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Found 9 results

  1. by LittleFallenPrincess So here's my third story, Glitch in Nanny. It's an MDLG/ABDL romance novel about a sci-fi/cyberpunk world where the world has flooded and everyone lives on giant floating cities. A little is working on a new project, one that will change her life and others. One of the characters was chosen by my patreons in a poll. It should be about 40 chapters long, with an Epilogue at the end, and new chapters will be posted every Monday and Friday. You can find my first story, Little in Love, here. And my second story, Witch in Training, here. (Currently in Progress) I would recommend reading Little in Love, then catching up with Witch in Training. Even if you're not usually a fan of diaper dimension stories, you may find you enjoy Little in Love. Two weeks Early Access to chapters of Witch in Training & Glitch in Nanny is available for the second tier on my Patreon. The first five chapters in pdf form are up from the start, with the sixth being posted on Monday, the same time the second will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding this, ask away. Charge up front is enabled. Meaning you will be charged as soon as you pledge. Little in Love Chapters are not available for Early Access. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Chapter 1: Faith We raced through the streets of London, running red lights and dodging traffic. Weaving through the gaps between the cars, I held on for dear life as she made this normally terrifying act seem like it was easy. She loved showing off, especially to me. No idea why, she was already my closest friend, she didn’t need to do anything. I knew exactly how awesome she was and how tough she could be, she didn’t need to risk both of our lives on a night time drive. But hey, I enjoyed spending time with her, so I tightened the grip I had around her waist and closed my eyes. “You know... if you keep your eyes closed like that, you’ll miss all the pretty scenery?” she said, her voice slightly muffled from the helmet. Opening my eyes, she wasn’t wrong. It was beautiful at this time of night. The neon glow of the city in the night sky, the reflections of all the lights and signs in the water, the gorgeous Art Deco buildings that formed the floating city of London. It was worth keeping my eyes open, despite how scared I was. I don’t normally get out much, I’m a bit of a shut in. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I eventually gave in and agreed to go drive around the waterfront on her bike with her. We pulled up in a quiet little spot on the edge of the city and looked out across the endless ocean. The water was still, with no waves and no traffic out here. The night skies were clear, not a cloud in sight. The air was much cleaner out here too. Getting off her bike, she took her helmet off and let her long, dark brown hair flow down her shoulders and back. “Come on. This is my favourite spot.” She said, waving me over and she went and leant against the wall. I took my helmet off and sorted out the mess of red hair. ‘How does she manage to look so damn gorgeous when she does it, but when I do it, I look like I got out of the wrong side of the bed?’ Following her over to the wall, I shuffled up next to her and looked out. “I can see why. It’s beautiful. I keep forgetting to come to the edge, it’s so much better than the centre.” “Exactly. So you agree I should bring you out here more often?” How is she so confident? It took me months to ask my girlfriend out, and even then it was mostly her that did the work to get me to that point. “So Red... how are things with you and Sadie?” she turned to look at me and raised her eyebrow. Morgan has called me Red ever since we were teens. I’ve known her over half my life now and we’ve been best friends. She’s really intelligent, she’s an engineer, she’s a badass, she drives a motorcycle, she’s gorgeous... but since the day we met, she’s never come up with anything wittier than ‘Red’. I mean sure, my hair is red, congrats. But there are so many other nicknames she could have come up with... She only ever calls me by my actually name when she’s disappointed in me or angry or upset. ‘Oh Faith’.... ‘FAITH WHAT THE FUCK?’... ‘Come on Faith, stop screwing around!’... you get the idea. “It’s going really well actually, thanks.” I replied. “It’s been what, three months? When are you going to finally move in with her? Or is she going to move into the shit tip that is your apartment? I’m sure she’d loooove to be surrounded by all the spare parts and tools.” “We... we’re not at that stage yet. Although she does spend most of her time at mine.” “Really? And she doesn’t mind all the tinkering you do?” “Umm... I don’t think so.” “Well that’s a surprise. She always seemed a bit... pretentious...” “You think she’s pretentious?” “Ignore what I think, Red. You seem happy with her. That’s all that matters. I just want whatever makes you happy.” Morgan looked back out across the ocean. What I couldn’t tell her was that Sadie satisfied a part of me that had been neglected most of my life. For years I had tried to find someone who wanted that side of me, but it was just failure after failure. Too many people looking to take advantage of me or use me. No one who actually wanted to know that side of me, no one who wanted to take care of me and love me for who I was. Morgan had no idea of that side of me. We are best friends, sure, but I wouldn’t tell her about that part of my life even to save my own. We were inseparable, I didn’t want to ruin that with her by telling her about my stupid little kink. She’d look at me so differently. She already gets uncomfortable when I start acting childish around her. I don’t mean to, it just... happens, but whenever it does, she gets visibly awkward. But Sadie... Sadie understood that part of me. She cared for it, she nurtured it, and she encouraged it. She made me feel like less of a freak, she made me feel loved. I mean sure, we weren’t living together yet. She was busy most of the time with work, and we were both trying to save up a bit of money so we could get a nice place together. I stayed in my shitty apartment, she shared her place with a couple of friends. There was no room for me, but honestly, I’m glad. I needed my workshop, and I would have had to have given that up if there was room for me. My workshop is my life. It’s where I make my money, it’s where I work on my projects, it’s where I developed some of my greatest creations. All with the help of Morgan. I was gifted when it came to tech. From a young age, I just knew how machines worked. I’d often spend my days drawing cool looking androids and figuring out how to program them to do things. Most of my childhood was theory though, I didn’t actually get to create or mess around with any real tech. That was until Morgan turned up part way through the year in high school. Transferred from another part of the city, she ended up in my class. She sat next to me and we hit it off straight away, bonding over our love of tech. She encouraged me to actually start working on stuff with her. I focused on the design and the programming; she focused more on the engineering side of it. And together... we were amazing. And now, at 29, I’m working on my most ambitious project yet. Creating our own, fully functioning android, complete with programmed behaviour and a realistic looking body. Morgan was great at working out the specifics about the chassis and the inner workings, whilst I designed the thing and worked on the personality and behaviour she would have. I didn’t tell Morgan exactly what I had in mind for this; this was a bit of a personal project for me, something to keep me company whilst Sadie was away on one of her business trips, or when she couldn’t come over. I’d just need to program a second set of behaviours into it for when Morgan is around it. “So... when we working on Evie next?” Morgan asked. Evelyn, or Evie as we’ve grown to call her now, was the android we were working on. Morgan would often go dumpster diving to get whatever parts we could get for free. Whatever we couldn’t obtain, we’d have to get from the market. I hated going there, it was shady as hell, but sometimes we needed to. “Dunno. Whenever. Been a couple of days. We’re getting close, we just need a couple more parts and I need to finish the code before she’s ready.” “So once we’ve finished, she’s just going to help around your workshop? That’s a bit of a waste for such a brilliant piece of tech.” “What else can we do with her? She’s brilliant, sure, but we can’t exactly get her registered nor do anything outside my workshop. Only official androids can perform jobs and all that.” “I know, but she’s more advanced than any of that android market crap. She makes even the newer models look obsolete!” “But we don’t have a licence. We’re lucky we can even make her at all.” “Ugh.” Morgan flailed her arms and turned around, looking behind us at the city. “I hate this city.” “I know. It’s shit. But would you rather live out there?” I pointed out towards the empty horizon. “I know we got it good compared to other cities that survived the flood, and we got it infinitely better than the people who didn’t survive... but this city is toxic. There’s a reason I like this spot.” “No signs, no noise?” “Exactly. We’re on the floating city of London, and the only place I actually like is this quiet bit at the back because it doesn’t feel like the rest of it. I mean look at it, look at the city.” I turned around and did as she was doing, my back against the wall, looking out to the city of London. ------------------------------------------------- Forty years ago, London was just another city in the world. Advancement in tech skyrocketed after the Victorian era. Tech advanced so quickly, we were more advanced than we should have been. We pushed the world further and further into the future. Humanity as a civilisation advanced much quicker than we should have, which means we are now about 50 years ahead in terms of society and technology. By the thirties, we had developed smart phones. By the forties, we had perfected robots. By the fifties, we had already developed bionic limbs and organs. By the sixties we had created androids. But all of this came at a cost. Humanity polluted the planet faster than it could handle it. The ice caps melted, the world flooded. Most of humanity was wiped out in a decade. The survivors were those who escaped to the major cities. Instead of working on a solution to fix the climate crisis, engineers and scientists worked on a way to adapt to it instead. They created a way to make the major cities of the world... float, turning them into their own little islands. Creating a solid infrastructure beneath a large city, they were able to save a whole bunch of people when the world started flooding. London was one of them. These cities quickly became new nations with their own laws and their own jurisdiction. England no longer had control over the rest of the UK. England had a couple more cities that were able to be saved, but we didn’t have many. Scotland, Wales and Ireland quickly distanced themselves from us, but they were only able to save one city each. Edinburgh was the largest, and it quickly sailed away from the rest of us. Wales and Ireland managed to save their capital cities, and followed suit. And so, as the whole world sank, a hundred or so cities throughout the world survived, floating on the endless ocean that covered the planet. That was over 40 years ago, before my time. And since, London has gotten worse and worse. Crime rates increasing, tech has kinda... stagnated, corruption is rife within the police and the politicians. Hell, even slavery is making a comeback. Whilst we rarely interact with other cities due to us being pretty self-sufficient, there are a lot of stories about people being sold off to wealthy people on some of the less... civilised... cities. It’s illegal still, but the police are often paid to look the other way most of the time. It’s why I keep to myself mostly, only leaving my apartment when I need to. “Come on, let’s go back. Your girlfriend is probably worried I’ve kidnapped you or something!” Morgan said, pulling my arm. I nodded and smiled as we got back on her bike, driving into the centre of the city. As we passed all the tall buildings, I couldn’t help but admire their design. Sure, the city looked like any of those typical futuristic dystopian cities from the old movies and books, but where they differed to reality is the style of buildings. They had all these smooth, modern buildings and it was all dark and grungy. They got the dark and grungy part right. But for every three modern buildings that had been built in the past twenty years, there was one old building. And it was these old buildings that made this city. At some point during our rushed technological advancement, Art Deco buildings became popular, and London was flooded with architects creating large numbers of buildings of this particular style. I think they looked at New York and tried to copy it. And where other trends would go out of style... this never did. They became a part of this city and people were reluctant to replace them. So throughout the city, these towering structures withstood the test of time and are some of the most popular places to live. I managed to score an apartment in one, but only because my landlord owed Morgan a favour and she cashed it in to get me my place. I mean... it’s not exactly one of the best kept buildings, it’s a bit of a wreck in a bad neighbourhood, but it keeps me safe and I’ve got a roof over my head. ------------------------------------------------- As we pulled up to my apartment, I got off the bike and went to hand Morgan her spare helmet back. She pushed it back at me. “Keep it on you. I’m gonna take you for a ride again soon. Now that I’ve managed it once, it’ll be easier next time. I’ll call you later, and then we can work on Evie.” I knew better to argue against Morgan. If she wanted me to do something, there’s a very high chance I’d do it for her. She gave off a weird protective, maternal feeling. Maybe that was what attracted me to being her friend to begin with? Either way, I gripped the helmet and she winked at me, dropped her visor, and sped off down the road. “Hey baby, how was your little trip with Morgan?” Sadie said as I entered the apartment. “Oh hey! I wasn’t expecting you!” I replied. “I figured you’d want a bit of time with me... baby.” “Oh... you mean?” “Yep. Now go lay down on the bed and wait for me. Mummy has a couple more things to do, then I’ll be right in to get you changed into something much more appropriate for someone as little as you...” My face turned red and I did everything I could as to not wiggle my butt as I quickly rushed into my bedroom. I started taking my clothes off, unbuttoning my shirt, when my wrists were grabbed and I was quickly turned around. “Babygirl... you know you’re not supposed to do that yourself... now, are you going to be a good girl for Mummy?” Sadie looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers and I melted. “Yes... yes Mummy...” my voice had gone really quiet and shy at this point. “Good girl. Now, lay back. I assume you’re going to be working on your little Nannybot tomorrow?” “Yes Mummy... Morgan is going to come round and help.” “Good girl. Now you better be good, otherwise I’ll make sure you’re padded for your little playdate with her, and she’ll quickly realise just what you plan to use that android for..." She pushed me back onto the bed and I lost the ability to speak. I was so flustered that I hadn’t even noticed that she had brought out the super thick nappies she saves for when I’m feeling really little... ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter! It's a genre I never thought I'd write, but I had a fun idea and went with it. Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Witch in Training and Glitch in Nanny. The first tier is purely for supporting my writing. Access to my Discord server is included with both tiers, where people can discuss early access chapters, although it seems most of them use it just to tease me ? New chapters every Monday/Friday!
  2. Chapter 1 Scott could hardly contain his giddiness as he turned his steering wheel to make a left at the intersection. After several weeks of careful planning, scheming, checking, and rechecking, he finally had a free weekend for himself. He had spent those weeks ordering discrete packages filled with supplies of a particular nature and tinkering in his garage on a device that he hoped would be able to fulfill his wildest fantasies. He could feel his heart pound in his chest as he put his blinker on and changed lanes, wanting to get home as soon as legally possible. Scott had had a great week at work, his boss had been admiring the white leopard's progress for a while now. He had recently designed a filing system that, according to his calculations, had increased the company’s data storage system by a whole 12.4%. The subsequent increase in efficiency had also increased his paycheck to a much sizable amount, which he had recently been putting to good use. Scott was a brilliant engineer and computer programmer, his passion for creation had brought him to work for Sky-TEC industries, a company that specializes in creating computers whose processing power and ability to complete tasks in incredibly low amounts of time had brought them up to one of the best technology companies in the world. But as brilliant as this company was, Scott was just a little bit more brilliant. Scott had quite unmistakably come into contact with a piece of technology that was top secret and incredibly powerful. Many would use it for great evil, while some might use it to achieve near indestructibility. Scott however, wasn't particularly interested in any of those things. He had some very private tendencies that he had never shared with anyone since he was a child. Specifically, he loved indulging in infantile fantasies, imagining himself just like a little kid again. From feeling the warmth of a freshly soaked diaper, to the pleasurable struggle of being put in bondage whilst wearing a soiled diaper, unable to do anything about his current predicament, to the wonderful childlike freedom of just wearing a diaper and t-shirt whilst watching children's shows on TV. Scott had spent a good amount of time imagining exactly what he'd love to do to or by himself if he had the time and resources to fulfill his fantasies. Fantasies that he hoped would be fulfilled very soon. The leopard pulled into the driveway of his comfortable little home. It wasn't anything special, he had little furnishings to decorate it with, but it had what he liked to consider an "aesthetical amount of space". He turned off the engine, grabbed his shoulder bag, and exited the car, walking into his garage. He flicked on the lights, and as the light bulbs blinked awake the device that he'd spent months on putting together sat on his workshop table. To put it bluntly, Scott had been programming a device that would essentially stop time itself. Through a combination of biotechnology, an improbability-engine, and a calculator that essentially worked on the whimsical nature of the polarity of electrons whirling around in titanium atoms in the contraption, the device was able to access the particular genetic code of the user and ignore all cells with the sequence, then continue to all other organic matter and inorganic matter and "freeze them in place". Scott didn't fully understand it, but he knew how to put the parts together and calibrate the machine. One might think that experimenting with such a device would be incredibly risky, but Scott had that figured out as well. He had coded in a fail-safe into the device. If a large amount of cells of the individual who had activated the device began to shut down at a rapid enough pace indicating possible death, it would essentially reverse the freezing process restoring reality to normal. Scott picked up the device with baited breath. It didn't look like anything special, like a TV remote except with fewer buttons and what looked like more volume controls. He connected his phone to the remote and fed it information about the current time, position of earth relative to the sun, and relative temperatures around the world. He hoped that the device would be able to send out the proper frequency into the molecules around it, setting off the time freezing reaction properly. He knew that if it failed, it may fail spectacularly, possibly even harming him despite the fail safe. A green light on the device shone, indicating that it was ready to be activated. He closed his eyes, pressed his eyes shut, and pushed a large red button with his finger. A loud rushing sound echoed through his ears, he fell backwards sputtering and coughing, he felt as if everything in a single part of his body was getting lightly tickled with electricity, he yelled in alarm, but before he could yell for more than a second it all stopped. Scott looked around. Everything looked. . . normal. He went over to the garage switch and pressed it, a whirring sound came from the door as it opened. He padded outside and his jaw dropped. Birds hung eerily in the air, much like bricks don't. Leaves stood stalk still, frozen as a gust of wind was blowing through it. Scott fanned himself with a paw experimentally, looking at it as he felt the air particles against his whiskers and fur. He had done it. He had created a device that stopped time. It stopped time for everything and everyone! Everyone, except him. Scott hooted and hollered! He started running down the street, passing cars with passengers in them halfway through a sip of coffee, forming a word as they talked on the phones, or smiling jaws and maws agape as they sang to their favorite car songs. Scotts saw planes and clouds, unmoving in the sky, felt the warmth of the sun on his fur as it peeked behind a cloud, permanently, until adjusted by the remote of course. Scott stopped running in the middle of an intersection and turned around and around, taking in the view. He laughed, joyous that he had achieved something that most thought was only possible in sci-fi movies and fantasy novels. Suddenly, he remembered why he had gone so ridiculously out of his way with his invention. He turned tail sprinted back to his house and got quickly inside, closing his door, not bothering to lock it. Who would try bothering him now if every ‘who’ was frozen in time? He walked inside his sparsely furnished living room and opened one of the brown boxes he had sitting there. A fresh waft of baby powder and ointment met his feline nostrils as he admired the contents of the box. Within it lay several large, fluffy adult diapers, each themed with little cartoons of various baby animals wearing diapers. Some looked sleepy, others laughed in joy, while still others were too busy with a toy to do anything else. Scott shuddered with excitement and let out a shaky sigh. Finally, I can unwind like I've always wanted to. He thought, as his tail twitched in anticipation. He looked at the other boxes, knowing that what they contained would only increase the amount of fun he was about to have. He grinned, and speaking aloud to no one said, “It’s going to be a good weekend."
  3. Hey! Welcome to the Lovington Effect. I hope you stick around for awhile. While writing Without Merit, I thought of a prequel for my prequel even though there isn't a sequel, or an actual story for that matter. However, Lover Boy takes place in the 1980s, and it was supposed to be a one-shot, then the music took over. And entirely different story came out. A warning though. This story is rougher than Without Merit, and is a lot darker. It also contains frequent mentions of a sexual assault. If that is big concern to you, there are other great stories on this site. All characters are over eighteen. Thanks for reading. 1: Private Eyes 2: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 3: Every Breath you Take... 4: ... I'll be Watching You 5: You Spin me Round (Like a Record) 6: The Voice Beyond the Mirror 7: Total Eclipse of the Heart 8: The New Forever 9: The Baby Shower ————————- Lover Boy 1988 Part 1: Private Eyes Every girl in Lovington knew about Beau Taylor. He was a walking, talking cautionary tale; all too similar to Icarus, fly too close to his hotness and your heart was sure to melt. Senior quarterback for the varsity football team, muscular build, tight denim jeans. Notorious bad boy with good hair. What was there not to like? He had bedded a good number of the girls in school, and a good number of girls outside of school as well. No one from the female persuasion was safe from the ‘Lover Boy’. The upperclassmen hung out on the lawn after the final bell, finding spots among the green grass, on the side of the concrete stairs, or beneath the shade of a half a dozen oak trees that lined the side of the school. The football players laid claim to a grassy knoll that overlooked the parking lot. From their high perch, they would catcall and wolf-whistle at all the girls. Appreciating the angry looks from mothers and fathers who happened to pick up their blushing virginal daughters from high school. Beau found his friends already there, laid about the ground, lounging and laughing. His best friend, Sherrod, sat taller between a pair of reclining oversized humans known as offensive linemen, Monster and Handley. Sherrod was an incredible athlete like Beau, they shared the backfield as quarterback and running back. They also shared the same outfit that day. Black shirt, blue jeans and denim jacket, down to the same bright red Converse shoes. Beau slapped the back of his black friend to grab his attention, catching Sherrod by surprise. Loudly announcing his presence with, “How are you three queers doing?” The three supposed ‘queers’ laughed as they exchanged special handshakes without leaving the ground. Monster looked up and asked, “What’s up, Beau?” “Nothing besides my dick.” The quarterback handled his crotch through his jeans. They all laughed again. “No, seriously man,” Beau continued, “my johnson is a little tired, it had quite the weekend.” “No shit?” Sherrod flashed a curious smile. “No shit, my man. You know how I score on and off the field. I’m talking about Vanessa, Christine, and Holly. I’m talking about how I get busy!” Next came something of a pelvic thrust to make sure his friends picked up his subtle connotation. Handley appeared surprised. “I didn’t think Holly was the type for that kind of thing.” “That’s where you’re mistaken, tubby.” Beau corrected him. “All of the ladies are the type for the ‘Lover Boy’.” Sherrod groaned. “Come on, you don’t have to show us your ass again.” But it was already too late, the jeans and the BVDs were already mid-buttock, revealing his heart tattoo with the words ‘Lover Boy’ on his upper right cheek. They didn’t want to look, but a heart-shaped tattoo on a pasty white ass has the innate capacity to grab attention. “You need to stop showing everyone your butt,” Sherrod warned him after catching an eyeful. “People are going to think that you’re homo or something.” “Well, I’m not the one who keeps staring at my buns of steel. What does that say about you guys?” Beau intermittently flexed his cheeks side to side like an experienced male stripper in a speedo. Which caught the attention of a trio of girls just beyond the football players. He made sure to give them a wink when he was done pulling up his pants. Monster gave the girls a wink, too. But they laughed incredulously and turned away from him. Maybe the big guy needed a tattoo on his butt. Handley asked, “Beau, why are you even here with us lowly, car-less peons — where’s the firebird?” Beau shrugged his backpack further over his shoulder and looked away. “You know, the old Bird is in the shop, getting its oil changed.” This was a lie. He had totaled his muscle car early Sunday morning. Right after showing Vanessa the ‘Lover Boy’ in the backseat and sending her limping back to her parents. Also, right after downing a six pack of beer. His parents were more than a little pissed at him about the wrecked car, especially his tough-love mom. She said that there would be a few changes coming his way. A dire warning that Beau didn’t care to heed. Speaking of his mom, he saw her station wagon turn the corner. Beau rushed towards the getaway vehicle, waving at the dudes, blowing kisses to the ladies. He didn’t want anyone to see him getting into the car with his mom. He had a reputation to uphold. “See ya, losers.” Beau called back. “Catch you at practice tomorrow, and I’ll see you girls after the game.” He jogged down the hill to where the wagon ran idle at the curb. Beau didn’t even notice Vanessa in the front seat until he was literally right on top of the car. The surprising sight caused him to trip as he rocketed down the hill, his hurried stumbling and fall braced by the impact of the long wood-paneled hood of the station wagon. How had he not spotted her there? The loud blonde hair, the blinding pink halter top, and dangling earrings should have been noticed from the top of the hill, from over a block away, or the next county over. Beau played it off as being silly, he was good looking enough to get away with being a klutz if it looked like he did it on purpose. He comically stretched out over the hood of the car like a bikini model. Moment saved. Vanessa rolled down the window with the hand crank. “Beau, what the hell are you doing on your mom’s car?” Mmm. There was that tasty condescension that he loved about his girlfriend. If you could call it ‘going steady’, he and Vanessa were the closest thing to going steady. Obviously, it didn’t mean they were completely true to one another. “I have a better question,” Beau said as he pulled himself upright and back onto his feet. “What are you doing inside my mom’s car?” Vanessa did what she did best, dealing with his childishness by running a hand through her hair. The fake blonde, over done, hair-sprayed fashion statement was partially to blame for the hole in the o-zone layer. All joking aside, it wasn’t all bad to be with a girl like Vanessa. She did have her perks; two of them in fact, and they sat on her chest in the most beautiful fashion, straining the thin fabric of the pink halter top. Ten years ago, it would have been empowering for her not to even wear a bra. Suddenly, Beau dreamed of driving a Delorean and meeting a crazy guy named Doc. She leaned out the window. “Quit being stupid, I’m trying to run some errands with your mom.” Beau hesitated outside of the car. “Errands? Where are you guys heading?” His mom turned from the driver seat, her thick glasses captured the light in a weird way. It made her eyes look all funny. “We need to pick up a few things from ‘Ma’ Webber’s for a baby shower.” Mrs. Taylor lit the cigarette between her lips. “Baby shower?” Beau grinned. “I hope I’m not going to be a daddy.” He winked at Vanessa who lightly tousled her hair again to dismiss his stupidity. Vanessa answered matter-of-factly, “You won’t be.” He was in the back of the station wagon without any fuss, leaning over the front seat without a seatbelt, and bothering Vanessa as much as he could with his mom present. That only lasted a few minutes, as Vanessa didn’t seem to care for Beau, or his presence, or his flirtatious sense of humor. Recognizing a lost cause, Beau finally gave up. The radio played a fuzzy tune, the tired speakers in doors kicked out the whinging guitars of Hall and Oates. The song was called 'Private Eyes'. Private Eyes they're watching you they see your every move Private Eyes they're watching you Private Eyes they're watching you watching you watching you watching you Beau drummed along with the beat with his fingers. The car strolled down main street, past the city park, slowing as it went by the old government lab just outside the center of town. You play with words you play with love you can twist it around baby that ain't enough cause I'm gonna know if you're letting me in or letting me go don't lie when you're hurting inside 'cause you can't escape my Private Eyes He settled on chilling against the vinyl seat, trying to put together why he even bothered with Vanessa in the first place. Then he reminded himself of exactly two reasons ‘why’. As he leaned back, he looked out the side window as the station wagon came to a stop in front of a house, not a baby store. Beau instantly recognized the house. It’s where he picked up Christine last Friday night; before he showed her the ‘Lover Boy’ in the back of the movie theatre. Oh boy, did Vanessa know about Christine? Because Christine knew about Vanessa, and she told Beau that she didn’t care if he already had a girlfriend. He watched in horror as Christine came out of the house and approached the passenger side with a brooding look, her jaw set and her eyes forward like living was an awful chore. She went by Christine, not ever Chrissy, you’d get popped in the mouth for calling her that. And she was the typical punk rock type, a metal head, a headbanger. Always wore black clothing, black jeans, ripped t-shirt, short cropped black hair. Even the leather fingerless gloves were black, and they looked great against her ivory skin. Multiple piercings in each ear, multiple studs in her leather jacket. She gave off a lot of that ‘look but don’t touch’ kind of vibe. But that didn’t keep away the ‘Lover Boy’. Beau could see past the rough exterior, which was easy to do since he’d more than once seen her naked. Her skinny pale figure had the slightest of curves at her breasts and hips, and was something to die for in the dark. Her bodacious body was worth all of the trouble that it came with, even if it drew the ire of the tempestuous blonde riding up front. Christine spoke to Vanessa. “You guys are running a little late, Vanessa. I just called Holly to tell her we were on our way.” Beau choked. “Holly, too?” Not her. Anyone but her. The girls turned his way and gave him a condescending glare to prove how much they were planning on ignoring him. Vanessa addressed Christine as coldly as a suspicious lover. “Thanks for coming with us, Christine. It wouldn’t happen any other way. She wanted us all to be there.” “Who? What?” Beau sounded the alarm. Vanessa interrupted him. “Beau, sweetie, us grown-ups are trying to talk.” Grown-ups? Sweetie? Her name calling had certainly been toned down this afternoon. Normally, Vanessa called him every four and five letter word that could make a sailor blush. “We got to motor if we want to make it on time,” Vanessa continued, undeterred. “Hop in the back with little Beau, and we can be on our way.” Christine was already pulling her seatbelt over her chest before they got moving again. She asked, “What took you guys so long?” “Beau was all about dry humping the hood like Tawny Kitaen,” explained Vanessa. “I wasn’t dry humping anything,” complained Beau. “Sure, you weren’t.” Christine tapped his cheek with a belittling soft touch. He slid to the bottom of his seat as Christine settled down next to him. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. It felt like calamity was knocking at the door, and all he could do was hide behind the curtains. Beau didn’t want to go to Holly’s house, see Holly’s face, or share the same planet as Holly. There were reasons why he wasn’t as proud of his conquest of Holly as he was Christine and Vanessa. It could be scratched up to miscommunication. He’d leave it at that. They had to check the addresses when they pulled up to Holly’s street, because all of the houses in the neighborhood looked the same. This one had a real quaint cottage appeal, a real copycat of the house next door and the one next door to that. Vanessa spotted little Holly on the porch-swing in front of her house, just rocking back and forth in a slow, melancholy way. She wasn’t taking this well, some girls don’t after getting the ‘Lover Boy’. Holly was demure, mousy little thing in round glasses. A naive brunette that always wore cheap dresses that looked ripped straight out of Little House on the Prairie. She liked puppies, kittens, rainbows and ponies, they were all over her Lisa Frank trapper keeper. She was so childish and innocent, and Beau — Beau gritted his teeth. He growled, “Why does she have to come with us?” Christine recoiled. “Whoa, Beau. What’s crawled up your butt?” “I just don’t fucking — I mean, I just don’t like her, she’s super weird, a real psycho like in that Carrie movie.” Mrs. Taylor waved a bony finger at her son. “Young man, you need to do a better job of watching your mouth, or I’ll pull this car over.” Beau slammed the front seat with an overhead swing from both of his hands. “We’re already pulled over, mom! Quit being such an idiot all the time.” Christine put a hand on his shoulder to calm him, but he rebuffed her touch with an angry shrug. “Beau, you don’t have to spaz out on your mom like that.” It was just so strange. All of these women in the same place was doing things to his mind. Making him think about things, and Beau didn’t like to think about things. Reflection was only for mirrors, not for Beau Taylor. He wouldn’t reflect on what happened this weekend, he wouldn’t think about it at all. His knuckles were in his mouth, stifling a tiny internal scream. He was still deep in his non-reflection when the car door opened. Holly was there, but her usual braces-filled smile was noticeably missing, and something cold and callous filled its place. No, she wasn’t taking the ‘Lover Boy’ treatment very well at all. He still greeted her, pretending to be all friendly-like even if he knew they weren’t friends. “What’s happening, Holly?” Beau tried to mend the fence, but it looked beyond repair. “Oh, hi Beau,” Holly replied, nasally and snarky. “When did you start sucking your thumb like a baby?” He didn’t even realize his hand was already back in his mouth. Beau quickly yanked it away, pretending to scratch his chin, or anything besides sucking his thumb. His frazzled response very much the opposite of being the ‘Lover Boy’. “I’m not sucking my thumb, I was just —“ Holly interrupted, “Sucking your fingers?” Mrs. Taylor weighed in on the subject as she put the car into gear. “My baby Beau always had an oral fixation. When he wasn’t on a bottle, he was on a pacifier. Took a damn long while to kick that habit.” His mom frowned as she flicked the ash free from her cigarette out the rolled down window. Christine giggled, “Oh, really.” “That explains a lot actually,” Vanessa added. “His obsession with certain things, am I right Christine?” “You’re right, can’t keep his mouth off of them.” Vanessa scowled towards the backseat in the overhead rear view mirror. At both Beau and Christine. What were these girls doing? Talking about ‘Lover Boy’ things in front of his mom! You didn't do that to a guy. He wasn't one to be afraid of a little innuendo, but there was a time and place to be sexual, and this wasn't it. That kind of talk was best saved for the backseat of the Bird, or the row furthest from the screen where no one could see or hear. Or in a restroom at her parent's restaurant. No. Why couldn't he block that out? He couldn't push that out of his mind like he wanted. It stuck around like a bad smell, as soon as it left his mind, it found its way back like a boomerang. Beau searched about the car for someone to take his side, but no one came to his defense. He suddenly felt exposed, and he didn’t like it one bit. “You’re all just trying to be funny, like I’m sucking my thumb right before we go shopping for a baby shower. What are you going to do? Buy me a pacifier? Goo-goo, gaa-gaa.” He expected them to laugh, especially when he broke into the baby talk. They just stared at him, as empty of mirth as a funeral. “You’re starting to get the right idea,” Holly laughed. Then the whole car laughed. In unison. Things were getting sorta weird around here, and Beau had enough of being outnumbered by their little hen party. There was far too much estrogen in the air, he had to puff his hairy chest to counter all the womanly energy. Something to do with aligning of the moon and the coordination of their monthly cycles. Deep thinking stuff. “Who’s this baby shower for, anyways?” Beau shot back with some swagger. “I’d like to know which one of you got knocked up.” The car went silent again. He shrugged like the Fonz. “What? Was it something I said?” Vanessa sighed, “Quit being such a wastoid, Beau.” Holly asked, “Why do you need to know?” The mousy girl spoke in a distant way as her eyes traced the world outside the window. Beau tried to explain his logic to the helpless females. “If I’m being dragged along on some crazy shopping trip, I’d at least like to know a few simple things. Like, is it for a baby boy or a baby girl?” His mom cleared her throat. “It’s for a boy. A sweet little boy.” Beau pushed the smoke away as his mom exhaled. It stung his eyes. “Does that satisfy your curiosity?” Vanessa said. “Nope,” Beau coughed, he didn’t care if he was being belligerent. “Why are you guys all together, who do you all know?” Holly snapped, "We all know you." “What’s that supposed to mean?” Beau asked. Oh, man. This deep thinking stuff hurt his brain. Okay. Maybe Holly knew about Christine, because Christine knew about Vanessa, and he was pretty sure Vanessa now knew about Christine. However, no one knew about what happened between him and Holly. That was a secret. A mistake. The mousy girl should know when it was her turn to keep her mouth shut like he told her. Beau clenched his fists until his knuckles popped. “You’ll find out soon enough,” Holly answered when she finally turned his way. The wood paneled station wagon pulled into the large gravel and dirt parking lot. The large and lonely store had more of a warehouse look than a home to retail. It sat like an empty island in the middle of nowhere. It was just a short drive from Lovington, but felt like a more different domain, and had a different feel about the whole thing. A long faded tarp was stretched across the front windows. A mainsail that billowed in the mild breeze that also kicked up a bit of dust. On the tarp was a handwritten message in what he guessed was shoe polish: Welcome to Webber’s Open at our new location Now with more influence Now with more inspiration However, the baby store was far from a ghost town. Dozens of workers in white overalls shuffled boxes around like drones with orders specifically from the queen. There was sawdust all around the door, he could even see the tell-tale signs of new construction from far away. Beau looked around at the chaos. "Is this place even open yet?" "It is by appointment," Holly commented as she opened the car door. She quickly caught onto his reluctance. "What? Are you afraid of going into a baby store? I thought you were some kind of tough guy." Beau shook his head. Stay ahead of this, and don’t let her get to you. "I'm not scared, it's just weird. What kind of bogus baby store needs an appointment to go buy diapers? Don’t babies use them all the time?” “Always on about the diapers,” Christine commented. “As if babies didn’t do anything besides pee and poop. Men are so clueless sometimes, am I right?” “Back off Christine,” Beau cracked. “I’m just trying to make conversation.” Vanessa was already outside of the car. "No need to get all defensive, baby Beau." That was it. They had challenged his masculine superiority, and if they started into this baby nonsense, they would never stop. He had to get ahead of this. Yeah, he was notoriously childish. Yeah, he was outnumbered. Yeah, the girls were acting kind of weird. Yeah, he was running out of yeahs. He'd overpower them with his powerful personality, let the 'Lover Boy' show. Well, not that ‘Lover Boy’. He'd get arrested for showing that off in this — empty parking lot. They were the only car there. No other customers, judging by the size of the building, for a huge department store. There were big moving trucks in the front, but those belonged to the workers. The same could be said about a small row of vans and sedans parked along the backside of the store. How had he just now noticed the empty lot? There was a cloudy feeling in his head. He tried to shake it off. He'd felt this way before, it felt like a hangover, but he hadn’t had anything to drink since wrecking the firebird. No. It reminded him of getting his ‘bell rung’ while playing football. Which was ‘coach speak’ for taking a bad shot to the helmet, which was bad news because his head was in there. A hard tackle could send his brain ricocheting inside his skull, resulting in subtle, temporary brain damage. The world would ring for a few minutes, or longer; and you were supposed to shake it off, not let it bother you, and battle the headache that sometimes lasted for days. That’s what it felt like, confusing, foggy headed, and hard to focus. Beau pulled at the inside handle of the car door, hoping the fresh air would alleviate all of this cloudiness. He pulled at the handle, and the door didn't move. He wiggled his hand to re-grip, and then he tried again. No. He roughly grabbed it with both hands and started violently shaking it back and forth. "You coming or not, Beau?" Holly leaned into the doorway from her side of the car. "It's just this fuc-, I mean this stupid door." He tempered his language for his angry mother, who was already working on her next cigarette outside. That habit was going to be her death, and maybe not soon enough. "You can always come out my side," Holly offered. "NO! I'm going through this. banging. door!" Beau knew he was being irrational, it was all irrational. His head felt hot as he strained against the unrelenting station wagon. He needed to show off his strength and beat this unopenable door, pop it open like a pickle jar for these women. That would get them to leave him alone. Christine waited just outside the car, watching his pathetic attempts through the window before figuring out the hold up, and opening the door from the outside. "That's the problem,” Christine observed. “It looks like the child lock was accidentally engaged. No need to throw a hissy fit, Beau." “It wasn’t a hissy fit,” Beau argued as he stepped outside and flipped his jacket collar. “Throwing a temper tantrum like a toddler, maybe Beau needs a timeout.” Vanessa giggled at her own joke. “Or he could use a spanking,” Christine added. Roll with the punches, Beau. Let them have their laughs, they were laughing with him, and not at him, right? There really wasn’t a difference, it’s what the dweebs told themselves to make themselves feel better about being dweebs. He calmed himself as the group set off towards the store. It wasn’t worth making a scene, he already made a fool of himself with the stupid door, with the stupid child lock. How had that thing been engaged? There hadn’t been a baby in the backseat in almost two decades, and Beau was an only child with no little cousins in the family tree. "You're going to want to behave yourself here," Holly warned as they all made their way across the dirt parking lot. "I've heard some strange stories about Elizabeth Webber. Also known as 'Ma'." "Like what?" Beau hurried to walk even with the smaller girl. "The first being that she's really into old school discipline, one of those grannies that still believes that humiliation is the best teacher." Holly actually sounded close to admiring this woman, Beau made it a point to steer clear of someone like she was describing. Mrs. Taylor whispered, "Maybe she can be the one to fix Beau." "What was that, mom?" Beau turned on his mother. "Do you think there's something wrong with me?" She didn't have to answer. He didn’t want to be the one to admit that his mom was right. There was something wrong with him. A dark part of him that did something wrong, that couldn't handle how wrong he went, and Beau knew it. That mistake with that mousy girl. Forever wiping the smile off her face every time she saw him. Being the 'Lover Boy' had its drawbacks. He couldn't hide behind the ultra-confident persona when Holly was around. Why was she even here? Why was he even here? He could just walk away, but he found his feet leading him to the store instead of the fledgling sunset. “And the second?” Beau’s curiosity was getting the better of him. “About ‘Ma’ Webber?” Holly pretended to be surprised. “Well, let’s just say if you act like a child, she'll treat you like one. So try to act your age for once.” Vanessa giggled. “Lay off the threatening, Holly. He’ll find out soon enough.” Beau asked, “Find out what?” “About the true meaning of diaper discipline,” Christine finished the conversation. Then she glared at Beau. He stopped with his mouth open, the girls didn’t really mean what they were saying. This had to be a prank, a way to mess with his head. And it was working. The girls continued inside while Beau hung around in the parking lot, going over the building one last time before joining them. The workers that hustled around him didn’t talk as they removed products from the backs of a pair of large white trucks, sometimes one at a time, for bigger things they worked in twos. He had to move to the side as two of the gruff men in faded white overalls and white hats pulled a huge car seat from the store, heading past him towards the parking lot. Beau stopped to watch the men struggle with big plastic safety-chair. Then he finally realized what the workers reminded him of, Oompa-Loompas. These guys were like a cross-breed between a biker gang and Oompa-Loompas. Except the little orange fellas sang as they worked, these guys only wore a scowl for their minimum wage. Still, the size of that carseat was something he couldn't get over. It looked like it could sit an adult, the various straps and buckles seemed thicker as well. It reminded him of a strait jacket, and it gave him the Heebie-jeebies. "Dude, did you guys catch the size of that carseat?" No one heard him. The girls were already inside, meeting Miss Elizabeth ‘Ma’ Webber, collecting a shopping list, and deciding how to best split the load. They had to get ready for a baby shower tonight.
  4. *Edit: I've been a reader for a long time, and around this time last year I decided to start writing ABDL stories to eventually post. There was a bit of a learning curve, I wrote a few stories that failed for various reasons, but it was important to me to post a story that was finished. I started working on Without Merit in October. It's around 30 chapters long, and I'm wrapping up the final chapters as of the posting of Chapter 1. I'm really proud of the results, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading. All characters are over 18. Story contains sexual content. ................ About Lovington Lovington is somewhere in middle America, a place where the highways give away into county roads, where franchises are few and far between. That's not to say that it's a backwater, Lovington is exactly as pristine as the American dream, and as common as ice cream with an apple pie. It's a typical American small town with a small shopping mall, a local cinema, its main street is main street. The people are kind, generous and almost as bland as the town itself. A town that blends into the area, that isn't even a blip on the map. It's always out of everyone's mind, and the people of Lovington like it that way. There is nothing suspicious about Lovington, that's why it was a great location for a secret laboratory. All the while, this laboratory in Lovington ran along, melting budgets with no real breakthroughs — then one day, there was one. They finally opened a door and only one thing came out before it closed again: the cube. 0 Boredom is its own kind of inspiration. It was well established among the teenagers that the small town of Lovington was boring, nothing ever happened here. Even as it was happening. However, the strange place had plenty of inspiration to share with everyone. A quiet influence swam throughout the city like an invisible fog, a feeling that something was moving behind the curtain, a feeling not everyone noticed or that anyone could shake. The Hartmann house was a three story affair, if you count the game room in the basement. The below ground man cave was wall to wall in wood paneling, a throwback from the 1980s when that was in fashion. The three girls inside looked as bored as the decor, draped on the pair of couches and the single creaky, padded lazy boy chair. Katie Nguyen lounged on the shorter couch, her long athletic legs hung over the other end of the sofa. Charity Brown held a pillow across her chest and was the only one watching the box shaped tv. Marisa Hartmann rested in the giant chair, swiping through selfie filters until she found one good enough to post. "Men are so easy,” Charity sighed. "I think you mean boys are easy, there aren't any men that go to our school," Marisa clarified. She lifted her phone above her head to take another semi-down the shirt selfie. “Nothing but immature boys,” Katie added. All three girls nodded in agreement before going back to whatever they were doing, but Charity wasn't ready to let this drop. There was something bothering her, and she had no idea how to express her feelings. So she complained to her friends until they helped her figure herself out. Being a teenager was strange. "It’s so annoying because it's so lame,” Charity continued. “I’m over being romanced, getting flowers, and getting bored again.” “Sounds like you need to get laid,” Marisa said with a grin. Katie raised an eyebrow in consideration to Charity, who still stared blankly at the tv screen. “I can get laid, that’s not the problem and you both know it,” Charity argued. “We both know that you’re an easy slut?” Marisa prodded. “Ha ha, very funny.” Charity rolled her eyes. They were close enough friends to let this joke pass, but no self respecting girl liked being called a slut. Charity was mostly self respecting, at least to those who didn’t truly know her. It was fine that she liked sex, and not just the regular sex that she could get from almost any boy at the school. Charity liked weird sex, like back page experimental Cosmo magazine stuff; she found herself bored too easily, like she was right now in the retro game room at Marisa’s. And when she was bored, she thought about sex. The lithe blonde cheerleader sat up and threw the lifeless pillow into the opposite corner of the couch, preparing to get on her soapbox. The commotion was dramatic enough for Marisa to actually get off the phone and actually pay attention to her. “No, think about it, Mars. You and I both know we can get whatever we ask for from just about anyone. We can get in the backseat from a football player, or in the bathroom between classes from the weird/moody, silent kid. If we want an older guy, we’d just troll a bar with a fake ID; but we’re so pretty we wouldn’t even need one. I bet that we could even bag a teacher, like even a married one. Don’t you think that’s boring?” Katie blushed furiously as Marisa considered her words. For a typical blonde, Charity made a good point every now and then. However, Marisa wanted to see where Charity was planning on going with this, and also she wanted to see just how red Katie’s face could get from embarrassment. Charity wasn’t wrong, but she over-calculated just how horny Marisa actually was. It’d be cool and all to get caught up in a whirlwind romance with an older guy, or married man. That being said, she wasn’t one to open her legs at the drop of a hat like Charity. “So what’s your point?” Marisa asked. “I’m not trying to make a point, I’m just saying I’m bored,” Charity said. The cheerleader went back to flipping between channels with an ancient tv remote with tape wrapped around the battery pack. It was Marisa’s turn to not let things go, if something was bothering her friend, she’d at least want to know the cause, it was her game room after all. “Alright, if you’re that bored you should move onto threesomes and gangbangs. You know your way to the boys locker room, you’ve done it in their showers before, right?” Katie choked. “You’ve been in the boy’s locker room?” “Shut up virgin!” Charity snickered. It was an A and B conversation and Katie needed to C her way out. Katie’s virginity was well-renowned in her circle of friends. She was the athletic type, more interested in good grades and Martial Arts tournaments than dating. It wasn’t that she was ugly, quite the opposite. Katie was tall with almond shaped eyes and well defined muscles. Her honor student lifestyle, addiction to Tae Kwon Do, and most importantly her old fashioned Asian parents, did not allow the quick hook-ups like other girls her age. “I’m just saying I want something different, a kinky relationship without the banging — like fifty shades or something.” Charity tapped the remote against her chin. “I love that movie,” Katie quipped. Virgins just didn’t know when to shut up. Marisa decided it was time to give some sort of advice, Katie was getting no where with Charity. “So why don’t you find a billionaire to tie you up and spank you?” Marisa asked. “Who said I won’t be the one doing the spanking?” Marisa laughed, Katie blushed, but Charity was still deep in thought. They were at some sort of impasse, and she had no idea what she even wanted to hear. She was bored, kinda horny, and she wanted to play a game. The idea of being the ‘spanker’ was just a quick comeback to her friend, but Charity found it intriguing and worth a second thought. “I think we’re onto something, about the whole school being boys not men and whatnot. Wouldn’t it be kinky to be in charge of a boy like we were cougars? We could put them under our control, and force them to satisfy even our nastiest fantasies. I mean, really push the envelope.” “So what did you have in mind?” Marisa purred. She could be classically sexy when she wanted. Marisa was one of those girls that woke up perfect, olive colored skin came without the tanning bed, she had long eyelashes and barely had to apply any makeup at all because being beautiful just came naturally to her. Just like her former actress, supermodel mom. “I don’t know, maybe it will come to me,” Charity said. Still nothing came to her except a hot, churning feeling nestled between her legs. She felt the need to squeeze her thighs together, then do it again — harder. Charity softly bit her lip as she hungrily watched television. Maybe she did just need to get laid. That was when she saw the commercial that gave her the idea. At first, Charity wanted to laugh so she covered her mouth. Then she had to stifle something else, a moan. This was naughty, way naughtier than anything she’d ever thought about before. By far the naughtiest daydream while watching television. Charity flashed Marisa a wicked grin from the couch prompting her to say something. “Alright Chars, what’s on your dirty mind?” Charity crawled from the couch to whisper in her friend’s ear. Her words lost to those outside her cupped hand, but Katie tried to figure out what she was saying by watching their faces. The curiosity was killing her, she hated being left out and this felt super juicy. Marisa started off looking a little confused, then she frowned, and then she laughed. It wasn’t until Charity finished her sales pitch that Marisa featured the same wonton look as her friend. Marisa asked, “Is that really a thing?” “It totally is, I read about it online months ago,” Charity answered. “What kind of guy would even allow you to do that to him?” Charity raised her eyebrows and gave Marisa a knowing look. They were the best of friends, almost at mind reader level. “You know you already have a boy wrapped around your finger,” said the blonde cheerleader. It was Marisa’s turn to blush, she knew just who Charity was talking about. He was cute but not boyfriend material, safely tucked away in the friend zone where he belonged. At the same time, the cheerleader was right about him being wrapped around her finger, but that didn’t mean he’d be into the craziness Charity was proposing. However, Marisa was intrigued by this erotically charged challenge, how far would a boy go to please them? Especially a pushover like him. Marisa asked, “Just how —?” “We could condition him like a Pavlov dog, get him hungry with every ring of the bell. With our feminine wiles we could have him jumping through hoops in no time. Just think of it as a makeover, but with a twist." The two girls laughed as the commercial continued on just in front of them. Katie was officially out of the loop, her eyes jumping from the giggling girls and the television trying to deduct what she was missing. She'd had enough of waiting, so she stood from the couch. “What are you guys talking about? And what does that have to do with Pampers?” …. 1 “No way!” That’s what Adam wanted to say when Marisa invited him to her lake house for the four day weekend. It had to be a prank or something, why would a popular girl want to spend time with a pipsqueak like himself? This was beyond the pale of believability, and it had a dreamlike quality that could just be pinched away. Sure, they shared a few classes together throughout their time in high school. He often helped her with her homework, which actually meant he did it himself, but that was always the plight of smart guys with pretty girls. The closest the two got was when Marisa played the role of his mom in the school play, 'Mother Knows Best'. However, those connections were hardly the means to be invited to a lake house. When he thought about it, he wasn't even sure they were friends, and he had expected her to disown him at her earliest convenience. Marisa was so far out of his league that they weren't even playing the same sport. She looked like a trending movie star, had the etiquette of a princess, and she practically ran the school with her personality alone. As for her body, her mom was some kind of bikini model, and the apple didn’t fall too far from the scantily-clad tree. Marisa often wore short shorts to show off her long legs and halter tops to show off her naturally tan skin. Her hair was the color of honey and caramel, finding a soft niche between blonde and brunette. She was also homecoming queen as if there was any doubt. Adam asked, "Why me?" Marisa didn’t give him an answer, she just giggled. He agreed to go anyways, but that was before he found out that Charity and Katie were going as well. Now, he would be the only boy in a lake house with three of the hottest girls in his grade. "No way!" That’s what his friends all said when he told them how he was planning to spend his weekend. They worshipped him like he’d pulled off the impossible, like he’d found the holy grail. Jerry joked, "Hold on, wasn't Marisa the one who was your mom in the play -- wouldn’t that make her a MILF?” There was plenty of laughter and high fives to go around, they all told jokes at his expense. Adam regretted letting his plans slip. When they realized that he was telling the truth, his entire table had a bit of an overreaction. His friends turned into howler monkeys — bouncing around the table, banging their chests with their hands, and victoriously pumping their fists into the air. They fantasized and strategized on how he could bed all three girls, maybe at the same time. The commotion caused the whole cafeteria to stare, and that made Adam want to disappear. Out of all his nerdy friends, Jeremy typically razzed on him the most. He was a self-proclaimed love expert, and even he looked borderline jealous of Adam. He reminded him that this was how pornos started, 'hot chicks with a helpless geek'. They surrounded Adam in a makeshift football huddle around the table, game planning what his next move should be, and how he should best handle this 'opportunity'. His mom would probably complain about all of the locker room talk, but Adam was happy that his mom wasn't there to hear what was being said. He kept his hands over his face to hide his blushing cheeks. He let out a couple of nervous laughs to play off his unease, but he didn't touch his lunch. Good things weren’t supposed to happen to the wallflower, the outcast. There comes a time in everyone’s life where they evaluate themselves against the hopeless backdrop of their peers — a measurement of deviation from normalcy. It didn’t take long for Adam to see how different he was from most eighteen year olds. He was short and scrawny, and small enough to still shop in the kids section. Adam never had to shave, even the freshmen had stubble. It was like the puberty fairy forgot to sprinkle dust on him while he slept. He even played the cute little kid in the school play. Everyone laughed at the jokes, they coo’ed and aww’ed at him, all the while he was a senior in high school. He wasn't bad looking, both his mom and grandma said he was handsome. That’s two women spanning two generations, that had to count for something, right? Adam was shy and struggled to talk to girls, he was a virgin and never had a girlfriend because he was afraid if he asked they’d say -- “No way!” Okay, he was better with girls than he gave himself credit. Jeremy often marveled at how well he did with the opposite sex despite being so clueless. He was the opposite of Adam, Jeremy kept up with the latest fashions, dressed the part and quoted GQ like it was scripture. His reputation for unsuccessfully chasing skirt, and his palpable desperation, led to him turning off every girl at school. However, he still lectured Adam almost daily in how to get girls. Just like he was doing now. Jeremy advised, “You’ve got to have the confidence to be yourself if you want to seal the deal.” The irony was not lost on Adam; he did his best to ignore him, he didn’t want to be the one to burst his friend’s bubble. Adam just looked at things differently, his friends all changed as they grew older — everyone except Adam. Friday nights were no longer about pizza and late night video game sessions, there were no more nerf wars with walkie-talkies in the woods; now, all his crew cared about was getting laid. Adam wasn’t like them. He still played with action figures, watched cartoons and he loved wearing his Pokémon shirts to school. Like Ash Ketchum, Pokémon was timeless. It’s not like he wasn’t interested in girls, his life didn't revolve around hooking up. The situation at school didn't help matters, he was prime pickings for a lot of random harassment from his female classmates. When he walked down the halls, he got his hair ruffled, butt goosed, a couple of times he was even carried off by a pack of giggling girls. It wasn't anything sexual, it was just how they'd flirt with a senior that looked like an 8th grader. They also gave him kindly nicknames, calling him 'squirt', 'honey', 'baby'. They treated him like a kid brother, not potential boyfriend material. “No way!” That’s what Adam thought his mom would say when he asked her if he could spend the weekend at a lake house with three girls. This wouldn't pass her puritanical smell test for sure. However, she surprised him with the biggest smile and a sincere happy mommy hug. Adam still got those at eighteen. Then she asked, “Honey, do we need to talk about safe sex?” “No way!” Adam wanted to scream, but he just shook his head. She did so anyways, for an entirely painful 30 minutes, Adam never wanted to hear about the birds and bees ever again. The following day he found a box of condoms on his pillow, a gift from mom. How come everyone was viewing this lake house invitation as a VIP ticket to orgyville? Of course he knew of all three girls, they were school-wide royalty with perfect hair and perfect bodies to match. Cool seemed to always stick with them and change with them like seasons. They were the unapologetic trend setters, who all girls wanted to be and whom all boys wanted to be with. Charity was a blonde, everyone knows the type, a cliche valley girl that began each sentence with OMG and spelled out LOL instead of laughing. Her clothes were expensive but always bought on sale. She wasn’t really rude, she just tried really hard to make it seem like she didn’t care. Adam knew for a fact that she did, back in sophomore year, she stopped a few members of the football team from putting him in a locker. She had a reputation as a girl that went all the way, which meant as much to Adam as the weather on the moon. Katie was more of a mystery. The Asian girl was a blackbelt in TaeKwonDo, genuinely polite and caring. Her GPA was through the roof, and she won an award in just about everything she did. Her intelligence was just as intimidating as her muscles, she was athletic and quick to solve a math problem. As far as Adam knew, she never had a boyfriend. It seemed like the dating scene passed by them both. The boys at his table had different ways to describe the girls, they made hand gestures regarding their curves, they kissed at the air like lovesick fools. Jeremy asked, "So you're going to film this right? You're going to make an epic porno." "Um... No way," muttered Adam. This would not end in sex, he thought to himself. However, there was a secret in the duffle bag cradled between his feet. Safely tucked away in a sock was the box of condoms his mother had bought him. There was no way that he'd put anything on video, even though the thought did excite him a bit. That'd be one way to get back at Jeremy for razzing him about his virginity for the last four years. Adam looked around to see his support group had turned on him, no longer regarding him as the king of the table, only as the loser who wouldn't give them what they wanted. The energy deflated like a worn balloon. Adam hated himself for telling them his weekend plans, but he also hated disappointing them. So he did what all cowards did, he gave in. "Okay, fine. If anything happens I'll try to catch it on video." Adam expected them to cheer, chant his name, and carry him around the cafeteria, but they all fell silent. Their eyes went wide, their jaws dropped open with shocked expressions on their faces, he was surprised by the effect his words had on them. He was even more surprised to hear Marisa's voice come from behind him. “What do you plan to catch on video?” Adam felt the dual sensation of panic and humiliation when he wondered just how much she had heard. The world reeled in slow motion as he turned from the table to see not only Marisa, but Charity and Katie as well. They all had the same look on their faces, the same kind that his mom had when he did something bad. He ran his hand through his shaggy hair, he had no idea what to say, so he nervously chuckled while looking to his friends for help. Jeremy turned his back on him, whistling like he had nothing to do with operation Amatuer Pornstar. It looked like Adam was already on his own, some group of friends that he had. "I was hoping to make a nature video. You know, of the animals around the lake." A surprising solid 3 star save in the clutch! Right on cue, the boys around him nodded in agreement, someone muttered something about squirrels. It looked like everyone believed Adam except for the three girls. Katie crossed her muscular arms, Charity rolled her eyes, and Marisa had her hands on her hips as if to say: "No way..." "I'm sure you care all about the wildlife," Charity groaned. She had plenty of experience with bad boyfriends and could sniff out a masculine lie like a bloodhound. Marisa seemed the quickest to shrug it off. "My mom just pulled up, are you all packed and ready for our trip?" Jealousy emanated from his friends as they left the boys at the table. The ones who were about to throw a parade in his honor were now giving him sideways glances like he was the first one to shout bingo in a room full of grannies. He was no longer wanted at this table, and he was pretty certain that he wouldn't be until he came back with a scandalous video. That probably wouldn't happen, because despite the peer pressure, Adam still thought that it was a bad idea. Katie asked, "Are you excited?" The taller girl slugged him in the arm, harder than she probably intended, she was a black belt after all. He managed to nod back at her. Adam was not a fan of small talk, and he had to stop himself from throwing up when he opened his mouth. He said something that sounded like 'yeah', but it was more of a grunt than a word, so he cleared his throat and said it again. It still came out as a mumbling mess. The hallway to the car seemed to go on forever, how was he supposed to talk to these girls this weekend? Adam wanted to open up, shake off the shyness, but he was still a mumbling, bumbling idiot. Two conflicting thoughts battled in his mind as he shuffled in silence. The first, that his friends were wrong, and this wouldn’t be some sort of sexy party with a wild romp with these girls. This was highly likely, and the most probable outcome, but some leftover mystery still lingered — what if they were right? What if he was heading into a trap where these girls would bang him all weekend? It sounded like a fantasy, but it made him want to throw up. Both thoughts were equally nerve racking, and he couldn’t think of anything else. Marisa put her arm around him and shook him awake. "Come on, Adam. We're going to have a great time this weekend. We've been looking forward to hanging out with you, so there's no need to be nervous." He melted a little bit when she flashed a smile at him. "We're going to have LOADS of fun,” Charity giggled. There was a red luxury SUV in the parking lot, a beautiful woman leaned against the passenger side door like a Bond girl. Her long blonde hair swayed in the wind, same as her loose fitting turquoise summer dress that looked like it was ripped straight from a fashion magazine. She looked like she was high maintenance but worth every penny. Marisa pointed to her. "It looks like my mom is here. Adam, why don't you say hello while we load up all the bags in the back?" "No Way!" Is what Adam thought when he saw Marisa's mom for the first time. Jeremy liked to use the word MILF to describe any woman over the age of thirty, but that's the exact way Adam would describe her. She had aged out of pretty but matured into beautiful. The nerves rose up again, and he chose to look at his feet rather than make eye contact with her. He wanted to snap out of it, say something witty or polite, but he just walked in front of her and stood there expectantly. Like a mute. Mrs. Hartmann leaned down and ruffled his shaggy brown hair. "So you're this Adam that Marisa keeps talking about. I recognize you from the play, you look a little bit older when you're not wearing a sailor suit." A bit puzzled, Adam looked down at his Pikachu t-shirt and khaki shorts, then remembered what he wore for the play. Yes, he wore a sailor suit to make him look more like a kid. As if his genes didn’t do that enough already. “Yeah, those aren’t my regular clothes,” Adam mumbled. "I'm sure they weren't, but you did look so cute. I'd say that you were the audience's second favorite, and you memorized your lines so well. We were so proud of you, weren't we Marisa?" "We sure were," Marisa commented as she circled around the front of the car and hopped into the passenger seat. The hot mom extended her hand to shake his, Adam just meekly put his hands in hers. "My name is Lindsey Hartmann, and I'll be your driver today. You better be on your best behavior, I won't hesitate to give you a firm smack on the behind if you get out of line with any of these girls." Adam couldn't tell if she was joking or not, she was as difficult to read as Shakespeare with a stutter. However, he didn't like the sound of being spanked at all. There was something so demeaning and childish about that particular punishment. Adam had an active imagination. In his mind he saw himself draped over her lap — and he stopped himself from thinking about it even further because his face was turning pink. Marisa rolled down the window. “Aren't you going to join us?" Everyone was already inside the car by the time Adam recovered. He opened the door to the back seat to find Katie and Charity already comfortable and watching him expectantly. He stepped inside only to find a pink booster seat in the last open spot. Not only was it pink, it was a princess themed toddler chair covered with glittering magic wands, butterflies and fairy wings. A large sparkling tiara featured prominently where his butt would be. He wanted to say so bad — "No Way!" Really? Were they expecting him to sit in a chair for toddlers? Adam fumbled around the back of the booster looking for a way to pull it off the seat so he could actually sit down. It was tied to the backseat by some force beyond science, he certainly couldn't figure out where. Adam pulled and jerked at the chair while the whole car watched him make a fool out of himself. "Is there a problem?" Marisa asked from the front. "No, I'm just trying to move this car seat so I can sit down," Adam answered. "Could you do me a big favor and just deal with it this time?" Marisa asked politely. "We put the seat in for my baby cousin, and it was a real hassle that we do not want to do again. My mom is planning on taking her to the zoo next week." Marisa had a way of making Adam do whatever she wanted, the magic formula was her good looks and powerful charisma with a dash of his lack of backbone. She could easily put him under her spell. He felt helpless to her words; then again, a car seat was a car seat. Lines had to be drawn somewhere. Adam complained, "I don't think I'd even fit, I'm not a little kid." There the chair sat, its intentions evil to the core, and Adam wasn't planning on sitting in it — that was until Charity slapped the seat with her hand, which startled him. She didn't have to say a word, she just gave him a look. He was beginning to hate these girls and their looks. But once again like a coward, he gave in. He climbed into the car seat without any more protest. The arms on the booster were snug around his waist, but besides that, he did fit. Adam frowned when he did. Marisa snaked her hand from around the front seat and gave his thigh a squeeze. "And you thought you were too big," Marisa laughed. "Well, I —“ Lindsey interrupted, "Aren't you going to buckle up?" Adam desperately wanted to argue, say something about being an adult, but everything around him seemed to move too fast. In a flash, Charity deftly pulled the seat belt over him, her hands sliding uncomfortably through his comfort space, barely above his no-no zone, but the boy was flabbergasted already. Too many girls, too little of space, and princess themed car seats had a way of getting to someone. "Alright, he's locked up tight. Let's get this show on the road," Charity announced.
