a day among all the nudists without his cock standing like a rocket. Unfortunately, the effect of Sarah's gracious act began to wear off and Dan began to have obvious trouble to avoid erection. However, the cooling waters of the sea had come to Dan's rescue when it was at its most urgent. Side by side, they had then laid down in the four-poster bed and Dan had closed his eyes and felt a little less stressed by being naked. He was no longer in the spotlight. Then he had thought just like a child. "If I close my eyes, I can't be seen." "Dan, I've been thinking about something," said Sarah. “Do you remember telling me you were so drunk the other day that you didn't remember what happened.” “Well, yeah but.” “Then you don't remember what it felt like to be spanked on the bottom, and you haven't really experienced your punishment at all.” “Uh, no but.” “Dan, I think we'd have to do it again so that you really learn your lesson. Dan, what do you say. Shall we get it out of the way here and now?” Dan got a lump in his stomach. He'd let her spank him in a moment of weakness when he'd been drunk, but he'd let it happen again in the middle of hundreds of bathers in the open. No, that was out of the question. Besides, he could hardly imagine how much it would hurt. Dan's ass was still extremely sore. “But Dan, there is another way that you might rather prefer.” Sarah whispered in Dan's ear and kissed him on the cheek. Dan hesitated but took a deep breath before changing his position and leaning forward and kissing Sarah. A little tentative at first, but when he let his tongue find its way in, he felt Sarah moan and put both hands around Dan's neck and pressed her pussy harder against Dan. Their place on the beach was away from the crowd, and the draping of the four-poster bed certainly provided some privacy. But these circumstances were far from sufficient to conceal what they were doing. Sarah enjoyed herself to the fullest. Something she also showed very loudly. Dan continued to stimulate Sarah's most intimate and sacred part of her body and he sucked her clit into his mouth. Dan was sure that Sarah's moans of pleasure could be heard over a large area of the surroundings, but he continued frantically. Dan's "work" quickly yielded results, and Sarah made no effort whatsoever to quell her lusts. The orgasm was loud to say the least. Dan then lay down by Sarah's side and closed his eyes. He didn't want to look around. He didn't want to know who had heard and seen what had just happened. Luckily, Dan fell asleep. Chapter 9 When Dan woke up a few minutes later, he was hot and felt like he needed a cooling swim. Dan didn't want to wake Sarah, who apparently had also fallen asleep so he tiptoed off alone. The sand was painfully warm, and Dan had to run down to the beach to keep his feet from burning. That suited Dan very well because he really wanted to minimize the time when his naked body was exposed. As soon as he had water up to his waist, he could relax. It was empty out on the pontoon and Dan swam there and sat down on the edge. Dan was happy to see that his buttocks were starting to feel a lot less sore. As he sat out there, no one could see his bruised ass or clean-shaven cock. He didn't have to be ashamed, which felt like a relief. After 5-10 minutes, he saw that Sarah was on her feet and on her way into the water. Dan waved happily and Sarah waved back and started swimming out to the pontoon. A short while later, Sarah was sitting next to him, and they were united in a long wet kiss. "You know what, Dan, it's time to go home now." "The last man on shore is a looser”, said Dan and jumped into the water but Sarah was quickly out of the starting block and turned out to be an extremely good swimmer and they came ashore at about the same time. “I'm deeply impressed", said Dan. “Where did you learn to swim that fast? "In college a very long time ago", Sara said with a smile. Just outside the entrance to the dressing room, Sarah met more acquaintances. Two good-looking girls that Dan suspected were more than just girlfriends. "This is Dan", Sarah said, putting a hand on Dan's bottom. "Dan, this is Cindy and Jane”. "Hey Dan", said Jane. "Are you going home already?" “Yes, it's been a stressful day for Dan”, said Sarah. “It's the first time he's been in a place like this and he's not comfortable being naked. Sarah looked at Dan with a gracious look. We'll have to come here more times, won't we, Dan? How about hanging out with Jane and Cindy next time?” “Yes, that would be great”, Jane said. “How about a lunch this week where we can make some plans?” “I'll call and book a table on Monday", said Sarah. Oh, I have so much to tell you! But girls, you'll have to excuse us. We need to go home and make sure Dan gets his diaper on.” “Okey”, said Jane. “Please let me know if you need a disciplined babysitter who takes care of his little white ass!” “Thanks for the offer, Jane”, said Sarah with a smile. When Dan pulled out of the parking lot, he had a thousand thoughts in his head. The only question was where to start. Sarah's relationship with Sport Ken worried him a lot, but what bothered him the most was that Sarah’s tits appeared to be filled with breast milk. It had been clearly visible in the video where Dan was stoned but he had also seen signs of it today at the beach. Dan's dream car rumbled wonderfully, and Dan felt like a king. Now he was a real man again who wasn't naked. Slowly but surely, his mind began to return to a normal state where he once again had time to reflect and reason logically. It was hard to explain, but earlier today he had been subjected to such great trials that he had completely gone into some kind of defense mechanism. He hadn't had the energy to discuss sensitive issues with Sarah and get answers to all the things he wondered about. It was no exaggeration to name this day the most bizarre day of Dan's life, and it was far from over. When Dan finally mustered up the courage to talk to Sarah, he found that she had fallen asleep. Sarah looked calm and peaceful, and Dan tried to drive extra softly so as not to ruin her beauty sleep. Dan warmed up inside when he thought about how physically close, they would have been today. At the same time, he had a lump in his stomach. This mysterious and wonderful woman was extremely erratic. She had introduced Dan to a whole new world that was completely upside down. A world that was very stressful but at the same time extremely exciting. Dan was getting closer to the garage and hadn't noticed that Sarah was looking at him. She didn't look at her surroundings, just at Dan. “Dan. Thank you for a wonderful day. What you've done today has meant a lot to me and you know what. In front of me I see a wonderful guy. A guy who has shown mental strength and made this day amazing. Are you ready for our little secret?” “Well, I really don't know. This is hard for me and.” “Dan, to me you're like an open book. We both know that this is a completely uncharted territory for you. Something you never even thought existed or have fantasized about but trust me Dan. I can see from afar that behind that traditional male facade, a flame has started to burn. We're going to take care of it together Dan. This will be the first day of your new life.” Chapter 10 Dan was visibly moved by the gravity of the moment as Sarah dragged him into her apartment. His heart was pounding. He was in love in a way he hadn't experienced before and today Sarah had literally pulled his pants down and steered him into a whole new world. A world where Dan was expected to abandon his masculine ideals and take orders from Sarah. Today there would be no "after-beach" with ice-cold beer and watching sports on the TV. Sarah had other plans. Dan had never been to her apartment before, and he felt a bit guilty. Dan was in Brad's territory and betrayed him behind his back and apparently Sarah had no problem cheating. What if Brad's submarine is broken and, on its way, home? He could show up at any time. If Brad were to see Dan here, the atmosphere would be really bad, but it was too late for Dan to pull out now. “What are you thinking of Dan?”, said Sarah “Uh, I'm thinking about that video you showed today.” It wasn't entirely true, but Dan had been playing it in his mind every other minute all day. Before he'd seen it, Dan had been quite annoyed that Sarah and Melissa had shaved off all the hair between his legs, but the video had made him realize that he had only himself to blame. Melissa had asked for permission. Dan replayed the scene and dialogue from Sarah's video: “Dan, what do you say about reliving old childhood memories? Kind of like when you were a little baby," said Sarah. “That would be cool," Dan said. “Bring out the time machine and let's go. He, he.” At the time of filming, Dan had been soaked and on a completely different planet. He didn't remember any of this, and the crazy thing was that it didn't show up on the video. “Okay Dan, let's bring out the "time machine" and turn you into a little kid's butt then?” ”Ha, ha, yes, hi, hi...... good luck!” “And what are the babies wearing Dan?” “He, he. Nappies, ha, ha” “Exactly. And then they don't have any hair down there, do they, Dan.” “Not a fluff said Dan, he, he.” Melissa had already started to unbutton Dan's pants and then you couldn't see any details, but you could hear a razor and Dan giggling. “Hi, hi no, not there, no, ha, ha, please, hi, hi, hi... oooh, ohmpf. What, oh... no....” You couldn't see what was happening, but Melissa and Sarah had been doing something with Dan somewhere where the sun isn't shining. Then the thick white diaper had made its entrance. It was the same diaper that Sarah now had in her hand. Dan felt a little anxious and he could feel his heart pounding. Now he was out on thin ice, but he didn't want to turn back. Sarah had set his heart on fire, and he wanted to follow her wherever she went. At this moment, however, Dan wasn't sure where to take him. She was unpredictable, strong-willed and at times very dominant. Dan had given her the little finger, and now she had taken the whole hand. "Sweetie, you look like you've just looked death in the face, but you've done this before when you were a kid and then it was the most natural thing in the world. You just need to change your mindset a little bit.” “Yes, I know, but... is it really...” “You know what, Dan. I have a little special "man cave" for you. Shall we go in and make you at home? “I'm sorry Sarah, but it doesn't feel right to Brad that.” “Dan. It was a rhetorical question. Am I going to have to give you another round of spanking on the bottom for you to get it? Is that what you want, Dan?” “No, no, please. " “Darling, let go of Brad and don't think too much. The only thing that matters to you right now is to do exactly as I say. Nothing more, nothing less. Got it?” “Okay Sarah.” "Good, let's go in and put the diaper on." Dan blushed when he saw what was in the "nursery." It felt like entering a fairytale world. There was everything you could possibly need to take care of a big little boy. Sarah couldn't seriously mean that... A little shocked, Dan looked around and barely noticed that Sarah had already unbuttoned his trousers and was quickly helping him get all his clothes off. Dan was speechless, but suddenly, he was lying on his back on the giant changing table. Then he closed his eyes and tried to gather his courage. This was really freaked out and he was ashamed. His cheeks were tomato-red, and he felt embarrassingly unmanly. His rock-hard erection felt very bothersome and revealed a lot more about his state of mind than what he wanted to show. Sarah kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear. "This is going very well, Dan, but you have to lift your bottom so I can get the diaper under you. Good, and now you're going to pull your knees up towards your stomach.” With some hesitation, Dan did as he had been told and was ashamed when laing down in the extremely awkward position, thinking back to the weak moment in the drunken video where he had put himself in trouble. In the video Sarah had held out Brad's freshly washed romper and the "forced pacifier" and asked Dan if he would consider a try-out session with "Mistress Sarah". Dan's cockhead had done the thinking and he had immediately said yes. He'd wanted to back out and say no all afternoon, but he knew Sarah wouldn't take a straightforward no. He knew she would pulverize his argument no matter what reason he indicated to back out of. The path of least resistance for Dan was therefore to keep his word, even if it stung. A little while in her fantasy world and then he would have fulfilled his promise. When that was over, Dan hoped that the door to her bedroom would be wide open, but Dan began to understand that he needed to climb a mountain to get there. Sarah felt satisfied. Finally, she had her POV in place that she could dominate and play with and transform to a little boy. It had seemed