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  1. More Than A Costume By Pen Aims Chapter 1 The Festival I went out of town for an event I had been anxiously awaiting for months. It was a one day festival around Halloween at a large fairgrounds in a city about a hundred miles from where I live. I dressed in bell bottoms, a funky disco shirt, and an afro-wig to go as a 70's funkster. For several hours I roamed the fairgrounds checking out the various stages, enjoying the lights, and dancing. Each stage had different setups and sounds, and I wandered until I found the DJ I was looking to see, who was one of my favorites, and the reason I chose to attend this festival. At least, that was until I saw her... Diaper Bunny A warm feeling washed over me as I first looked at her. She was dancing and bouncing in a cute bunny costume wearing a snug diaper with bunnies on it. It was truly an adorable outfit, especially to me, yet hard to imagine someone would be audacious enough to wear in such a public setting. Being a secret diaper wearer myself, in private, I could not help but keep staring at this attractive young woman, grooving to the beat in an obvious diaper for all to see. She was getting some attention from others in the crowd, either giggling at her, or trying to dance with her, and she did not appear to care what kind of attention she was getting. She was really enjoying herself in her own little space, seemingly not a care in the world. There was another young woman and man that appeared to be her friends who were also in cute animal costumes, but neither of them were noticeably wearing a diaper, and they did not seem to care that the bunny was. It was a costume rave after-all. I grooved and danced, popped and locked, and had hardly a care in the world myself, except that I kept coming back to watching the Diaper Bunny. I felt like I was being a bit creepy, and would remind myself of that often, forcing myself to look away, and try to vibe to the music my favorite DJ was playing. There were a lot of beautiful people, and there was plenty of positive energy, so for a while I could get my mind onto just enjoying the experience. But, then I would catch myself looking back at the Diaper Bunny, and having dirty thoughts, like wondering if she would use them since she was wearing them. I'd had enough experience wearing, and wetting a diaper to know I would be able to tell the bulge of a diaper that has been peed in, and her's obviously was still fresh, and un-sodden. Part of me wanted to just go up and talk to her, but I was afraid, and feeling self-conscious about what other people might be thinking of me approaching this young woman wearing a diaper in public. For years I had managed to keep my kink a secret, and I was not feeling ready to out myself in a public gathering, no matter how lovely I was feeling in the moment. Back and forth I went from focusing on the DJ, dancing, and then glancing back over to the Diaper Bunny, whom I could not get my mind off of. At some point she apparently noticed, and we locked eyes. To my disbelief, she smirked, and then looked away at the other girl she was dancing with. She whispered something to her friend, and then they both started walking towards me. I was petrified, and yet welling with excitement as they made their way over. I smiled at the Diaper Bunny as she approached, barely noticing her fox-costumed friend who was tagging along. Because it was so loud, she had to get really close to speak directly in my ear so I could hear her. My heart was pounding, and I was all nerves, as both exciting and embarrassing thoughts raced through my mind. “Hi, I saw you looking at me from over here, do you like my costume?” she said, and then did a twirl and a skirt-less curtsy, accompanied by a goofy smile. In the heat of the moment I reasoned that I did not care what a crowd of people I did not know, and might never see again, thought about me. Embarrassed or not, this was an incredible moment, and I was going to seize it. “I think it's wonderful, and for some reason I can't seem to take my eyes off you,” I replied, rather shocked at my sincerity. “I noticed,” she said, and giggled. “Do you like bunnies? Or is it my diaper?” she asked. I was at a loss for words for a moment, but eventually blurted out questioningly, “both?” Her and her fox-costumed friend giggled at the way I said it. “I'm Spring, and this is my friend Sarah. It's nice to meet you,” she said. After introducing myself, Spring, the Diaper Bunny, asked if I wanted to hang out and dance with them for a while. I was shocked at how forward she was, and I decided right then that this opportunity to dance in public with a diapered beauty was too good to pass up, no matter what anyone there might think of me. I accepted, so they each grabbed one of my hands, and pulled me into the crowd of costumed raving fanatics. That close to the stage it was impossible to talk to each other, so we just danced and grooved for about an hour. I did my best to dance with both ladies, but her friend had her own partner, and Spring could tell it was her I fancied, as I still could hardly take my eyes off her. Several times she turned to grind her diapered butt against me while the music blared and lights flashed, and I was in heaven. Throughout the night we were all keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water. I made sure to keep a full bottle on hand if anyone needed it, and all of us drank plenty. Dancing, smiling, giggling, grinding, and drinking water for another two hours, when finally they'd had enough, and pulled me away from the driving beat, out into the open where there were less people, less noise, and we could hear each other. I was grateful, because I could use the breather, and while I was invited to be with them I was not going to go anywhere on my own, and possibly lose them to the crowd. This night had been one great unexpected opportunity, and I was not going to waste it. “That was a lot of fun, but I'm starting to get tired of the crowd,” Spring said. I agreed that I could only take so much intensity at once, and was grateful for the break. “What do you have planned after the festival?” she asked. I had not made any plans yet. I figured either I would find an after party, or if not, I would just make my way back home. I told her that I was open to suggestions, because I lived about two hours away. “I have a house that's about ten minutes from here, and Sarah, and her boyfriend are coming for an after-hours chill. Are you down?” “Hell yeah,” I thought. “Sure, sounds good,” I said.
  2. This is a light sequel to The Baby Bet - New protagonists, same world, set shortly after the end of that book. If you haven't read The Baby Bet, this story should stand alone just fine on its own, but if you want to read things in order, you can find the complete, fully edited, 100% done version on my Ream! (Where it can be read for free without a subscription!) https://reamstories.com/page/loqrfhtkkv/story/lpist7becw Melody’s chest moved slowly, and Skip could feel her warm breath puffing against their skin. They locked eyes with her, jaw set in determination. “Are you comfortable?” Melody’s question felt like a joke, or an insult. Skip’s arms were pulled behind their back, wrists bound together, pulling on their shoulders. Their ankles were no better, thin white cuffs keeping them in place. Of course they weren’t comfortable. “Yes,” Skip promised, nodding. “I’m fine.” Melody’s delicate fingers traced over Skip’s shoulder, idly taunting them with her freedom of movement. They were paralyzed, barely able to shift their wrists or adjust their stance. A smile spread across Melody’s lips. “Good. Remember, you can end this at any time.” Skip nodded, though their breath was shallow and quick. Burying their nerves, they shook their head. “I’m not stupid.” “Alright.” Melody smirked, letting the moment of anticipation build. Only after several seconds of dominant eye contact did she reach down down and pick up the toy they’d chosen, holding it up so that Skip could clearly see when she clicked it on. “Then let’s begin.” … Three days earlier Skip stood at their workbench, frowning in concentration as they worked at their task. They held a sheet of transfer paper in hand, printed with the logo of a local bank, and carefully aligned the image with a plain white mug. Each mug cost a quarter, and the ink and transfer paper couldn’t have been more than five cents. By combining the two, they’d be left with a product they were being paid eleven dollars for. Some might call it the transformative power of labor, or an example of modern day alchemy. Skip thought of it as an illustration, demonstrating how stupid people could be when it came to labels. With the label properly aligned, they lifted the mug, sliding it into a sleeve on the applicator machine. With the pull of a lever, the machine tightened around the label, pressing it down and applying heat. In five minutes, they’d have a printed mug. It was the last mug of the batch–they needed one hundred done, and they’d completed ninety nine. A few other printing machines sat idle, but they wouldn’t overproduce–it only cost the company thirty cents, practically nothing, but they wouldn’t give away an eleven dollar mug for free. While they had a moment, they meandered to the break room, nodding along to the podcast playing in their ear; a summary of a video game cheating scandal. Their job provided little in the way of intellectual stimulation, but it paid the bills, and they couldn’t complain about the difficulty. Nabbing a coke from the vending machine, they checked their messages, using every minute of the five they had to spare. As they returned to the printing room, however, they bumped into their boss. Frederick was about their height, though that’s where their similarities ended; he kept