  5. Planets and Pacifiers By Horatio Husky Ion engines engines efficiency at 87% Cooling system: normal Internal atmospheric composition: normal Navigation system: active Radiation shield: active Cargo Hold temperature: 282.9 degrees kelvin Cockpit temperature: 293.9 degrees kelvin Bridge temperature: 293.4 degrees kelvin Exterior temperature 2.7 degrees kelvin Complete system diagnosis: nominal Current Coordinates: 14.22524 tesseracts, 1532.24642 leths, 35.99946 endons Nebula Location Adjacency: Iago’s nebula “Yeah yeah yeah, stuff it.” A light orange fox lounged in a pilot’s seat, designed to be sat in in an upright, rigid position in order to maximize alertness in its user. Apollo did not seem to be so keen on respecting the design of the chair, for his posture gave off every impression except one of attention. He rolled his eyes and twirled a finger in his thick, yellow-dyed headfur. Did the machine really have to recite the information out loud every hour he thought to himself, as he yawned and stretched his arms and legs lethargically. A little shorter and light furred than most orange foxes his age, the 20 year old pilot was bored of his freight mission. “Work in the space fleet they said. It’ll be an adventure they said. You’ll rise through the ranks quickly they said.” he spoke aloud in a mocking tone, scrunching his face up and bringing his lip back, wagging his head in mock chipperness. The fox once again rolled his eyes, and glanced up at the various monitors in front of him, his well trained eyes picking out the pertinent pieces of information before him amongst the myriad of pointless stats and figures. The fox was driving a standard issue military freighter, loaded with food rations, armor supplies, energy cells, hygiene products, and other various necessities required by the military. A crucial job to keep the military sane, but still a very boring one. Apollo wished he wasn’t still such a low ranking pilot, and getting assigned a two month mission of just going from system to system had been taking a serious toll on his mind. He had grown tired of video games, movies, and even the virtual reality simulator, which unfortunately for him, had only demo access on the ship model he’d been stuck with. Cheap bastards. A notification appeared on one of the 9 monitors displayed on the glass in front of him, behind the glass a dual star system was fast approaching, the twin suns each radiating their light, as if to welcome the pilot to their system. The ship itself was shaped like the tip of an arrow, with a larger cylindrical portion hitched to its back, containing the various supplies. The dragon sperm was the nickname Apollo had unaffectionately dubbed his ship which he was more and more beginning to see as a prison of little stimulation. He waved a paw lazily, the dashboard registered his lackadaisical movement and opened the notification. A green x-ray image of what looked to be an abandoned station appeared in front of him, along with coordinates. His eyes glanced to them, and then excitedly sat up in his seat, boredom and self-pity forgotten. “It’s in the upcoming system, along the way!” he said aloud, ecstatic at finding such a relic. Running a quick diagnosis he was told that the station’s power system was in sleep mode as well as the on board AI, for how long it had been deactivated wasn’t specified, but the exterior looked as if it had taken a few decades of being beaten by the radiation pouring out by the sister stars only around 19 million kilometers away. Its primary objective for construction was also stated as infant care, which took him aback for a second. Recovering quickly, Apollo stuck his tongue out to the side of his maw, and excitedly concentrated at overriding the ship’s commands to continue on its passage, just for a quick stop to explore this obviously very important case of spatial exploration. He scratched at his white chest fur with a paw absentmindedly as he flipped a few switches, and pressing a button a semi-circle attached to a bar appeared, grasping the steering wheel he began to gently guide his ship towards the abandoned space station. “Haha!” he grinned to himself,”Finally I can actually use this piece of ship!” Grinning at his stupid pun, he approached the station. As he grew closer he noticed that it was larger than he expected, with a wide array of solar panels that seemed mostly intact, and surprisingly large ship loading and unloading docks. It’s gravitational anchor was a small, red looking planet which Apollo knew from his space class was probably due to oxidation of iron with the soil. Ignoring the planet he synced up his speed to the velocity of the station and chose a smaller landing area that seemed best sheltered from the radiation pouring from the center of the solar system. “Easy does it, come on you’ve done this dozens of times, YES!” exclaimed Apollo, as with a resounding noise the ship docked with the docking area, and the all too familiar hiss of an airlock engaged, connecting with the station. The scrawny fox giddily hopped out of his pilot’s seat and scampered his tail swishing excitedly over to his space suit. Almost shaking with glee, he quickly stepped into his space boots and allowed the system to place the rest of the suit on him. It couldn’t do it quick enough, however after a minute his helmet had set in place, and, clicking his heels together, the static adhesive pads activated on his boots and he stepped into the airlock. More hissing followed and the sounds of heavy metals moving was heard, and with a shudder, the airlock opened to reveal a more colorful spectacle than he had expected. A green light appearing on his helmet as he entered, he clicked a latch on the side of his space suit neck while also pressing a button on a wrist terminal on his left arm. With a sharp hiss, the helmet came off, and Apollo breathed in deeply. A strange yet oddly nostalgic smell entered his sensitive nostrils, and he frowned sniffing further, trying to identify the smell. “Is that… talcum powder?” he mused to himself, as he took a step further into the station. Along the walls were various infantile patterns of little cubs, kittens, puppies, and other children, some of them wearing little space suits and diapers, while others slept on crescent moons or floated through space, attached by a lifeline on a spacewalk exploring the galaxy. Cute, thought Apollo to himself, as he tapped his shoulder to activate a flashlight on it and after moving his eyes up and down and side to side, its beam synchronized with his own focused vision. He continued to walk through the facility, which was only lit by some of the twin star’s lights coming through windows that appeared every once in a while spanning from floor to ceiling, the red gravity anchor planet also reflecting the starlight into the station, giving it a soft, almost pinkish atmospheric light. On his way he passed a particularly sophisticated looking synthetic arm, hanging from the ceiling presumably via magnetism, for there seemed no obvious mechanic for it to be able to move from its spot as it hung dejectedly from the ceiling. “Aww man, is there going to be any loot in here? I really want to be able to show off to the others that I had an actual adventure!” Apollo complained, as he rounded into a corridor with several entrances. Picking the closest one to his left, the door opened automatically when he stepped in front of it to his great surprise, and revealed to him what looked like a room to change an infant’s diapers. A changing table with a menagerie of baby products stood as the centerpiece in the room, along with more depressed looking yet highly futuristic mechanical arms hanging above it, their skin a shiny white color and their exposed wire and machinery parts a glistening black. He noticed that the floor he’d been walking on was a rather soft looking blue carpet, and looking back the way he came he also observed that everything seemed to be designed with comfort in mind, for the safety of the children being taken care of here presumably. Clicking his wrist terminal, he tapped around until he found a locator, and followed the instructions on his monitor through a series of doors and corridors. Seeing much more of the cutesy tyke space exploration mosaic, he finally arrived at a hallway where he saw what looked like a terminal at the end. Striding over to it, he tapped experimentally on the large black screen. To his delight the screen illuminated, and he tapped through various windows until he arrived at an inventory and functionality list. His trained mind perusing quickly behind the boring details, he arrived at the description of the station’s purpose. “The primary objective of this institution is the cultivation and upbringing of infants through the first few stages of development; giving them an opportunity to develop stronger immune systems through systematic control of inoculation as well as stimulated development via exposure to an environment such as this space station, where the air, food, and lifestyle are all designed with the healthy and happy development of the child in mind. After the period of post-birth incubation is over, the children are then shipped out using a state of the art long-term space travel system to arrive at their final destination with highly stimulated beginnings and a matured immune system. As of this past century, the entire system has undergone a success in complete automation.” “Huh, a retro-nursery. Sure wish my parents stuck me in one of these before I turned 2, maybe then I could have become a cyborg engineer,” the fox muttered to himself sarcastically. He tabbed through more information screens, which just displayed various shipment records of supplies as well as a few analytics on the function of the energy system. Apollo was a little confused why the station was in a state of hibernation, for as he clicked through he realized that all of the systems in the place were running smoothly with no need for any major repairs. He frowned, and tried accessing an administrative tab to see if he could see if the station had been turned off intentionally. Something squeezed his shoulder and Apollo yelped loudly, ”BWAH!” His helmet which he’d been toting with him under his arm fell from his grasp, and landed softly on the carpet. Whirling around he found that one of the mechanical arms was firmly grasping his shoulder, tapping its index finger expectantly. He brushed away at it, but before he could try and get away from it it released him and pointed down the hallway to the right of the terminal, as if saying,”Come on bub, this way.” The fox blinked, then leaned down to pick up his fallen helmet, cocking his head to the side curiously,”I thought this place was in the hibernation mode.” As if to directly prove him wrong, the hall he was on became illuminated with cheery yellow lights, and he could hear whirring and clanging, as well as what sounded like a generator firing up somewhere in the institution. He looked around, bewildered but a little excited to see the station coming alive again. His excitement turned to a startled feeling however as the arm, seemingly rather impatient, grabbed his wrist and began tugging him down the hall at which it had pointed. Apollo protested, and tried yanking his way out of the arm’s grasp, but found himself comfortably yet firmly trapped in its vice, and all he could do was keep up with wherever it was leading him. His heart rate increased and he tried getting to his wrist terminal, but found that the jostling rate of the arm’s tugging didn’t allow him to punch in the code for a distress signal back to his ship. “Let go you piece of scrap! I’m the captain of a ship! Even though it’s a one man ship… Still a ship!” The arm utterly ignored his indignance as they rounded around a bend and the fox found himself back at the familiar hall with multiple entrances on the left and right. He was half lead half dragged into an entrance to the left, where he found himself faced with five more arms all expectantly holding various physician’s items and forms of measurement. Apollo was seriously starting to panic as the arm that lead him in released him only to immediately click a button on a panel next to the entrance and shut the door behind him. Two more arms descended from the ceiling and grabbed him by the upper arms, he thrashed and kicked, dropping his helmet once again and flailed, trying to get away from the metal captors. The arms began to assail their poor victim with the various instruments, looking inside his ears, forcing his jaw open to inspect his teeth with the instruments, grabbing at various muscles and one arm even had the gaul to gently squeeze his unspeakables. He yelped and twitched a little bit when that happened, yipping at an arm as it passed his head, furious with being manhandled without any consent. The arm that he had snapped at stopped moving, and quickly reversed direction back upwards into a surprisingly high ceiling. Noting that it seemed to reach for something high above him, it quickly descended back towards him and before he could react popped some sort of rubber bulb in his mouth. He tried spitting it out, but found that another arm was fastening something behind the back of his head which pulled on his cheeks, and with a muffled gasp he realized he was being gagged. Not just any gag though, as he moved the alien structure around in his mouth and attempted to suck on it, he realized the arm had stuck a pacifier in his mouth. “Em nawt a ba-MMM!” the bulb in the pacifier suddenly inflated in his mouth substantially, and Apollo found to his dismay that he was not longer able to open his mouth enough to even attempt to say words. He huffed into his pacifier, but before he could further reflect on his situation a panel appeared in the wall in front of him approximately a yard wide and tall, and looking closer he saw that a conveyor belt appeared to be moving inside of the panel opening. Jostling him the arms pushed him towards the conveyor belt and then lifted him onto it, he thrashed and flailed but to no avail, as he was deposited on the conveyor belt the panel shut behind him, and the only illumination was the flashlight on his space suit, which still followed wherever he gazed. The company which had designed the clever device warned strongly to never have it synced with in total darkness, for only seeing light in one’s central vision but never in their peripheral vision could cause bad paranoia and even hallucinations. Given the situation the fox seemed to have landed himself into, his paranoia was already sky high. He got himself up to his knees on the moving belt, only to have something thump him on the back back onto his stomach. He growled into his pacifier gag with frustration, and then began to panic as he felt something unzipping his space suit and grabbing the wrist with his personal terminal on it. The flashlight switched off, and the poor vulpine was thrown into complete darkness as the suit registered it was being taken off. Helpless and blind, the fox soon was being completely stripped of all clothing he wore. He shivered, terrified as his naked body continued to progress on the belt. He felt more things touching him, the machine examining every nook and cranny of his body, leaving him feeling completely helpless. Suddenly another panel opened, and he found himself being thrust unceremoniously into a pool of bubbly water. He spluttered, his thick yellow hair in his face. He tried to clear his eyes of hair but once again found his arms restrained and felt several brushes assault various parts of his body. Surprisingly pleasant, he was able to see past a break in his sopping wet hair that he was being scrubbed head to toe by more mechanical arms in what he guessed was a large bath. Unable to do much but allow himself to be cleaned, Apollo cursed his stupidity at not being more careful. “Still,” he thought,”once the system does whatever this integration protocol is or whatever, I’m sure when it’s satisfied I’ll be able to get back to my ship.” Confident in this assumption, he reluctantly allowed the arms to finish cleaning him, lifting him out of the tub and blasting him with air from vents below where they had deposited him. As the air shut off, his hair fluffed out. He groaned, he must really looked like a little kid with all his fur all over the place. He reached back to try and unfasten his pacifier gag, but wasn’t quick enough for once again an arm grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him out of the room, down the soft carpet, which the still naked Apollo now appreciated, and into the room he had first seen. Before him stood a changing table. “That is a big no from me,” thought Apollo, as to his dismay he was lifted up onto the table and had his wrists and ankles strapped to the corners. The poor fox whimpered, unhappy that he seemingly had lost all freedom and trust to do anything for himself. He winced and tried moving away from an arm that began to spread a white cream into his fur around his groin, on his bottom, and, tensing, around his sensitive bits. Another arm gently slid a hand under his lower back, and lifted him upwards. The fox looked down at himself, and saw that one arm was rising up clutching a thick, dark blue diaper with constellation patterns adorning it. The solar sailor squirmed and moaned in objection as the diaper was unfolded and slid gently under his quivering bottom. As he settled down on it he was surprised at the incredibly softness of the material against him. Another mechanical arm began applying generous amounts of baby powder in his diaper area, causing him to sneeze and shiver. Putting away the various infantile cosmetical supplies, the arms folded the front of the diaper over Apollo’s front, and snugly taped it in place, three tapes on each side. Apollo flexed his thighs and his buttcheeks, realizing that the soft padding was firmly in place. The corner restraints released, but before he could attempt to escape where previously the restraints held his wrists and ankles arms grasped him, lifting him out off of the changing table and unceremoniously carrying him out of the room, much to his displeasure. Trying to thrash and twist out of their grasp, the fox suckled nervously on his pacifier gag as he was carried into yet another room, inside of which were various mirrors and cabinets from the floor high up into the tall ceiling. The arms carried him to the center of the room, where he was able to see his pathetic state in one of the mirrors. His cheeks reddened, the fox was already a little bit on the small size, but the pacifier and the diaper did little to make him look like the adult he was. The poor pilot had gone from commanding his own ship to looking like he able to do little else than use his own diapers and suckle his pacifier. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed some more arms that had appeared from above shuffling through the cabinets. The four arms that had carried him in still firmly holding him in the air, and the arms that had been searching through cabinets soon descended on him with various items. He felt a pressure on his ankle, and looked down to see a slim black bracelet placed above his footpaw. A small red light appeared on it, which turned to green and quickly vanished. His tail curled around his thigh, right under his diaper. “I’ve just been tagged! Am I going to be imprisoned here? Why would they need to track me?!” he thought apprehensively. Something went over his ears and onto his head, then fastened underneath his chin. He looked up into the mirror to see what was being put on him but was blinded by yet another thing being pulled over his head. The arms meandered their way into releasing and grasping his limbs once again as he was forced into a piece of clothing. His head emerging, he saw in the mirror that he was garbed in a thick, and rather heavy infant gown with a bonnet fastened over his hair. Feeling incredibly humiliated and infantile, his indignance was further increased as the arms thrust his hands into blue rounded mittens, and locked them in place with a touch of a finger on the wrist cloth, a lock symbol glowing briefly, telling Apollo he was not getting out of them any time soon. “Blasted station! How on earth is such a sophisticated looking system mistake an adult for a newborn infant?!” he once again thought to himself in frustration and panic. He moaned desperately into his pacifier, realizing that he may not be able to get of his situation as soon as the machine was done babying him. He’d have to wait until the machine left him alone with some time and he could figure out somehow how to get his gag and mittens off. Seeing how his clothes and wrist communicator had been confiscated by the machine, he’d have to do some exploring through the facility to voice activate it. In an all too familiar motion the arms grabbed his limbs and raised him up once more, parading him out of the room and down the hallway. They traveled for a longer period than previously, and Apollo was able to marvel at the true size and infantile design the station sported. It really made him feel as if he were inside a giant nursery, designed to make the environment as soothing and babyish as possible with the patterns on the wall, soft curves of the corners, and the ever persistent smell of baby powder lingering in the air. Or maybe that was just him,”Ugh…” thought the fox to himself,”Where on earth are these things taking me?” After a minute more of being carried through the various passageways they arrived at a large arch, above which was written ”Incubation Pods.” Apollo’s pacifier would have dropped from his agape mouth had it not been snuggly strapped in. The room they entered was gigantic, several hundred meters from wall to wall, ceiling to ceiling, with wide pathways in the center allowing access to both mechanical arms and any bipeds or quadrupeds wanting to admire the space and walk through it. Between tall, narrow windows revealing the gorgeous outer space outside were several spacious pods, around three meters long and two meters wide. Apollo’s question of what was inside of the pods lining the walls was soon answered as the arms magnetic rail connection clipped onto a vertical rail line and he began to ascend upwards. Although a pilot, Apollo still was rather uncomfortable with large heights and with no titanium and carbon fiber vessel to hold him securely in place he tensed with apprehension as the arms carried him upwards. Maneuvering towards a pod in the center of the room, a few pods away from the nearest vertical window the fox saw that the interior was lined with soft, blue padding, a thick fleece blanket covered the middle, and several large fluffy pillows and a few choice large stuffed animals were contained within the pods. The upper half was made of a clear substance, and one of the pods lifted this translucent lid slightly with as hiss as the arms approached with their prey: the poor, rather babyishly garbed fox pilot. Presuming that he’d be put in one of the pods Apollo once again resumed his struggles, now in bigger earnest than before. He kicked and thrashed, yelling into his gag in anger as he exerted himself. His elbow connected with something hard, and he felt a rather nasty pain coming from his arm but realized with delight he must have succeeded in causing some damage. He glanced down, just in time to see one of the arms shattering into a million pieces on the walkway below. Looking up, he saw the end of what remained of the arm, sparking with electricity. Using his now freed arm he reached to attack the others that held him, but almost wet his newly acquired padding instead. Two dozen arms were now surging towards him, they grabbed his arms, legs, torso, and head, with the firmness increasing more and more as he attempted to resist them. They deposited him into the pod, pulling back the heavy looking blanket several arms pulled out several straps and folds hidden within the seams of the internal bedding. A harness with straps thick enough to almost constitute as clothing were drawn across his torso and crotch, tightly fastening them by what looked like velcro the fox. He tried moving and pawing at the restraints with his mittens, but found that it held him tightly in place in the center of the pod. He threw his head back and harrumphed in frustration as the arms retreated from the pod, the glass covering sealing back into place leaving the pilot to his own thoughts. He squirmed, pathetically tring to his use mittened paws to grasp at his secured torso, his pacifier, and the bonnet on his head tied under his chin. “This is humiliating,” he thought to himself,”I’ll never be able to live this down if anybody finds out, but how the hell am I supposed to escape if every time I do anything I get swarmed by those wretched arms!” He gasped slightly, and suckled on his pacifier a few times before consciously stopping himself when he realized what he was doing. “That’s it! I just have to do exactly what the system wants me to do and behave like a baby, then pull a fast one at the last minute!” Had he not been limited in his mobility, Apollo would have patted himself on the back for such an ingenious idea. Before he could further congratulate himself on being the smartest space pilot in the entire galaxy he jumped with surprise as a panel in the side of the bedding of the pod appeared out of nowhere, and more arms appeared. Gods above he was getting really sick of him he thought, as he wearily watched them approach him. Unstrapping the pacifier gag behind his head, the fox had hardly an opportunity to say anything until another rubber stopper was deposited firmly in place. He frowned, biting down on it. A squirt of sweet liquid came into contact with his tongue, and he looking down he saw a large baby bottle had been placed into his maw, patterns of stars, comets, and planets adorning it. The liquid inside of the container was a slight pink color, and as the fox took an experimental suckle on the thing, realized it was flavored strawberry. Apollo loved strawberries, and against his better judgement listened to the anguished growl that arose from his stomach as he realized he had not eaten in quite a while. Mentally shrugging, he allowed himself to be fed from the bottle, the contents tasted like a creamy strawberry milkshake, one of his favorite treats as a young kit back on his home planet. His eyelids drooped, and the interval between each suckle on his baba lengthened. A soothing female voice suddenly began to filter into the little crib pod, whispering little nothings into his ear, cooing and admiring on how incredibly cute and sweet he was. Apollo’s ear twitched and and a drol smile spread across his face, feeling surprisingly content albeit the situation. He wondered why he’d been so worked up just a few minutes ago. Why fuss? He was snuggly secured in his little crib, and his belly was full of delicious strawberry flavored milkshake! He wriggled comfortably, feeling almost fuzzy with coziness. He hardly noticed as the arms withdrew the bottle from his milk stained lips to be once again replaced with the pacifier gag, pulled the heavy blanket onto him, moved a pillow under his head, and placed a large, red dragon plushie in his arms, which he sleepily hugged tightly to himself with both arms. The little pilot’s consciousness dripped, then ebbed, and then slowly sank into a deep sleep, his breath slowing and his mind set at an ease he hadn’t experienced since he had been a little kit oh so many years ago. Apollo would barely remember this occurring later, but after what must have been only a few hours he woke up, but still felt incredibly sleepy from his deep sleep. He squirmed uncomfortably, and found that his surroundings were dark. His mind still in the clouds of hypnos, he tried to get up to empty his bladder. For some reason he wasn’t able to, and his still incredibly sleepy mind didn’t want to put forth more effort than it had to. He settled back down, and as he drifted back to sleep he felt a warm dampness spreading near the front of his crotch. His previously very full bladder now relieved, Apollo snuggled his cheek against the dragon plushie he hugged tightly, his padding now a little bigger and more tightly pressed against him than it had been previously. Apollo let out a sigh, and went back to sleep. ~ ~ ~ His vision was blurry and the light too harsh for his dark-accustomed eyes. He raised a paw to shield them from the brightness, and as his eyes went back into focus he saw the locked mitten still fixed on his hand. The events that had recently happened to him came flooding back, and suddenly he was wide awake. Shifting around to check if he was still secured in the straps, he felt something damp in his diaper. A feeling of shock and slight dread filled him, as he moved around further. “Did I wet myself when I slept?!” his mind screamed, as he brought his thighs together. To his dismay the absorbent material inside his diaper squished and crinkled, confirming his suspicions. His stomach gurgled, and his anxiety intensified as he realized that he had not used the toilet in a very long time. A pressure began to form on his lower abdomen, building up and pressing on his furry behind. Groaning he covered his face with his mittened paws and unconsciously suckled on his pacifier, he clenched his cheeks together, refusing to give up this aspect of his adulthood. The battle was waged for several minutes, but Apollo saw how it would eventually end. He whimpered, the pain beginning to register a higher intensity as he tried not to mess himself. A tear welled up in his right eye, and with a defeated cry muffled from his pacifier the contents of his bowels thundered into the backseat of his padding. He leaned forward slightly, bringing his legs up only to be hindered by the heavy blanket still weighing down upon him. The warm messed ballooned into his diapers, spreading out slightly into the front of his diaper. His release had been complete, for along with the back he had also wet the front even more. Apollo, military space pilot, captain of the ‘dragon sperm,’ had helpless used his diapers like a baby. No readjustment or movement allowed him to get away from the mess in his pants, the crinkling was muffled by the blanket as he shifted, the restrictive straps further pressing the padding onto his body as the material had swelled with his multiple instances of wetting. He lay there for what felt like an hour, during which he once again wet his diapers. “I must have been drugged, why would my body be reacting like this just because I’m dressed in baby clothes?” He shook his head, cursing himself for being so stupid as the puzzle pieces fell into place. They must have given him quite the cocktail to have completely incapacitated him to the point of being unable to keep his pants clean. “Good morning piddlepants!” a voice rang through the pod, jumping Apollo out of his revery. He looked around confused, the voice behind the exclamation was the same as the AI announcer voice he had heard before his rather lengthy nap, and it surprised him to be hearing it addressing him so directly. “How’s our little baby boy today! Did we use our diapers last night? Good little babies use their diapers and let their mommies and daddies love them for it!” Blushing at the infantile talk, Apollo saw through the glass that several arms were approaching his pod, clutching various changing supplies they approached, reaching into it as with another hiss the upper dome opened. Moving the blanket off of the little pilot they worked at unstrapping him out of the bundle and unclothed him until only his used diaper was open to the air. The smell hit his nostrils and he whimpered, a feeling of complete helplessness coursing through his mind as the arms held his own above his head and untapped his diaper. Cool, soothing baby wipes began wiping his messed fur, and he was slightly relieved that the arms were doing a good job at cleaning his accident from his body. The diaper was wrapped up, and a cream and powder was once again generously applied to his diaper area, his boy parts and cheeks rubbed with the substance to ensure maximum coverage. Cringing at the infantility of it all, he was both glad and dismayed when another, even thicker, diaper was placed beneath his raised behind, and he was securely fastened back into thick padding, the tapes snuggly ensuring he was nice and comfy inside of his thick underpants. The arms did what they did best and grabbed and lifted him up, his heart falling somewhere into his thick padding as he was retrieved from inside of the pod and carried back down onto the walkways in the middle of the vast space. At the bottom he saw what looked like a carriage, and found himself being placed into a thick, cushy bag of sorts. His arms were wrapped around himself and his knees were brought up to his chest. The fox squirmed, not uncomfortable but confined in what the fox took to be an oversized bunting bag. The arms placed and secured him into the carriage, strapping the bunting bag in over his chest and legs. Apollo could only suckle on his pacifier still lodged in his mouth and squirm as he was lead out of the giant room and further into the station. Something about the structure of the station where he was traveling through rang a bell, and he realized that they must be heading towards the main docking station he had spotted earlier when looking for an appropriate entrance. One of the arms delicately pushed the carriage through the station, and after what seemed like the longest hallway in the entire facility they emerged into another open space, smaller than where the pods were kept but still impressively large. The docks overlooked the vastness of space and were separating the bubble of air that Apollo relied on by a pink force field which buzzed quietly. Apollo was lifted out of his carriage and saw out of the corner of the force field window about half of his ship, still docked where he had left it. His heart leaped up in excitement, as he began to struggle even more against his bonds, hoping the ship would register his distress through the force field and send a signal for help. Help arrived at that very instant, but not the kind that the pilot expected. Another military freighter arrived, decelerating as it approached his docked ship, and Apollo whooped into his pacifier as he saw it approach his ship. His vision was blocked as the arms placed him into a small ship he hadn’t noticed. Seeing his reflection in one of the arm’s shiny white limbs he saw a picture of a stork in a spacesuit flying a ship with the words, ”Baby on board” written across its side. A glass seal then slid in front of him as arms located inside of the little space vessel secured him into a small baby seat, like the carseats he had seen kits being placed in when going on car trips. His pacifier gag was removed, and a bottle was thrust in instead, he bit down on the nipple of the bottle clenching it shut, he refused to be drugged again, he refused to be babied, he wanted release! A sweet, tinkling melody began playing from the speakers in the ship, and the voice of the AI once again began to coo at him, reassuring him that everything was going to be alright, that he was just a little helpless infant, and that he was well loved and comfortable. The ship rumbled, and the engines fired. As the little vessel rocketed out of the station, he saw way off in the distance the new freighter that had arrived, towing his old ship behind it as the ion engines reached maximum velocity. Apollo looked up in dismay and frustration at realizing that the new ship had not noticed his plight, and saw that a mirror was placed above him. He gawked at his appearance. The pilot was small for his age true, but now he looked even fluffier, shorter, and younger than he had before. With a bit of effort, he pulled his arms out of the bunting bag and examined his mittened paws. It was true, they seemed stubbier and shorter for some reason. The arm holding the bottle in his mouth squeezed it, and the fox found he was no longer able to contain the liquid from entering his mouth. As the liquid poured into his mouth the effect was almost immediate, he relaxed, his arms laying down by his sides as the babyseat began to rock forwards and backwards slightly, a slight vibration starting at the front and back seat of his diaper as the seat worked away at his tense nerves. The stars outside of his window twinkled, and the voice informed him that he should be excited for the future. His new mommy and daddy were waiting for their new baby. Apollo felt a release happen, and uncontrollably wet the front of his diaper. The sweet, strawberry solution tasted rich and creamy as allowed himself to be fed. His mind felt once again at ease, why should he care about his freighter? He was only a little kit! Piloting ships was something big furs did, not little baby ones! His eyelids grew heavy, and the fox began to doze contentedly; the ship cruised through the ethers of space, gently rocking the little fox to a pleasant sleep. The last thing his eyes saw before they dropped were the twin suns, their bright light still warmly radiating into space, now as if to wish him a farewell. ~ ~ ~ Do you enjoy reading my content? Check out my other stories on my page or follow me on Twitter or FA! Twitter: https://twitter.com/horatiohusky FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/horatiohusky/