a long way off that she would find him, but now the miracle had happened. He lay there on the changing table with a rock-hard boner and let Sarah rub baby oil on his genitals, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. “Dan, we haven't talked about this but.” Dan hadn't had time to react when Sarah shoved a finger up his ass, and that wasn't all. A big pill went in, and it was pushed in far, far in. “But Sarah..., uh, what, was that!?” "Well, happy pill, Saturday candy, call it what you will, but it will soon dissolve in your bottom and make you nice and calm.” Dan's face turned bright red when he realized that Sarah had drugged him. Demonstratively, she left her finger in his ass to ensure that the pill would never see the light of day again. The suppository immediately began to dissolve, and Dan was amazed at how quickly he became weak and numb. It was just as if the signals from his brain were no longer getting through to his muscles. Physical strength has always been a central part of Dan's self-image and a strong symbol of his masculinity. The pill was now taking away all that and breaking him down from a self-confident and self-sufficient man to a "sissy" without the slightest bit of power. “Uh, Sarah. Do we have a stop word?” “No, darling, we don't, and we don't need to. I'll take over now and make sure you're well.... And from what I'm seeing, it seems like you're enjoying yourself pretty much.” Sarah stroked her fingers over Dan's fully erect cock and smiled. Dan realized that he was trapped in Sarah's clutches in a way he hadn't expected and tried to fight back, but he didn't stand a chance against the sedative that mercilessly took over and made him sedated. Everything became calm and Dan now had only a very weak consciousness, not far from anesthesia. Things flickered by and suddenly he was lying with his head in Sarah's arms and could see how her wonderful and naked breasts were getting closer and closer. Dan blushed and hesitated. A grown man can't... That is extremely inappropriate. However, the spinal reflexes took over and Dan opened his mouth and began to suck on her stiff nipple as if he had done nothing else in his life. Soon Dan felt his mouth fill with the lukewarm milk. Chapter 11 Dan was woken up by the alarm clock's annoying beep and stretched out his arm to reach the power off button. Shit. Dan got an unpleasant surprise when he realized that it was already Monday morning and that he had a big memory lapse. Sunday was completely gone, and Dan couldn't remember a single detail. Under the covers, he could see what he had already suspected. The plastic sound came from the thick white diaper. Oh my god! What have I gotten myself into, Dan thought, scratching his tired eyes and trying to think clearly. The most important thing right now was to get his ass out of the wagon and get ready quickly. Dan hated being late. He hurried into the bathroom and when he took off his diaper, he saw that a message had been written with a black marker: "Sarah's baby boy". Dan was now like a robot, trying to do his usual morning routine of shaving and showering. A warm feeling spread inside him when he realized that Sarah had laid out clean clothes on the stool next to the shower. A pleasant surprise awaited in the kitchen as well. The table was already set for breakfast and Sarah had loaded the coffee maker. Dan exhaled when he felt he was going to be on time. "Oh Sarah, you're an angel Dan thought.” The morning wasn't exactly the most productive working day of Dan's career. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stop thinking about Sarah, and there were no limits to how crazy his relationship with Sarah had become. He blushed when he thought about the fact that he had breastfed her tits, and Dan still couldn't figure out how it all came together. Sarah must have a real baby somewhere, otherwise she can't have milk in her breasts. Googling breast milk didn't make Dan much wiser. It seemed unlikely that a woman would produce breast milk without pregnancy. In other words, there must be a child somewhere, but Sarah hasn't mentioned anything, so maybe it was a sensitive story. His stomach began to rumble, and Dan felt that he had seen enough of the area for the upcoming construction site. His colleagues had already left to meet a supplier who was quite uninteresting for Dan's involvement in the project, so he had made other plans for the rest of the day. First it was a lunch on his own, which today was something he was looking forward to. It wasn't very common for him to do that, but today was one of those days when he needed some time for himself. Dan had lunch at a fast-food place he had seen along the way. The burger didn't qualify as the best he'd ever eaten and just as he was about to get up and walk to the car, his phone beeped. A message from Sarah. "I'm thinking of you sweetie 🥰 ... And the diapers are waiting for you in the changing room. Knock on my door at 7:00 p.m., without a thread on your body. Late arrival can be painful." The message didn't exactly make it easier for Dan to concentrate on work. It had been difficult enough before, but now it was basically impossible. No matter how hard he tried, his mind kept circling around Sarah. He had fulfilled his promise to Sarah and done all the things he had promised in the video. Would he continue to allow himself to be treated like a child? Dan grabbed a coffee mug from the restaurant and got in the car. He started the engine and closed his eyes. The rumble from the V8 was deafeningly beautiful and made him just as impressed every time. Immediately, he became to feel like a king. He was back in the saddle where he was in full control. He was the cool male Dan and not that sissy who ran around naked with a spanked behind. Now it was time unleash his muscle car. Dan put on his black aviator glasses and put the gearbox in drive mode and pressed the throttle so that there were black imprints on the asphalt. Today there would be no more work. A few hours later, when Dan parked next to Sarah's white Tesla, he had a tension in his body that he had never felt before. He wanted to be physically close to Sarah, but at the same time it was very stressful that she was constantly challenging his male ego. The worst part was that Dan didn't dare to admit that he was attracted by the insanely sick and perverted world that surrounded her. A world that Sarah had opened the door to and that was so embarrassing that Dan blushed whenever he thought about it. Would anyone find out that he was walking around in a diaper and... breastfed Sarah's breasts, he would be smoked for time and eternity. It was only Sarah and Melissa who knew about it and hopefully it would stay there. Worse was the visit to the nudist beach, where Sarah had shown him off as her special little property. Shit! What if someone at his new job had been there? Dan envisioned an article on his client's intranet: "This is our supervisor Dan and his freshly spanked ass. In his spare time, Dan likes to suck on boobs and walk around in a diaper." Dan clenched his teeth and realized that he couldn't change what had already happened, and despite the worry, a pleasant warmth spread through Dan's body. He felt excited, but there was no denying that he also had butterflies in his stomach. Would he really dare to stand naked in the stairwell and knock on Sarah's door? He wanted nothing more than to be close to her, very close and if it had been up to him, they would have spent the whole evening hugging, kissing, making love. But to get there completely naked and then be dominated? Dan thought back and forth. What would he do? Would he step out of this crazy world and text the flight attendant or maybe pick up some ordinary girl and start a normal relationship? He was ashamed when he took off his clothes and tried to prepare himself mentally. His heart was pounding when he finally dared to go out into the stairwell and ring Sarah's doorbell, exactly at 7:00 p.m. When the door opened, Dan got a slight shock. “Hey Dan!” It wasn't Sarah who opened the door, but Jane, one of the girls Sarah had introduced him to on the nudist beach. “Hey Jane!” “Oh, you remembered me, Dan!” “Uh, yes absolutely Jane.” Dan really remembered the first time they met and how embarrassing he'd felt standing there with his ass bare and ashamed. Jane was now dressed in a sexy tight summer dress, and she grinned broadly when she saw that Dan was completely naked. Dan's cheeks immediately turned bright red, and he did his utmost to hide his noblest body part, which didn't go so well. Dan had an impressive boner. "Sarah's in the kitchen," Jane said. “Come on in.” Dan was as ashamed as a dog and wanted to run into the nearest closet and close the door and turn off the lights, but a little tentatively he followed Jane into the living room where Cindy was also sitting. Sarah was on her way into the living room with a teapot and tray of cups. Sarah lit up like the sun when she saw Dan. "Excuse us girls, but I need to take Dan to the changing room. We'll be right back. Come on Dan and let's go get your diaper on.” If there was anything that could be even more stressful than showing off naked, and especially in front of three very sexy girls, Dan couldn't think of anything worse than walking around in a diaper. Sarah understood that Dan was trying to find an excuse to quickly return to his own apartment and acted quickly while still slightly shocked that Sarah had visitors and that he was the only one without clothes. She took a firm hold of his stiff member and dragged him with her to her specially decorated room. It was a very quiet Dan who came into the living room, hand in hand with Sarah. Dan hardly knew where to go. He felt terribly uncomfortable, but he was surprised that he did not feel depressed or angry. Completely unexpected he had become randy and curious. "Dan, do you remember we met Cindy and Jane on Saturday?", asked Sarah. “Uh, yes." “You know what, Dan. You and I have just received an invitation to their wedding.” “Okey, congratulations”, said Dan to Cindy and Jane.” When, where?” "We've been waiting for the right moment for quite some time, but finally the last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place," said Jane. In fact, it will be already this Saturday at "The Reef".” Even though Dan had a blank face and felt extremely uncomfortable with being forced to wear a huge diaper, he managed to get a genuine smile on his face. Cindy and Jane looked blissful, and Dan rejoiced in their happiness. Dan didn't know much about the area, but he knew about "The Reef." He had hoped that he would never have to set foot in that strange nudist place again. Cindy and Jane sat on the couch grinning at Dan's pangs of conscience. Sarah sat down in one of the armchairs and put a tea ball in her cup. “Come here Dan”, said Sarah. “While my tea is brewing, you've got a job to do.” Sarah held up a pair of black panties and demonstratively dropped them to the floor. Then she pulled up her skirt and clearly showed where Dan was going to kiss her. At first Dan thought that what just happened was not for real, but it was. She really wanted him to do it right here and now in the middle of a conversation with Cindy and Jane. Dan knelt and approached Sarah's vagina as she put her legs up on Dan's shoulders and embraced his head with both hands. Sarah was really wet and very sensitive. Obviously, she had been longing for this moment and Dan wasn't going to disappoint her. It didn't take long before Sarah began to moan heavily, and the orgasm was not long in coming. The rest of Cindy and Jane's visit was like a long and drawn-out nightmare in which Dan mostly felt embarrassed. The more Dan thought about it, the more convinced he became that Cindy and Jane weren't there to see Sarah. They were there to see how Sarah "played" with Dan. Dan had never felt so reduced and unmanly as he had on this night. When Cindy and Jane eventually left the apartment, Dan was left sitting in the living room next to Sarah. “Dan, what did you think of the evening?” “Uh, yes, uh, how should I express myself, well, uh I hadn't expected Cindy and Jane to visit and... uh.... It's not so easy for me to show myself naked and....” Sarah looked at Dan with amusement, who seemed to be extremely uncomfortable with the situation. “It was brave of you to do what you did tonight, Dan. Especially since I know you're a prude guy, but you know what I'm thinking. In front of me sits a guy who is head over heels in love. Is that right, Dan?” Dan nodded gently. “Are you ready to step into my world, Dan?” “Uh, ... what does that mean Sarah?” “Deep down I think you already know it Dan, but it's a world where I'm your permanent girlfriend, mistress, owner, mother, call it what you will? All you must do is follow me into my bedroom, Dan. Then begins a loving, exciting relationship based on discipline, obedience, and submission. Shall we go into my bedroom, Dan?"