a full beard and a clean-shaven head, and his crisp polo shirts always contrasted with Skip’s loose work hoodies. “What’re you working on right now?” he asked, glancing between Skip and the coke in their hand. They had to tune out the podcast a bit to listen to him, but they could multitask. “Finishing up the mugs for Freedom Banking,” they replied. “Just waiting on the printers right now.” He nodded. “Once you’ve got that done, you can go ahead and clock out–there’s not much left to do tonight.” Skip nodded, doing a little mental math. “Sure thing.” Returning to the print room, they pulled the lever back to its starting position and took the final mug out. It was warm to the touch, but they held it by the handle and lifted it into the light, inspecting the print. They’d aligned the decal perfectly, and there hadn’t been any print defects. Checking over their shoulder, Skip chucked the mug into the garbage bin, smiling slightly as it shattered. Reaching for another blank, they began the process again. Finishing up the last mug of the set, they stacked it with the order, then began cleaning their workstation. After checking in with Frederick one more time, they hit the bathroom, taking their time with handwashing and navel-gazing before taking their satchel from their locker and clocking out. Their car was a piece of junk, but it had been a sweet deal. The hot pink paint had deep key scratches along both sides, a relic left by the previous owner’s girlfriend that had saved Skip a huge sum off the total. It ran fine, which was the important thing, and they’d never had to worry about anyone trying to break in. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon as they started her up, but they’d have the sunrise to their back most of the way as they drove home. The rest of the world came to life as their day came to an end, and that’s how they liked it. The early signs of rush hour traffic were already building on the northbound side of the highway, stifled drivers crammed in slow moving lanes, but Skip was driving south, heading home, cruising freely while society ground to a halt. At home, they parked in the back. The house shared by their friend group had two garage bays, and Skip chipped in extra towards the mortgage for the privilege of parking there. Shouldering their satchel, they wandered in through the back door. Grace was preparing coffee in the kitchen, and looked up with a smile. “Morning, Skip.” She was–as expected–still in her pajamas, a footed kitten sleeper with crotch snaps to access her diaper. She wasn’t incontinent, but if there was one rule their friend circle agreed to above all else, it was that they’d never judge. At least, not out loud. “Morning,” Skip replied, doffing their hoodie and nodding to the coffee pot. “Is there extra?” “Before bed?” Grace asked, raising an eyebrow as she poured coffee into an oversized baby bottle. That bottle had been designated as the one for coffee, and it was rare to see Grace in the morning without it anymore. “Sure, help yourself.” “I’m staying up late,” Skip replied, moving to take the brew. “Do you know if Melody’s up yet?” “I heard movement a minute ago, she’ll probably be down here sooner or later.” Screwing on the lid, Grace began suckling her coffee. “How was work?” “Not easy, but we got it done,” Skip lied, topping off their own mug. It had nothing on it, just a plain white mug, but it was theirs nonetheless–they’d smuggled it home after their first day at work. The two of them moved around each other in comfortable silence while Grace made breakfast and Skip made dinner, one still waking up and the other tired from work. By the time Melody made her eventual trek down the stairs, Skip was halfway through a dinner of frozen pizza and Grace had finished her eggs. “You up to talk about the book?” Skip asked, sliding a mug of coffee across the table. Melody didn’t have her own special mug: She used whichever one was available, including, occasionally, Skip’s–though never Grace’s. “I’ve thought about it. I still want to see how it goes at first, but I’m willing to give it a shot.” Draining half the cup in one gulp, Melody nodded. “Give me a minute, then yeah.” “Book?” Grace asked, rinsing her plate off in the sink. “A sex book,” Melody clarified. “Sort of a ‘Here’s how you don’t suck on a first date’ primer.” Raising an eyebrow, Grace’s gaze fell on Skip, and they felt it as their willingness to talk retreated. Grace didn’t pry, she knew the score and knew Skip well enough not to press. For Melody, though, Grace had no such reservations. “What happened to ‘They make new college boys every year’?” “Well that’s the thing, they tend to kinda suck,” Melody replied. “Best case, they know how to put on a condom, but if I wanted fifteen seconds of enthusiastic hip thrusting, I’d watch a Tiktok dance reel.” While they spoke, the front door opened. At that time of day, it was odd enough for everyone to pause, and Grace even stepped to the side of the kitchen, glancing across the length of the house to see who’d come in. “Good morning, Brains,” she called. “Did you sleep over at Connor’s?” “Mmm,” he replied, shuffling in and nodding at the empty coffee pot. His eyes were a little red from lack of sleep, deep bags under them, and Skip got the sense that while he might have spent the night, there hadn’t been much sleeping. “I’ll start a fresh pot, I finished it off,” Skip offered, knowing Brains would shoot them down. “I’ve got it,” Brains replied, leaning in over the coffee grinder to adjust it to his exacting specifications. He’d drink anyone’s coffee, but if it was time to make a new pot, he’d do it ‘correctly’. “Well, good luck with the project,” Grace said, resuming the conversation. “Be sure to collect lots of field data.” “That’s why Skip’s helping,” Melody explained, gulping down the rest of the coffee, her expression brightening. That got a positively perplexed glance from Grace, who could no longer keep her curiosity at bay. “Change your mind about being on the sex train?” Grace asked, trying to keep it casual. Even Brains glanced over his shoulder, though his expression suggested he was trying to mentally catch up with the conversation more than anything. “Oh yeah, one hundred percent,” Skip deadpanned, pushing the conversation as far away from sincerity as possible. “That’s everything I’m about now, just a bunch of dicks and vaginas, all the time. I just love jamming cylinders into orifices.” Coffee shot from Grace’s nose and she stepped to the sink, wiping her face with a washcloth. “Okay,” she snorted, dabbing away coffee from her mouth. “But seriously–how’s that work?” “Melody needed an unbiased perspective,” Skip explained, perfectly hiding their discomfort with a casual smile. They’d already been so-so about the book project, and this was only cementing their gut instinct that agreeing to help had been a bad idea. Still, for now, they’d play the part–they could always back out later. “Someone who’s out of the loop and can provide the input of someone who’s not already familiar with the stuff we’re writing about. The plan is, she’ll write the stuff, then I’ll go through and read it and point out where I’m having trouble following, or where it needs more context, which parts make sense, all that.” “Right, okay, sure.” Up to speed, Brains chimed in. “Sex book?” “Sex book,” Melody confirmed. “Okay, why a book?” Brains asked. “How much stuff are you covering? ‘Book’ implies it’ll be pretty long.” “We’re going to start and see how far it takes us,” Melody summarized, “But I at least want to cover BDSM One Oh One. Safe words, how to tie people up without cutting off their circulation, making sure your partner is enthusiastically consenting with whatever you want to do that night. Probably a basic rundown of toys, too–you would not believe how many cis guys are surprised you can use a vibrator on their dicks.” Brains raised his eyebrows in shock. “You can use a vibrator on a dick?” Grace blushed sympathetically, and Melody made an exasperated sound. “Brains–yes, you can–” A grin spread across his face before she could finish, and Skip smirked. Brains could be oblivious, but he wasn’t that naive. He’d been yanking their chains. “You’re the worst,” Melody said, shaking her head, though she smiled. “I swear, sometimes I think you’re awful at lying, then you drop something like that.” “I try,” he said, smiling with satisfaction as he returned to his percolation quest. Stretching, Grace put her dishes in the dishwasher and straightened. “Are you two sure this is a good idea?” Skip’s slight smile faded. “What do you mean?” “Well, a book’s a lot of work,” Grace began, speaking slowly with a tone that suggested she was picking her words carefully. “Publishing is hard. I’ve made a few websites for authors, and–most of them don’t really go anywhere.” “I know what I’m doing,” Melody said. “I’m not just going to toss it on Amazon and cross my fingers, I’ve got a plan.” “Okay, but…” Grace began, pursing her lips. “Skip. Come on–you make faces during kissy scenes in movies.” “No I don’t,” Skip shot back automatically, brow furrowing in annoyance. Brains didn’t quite smirk, but he did add, “You do, it’s like when Pearce feeds Grace broccoli.” “He doesn’t know how to cook it–Whatever. My point is,” Grace continued, shaking off the tangent. “It seems like a bad fit. You shouldn’t do a ton of work that’s going to make you really uncomfortable, just to try and make money with…well, self publishing.” “It’s not going to make me uncomfortable,” Skip insisted. “Skip, come on.” Grace leaned over the table, making eye contact with them. “I know you.” Skip returned her earnest gaze with a thin smile. “I’ll keep your advice in mind.” The idea of backing out suddenly seemed a lot less desirable–it was one thing to walk away, but another to give up. How bad could it be? ... The Kickstarter for The Baby Bet AUDIOBOOK only has four days to go! I'd *love* to hit the stretch goal to adapt Gamer Pants into audio, and it's also a great opportunity to nab your copy at the cheapest price it'll ever be available for! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/peculiarchangeling/the-baby-bet-coming-to-audio