  6. CHAPTER ONE PERSONAL LOG: Stardate 44317.8 Welcome to the USS Hyacinth, the oldest (and only) running Miranda-class vessel in all of Starfleet. Once upon a time it was a science vessel, built during an age when tensions with the klingons ran high. Now it’s little more than a cargo ship and personnel transport; easy assignment for an engineer straight out of the Academy. We’d just shipped out of Risa, the infamous pleasure planet; not that the crew collected any stories. We had a schedule to keep and no leave outstanding. What little we saw involved half-naked locals waving goodbye to our passengers. We ushered them aboard the away vessel and began our journey to the nearest star base. Not that I was bothered. Risa has its reputation for a reason, and brags billions of satisfied visitors, but that’s not me. Sex is great, but I’m just not a ‘Risa’ kind of girl. The things I want are… complicated. God, what I wouldn’t give for a working holodeck, and a night’s freedom from Starfleet protocol. Life aboard the Hyacinth comes with challenges, but rarely with difficulty. The ship itself is in good shape despite being over a century old. The crew, twenty five in total, are friendly enough, though we have little to talk about. By the time my shifts end I’m eager to return to my quarters, replicate a meal, snuggle my teddybear, and pass the time watching andorian melodramas. It gets lonely sometimes. We all get lonely, but the shape of my feelings aren’t the kind to be shared. I check in with a Starfleet counsellor every couple of weeks, but there are no practical outlets to meet this need. Three days into our journey to Star Base 12 and I received a call from one of the passengers. The replicator in her quarters had shorted out, and she was in desperate need of a raktajino. It was close to the end of my shift, but didn’t mind making the effort as the other ensign signed on. ‘Love Songs of the Forbidden Moon’ could wait. I moved to the passenger level, walked along the corridor, and pressed my thumb to the bell. The doors hissed open, and immediately I was dumbstruck. There in the center of the room stood a woman, naked as the day she was born, smiling without a care in the world. I covered my eyes. “Oh! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have-” “No, no, don’t be silly,” she said. “Come in. You’re here to repair the replicator, yes?” “Yes, but… ma’am. You’re naked!” She hummed. “Yes, I’m aware. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.” My shoulders turtled to swallow my head. “I appreciate that, ma’am, but if it’s all the same to you I’d prefer if you wore clothes.” The passenger huffed. I listened as she sorted through her things and waited until she found adequate attire. When I dared to look, curious in spite of myself, she wore an incandescent blue gown that clung to her shape. Heavy breasts, round hips, she was the embodiment of a mythical goddess. I followed her body upward to the thick, scarlet curls that ran down her shoulders. She turned, persing her sharp and very full lips. “Is that better?” she asked. I nodded dumbly and collected myself. Yes, she was the most beautiful woman I’d seen in a long time, let alone stood near, but I was there to do a job. She was a passenger, not a potential date. Even so, what were the chances of… No. I wouldn’t go there. The replicator proved an easy fix. “One of the photon sequencers is misaligned,” I said, and crouched to reach the upper corner of the machine. One new micro-coupling and a psionic fixer later and it would be as good as new. It was the kind of work I could do in my sleep, or with an attractive distraction lingering in the room. She took a seat at a nearby table, and crossed one leg over the other. My heart beat faster. The smell of sex lingered from under her robe, conjuring memories of the last time I lay with a partner. It seemed forever ago, and my body ached for it. The sooner I could return to my quarters the better. “You didn’t tell me your name,” she said. “Ensign Morris, ma’am.” “Morris,” she hummed, her voice deep and smokey. “Do you have a first name, ensign?” I hesitated, but thought better than to catch her eye. “Sally… ma’am. And you?” Her deep forest eyes probed under the layers of my Starfleet uniform, prompting a shiver down my spine. She finally answered, “Artemis.” A goddess in body, and a goddess in name. How ironic that she should share a title with a patron of chastity. Her wild aura, however, seemed entirely apt. “Does it get lonely out here, Sally?” Her asking sent goosebumps running down my arms, not because there was anything wrong with the question, but because of how it called attention to my plight. Space, and the confines of a starship, were isolating at the best of times. But I didn’t tell her that. Instead we chatted about my home on Earth, just outside of Alberta, and my Mom’s ginger snap cookies that no machine could replicate. The hollow in my chest deepend, pining for the familiar, but work was there as welcome distraction. The photon sequencer snapped into line, and the job was done. I started to place my tools back into their box. “You’re human, yes?” As though being from Earth didn’t imply that. “Yes,” I said. “I find humans delightful,” she said. “You believe yourself the rulers of your emotions, but anyone with the mildest sense knows the undercurrents you suppress.” My body tensed further. “You’re betazoid.” She warmed like a breeze that filled the room. Thick plates of transparent aluminum shielded us from the void of space, so it had to be her. “Got it in one,” she said. When I moved to stand she placed a hand on my shoulder and with great care guided me down again. “I’d like you to stay on your knees a while, if that’s alright.” I should have been insulted. As an officer of Starfleet it was unbecoming to fall for the wiles of a passenger in transit. There were protocols about this sort of thing. And yet to do so would be bluster. She was a betazoid, an empath! She could sense the arousal in my belly, the spinning in my head, the deep desire inspired by a strong woman looming above. Her hand stroked my cheek like palm fronds in the wind, and she hushed. God help me, I curled into her touch. Starfleet be damned, she wrested authority from them with the smallest motion. “I… I…” Her voice softened, almost sang. “It’s alright, my girl. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ve got you.” She knew this was my weakness. The sex, the wanting, the throne she held by sitting above. Before I was even aware she held all of the cards, and was playing them to her advantage. Worse yet, I wanted her to. My body was a cacophony of desire hungry for sensation; for her to touch, to claim me, make me small, make me hers, to fill me, to hold me, to… to… I pulled away and snapped to my feet. Tears pricked my eyes, but they did not break my resolute stance as an officer of Starfleet. My shoulders stiffened and I started for the door, forgetting my toolbox as I did. “This can’t happen,” I said, telling myself as much as I did her. Artemis glided to her feet and smiled. Her understanding was like a beacon in the dark, begging me to fall. “You don’t have to be ashamed,” she said. “You’re not a little girl.” The words struck like a hammer. Why did she have to say that? The air left my lungs, and my body was on the verge of collapse. All I wanted was to scream and to cry, to find somewhere safe, but there was nowhere to turn. Her expression turned. The cold in my chest was hers as well. With painted shock she flew to me and wrapped her arms tight. Wide stretched loving hands cradled my back, running up and down in a soothing motion. “Except you are a little girl,” she gasped in realization, “and nobody has seen you in a very, very long time.” Tears rolled down my cheeks like boulders. Shame caught in my throat. I was small in her arms, afraid, without the disciplined Starfleet officer to protect me. All I had was this strange and sudden women whose song and whose hands knew where to go. Finally I held her back, shaking, clinging with all I had. “I’m sorry. I-I can’t…” “Shhhh.” Her digit stroked my brow, removing a strand of hair so she could see me fully. I didn’t want her to see. The thought turned my knees to jelly. If experience had taught me anything it was that little girls were difficult to love when their hearts sat in an adult body. Flashbacks of every confused lover flew across my senses. Some were angry, others so bewildered by the reality that they turned cold. Why should this be any different? Artemis swayed, and cooed, and sang. Her hands were like magic, weaving warmth with every turn. “It’s alright, babygirl,” she said. “I’ve got you. I’ll protect you.” No. I wasn’t a baby. I was an adult. Nobody could protect me. I had to protect myself. But her words shattered my cold ego. Once upon a time I thought someone so loving a fantasy; something that could at best be created on the holodeck. But there she was, flesh and blood, resting my head above the cradle of her breast. I cried, I cried, and I cried. Hot tears spilled off my cheeks and onto her skin. Artemis didn’t seem to mind at all, and encouraged these out of control feelings with a gentle tone. Somewhere in an ocean of sobs I stopped being Ensign Morris of the USS Hyacinth, and became Sally, the small child wandering the distant cosmos.
  7. Hi everyone! This is a short sci-fi story we wrote. Only three chapters long. We wanted this story to feel very “one or the other”, so we only use two colors to denote perspective. Other characters don’t have their own color. We hope this isn’t too confusing. Enjoy! Complete PDF and ePub versions are - as always - available on our Patreon, along with 44 chapters of a new story called Under New management that we have been working on. ------------------------------------------------------ Binary Stars By Sophie & Pudding Premise: Two people named Charlie arrive on a cargo ship at the same time, but their name is all they have in common. After realizing that the ship’s manifest prepared for only one Charlie, the two conflicting personalities must quickly learn to live with each other. Disclaimers: diapers, wetting, dark Chapter One: Charlie I didn't like space all that much. It was scary! One torpedo to the hull and voop!... we all freeze to death. Even the thought of it brought tears to my eyes. So maybe joining an AL9 cargo crew was a mistake... The light faded around me and the transport room came into view. Two techs in brown coats, with pulse-shields on their hips. But they had nothing to worry about - I wasn't armed. Or maybe they were worried about the other person on the transport pad: a young woman with long blonde hair. She was dressed in the same on-board uniform everyone wore on the Parsell station. I had hoped I'd seen the last of them... "Name and moniker, please," the tech asked me. Or maybe he asked her. I stammered out my answer. "Parsell, AT105. Charlie." The woman beside me gave me a sharp look. Almost angry. Maybe I shouldn't have gone first... "Parsell, AT242," she said with confidence, her arms crossed over her chest. "Also Charlie." "You have the same name?" the tech asked. I mean, he had every right to be surprised. I was a guy; she was a girl. "Do you two know each other?" "Uhh..." I looked at the other Charlie with an ounce of curiosity. But I would remember someone like her: confident and capable. She had a very powerful... aura. "N-no Sir. Um. The Parcell is a pretty big station, so..." And I was remarkably anti-social. "Can we get down to brass tacks, please? I've got a duty roster to update, a training schedule to put together, and an Engineering team to whip into shape." The technician looked at me, took a shallow breath in, and muttered something under his breath. "What was that?" I asked, raising an eyebrow, and he shook his head, pretending like he didn't say anything at all. And that pissed me off! "That's what I thought you said. My file's all in order, so if you can just sign off and let me get to work." "Actually," he said, looking up at me, and then at the shrimp beside me, "you two seem to have the same work assignment." I blinked. "Wait, what? I... I'm not an officer. I don't have training in... uh... people or..." I felt anxiety well up in my chest. My fingertips started to pick at each other. "I think this is a misunderstanding..." If it was a Council ship full of bureaucrats, we could stay in this transportation room for hours figuring it out. But cargo ships didn't have a lot of time for misunderstandings. Time was money. "You're both cleared for Engineering," the other tech told us. "...but..." "Alright, I'm sure whatever pencil pusher on Epsilon was thinking when he assigned postings thought he knew what he was doing. Maybe you can scrub the power relays or something, I'm sure I can find a use for you." "Actually, he's assigned for the same role as you—” The technician began to correct me, and I sighed and pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose. Glasses were something I could have had a correction done for, but I liked the air of superiority they gave me. And the lenses created a form of division between other people and myself, which made for a less approachable demeanor. I liked that. "You manage the teleporters, Ensign…” I looked closer at his badge, "Rand. And try not to turn people inside-out. You let me worry about Engineering. C'mon, short stack." "I... uh..." Other Charlie left the transporter room and I hurried after her. She wasn't that much taller than me... maybe three or four inches. She didn't have to tease me like that. "Obviously this is just a clerical mistake," I told her as she led the way around the ship like she knew where she was going. She never stopped to look at a map even once! "Someone saw 'Charlie' on the manifest and just rolled us together. But maybe if I talk to someone..." "If it's a mistake, then they'll come for you and give you a proper assignment. Until then, you're assigned to Engineering and that means I own you. You can feel that, right? The warbling in the inertial dampeners? Whoever's been butchering the thrust vectors on this ship is gonna have to answer to me - maybe we can blow them out of the airlock, huh, short stack?" He went whiter than he already was, and I ruffled his short pixie-cut hair. "Oh my god, crewman, lighten up. I'm just fucking around." "R-right... right..." She was a few steps ahead when I had the courage to follow. I had no idea what she was talking about with the dampeners. I wasn't that great at engineering or spaceships or even space in general. Honestly, I wasn't that great at anything. It was a miracle that the cargo ship even brought me aboard. Maybe that was another clerical error, I thought self-depreciatively as I followed Other Charlie toward a security console. "Um... we should change out of our uniforms. It could get confusing..." Parcell station uniforms were blue and extremely obvious. I didn't want to stand out any more than I needed to. "That's true; you're wearing Command Insignia and I think you'd just about wet your pants if anybody asked you for orders, right? My quarters assignment is 18-22-E-L. Do you know yours?" It should have been a simple question for him to say yes to, but he'd so far proven to be pretty damn helpless. "I..." I thought I knew it. But maybe I didn't? I bit my lip and looked away from Other Charlie. "L-lemme check the console, to be sure." The security consoles were pretty simple: they kept certain people out of certain areas. They also had a registry of rooms in case you needed to find someone. I searched my number and sure enough. 18-22-E-L. "I guess they messed up my room, too..." Well fuck. I sighed and pushed my glasses up, letting out a long and annoyed exhale to center myself. So this kid (with a baby face like his, I had my doubts he was even an adult) came in on my transport, got assigned to my job, and now thinks he's sharing a room with me? "Someone in Epsilon fucking hates me, clearly. I bet it's the Admiral, lecherous old prick. Okay, fine, whatever, let's get to our room and get you out of the uniform before someone says 'hello' and you have a damn panic attack." I wanted to tell her that wasn't very nice, or that she didn't need to act so callously, but I froze up at the sight of her. Her energy was stifling; it was hard to stand up for anything, let alone myself. She led me down the corridor to the lower decks in Section E. All the while, I reminded myself that this could never happen on any other spaceship. Cargo ships in particular used first names only and referential monikers. This allowed some... less legitimate individuals to find work and travel. A necessary evil in a near-utopia. Without loopholes, things get knotted a little too easily. "You have got to be kidding me." He had barely come into the quarters, instead of just kind of stood there looking like a lost little puppy inside the door. It was bad enough that we only had the one bed, but worse than that... "There's only a single allocation of replicator requisition." Which meant only a fixed amount of items we could requisition, and that included uniforms. I looked him up and down. Shorter than me, yes, but a little softer, lither… he could probably wear most of what would fit me; they'd just look a bit bigger on him. And it would take weeks to get him reassigned to his own damn room, too, if he was even meant to be here... "Sorry," I muttered. I knew it wasn't my fault, but all this trouble I was causing her... it weighed heavily in my chest. I looked down at my feet and played with my fingertips. I should talk to someone... but who would I talk to? What if they kicked me off the ship? What if this Charlie was the only Charlie they wanted? Oh, I didn't feel so well... "It's not your fault they fucked up, short stack," I hoped, for his sake, it wasn’t his fault. I punched in a requisition for two uniforms for me, and one set of rank cuffs in Command and one in Ensign. I didn't know his rank, but it couldn't have been high - Ensign was generous, to be fair. The machine cabinet hummed, and I began to strip off out of my old uniform, only distracted by a faint cough from Charlie as he tried to avert his eyes. "Get undressed, Ensign, we've got duty to attend to. I'm going to loan you a uniform but by this time tomorrow I want to see your report receipt about this error, understood? Maybe today you can show me why I ought to keep you around." "I... uh..." Other Charlie unzipped her shirt and pulled it off like I wasn't even in the room. Beneath, she had a regulation sports bra in a light grey material. Then she pulled down her pants and I spun around my heel. My cheeks were on fire. What was she thinking?! There's a guy in the room with her! "I... I can wait until you're done." "No you can not, if you expect to stay in my Engineering, you will not ever think it's okay to take your time, to dally, to saunter, mosey, or anything else of the sort. Get your clothes off, Ensign, don't make me tell you again. Best we know, the Captain of this crate might just write you off and blow you into space, so it's best to keep your head down." It was hard not to stare at her. A pair of tight-fitting panties matched her bra. Her body was thin and shaped. Toned, maybe? She seemed... strong. I fumbled with my shirt, but I didn't take off my pants. Maybe if she dressed first, she would leave and I could finish changing. "Ensign, if I get done before you, I am going to dress you myself and I promise it will not be pretty." Although he kind of was, in that androgynously chapstick kind of way. The little compartment went bing and lit up green to let the both of us know that the uniforms were ready. I slipped down out of my panties and kicked them off, then turned away to open the compartment. Okay, I was officially out of my comfort zone. I didn't want to strip naked in front of this woman! And I didn't want to see my commanding officer naked from the waist down! Or, I guess I sort of did, because my body reacted in a very... pleasing way. But my mind raced with anxiety and shame. Pervert. Fuck, why am I such a pervert?! I was struggling to keep my breathing even, and I still hadn't taken off my pants. I pulled the pair of new uniform underpants up my thighs, followed by the tight fitting (and a little bit sexist) spandex pants that caught and outlined every single curve of my lower half. When I looked over my shoulder at Charlie, still there in his pants and gawking at me, I had to swallow a little bit of rage. "If you're going to act like such a baby, Charlie, I'll make sure you're treated like one. Now hurry the fuck up and get those pants off." I didn't want to disappoint her. I didn't want to get kicked off this ship! So I slid my pants down to my ankles and stepped out of them, covering the front of my underwear with my hands, both to hide my embarrassment and a struggling erection. "C-can... y-you pass me... umm..." She was on the other side of the room with my uniform and it looked like I was about to break down into tears at any minute. "Can I what?" I asked in annoyance, pulling the tight fitting top over my chest to peek my head thru, and when I looked at him all I could see was a whimpering little infant pretending to be a man. Ugh. Men. What the actual fuck? I did my best to keep it cool and calm and collected, to understand that this young man was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But he was jeopardizing my career, he was invading my room, I was sharing my uniform rations with him, and he was just... beyond useless. Like holy fuck. A painting might have accomplished more, by covering a blemish on the wall. So when I marched over to him, double step, it was to put my arms under his arms, pick him up, and yeet him into the bed in frustration. "Can't you do anything yourself, Charlie?" [Author notes:] Sophie: You can’t use “yeet” as a verb in a sci-fi story Pudding: It's adopted into the English Language by this time Pudding: It's actually called a "Hyperspace Yeet" when you jump faster than light [/notes] I yelped in surprise as she threw me onto the bed, and I bounced just enough to hit my head on the headboard. I raised my hands to rub the bump, forgetting about the straining underwear. "Wow. Is this how you're going to be in my Engineering Deck, Charlie? Walking around with... what is that, half a boner?" Some girls say size doesn't matter. Those girls don't work on rocket engines all day. "You're really shameful, you know that?" It got worse, though, because when I went to strip him of his underwear to get him dressed, something very awful happened. He shivered, and groaned, and clutched the bedsheets... and shot his load right into his underwear. My shame was overwhelming. It pressed down on my heart and my brain. It made every part of me ache, as each muscle in my body came down from the orgasm. I hadn't meant to! I... I don't know what happened! She was just so forceful, and it had been a while, and then her fingers in the waistband of my underwear, and... and... and I started to cry. To really cry. Tears dripped down my cheeks and I sniffled like a child. "I'm sorry... I... I didn't mean it... I'm sorry..." "I don't really have room for babies in my crew, Charlie. I think I'm just gonna have to tell the Captain and let him deal with you." Honestly, I was just done with this. The sobbing boy took my sleeve though and started to blubber, shaking his head and saying something or other about 'please don't'. But what was I supposed to do? "I can't have you in Engineering, Charlie; you're going to make the women there uncomfortable if you're constantly pitching a tent, and then the moment one of them gets close to you, you just explode like an anti-matter reaction? I don't think I can salvage you, not unless..." I could put him in an EVA suit? Right? But that would waste so fucking much of my requisition. Ideally he would wear my uniforms so I didn't have to waste them. But if he shot his load all over them they'd be wasted anyway, because I wasn't going to wear them after that. What he needed was some kind of... desensitizing, thickly layered, single use underwear… I watched Charlie make her way over to the requisition box and type something in. I sat on my knees, sobbing openly, in nothing but cum-soaked underwear. I didn't know what I was going to do. If she tattled, I'd be off this ship in a heartbeat. Suddenly, there was no doubt in my mind that being here was a mistake. I didn't belong. No matter how many times I wiped my eyes, fresh tears filled them. "Lay down. On your back." I barked at him, pointing firmly. Actually seeing him sobbing like that, whimpering, it was... well, I didn't want to say it was hot because I was still pretty pissed off at all of this, but there was definitely the early signs of a warp core breach in my loins. He laid down, he did what he was told, and I stood with my arms crossed waiting for the little bin light to go green. This would help. And if he said no, I'd make it part of his uniform. I looked up at the ceiling and kept wiping away my tears. Finally, as a tiny ding rang through the room, they were beginning to cease. I felt so pathetic. I felt so useless. Maybe I was pathetic and useless. Maybe I wasn't good for anything... When I felt her fingers in my waistband again, I shivered. A sexual feeling. But my shame was too much right now. Again, I had to apologize. "S-sorry..." "The only words I want to hear out of your mouth right now are ‘Yes Commander’ and nothing else. Am I clear, Charlie?" I'd never done this before. I mean, I'd undressed boys before; I had a healthy sexual appetite for all the flavors of the gender rainbow. And it wasn't even the fact that his underwear were gummy with cum that annoyed me - it was his inability to control himself. With the garment on the bed, though, what I was about to dress him in, that wouldn't be a problem anymore. I didn't have a choice, did I? If I argued with her, she would tell the Captain. I'd be off this ship before we left the dock. And if I tried to fight her, she would yell at me again. I'd cry again. If I was a good boy, if I did what she said... maybe I could redeem myself. "Y-yes Commander..." I picked his legs up by his ankles and I lifted his ass up off the bed, sliding something soft and padded beneath his ass before I set his whole weight back down on it. Thick and desensitizing, that was the point. Absorbent, too. I pulled it between his legs, forcing his thighs apart, and I drew each side of the garment around to secure it in front. The nanite fasteners were programmed to my command ID, so they wouldn't let go without my say so. With one hand I rubbed on the front of the undergarment - the diaper, let's call it what it was - and nodded in satisfaction. "This is officially part of your uniform now, Charlie, it's going to protect the crew from your impulses, and protect you from more... unpleasant accidents. And hopefully that means you won't have to leave the ship, okay?" My tone had gotten softer - just a little, not entirely, but his responses would determine my demeanor. I looked down at my waist - at the light purple diaper covering it - and felt a fresh heat on my cheeks. I blushed so deeply I wasn't sure I'd ever stop blushing. I opened my mouth to argue with Charlie, but she gave me a stern look. A sharp glare. A glare that reminded me of the first time I met her on the transporter platform. I swallowed my words and looked away. This was ridiculous... "I asked you a question, Charlie." And he knew there was only going to be one appropriate answer too, because I gave him those words as the only ones he was allowed to use. The diaper was thicker than I'd thought, but I wanted him nicely desensitized, and this seemed to be what the computer had calculated for this need. With my uniform pants it was going to be really obvious what he was wearing. I guess I could requisition a uniform dress... "Yes, Commander," I said so quietly that I was sure she didn't hear it. But she patted me on the head and ran her fingers through my hair. "That's a good boy." A good boy. I felt a heat in my chest, but it wasn't anxiety or fear. It felt like... pride. I looked up at her shyly as she walked away, toward the replicator. I took the moment to look down at the diaper. Purple. Thick. And strangely infantile. I wasn't a very big guy, and it made me feel even smaller. Weaker. Helpless. A fresh blush came to my cheeks. "You've been good and done what you've been ordered, so I'm going to splurge a little bit and help you with your dignity for when you meet the crew for the first time." And you know, I shouldn't have really, because there was no way I was ever going to wear this uniform again, but Charlie was going to be in diapers until I trusted him not to be and that could have been a long time. Pragmatically, this made the most sense. "Stand up." I had in my hands, a uniform dress. Similar in coloration and style to the uniforms for our division, the dress hem should have been just long enough to cover his diaper, and not bulge like the pants would. I climbed to my feet shakily and looked up at Charlie. For some reason, that three to four inch difference seemed a lot more important now. But as she unfurled my new uniform and I saw what it was, my blushing cheeks went a stark white. "I can't wear that! That's a girl's uniform!" And not a 'women's' uniform, like Charlie's. No, it was a uniform meant for underage female staff, who would often volunteer if their parents were on duty. It looked good on ship-training applications. I slapped his cheek. Not every ship allowed for corporal punishment, but I took my chances on this one based on the age of the vessel and unglamorous nature of the cargo. And also that Charlie wasn't man enough to speak up anyway, lest he be spaced from the airlock at the Captain’s behest. "I told you, Charlie, you say 'Yes Commander' or nothing at all. I know your emotions are high right now, this is a new posting with lots of new stressors and adjustments, but I will not overlook further insubordination. Am I clear?" Fresh tears welled up in my eyes and I nodded my head. My cheek stung like a flame on my skin and it took all my willpower to hold back my tears. I... I didn't have a choice. I had to do what she said. "Y-yes, Commander..." There were a few problems when I pulled the dress over his bare chest. The first was a simple one of dress code: a uniform dress required a uniform hair bow. I'd have to replicate one of those, which was going to cost me even more requisition. The second issue, though, was that on his very flat chest, without the lines of even a sports bra, the dress just didn't sit quite right. More requisition. I sighed, pushing up my glasses. "You're going to work your little diapered ass off when we get down to Engineering, Charlie. I better be able to say to my crew that they should be more like you, based on the quality of your work." Hairbow. Bra. Shoes, too, ugh. What was he, about a Space Regulation 5? Same as me, at least, so those wouldn't be a waste, although the dress regulation for his uniform called for patent finish for the shoes. Tears silently dripped down my cheeks as she clipped the red bow in my hair - matching my dress - and started to fit me with a padded training bra. I wasn't a girl! I wasn't! But every moment of self-assurance was squashed by Charlie manhandling me. In the end, after my feet were buckled in childish shoes, I looked every bit a girl by design. Except for the fact I was very clearly a boy! "Please," I begged softly, and I only managed to get that word out when she was pulling me out the door. My face was still wet with tears. "Ensign, you're going to meet your crew when we get down there. I don't want you to talk out of line. I don't want you to cause a fuss. I'll give you a duty assignment like everybody else, and you're to carry it out as prescribed and to the letter. Don't let anybody be given a reason not to like you, and you'll fit in just fine." The pep talk was almost maternal in its nature, but I'd have given it to any of my recruits in the same circumstance. It was good for morale. "First impressions mean more than years of service. Don't make waves." As Charlie walked down the hall in her new uniform - a form-fitting red top and tight black pants - I followed behind with my eyes on the ground. Maybe no one would notice me. Maybe no one would guess I was a man! But I knew the truth: I didn't look like a girl. At the very best, I could hope to be mistaken for a teenage boy. I shook my head. I had to stop crying before we got to Engineering. So I steeled myself and wiped all the water from my face.