  18. Michael, don't you know I was born to turn you on? You must, you've told me it enough times. You've whispered it in my ear in public, making me blush and squirm as you laughed. You've growled it at me as you held me down at hit me with all your strength. You've teased me with it as I lay tied to your bed, unable to move. And I loved it each time. I love that I am that object for you, that toy, that serves that one singular purpose. I love that I do it so well, and that we both know I'll do it in anyway you want. I love how far you've taken me, you've pushed in that direction. My question is, can you see beyond that? (And do I care if you do?) ... "No... no I can't!," I say, shaking my head. There were tears in my eyes already, just seeing what they intended. Michael loomed over me, as he always does. I always felt smell next to him. "No? Are you arguing? Should I get the paddle, and we can have a nice long discussion about it?" He grabbed my wrist and pulled me in. My heard jumped. Even the threat made me more excited. I looked over at what the clothes they had laid out for me. I had played so many roles for them. I had been their pet, their slave, their baby, their maid. I had come out with them wearing leather vests and diapers under my clothes. However, there were still lines. "I don't know that I want that. Not yet." I whimpered. Michael walked to me. He put a hand on my shoulders, and the other reached down and cupped me below the belt. I gasped. "Are you sure you don't want it, diaper boy? Your cock seems to disagree." "I... I don't, Daddy." It sounded as fake as it felt. The truth was I longed for what they showed me, and had dreamed of it for months. The outfit itself wasn't that far off from dozens I had worn for them before. It was a onesie, bright pink and with a heart on its chest. It came with leggings and platform shows, and bows for my hair, which had grown longer and would undoubtably be put in pigtails. My leash was beside it, the collar was on my neck, and I already wore a diaper to go with it. With it, I knew they would probably tie me, and give me a gag to keep me quiet. I had worn the same before. What was different was what it meant today. I felt a hand smack the back of my diaper. Sarah came around my other side with an arm on my back. "Is that true diaper girl? I think its perfect for you. I think its perfect for you to wear every day from now on." "Uhhh..." I moaned. "Daddy, is she allowed to do that?" I asked as the other submissive teased me. To tell the truth, hearing someone who was herself being dominated talk down to me only made me crave more. If there was to be an pecking order, a huge part of me I was terrified of craved more then anything to be on the bottom of it. "Yes sweetie. Remember our ranking?" I thought back. We were both subs under him, but what we wore went beyond that. Regular clothes beat anyone cross-dressed, which beat anyone dressed as an animal, which beat, lowest of the low... "She's also in a diaper Daddy," I said. "We're the same." He shook his head. "Not anymore. Not when she's in her black diapers and her leather clothes, and you have your cute little printed diapies and onesie. You are the lowest here, and will still be from now on." My mind swirled. By far the most humiliating game they had played with me was this one. It was the one thing that pushed me right to the limit, the only that still made me begin to think of saying no. Now, they wanted to take me into public, in our club with all our friends, dressed like that. More, they wanted me to live like that, to come into their home and stay like that permanently. My heart jumped, and I wasn't sure if it was from disgust, fear, or joy. Michael turned me to face him directly. He put a hand on my diaper and pulled me in right next to him, and put the other on the back of my head. I looked away for a moment, but he turned me back, and for a second I thought he would kiss me. Instead, he just stared at me with his clear eyes. My breath caught, as it always did when I looked into them. "Are you sure sweetie? If you don't want it, you know your safety word. This can all be over now. Just say it, or let us dress you again." I was still, but was sure I was falling deep into his eyes again. Every time they hit me it was like all the will to argue left me. I felt myself melt and fall deeply into them, like a man possessed, and he did possess me. The image of me going into the club, crawling in his humiliating costume, all the nervousness it brought, fell along with my willpower into his eyes. Those eyes. It was always those goddamn eyes. ... Oh Michael don't you know you were born to turn me on? That is the part I'm not sure you understand. Or, if you understand it, you understand it all to well. It is everywhere and always to me. That feeling. That incredible, awful feeling. That arousal that is on my mind. That distracts me from work. That distracts me from relationships. That distracts me from all of life outside your impossible, clear eyes. The deep, painful knowledge that that you could get me to do anything you wanted no matter how bad I DON'T want it and the more I don't want it the more I want it because I know you want it because I don't want it and that makes me WANT it and I don't understand that. But you do, and that scares me. I am not in love with you. I am ADDICTED to you. I am OBSESSED with you, and with your impossible clear eyes. When I see them I feel like I am possessed, and I know I am possessed by you. I can stare at them for hours and not be sure what happened. I am addicted to your body. The tight, lean muscles. The strong arms, able to carry me, to pull me, to hold me down, even as I struggle (ESPECIALLY as I struggle) The size that has you always looking down on my ever so slightly, ever so noticeably, with your clear, impossible eyes. I am addicted to all you do to me. All our little games, all the strange clothes, all the things I never would have done if I never had met you. And I cant stop them. I can't stop wanting them. I don't know why I want them, I SHOULDN'T want them, but by god I do. By YOU I do. You are my god now. And that is what I am worried you understand all to well. There are lines I cannot cross, but I don't know what they are when I see those clear, impossible eyes. Not ever since I first saw them, those months ago.
  19. (Author's note: Please bear with me a bit on this one. This was initially a commission, with a story that was VERY dark, and VERY dirty. I've been trying to edit it from the initial version to follow the rules of different groups I post in while still maintaining some semblance of the original plot. Hopefully it will work out) "I don't know man, it seems suspicious." Ryan looked at his outfit up and down in the mirror. His best jeans, a black button up shirt, and hair combed neatly back. He turned to Jerald, his roommate, and looked at him with an eyebrow raised and moved his hands down his body as if displaying himself. "Why is that? You don't think she'd want someone like me? Am I not hot enough?" Jerald shrugged. "Well, you're alright, but she's a definite 10, and you're a..." "A what?" Jerald rolled his eyes. "What I mean is, you've been after this girl, Sawyer?" Ryan nodded at the name. "Yeah. Sawyer, who you've creeped on for months, and honestly it was kind of creepy to see. You creeped her facebook, talked to all her friends, and kept going into the coffee shop she owns. All that time, she didn't pay you any mind. Now, she suddenly invited you out of the blue to a new years eve party. Isn't that weird?" "Maybe she noticed how dedicated I was and decided it was attractive." "Maybe she noticed how creepy you were being and decided it was creepy." Ryan shook his head dismissively. "Then why would she invite me to a fancy party with all her hot, female friends? Obviously they want me." "You mean all the other girls you've creeped? Maybe they want revenge." Ryan laughed. "What? Revenge for being interested? And what would they do? Give me a spanking?" He laughed. His phone buzzed, and he looked down at it. A message from Sawyer read "almost ready? Remember to come by my apartment early, I have a surprise for you ;)' "Anyway, I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow." "They want you to show up at noon for a new years eve party?" "Yeah so?" Jerald shook his head. "Alright man, have fun. Be careful!" "I will!" Ryan put his jacket on and left the apartment, feeling his best. He entered the elevator and pointed finger guns at his own reflection in the mirror. "Ummm..." the elevator's other passenger, a tall blond woman, said. Ryan blushed. "Oh, ah, hi, just, making sure my clothes are alright." "Ok," she said, and covered her face to laugh. Ryan tried to run out of the elevator as soon as the bell went off, slammed into the door, then made himself wait patiently and walked out. He tried to ignore the women's laughter behind him. The walk to Sawyer's apartment was short but cold. He hurried along, eager to get to the apartment and promised party. Her texts called him forward, promising something he had longed after for months. Already, his stomach was turning over in excitement. Her apartment complex was far larger, and, he couldn't help but notice, nicer then his. Black steal and glass rose in dual towers in front of him, hinting at a garden, or possibly a pool, between them. He imagined coming back there to meet her in the summer, going into the pool at night, getting into all sorts of... He cleared his throat. He could daydream about that later. Right now, he had the real thing only minutes away. He found her bell number and rang it. "Hello?" Sawyer's voice came through. "Hi! It's Ryan! You told me to come early, right?' "Yes! We're just upstairs waiting! Can't wait to show you what we have planned!" "Wait, we?" Ryan asked. He heard a giggling from the other side, then Sawyer shushing the source. "Don't worry about it! Just get your butt upstairs!" The speaker clicked, and the door opened. Ryan walked it, and headed for the elevator. So there was more then one woman in her apartment. Ryan didn't know if that should disappoint him or excite him. On the one hand, Sawyer hadn't intended them to be alone together, which shut down his initial hope. On the other, she may still have expected to do something "fun," and it just meant more women would be involved. Her final comment did sound flirty, so he told himself he still had a chance. Her apartment was on the 20th floor. The elevator told him it was top, and he couldn't help but wonder what that said about the cost of where she lived. He had seen her working at a coffee shop, but he never knew what her role was there. From the looks of things, she was making a lot of money. He got out of the elevator. The top floor had a hallway with only two doors- one at the far left, one at the far right. Alright, so she made a TON of money, enough to own half a floor. He walked to the left and knocked. The door opened a crack, and Sawyer's long brown hair and hazelnut eyes popped out. She smiled at him. "Oh hey Ryan," she said in a voice he took as flirtatious. "Come on in! We are waiting!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him in. "Hey thanks for... what?!" Ryan gasped. The first thing he noticed was Sawyer's outfit. She was wearing a short, black dress, low cut and dotted with shining crystals. Beneath that, she wore lace tights and healed boots that rose almost to her knees. Ryan's mouth hung open for a second at the sight of her, and she giggled when she noticed. The second thing he noticed was that she wasn't the only one in the room. Three other women, all dressed similar, and all familiar. He swallowed. It was Alyssa, Jordan, and Liz, three other women he had been, in his roommate's words, "creeping." Each wore clothes that made Ryan's hear beat faster and his face slush. They lounged on couches, sipping champaign and waving at him. "I... I..." he stuttered. The women all giggled at him. "What's going on?" he blurted out.