  3. Here is the first chapter of my brand new Diaper Dimension/LittleFallenVerse ABDL story - Little in Love 2! The sequel you've all be looking forward to, and also my tenth story! Following on from the events of Little in Love 2 and Love in Dimensions, this story follows our adorable couple, Olivia and Charlotte, as they face the difficulties of Liv being in the public eye whilst she runs for a seat in the next election. Expect lots of fun, lots of cute moments, lots of mean cliffhangers, and lots of familiar faces. Its just more of the first story, and I hope you enjoy it! It will be shorter than Little in Love 1, at around my usual story length (40ish chapters), but it'll still be just as exciting (hopefully!). Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Due to the issues surrounding Patreon and our community, I will no longer be posting early access chapters to my Patreon. It is currently paused with no-one being billed, and I am currently in the process of finding a new home for my stories. I'll also be working on new tiers and pricing more so there may be other benefits for supporting my writing. I'll keep people updated once I've made some progress. Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: Run, Liv, Run! Little in Love 2 – LittleFallenPrincess I dropped my bag as I ran for my life. Sure, it contained my whole life. My ID, my purse, my keys, my stuffies, everything except my phone; which I had given to my wife. But I was not going to allow myself to be caught. Not today. Not ever. I know what these people do to people like me. And I was not going to allow that to happen to me. I would rather be dead. I ran as hard as I could through the dimly lit corridor, pushing my still slightly unfit 5’10 body to its limits. Turns out those limits are pretty low when you don’t exercise or eat healthily, which is a bad excuse considering how much Charlie tries to improve my diet. But I pushed them regardless. Every time I felt like I was about to break apart, my body just kept going. A small part of my brain knew I was going to ache for days after this, but that part had been swallowed whole by the one simple thought running through my brain: run. They wanted me. I was the prey, they were the predator. I could hear them shouting behind me. They had the speed advantage on me, there was no way I could outrun their legs. However, I did have the element of surprise, the head start, the ability to get through small gaps, and a nice mix of adrenaline and fear. And I would take any advantage I could get. I managed to sprint down the corridor, jumping over boxes, avoiding a group of people who all turned their heads towards me. If I had gone near them they may have grabbed me and handed me over… it’s just that kind of world. I squeezed through some boxes, scraping my arm against a door handle, and eyeing an opening under a table. That was my chance. I needed to make it under there, somewhere they couldn’t follow, somewhere I could slip away and hide. Looking behind me, the group I just avoided had started making their way towards me with my pursuers not too far behind them, their eyes all locked on mine. Those cold, cruel eyes. The ones you’d see on a villain in a children’s movie. The little voice inside me was screaming for me to run, but seeing those eyes... I froze. I was done for. My body wouldn’t obey me. I couldn’t move. No matter how much I screamed at my body. Seeing those eyes and all the fears of what would happen if she caught up to me... My life was over. …And that’s when Zoey tackled me to the ground, pinning me down and beginning tickling me relentlessly as the others gathered around and grabbed my limbs so I couldn’t escape their organised tickle attack. “AHHHHH! NO FAIR!” I screamed out loud, laughing uncontrollably as they all laughed at me and teased me, my ashen hair flailing about in frustration. “Oh very fair, Miss ‘I’m totally a big girl, not like you babies’. Your britches too big for your nappies? Think you could get away from us just because we’re wearing thicker nappies than you? Just wait until your Mummy catches up… you’re gonna be so blushy when your nappy is even thicker than ours!” Zoey teased. “Come on girls… let my baby catch her breath…” ‘My saviour… my knight in… a cosy… knitted jumper.’ I thought to myself, looking up at the beautiful face that I still made me feel butterflies in my tummy whenever I stared into her mesmerising eyes. Zoey stopped tickling me at Charlie’s request, but didn’t bother getting up off my stomach. Instead she just sat there, her thickly padded ass pinning me to the ground, making me unable to move or fight back. At least I could catch my breath now. “You okay, babygirl?” Charlie asked, smiling down at me with her gorgeous smile. And yes, beautiful, mesmerising, gorgeous… I’m very gay for this girl. I mean I married her, so yeah… “Uh… huh…” I replied, breathing heavily. “Good. Zoey, can you get off my baby so I can get her appropriately dressed?” “Can I help pick out her outfit?” Zoey replied, not moving an inch. Charlie took one look at me before grinning and turning to Zoey again. “Sure.” “No fair!” I cried out. “Girls… if you’ll excuse me. Zoey, you come with. Hold my other hand, okay?” Charlie said, holding both her hands out. Zoey grabbed one and Charlie used the other to reach down and grab mine, pulling me up onto my feet with no issue whatsoever. Benefits of having an Amazon for a wife, I suppose. Being married to someone who can single handedly lift me up and is twelve feet tall definitely has its advantages. “Pick something super blushy for her, okay?” Sarah said to her girlfriend, grabbing Alice’s hand and skipping off to the playroom. Zoey replied by winking at her, before turning to grin at me. ‘I’m going to regret teasing them…’ And so that’s how I ended up in the poofiest, frilliest pink dress with a crawler nappy of all things. I couldn’t even stand in it! I mean… I guess that’s implied in the name, it forces you to crawl. Instead I just sat in Charlie’s arms, my very thickly padded ass on full display to everyone behind me as she carried me into the playroom, Zoey giggling the whole way. It was nice to have these get togethers now and again, especially with everything that’s been going on. I still can’t believe it's only been like a couple of years, so much has happened. I got married to an Amazon, I joined a political party as a candidate for parliament, my whole relationship… at least a lot of it… got put out there into the public eye in Charlie’s book, and then don’t get me started on the adventure with Rose and the others. After learning there’s a much bigger picture than my small little world, it was hard to settle back into normal life. I mean after the things I saw… who could? And if it wasn’t for Charlie, I probably wouldn’t have done it, but as usual, she’s the voice of reason and the source of stability. But I was managing it. We got back to our way of life, we returned to whatever ‘normal’ was for us. Our Mummy/Baby bond was stronger than ever and we made sure to take time out of my busy schedule to have time to focus on that. Meanwhile, the rest of my life was devoted to campaigning. After the current Prime Minister called for an early election after recognising the threat Charlie and I posed, we had no time to waste as we campaigned like crazy, trying to win people’s hearts and minds. There were a lot of things to do, a lot of places to go, a lot of people to talk to, and Charlie helped me through it all. She was my rock. Sure, I had staff thanks to my political party, and they were a great help, but it was Charlie that kept me going. I had to stop taking orders for my clothes, sadly. I was far too busy, the only time I had to make anything was for myself, so regretfully I had to step back from the business and let Malcolm run it for the time being. I’d send him sketches occasionally, so he always had new designs, and thankfully with the help of his girlfriend, Claire, he was managing to keep up with demand without being too overworked. Part of me missed that old life of mine, designing clothes… helping regressed and kidnapped littles… but I knew this was more important. If I win, this would make a much larger difference to little’s lives. So yes, my life gets pretty hectic lately. I don’t get much free time to myself outside of evenings, and even then I’m too exhausted to do much. So these little get-togethers with my friends every now and again mean the world to me. I get to be my baby-self and play with my friends for an afternoon… I get to forget my worries and fears. Today I’d colour some pictures in, play dress up, pretend I’m a tiger, throw balls from the ballpit at my friends, and probably have my nappy changed at multiple points and be teased the entire time. Tonight we’d all hang out as adults with my other friends, the old team of mine, and we’d have a drink or two. Sort of a ‘calm before the storm’ type thing. The election was in two weeks. I still didn’t feel prepared for it, I don’t think anyone did. And this was the last time we all had free to spend time together before it. So I was going to make the most out of it and colour the hell out of some Princesses. After Zoey, Alice, Sarah and I spent a few hours playing in my playroom and having fun whilst Charlie and the other bigs chatted downstairs, talking about boring adult things no doubt, it was time to wind down and get going to the pub, otherwise we’d be late. So John took Alice in his arms and said goodbye, they had stuff to do