  8. Hello to all! I'm new to this forum but not new to the ABDL writing/story scene. I'm Lionsheart - know as Lionheart(old writers name of Snowbunny) on ABDLstoryforum. I've been a writer on ABDLstoryforum for 5+ years and have decided to branch out to start posting my stories on this forum as well. I've been reading stories on this site for a long while and decided it was time to start sharing my own stories. I like to write stories with twisting plots and ABDL elements intertwined within. I tend not to write your typical ABDL stories so if you're into that, then this is your story to read. Warning: This story does have sexual scenes, not worse than your average teen romance novel, but it's in there so be prepared. This is a sci-fi thriller story with an ABDL twist. The story begins at the present, and gets taken back to the past to learn more about the main characters. Perspectives will change from the main character. I have many easter eggs sprinkled throughout this story that foreshadow or connect things that may not make sense at the moment. I'm currently still writing for this story so there is a lot of information that won't make sense until I post future chapters. Without further ado, I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I do writing it. Chapter 1: Bot Survival Guide Faces are blurry. Speech is slurred. Light passes me like I’m going through the Interspace Frontier at light speed. Life goes by without memories of my past. Who am I? What am I? Where am I? I can’t think properly. I think I’m brainwashed. I’ve been brainwashed for a while. Another day exactly the same as the last. Pink. Surrounding me, completely. Light pink hues of light on the ceiling. Enchanting music that fills my ears. Same tunes each morning, afternoon, and night. Twil twil ting. Twil twil ting. Twil twil ting. It’s a soft noise that is barely heard by the human ears, yet I can hear it. It’s the greatest music of the entire galaxy, the only music I’ve ever known, so it must be the paramount of all music, right? The floors are fuzzy and a frosty blue that make us bots happy. Every day is the exact same that I can’t distinguish between today and yesterday. I am sounded awake, blinking the water from my eyes. All bots are guided to the prepping rooms in a chronological line. The smallest number bot goes first and the second smallest number bot goes after and so on. I am Bot 40486261110. I stand in the fourth place for morning prep. I am quite happy to be one of the first to prep as when I first began I was in the hundredth numbers when I was first created. I remember being the eight hundredth and fourth place which made me in awe. The prepping lines go quickly but on my first day I did not know. My memory is weak as every day feels the same but I try to stay conscious of days by the number I am in line. It has been forty-four days and many bots before me have left. I am not sure where all of my previous bots have went but I have heard and seen them be bought at events by wealthy beings. Others that have not been bought disappear when the Bot is 46 days of age. However, as bots we are not allowed to count days or know this information. I keep record but I do not tell any of the directors. One bot was speaking of his age and the next moment he was carried out in an immediate fashion. That was day 3 and I am lucky to know the rules even though the directors do not tell us much. I do not know where the man disappeared too, but he is gone now. Rule 1: Do not speak of days. After prepping we go to training. The training is different for each bot. We are not allowed to speak to each other about our training but I overheard one intersex bot talking about how to perform acts of sexual nature. I was confused because I had never had that during my training and would feel highly uncomfortable. This intersex bot was taken away and never seen again. Rule No. 2: Do not speak of training. My training is quite unusual and feels weird to me. Each day of training I am given an age I must act like and am shown videos of how a baby, toddler or young child acts then I must mimic the video in some way during my playtime. On most days I am changed into a diaper with a baby-like outfit and am told to act cute. A director places a pacifier in my mouth and will have me color on a paper or play with kids toys because my assigned age is usually under the age of 2. I do not understand when I get a spanking for walking but I found out the hard way that I cannot stand up and walk during training. I am not allowed to talk unless spoken too. If I try to leave to use the restroom outside of training I am scolded. This training lasts four hours and then we are sent to our only meal of the day. This is the point of the day that is my most favorite. I get to converse with my fellow bots. At the end of the meal we receive our medicine rounds to prevent us from getting sick as the directors tell us we are all allergic to oxygen. I was about to question this on my first day, but, once again, I was lucky because another first day bot asked before me and then disappeared. I am one lucky bot. Rule 3: Do not question anything suspicious to the directors. After the medicine is injected we are sent to our sleeping chambers and the chamber is closed on us. We receive a steam of vapor to put us to sleep as if we are put to sleep by an anesthesia like propofol. Huh? A few words and numbers pop into my head. Propofol Anestesia S/I-40A. How do I know these words and numbers? Strange. Must not dwell on it too long. This gas they use is not propofol but some other type of anesthesia that I cannot put my finger on. I do not know how I know this but I do. This is the end of each day and the next day we are initiated awake and the day is the same as the last. I wake up on Day 45 to our morning wake up sound and realize that I am coming close to my 46th day which frightens me enough to make my heart race. Red lights illuminate under the skin of my wrist with a shape of a half an inch sized heart and a heart rate number I can barely read with my blurry vision. I think it says 110 BPM and is slowly going down. A director comes in the sleeping area and looks at me. “Bot 40486261110 is there anything you would like to report?” Oh no. This is not good. I took deep breaths to keep my heart rate normal. “No, I just woke up feeling odd.” The director, who had bright red hair, red framed glasses and a lot of makeup on that I commonly saw with my trainings, said, “Please follow me, Bot 40486261110.” I wish I knew this directors name but we are not allowed to know any of their names. I nodded, my palms becoming sweaty as I rubbed them on my evergreen sweat pants. I walked quickly behind the director into the meal area. We walked towards a solid wall and a sliding black glass door appeared as if it were cut into the wall. I only saw this door a few times and that is when bots disappeared. The door opened and another woman director was holding it open. She had no expression on her face and her eyes looked irritated. The familiar director touched my back and motioned for me to walk forward. I walked straight into a long hallway that was brightly lit with white walls and floors. Both directors lead me to a door at the end of the hallway to the left. I followed timidly. I had no idea what was next and my heart rate was giving my panic away. I walked into a room where all of the directors sat, but they were sipping coffee, eating breakfast and looked to be conversing with one another. “Oh yeah, Brett must be having a good time training Bot 7 o’clock. That bot is a hot bot thot.” I was confused, who’s 7 o’clock? Maybe just a nickname? I knew a few bots that began with a 7. The directors laughed loudly as I walked in with the other directors. The laughing silenced immediately as what felt like hundreds of sets of eyes fell on me. I looked at my wrist shyly, a solid 125 BPM. Wonderful. “Counsel time, ladies?” A few directors stood up and nodded for us to follow them to a room at the end of the break area. We walked into a warmly lit room with light green walls and oak colored flooring. I was motioned to have a seat at the end of this medium-sized glass conference table. I sat down and clasped my hands, squeezing my fingers very hard. I was going to disappear. Where? I did not know. I tasted iron on my lip. Oops, I bit it too hard. I licked the blood off quickly as the familiar director with red hair’s eyes watched me closely and looked down to her tablet in her hand. I looked quickly around the room and realized I had all of these directors in at least one training session or more. The girl with the red hair was the most familiar but the others I remembered their faces. One male director with bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, who I saw once in my trainings, sat straight across from me and seemed to be the head of the directors in this group. He looked at me carefully and asked, “So, this meeting is quite simple. I will ask one question and I want you to answer this honestly. We will know if you lie.” He looked toward the director with red hair as she looked down to her tablet as if it were a lie detector test, “Why did your heart rate spike up this morning?” I remember this male director because once he gave me a very painful spanking on my second day in training because I stood. To say the least, I have not forgotten his face. My eyes blurred even more than normal and I felt like I was going to cry as I was put on spot. “I-“ A tear rolled down my face as I knew I was going to disappear if I told them the truth but I could not lie because my body monitor would give it away. I said quietly, “I am close to my 46th day and do not want to disappear. I would like to be sold properly at an event but tonight is the last event before my 46th day and I feel as if I’m doomed to disappear.” The room was dead silent. There was no response for a minute or two as I looked at the glass table as tears fell on it in small puddles. I looked up at the group of directors and locked eyes with the head director. His blue eyes had a humorous glimmer of something funny as he studied me with a smirk on his face. It was almost intimidating. As if I were going to get another spanking. His eyes changed to concerned. His hand covered his mouth as he broke his glance from me and he looked as if he was making a big decision and was torn. “You know what the protocol is, Zane.” One other male director said, sharply. So the man’s name with blue eyes is Zane? That is interesting. Zane scratched the scruff of his beard as he looked at me again, “I tried staying away from this one for this very reason.” He said solemnly with a sigh. I was confused at what he meant. I listened intently as he seemed conflicted. “We have to put her through termination. Bot 404 is quite intelligent and I even said we should have terminated her day one. We’ve had to use the maximum doses because she’s been too clear. Here we are, now we have to follow protocol, no emotions involved. It’s tough for us all, but she could become dangerous.” One of the dark haired women spoke up with a stern tone as if she was Zane’s mother. Bot 404? Is that my nickname? Zane looked as if he was irritated by the woman speaking and telling him what to do as if she was his mom. I looked innocently at Zane as he crossed his arms, “Bella you just successfully lost your position. Give me your access badge and leave the Airspace immediately.” She looked dumbfounded as she looked at everyone’s faces. I was shocked myself. Bella slowly got up, embarrassed, and placed a tag in front of Zane. He said coldly, “Thank you, now let’s get back to business.” Bella hesitated as she walked out, as if she was going to say something, but then left without a word. “Like Bot 404 said, we have an event tonight. This event has a lot of buyers who want her specialty. We are not hitting our revenue as it is and the baby bots are going to make us meet our profit margin.” Baby bots? So that’s what they call us. I’ve found out more in this one meeting than in my past 45 days. “Okay, just so were clear: we are not terminating?” The director with the red hair asked as she looked at her tablet, typing quickly. Zane blinked, “No.” Then his eyes met mine, “But, she’s still receiving a punishment during her training.” A smirk appeared on his face once again and humor twinkled in his eyes. Warmth traveled up to my face as I was fearful of what punishment this would be. I hope it was not another spanking. Zane got up, “This meeting is over. I want her prepped for the event to have curly hair, a pacifier and in a short baby doll dress that shows her diaper for the event tonight.” He looked at me and winked. I was relieved, but very anxious. If I was not sold tonight, I would be terminated tomorrow. Chapter 2: The Last Event Our morning call sounded for our prepping lines and I was the first in line. I did not usually feel much emotion but today I felt sad, depressed even. It was sad to think about the ones that disappeared or, what I found out, terminated. I wanted those bots to have another chance like the one I received today. I felt as if I did not deserve this. Morning prep was always very intrusive but today was far more intrusive than usual. Every event day usually guaranteed a more detailed cleaning and hair removal but this one tops all. One director is assigned to me for cleaning but today I had three people. They took me to my own room and put hair removal cream of my legs, armpits and private areas. I felt the burn of the cream as hair follicles were removed. Then I stepped into the sanitation shower and my body was drizzled with soap, as if I was in a planet Earth spaceship wash, scrubbed and rinsed off. The hair removal cream went away and I felt fresh once again. After this the three directors split up into different tasks. One blow dried and curled my hair, the second used a laser to remove any other possible hair from my arm pits down to my legs, and the last moisturized my whole body with lotion that tingled as it was massaged in. The lotion had some type of microbeads that soothed my skin. After I touched my arm, it felt baby soft. The directors put new light pink sweats on me and the same color t-shirt. I wonder how I looked. There were no mirrors anywhere. I have seen a reflection of myself on desks before but it has never been clear. Ever since I was initiated nothing has been clear. Everything goes by in a blur. I wondered what I was. Am I an animatronic? Or am I considered a human? Some type of amphibian? I did not know. I wish I could know, but I was not allowed to ask these questions. I was directed to the training area and walked to my assigned room. I entered through the familiar red curtains and into the room. My feet touched the velvet lined floors and I sat on the black leather couch as instructed. I looked at the projected video on the glass coffee table in front of me as a video appeared in three dimensions. It was a human toddler crawling around and on it’s dads lap bouncing around. Dad. Every time I saw a parent or person related to these babies and toddlers in the videos I got sad. I wanted a parent. I wanted this unconditional love I watched so often on the videos. The video stopped and I sat there patiently, as I did every morning, waiting for the director of the training. Usually each training began with being diapered or put into a pull-up. I am never given any undergarments underneath my sweats during morning prep so I was technically going commando each morning. I smiled to myself, that was a funny thought. Commando. Sometimes I made myself laugh but I had to hide it quickly because bots should not show emotion. I should not show this. I looked up as I heard someone clear their throat as they walked in. I suppressed my smile, but his eyes caught it. Zane walked in, his eyes flashing with some type of rage. I did not understand this. Maybe it was because I was smiling? Or could it be from earlier? My mind blanked, confused why I became frightened again. Then I vaguely remembered Zane’s comment earlier, ‘But, she’s still receiving a punishment during her training.’ He set a diaper bag on the table and began rolling up his sleeves as his eyes studied me, for the second time in one day. My heart began fluttering again and my wrist monitor buzzed for palpitations and increased BPM. Warmth went up to my face. Zane broke my glance as he looked at the wall, “No, I am going to give her an increased dose after this. Patience. She’ll be fine.” A little blue light flashed underneath the skin of the helix of his ear as he looked like he was listening to someone. I had never seen anything like that until now. Or maybe I never noticed before. Huh. That’s odd. After a pause, he sat in the chair across the room and motioned for me to come over to him. My heart was still racing. I was about to get up and walk, but then I became frozen as I saw his eyes flicker with irritation. I quickly went onto my knees and hands and began crawling. My face becoming warm again as I crawled in embarrassment. Embarassment. That’s an odd feeling I hardly remembered ever having. My emotions have been too much today. Never had I ever had this much emotions in one day. Nor have I felt so clear. I did not understand why I felt this all today. I could pick up small sounds, such as the music and I could focus on small details such as Zane’s veins in his arms protruding and his blue eyes with a fleck of grey in his right eye. It was almost crystal clear. I stretched my arms to Zane and he picked me up, bringing me over his lap. He pulled down my sweat pants down to my ankles. I fidgeted in his lap, anxious. Anxious? I wondered what that word meant for so long, but now I know how it feels. A few seconds passed with me fidgeting and moving to get comfortable. I realized soon after that this exercise was not to make me feel comfortable but just the opposite. A second passed and a sharp sting radiated on my bottom as I heard a loud noise startle me. It took me a moment to connect the pain to the noise. As seconds passed, the stinging on my bottom grew and I fidgeted more. Zane’s grip adjusted to hold me in place with a pause in the spanking. Then the spanking continued until the pain became unbearable and I began wailing. This was not fun. I wanted Zane to stop but I did not want to tell him and upset him more. Tears were streaming down my face, snot was falling from my nose and my bottom was going numb. I fixated my gaze on the velvet flooring that was a few inches from my face. My fingertips brushed the soft flooring in attempt to ignore the pain. My heart rate monitor stopped going off and said I was at normal speed. Impossible. How did I go back to normal with such pain? A minute later Zane stopped the spanking, noticing my calmness. My eyes still watered naturally and snot dripped down my face, but my composure was calm, collected. I was angry for some reason. Angry about my lack of living. My lack of happiness. Where was I? Who was I? What happened to me to get me here? Confusion, pain, anger, anxiety. Emotions became me. I did not understand anything and I was curious. Zane allowed me to stand in front of him. I could not meet his eyes. I did not want him to have an inkling to what my thoughts were going to. I heard a scan of the barcode on my neck that I only heard for medicine injections. He took out a syringe with medicine and took my arm, I instinctively pulled back but his grip became steel-like. His eyes flashed with confusion and then irritation. He injected the medicine into my mainline vein quickly. I was angry about this. I did not want this medicine. I was sick of feeling blurry, confused. I did not want to forget everything and have short-term memory loss. Why was I so clear this morning? I did not know what happened but I wanted it to happen again. A few minutes later, my brain became very fuzzy. I could not concentrate fully and could not remember why I was so confused or angry earlier. I looked at Zane with glassy eyes as he laid me down on the couch and slid a fresh diaper under me. He powdered my bottom and taped the diaper on. Then, like the video projection, I bounced on his lap and acted like a baby. I sucked on my thumb and tried speaking to Zane but only slurred speech and babble came out. I saw a blue light flash underneath the skin of his ear and he spoke, “Give me a chart on who injected Bot 404 this past week. I want to see them in my office after.” He paused, “Thank you.” In a blur, the training passed by with tickles, coloring and bouncing around on Zane’s lap. The training ended and I was escorted over to prepping for the event. My hair was fluffed and teased. I felt some sticky substance spread on my face and the substance dried instantly. I was dressed in a light pink velvet baby doll dress with satin bows on the short sleeves. The top portion of the dress was cotton and said Daddy’s girl on it. I pulled down the bottom of the dress but it would not hide my diaper. When I pulled it down, one of the directors slapped my hands, “Bad girl.” I blinked. After prepping we were all grouped in certain lines for different rooms. My stomach growled as it was meal time and I hadn’t ate since the day before. The directors said we would receive a meal during the event so I waited patiently. Events always went the same way. The directors would play videos of us, give the buyers our statistics, and each buyer would receive a look book of pictures of every bot at the event. We, bots, are not allowed to look at these look books, even when we are with buyers. We are not allowed to talk unless spoken too. We are let into the showroom after the presentations of each bot. I have been to 17 events yet I have not been bought. I wonder what is wrong with me in which no one wanted to buy but maybe it is my age or my appearance. I did not know. I have not fully seen myself. Maybe I am too tall. Or maybe I am obese. I look down at myself and see that I am small and not fat. Okay, maybe not fat but I could just be ugly. Buyers do not like ugly bots or abnormal bots. Maybe I was abnormal? Who knows. “Do you think you will be bought tonight?” Bot 58800919002 asks me. I like Bot 58800919002. She is quite nice and always makes it seem like she cares about me. I shrug, “I do not know. I hope so.” I say blankly. The dose Zane gave me is strong. I cannot think or feel emotionally. I feel numb. Blank. One director starts letting bots into the showroom, “Begin smiling. Smiling makes buyers want you. Good, chin up.” The director is giving guidance as we all pass through the entryway. Over the sound system of the room there is a director calling off bot numbers as we walk in, “Bot 900000019292, Bot 58800919002, Bot 999626278827, Bot 88901918187727, Bot 92262626717,” As I walk in I hear my number, “Bot 40486261110…” And the director continues but I cannot focus on noise anymore. It is loud and there are thousands of buyers chatting in one room. There are hundreds of bots entering the room. We are directed to walked over to our assigned seats for food. My group of bots is dressed like me. Pastel colored clothing, toddler-like appearance, rosy cheeks, some wearing diapers, others pull-ups, ones without but are dressed as small children would be. My assigned seat is in front of some of the wealthiest buyers. This is quite common for my seating at each event. Maybe the price of myself is high because I am always put in the front areas. Some of my fellow bots in my group are assigned seats in the back areas where the less common and cheaper buyers sit. Some just come to watch. Some come to interact and look. As I sit down I catch a few buyers eyes looking at me and talking. The faces are a blur from far away but I know they are wealthy. The front row seats are the most expensive at the event so these must be the best buyers. I forget to smile at them as I turn around. Oops. Maybe this is why I never am purchased. I sit down and patiently await the meal commencement. It is always a few minutes before we can eat. Sometimes the buyers will come up to us and feed us or help us eat. Sometimes they will talk with us and play with us. Sometimes they will spectate. I usually am the one who has a lot of buyers near me. I still get confused why I am never bought because I have more interaction at events than the bots next to me. “She is adorable. I have been saving for one like her for a while. Doesn’t she remind you of Greg’s baby?” I looked behind me and locked eyes with a buyer who was speaking. She waved at me as if I was a small child. I guess I was technically. I waved back shyly. Over the sound system you can hear a robot woman speaking, “Amenities can be purchased on the screen in front of you. Bots can be purchased instantly if not on auction mode. Auction bots end at 7 PM. Interaction time frames can be purchased. Private rooms are available for special bots but are limited. Thank you for coming to Seqouia Airspace. Become a member for a discounted price today.” An amphibian-part-human buyer walked over to me and smiled with bright yellow eyes bouncing. He kneeled in front of my table, “Hello, I’m Sid.” His hand stuck out to me and I looked at his scales as they changed colors from green to turquoise. My hand felt slimy as I shook his hand. I didn’t know what to do besides wipe it on my napkin. The napkin was shimmering afterwards. Strange. “I thought I’d introduce myself, Tsss.” His tongue instinctively hissed, “We’ll have a room in an hour and we can get to know each other a little bit more. I’d buy you instantly, if there wasn’t a bid. Maybe you might be going home with me tonight? Tsss.” Amphibian buyers always gave me an uneasy feeling. They seemed to like me a lot but I never can understand why this is. I’ve never had a buyer say that I was for auction. This was new. I nodded, “Why thank you.” It is important to be polite on event nights, even if the buyer makes you uncomfortable. The bell sounded for the meal to commence. Sid was still staring at me and I felt quite awkward. Sid smelled good with some cologne that seemed to entrance me to want to like him. I guess that is one good trait of him already just in case I may be his tonight. Sid stood up, looking down at me still, “You are quite shy, I like that, Tssss.” That gave me chills. Oh, I hope he doesn’t buy me. As he walked away, I began eating my meal. The meal bar was bland in taste as usual but I ate it quickly; I was very hungry. I drank some water out of a sippy cup as I heard by the robot woman’s voice announcement, “Bot 40486261110 max bid reached.“ I spit out my water over my table and one drop hit a buyers pants that was in front of me. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.” The tall buyer said as he looked down on his pant leg, “We’ll deal with this issue later, won’t we?” He looked to be human as I met his light grey eyes. He was tall, about 7 feet, quite muscular, with a beard and long wavy hair. He smiled at me, which confused me. I thought I was in trouble but he seemed nice, inviting. What did he mean later? Did he max the bid out. Was that him? Oh, I hope it was not Sid. Chapter 3: The Bipolar Telepathic Amphibian The large man kneeled down and took a napkin. He dabbed my face with water on it and wiped the table in front of me with a sigh. Then he looked at me with a smirk and a wink. I was confused. Why would he wink? I stared back blankly. He leaned over the table and kissed my head, “There, there, all better, hmm?” He was intimidating, yet polite. I didn’t know if I should be happy or scared. I said, “Thank you, sir.” His fingertips tickled the underneath of my chin, “Very polite of you, good girl.” He was treating me like a human, not a bot, which made me tingle with happiness. I was a ‘good girl’. I liked that saying. I looked at him blankly and something flashed behind his eyes that I did not understand. He was searching my eyes for something, but it was not there, whatever he was searching for. He cleared his throat and walked back to his table. The bot, directly to my right, elbowed me, “Do you think that’s your buyer?” I shrugged, “I can only hope it is.” Please, please, not Sid. A short time passed and I was taken to the private room with Sid. We sat on the couch and he had me cuddle with him on his lap. I sucked on my pacifier and played with my stuffed bunny I was given. I stared at the button on its nose because I felt, once again, uneasy with Sid. I looked up quickly to Sid’s eyes and he was watching me. His eyes did not leave me. I could not tell his emotions; he was hard to read. I was hoping he would seem sad that he did not buy me but he did not say or refer to anything emotional. “You know, I heard that there is a tickle monster somewhere in this room…Tsss..” My bladder was full and I had a feeling I knew where this was going, “Oh, wait, I think he’s right here!” Sid said quickly as his hands attacked my arm pits. I began laughing uncontrollably. His electric tipped fingers traveled down to my sides and feet. I felt the slimey feeling on my feet which grossed me out but I couldn’t say anything. I looked down and only saw sparkles of turquoise glitter where he tickled to me. Hm, its seems as if his excretions on his scales instantly vaporized? Quite different than anything I’ve ever seen before. He kept relentlessly tickling me and I felt my bladder release into my diaper. Warmth went up to my face. I was embarrassed. Again. “Awe, Tsss what’s wrong, tiny one?” His yellow eyes looked concerned, but it seemed like he already knew what happened. He was trying to make me embarrassed. I didn’t know how I knew that. I just knew. I sucked on my pacifier and stared blankly at him. I wasn’t supposed to tell the buyer if I wet my diaper. They had to check it. Once upon a time, a bot wet theirs and throughout the night they were never changed. I had a lot of buyers who took care of me at each event so I never experienced this issue; however, I never wanted to experience this firsthand. Sid snaked his hand down to my bottom, “Oh, no. Tsssss. It looks like someone wet herself.” More warmth spreading to the cheeks of my face. This was humiliating. I was used to being babied, but it seemed as if Sid had dark intentions as he belittled me. He placed me on my back on the couch and I laid there, staring at the ceiling. It was unfair to me that I had no choice other than to be treated this way. The thought popped in my mind and I felt a twinge of frustration. The thought went away in a blink of an eye as I looked at Sid. For some reason, he turned with a knowing look in his eyes as this thought went through my brain, “Is there something wrong, tiny one?” It’s as if he could read my mind. His eyes shined malevolently as he studied me, carefully. I was confused why he was giving me this look. I shook my head, “Nuh, sir.” I said through my pacifier. He smiled, wickedly, “Maybe the baby doesn’t need a diaper change just yet, Tssss.” Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Wait, how do I know such foul words? Sid blinked for the first time since I’ve met him and his eyes constricted. Chills ran down my spine. What was wrong with this guy? “Have you ever had a proper spanking, tiny one?” I blinked, confused why he would spank me. What was his reasoning? Could he read my mind? I blinked, “I had one this morning, sir.” Trying my best to be polite. “I know what you are, Tssssss. There’s no hiding that from me. Your kind is always very deceiving to people who can’t see into others like myself.” What does that mean? My kind? Bots? I sat up, confused. He wasn’t making any sense. I don’t know what to say. He just threatened me with a spanking and was making it seem like I was doing something illegal. Immoral. He seemed disgusted as he spoke. His eyes flicked back and forth as he studied me, “You can’t act that naïve, Ra-“ He stopped, abruptly. I opened my mouth and my pacifier dropped. I wanted him to end the sentence. What was he going to say? What was he going to call me? Sid looked concerned, “You don’t know, do you?” His eyes dilated and constricted in confusion, studying me. He answered his own question, “You don’t know anything of what happened.” He said in a grim statement. My mind swirled in questions, completely perplexed with what Sid was saying. He acted like I knew something. Yet, I knew nothing at all. All I knew was being a bot. Prepping, training, meal bars, injections, and dreamless sleep. For the first time since meeting him, Sid looked to have an ounce of human empathy. He was sad for a reason I could not begin to understand. My mind was still so fuzzy from the medication this morning. Sid’s eyes grew astonished by his findings, “I believe I have said too much.” I said quickly, “No, you have not told me anything at all, sir.” I wanted him to keep talking. I wanted to hold onto Sid’s words to think about them, but I could feel it slipping out of my grasp, quickly. There were so many mysteries since my initiation as a bot. My soul was hungry for answers to questions I’ve been wondering for what felt like years. Sid ignored me, smiling widely, scales on his face changing colors from turquoise to dark green, “Let’s get you changed, tiny one.” I cocked my head, perplexed. He just said he wasn’t going to change me and now he’s going to? What made him change his mind? So many questions, yet no answers. In a blink of the eye, my pacifier was plopped in my mouth by Sid. He pushed me on my back and began undoing the tapes of my diaper. He wiped my bottom and front areas and lifted my legs up to throw away the old diaper. He then slid a fresh diaper under me, sprinkling powder on me, and then taped the new diaper on me. Sid’s eyes flicked up to my face, studying me again. No more questions, tiny one. If you want to stay safe, be quiet. They are watching you, very closely. Answers will present themselves to you in time, but that time is not now. Words echoed in my brain. Sid’s words. I didn’t get why he said that. But, wait, he didn’t say it. No words or sounds came from his mouth. He placed thoughts in my brain that weren’t mine. I knew it was from him. And I knew I was not going crazy. My body because stiff as a chill ran down my spine. They are watching you. Who were they? The directors? I already knew that. That was a given. Unless there were others? The directors are the least of your worries, Bot 404. Chapter 4: Darkness Becomes Me I sat down at my table after multiple private sessions following Sid’s. Once they were over, I felt elated. I was tired of playing the role of a baby. I was already bought after all. What was the point of pleasing these other buyers? Maybe it was making Sequoia Airspace profit but what did that have to do with me? I did not have any benefits besides being sold away. Was that really a benefit? I had no freedom. I was not considered a person. Anger pulsed through me. I looked down at my heart rate monitor as my pulse increased. I took deep breaths to calm myself. I would not have another episode like this morning. This was not the time. I needed to make it out of Sequoia Airspace. I did not know why I needed to leave, but it felt the closest to freedom I could get.