  20. This is a story about college roommates who discover the wide world of corporal punishment and diaper discipline. It starts out with lots of spanking (F/F and F/M), and the age play elements unfold much later. Hope you enjoy! — Ted was about to start his senior year at a small urban college. The school had limited housing, so dorms were reserved for freshmen and sophomores. Having spent most of his junior year in a study abroad program, Ted had missed out on the flurry of leases that his friends had secured in the spring, and he was struggling to find a place to live for his final year. It was early August and the fall term was set to start in just a couple of weeks. Ted was very anxious, still at his parents’ house for the summer but knowing he had to get to campus soon. He had put feelers out to find a place, but kept coming up empty. Ted couldn’t afford to live alone, but he also didn’t want to live with a bunch of random guys. One evening, his phone buzzed. It was a text from his friend Lara. “Hey Teddy! Hope you had a great summer. We missed you on campus last semester - some great parties at the end of the spring! Anyway, I heard through the great vine that you might be looking for a place to live in the fall?” Ted’s eyes widened. Finally! A lead! And it was great to hear from Lara. She and Ted were close - they had a great rapport and could really make each other laugh. Many of their other friends wondered why Ted and Lara had never had a fling, but it seemed each valued their friendship too much to risk getting romantic. “Hey! Yeah I had a blast in Europe, but definitely missed partying with the crew. Looking forward to being back in a few weeks. Yes I need a place to live! I am getting desperate. Do you know some guys who need a roommate?” Lara wrote back right away. “Well… not some guys… actually Stacey and I need a third for the house we rented. Ashley bailed on us at the last minute and we can’t afford the rent with just the two of us.” Ted hesitated. Room with girls? The thought had never crossed his mind, but why not? He and Lara were such good friends, and Stacey was super cool too. And a whole house? Think of the parties they could throw! Might make for a spectacular senior year. His hesitation worried Lara. She sent another message quickly while Ted was still in a daydream about a raging kegger. “Sorry if it’s weird. We’ve tried all the girls we know and everyone already has something lined up. It’s a really great house, fully furnished so no need to bring a bed or any other furniture. And it has two bathrooms so you’d have plenty of privacy. Stace and I are kinda desperate, but we talked about it and we think you’d be an awesome roommate. What do you think??” Ted snapped out of his daze and furiously texted back. “Wow thanks for thinking of me! That sounds great, I’d love to live with you ladies.” “Awesome!! You’re a lifesaver. You’re gonna love the place, I know it. We get the keys tomorrow, so you can start moving in anytime.” “Amazing! YOU are the lifesavers! I’ll start packing up and be there in a few days.” “Great. Can’t wait.” Ted collapsed back on his bed and let out a huge sigh. He felt like he could finally breathe. Not only had his housing crisis been solved, he would get to live with two great girls in a party palace. His mind wandered to his two new house mates. Both of them were great friends and had similar personalities to Ted - they worked hard and played hard, got good grades and loved to laugh and party. They were also both very easy on the eyes. Lara’s long black hair was cut with cute bangs in front, giving way to her warm brown eyes. She had exquisite tits and a full figure that would make an hour glass jealous. She wasn’t quite taller than Ted, but her long slender legs were a marvel. Stacey, on the other hand, was in fact taller than Ted. She was curvy with wide hips, ample breasts and an ass to match. Her blonde hair and blue eyes were very inviting, though she did have a somewhat domineering side - not mean or stern, almost maternal. Laying on his bed imagining the faces of his new roommates - faces he hadn’t seen for several months - it dawned on Ted that some sexual tension could arise in this new living arrangement. There had always been a bit of that anyway with Lara, but now sharing close quarters, Ted worried it could get awkward. But nothing he couldn’t handle. Any tension would be well worth it to be able to spend his senior year with these two lovely ladies in a house that was sure to be the envy of the rest of his friends. A smile spread across Ted’s face. It was going to be a great year.
  21. Antony, 9 years old, had decided to spend the day with his friends a group of rowdies widely disliked by the residents of the area. While they weren't a violent group, the most serious offense committed by them was drawing graffiti, none of them appreciated being looked down upon, especially by the Gorian women, and officers often annoyed them for simply walking on the sidewalk. What else can you expect in such a harshly matriarchal society? They weren't really violent or dangerous kids, in fact no one in the neighborhood feared them or considered them dangerous for some reason, but the women who had have to deal with them considered them very rude, but they weren't bad boys. He and his small group of friends simply lived the entire Gorian context with a lot of intolerance, because It left them no prospects for the future. Antony had had tried to talk about this topic with his mommies but he didn't succeeded to explain his frustration and he had argued with them, feeling bad for two weeks because it. He was a sensitive child after all. However, a day he and his friends decided to skip the school to go to play skateboard, but to avoid to invest a woman fell on the goods on display in a greengrocer's shop, ruining all the goods. The shop owner denounced him and his friends the judge summoned their legal guardians, along with Antony's mom and her girlfriend, deciding to enroll him and his friends in a re-education program for unruly boys. Some days later, Nanny Alexandra, the designated nanny for Antony's re-education, rang the doorbell of Antony's house and was welcomed in a very cordial way by Antony's mom and her girlfriend. (if you are interested you can contact me privately) (this is Antony) this is nanny Alexandra
  22. "Awe, what's wrong little sissy," my mommy asked me as we pulled into the driveway. "I don't want to do this," I replied. "What," Mommy said. "You've been saying for months how much fun it would be to have a sissy play date. Now that I've set one up for you, you want to back down?" "Yes," I answered. "I know I said that, but I meant like watching cartoons and coloring with another person in diapers and dresses. This is a sleepover, and you won't even be there!" "Well too bad sissy. Now get going," Mommy said as she stepped out of the car. "Everything is already set up, and I have plans tonight that I will be late for if you keep dragging your feet. So unless you want to come home to a punishment tomorrow you'll put some pep in your little sissy steps." Mommy took me by the hand and led me up the walk to the house's front door. She rang the doorbell, holding my hand in a vice-like grip. A diaper bag was slung over her other shoulder. The door was answered by an older woman, hair starting to gray. She and Mommy embraced in a warm hug. Mommy then handed her my diaper bag. "Hi Kathleen," Mommy said. "Everything little sissy Brian needs is in there. Sorry he isn't wearing anything. He is nervous about his sleepover with Sam tonight, and was being fussy so I didn't have much time to get him ready. Thank you so much for doing this tonight though." "I don't worry about. You know I love dressing up sissies," Kathleen said. "You didn't need to pack all this though. You know I have plenty of diapers for the two little sissies." "I know, but I didn't want to take advantage. I will be by to pick him up tomorrow at 10:00 though," Mommy said. Turning her attention to me, she said, "now Brian, you be a good sissy tonight and listen to everything Aunty Kathleen tells you. She has my permission to punish you any way she sees fit, and if I hear you needed a punishment, you can bet it will be worse when you get home tomorrow. Now give me a kiss goodbye. " Chastised and blushing, I gave Mommy a kiss before being pulled into the house by Kathleen. Kathleen then closed the door, causing Mommy to disappear from my view. "Now, should we get you properly dressed?" Kathleen asked me. "Yes Ma'am," I replied. Kathleen then took me by the hand, leading me deeper into the house. We headed up a flight of stairs, stopping outside of A soft pink door. Kathleen opened the door, revealing an adult baby nursery that every sissy baby dreamed of having. A crib with a twin sized mattress dominated one corner of the room. A changing table with diapers stacked underneath dominated the opposite corner. Both were covered in restraints that could completely immobilize anyone using the furniture. A large rocking chair occupied a third corner of the room underneath a large window, and sex and baby toys were scattered across the floor of the rest of the room. "Once you are properly dressed you can go play with Sammy. Does that sound fun Brianna?" Kathleen asked me. She started undressing me instantly, so I don't think my answer mattered beyond avoiding punishment for being rude. So I responded, "Yes, Ma'am." Kathleen untied my shoes first, making me rest my hand on her back while she pulled my shoes and socks off my feet. She then unbuttoned my shorts, pulling them and my underwear down in a single smooth motion. Kathleen made me rest my hands on her again for support as I stepped out of the leg holes. I wanted to cover myself with my hands in one last act of modesty, but as my arms moved down Kathleen caught them and lifted them up above my head. Then, she pulled my t-shirt up above my head and I was naked. Once undressed, I was ushered up on top of the changing mat, and Kathleen buckled a single strap across my waist, holding me onto the table. "Your momma would be so upset if something happened to her little sissy, so I need to take extra special care with you, don't I?" This time, I left it as a rhetorical question and didn't respond. Kathleen bent below my eye site for a second, returning with a diaper thicker than any I had ever seen before. Kathleen set it on my chest. So I could stare right at it, while she pulled out the other supplies she needed. I wondered how badly I would be waddling in the diaper until I felt something cold around my balls. The diaper blocked my view, but I could tell that Kathleen was putting my chastity cage on me. Chastity was a kink that my wife and I often indulged in with one another. But having your wife lock away your cock was one thing, and an older woman who had never touched you intimately before was entirely another. Normally, I was hard as a rock and my wife had to use a cold washcloth or another trick to get me into the cage. This time, I was so timid about being locked up by Kathleen that my cage was almost too small for me. "I have no idea why your mommy said I should expect trouble getting your cage on you," Kathleen said as she sealed my dick in with a click. "You have such a well behaved sissy clitty for me." Kathleen then lifted my hips up, slipping the diaper underneath me. A liberal cloud of powder soon coated my chastity cage and butt crack. I turned and twisted on the table as Kathleen rubbed the powder into my diaper area. Sam often had a bruised ass when I hung out with him, so I knew Kathleen wasn't shy about delivering a spanking. Because of this, I tried to stay still, but it was also deeply embarrassing having Kathleen touching my genitals so thoroughly and business-like, as if I were nothing more than a child she was babysitting. Satisfied that my nether regions were thoroughly protected from diaper rash, Kathleen then taped the diaper up with the same efficiency. Kathleen then ran her fingers through the waist and leg bands, checking the fit of the diaper. Satisfied, she slid a pair of plastic locking panties up my legs. Once they covered the diaper, Kathleen released me from the changing table, so she could roll me onto my side to lock the plastic panties on with a click. I wasn’t allowed off of the changing table until she had given