and needed to head home, wishing us a good time and good luck with the election as no doubt the next time I would be able to see them is at the election results. Eve put Sarah and Zoey in their double stroller and grabbed her coat, heading for the front door. “I’ll get these two bundled up in the car and get going. You two won’t be far behind, I hope? You can’t be late.” She said, looking back at Charlie and I. “Don’t worry, I’ve just got to change my baby back into my girlfriend, dress her in some more appropriate adult clothing, then we’ll catch up and meet you at the pub.” Charlie replied. “Good. It’ll be nice to see everyone again. Oh and Liv, if I don’t remember to remind you later, don’t forget your therapy appointment tomorrow.” Eve reminded me. “I know, Doc…” I said, smiling at her, with a slight grin. “Good, because there’s something I want to try. It may help you, after everything you’ve been through.” “Oh?” “Be patient! You really are just a baby, aren’t you? You’re as bad as these two…” Eve laughed, making me blush. “Oh you don’t know the half of it…” Charlie added, making me blush even more. This wasn’t fair, they’re not allowed to team up on me! Why is everyone ganging up on me?! “So yes, see you soon. Don’t forget… appointment.” Eve said, opening the front door and gripping the stroller that held two of my best friends, who were fast asleep at this point, napping together as they held hands. It was adorable. “Thank you for reminding me, Doc.” I said, rolling my eyes at her. “I have to…” “I missed ONE appointment!” I whined. “And now you’re going to have me reminding you every time.” She grinned back at me. Everyone had gone, leaving just Charlie and I alone together again. “Right, time to get you changed and into your new dress!” She said, excitedly, as she spun around and lunged for me, grabbing me and lifting me up into her arms. I’m glad she was going to carry me back to the nursery to change me, as the crawler nappy I was still wearing meant there was no way I’d get up the stairs in any reasonable amount of time. “And I can drink tonight?” I asked. “You can have two drinks. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.” Clapping excitedly, I snuggled into Charlie’s chest, her warmth and smell making me instantly melt in her arms, as I listened to her soothing heartbeat. Everything was at peace with the world. Everything just felt right. Everything was great… until… “But you’re getting those drinks in one of your bottles…” ======================================================== Eeeeeeeee! So excited for you all to be able to read this finally! I hope you enjoyed it! As I mentioned, I've moved away from Patreon and am finding a new home for my stories. I'm thinking of offering exclusive stories or other benefits to those who support me and my writing, and I'm setting up a Ko-fi for people who want to help me as I make the move over to a new home. I'll keep you all updated on what I do, as right now it's all just super bad for my anxiety and it's hard to figure all this out. Happy to take suggestions on what people want from it, where I end up. I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support over the past couple of years! Seriously, your support meant the world to me, and I hope to be set up somewhere new soon. New chapters of Little in Love 2 every Wednesday/Sunday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks!
  4. Chapter 1 Tish held the pen in her hand. She was shaking and wasn't sure she would be able to sign the document in front of her. It was partly from fear and partly from anger. She still couldn't believe this was happening to her. She felt so alone but knew that there were millions of others facing the same thing. She looked down at the legal document in front of her. She had read through it twice but it didn't matter. At the bottom of the last page were spots for two signatures. On the left was a signature line labeled "Minor Person", waiting for her to sign. How could she be a minor person when she was 20 years old? Her birthday was in 4 days. This was rediculous. On the right was a second signature line labled "Sponsor/Adult" and that line had already been signed by her friend and roommate Jenn who was sitting next to her. Tish looked up at Jenn who was waiting for her to sign. Jenn gave her a reassuring look and nodded towardsd the paper, encouraging her to sign. All Tish could think about was how unfair this was. She and Jenn were practically the same age, yet they were in entirely different situations. Jenn was only a few months older than her and she was the 'adult'? If only she had been born a week early she could have escaped what was about to happen to her. She put that out of her mind and brought the pen down and awkardly signed the paper in front of her. "Thank you Tish. I know this is awkard for everyone but just know what you are doing here could save the human race.", The woman across the table took the signed documents, quickly reviewed them for accuracy and put them in a folder. "Uh huh, that's what they say.", Tish retorted. "Tish! Don't be one of those people. You know the science is clear on this. The whole world is doing their part in this. You should be taking this more seriously.", Jenn pleaded. "Want to switch places then?", Tish snapped back. "Jenn is right. You both need to take this seriously. The documents you signed today show your committment. Jenn, since you are acting as her sponsor and guardian with regard to the new laws, you will be held just as accountable as her to follow the rules and instructions." "We understand.", Jenn confidently replied while Tish folded her arms and looked down. "Tish, I we realize this is hard for you to accept. You just missed the age cutoff by a few days but there a lot of people going through the same thing. Frankly, I haven't seen anyone as reluctant or resitant to this as you. Jenn has spent a lot of her time going through the training necessary to be your sponsor. She has sacraficed a lot of her time and is taking on a big responsibility. You are lucky to have her. There are many people who aren't so lucky! People who don't have anyone close they can depend on. Those people have to depend on complete strangers, and it won't be easy for them, but we are all in this together. I guess what I'm saying is you are a lucky, and you should realize that. So I don't want to hear of any trouble from you two, ok?" Tish looked up at Emma and Jenn. She didn't want to seem ungrateful for what Jenn was doing for her but it didn't change the fact that all this seemed uncessary and unfair. She was so sick of hearing that we were "all in this together", everyone needs to "do their part" and all the other buzzwords and phrases the media and government pushed on everyone. She was sick of it. Anyone that spoke out against these new measures was deemed to be some sort of irrational selfish jerk. "No Emma, you won't. This is just such a strange thing going on for everyone. Everyone will come around I'm sure. And maybe it won't take long to find a cure or whatever. I'm pretty hopeful about that, but until then I'm sure we'll be fine once we get going and into the routine.", Jenn stated while massaging Tish's shoulder, trying to comfort her. "That is everyone's hope Jenn. Now if you don't mind, I've got about 50 more of these appointments today for the other stragglers. Please find your starter kit on the way out. It will be labeled with both of your names. Everything you need for your first week is included. Remember your training and everything will go smoothly. Remember, we have an appointment in 1 week from today, but remember that random inspections may happen at any time. Carry your ID with you at all times. Jenn, because you look young, you may be asked for proof of age. Tish of course won't have that problem. Good luck and I'll see you in a week." Tish and Jenn walked out of the office into a lobby full of people sitting and fidgeting awkwardly. All eyes were on them as if trying to seek out any information about how their meeting went. The room was full of different people of all ages. Guys, girls, children and their parents, friends, couples holding hands, and others. Tish wondered about all of the weird situations the new law would cause for people and their relationships. She wondered about her own relationship. Her boyfriend was 22, so he was immune to the restrictions. At first it made sense that he would be her sponsor but that option was quickly removed from the table. As the laws were being debated back and forth over the many months, some lawmakers got their way that there could be no opposite sex minor/sponsor relationships unless both parties were married or the person was a legal guardian. Of course, the government failed to take into account all sorts of other lifestyles, situations, exceptions etc. It was a typical bearucratic mess that you would expect. There were protests and speeches and marches, but in the end things move so fast that is how it ended up. No solution was perfect and no side of the argument got everything they wanted. The other fact was her boyfriend lived 45 minutes away which would also be inconvenient for other reasons. Luckily he was very supportive and said he would stand by her over the next year. Jenn found the box with their names on it and they loaded it into the car. The drive home was awkard. Jenn tried to make small talk and assure Tish everything was going to be ok. "You say that, but I'm the one having to go through this. I'm just really worried about John. He says he will stick by me." "He will. I've always like John, Tish." "I know but a whole year without sex? I just don't understand why we can't, you know, do other things. Why are they being so strict with all of it?" "Tish! We've talked about this before. You know why. The future of the human race is a