“Sequoia Airspace auctions closing in 5 minutes. Please make your final purchases. Thank you for visiting Sequoia Airspace. Ever last infinity with Sequoia.” Ever last infinity. The most overused phrase at every single event. I never understood it. Quite redundant if you ask me.My palms were sweaty. Was I going to like where I was going? What if it was worse than Sequoia Airspace? What if it was better? I’d never know, unless I left. It was time to leave, finally. I was ready. I had been ready to leave since day one of initiation. Yet, here I was, nervous to leave what I had known as comfortable. Was it really comfortable? Or was I brainwashed? I could not understand fully if I had it really good or really bad. Every day I was watched by a director. I was cleaned by strangers. I was told what not to do and what to do. I could not have one emotion expressed or else more injections and less feelings. I had no life, no fun, no words outside of normal bot small talk. Was this how life is supposed to be?The directors began reading off bot numbers bought to be sent away, “Bot 40486261110, Bot 89019190200, Bot 678849493331…” I stood up, surprised that my number was called first. I scanned the directors faces, appreciating them for the last time. I saw the director with the red hair and red rimmed glasses and remembered the countless training sessions. I gave a small smile. I was looking for someone else, though. His blue eyes, where were they? I scanned quickly, not finding them. He was not here. Zane was not part of this. I thought for sure he would be here for my last event. However, thinking back, I had not seen him at any event. Why would this one be any different? I do not know why, but I wanted to see his face one last time. He was gone though, nowhere to be seen.“Bot 404, you must go to the right back area of the auditorium where those black curtains are.” A director’s hand touched my back. I looked up, hoping to see him near me. I was left disappointed as an unrecognizable director looked down to me. I blinked and began walking towards the door. I shook off my disappointment. Why did it matter if I saw Zane again? I only saw him twice and both times were on bad terms. I did not know why I felt drawn to him but it did not matter. He had no significance in my time here.As I entered the black curtains I felt a sting on my arm, and then I saw nothing but blackness and fell into a deep sleep. Chapter 5: Clear as Hanna Skies I woke up, from dreams that I never had before. Dreams. I had dreamt of weird things. Blue eyes with the look of pain. Raw emotion. Bursts of passion. I felt a warmth in my heart as I thought of these eyes. Why? Confusion. Pain. Strings pulled at my heart and tears fell down my face as I opened my eyes. Why did I feel so strongly? I have never had emotions like this.I awoke in a queen sized bed with a green plaid cover on it. I was wrapped in a fluffy wool blanket that smelled like cologne underneath the plaid cover. Light scattered on my bed through dark blue curtains. I sat up, feeling nauseous. My stomach turning. My head felt like it was about to explode. I felt sick. I felt like a zombie. How long was I asleep? Where was I?I got up, quickly, my bare feet hitting the cool oak floors. I walked around the bed, stopping to hold onto the bed covers as dizziness hit me like a brick. I must have been asleep for a while. This was not normal. I needed to leave this room to find a restroom or else my insides would meet the outside.I went over to the door and opened it to a hallway the led to a brightly lit living room and dining area. The tall mysterious man I saw at my last event was sitting at a glass table, typing and speaking to someone. I looked around for another person in the room but there was no one else. He must have been on a call over his Helix. Helix. A hands free wireless device installed into the helix of your ear. How did I know that? Why did I not know that with Zane on my last day?Zane. That name. That person. A familiar sensation hit me. It felt like something was on the tip of my tongue. A memory. Something about Zane. I squinted, perplexed. Why did he matter? It felt like something was important about him. What was so important? Maybe because of the dream I had of his eyes? I didn’t know.“Well, essentially, it depends on how-“He stopped typing and looked up to me, “Good afternoon, Rayne.” His grey eyes surprised, concerned.Rayne? I was Bot 404. Who the fuck is Rayne? Rayne like rain, bitch. Words popped into my head. The corners of my mouth raised at the thought. It felt like something I once said. I didn’t understand it though. I didn’t get the joke, yet it was hilarious to me. Bubbles of a laugh rose in my throat. And also, oh god, vomit.I couldn’t even walk to the kitchen near the dining area before bile came from my mouth onto the hard wood floors. The shine, covered with orangey-brown vomit. Yep, there are the meal bars. I pray to the gods that I never have to eat another one of those again in my life.“Jesus Christ, Rayne, just sit down for a second, okay?” The man said, as if he really knew me. I looked up, bewildered. My head was in pain that the lights of the room even hurt. Drool fell down my chin, onto my white lace nightgown, but I didn’t care. My head was in so much pain that nothing mattered. I still didn’t know who this tall man was with grey eyes was but he was not treating me like a small child anymore, that was for sure.He took a wet towel and wiped my mouth and chin. He handed me a reusable water bottle, “Drink up. It’s going to be a little before you’re not hibernation hungover.” Out of many things I was feeling in the moment, I had not even felt my sandpaper tongue yet. I chugged the whole bottle of water in a minute.The man walked away, opening cupboards and cracking a packet filled with some edible dark-brown gel. I cocked my head, “Who are you?” Bots weren’t supposed to ask questions. At this point, however, I gave no fucks. My name was supposedly Rayne and not Bot 404 so I’m beginning to think that a lot of things are bullshit at this point.His eyes flashed with irritation, “I’m Eli.” Eli looked annoyed, but also had traces of pain in his expression. I didn’t mean to piss him off, geez.He massaged the packet of dark brown gel and tore off one end, “Eat this. It will make you feel better. After we’ll get you cleaned up.” He frowned, looking at the floor and me. I looked at the packet, reading the label curiously. NutriSqueeze, huh. I squeezed a few drops into my mouth. Sourness filled my taste buds.I scrunched my face and shook my head, “That tastes god awful.”He looked at me with his eyebrows raised, “Did I say at all that it would taste good?” He had an attitude about him that I caught quickly. I liked it in an entertaining way.“No, but you could have attempted to make it seem at least a little better.” I gave him sass back.Humor flashed across his face and he smiled, “That’s the Rayne I used to know.” I was always Bot 404. Who was this Rayne he kept referring to? Something wasn’t connecting.“Is that the name you gave me?” I asked as I sucked the packet, deciding that a few drops at a time was going to take forever. The more I ate, the better I felt. If I sucked it, the faster I could eat it.Eli sighed, his teeth gritted, “No, that’s the name you were given, by your parents.”I shook my head, “Impossible. I can’t have parents. I’m a bot; we’re artificially made.” I gave him a skeptical look. A twinge of hope filling my heart. A twinge of sadness if this is true. Why aren’t my parents here if I did have real ones? So many things didn’t make sense.“You were taken by people who brainwashed you. You’re part human, part who knows whatever-the-fuck else you are. You are anything but a bot. I can tell you that right now. You make too many mistake to be a fucking bot. My god, Rayne.” Eli’s hands rubbed his face in annoyance, “We can talk about this later. I honestly should not be telling you all of this at this point.” Red marks appeared on his face from his hands pressing on his face. I squeezed the last parts of the NutriSqueeze into my mouth. I scrunched my face for the last time.Eli took the packet from my hand and threw it out, “Follow me, I’ll show you to the bathroom.” I got up, walking behind Eli who took off down the hallway. We got to the end and he opened the door.“You can clean yourself on your own, right?” I scratched my head. I think I could. I nodded as I met his grey eyes.He scratched his beard with a huff, “I’ll be in the dining area cleaning if you decide you need help. Just holler if you need me.” He said as he closed the door.I noticed my headache was slowly going away and my stomach stopped turning. I wiped the back of my hand on my gown with the remnants of vomit. I looked around the bathroom. It had high ceilings, like the hallways. The floor had large white granite tiles, light grey walls and a double sink with a white granite countertop.I turned to the mirror, gasping. A girl looked back at me. Raven black hair that fell on her shoulders. Bright green eyes. Long, dark lashes. Pink, puffy lips. Heart shaped face. A pale face that looked in need of sunlight. Who was she? She was me. I was her.I am Rayne. I blinked, my hand touching my face. It was real. I was real. I did not look like a bot, but a human. Was I really human? Or was I from a different planet? Humans, otherwise known as Earthlings, we’re not the most liked between the galaxies. Many people were against the human race. I don’t know how I knew that, but, like many things, I knew it.I took off the vomit-ruined white lace nightgown seeing a wet diaper underneath. I looked at myself in it. Cute. Did I just call myself cute? I was disgusted with myself that it was wet, but it didn’t look weird on my body. It looked normal. I wasn’t a baby. I was, what looked to be, a 20-year-old full grown girl. I don’t know how, but it didn’t seem weird to me even though it was taboo. I took off the tapes and threw it in the trash. I looked in the mirror, turning around to look at my back.White markings went up my back. They looked like small scars near my spine. I took my hair up to look at my neck. There were white tiny lines of a barcode at the base of my neck. Disgust filled my body that caused me to tremble. I don’t know why, but the sight of this made me mad. Was I allowed to feel this way? I had no idea why, but it made me angry. Pissed off, even.My eyesight was so clear. I could see everything. Even things I did not notice for so long. My left arm had scars the size of threads on my elbow traveling to my wrist. I looked at my left arm, no thread-like scars. Strange. I looked over my body, looking for more scars. On my left side from my hip down to my ankle the small scars wrapped around my leg. I didn’t understand what this was from. What happened to me? Did I want to know?I heard a knock, “How’s it going in there?” Eli’s voice sounded concerned.I said in a snap, “Fine.” My jaw clicked as I responded.“Okay, just know I’m right down the hall still if you are having any issues.” I heard Eli walking away.I inched closer to the mirror. Looking at the right side of my neck and shoulder, brushing my black hair to the left side. The threads of tiny scars traveled from my jaw line, down my neck, to my right shoulder. Another centimeter in length scar was over my collar bone. They were very faint scars, hardly noticeable to the human eye, but I had this slight inclination I was not fully human. My eyesight was razor sharp, the medicine blurred it for so long. Zane knew. The other directors knew. And that absolutely disgusted me.I looked away, I didn’t want to keep staring at myself. I need to wash myself, feel clean and figure things out.I opened the glass shower door and stared at the shower’s touch screen panel. I touched an icon that looked like the shower function. The water began to trickle out and the panel turned to a temperature icon. It read 105 degrees Fahrenheit. I felt the water and it felt incredible. I had never had hot water like this before. During prepping, it was always lukewarm. I greedily pressed the + button until it reached 113 degrees Fahrenheit and was content with the hot water droplets hitting my back. So this is how it felt to feel again. I smiled to myself, enjoying the water massaging my back.Minutes passed by and I realized I needed to wash my hair and body. I opened my eyes and looked around for soap or hair shampoo. My eyes fell directly in front of me to motion dispensers. I put my hand under the first one and shaving cream came out. I frowned, I did not want that nor need it. My lower body had no hair and I don’t think I would ever have hair again from what the directors did.I washed my hand with the water and put it under the second dispenser and shampoo squirted out. The shampoo smelled like coconuts and it made me smile, images of a beach played in my mind. I tried all the three dispensers and looked for soap. I turned to the wall panel and pressed a button that looked like a bar. Underneath the panel, a green stone appeared. I cocked my head in confusion. I picked it up, smelling it. It smelled like eucalyptus and soap with small beads intertwined between the stone. I massaged the stone on my skin and bubbles appeared. My skin tingled as the stone scrubbed but after my skin felt alive, rejuvenated. I washed out the shampoo from my hair and pressed the OFF icon on the panel.I looked around for a towel as I stepped out. I opened the dark wood cabinets and drawers underneath the granite countertop. Towels were nowhere to be found.I peeked my head outside the door of the bathroom, “Hey, Eli!” Cold air invading the bathroom and making my skin prickle. I didn’t hear any response. I had no other clothes in the bathroom. What was I supposed to do? I tried again, “Hello, Eli?” I said a bit louder.I heard footsteps from the end of the hallway, “I thought you died in there or something. What’s wrong?” Eli’s arm pushes on the door. I back up covering my breasts with one arm and my hand over my lower regions.His eyebrows shot up, “Oh, you’re, uh…” He trailed off, eyes scanning me from top to bottom. I blushed.“No, there’s no towels or clothes, dude.” I said, shivering with the cold air from the hallway entering the bathroom.“I should have given you a spanking when I had the chance.” Eli said rolling his eyes as he passed me, entering the room.He pressed on the wall panel in the shower that I didn’t see until now. The touch-screen panel turned into a black window that rolled down and behind it sat a white fluffy towel, a hair brush, and a fuzzy, light sea blue robe.Eli began walking out of the room and then stopped, humor pulling at the corner of his lips, “Now if you want a diaper change, I’ll do it but at a slight fee.” He winked at me as he was leaving. I squinted my eyes at him in a glare.“No, I’m fine. Please leave.” He closed the door with a chuckle. Ugh. That was embarrassing.I dried off my hair and body and put the robe on. I brushed my hair and left the room.“What were you doing in there? That took a whole hour.” Now he was nagging me. I rolled my eyes.I stepped out into the dining area and into the living room, Eli trailing behind me. I looked at the windows and saw stretches of green. I walked near the curtains, gazing in the distance. This couldn’t be real.“Are these virtual reality windows?” I asked as I watched a bee buzz around the bush in front of the house.“Nope, we are on planet Hanna. Beautiful isn’t it? Kind of reminds me of how Earth once looked before humans destroyed it. No offense to you, Rayne.” I cast my gaze over the trees and the driveway leading to a road that was basically gravel. The gravel stretched far away from the house.“I really don’t take offense to that. It is what it is. My ancestors fucked up bigtime -if I am really human that is.” I paused, blinking, realizing I just cursed which was a huge no-no during training. I looked at Eli and he didn’t seem to care.I looked around the living room, touching the curtain and feeling the satin texture under my fingertips, “By the way, how long was I asleep for?”Eli sat on the dark brown leather couch and put his feet on the mahogany coffee table, “Approximately eight days give or take. We did a lot of traveling to get here without anyone tracing us. Also, you had a surgery to remove a few artifacts.” My mouth dropped, eight days? And I had surgery?“Why the surgery? Is that why I have all of these scars? And who the hell is trying to ‘trace us’? What does that even mean?” I asked, bewildered.Eli sighed, blatantly irritated with all of my questions, “Well, first of all, there’s a lot of things I can’t really tell you, yet. You’re not ready for it, Rayne. Those scars are not from us, that’s from something much different than your surgeries. You had a few trackers imbedded into your body when the Valorion took you. Do you remember your wrist monitor? That’s out now, it had tracking material so the Valorion can find you anywhere in the galaxy. Any planet. Any city. It had to go.” So he’s saying… I had a surgery on my wrist? Isn’t there usually a cast? Why am I already healed? This isn’t adding up.“Wait, how is my wrist perfectly fine already?” I wiggled my wrist in the air, staring at it. It was healthy, no scars besides the threadlike ones. There was no pain and it functioned perfectly.Eli’s mouth went into a frown, “I can’t tell you that information. That’s not important, Rayne.”Now I was the one irritated, “Look, I just want fucking answers. I was asleep for eight days, I had surgery on who knows what, and I woke up on a planet that I’m unfamiliar with. I just want answers, okay?” I said with an attitude. I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted to understand why things seemed off.Eli stood up, “One answer I can give you is that we were best friends before you were taken. I loved you, in a friendly way. I thought you were dead. We all did.” We. Such as my parents? His eyes looked pained as he continued, “You are an important piece to saving millions of lives but you need to understand that some questions aren’t meant to be answered right now.”“Unfortunately, that place you just came from, we have to go somewhere that’s a lot like it again; if you’re willing that is. You will learn a lot, but certain things I can’t tell you because you won’t be trained enough to keep that information away from others who are gifted. Lives are at stake here, Rayne. What you don’t know, will help us.” I glared at him, confused. I didn’t understand what the fuck he was talking about. I didn’t understand it at all. What did us mean? And gifted? Like Sid?“I have one question I want answered before I am willing to help: Is selling and buying bots legal?” My mind was warped as it is, but I needed to know if I was joining a battle that was worth it.Eli hesitated, “By the codes of the UGN, especially in your case, it is illegal. The UGN has been trying to overturn planet Valorion’s laws for many years now.” Eli closed his eyes, trying to figure out how to carefully phrase his sentences, “Valorion has done many foul, disgusting things.” Eli’s voice getting hoarse as he spoke, “Some things I don’t think you should ever know, even though you were part of a few of them.” His jaw was clenched for a moment, his body stiff, “The Sequoia Airspace is like the black market of the galaxy. It’s not *technically* illegal. The UG has had a long history with Sequoia Capitol, which is the government of Valorion.”“Wait, wait… What’s UGN? Remember, you have to dumb it down here.”Eli rolled his eyes, “I’ve had to dumb it down for many years for you, trust me on that one.” He said with humor playing on his face, I smiled in response. I wonder who I was before. I wanted so badly to know.“UGN is the United Galactic Nations or what people also call United Galaxies, the UG. It’s the mediator between planets and galaxies alike. That’s who we-“ He stopped midsentence, clearing his throat, “I mean, I work for.” I cocked my head. Did I used to work for them? He said it almost as if it were past tense.I wanted to clear something up, “So are there others like me? Who were taken and made to be something or someone else?”Eli studied me for a moment, “Yes, many others.” Vile. Sickening. Everything about my last two months made me repulsed. Every face I could remember made me see red. They were all apart of it. Even the person I thought saved me from that place was only using me for profit. Everything I know, was changed in a blink of an eye. These people I once looked up too are now my worst nightmare. I felt uncomfortable for so long, but this made me think back to memories of the past two months and feel absolute disgust. My perception changed in an instant.My mouth fell into a line, anger blurring my vision, “The only thing I care about is that people who have anything to do with this, like those directors, and Zane, are stopped.” Poison came out of my mouth as his name rolled off my tongue. Eli's eyes flashed with something that went away too fast for me to comprehend fully as I said his name. Zane was nice in person, but malicious in theory, “That bots aren’t enslaved. That everyone, even animatronics, are given the same opportunity of freedom. I can guarantee, I will do whatever I can to help you. Even if that means that I don’t know certain things. I won’t stop, until they are completely stopped and pay for what they have done.”Eli smiled as he looked at me in awe, “That’s the girl I remembered. I knew you were in there somewhere, Rayne.” Chapter 6: Leading on Zenons and My Old Playlist I watched in awe as the Interspace Frontier S209 landed in the city of Forestor, planet Hanna. The spacecraft was mammoth in size as I gawked at it.“It’s beautiful.” I said, quietly to myself.The landing wheels rolled out as gravity pulled the spacecraft down to the ground. Dirt and debris scattered as the craft touched the ground, silently. You could feel the tremor in the waiting area of the United Interspace Launch terminals as the craft landed. The space craft rolled to the gates and extended the walk way to connect with the terminal gate. Quickly, people walked out of the spacecraft, down the terminal gate.I curiously cast my gaze; my eyes wandered from the dark blue space craft to the people walking down the glass-paneled walkway. I never saw so many various skin textures, colors, creatures and clothes in my life. Antennas. Scales. Blubber. Two headed people. Tiny headed people. A few people caught my eyes as they walked out of the gate. Purple skinned girls in a group walked that had prominences on both shoulders as if they were wearing blazers. They were dressed in neon pink and green clothes that had holes cut out at their prominent shoulders. They were reading pamphlets about planet Hanna and circling a map of tourist locations to visit on the planet.“Those are Zenons. It’s in your best interest to look away, Rayne.” I looked at Eli, perplexed, “On their planet it’s in their culture to be lesbian and-” He looked around quickly to make sure no one way listening, “Zenons always seem to have an affinity for you.” He winked at me, chuckling to himself as if it were an inside joke. That was unheard of to me. Earthlings and Hannans were heterosexual. Homosexuality for an entire planet was an unusual concept for me.I shook my head and glared, “You are messing with me.”Eli sat back, crossing his arms, “I wish I was. I’d totally have a Zenon babe any day, but I’m not Rayne Griff so I will never have the opportunity.” He sighed in a sullen tone as he stared at the spacecraft in front of us.I looked back to the girls, still curious. One caught my glance, her eyes a dark purple color that twinkled as they met mine. The girl nudged her friend and lowered her voice as she looked at me. The other three girls with her turned their heads in my direction. I blushed, looking at Eli. He was messing with me, right?Eli looked behind his shoulder at the girls, “Every. Single. Time. What the fuck, Rayne. Please, give her my number when she asks for yours. I will so catfish her for butt pics.” Eli said as I turned my head back to the girls. The girl that caught my glance, with the dark purple eyes, was walking towards me with a smile. She was quite beautiful. Dark blue short wavy hair fluttered as she walked. Her complexion, glowing. She had large, dark-blue eyebrows that framed her face nicely. She wore a lot of makeup with a yellow-pink bronzer on her cheekbones.She sat next to me and Eli, “Hai, I noticed you looking.” She flashed her long eyelashes at me as she made a quite blatant statement. Was she flirting? I don’t think I’ve ever experienced someone so upfront.I didn’t know what to say back, “Uh, yea-“ I looked at Eli for help, he was ignoring me and still staring at the spacecraft letting out the last of the passengers. I was by myself on this one. Ugh. My face flushed, “I, uh, just saw how beautiful you all were, is all.” Oh god, what am I saying? Now it seems like I’m flirting back. I could see in the corner of my eye Eli shaking his head in amusement.She giggled, flirtatiously with a blush, “You have a way with words. What's your name?” She asked, as her eyes traveled from my eyes to my lips. What was happening? I didn’t think I liked girls. However, I didn’t know. Maybe I was lesbian before.“Uh, Rayne Griff.” I said as I sat awkwardly.She smiled as if I were a puppy she wanted to take home, “Well, Rayne Griff, it looks like you are leaving soon.” Eli stood up, taking our luggage, “Maybe I could give you my number and I can catch up with you later sometime?” I scratched my head, I didn’t have a number. Heck, I didn’t even have any type of cellular device.Eli spoke up, “She doesn’t have a phone. Sorry to burst your bubble.” I stood up, grabbing my tote bag that Eli packed for me, and hearing our boarding group being called. The girl blinked, looking as if she was rejected. It was as if Eli said I didn’t have a phone to tell her I wasn’t interested.I shook my head at him as I looked at her. Her eyes were sad and I felt bad, “I really don’t, don’t take it personally. If I do get one, I’ll try to talk to you, okay?” I said, trying to make up for Eli being as asshole and hurting the poor girl’s feelings.She perked up from her rejected state, “My name is Izzie. I am a traveling beauty guru. You can find me on the galactic interweb at IzBeauty. Here’s my card, if you change your mind.” She handed me a glittery business card, her fingertips gliding over mine as she pulled away.Izzie began walking away, “I hope this is not our last conversation, Rayne Griff.” She winked and turned around.I was in a daze as we walked from the walkway onto the spacecraft. Eli was laughing as he handed out our tickets to the aircraft attendant. Eli handed the man my intergalactic passport before we boarded. The man handed it to me and I looked at it before Eli took it back and put it in his wallet. I had a quick glimpse of the picture on my intergalactic passport and saw a girl who looked like me, but felt like someone else. Her eyes, stared back at mine, with knowledge of things I did not know. Memories that were long gone.“Hey can I see that again?” I asked Eli as I trailed behind him. I wanted to know more about this girl. The girl I once was.“Nope, knowing you, you’d give it to those Zenons.” He snapped in response as he walked briskly down the spacecraft terminal.I rolled my eyes, “Okay, okay. I get it, I just didn’t want to hurt her feelings. And you were no help.” I said as we entered the sliding doors of the spacecraft.“Welcome to Interspace Frontier. Galactic travel in under hours with elite service. Please contact a flight attendant if you have more than 3 suit cases.” Words spoke over the intercom system of the spacecraft.Eli lead me past the first class areas to an area with many rows of seven seats on each side of the space craft. In the middle of the craft, far back from where we were. There was a set of stairs that went down for more seats. We sat down in the white leather chairs to the right.We were the first in the row and Eli looked at our tickets, “Wing 3: Seat 304A and 304B. Yep, you’re getting 304A, I hate the fucking window seat.” Eli said as he crammed our luggage in the hanging storage areas that were directly above our seats. He pressed the storage units in above us with a click. He had to duck his head from hitting the low ceiling. Fortunately, I did not have to duck at all from my petite stature.“So what planet are you from that makes you so tall?” I asked as I looked at him.Eli’s light grey eyes flashed with humor, “Well, my dad is from Ganakk, my mom is from Hanna. Ganakkans inherently have long extremities. If you know what I mean.” He winked at me.I glared at him. I’ve noticed in these past few weeks he always had to slide dirty jokes in at any chance he got, “Ew, gross. Shut up. I’m throwing you off the spacecraft when we hit light speed.” I said and he laughed. I was not sexually attracted to him in any way, shape or form. He was attractive, yes, but not to me. I’ve noticed he did get many stares from women on Hanna- and even an occasional man- but I did not like him to that sense. I could see why we were best friends once, because we did not, and intimately could not, cross the line into something else. It made me shiver at the thought.I clicked in my seat belt and looked outside the window. I took in the site of Hanna. How beautiful. The air, so fresh. The many trees swayed in the breeze. Mountains far in the distance near a picturesque lake. Wildlife was so bountiful as you could find deer pouncing around the land. Trees stretched for miles on end. Hanna had the finest trails for hiking and many people visited for the nature walks and the beauty of the land. From the Mount Joridas to the Ghados Falls, there were so many sights to behold. Many weddings took place here because of the woodsy lands.I could tell this was Eli’s favorite place to be. He had been in vacation mode for the past few weeks as I adapted to my new surroundings. I knew he did not want to leave this planet but he had to for his job.It took about twenty minutes to board the whole spacecraft. I looked around, hardly any rows were filled for this flight. We were headed to the Intergalactic Space Station. I guess not many people went there. I picked up the pamphlet in front of me that gave information about the flight in multiple languages. I flipped the pages, reading the information about Frontier S209. “Frontier 209 max capacity 2,646 people.” 2,646 people?! I blinked, there had to be only about a few hundred people I saw board this spacecraft. I was in awe at how many people could fit on this thing. Then again, there was three other wings besides ours.One Reorf man sat next to Eli. The man had a business suit on with his enormous blubber green body sitting between two seats. The man’s whiskers moved every time he breathed. The air smelled greasy, as if he had Earthling McDonalds fast food with him. I felt bad for Eli that he was closer to him; however, Eli was supposed to have my seat and that was technically karma slapping Eli in the face.An attendant came over to our row, “Um, sir, sorry to bother you but if I could see your ticket?” The Reorf man grunted, reached into his pant and pulled out his ticket.The woman looked at it, “You’re actually row 308C and 308D. If you could move two rows back, please.”Eli sighed in relief, a bead rolled down his face. He wiped it away as he cleared his throat as the Reorf man got up and moving his items back.I looked at him, “Are you okay, Eli?”Eli rolled up his black sleeves of his shirt, “Yeah, I’m just a little claustrophobic is all.” He smiled faintly at me. He didn’t seem to be comfortable ever since we got on the spacecraft.“Hello, this is Captain Beard speaking. We will be preparing for takeoff in a few minutes. Drinks and snacks will be served once the Frontier has hit light speed. Thank you for choosing to fly with United Interspace.”You could feel the space craft pulling in its terminal walkway and rolling away to the launch strips. I watched outside the window. The window slicked over with a dark color as you could hear the spacecraft charging its power to launch. The wheels of the spacecraft began rolling, quickly, and then a boom sounded. I was in awe as the spaceship was flying directly up, into space in a ten minute time frame. I felt my stomach tickle with the loss of gravity. My belt held me in place as we left the planets atmospheric layers. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Another boom sounded. The floating feeling left me and I felt steady, as if we were on ground again. Weird. I looked out and lights flashed by as if we were a shooting star. This must be light speed. Duh. I looked to my side and saw Eli’s eyes closed. His veins popped from his arms as he gripped the arms of the seats tightly.“So, uh, whatcha doing Eli?” I asked, poking him. Now, it was my turn to mess with him.He opened his eyes and glared at me, “I swear to god, I can’t wait for the chance to spank you. You better watch yourself.” He said as his arms relaxed and he clasped his hands. I wasn’t intimidated by the slightest. He always threated that.I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I watched as a few attendants began coming down the rows with drinks and peanut packets.Eli gave me my ear pods to listen to his music for the rest of the flight. I listened to many alternative songs across the galaxy. Some of them were old Earth songs. From FRENSHIP to Paramore I smiled to myself. I liked the beats of the music. Most of the music had an underlying melancholy feel but it was enchanting in an odd way.“This used to be one of your favorites.” Eli said quietly.“What’s it called?” I could hear a honey voice over the music and a man who rapped. In the end, it’s him and I. The girl sang over and over. Chills ran down my spine. I liked it.“Him & I by G-Easy and Halsey. You had a really fucking weird and old music taste. I don’t know how you listen to this shit.” I scrunched my face at him in a glare. Asshole. I swear.“This is your playlist I thought?” I said, confused and trying to make a point that he had as bad of music taste as me.“No, this is your old one. I thought I’d play it for you but I’m getting sick of it to be honest.” My old playlist. That said something about me. I wanted to keep listening.The music stopped and I ripped out my ear pods, “What the fuck, Eli?”Eli’s eyes flashed, irritated, “Look, Rayne, we listened to that for 20 minutes and the spacecraft is going to be in the Intergalactic Space Station orbit in ten minutes.”I gave him puppy dog eyes, “Please?”He squinted at me, “That may work on someone else, but not me.” He sighed and shook his head, “Fine. You can have it for five more minutes.”I smiled and took his phone, looking through the music tracks. War of Hearts, Ruelle. A sad beat played. Did that mean something? 