the panties a few test pulls to make sure they wouldn't come off. After the diaper and plastic panties were put on me, Kathleen went digging through Sammy's sissy closet for an outfit for me to wear. She was in there for a minute before she popped back out with an armful of clothes. First, Kathleen had me put on a simple white camisole. Then came a very frilly pink dress, with ruffles and frills on both the skirt and shoulders. Kathleen made me raise my arms above my head while she slipped it over my head. She then zipped it up my back. A small click indicated she had locked the dress around my neck when she had fully zipped it up my back. A bright white corset was then wrapped around my torso. Since it was more decorational than for waist shaping, Kathleen only tightened the corset until it was mildly uncomfortable. Next, Kathleen snuck a matching pair of bloomers up my legs and over my diaper. Lastly, two petticoats were slid up my legs and around my waist, adding a nice poof and flair to my outfit. "You make such a lovely little sissy Brianna," Kathleen said. "Now you just need a lovely little wig and something to cover up that unfortunate addition God put on your throat. You be a good sissy and stay right there." Kathleen left the room, leaving me alone. She was gone for a while. At least long enough for me to be bored, and start swishing my skirt and petticoats back and forth, watching them twirl around my waist. Kathleen caught me off guard as she reentered the room. "A sissy and her skirts," she said as she walked back in, a box in her arms. I blushed, embarrassed, while she pulled a blonde, ringlet wig out of the box. "We discovered, Sammy is more of a brunette than a blond, so he doesn't wear this one much." Kathleen placed a wig cap on my head, then slid the wig into place. A few adjustments and a pink headband later she was finished with my hair. To complete my outfit, a pink ribbon was tied around my throat to cover up my Adam's apple. "Now you look like such a darling little sissy," Kathleen said. She didn't let me look at myself in the mirror though. Instead, she took me by the hand, leading me out of the room and back downstairs to her living room. *Part Two* Set up in the center of the room was a large playpen. Another sissy sat in the center of the playpen, half heartedly pushing two teddy bears around in front of them while baby cartoons played quietly on the tv. The sissy in the playpen was Sam, or Sammy, the person I was having a "sleepover" with. They were dressed in a yellow baby party dress, wearing a brunette bob wig with a small bonnet tied around their chin. As Kathleen helped Sammy stand up out of the playpen, I saw his skirt was stiff enough and accompanied by enough petticoats that the bottom of his diaper and plastic pants just peeked out between his legs. It was interesting, seeing Sammy and Kathleen so close together. Unlike my mommy, who was only a few years older than me, Kathleen was older than Sammy by a couple of decades. The marked age difference and between Sammy and Kathleen, and his appearance, truly made Sammy appear to be a child, even though he was only two years younger than I. "Now, doing each other's makeup and nails is a classic sleepover activity for girls. I was thinking you two sissies would love doing that for each other, wouldn't you?" Kathleen said. "Yes mommy," Sammy said. I simultaneously said, "Yes aunt Kathleen." "Alright, both of you be good and sit on the floor, while I go and get the makeup," Kathleen said. Sammy and I knelt on the floor as Kathleen left. We sat there in awkward silence, neither of us sure really how to start a conversation in our present state. Kathleen finally returned, makeup caboodle in one hand and a bag of makeup brushes in the other. Setting the items down, she said, "Ok, which one of you wants to be made up first?" After an awkward silence, I eventually raised my hand. "Good sissy Brian," Kathleen said. She sat on the ground in between Sammy and I, and began unpacking all of the things she had brought down. First, she directed Sammy in applying foundation to my face, then eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss. Once Kathleen was satisfied with Sammy's work, she had me do the same, following the same steps of dabbing the foundation onto Sammy before gently coloring his eyes in a yellow eyeshadow to match his dress. Then a forced smile so that I could brush foundation onto the apples of his cheeks. Finally, strokes of lipgloss left a pink glittering shimmer on his lips. Kathleen showed us the results of our makeovers in a small hand mirror. Overall, they weren't great. I knew I could have done a better job with my makeup myself, and I knew that I didn't do a great job either on Sammy's makeup. It had been the first time I had put makeup on another person though, and I am sure Sammy was in a similar boat. Painting each other's nails went much better though. This time, Sammy went first. He was much more confident with the nail brush than makeup brushes, painting my fingernails in smooth baby pink streaks. Once my fingernails were coated in the delicate pink lacquer, my toenails received the same treatment. I then had to sit, hands and toes spread while my nails dried. The process was then repeated, as Sammy applied a second coat. When he was finished, my nails were a solid, baby pink color, and, unaccustomed to regularly having my nails painted, the paint gave my fingers an unusual weight. When my nails were finally dry, it was my turn to paint Sammy's nails. Kathleen had me paint his nails in a bright red that stood out when contrasted against his dress. As I finished the first coat, Kathleen had me gently sprinkle a little glitter across his fingernails, so that it got stuck in the nail polish. The second coat then sealed the glitter in, giving his nails a nice sparkle in addition to the red color. As we waited for Sammy's second coat of nail polish to dry, his stomach began to grumble with hunger. "Awe, is someone's tum-tum saying it wants din-dins," Kathleen teased. "Well don't you worry. I'll make a nice dinner for my two little sissy babies. Now I only have one high chair, and since his tummy is growling, I am going to feed Sammy first, is that ok Brian?" "Yes aunty Kathleen," I replied. "Such a helpful little sissy. No wonder you're Mommy never has to punish you. Unlike this one," Kathleen said, pinching Sammy's arm playfully. "Since you are the better behaved sissy, I am going to leave you here while I put Sammy in the high chair. Then I will put you in the bouncer so you can work up an appetite for dinner. Will you be good and sit here quietly while I do that?" "Yes Aunty Kathleen," I said again. She then helped Sammy stand and led him into the kitchen. Kathleen was gone for fifteen minutes before she returned, a padded, harness-like object in her hands. There were two long straps on the thing in her arms, which she connected to two pulleys suspended from the ceiling. I then stepped into the harness, holding my skirts and petticoats up, at Kathleen's command. She then lifted the harness up around my waist, gently tucking my petticoats and skirts intonthe waistband of the harness. A set of straps then went across my chest, holding the harness tight against my diaper, and holding me tight between the two straps connecting me to the ceiling. Kathleen then tightened the straps, so that it was just uncomfortable to stand flat footed on the ground. My wrists were then placed in two cuffs attached to the straps. She then unrolled a black mat, spreading it out underneath me. Two pads were connected to the mat, which she stuck just inside the leg bands of my bloomers. "From what your mommy has told me, you will enjoy this as much as Sammy, even if you won't admit it. It will also make sure you are nice and ready for dinner," Kathleen said as she plugged a cord extending from the mat into an outlet. As soon as the prongs connected, I jumped into the air, feeling an electric shock jolt through my legs. It happened again and again, and without any active effort on my part I was soon bouncing away. Kathleen had a smirk on her face as she left to feed Sammy. It didn’t take too long for me to connect that the pads on my legs and the mat I kept landing on were making a circuit that was providing the shocks. They weren't painful, so much as an unpleasant sensation in my legs. I couldn't tell if it was the sensation, the surprise of the shock, or a reaction from my legs but each shock launched me into the air, keeping me bouncing away. I tried curling my legs underneath me, once, to try avoiding the shocks. All this brilliant idea accomplished was giving me a diaper wedgie that crushed my balls and rammed my chastity cage unpleasantly into my crotch. I had no concept of time while bouncing away, but eventually I was able to collect my thoughts and think about something other than the shocks. The actual bouncing sensation felt rather good, causing my diaper to rub against me in a way that soon had my dick straining against its cage. I could also feel my diaper and the harness putting pressure against my butt. I was eventually wishing I had something inside of my ass, so I could fuck myself to orgasm while I bounced away. When Kathleen finally returned, she was leading Sammy from behind, who, in addition to his previous outfit, was sporting a massive bib covered in baby food and a pacifier bobbing in and out of his mouth. Kathleen unplugged the mat and pads from the wall, letting my feet land and stay on the ground. My legs were shaky as they landed on the ground. I realized that I was panting for breath, exhausted from my constant bouncing. Kathleen released me from the cuffs and harness, and I dropped on the floor, legs wobbly from the bouncer and exhaustion. I stayed on the floor, panting and trying to get the feeling back into my legs, until Kathleen had Sammy strapped into the bouncer. She then led me away into the kitchen while Sammy sucked a pacifier while bouncing away. Kathleen brought me into the kitchen, where a pink polka dot padded high chair with a white plastic tray was set against an island. Water streaks drying on it indicated it had just been thoroughly wiped down. Kathleen pulled the tray off the high chair, and helped me into the seat, fluffing my skirt and petticoats so that they would sit just right and not be ruffled by the tray. She then buckled straps across my shoulders and waist. Two more velcro straps pinned my arms firmly against the sides of the chair. Two final straps, one over my thighs, one over my ankles, bound me firmly to the chair. My legs could do little more than shuffle along the footrest while my arms could only wriggle at my sides. Kathleen then clicked the white tray into place. Kathleen started by affixing a bib, more akin to a hairdresser's cape, around my neck. It was so large it used multiple buttons to secure it around my neck, rather than tying in the back like a normal bib. She then placed two large baby bottles of milk on my tray. Next came a bowl of a thick, white pasty substance. Lastly, Kathleen placed three jars of baby food on the tray. Reading the labels, I could see the contents were peas, squash, and carrots. Kathleen opened each of the cars, stirring them into the bowl with the white substance using a large soup spoon. Kathleen then dipped the spoon into the mushy mixture. Her mouth opened to start making a noise, but before she made a sound I opened my mouth to swallow the heaping spoonful. "Such an obedient sissy," Kathleen said as I wrapped my lips around the spoon. I coughed and sputtered trying to choke it down. It had an unpleasant taste combined with a vile mouth feel. Remembering the mess across Sammy's bib, I guessed that he enjoyed his dinner as much as I did. Kathleen was unphased by my reaction. She giggled to herself as she scooped up another spoonful bringing it to my mouth. I swallowed it, if only because I was determined not to get as messy as Sammy had clearly gotten during his feeding. While I was technically successful in this goal, I still got much more baby food on me than I liked. Kathleen would waste just long enough for me to choke down most of a spoonful, before feeding me the next. This made it inevitable, with each spoonful, that my mouth wouldn't be ready to receive it, and the food would smear onto my face or be scraped off the spoon and