stake. Even if you don't believe it or whatever, it's true!" "Yeah yeah, I know.. the science. But maybe we can sneak around somehow." "Tish, you know the rules. If you get caught.. Well, and...." "What?" "Umm, it's just that messing around is going to be pretty impossible for you." "Huh? Just what does that mean? Tell me!" "I'll explain everything in a bit ok? I'm really not supposed to tell you anything until we open the box later together." "Geez Jenn, like who is going to care. But whatever, you are always the rule follower." They arrived at their apartment in about 15 minutes and took the large box inside and set it on the floor. It was Sunday afternoon and they both had to work tomorrow, but they had a little time to relax before having to get ready for tomorrow or discuss the kit. They worked around the house for awhile, made dinner and opened a bottle of wine. When they were cleaning up dinner Jenn finally broke the ice. "Tish, it's time to go through the kit. There is a little worksheet we will have to do and things to discuss. We both have busy days tomorrow so we just have to do it and get it over with." Tish had noticed a slight change in Jenn's tone. Almost an suble aire of superiority or authority. She wondered if this was how it was going to feel for the next year. "I know.. I know I'm putting it off. I still can't believe this you know?" "I know.", Jenn took Tish's hand and squeezed it as she lead her over to the box. She knew a lot more about what was going to happen than Tish did. She had been through several training classes to become Tish's sponsor. For some reason they didn't want the minors, as they were called, knowing all the details. She knew right now all over the country people were about to do what they were doing. Open these boxes and have their lives changed. She knew people were probably live streaming it, blogging and posting things on the various social media sites. She tried to ignore the noise of all that and focus on what she could best do to support her friend through this. Jenn figured that after a couple of weeks the newness of all of it would wear off and people would just have to accept that this was the way of life for awhile and the world would adapt. Jenn handed Tish a pair of scissors. Tish slid the blade across the heavy tapes and the heavy cardboard box poped open. The scent of the air from inside the box hit her nose. It was unfamiliar to her but not unpleasant. She took a deep breath and peeled back the edges and looked in.
  5. by LittleFallenPrincess So here's my second story, Witch in Training. It's an MDLG/ABDL romance novel about two Witches from very different backgrounds in a universe filled with Magic. Alternating between the perspective of each Witch every chapter, beginning with the more traditional village Witch. It should be about 40 chapters long, with an Epilogue at the end, and new chapters will be posted every Wednesday and Sunday. You can find my first story, Little in Love, currently in progress, here. Two weeks Early Access to chapters of Witch in Training is available for the second tier on my Patreon. The first five chapters in pdf form are up from the start, with the sixth being posted on Wednesday, the same time the second will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding this, ask away. Charge up front is enabled. Meaning you will be charged as soon as you pledge. Little in Love Chapters are not available for Early Access. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as the first! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Chapter 1: Village Life I watched as the water droplets made their way down the plants. Cascading down each leaf. Each leaf bending and swaying as the weight of the droplet forced its way downwards towards the soil. I admired the way this universe worked, even in small ways like watering plants. The cycle of life, the connection between the elements, the necessity to depend on others... I lost myself whenever I did this by hand. It’s why I did it this way, rather than relying on my power. Sure, I could just wave my hand, channel a bit of magic, and ‘poof!’ the plants are fully grown in an instant and no effort is needed. But I enjoyed the day to day, the daily watering, watching them grow and get stronger as I nurtured them, from a tiny seedling all the way to when it blooms. I liked feeling like the love I channelled in to my daily routine with them provided them enough to grow stronger than if I had just used my magic. It was the only way I could satisfy that part of me. For now. The bell from my front door rang. “Oh that must be Mrs Timpson. Here for her usual.” I liked talking to my plants. They didn’t talk back, but when you live alone, on the outskirts of the village, you don’t get much conversation. So I take whatever I can get. I put the watering can down beside the plants and walked over to the front door. As I passed the large mirror, I checked myself out quickly. My long black hair flowed down my shoulders, resting neatly on my cardigan. My glasses were wonky, so I quickly went about correcting that. I didn’t need them, but they did make my green eyes pop and it gave me an aura of intelligence to everyone around the village. I wiped a bit of dirt from my lightly freckled face. My t-shirt was on day 2 of use, I hadn’t found the energy or time to do any washing. But hey, it looked good on me at least. And it hugged my curves perfectly. At six foot, I was a bit on the taller side, with nice curves and a kind, affectionate face. Or so I’ve been told by ex’s and random guys hitting on me. And then I realised something I had nearly forgotten about. With a flick of my wrist, my comfortable cardigan was replaced by a long black robe, my jeans into a medium length black skirt, my favourite band tee turned into a smart white blouse. “Much better.” I said to myself whilst admiring myself in the mirror. I opened the door to see the familiar face of Mrs Timpson waiting for me. She was an elderly lady from the village with white hair and glasses. You would never catch her not wearing a floral outfit. She loved flowers and put her heart and soul into her garden, often exhausting herself beyond her limits. “Hello Mrs Timpson. Are you here for your usual today?” “Not today dearie.” “Oh, then come in and sit down. Tell me what’s up.” I held the door open for the elderly woman as she slowly shuffled into my house, sitting down at my rustic oak table in the kitchen. Closing the front door, I followed her through and put the kettle on the stove before sitting down across the table from her. “So how can I help?” “Well my plants are doing perfectly, thanks to you dearie. You have such a connection with nature, I really admire that about you. Not like those witches you see on television.” “Well thank you Mrs Timpson. I really appreciate you saying that. So if not your garden, what ails you?” “It’s my back dearie. I’ve tried everything I can. I’ve seen so many specialists, had so many different treatments. Nothing works.” “Why didn’t you come to see me sooner?” “I already ask too much of you with my garden. I didn’t want to bother you.” “Oh Mrs Timpson, you’re no bother. I wish you had come to see me sooner, I bet I can get that back of yours feeling better in no time. Cup of tea?” “Oh yes please dear. That would be wonderful.” “Can I just quickly take a look at your back?” “Of course. Go ahead. Do you want me to lie down or anything?” “Don’t worry, I just need to read the energy around your spine. It will only take a moment.” Running my hand down her spine, a few inches away from her navy blue floral dress, I sensed a twist in the flow of energy. “Ah yes. I see the problem. I’ll have it sorted in a jiffy.” I walked over to my plants and searched for the specific one I needed. Finding it, I snipped a bud from the stem and took it over to my kitchen counter, dropping it in my pestle. I channelled a little bit of healing magic into the bud. “Tea is nearly ready Mrs Timpson. How’s your husband doing?” As she started going on about her husband, I took the boiled kettle off the stove and pulled out two cups, along with some tea and an infuser. Pouring the boiling water into the cup through the leaves, I then went on to crush up the bud I had cut. Adding that to one of the cups, I passed that one to Mrs Timpson and sat down with my own cup. “Drink that and see how you feel.” “Thank you dearie.” She drank the tea, continuing to talk about her husband. Right at the end of the story she was waffling on when she suddenly put her hand on her back. “Oh my, the pain has gone! I feel 20 years younger!” “Good to hear. I’m always happy to help, you know that. So next time, don’t hesitate okay?” After she had finished her tea and after she had finished telling me all about number 9 who painted their shed blue, I smiled and showed her out the door, shutting it as soon as she left. Looking back at myself in the mirror, I waved my hand again and I was back in my comfy clothes, and I went about my day. I enjoyed spending time with the people from the village, but their lives weren’t particularly interesting. Always the same ‘my husband saw a robin’ or ‘did you hear the post office was busy on Tuesday?’ Whilst I loved living in solitude, outside the little village of Basinwall, I couldn’t help but feel like the Witches in the city had much more interesting stories to listen to. But I could never live there again, I chose this life. The villagers led very boring lives, whilst the Witches from the city were ambassadors, diplomats, and celebrities. They often went out and got drunk, fighting demons and saving people’s lives. I, on the other hand, had guests with such riveting stories such as they ‘may have had their garden gnome stolen by a teen’, or ‘a gate got blown down!’ Instead of the normal life for witches these days, I chose to live on the outskirts of a quiet little village in England, both for privacy and safety. I mean, I got on well with the fae folk whenever I visited the city, but I didn’t get on well with other magic users. They were often way too full of themselves and looked down on me for choosing the ways of old. ------------------------------------------------- You see, centuries ago, witches were often elders of a village who had the gift of magic. They were often sought out to fix problems for the community, whether it was helping crops grow, healing the sick and injured, helping with discussions and disagreements, whatever the people needed. We didn’t lead, but we were important when it came to a village’s health, prosperity and growth. And people looked up to us for that, revered us even. Over time, as towns grew, that role became more demanding and more important. But at the same time, the number of witches born started increasing. It used to be that each village had its own witch. But eventually there were multiple witches per village. Then cities started forming and witches started becoming diplomats and guardians, basically any very important positions of power within the city. They started working to further their own paths rather than help others. They became more and more selfish, often favouring power over empathy. The formation of the Council eventually united all of the witches into one powerful force, but they began to forget their roots. There was a point that most witches saw little acts of help, for example healing an old woman’s sore back, as ‘unworthy of their talents’. They became celebrities in their own way, often being idolised for their gifts and looks, but never worthy of such devotion. These days they graced magazine covers, hosted big arena events, signed autographs and got drunk at parties. They flaunted their magic, often in dangerous ways. But they never learnt their lesson, as the Council would just clean everything up and brush away the evidence, acting like nothing had happened. But that’s what this society had become. Witches had no humility. Even from a young age, witches were expected to become powerful and famous. All that pressure, all the expectations... it’s no wonder they grew up selfish and vain. At a young age, anyone identified as a witch would be assigned a more experienced witch to be their tutor. They would act as their guardian, support system, and guide as they taught them how to wield the magic they now had access to. You couldn’t ask for a different tutor. A tutor could choose a different student, but if you didn’t like your tutor... well you were shit out of luck. My tutor was some cranky old hag who was some old movie star whose career had shrivelled up decades before. She was the kind of person who loved reminding me that I would amount to nothing and I hated that about her. But because of that, I learned the power of positive reinforcement. I swore to myself if I ever took on someone, I wouldn’t be like her. At 31 years old, I was the right age and had the right experience to take on an apprentice, but I was isolated from the community and excluded from the inner circles. So I have never been given the opportunity to take someone on. Because of this I spent most of my time working on my plants, helping the residents of the village, or visiting friends. Not like I’d want one of the witches you see in all the magazines anyway, none of them are worth training. I know because I used to be like that. I was a stuck-up little Witch-in-training in the city, tutored by one of the best living witches. I partied, I got into fights, and I drank way too much. I got a few telling offs by the Council, but as I was one of the up and coming rising stars, I could do no real wrong in their eyes. But over time I felt empty. I felt hollow. I felt like I was just pretending to be like every other witch. After a lot of soul searching and travelling, I realised what I wanted. Part of what I wanted was to have a quiet life somewhere out in the countryside, near a little village, doing what we witches used to do. I wanted to get closer to nature, as that had always been my strongest affinity when it came to magic. ------------------------------------------------- All witches have magic. Any witch can learn any spell. Some are more difficult than others, but they are still available to all. What makes each witch different is their affinity. Usually inherited from a parent, an affinity is just a natural talent for one aspect of magic. Sometimes a witch can have two affinities, one from each parent. But it’s rare. I’m one of the few. Fire, nature, earth, air, water. All the elements could be an affinity, but there were plenty more. Some witches have a rarer affinity. Like augmentation, healing or self-regeneration. It doesn’t mean all witches can’t do those kinds of spells, but those with an affinity have a distinct talent for spells in that category. I, for example, gained one of my affinities from my father, his nature based affinity. I find I can connect with plants and animals more easily than any other witch. ------------------------------------------------- So in the end, I left my old life behind. The gossip magazines wondered where I went, the Council were furious. There was an incident with them but I ran as fast and as far away as I could. I didn’t care anymore. I built this house on the edge of Basinwall and have been happy since. Well, mostly happy. I couldn’t go back to my old life. I had severed all connections to it. My tutor disowned me, the Council hated me, and the community looked down on me and snubbed me. But I lived in my own little cottage, in peace, and could focus on helping people. I had what I had fought for. Mostly. ------------------------------------------------- I dragged my feet through the house. I had done my good deed for the day, helping Mrs Timpson with her back. But today an air of melancholy surrounded not only myself, but the house. So I whisked my hand a bit, conjuring a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my front door. The people from the village were thoughtful and friendly, and whenever I got like this, they’d be understanding and leave me be for the day. They tried to offer their support, but we all knew, even myself, that there was nothing they could do to help me. I needed some time to myself. To clear my head a bit. To try and focus on something. But every time I tried to focus, my body wandered that bit closer to the bare wall between my bedroom and the spare bedroom. Giving in to my feelings, I drew an outline in the air in front of the bare wall with my hand. A door appeared and I walked through. This room hurt my heart every time I entered, and because of that, I hadn’t been in here for a while. But for some reason, it was now calling to me. Running my hand over the plush fabric of the animals, all stood to attention along the shelf in a neat line, I couldn’t help but feel like I would never find that missing piece to this room. It should bring me happiness, love... but instead it was just empty, devoid of joy. Until I could fill that piece that was missing, it was a reminder of the loneliness I felt. Not only in this house, not only in this village, but in this world. I took in the scent that never left this room. When designing it, I made sure that approximately half of the time you’d be able to smell it. Just a simple enchant. That’s all it took. Running my fingers over the wooden beams circling the bed, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made a mistake in leaving the city. It wasn’t easy leaving that life behind. I fought tooth and nail to get where I am today. And I won’t let anyone take that away from me. I know I’m still missing something, but at least I know what I’m missing this time. The cravings became stronger every day. Caring for the plants only satisfied me so much. But it was difficult living in isolation in a tiny village, how was I supposed to find the thing I needed? I just had to be patient. I’d find it eventually. One day I’ll find that piece I am missing. ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Witch in Training (Little in Love will not be available on there until it's all finished here). The first tier is purely for supporting my writing. There's also a discord server I've created, which you get access to with either tier. The discord server, my Patreon, everything is new and there may be bugs or mistakes or whatever that I'll try and sort out as soon as possible. That's where suggestions and feedback come in! I'd love to hear what everyone thinks, or what people would like to see from me or anything that needs fixing. I've never done something like this before, it's been a nightmare for my anxiety setting all this up on top of the anxiety of posting my second story, so patience is appreciated. Anyway, enough about all that, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, the second will be posted on Wednesday (and the sixth chapter will be posted on my Patreon).