1000 Nights by FRENSHIP? A lonely song. Jungle by Tash Sultana? Another sad song. I Don’t Know Why by Imagine Dragons? Mysterious. Then the weirder songs came on. Makeba by Jain? A song that brought a smile to my lips, I did not know why. The words and beat made me smile. Breakfast by Jaden Smith? Okay this one just seems completely different than all of the others. I quickly previewed the songs as I did not have much time. My soul, hungry to know who I once was. These songs, so sad, some happy, some mysterious. Did they have anything to do with me? Or were they just songs I liked the beats of? I didn’t understand what they meant. Most of them spoke about love. About passion. They made me feel sad. They made me feel like there was a second piece to my story. Where was it? More importantly: who was it? Chapter 7: What the Fuck Did I Get Myself Into? Lights illuminated space as the Interspace Frontier came into the Intergalactic Space Station orbit. My hand pressed on the glass as my eyes gazed at the beautiful sight. It was vast. It was the size of its own continent as we approached the Interspace Frontier S209 spacecraft was only an ant in comparison. The space station was a gigantic circle, like a doughnut, and had many windows that reminded me of apartments.The spacecraft entered the force field of the landing area in the Intergalactic Space Station. The spacecraft landed silently and extended it’s terminal walkway. Eli got up and grabbed our luggage and my tote. I pulled the tote over my shoulder, trailing behind him.“Thank you for choosing United Frontier. Please travel with us again.” We heard as we walking out of the spacecraft into the walkway to the terminal gate.As we exited the terminal gates, I looked at the glass windows that showed space crafts entering and exiting the space station. It was a pretty damn cool sight to be seen. I looked at the people waiting to board and they read their glass news tablets and books as if this were any every day experience. It was, but this was all new to me.I ran behind Eli, he walked at a fast pace at all times, “Hey, wait up!” I said, trailing behind.“I just want to get our meeting over with and relax, okay? I’m not going to wait for your ass as you gawk at everything you pass.” I glared at him and shook my head.“Whatever.” I said as I walked quickly next to him.We left through the aircraft terminal doors and went down escalators into a blue lit lobby area the size of a football field, “Woah.” I looked around in awe.The ceiling was painted with clouds and yellowy-white light illuminated the whole room. A food court was on one side of the lobby and on the opposite side was a few shops selling snacks and toiletries. I said as Eli walked quickly off of the escalator and brushed passed people, walking towards the elevators located directly in the center. The elevators were completely glass and shot beyond the high ceiling of the lobby.Eli pulled me into an elevator before it closed on me, “Jesus Christ, Rayne. Keep up, would you?” He shook his head. The elevator closed faster than expected in a whoosh. A few other people stood with us. One amphibian and two people who looked to be human. Eli pressed the number 34 on the elevator and had to scan a badge in his wallet.The elevator shot up in a silent whoosh and my stomach dropped. The granite ground underneath us went away underneath the glass floor of the elevator. The lobby disappeared and then the next few floors was what looked to be a mall area. Glowing neon blue, orange, green and red lights flickered in between floors and shops. The elevator came to a halt, the amphibian walked out. The glowing lights disappeared as the elevator climbed up. The elevator halted at a warm colored floor with wood flooring and dark blue walls. I read a sign that said Escalade Hotel. Hotels in space? The humans with us walked out. We went many more floors up and it was our destination.“Iris recognition required.” The elevator said as it came to a halt and the elevator became engulfed in darkness where there was no light besides the one illuminating the elevator. I looked down, the once transparent ground turned black. I looked around the circular elevator; there looked to be no floor here. I was confused.Eli stood next to the elevator panel where red lasers appeared and he put his eye in front of it. There was a zing nose. The lasers still were scanning. Eli motioned for me to come over. I cocked my head in confusion. I put my eye in front of it and it zinged again. A click sounded and the door opened to a floor with titanium walls and grey linoleum floors. Small lights lined the floors as a group of teens walked past us. These people were dressed much alike in color scheme. Grey hoodies, dark heather-grey shirts, solid grey sweat pants. One person in the group of teens was wearing a blue shirt. There were two other, older looking people, who walked past with vests on, dress shirts and dress pants in grey and white colors. I felt as if I became color blind entering this floor. It was odd, to a sense.I followed Eli as he walked around the elevators and towards an area that the linoleum floors change into grey wood floors. The walls are painted with a warm grey color. As we pass I read the numbers on the walls: 619, 621, 623… We walk for a few minutes and I stop counting the numbers. Eli halts and get out his badge from his wallet again and puts it up to the door lock. The door opens with a click. As we walk in the room illuminates and I see two queen size beds. There’s a bathroom near the entrance and a virtual reality wall that displays a moving sea directly in front of the beds.Eli takes my hand and pulls me outside of the room. He says, “Come on, we’re running a bit behind. The meeting starts at 3 and it’s 2:58.”I walk quickly behind him in almost a jog as I try to match his long strides. We continue down the long hallway of rooms and the floor inclines as if it were a hill and then levels out. We pass a small window and I take a glance. It’s a huge area inside with people running around a track together. We keep walking, Eli picking up his pace as we pass more people in grey outfits on. The flooring declines and I almost trip down it. We pass another window and inside is a gigantic pool that ends at a glass wall that looks out to space. Some people are swimming, others practicing diving. My eyes flash in wonder. It was beautiful.I run after Eli as he is still walking quickly and he turns a corner. I follow him as we enter a circular hallway that splits into two other circular hallways. He goes the one to the right and at the end is a hallway is a door. He puts his badge to the lock and it clicks.“I thought you guys had a spacecraft delay. At least you made it only a minute late.” A muscular man with fiery orange hair pulled back in a ponytail said.Eli looked across the room, “My apologies, but Rayne had to stare at everything that we passed, I swear to god.” He threw me under the bus.“Welcome back, Rayne.” The man with the fiery orange hair said. I took the open seat near where Eli sat at the black table. The chair was black leather and I felt super small in it. I adjusted myself, so I looked a bit taller.“Uh, thanks, I guess.” I said in response as the room became quiet and the other people at the table looked at me. I looked around the room. Eight others sat. Everyone dressed in business casual suits. One amphibian woman sat at the table, her scales were transparent and showed her skin underneath. A few people looked like they were from Hanna or Earth. One other besides Eli looked to be from Ganakk. One very tan man looked to be from Ekkberen from his scuffed look and piercings. Another person I could not guess where the hell they were from.“She doesn’t remember names, Red.” Eli said as awkwardness ensued.“The less names she knows the better.” The Amphibian woman spoke as she looked at me, her light blue eyes dilating and constricting. I felt like my thoughts were being invaded. However, that’s the same way I felt with Sid; I just didn’t know it at the time. This woman seemed a lot more human than Sid. The scales on her body were not as prominent and I could see human looking skin as her scales were transparently covering her skin. The only thing showing her scales was the reflection of light on them and her scales would look almost silver.“I second that.” The man from Ekkberen said.“Well, I guess we should get this meeting over with.” Red said as he pressed a button on the remote in his hand. The rooms light dimmed and a light blue three dimensional projection showed in front of on the table above a black circular looking stone. A planet appeared in front of us, rotating on its axis. Tiny words said next to the planet. Valorion.Red said, “You two are going to be sent to Sequoia, the capital of Valorion.” He pressed another button. The capital showed as a dot and zoomed in. A projection of a city with many lights was shown. There were many skyscraper buildings that was in front of a beach area. It reminded me of Las Vegas, Nevada on planet Earth.“Of course, we will need you two to be in your roles.” I blinked, what was my role? Oh god, don’t tell me…“That means Eli will take the place of your master and you will have to act as Bot 404 again. The same way you acted during trainings.” Well, fuck me, right? Chapter 8: They Are Watching You I heard his low voice in my ear, “Testing, testing.”I responded, “Unfortunately, I hear you.”“Good girl.” I squinted my eyes and a chill ran down my back. I wanted this day to be over already. Eli was already having too much fun with this.The plan was simple: Act like a small child. Get to know the Valorions while I’m at Eli’s side. We would mingle and collect information to take back to the UGN. We had mics on us and microscopic cameras on our clothes. We weren’t the only ones from the United Galactic Nations Force to be at this event. There were many more like us who were disguised, hidden. It was scary, but thrilling to be able to go there. Eli told me that some people have been caught by the Valorions because of the recent unity of the Amphibian and Valorion people. I asked what would happen if caught. He would not answer me.Amphibians had gifts of telepathy. Some had the rare ability to see the past of others, like Sid and feel for intentions. Eli had been trained to hide these things from Amphibians. I, on the other hand, had not. This was what the amphibian woman explained to me days prior.Eli sprayed cologne on himself and tucked in his dress shirt. I sat on the queen bed, flicking through channels on the wall to watch. He looked at me on the bed.“What?” I said as I looked at him.He cut his beard down to just stubble on his face. His grey eyes flickered with anger, “Well, the Christmas Event starts in two hours and we haven’t even left yet. You haven’t even showered today, and you’re still laying around. Do you want me to start treating you like a baby now?” I glared at him and got up. I quickly took a shower and dried myself. I put on new underwear, sweatpants and a grey shirt. He said that I’d have my dress clothes ready when we were on the spacecraft to Sequoia.Twenty minutes later, on a privately owned spacecraft, I pulled on a satin red dress with white fuzz lining the bottom flare of the dress and white fur on the shoulder pads. It had long sleeves that flared out and white fuzzy cuffs. I picked up the diaper, frowning at it. Well, here goes a shot at putting it on I guess.I sat down on the ground over the unfolded diaper. I placed the tapes on. Simple. Not rocket science. I came out of the bathroom and a girl named Francesca was waiting to fix my hair and apply some blush to my cheeks and mascara to my eyes. She made my hair wavy and put a red satin bow in it to hold my longer front hair back.I looked at Eli, he was adjusting his red tie in the mirror and met my eyes. Something flashed in his eyes. It looked like he was checking me out. He looked away, trying to play it off. He pulled on his black suit jacket.“Now we have to put your stockings on and socks. Did you want to do it? Or do you need help?” Francesca asked.Eli walked towards us, “Here, I’ll do it for her. I have to make sure her diaper’s on right anyways.”He raised my dress and sighed, meeting my eyes, “I had a feeling that you didn’t know how to change yourself.”Francesca smiled as she looked at me, “You put it on backwards? Oh my god, that’s adorable.” She and Eli laughed. I blushed.Eli led me back into the bathroom, removing my diaper, “You didn’t even use powder?”My face was warm, “I really don’t want to talk about this anymore. Just get it over with.”He had me lay on the ground, powdering my diaper and front area and taping the diaper on snugly. He helped me into nude stockings that looked to be embedded with hundreds of diamonds.“Here’s the shoes and socks.” Francesca pointed to them on the ground as she was looking on her phone and messgaging someone.I pulled on both frilly socks and then slipped my feet into Velcro velvet red shoes. I sat on the couch, crossing my arms. Eli came over with a red Hello Kitty pacifier that had a clip. He clipped the pacifier on a string that hung down from the v-neck, white fuzz lined dress near my chest.“There, now you’re properly dressed for once in your life.” He said with humor flashing on his face.“If anything happens tonight and I never see you again, just know that I hate you.” I said as I glared at him. Eli flashed a smile in response and walked away.The intercom over the spacecraft announced, “We’ll be arriving in approximately five minutes.” I walked over to a window seat, gazing out to the planet. We were approaching quickly. I saw a brightly lit area of Valorion and as we approached, I found that that brightly lit area was Sequoia. It was a vast city with twinkling lights near the beach. Waves crashed into the shoreline and a breeze moved the trees. There were signs for casinos and strip clubs on one side of the city. The other side had an elegant look with a dome shaped building at the center and then skyscraper buildings surrounding it.Eli placed the pacifier in my mouth as our spacecraft landed silently near the beach at Sequoia’s landing pad. Many other space crafts were landing from other planets. I kneeled in my chair as I looked out the window at the different designs. One spacecraft was red, shaped like a car, and had fans horizontally spinning as it landed. Another was gigantic with a triangular shape and a bright orange color.I felt a sting on the soft tissue of my buttock. I whimpered and looked back angrily.“That’s to calm you. Sorry, baby girl. I can’t have you freaking out or doing anything to ruin tonight, or blowing our cover.” I cocked my head, why would I do anything to ruin things for us? I’m not that stupid. I didn’t understand it. My brain waves slowed and, he was right, I began to feel very relaxed and euphoric.“Show’s on.” He said as he got up and the doors of the private spacecraft opened and a walkway locked onto the ground.He took my hand and lead us to a limousine that was waiting on the road near the landing pad. We got in and a man with two heads looked back, “Welcome to Sequoia. Is it your first time?”Eli shook his head, “No, I’ve been here once or twice before this. This is my baby’s first time though.”The limousine took off down the road near the beach. One of his heads turned to look at me “She’s a cute one, how old?” I didn’t like his stare but I didn’t care either. Whatever Eli gave me was making me very lax.“A month.” Eli said as his arm wrapped behind my back.“Still a newborn I see. I’ve been thinking of getting one ourselves.” The head on the right said. I was disgusted. I now understand why Eli gave me meds.“Yea, they are quite a handful.” Eli responded nonchalantly. He was good at this. Thank god I didn’t have to talk.The limousine can to a halt at a grand hall. I looked over at the tall building in front of us and it had cream colored satin curtains that were at each side of the building. Eli got out of the car and I slid over to get out. Eli grabbed underneath my arm pits and pulled me out of the car, placing me on the ground softly. He pulled out a few dollars and handed it to the two-headed man.“Thanks, buddy.” Eli said as he closed the door.We walked in and Eli acknowledged a lot of people that we passed. Some people would ask about me and have small talk.“Oh, she is just the darndest thing, Eli!”“Aww, I’d love to just take her home and call her my own.”“Look! See I told you we should have got one like her.”My mind didn’t care. I just stood there, awkwardly. All of the people thought I was shy, quiet. I would cast my gaze around, looking for familiar faces like the directors I once knew. I didn’t see anyone. Eli directed me towards a table with his name on it. He had me sit down as he mingled with others.I watched people as they chatted. I saw many people with expensive dresses on and suits. A enormous chandelier hung above everyone. The rich. The powerful. All in one room. How did these wealthy people make their money? The buying and selling of bots? Of people? Sickening. Upsetting. I stopped looking at people.“I’m going to go to the restroom real quick, do you think you’ll be okay on your own for a second?” Eli looked down at me. I looked up and nodded, pacifier still in my mouth.Five minutes passed and people kept coming up to me, asking where my daddy, master or babysitter was. I just told them the bathroom through my pacifier.Ten minutes passed, I looked around the large dining hall. No Eli. Where was Eli? Did something happen? I got up, walking towards the back of the dining hall. Two sets of stairways wrapped up to where a large hallway was that led to the restrooms. I walked up the stairs and stood near the men’s bathroom, pacing.“Ra-“ A pause, “Bot 404.” I turned my head and met awaiting blue eyes. They flashed, lovingly, as they saw my outfit. Lovingly. Zane. His eyes scanning my outfit from top to bottom as he fixed the cufflinks of his jacket. Was he about to say my real name?Here was the man who I thought was a terrible person from what he did to me was standing before my very eyes. The things I wanted to say to him. I saw red. Anger boiling in my veins. My pacifier dropped out of my mouth. My face red, my teeth clenched.His eyes flashed. With pain, hurt. Why? It was bewildering, the look he had. I didn’t understand it.“Baby girl, what are you doing without your paci?” Eli left the bathroom, kneeling and placing the pacifier in my mouth.Eli stood and his gaze went to Zane’s. Zane blinked away the look he had as he looked at Eli, “Hey, Eli. Long time, no see, old friend.” Zane came over and shook Eli’s hand. Old friend. Eli needed to explain some things. I didn’t understand any of this. We’re we really on an assignment?Zane’s eyes fell back on mine. I tore my glance away from him and began walking away, back to where I was sitting. I did not want to be near this man.I felt someone pull me to a halt, “Where do you think you’re going?” Eli said as I looked up at him.I didn’t respond. I just looked at the ground, “I apologize, she’s in a mood tonight.”Zane responded, “No, you’re fine. I understand completely how that is.” I met his eyes, confused. It’s as if they were speaking in a different language. I realized I was glaring at Zane. I tore away my gaze.Zane cocked his head as he caught my look, “Eli, can I talk to you in private?” He said in a hoarse voice.Eli nodded, “Go back to your table, baby girl.” Zane blinking as Eli called me baby girl. I began walking down the stairs as the two walked into the closet room near the bathrooms. I stopped and turned back around. I pressed my ear against the door.“When are they removing the block?” I could hear Zane’s muffled voice in concern.“The council is adamant about not removing it until a year from now.” Eli responded quickly, quietly.“I’m tired of playing this waiting game. I want to pull the trigger on this plan. Did you see the look she gave me? What the fuck was that dude? You couldn’t have at least told her something?” Zane said with a passion I didn’t understand.“You need to calm down, look,” I began hearing a white noise over my mic and earpiece. I was confused.“Rayne, can you please let us know what’s going on there?” I heard a woman’s voice over my ear piece. I was confused. What was Eli doing? Blocking the mic?I realized Eli was trying to hide something important. I said, “Sorry my mic dropped into water. Give me a second.”I heard in a hushed voice, barely visible to the human ear, “There are snakes in the counsel of the UGN. We need numbers. This plan is going to fail in a month’s time. My helix has been tapped for the past few months and I’m not the only one, check yours.” He paused, “Aries is up their asses, literally and figuratively and that’s the main reason Rayne still has the block. I think Rayne saw something she shouldn’t have before what happened to her happened.” Who was Aries? What did this all mean? Is that why Eli hasn’t been telling me many things? So many questions but it was not the time for answers. They were watching us. Whoever they were.Eli’s voice became loud again and the white noise left the mic, “Look, be patient. Once the block is removed she’ll be back to normal and she will probably still be a brat to you. It’s Rayne, that’s just her.” You could hear the sarcasm in his voice. Why were they talking about me? What was this block? I didn’t understand any of it.The only thing I did understand is: I could not fully trust anyone. Not the United Galactic Nations. Not the Valorions. Nowhere was considered safe. People were watching us. I didn’t know why, but I was going to find out. Chapter 9: Apparently I Was Dead The door opened and I fell on my back. Ouch.“What are you doing here?” Eli said as he looked down in surprise. Did he not hear me over the mic saving his ass?Zane held out his hand and I took it, standing up. He straightened out my dress for me with a smile but his eyes were sad. I met his eyes, he looked away, irritated. I didn’t understand why he was suddenly angry. Was it what Eli said?“It was nice seeing you two, but I must go.” Zane said with a nod of his head to Eli and I. His eyes met Eli’s but he didn’t look at me. Zane was hot and cold. I didn’t get what the emotional change was all about.The rest of the night went by in a blur. I didn’t understand the words that were exchanged between Eli and Zane. A block. What was this block? Is that why I couldn’t remember my past? Was it a memory block? ‘… that’s the main reason Rayne still has the block. I think Rayne saw something she shouldn’t have before what happened to her happened.’ If I had a memory block, then who put in? The Valorions? The United Galactic Nations? The directors? And, hypothetically, if I had a block, what did I see before my memory was lost? What was so important that someone didn’t want me to know?Something was dire. There were lives on the line. Whatever I had saw, must have been important. If it were so important, why am I not dead? Why I am still alive? So many things didn’t add up.On the spacecraft home, my eyes got drowsy as I sucked on my pacifier.“You know you can take that out now, right? We’re done roleplaying unless you needed me to baby you a little longer?” Eli said as he took off his tie. I spit out the pacifier, glaring at him.We were back at the Intergalactic Space Station in our room, “Thank god that’s over.” Eli said as he threw his jacket on the dresser. I was about to sit down, until I heard a knock on the door.Eli gave a confused look as he approached the door, “Hello?”A muffled voice responded as Eli looked through the peephole, “Eli. You’re being called to the conference room to talk with the UGN counsel.” Eli’s eyes flashed with apprehension. I never saw him this shaken since we launched from Forestor on planet Hanna in the Interspace Frontier.He looked at me, words playing at his lips but he didn’t speak. He silently left the room without question.I went to my bed and took off the stupid frilly socks. Panic seeping into my pores. Where did Eli go? Would he be coming back? Why was he gone?I took off the stockings and tried to preoccupy myself with television shows.An hour passed by, still no Eli. I paced the room, crossing my arms. Should I leave the room? I can’t sit here forever. I tried drifting my thoughts to something else but it kept going back to Eli. He was the only person I trusted. The only person who has been consistently honest. Tonight he said things that weren’t made for my ears but it made sense. He wasn’t lying to me and that’s what mattered the most.Twenty more minutes passed. What was taking so long? If it were really only a ‘talk’ then it shouldn’t take this long.I can’t sit any longer. Fuck this. I don’t care if I get into trouble. I need to know what’s going on.I slid on sweats and took off my dress and slid a dark-grey hoodie on that had a UGNF logo on it. I walked out of the room, closing the door quietly. I walked briskly down the hallway, towards the gym track and pool where Eli took me a few days ago. It was late at night and no one was in the pool. I passed the pool and turned the corner. The hallway was quiet. I walked up to the door and heard nothing. I opened the door and looked inside. Nothing. No one. I walked to the main circular hallway again, confused. Where was anyone? I paced back and forth, scratching my head.“Rayne?” I turned around and a Zenon girl was looking at me as if she knew me. My eyes flashed, thinking of Izzie. However, this was not Izzie.“Hi, uh, who are you?” The girl was tall, probably about 5 foot 9. She had long dark purple hair with light purple highlights and a septum piercing, nose piercing, and eyebrow piercing all filled with diamonds twinkling on her face. She looked like a model, with a perfect complexion and sharp contours on her face. She had a sleeveless black shirt on and grey shorts. Her eyes were dark purple with flickers of magenta.She frowned, “I’m Gemini, but you can call me Gem, Gemmy or Gemma.” She blinked, coming closer, “So it’s really true…All the rumors I heard and I haven’t seen you in so long.” She was staring at me as if I was a ghost, “They really did take you, didn’t they?” I shrugged, “I guess someone did take me. I just can’t figure out who and why.”She shook her head in awe, as if I were not real, “I missed you, Rayne. Like, a lot. I thought you were gone. We had a freaking wake for you and talked about you like you were dead.” She said as she touched my arm, her eyes getting watery.I looked down at my arm, confused of her sudden proximity. Zenons always seem to have an affinity for you. Eli’s words repeated in my head. Was this girl, from my past, the reason he said that? I didn’t get it. And a wake? Did I die? What happened that everyone thought I was dead? Chapter 10: The Wall’s Midlife Crisis “Do you know where a conference would take place besides here?” I asked Gemini.She blinked away her watery eyes, her long lashes fluttering, “Yeah, why?”I responded, “Well, my friend, Eli, supposedly had a conference with the UGN and I’ve been trying to find him.”She rose her eyebrows, “Eli’s here?! No way. I haven’t seen him, Jay or Zane in what feels like a year.” Gemini said happily as if she were close friends with them. Him, Jay or Zane. Who was Jay? I knew 4 out of 5 but this all confused me.“But, you said with the UGN? At this time?” She looked to not believe me. I nodded, she began walking, “Well, any conference with them would be at the restricted floor that we don’t have access too unless were called up there.” She crossed her arms.“So, basically, I just have to wait.” I said as I sighed and began walking back to my room. I had no badge so I was locked out but I could at least stand there.“Hey, where are you going?” She asked as she walked behind me.I shrugged, “I’m probably just going to walk around since I’m locked out of my room anyways.”“I mean, I’ll walk with you.” She came near my side as we walked up the incline of the hallway, “I have so many questions, Rayne. Like, what happened?”I shook my head, “I have no idea. No one will tell me. I don’t remember my past. Nothing up until I was initiated as a bot.” I shrugged.“WOAH WOAH WOAH. What?!” Gemini stopped, pissed, “Don’t even tell me that. There’s no way. So that’s where you went. You literally were-“ She stopped speaking as her ear lit up, blue. On her ear was a Helix. Oh fuck. All of them had Helix’s. Did I? I wanted her to tell me what happened, but she halted midsentence.She spoke as she looked straight, “She deserves to know what happened.” She paused, “That’s bullshit.” She gritted her teeth, her eyes looking at me as she shook her head.I began walking straight, I wanted to punch a wall. I was pissed. All of these lies. All of these secrets. I kicked the wall in frustration. My hand stretched out and I felt a force of energy travel from my hand to the wall. The wall concaved and the steel behind it made a popping noise. My mouth gaped as I looked at my hands. What just happened? Was that me or the wall going through a midlife crisis?Gemini was standing behind me, her face shocked, “Please, tell me I’m not going crazy. Did you really not touch that and that happened?” I scratched my head.“I honestly don’t know. I’ve never done that before, I swear.” I said, disoriented. What was that? Was I gifted? What did this all mean?“I’m just going to ignore that that just happened.” Gemini said as she began walking, “Fuck. They want to have a conference with me now too.” She rolled her eyes.I walked with her towards the elevators. We walked in silence. She seemed absurdly quiet from how talkative she just was. Gemini was fuming, pissed. I was perplexed on what I did to the wall, confused.As we went down the hallway, we went down the incline and turned into the long hallway of rooms. I blinked, Eli was standing near someone who had their back turned. Eli looked perfectly fine. The man next to him looked familiar from behind. Dirty blonde hair, sweat pants, and a hoodie on. He turned to me, smiling warmly.“ZANEY!” Gemini yelled down the hall, “Oh my god, its like old times! Zaney and Rayney back together at last!!” Zaney and Rayney? What did that mean?“Shhhh. Shut up, Gemma. There’s people sleeping.” Eli said in a hiss. Gemma? Maybe that’s what she preferred being called.Gemma rolled her eyes, “Ugh, I was hoping time would change you’re assholic self, but, it looks like you aren’t that lucky.” She burned him, and I laughed.Eli squinted at her, “Assholic isn’t even a word.” Gemini ignored him as her Helix lit up again.“Well, I’d love to hang like old times with you all, but I’m being summoned to hell. BRB, guys.” She said as she stormed off toward the elevators. I liked her, she was very funny and nice.Zane opened his door with his badge, “Well, I’ll see you guys in the morning.” He had a badge? As far as I knew, last month he was the enemy who worked for Sequoia Airspace. What happened? This was the first time I had seen Zane without a pacifier in my mouth and acting like a baby. I had questions I wanted answered.“Wait, can I talk with you?” I asked as he held his door open. His tired eyes looked up curiously.Eli answered, “Rayne, I think we all need some sleep. It’s been a long day and tomorrow we all have to wake up early for a conference.”“No, Eli, you’ve pissed me off enough. I want to talk to Rayne, without you.” Zane said as he motioned for me to come in.Eli rolled his eyes, “Whatever, Rayne the room number is 809. Just knock and I’ll let you in.”Then me and Zane were alone in his room. He sat on his bed, clasping his hands and looking at me. Humor playing on his face as his eyes danced.“Why are you here?” I asked, flatly.He cocked his head, confused with my sudden attitude, “I’m here because of you.”I shook my head, squinting at him. I was puzzled, “Why though? I just don’t understand.” Zane looked blankly at me.Zane stretched and yawned, “You’ll find out everything soon. Just go to sleep, Rayne.” I stared at him.My jaw shifted, Zane’s eyes traced it with his eyes, “Fine.” I left the room to Eli’s.I tossed and turned until I finally fell asleep.Everything would change the next day. Everything. Chapter 11: Awakened I saw the door open to the conference room on the restricted floor 29 as Zane and Eli walked in.At the front of the room, many officials of the United Galactic Nations sat. Red and the amphibian woman with transparent scales looked to be the heads of it. They were having their monthly conference about issues relating to the galaxy. Multiple officials from across the planets sat at the table. Officials from Reorf, Tereet, Hanna, Earth, Aquari, Zenon, Manta, the Moon Station, Orion’s Belt Airspace, and the list went on. The only officials not present were from Valorion.I sat outside with Gemma waiting patiently as an hour passed.I was supposed to wait outside in case I was needed as a witness.Eli left the room, “Well, Zane just dropped a bunch of articles of proof in there and Vix and few others are being arrested as we speak.”Gemma responded, “Whaaaaaaat?”I was confused, “Who is Vix?”“She’s that amphibian bitch who wrote me up last night for telling you ‘too much information’. Thank. God. She’s. Gone.” Gemma said as she stood up.“Why is she being arrested?” I asked.“Well, I guess she was sending information from the Helix database to the Valorion. Also, she’s suspected of attempted murder along with a few other officials.” Eli said grimly as he glanced at me.Officials left the room as we all sat there, waiting for Zane.Someone was calling my name, “Rayne Griff, please follow me.” I looked over and saw Red motioning for me to follow him and a few others. I looked at Eli and Gemmy and they nodded to follow him.I followed him into the elevators and it shot up. There were higher floors? I thought this was the last one.Ten minutes later I was laying on a bed, being prepped for a brain surgery to remove the memory block in my brain. They told me it was a fairly quick surgery and that I’d be awake in 30 minutes. As the anesthesiologist was injecting the sleeping medication, Zane walks in. His eyes, anxious. I was confused as the sleep medicine reached my brain. I felt someone kiss the top of my head, and squeezed my hand before my mind blacked out.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I heard voices."Are you sure you want to be in here? She may start yelling." "Well, it's Rayne, so that's a given." I heard a familiar voice say. One I've known. One who I could listen to for hours on end and never get tired of. I missed his closeness. His lips traveling up my neck. His fingertips traveling down my back. His eyes flashing with humor. I wanted him. His warmth. His love. My eyes opened, bright light assaulting my vision. The things I saw, the horrible, traumatizing things, rushed to my brain. Things I wish I never saw. Things I regret getting myself into. Images playing in my mind. I tried to shut it off. I couldn't. I could never forget what I saw that day. I thought being a bot was bad, but nothing, no nothing, compared to what I saw two months ago. "Rayne-" Zane's eyes met mine, dancing happily that I was awake. Those eyes. How I missed them."I need something to throw up in." I closed my eyes, feeling sick from what I knew, what I saw.