down onto my waiting bib. Kathleen didn't let me have any milk until I had eaten all of the bowl of mush. She then held the baby bottles to my lips. While I could control the rate at which I suckled, short air breaks were the only reprieve I had from anything other than drinking down the milk. I felt bloated by the time I had finally finished everything. Thankfully, Kathleen quickly wiped my face off and removed the bib. My Mommy must have shared with Kathleen how much I hated to be dirty and that it would remove me from subspace. Kathleen left me in the high chair while she washed the bowl and baby bottles. She then inserted a paci gag into my mouth, buckling it behind my head. I was then freed from the numerous restraints, and led back into the living room. Once Sammy was freed from the bouncer, Kathleen helped both of us into the playpen, where we were left to color in some coloring books. Part 3 "Wha vas hat groth pace?" I asked Sammy once Kathleen had left the room. "Wice pudding," Sammy gurgled out from behind his pacifier. I noticed he wasn't gagged, just obedient by not removing his pacifier. "Do you eath thath othen?" I continued. "Mothly on weethends. Mommy wets me eath normal fooths on worthdays, buth on weethends iths nether anyfing sowid," Sammy continued. I didn't ask him any more questions after that. The lisping induced by the pacifiers put an unfortunate damper on the ease of conversation. So instead we colored with our crayons in silence. We could hear Kathleen cooking dinner for herself in the kitchen. It smelled far more delectable than our meal. The smells of the kitchen though were replaced by a less pleasant odor as time wore on. I couldn't believe that Sammy had just let loose, messing his diaper like that with me right next to him. I knew toilets would be off limits with Kathleen as our caretaker, but I figured he would at least have tried to go when Kathleen could change him right away. From all of the milk I drank at dinner though, I did wet my diaper fairly well dur8ng our time in the playpen. Around half an hour later she returned to the living room, but didn't even comment on the foul odor that now hung in the room. Instead, she said, "You two have been such good sissy babies for me. How would you like a reward of going out for ice cream?" Sammy said "Yes please mommy," with excitement. I couldn't tell if his enthusiasm was real or fake. I suspected that we would be going out for ice cream dressed as we were, and I could feel my stomach start to rumble. I knew Inwould be soon doing the same action Inhad judged Sammy for about ten minutes earlier. For these reasons, I stupidly said. "No tank you pwease. I don wantha go outhide wike dis." "Oh, and you were being such a good little sissy Brian," Kathleen said, before brusquely yanking me out of the playpen and back up to the nursery. I put up no resistance, partly because I was deep in a submissive space at this point, partly because I was worried all of the walking would make me poop myself sooner. Kathleen sat down in the rocking chair in the nursery, and almost immediately afterwards had me down across her knees and the arms of the chair. Before I had a second to prepare myself, I felt a paddle slapping into my diapers with a loud WHACK. The diapers offered some protection, but soon the pain of the paddle was coming through and I was dancing across Kathleen's lap from the whacks and swats. She was merciless in her punishment, the blows coming hard and fast. Just when I thought my ass could take no more, she switched to my thighs, delivering a series of blows to my left, then right thighs. I doubted I would be sitting at work much Monday after this spanking. "Now, choose your next words carefully, sissy," Kathleen said, her tone adopting an iciness that broke nothing but fear. "Is there something you would like to ask me?" On the verge of tears, I stuttered out around my paci-gag, "Pwease Aunthy Kaffween, can I go outh for ith cream in my pwetty dwess, ethen though I hath been a bad thithy?" Kathleen's tone changed instantly, and she responded in her normal motherly voice, "why of course you and Sammy can go out for ice cream in your pretty dresses, and you haven't been a bad sissy dear." Kathleen then led me back downstairs, me awkwardly waddling in her wake. She slipped a pair of high heels on each of our feet, and fhen asked "Is it ok if Brian sits in the car seat Sammy, since he's our guest?" "Yeth mommy," Sammy responded. The car seat was impressive, and like the bouncer, made my submissive sissy heart do summer saults with glee. In Kathleen's van, one of the seats had been removed and replaced with a car seat that had extra padding, pink of course, with a hard frame that fully enveloped a person from their head to their butt. A five point harness kept them held tight against the chair, while two cuffs prevented anyone from freeing themselves on their own. It took almost no time for Kathleen to have me hooked and bound within the car seat. In fact, it took her a longer time to tie Sammy to his seat in the car, immobilizing him as well. With us two sissies bound and restrained in the back of the car, Kathleen pulled out of the garage and onto the road. She drove for nearly an hour, taking us to a place far outside of town. During the car ride, I messed my diaper several times. Each time, I thought I would be feeling the urge to go soon, but before I could control it, I would feel myself messing my diaper. I suspected that Kathleen put something into our food, since normally it took an abnormal amount of effort for me to mess my diaper. I noticed from a few grunts and moans that Sammy too was continuing to use his diapers. I really did enjoy the bondage of the car seat, but I would have enjoyed it more under different circumstances. My bottom was extra sensitive from the thrashing it had received, and every time I added to my diapers load, either through wetting or messing, it just irritated it more. I spent the majority of the long car ride fighting the restraints trying to find a comfortable position. Nearly an hour later, as it was just growing dark, we pulled into the parking lot of an ice cream stand out in the country. Before freeing Sammy and I, Kathleen went tonthe back of the van, and removed what turned out to be a life size stroller. She then removed the pacifiers from our mouths, and freshened up our lipstick. I was the first one freed, released from the car seat only to be sat in the stroller. It was almost identical to the carseat in terms of restraints and bondage. The only real difference was that my seat was now made of a thick canvas and I was angled at sixty degrees. I had a feeling this was a subtle way of Kathleen preventing me from standing while we got ice cream. With me restrained in the adult stroller, I could do nothing but continue to helplessly fill my diaper in small amounts and feel it smear against my sore bottom. Sammy was prevented from having too much freedom for himself via a collar and leash that were placed around his neck and tied to the stroller, respectively. Kathleen parked us near the van, at one of the farther away picnic tables, before leaving to go order us ice cream. "Does her baby food usually make you mess your diapers like this?" I asked Sammy. "Yeah. That's why I only am fed it on weekends." He replied. "Also, don't worry, Mommy brings me here a lot. The owners are kinksters too, and so are a good majority of the customers. There are a few vanilla customers that discover the place and wanded in, but they only really advertise this place in the kink community as a place you can go for some light public play." "That's good." I said, trying to be nonchalant. Actually, this was a massive relief to me. I was always self conscious about going out as a sissy, even to kink spaces. I had never worn a diaper to a kink party, and outside of a few ageplay events at private homes, had never been a sissy baby in public before. If I wasn't so deep into sub space at the moment, I probably would have been having a mental breakdown. Kathleen returned, carrying two bowls of ice cream and a milkshake for herself. She pulled out two baby spoons from her purse, sticking them into the bowls of ice cream. She then handed one of the bowls to Sammy, who was allowed to feed himself. I had to be slowly fed the ice cream by Kathleen. Normally, I inhaled ice cream. Having to use these small spoons and take such delicate little bites made it take forever to eat the ice cream. About halfway through our bowls of ice cream, a large bear of a man came over. "Is that Kathleen and little baby Sammy I see over here," the man said as he approached. "Why, I barely recognized you in the dark. Oh, and it looks like you have another little sissy. Who is this?" "Hi Robert," Kathleen said. "This is Sissy Brian. He is having a sleepover with baby Sammy tonight. Since they were such good little sissies, I thought I would take them out for ice cream. Sammy, aren't you going to greet Robert?" Sammy sat his ice cream down, then stood up, needing to take a step nearer to me on his heels to not be choked by the collar and leash. Robert obliged Sammy, taking another step as well. Robert would have towered over Sammy, were it not for his heels. These gave Sammy just enough height to kiss Robert on each cheek before giving him a kiss on the lips. "Hello Sir," Sammy then said. Robert then leaned down toward me, his face a few inches from mine. I knew he wanted a greeting from me as well. The welts from my previous paddling were acutely noticeable in my dirty diaper, so I complied, not wanting to receive another punishment. I strained against the restraints of my stroller, reaching up to give him a soft kiss on each cheek before one on his lips, which went longer than I intended. I don't know if that was my subconscious doing or his. "Hello Sir, nice to meet you," I said to Robert. Robert's face was bristly from his beard, and his lips were dry and chapped, whereas I don't think stubble could be felt on my soft face and lips. The contrast between us at that moment truly had me feel like a simpering, pathetic, pantywaist, and my cock was straining against its cage to become hard as a rock. Robert sat down where Sammy had been seated, scooping the sissy up onto his lap. He gave the sissy a few bounces on his knee, making Sammy blush and moan. Then, he struck up a conversation with Kathleen, and began feeding Sammy the rest of his ice cream. I was curious just how familiar Robert was with Kathleen and Sammy, being that he could just start feeding him without asking him, or even Kathleen if they were ok with it. Robert dominated most of the conversation, talking about some recent trip of his to Boston. I didn’t know him, and calling the conversation vanilla would indicate it was more interesting than it was, so I zoned out, losing myself in my own little world of eating small bites of ice cream, feeling a twinge in my stomach, and filling my diaper a little more. I wet my diaper a couple of times as well while eating ice cream, which was a weirdly pleasurable experience. As I sat, I wondered how my diaper was holding up. I never used my diaper this much with my Mommy, and it was safe to say this was the most I had ever filled one. My musings on the structural integrity of my diaper were interrupted by emptying my bowl of ice cream. I was embarrassed to re enter reality, with Kathleen gently rocking me back and forth in the stroller while Sammy was once again being gently bounced up and down on Robert's knee. "It's getting late. This little one almost fell asleep here on us. I better get these sissy babies into their crib for the night," Kathleen said. "Good idea," Robert agreed, setting Sammy on his feet on the ground. "They could also use a bedtime bath too, boy do these sissies reek." Sammy and I turned a crimson shade of red from the comments about the state of our diaper. Robert gave Sammy a goodbye kiss, before giving Kathleen a hug and patting me on the head before heading back to his own car. Kathleen took us back to ours, transferring me once again from the stroller into the carseat, and tying Sammy into his chair, before taking us home. I woke up to Kathleen gently rubbing me awake. Apparently, I had passed out as soon as the car started moving, and was sleeping deeply the entire car ride, despite my bondage and the state of my diaper.