  6. by LittleFallenPrincess Been a lurker here for a long time now, and after spending (many many maaaany) years reading so many amazing stories, I thought I'd give it a go myself. This is the first story I've ever posted. I'm aiming for about 60 chapters, and I'll try and post at least two chapters a week if I can. Comments are welcome, and feedback appreciated. I hope people enjoy! Chapter 1: Run, Olivia, Run! I dropped my bag as I ran for my life. Sure, it contained my life. My ID, my purse, my keys. Everything except my phone, which I had carefully stashed in my pocket. I had no choice as she gripped my bag, trying to pull me in. But I was not going to allow myself to be caught. Not today. Not ever. I know what these people do to people like me. And I was not going to allow that to happen to me. I would rather be dead. I let my bag fall from my shoulder, and I ran as hard as I could through the chilly, dimly lit night, pushing my slightly unfit 5”10 body to its limits. Turns out those limits are pretty low when you don’t exercise or eat healthily. But I pushed them regardless. Every time I felt like I was about to break apart, my body just kept going. A small part of my brain knew I was going to ache for days after this, but that part had been swallowed whole by the one simple thought running through my brain: run. They wanted me. I was the prey, they were the predator. I could hear them shouting behind me. They had the speed advantage on me, there was no way I could outrun their legs. However, I did have the element of surprise, the head start, the ability to get through small gaps, and a nice mix of adrenaline and fear. And I would take any advantage I could get. I managed to sprint down the street, jumping over boxes, avoiding a group of people who all turned their heads towards me. If I had gone near them they may have grabbed me and handed me over, it’s just that kind of world. I squeezed through some parked cars, scraping my arm against a door handle, and eyeing an opening under some wooden fences. That was my chance. I needed to make it under there, somewhere they couldn’t follow, somewhere I could slip away and hide. Looking behind me, the group I was avoiding had started making their way towards me with my pursuer not too far behind them, their eyes locked on mine. Those cold, cruel eyes. The ones you’d see on a villain in a children’s movie, she even had the crazy frizzy hair and dark clothes to match. The little voice inside me was screaming for me to run, but seeing those eyes... I froze. I was done for. My body wouldn’t obey me. I couldn’t move. No matter how much I screamed at my body in my head. Seeing those eyes and all the fears of what would happen if she caught up to me... My life was over. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, I was broken out of this trance sharply when I saw her fall to the floor after running into some other woman with red hair. I didn’t see much of what happened. I think I saw the woman drop the bag of mine that she stole while she was desperate to get her hands on me. I was taking no chances to go get it though; I knew that this was my moment to get away. So I dashed for the opening in the fence, tearing my pants down the leg as I scurried underneath it. I’d deal with my outfit and my appearance later; I needed to get to safety for now. I had gotten into someone’s garden, obviously a family due to the trampoline and toys scattered about the place. I couldn’t find an exit-- well, at least not an exit that didn’t involve going through someone’s house or the way I came which to say the least, not an ideal way to go due to the ongoing threat... Wait... Trampoline! That was it! My miracle! I could scale the enormous fence partially using that, at least to give myself a bit of distance so I could climb the rest. One problem being that the trampoline was huge, and there was no way I could move it closer to the fence, at least close enough to grab onto the top. I shook my head. Curse my imagination. That thing only works in the movies anyway. It would never work in real life. If I was to get out of this garden before I get caught for trespassing, I would need a quick... and simple... way out... a way to make... as little noise... as possible... a... oh come on. There’s a gate... An unlocked gate. A fucking unlocked stupid fucking gate. Of course I think of the trampoline first before seeing the obvious gate I could just walk out of. One of these days my imagination will be the end of me. Slipping out of the garden through the gate, I exited into an alley that was cut off from the street I was just on, so thankfully those chasing me would not be able to get to me now. But just to make sure, I’ll make get a few more streets away and wait a while for them to leave before I make my way home. So, acting like a secret agent, I crept through the next few streets, hiding behind cars, avoiding being seen by anyone, until I found an alley that looked quiet and safe. Or at least as safe as a dark creepy alley can be. Feeling a lot safer now I believed I had escaped the danger, I leant against a wall and took a sigh of relief. Breathe. I arched over, trying to catch my breath. My hands were resting on my knees and I could feel them shaking. I had just escaped a fate worse than death. I had to be more careful. If I hadn’t realised who had spilled that bottle of water on my jeans, I would’ve been kidnapped and my life would have been over. I would have been stripped, have my bare bum put straight into a nappy, and dressed in some ridiculous baby clothing. ------------------------------------------------- Now I’m sure you’ve heard a bunch of this place--this dimension. About Amazons or Bigs or whatever you want to call them. Those people who are ridiculously tall and like to treat anyone not like them as less than them. They are usually cruel sadistic monsters, but they have this weird maternal/paternal instinct that makes them look at people like me, a little, as helpless little babies who need regressing and taking care of. Yeah yeah, I know some of them are really loving to their ‘babies’, but they still kidnap them, and before anyone corrects me, yes I know not all Amazons are like that, my business partner for instance, but the majority are. Our whole society is set up to entrap littles into a life of nappies, dependency and submission. It’s a multi billion industry for turning a functioning intelligent little into a drooling baby who will never get to grow up. From products to daycares to subliminal messing designed to hypnotise littles, it takes a lot for a little to be free these days. Usually we are just kidnapped and ‘adopted’ before having our brains turned to mush and our bowel control ruined after feeding from ‘mummy’. And it’s not like we can seek legal aid for any of this, the government and law all revolve around Amazons and what they think is best for littles, which to no one’s surprise, is enforced babyhood. And sure, I know some countries are different. Some have protective laws for littles. Some are just flat out cruel and horrific. It can even differ from state to state. Some will allow a little to choose to be adopted and can never be forcefully taken, some will allow it in cases of Maturosis, and some will just let anyone take anyone and modify them how they want. My country is a bit different. Here in Tir Cawr, we don’t make headlines in the world because we don’t do anything particularly outstanding. Sure we have some little laws to protect them, but nearly anyone can adopt a little if they just say they show signs of Maturosis. We’re kind of in the middle, not too progressive but not cruel or barbaric like some of the other countries. And I know a lot of those countries have ‘diapers’ and ‘pacifiers’ and all that, whereas we have ‘nappies’ and ‘dummies’. So whilst we share a lot of language with those around the world (I swear we got all that Maturosis nonsense from the bigger countries), we have our own little quirks that make people look at our country and go “aww”. Like how an Amazon would look at a little really. We aren’t seen as a threat and everyone leaves us alone. And don’t get me started on modifications. Just thinking about them makes my skin crawl. If I ever get adopted and ‘modified’, just shoot me, please. Being a little, especially one Amazons see as ‘cute’, may lead to me being teensy bit biased about Amazons. Except for one or two bigs I trust, I actively avoid them. My parents had been adopted together when they were around 28, my current age, but managed to stick together and escape somehow. They never told me how they managed it, I think it was too traumatic for them to relive it, but this means they taught me from a very early age that Amazons just can’t be trusted. Despite being so careful for so long, I’m still very surprised I haven’t been adopted so far. Guess I should fill you in a little about me. I’m Olivia. As I said, I’m 28, slightly unfit but not overweight, long silvery-blonde hair with deep blue eyes that sparkle and a smile that could melt the hearts of even the coldest of Amazons (or so I’ve been told... By my parents... Which is embarrassing when they actually say that to people whilst you’re stood right next to them... Totally no experience of this whatsoever...). I’m a bit of an artsy nerd, binging whatever shows and movies on are, even if they aren’t designed for littles. I’m good with computers and I have a knack for designing clothing, which got me into opening a small clothes shop for littles with my friend. Which is where I was leaving tonight before everything happened. ------------------------------------------------- It was just supposed to be another average night; I wasn’t expecting all that chaos. I left work late after working on an important project all evening. I said goodnight to Malcolm, my business partner and friend, locked up my work area, put on my jacket, grabbed my bag before heading out the door and heading home. I had made it half way down the street and all was going well until an abusive ex-client had decided to get her revenge by splashing water on my jeans to make me look like I had wet myself. With an obvious sign of immaturity, she would have had every legal right to adopt me there and then. And I hate to think what she would have done to me had I not ran within a second of realising she had done that. After all the running, once I had recovered in the dark, quiet alley, I could finally start thinking about my situation and what I could do to fix it. You see the problem is, I was now further away from my apartment or anyone I know, with wet and torn jeans, no ID or money, only my phone still stuffed in