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General Allura, Supreme Commander of the invasion force of the sacred Order of the Valkyries, nervously smoothed her uniform with her hands once more, watching the Queen’s craft slowly descend into the hanger, it’s ornately etched golden shell concealing the fact that it was not only the fastest and best armed ship in the fleet, but also allowed the Queen and her inner circle to exert control over every aspect of the Valkyrie Empire from anywhere in the known universe. The landing chamber was empty, it’s domed roof siding open to accommodate the Queen’s ship before sliding back into place with a soft hum. Allura chewed her lip, sucking down deep breaths and trying to calm herself. Things hadn’t been going their way, and now she was going to have to explain herself to the Queen. Allura had read the reports; she knew that, in the entire history of their order, morale had never been so low. She’d heard the rumours, knew what the other officers were saying behind her back, she’d even picked up on the gossip from off world-- she’d botched the invasion of Tao-Beta 4, even after the population had surrendered without a fight. Fortunately, the more embarrassing details of the story were being kept under wraps... at least for the moment. She ran her hands nervously over her crisp uniform once more, blushing when she touched the bulging, padded crotch. Unconsciously, she reached around to touch her rump her heart beating furiously as she gripped the bulging seat of her pants and squeezed, conscious of the resulting crinkle-- muffled a little by the panties she’d pulled over top of them--- but definitely noticeable if you listened. She’d spent nearly 20 minutes staring at herself in the mirror, twisting this way and that, checking out her padded rear end from every possible angle to determine how visible her protective undergarment was beneath the tight trousers of her dress uniform. Though her bottom was a little bulky and blocky, she determined that her jacket provided enough cover that you wouldn’t notice unless you looked directly at it. It was hardly an ideal situation... but given the events of the past few months, it would have to do. The ramp descended from the ship. General Allura snapped to attention. Ordinarily, the arrival of the Queen would be met with much fanfare, but her Majesty insisted on keeping her visit a secret... at least for the moment. So it was the General meeting Her Majesty by herself... well, unless you counted Oolon. As quiet and inscrutable as the other members of his race, he hovered in the background, a solemn little gnome ready to do her bidding at a moment’s notice. Like most of his people, he’d willingly given himself into servitude to the Valkyries following the surrender of his planet. Many in the order had sneered at the Betas and called them cowards, but to General Allura, it was a simple equation-- the Valkyries, conceived and born in labs, their DNA refined by generations of genetic engineering to be the perfect human specimens, were created to be as vicious in battle as they were beautiful. The Betas, though possessing a scientific intellect unparalleled in human history, were short and squat, physically weak after centuries of over-reliance on technology. More than that, their pacifist philosophies strictly forbade violence of any kind-- when the invasion came, the little dwarfs were literally incapable of defending themselves. The proposition was clear from the moment the Order had entered their system: surrender to us or have your entire civilization wiped from existence. And yet, in spite of all of that... no, I can’t think about that now, she told herself. Allura watched the Queen and her personal guard disembark from their craft, beautiful, powerful, immaculate in their armour-- and at the centre, the Queen herself, generally considered the most gorgeous woman in the universe, her beauty cultivated by generations of genetic augmentation. General Allura approached at a brisk pace, her confident expression undercut by the tight bulk and the tiniest hint of a rustle from inside her pants. The Queen turned her gaze to her and grinned lazily, and Allura felt a stab of submissive loyalty that bordered on fear. It wasn’t a natural reaction, and she knew it-- feelings of overpowering adoration towards the Queen were programmed into Valkyries while they were still in the gestation tanks via the subliminal learning programs used to impart all the basic information they would need when they emerged, fully grown, so that they would be able to immediately enter training. Her Majesty was immaculate, as always-- a couple of inches taller than all the other Valkyries (who were already quite tall), her armour golden and gleaming, even in the dim light of the private landing bay. Allura had met her only a few times before, and each time she was nearly struck dumb. Now that she found herself the focus of the woman’s attention, she felt an almost crippling nervousness that part of her knew was childish... feelings that were only sharpened by the diaper the General was hiding beneath her uniform. “General Allura,” The Queen said, her seemingly benign greeting punctuated with a predatory smile that Allura knew meant business-- and wanted answers. “It would seem we have much to discuss.” “Er-- yes, your Majesty,” she said clearly, proud of herself for not stammering... if only my legs would stop trembling, she thought, cursing herself for her fear... it was totally unacceptable in a warrior, especially one of her rank... but the events of recent weeks, she admitted to herself, blushing as she squeezed the padding of the diaper between her athletic thighs, had undercut her confidence a little. “I- I prepared a conference room for us... I know you wanted privacy--” “Very good,” The Queen responded haughtily. “Lead the way.” Allura nodded in response, fixing Oolon with a sharp look. “Make sure we’re properly refreshed,” she snapped, leading the Queen and her entourage through the exit. “As you wish, madam,” he said, as inscrutable as always. He watched her scurry off, tugging down her coat at the back in a vain attempt at concealing the outline of the bulky diaper that was not quite hidden by her trousers. He made his way towards the kitchen, stopping only briefly to converse with one of his fellow Beta servants. “Be ready, Doohan,” he said softly. “The hour is approaching.” “This is a dangerous game you’re playing, Oolon,” he warned. “I hope this distraction of yours will be sufficient... I’m going to need at least ten minutes just to get into that damn thing,” he said, nodding towards the Queen’s craft. “Don’t worry,” Oolon said sagely. “They’re going to be quite occupied, I assure you.” “I must say, I’m quite confused, General,” The Queen said, archly, detached amusement masking her true feelings... Allura squirmed in her chair, vividly aware of the extra padding she was packing under her bum. “I had heard that this planet was inhabited by pacifists...” “That’s true, your Majesty, but--” “I had also heard,” The Queen said, as though Allura had never begun speaking, “that they had effectively surrendered before a Valkyrie had even set foot on their planet... is that correct, General?” “Yes ma’am,” she said immediately, “but--” “And it’s also true that, rather then resisting, they voluntarily agreed to share their technology and assist us in any way possible... and yet--” Allura steadied herself, feeling the Queen’s rage beginning to slip through, “not only have you not netted the Order any significant technological advancements, your forces have been all but driven out of all major urban centres, nearly a third of your troops have been incapacitated by a mysterious illness nobody seems to be able to describe the nature of-- and I find you here, sulking in your base instead of out getting doing your job.” Allura licked her lips, fighting to suppress a quiver in her voice. “Your Majesty--” “I’m tired of excuses, General!” The Queen snapped, and Allura hated herself for flinching. She had achieved the highest possible rank in the order of the Valkyrie-- yet here she was, being scolded like a small child-- and while sitting with a diaper strapped her her butt to boot. Having been grown in a tank and “born” fully grown and educated, the General had never been a child... but somewhere, in the back of her mind, she knew this must be exactly how a little girl felt when she got scolded in school. “I want to know why the invasion hasn’t proceeded according to plan. I want to know why, in spite of the fact that the native population has unconditionally surrendered and you’ve faced no resistance, you have been driven out of the cities. And I want to know the nature of this ‘Beta Belly’ aliment that has decimated your forces.” With a heavy sigh, vividly aware of the diaper squishing under her well-toned butt, General Allura began to speak. “At first, the invasion went exactly according to plan,” Allura said, voice as clear and confident as she could muster. “As expected, the Betas surrendered without a fight, and there has yet to be a single recorded incidents of violent resistance or retribution. Our troops rolled into the capital with ease and took control in a matter of days. A celebration was declared... Major Stallar and her officersdined privately at their headquarters. That was our first encounter with Beta Belly. “At some point during the celebration, the Major became... violently ill, swiftly followed by her officers. Within literally a matter of moments everyone in the room was, er... sick,” the General said, aware she was blushing. She preyed she could gloss over the gory details... but she found herself cringing before the Queen’s cross examination once more. “A good start, General... but what exactly is the nature of this condition? Your reports are a little short on details.” General Allura swallowed heavily... the moment she had been dreading had finally arrived. She’d held off, glossed over, and obscured the issue for months. Now she was going to have to account for the true nature of their embarrassing defeat. She tapped out a series of commands on the keypad embedded in the table in front of her, calling up both the report on the incident and the security footage-- which had been classified top secret to keep word of the humiliating incident from leaking out. “‘During the meal, the Major reported feeling a mild intestinal distress,’” Allura read from the report, the Queen listening with a stony stare, inscrutable as she watched the footage: a seemingly normal dinner, a common sight in officer's quarters all over the universe. “‘She reported that the feeling began rapidly increasing, and in the middle of the meal she, er... lost control of her bowels,’” Allura continued, blushing as the Queen raised an eyebrow, watching on the holographic footage as Major Stallar suddenly rose from her seat, the chair tipping backwards and clattering to the floor. The seat of her dress trousers began to bulge and darken noticeably, and if the General hadn’t muted the audio, the Queen would have been treated to a course of shrieks and flatulence. General Allura pressed on. “Er... ‘the other officers also reported feelings of discomfort in their abdominal regions-- they had their own bouts of fecal incontinence moments later.’” The video showed the chaos the report had deliberately understated-- within moments, the other officers had risen to their feet, some reaching back in a vain attempt to forestall the inevitable... they screamed and cried, and as Allura watched the seats of their pants turning brown, she was thankful the footage didn’t have audio. “The Major and the other officers present are currently on medical leave, and the cause of the incident is unkno--” “Oh please!” The Queen snapped. “It’s obvious that Major Staller and her ridiculous entourage were poisoned... probably by these silly natives you insist on employing.” “Uh... no ma’am,” Allura stammered, “Our scientists analyzed everything they came into contact with, including the food-- they came back absolutely clean, no traces of anything unusual. Likewise, the officers themselves had nothing foreign in their bodies, nothing either chemical or bacterial to explain the incident. We probably wouldn’t have made a note of it, except...” she hesitated. “Don’t keep us in suspense, General,” the Queen said sardonically, and Allura took a deep breath before moving on. “Over the course of the next week or so, we began seeing a number of similar incidents throughout the capital,” the General said, reddening as she admitted the troops under her command had been having accidents in their uniforms, at though they were a bunch of naughty schoolgirls. “All seemingly at random, with absolutely no connections between incidents that our investigators could discover. Sometimes individual troops, sometimes entire squads. Each time the scene tested negative for all know laxative substances, and the soldiers are healthy and don’t appear to have been poisoned, and the doctors are unable to find any bacterial or viral infection that could cause anything like this...” “General, please answer me one simple question: what, exactly is ‘Beta Belly?’” “Beta Belly is the term the troops came up with to describe the phenomena. Truth is, our scientists are baffled. Soon, we started seeing attacks of BB in every major city across Tao-Beta, seemingly affecting only our troops and not the local populations....” “I know that, General!” the Queen shouted angrily, making Allura reflexively jump a bit in her chair, cringing... in her conditioned mind, the effect of being yelled at by the Queen was akin to a little girl getting to trouble with her Mommy. Allura felt a tiny squirt of pee jet into the soft padding of her diaper before she could clamp down on it... not much, but enough to make the padding moist and make her blush darken. “I have reports of your troops being hospitalized all across the planet because of some mysterious illness nobody wants to describe to me.. Why did I have to travel halfway across the galaxy just to get a straight answer from you-- and to find out that the most perfect warriors that the universe has ever known are losing control over a planet of hippy dwarf pacifists... and I find out it’s because you’ve all been down here shitting your pants for the last six months?! “And what about them?!” she said, gesturing to Oolon, who had entered to deliver the refreshments. “You’ve been subjected to repeated acts of sabotage and you still see fit to keep these... things... employed?” “As I say, there’s been no evidence of any malicious intent-- our scientists are now looking into possible environmental causes, something that the Betas have developed an immunity to... Actually, the Betas have been nothing but helpful...” An understatement-- since the order was all female, the Valkyries relied on advanced cloning techniques, the craft finely honed over the course of many centuries. Combine with the subliminal learning programs, this meant a Valkyrie was ‘born’ fully adult with a lifetimes worth of education-- including potty training. No Valkyrie in the history of their order had ever worn diapers-- before they got to Tao-Beta 4, that is. Fortunately, the Betas, a most advanced and industrious race were easily able to accommodate their needs. For the past few months, diapers, designed, manufactured, and provided by the Betas specifically for use by the Order, had become an increasingly common sight in Valkyrie outposts and installations across the planet, and although the commanding officers didn’t like it, circumstances demanded it... especially when the medical corps began complaining about the potential health hazards. Allura herself had issued the decree-- any Valkyrie of any rank who had an accident was required to report directly to sickbay and go into diapers until she could earn her uniform back by going three weeks without accidents. Most could manage without breaking a sweat-- but a few of them... Allura shifted uncomfortably in her soggy diaper, listening attentively for the telltale crinkle. Oolon’s race had learned long ago to suppress their emotions, bury them deep beneath the surface of a flat, inscrutable facade. As he presented the refreshments, it didn't appear that he was even listening. On the inside, he couldn’t help being amused. The Valkyries, for all their prowess in the art of war, were all but helpless against the campaign of psychological warfare the Betas had been waging against them. Their methods were unusual, some might say crude... but nobody could argue with the results-- the Valkyries had been driven back to their bases and were teetering on defeat. And tonight, they hoped to put a stop to their tyrannical empire once and for all. Chapter One This installment's illustration can't be posted on Dailydiapers... click here to read the story with the full art by Living Infinite. Allura opened her mouth to continue the briefing, but the Queen shushed her with a raised hand. “I’ve heard enough, General,” The Queen said briskly, rising from the table, “Gather all available personnel in the auditorium in an hour-- I’m going to deliver some remarks to the troops.” She made her way through the door and out the hallway, General Allura trailing behind her, tugging her jacket down at the back self consciously. Unseen as always, Oolon followed, silent as ever. “Uh, your Majesty!” Allura said evenly, desperately trying not to upset her, “Just one moment, before you go, I should probably explain...” “I’ve heard enough of your explanations for one day, General! The troops are lacking in discipline, plain and simple! They just need...” She stopped suddenly in her tracks. “What is this?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper, her body shaking with rage, gesturing into the loading bay. “Your Majesty,” Allura began, her voice shaking. This was what she’d been afraid of, and although she’d probably been able to diffuse the queens shock somewhat, there was no way she was prepared for what she saw. The loading bay itself was entirely up to code and adhered to every regulation, and appeared in every aspect to be exactly what you would see in every Valkyrie base across the universe. Likewise, the personnel was the usual pinnacle of physical perfection, with statuesque physiques, powerful muscles concealed beneath delicately feminine frames, and gorgeous features that could have only come from centuries of careful genetic refinement. All perfectly within regulations, with one glaring exception: Diapers. Almost half of the women she could see were visibly wearing diapers. Some were poorly concealed beneath their uniforms, plastic legbands and waistbands peeking out from the top and bottom, their butts looking swollen and blocky under the fabric, crotches bulging unnaturally. In a few cases, the diapers were so thick that no uniform in the entire army could cover them... instead, the women simply walked around with regular uniforms on top and nothing but ridiculous, massive, bulging, puffy white diapers on the bottom. It was a sight that repulsed and enraged the Queen to her core... to her it wasn’t just a violation of the uniform-- it was an affront to the dignity of the order itself. She stormed across the hanger, cutting a striking figure in her glorious finery. Allura could only follow behind, stammering excuses and unconsciously tugging her jacket down at the back, as the Queen pounced onto two unsuspecting guards standing nearby, their ridiculously huge pampers almost blindingly white, and so bulky no uniform in the army could fit over them. “What is the meaning of this?!!?” She bellowed, hands on hips, and General Allura was reminded of a mother scolding her two daughters. The guards, caught completely by surprise, snapped to attention at the sound of the authoritative voice, then turned pale when they realized they were addressing Her Majesty herself. “Uh, Your Majesty!” the first guard stammered, “I-- that is, the doctor, she told me... that is, because of my...” Meanwhile, beside her, the second guard merely trembled and cringed like a frightened child, diaper crinkling beneath her. Perhaps we should answer Her Majesty’s question with a demonstration, Oolon thought to himself. He gave a subtle signal to one of the Beta’s working nearby. The Beta’s resistance network was loosely connected, their individual operatives armed with a verity of non-lethal weapons designed to undermine the enemy’s confidence and morale, and their agents were placed and ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Oolon’s accomplice gave no sign that he’d seen the signal. He simply opened his toolbox and removed a small device resembling a common sonic drill. Only a member of the resistance would know about it’s true function, let alone be able to activate it. With the proper adjustments, it projected a concentrated beam of powerful sonic waves. Properly wielded, it could induce it’s victim to utterly loose control of their bowels within moments. Casually, he aimed it at the guards and depressed the button on top. In seconds, the first guard was squirming, her belly rumbling inside of her, her intestines quivering and rolling. Her already pale face went even whiter, and she could hear strange noises emerging from her abdomen. Her heart sank as she felt the urge to defecate rising inside of her, her colon filling with a hot, gooey mess, fuller and fuller with every ripple of her intestines. Still her Beta tormentor kept his finger on the button, and the guard was shimmying and squirming in place, squeezing her butt-cheeks tightly as the Queen, apparently oblivious to her struggle, continued to angrily lecture her about the importance of the uniform. “... Absolutely disgraceful conduct!” she thundered at the cringing troops, unaware of the fact that they were attracting an audience. “A Valkyrie’s uniform is sacred... it’s a badge of honour that must be earned... a symbol of something much larger than yourself! Where is your pride?!” “Your Majesty...please let me explain,” General Allura simpered uselessly, her pleas falling on deaf ears. The Queen had worked herself up into a lather, and she was giving the increasingly nervous and sweaty guards the full force of her rage. “I have never seen anything so shameful! Aren’t you embarrassed?” She demanded, though it was clear that the guard was utterly humiliated-- and it was about to get a whole lot worse-- the ceaseless bombardment of sonic waves had her bowels breakdancing inside her, her guts percolating, her rectum quivering, straining to contain the hot, bubbling mass behind it. The guard’s guts burbled noisily, loud enough for those gathered around to hear. The Queen stopped in mid-sentence, gaping at her with an open mouth. The guard brushed a sweaty lock of hair out of her face. “Your Majesty,” she began, shakily, “I-- I have--” It was all she could get out before her butt exploded, a hot, gooey mess literally erupting into the thickly padded seat of her bulky diaper. Those gathered near her listened with their mouths agape as the thick, mushy mess hit the seat of her diaper and audibly splattered against the white padding. “Great galaxies,” The Queen whispered, utterly shocked at what she had seen. But the performance was far from over. The guard doubled over, her stomach cramping in sharp waves, each painful throb squeezing out another noisy surge of mushy poop, each one accompanied by a gooey farting sound. It was a mortifying experience, compounded by the fact that it was happening in front of her beloved monarch. “Disgusting!” The Queen remarked, scrunching her face distastefully and pinching her nose shut against the smell that was beginning to emerge. “Young woman, I insist that you control yourself immediately!” “Hhhhhnnnn!” the guard strained audibly, squeezing her cheeks together in a vain effort to regain control of herself-- but she knew it was a loosing cause, and she managed to cease the flow for only a few seconds before the mess began building in her colon once more, the pressure growing, quickly overwhelming her overtaxed anus. At last, the dam burst, and the guard filled her pampers to the brim with one final noisy gush, the seat visibly bulging and turning brown behind her. At last she was done, and she was left standing in a sagging, stinking, positively disgusting diaper. The guard was on the verge of crying, and she wanted to run and hide her shame, or at least clean up. But her years of training and post-hypnotic conditioning simply wouldn’t allow it... she snapped to attention once more her proud posture made comedic by the bulging, reeking diaper under her. “Absolutely shameful!” The Queen raged, offended by the guard’s failure to control herself. “This lack of discipline is unacceptable! If you shit your pants during a lecture, how are you supposed to maintain composure under fire?!” She turned her ire on the second guard, who stood at attention, literally quaking in her boots. “And you!” The Queen bellowed, “what do you have to say for yourself?” Taken aback, the guard stood by shivering, her eyes wide and her face frightened. She opened her mouth and stammered silently, and for a moment, it looked like she was going to respond to the Queen’s question. Instead, a ghastly farty squish emerged, her massive pamper bulging out slowly behind her. The Queen watched with horrified fascination, crinkling her nose in disgust, watching the guard squeak softly to herself as she tried vainly to regain control. Instead, what was left of her continence seemed to dissipate, and she filled her diaper with a catastrophic, flatulent explosion, a tidal wave of diarrhea flooding into her pampers, filling it to the maximum in a matter of seconds. The two guards were left standing in their sagging and stinking diapers, bulging and stained behind them, utterly humiliated. General Allura stood behind the Queen, stammering excuses, nearly as embarrassed as her underlings. And the Queen was apoplectic, raging at the General and the guards. The other Valkyries and Betas on duty slowly drifted away from the area to escape both the Queen’s fury and the thick stench that was slowly enveloping the room. “General!” The Queen raged, “have these two cowards taken to the brig! I won’t have them endangering and disgracing my army any further! And then, you and I will have a serious talk about what’s been going on here!” ****** “Excellent work my friend,” Oolon congratulated his comrade, “but how did you get the disruptor recharged so quickly after the first blast?” “I didn’t,” his friend said with the barest hint of a grin. Oolon merely chuckled to himself, realizing that the second guard really had been frightened into losing control of her bowels... perhaps Her Majesty’s pronouncement of cowardice hadn’t been too hasty after all.
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