  23. Just a short little one-shot I've been working on the last few days. --- Mandy was staying with her college roommate, Amy, and her family during spring break. The dorms had kicked them out for the week and she wasn't able to afford a plane ticket to fly home or a hotel to stay in. Thankfully, the Peterson's had graciously offered to let her stay with them for the week. Things were completely normal her first night there. The second night, however, was when things got weird. At nine o'clock that night, Amy's mother entered the room they were sharing unannounced. She took a seat on Amy's bed and looked at the two girls. Mandy was confused, even more so when she looked over and noticed that Amy was staring at the floor with a red face. "Alright girls, it's Saturday night. Amy, you already know what that means. Mandy, I'm guessing by your confused face that Amy has never told you about Maintenance Night. Amy, explain what Maintenance Night is." Mrs. Peterson ordered her daughter. "Maintenance Night is the night of the week when I get my maintenance spanking. It's where I am disciplined for any bad behavior, so that I can go into the new week with a fresh start." Amy explained, incredibly embarrassed. Mandy was shocked. Her roommate, a full adult in college, got spanked by her mom every week? She wondered if that was why Amy went home every weekend? Mandy enjoyed the alone time it gave her, but knowing this it now made her feel guilty. "That's right. Come on Amy, let's get started." Mrs. Peterson said. Mandy watched in awe as her roommate grabbed a hairbrush off of her dresser, handed it to her mom, and then started undressing. Not just to her underwear either, Amy kept undressing until she was completely naked. After discarding her last article of clothing, she bent over her mother's lap and raised her butt in the air. Mrs. Peterson quickly raised the hairbrush and smacked it down on her daughter's bottom. Mandy stared in a shocked stupor as she watched her adult roommate receive a spanking. Amy's bottom quickly began taking on a red hue that deepened in color as the spanking progressed. Before long, tears began flowing down Amy's face and she was bawling. She was repeatedly apologizing and telling her mom that she was going to 'be a good girl'. Her mom continued spanking for a little bit afterwards before finally stopping. When the spanking was over, Amy stood up on her feet and embraced her mom in a hug. The hug lasted for about half a minute before Amy was ordered to get dressed and go to the corner. Mandy stared at Amy's glowing red bottom while she walked to the dresser. She was pulled out of her stupor by Mrs. Peterson addressing her. "Come on Mandy, your turn." Mrs. Peterson said, patting her lap. "W-what?" Mandy responded, confused. "It your turn for a maintenance spanking. Undress and lay down on my lap so that we can get started." Mandy's first instinct was to outright refuse. The Peterson's were letting her stay with them for free for over a week though. She didn't want to be rude and insult their traditions, even if they were weird as hell. There was a part of her that curious about it too. Amy was a straight A student who always finished her homework early. Could this be what made her like that? Hesitantly, Mandy approached Mrs. Peterson and began stripping. While doing so, she glanced over to Amy, who was in the middle of working a pull-up diaper up her legs. "Amy has trouble holding her bladder after a spanking. To prevent any accidents, she wears a Goodnite until morning. Now come on, finish undressing." Mrs. Peterson told Mandy. Mandy continued stripping until she was completely naked. While undressing, she watched Amy finish putting on the diaper and get dressed in a childish set of pajamas. Once finished dressing, Amy walked over to the corner of her bedroom and planted her nose in the corner. "Once your spanking is over, you'll have some corner time to reflect on what you did wrong this week and what you'll do better next week." Mrs. Peterson explained as Mandy finished undressing. Mandy covered her breasts with her arm while she slowly lowered herself down onto Mrs. Peterson's lap. Once in position, Mrs. Peterson rested one arm on the younger girl's back and raised the hairbrush into the the air with the other. With no warning, she brought it down hard and began Mandy's spanking. Mandy yelped as pain rushed through her bottom. She had never received a spanking before, and Mrs. Peterson was not going easy on her. It didn't take long for Mandy to start begging for the spanking to end. She had involuntarily began thrashing around, causing Mrs. Peterson to have to restrain her with her leg and free arm. Not too much longer later and Mandy was bawling worse than Amy had been minutes earlier. Mrs. Peterson kept spanking her for another minute though, until she was certain that Mandy had been thoroughly punished for whatever naughtiness she had committed that week. Mandy was only given a few seconds to compose herself before being guided back onto her feet. She was still crying and trying in vain to rub the pain out of her butt cheeks. "Okay Mandy, go over to Amy's dresser and pick out a Goodnite and pajama set. Both are in the second drawer." Mrs. Peterson instructed. "A G-Goodnite? I don't need that!" Mandy said through tears. Mrs. Peterson, not satisfied with that answer, stood up, pulled Mandy's hand away, and delivered two more spanks onto the poor girl's butt. Mandy cried out and tried to loosen her hand, but couldn't break free of the bigger adult's grip. "Mandy, this is the kind of naughtiness that maintenance spankings are supposed to prevent. Unless you think you need more spankings, I suggest you go grab yourself a Goodnite and pajama set." Mrs. Peterson threatened. Mandy, desperately wanting to avoid further spankings, conceded this battle and walked over to Amy's dresser. Inside the second drawer were several sets of matching, childish print pajama tops and bottoms. Sitting next to them were two stacks of pull-up diapers, exactly like the one Amy had just put on. Mandy groaned internally and grabbed one of them, examining the butterfly prints on it as she did so. She also picked up a white set of pajamas that had a pink trim and strawberry print design, which was the least childish one she could find. "Good girl. Bring them over and I'll help you get changed." Mrs. Peterson instructed Mandy. By this point, Mandy didn't have any fight left in her. The sooner she could get this over with, the better. Here she was, an adult, being spanked and made to pick out a diaper for herself. Anything from here on couldn't be any worse. Mandy brought everything over to Mrs Peterson. The older adult grabbed the Goodnite from the pile and held it out for Mandy to step into. Once she realized what was expected from her, Mandy stepped both legs into the garment and allowed her roommate's mom to pull it up her legs. Mandy, now diapered, was at least thankful that her vagina was no longer exposed. Mrs. Peterson then helped Mandy into the pajama set as well. "Okay Amy, corner time is over. Go finish getting ready for bed while Mandy has her turn. Mandy, go take Amy's place in the corner and reflect on your naughty deeds." Mrs. Peterson ordered. Mandy had forgotten Amy was even there. Still lacking any fight, she silently obeyed her roommate's mom and walk into the corner. She stood there for what felt like an eternity. She wasn't thinking about any 'naughty deeds', but instead how absurd this entire situation was. She was thankful that Amy's mom couldn't tell what she was thinking. That night, Mandy slept on her stomach. The diaper she was wearing was making it hard for her to sleep, despite how exhausted she was. The padding was much thicker than the thin panties that she was used to. She woke up the next morning to Mrs. Peterson entering their shared room and telling them that breakfast is ready. The first thing Mandy noticed was the dull pain in her bottom, the second was the thick, cold padding between her legs. Mandy shot up in surprise at the realization of what she had done. She hadn't wet the bed in over thirteen years! But here she was now, wearing a soaking wet diaper. Mrs. Peterson, likely already knowing what had happened, walked over to Mandy. "Did you have an accident, Mandy?" She asked. "U-umm." Mandy tried to answer, having trouble articulating an appropriate response. "It's okay if you did. I'm sure Amy's Goodnite is soaked too." Mrs. Peterson responded. "Y-yes." Mandy answered, meekly. "Did you leak at all?" The older woman asked. "W-what?" "Did your Goodnite leak?" Mrs. Peterson, not liking Mandy's lack of an answered, bent over and pulled the girl's covers off. She grabbed Mandy under her armpits and hoisted her onto her feet. Mandy, mortified by this, stood in shock and just let it happen. Mrs. Peterson then pulled down her pajama pants and exposed the wet diaper she was wearing. The padding of the diaper had expanded a good amount and was sagging between Mandy's legs. It hadn't leaked, but it couldn't hold much more. "No leaks. Let's go down stairs and eat. You can get changed after breakfast." Mrs. Peterson said, going over to her daughter to finish rousing her. ----- After breakfast, Mandy was able to shower and change back into her normal clothes. The rest of the week progressed as if the events of Saturday night and Sunday morning had never happened. No spankings, no childish pajamas, and no diapers. Not even a mention of any of the three. That was, until Saturday night came around again. Mandy had spent all of Saturday dreading it, hoping that last week had just been a bad dream. It wasn't a dream though. That night, Mrs. Peterson enter the room and gave both girls a hard, hairbrush spanking. Just like last week, she made both change into a Goodnite diaper before dressing them in childish pajamas and sending them to the corner. Also like last week, Mandy woke up the next morning to a still-sore bottom and a wet diaper. That Sunday was the day they were able to go back to their dorm. Mandy couldn't wait, she was ready to get far away from this house and hopefully never come back. As they were loading up the car, Mrs. Peterson stopped them for a chat. "Mandy, it was great having you over this week." She said. "Thank you for letting me stay, your home is lovely." Mandy responded. "I wanted to talk to you about something before you go. I was talking with Amy, and she said that she's noticed you acting different. She believes that you've been kinder and more patient. We both think that the maintenance spankings are really helping you, which is why I want you to come back here with Amy every weekend from now on." Mrs. Peterson said, making it sound more like a command than a request. "O-oh, u-um, I don't know if..." Mandy tried to answer before getting interrupted. "It's settled then. I'll see you and Amy next Saturday." Mrs. Peterson said, enveloping Mandy in a hug. Mandy didn't know what to say. The last thing she wanted was a weekly spanking by her roommates mom. She thought about outright refusing, but she knew that it probably wasn't going to be that simple. She had a suspicion that if she didn't show up with Amy that Mrs. Peterson would come to their dorm to collect her or worse, administer a spanking there. There wasn't really an easy way out. "R-right." Mandy said nervously as she placed her bag in the car. This was going to be a long spring term.
  24. Daniel has just broken a winery window and he had dropped a rope to into the house, the window was rather narrow but it was easy for him to go through it thanks his small size; being a little had some advantage after all. He didn’t know if someone was into home but in that case he had taken some countermeasures: He had a gun; It was a toy gun and pressing the trigger a flag with the word “bang” would have come out from the barrel; He had some firecrackers: he pretended some gun shots if it were necessary, Some stadium smoke: that would be useful to cover an escape. They were cheap tricks but in the past they worked then he was very confident about them and his ability. He dropped with rope until the floor, and climbed the stairs of the winery getting to the door that opened easily accessing to the living room. He searched small objects that can be carried easily: he finded a silver frame with the photo a smiling old man on the small table. He removed and rested it on the table putting the frame in his backpack. Then he decided to take a ride around the house to see if there are something interesting: he opened a door seeing a giant nursery in the room. “I hope it’s not for a little” he said going to the next room, where he found a laptop on a big double bed. He had to climb hardly to reached it and put in the bag. Then he approached the bedside table and found a next generation smartphone, “today is my lucky day!” he said smiling and putting it in his bag, then opening every drawer where he found some cash. He went to the biggest drawers and with more difficulty opened the first drawer finding some jewelry “it’s fantastic!” he said putting everything in his bag. He decided to do another tour of the house to see if there was something else interesting but he heared the noise of the principal door that closed. But he didn't know that the house he had decided to rob belonged to a policewoman who was returning home at the time. (You can contact me privately if you want. I prefere a narrative style)
  25. Fidgeting anxiously in the café Amelia couldn’t stop herself from checking the clock every few moments, Irritated that only 15 minutes have passed when it felt like 15 years. To focused on the time she barely notices when the waitress walks up “just yourself today Hun” pulling out a pen and paper for her order. “I’m waiting on someone actually” looking down to avoid eye contact she sheepishly says “could I have small coffee please” she’s never been good with strangers “ of course coming right up” the waitress replies smiling before turning away. Amelia’s eyes once again dart back to the clock with 10 minutes to go, almost squirming uncontrollably “I can’t believe I’m doing this” she murmurs under her breath waiting for the elusive C an older woman she has been chatting on fetlife for the last several weeks. They seem to click on every level spending hours upon hours discussing everything from books to their home life. They decided to wait on a meeting up or giving names, both having been burned heavily in past relationships due to their interests but neither wished to discuss it just yet. Arriving with her coffee the waitress leaves it on the table and heads back up front, suddenly the café door opens up and Amelia hears her say “oh she’s in the back waiting” Amelia straightened up her anxiety going through the rood as she hears the footsteps growing closer until finally. “Hello are you A?” Her voice sounds incredibly familiar to Amelia as she stands and turns, but freezes at the sight of C instantly recognizing her. “Oh no oh no” is all she can say her mind racing “this can’t be happening” standing before her is Claire Parker her old middle school teacher. Not just any teacher, her favorite teacher. The one who was there to comfort Amelia when her best friend pretended she didn’t exist in the cafeteria, the one who helped wipe away the tears when bullies wouldn’t leave her alone calling her “anchor Amy” because of her size. Miss Parker was also the one who encouraged her to follow her passion for music and to be honest the one when had an enormous crush on. She was a huge influence on young Amelia, but suddenly one day she just quit, no word or warning she just vanished. Leaving Amelia devastated. But now over 6 years later they’re once again face to face, she should be overjoyed at the reunion but all Amelia can think about is the fact that she has told Miss Parker everything. Literally every dirty fantasy and kink has been unknowingly discussed with her former teacher; shaking uncontrollably the only thing that stops her from fleeing is 9Miss Parkers reaction. “AMEILIA!!!” she exclaims pulling the startled girl into a warm embrace “now this is a happy coincidence isn’t it” her voice giddy with excitement “it’s been what? 6 years? Look how you’ve grown” looking her up and down Miss Parker gets a good look at her former pupil her smile growing “you filled out in all the right places” Amelia’s face flashes crimson at the compliment, looking down at her thick frame she doesn’t quite get what Ms Parker is seeing “t..th..thank you Miss Parker” is all she can spit out “Oh I think we’re far past calling me Miss don’t you?” her kind demeanor making Amelia fill more at ease “ why don’t you try calling me Claire?” she says as she settles down into the booth. Settling down herself she takes a deep breath to steady her nerves “this isn’t weird for you? I mean you use to be my teacher” says Amelia quietly, her eyes darting back and forth ensuring the coast is clear “I haven’t been your teacher in a long time sweetie, were both adults who know what they are getting into” Claire keeps a close eye on her not looking away for a moment “and besides I think we’d both rather I be your Mommy anyway” she says it so casually it causes Amelia to blush even harder. “but why don’t we forget all that for now” reaching across the table Claire puts a hand on her arm “I’d love for us just to catch up and chat, just treat this like a regular old date, no pressure or expectations. How does that sound?” Thinking of this as a normal date did help alleviate some of Amelia’s anxiety about the situation, I mean at the least this isn’t some stranger just trying to seduce her or anything, it was Miss Parker one of the kindest people she has ever known “I guess that could work” a smile beginning to spread across her face as she begins to relax. And so began their first official ‘date’ it was awkward at first with Amelia stumbling to find her words but soon they were both chatting up a storm talking for hours in the quiet little booth about everything they could think off . It all flowed just so naturally as if they were friends for years. It was the best date either of them had in quite a while. One thing became very evident to Amelia throughout the evening and that is that she was still totally infatuated with her former teacher hanging onto her every word neither of them realizing just how long they’ve been talking until Amelia asks the question that has plagued her for years “Why did you leave the way you did” Claire grimaces, the old memory still causing a sting even now “well you see sweetie back then I was in a relationship that had slowly become toxic. We were bad for each other but neither of us could admit it. In the end I broke things off with her” she pauses staring down at her coffee “she….didn’t take it well” Amelia’s can see her eyes start to glisten and says “you don’t have to tell me if it’s too painful I understand” the last thing she wants is to drudge up old hurts. “No…no it’s ok you of all people deserve an answer” breathing in deep she exhales “my former little ousted me to everyone, she told the school board and all the parents the nature of our relationship and they freaked” Amelia’s eyes grow wide with disbelief. How could anyone do such a cruel vindictive thing to Claire, she was always the kindest and most compassionate out of all the teachers at school. “They gave me the choice to resign with some dignity or be fired” looking down to avoid eye contact she says “I’m so very sorry for never saying goodbye but they wouldn’t let me” a moment of pure silence follows as Claire continues to stare at her coffee. Amelia had never seen the usually confident Miss Parker seem so vulnerable. Shaking her head she looks up at Amelia “but that’s all in the past now” reaching over the table she takes Amelia’s Hand “I’d much rather look to the future” she squeezes a little “and I hope you can be a part of it as my little” Amelia’s entire body once against turns scarlet almost forgetting why they were there in the first place. The thought of loosing Miss Parker again is too much to bear; she squeezes Claire’s hand just as hard before replying “I think I’d like that very much” “You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that” says Claire still holding Amelia’s Hand tightly “there’s no rush we can take this as fast or slow as you want ok baby girl” gazing deep into Amelia’s eyes she leans forward over the table their lips just barely touching before she pulls away “I’ll keep you safe, I’ll take care of you, I promise” Amelia’s brain short circuits as their lips meet, she must have day dreamed about doing that a million times back in school but the reality of it is much more satisfying then in fantasy. Her attempts to speak fail miserably, unable to find the right words. Burying her face in her hands incredibly flustered she can only murmur “oh my God that just happened “much to the amusement of her older companion. Mustering the strength of will to lift her head she finally asks “do you mean it…..that you’ll keep me safe? ….. That you’ll take care of me?” Her face instantly serious without a shred of doubt in her voice Claire replies “Always Amelia no matter what we do I’ll be there with you every step of the way” softening her features “you’re going to be my little girl after all” Seeing Claries conviction she relaxes, a state of calm she rarely enjoys. The ideas of being someone’s baby girl making her feel so at ease it’s shocking. Feeling 10 years younger she slips into a headspace she’s not quite familiar expressing in front of others. Having spent her teen years being the good girl, the honour roll student, the constant pressure by her parents to succeed. Heck she has never even had a detention. With a coy smile she leans over and giggles “but what if your baby girl likes being a brat” she teases twirling her honey blonde hair around her finger enjoying being able to show this side of herself to someone “I mean I can be a lot to handle” “Oh is that so” purrs Claire her voice sweeter then honey “well there isn’t a brat born who myself and Miss Hairbrush can’t handle” reaching into her purse she pulls out a solid oak paddle brush placing it in front of Amelia. Biting her lip Amelia’s eyes lock onto the brush, so many deep seated fantasies of being helpless over someone’s knee while they roast her bottom flashing through her mind, squeezing her legs together in need hoping Claire doesn’t notice. Feeling like a bratty teen now more than ever she defiantly proclaims “is that all?” dismissing the brush entirely “you’ve met your match Miss Parker” sticking her tongue out at her former mentor impudently. Leaning to the side Claire raises her hand almost shouting “Check Please!” Sitting in Claries SUV outside her home Amelia’s heart is beating like a drum, she is made to sit in the back on the drive because “little girls are safer back there”. Sticking true to her role Amelia whined “but I wanna sit up front” But was quickly silenced by Claire’s steely glare. Stepping out onto the asphalt the young woman can’t help but stare in awe at the big house, so entranced she doesn’t notice Claire coming up beside her “sweetie there’s something important we need to discuss” Turning around to look up the tall brunette is staring down at her. She can’t help but blush “If anything gets to be too overwhelming or to difficult you just have to say cantaloupe and well stop ok” reaching up she brushes some of amelias hair behind her ears before leaning to whisper “otherwise the second you walk in that door you’ll be nothing but a naughty brat in need of some firm discipline, is that clear” her demeanour changing rapidly, now strict and demanding causing a shiver to run down Amelia’s spine, nodding her head unable to articulate a response Claire gently grasps her hand leading her up the stairs. inside the house is immaculate and well furnished but the awestruck girl has no time to process when she hears “Amelia Jacobs you are in so much trouble” spinning around to see Miss Parker with her hands firmly on her hips stern look across her face. “I can’t believe a girl your age would act like such an incorrigible brat in public” with hands faster then they eye can see she grabs Amelia by the ear much to her dismay“and I know just how to deal with bratty little girls”. Stinging like hell with little choice but to lean forward awkwardly as the older woman leads her into the living room squealing along the way “hey let me go you can’t do this I’m not some little kid” trying her best to sound angry instead of deeply excited being lead to her fate. Ignoring her pleas Claire drags her to the living room before pushing her front and center, where with the same steely gaze as before she orders “Strip!” Amelia’s heart is pounding in her ears, it’s been many years since her last high school gym class, and even then she changed in the stalls insecure about her body. Panicking a little she debates using her safe word until she sees Claries face staring at hermit was a look of pure desire, of hunger and want. No one had ever looked at her that way before, like she was something desirable. Shaking her head meekly she squeaks “n-no I w-wont” stuttering while staring at her feet to hide her excitement. Feeling a hand under her chin her head rises to meet Claire’s gaze “you can do it or I can do it little one your choice” Oh god the thought of Claire stripping her down is almost too much to bear. Gulping down her apprehension and with shaky hands she slips her thumbs into her yoga pants slowly dragging them to the floor hoping that’s the end of it “Shirt to” says Claire leaving no room for argument Hands still shaking lifting her sweater over her head before dropping to cover her voluptuous body, she can feel Claire’s eyes scanning every inch of her until they rest on her wiggly bottom framed perfectly by a lacy pink thong “tsk tsk tsk” is all that comes out “Those panties are unacceptable for a girl your age Amy” taking the waistband of her panties giving it a snap against her waist “we will definitely be making some changes to your underwear drawer” without further warning she gives Amelia a spank on her unprotected bottom “in the corner now little girl” Amelia quickly buries her head into the corner having never felt so exposed while Claire can only stare at her bottom “in 20 minutes I’ll be back and I won’t be empty handed” her hand making its way to her bottom giving it gentle rub before leaving. So here was Amelia, half naked, exposed and having never felt so helpless in her entire life, yet she couldn’t have been more excited.
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