my jacket pocket. I couldn’t call for a taxi or ask anyone nearby for help, they’d see my wet jeans and probably adopt me on the spot. I couldn’t walk home from here; it was way too far to go without being seen. This wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because my keys were in my bag which I couldn’t retrieve. Work! That was the closest place I could go, and then hide out there or sweet talk Malcolm into giving me a ride home, even if I had to legally use one of those infernal car seats. So I made my way back to work. I was familiar with the streets around this area, so I knew what back alleys and side streets I could take without being noticed by a big. Being meticulously careful, I managed to get back to the street where the shop was. The coast was clear. I was home free. I dashed for the front door, praying to whatever higher power that it was open and Malcolm hadn’t left yet. My prayers must have been answered, or I was just plain lucky, but the door opened as I pushed against it with my entire body, quickly closing it and hiding behind the wall beside the door. I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes, happy in the thought that I was safe from any big, at least for now. That I could soon go home, snuggle up with my favourite stuffie (don’t judge me!), and relax. My legs were still shaking, my heart was racing, my nose was running, and I could feel my cold skin tingle as I struggled to catch my breath. It was then that I heard a cough. Not an ‘I’ve got a cold’ kind of cough, not an ‘I’ve got something stuck in my throat’ kind of cough, but an ‘Excuse me’ kind of cough. The kind that is meant to get your attention. The kind that makes a little stand to attention because you’re in trouble or you’re going to be. It wasn’t a very strict sounding cough, but it was definitely one that only littles would hear from a big. I opened my eyes and before me stood the most beautiful Amazon woman I had ever seen in my life. Long red hair, light green eyes, the cutest freckles, casually dressed but somehow still elegant.... I was lost in her beauty. Like I knew I was gay, but damn, even if I wasn’t a lesbian I would have found her gorgeous. I had never fallen for someone so tall; I mean she must have been like 12ft! This is when the fear crept in. Oh god. Here I was, jeans torn, looking like I had wet myself, looking like a feral little who couldn’t take care of herself, frozen still like a deer in headlights partially due to this woman’s beauty, partially due to fear of her putting a dummy in my mouth and adopting me right there and then. And then it clicked... I had seen her earlier. She’s the one who the crazy lady bumped into. Looking down slightly I saw that she had my bag. Oh god. This was the end. There’s no hope now. Nappies here I come. Goodbye toilet training. Better get used to sitting in my own shit and sucking on my toes. She bent down slightly with the cutest smile on her face... “Hi there cutie,” she said softly and sweetly, her words flowing through my head like pure bliss. “I’m Charlotte!” ========================================================== Thank you for reading, let me know what you think! I haven't decided on a schedule in which I'll post yet, but I've written about 12 chapters so far and I'll try and aim for posting at least 2 chapters a week.
  7. by LittleFallenPrincess So here's my third story, Glitch in Nanny. It's an MDLG/ABDL romance novel about a sci-fi/cyberpunk world where the world has flooded and everyone lives on giant floating cities. A little is working on a new project, one that will change her life and others. One of the characters was chosen by my patreons in a poll. It should be about 40 chapters long, with an Epilogue at the end, and new chapters will be posted every Monday and Friday. You can find my first story, Little in Love, here. And my second story, Witch in Training, here. (Currently in Progress) I would recommend reading Little in Love, then catching up with Witch in Training. Even if you're not usually a fan of diaper dimension stories, you may find you enjoy Little in Love. Two weeks Early Access to chapters of Witch in Training & Glitch in Nanny is available for the second tier on my Patreon. The first five chapters in pdf form are up from the start, with the sixth being posted on Monday, the same time the second will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding this, ask away. Charge up front is enabled. Meaning you will be charged as soon as you pledge. Little in Love Chapters are not available for Early Access. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Chapter 1: Faith We raced through the streets of London, running red lights and dodging traffic. Weaving through the gaps between the cars, I held on for dear life as she made this normally terrifying act seem like it was easy. She loved showing off, especially to me. No idea why, she was already my closest friend, she didn’t need to do anything. I knew exactly how awesome she was and how tough she could be, she didn’t need to risk both of our lives on a night time drive. But hey, I enjoyed spending time with her, so I tightened the grip I had around her waist and closed my eyes. “You know... if you keep your eyes closed like that, you’ll miss all the pretty scenery?” she said, her voice slightly muffled from the helmet. Opening my eyes, she wasn’t wrong. It was beautiful at this time of night. The neon glow of the city in the night sky, the reflections of all the lights and signs in the water, the gorgeous Art Deco buildings that formed the floating city of London. It was worth keeping my eyes open, despite how scared I was. I don’t normally get out much, I’m a bit of a shut in. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I eventually gave in and agreed to go drive around the waterfront on her bike with her. We pulled up in a quiet little spot on the edge of the city and looked out across the endless ocean. The water was still, with no waves and no traffic out here. The night skies were clear, not a cloud in sight. The air was much cleaner out here too. Getting off her bike, she took her helmet off and let her long, dark brown hair flow down her shoulders and back. “Come on. This is my favourite spot.” She said, waving me over and she went and leant against the wall. I took my helmet off and sorted out the mess of red hair. ‘How does she manage to look so damn gorgeous when she does it, but when I do it, I look like I got out of the wrong side of the bed?’ Following her over to the wall, I shuffled up next to her and looked out. “I can see why. It’s beautiful. I keep forgetting to come to the edge, it’s so much better than the centre.” “Exactly. So you agree I should bring you out here more often?” How is she so confident? It took me months to ask my girlfriend out, and even then it was mostly her that did the work to get me to that point. “So Red... how are things with you and Sadie?” she turned to look at me and raised her eyebrow. Morgan has called me Red ever since we were teens. I’ve known her over half my life now and we’ve been best friends. She’s really intelligent, she’s an engineer, she’s a badass, she drives a motorcycle, she’s gorgeous... but since the day we met, she’s never come up with anything wittier than ‘Red’. I mean sure, my hair is red, congrats. But there are so many other nicknames she could have come up with... She only ever calls me by my actually name when she’s disappointed in me or angry or upset. ‘Oh Faith’.... ‘FAITH WHAT THE FUCK?’... ‘Come on Faith, stop screwing around!’... you get the idea. “It’s going really well actually, thanks.” I replied. “It’s been what, three months? When are you going to finally move in with her? Or is she going to move into the shit tip that is your apartment? I’m sure she’d loooove to be surrounded by all the spare parts and tools.” “We... we’re not at that stage yet. Although she does spend most of her time at mine.” “Really? And she doesn’t mind all the tinkering you do?” “Umm... I don’t think so.” “Well that’s a surprise. She always seemed a bit... pretentious...” “You think she’s pretentious?” “Ignore what I think, Red. You seem happy with her. That’s all that matters. I just want whatever makes you happy.” Morgan looked back out across the ocean. What I couldn’t tell her was that Sadie satisfied a part of me that had been neglected most of my life. For years I had tried to find someone who wanted that side of me, but it was just failure after failure. Too many people looking to take advantage of me or use me. No one who actually wanted to know that side of me, no one who wanted to take care of me and love me for who I was. Morgan had no idea of that side of me. We are best friends, sure, but I wouldn’t tell her about that part of my life even to save my own. We were inseparable, I didn’t want to ruin that with her by telling her about my stupid little kink. She’d look at me so differently. She already gets uncomfortable when I start acting childish around her. I don’t mean to, it just... happens, but whenever it does, she gets visibly awkward. But Sadie... Sadie understood that part of me. She cared for it, she nurtured it, and she encouraged it. She made me feel like less of a freak, she made me feel loved. I mean sure, we weren’t living together yet. She was busy most of the time with work, and we were both trying to save up a bit of money so we could get a nice place together. I stayed in my shitty apartment, she shared her place with a couple of friends. There was no room for me, but honestly, I’m glad. I needed my workshop, and I would have had to have given that up if there was room for me. My workshop is my life. It’s where I make my money, it’s where I work on my projects, it’s where I developed some of my greatest creations. All with the help of Morgan. I was gifted when it came to tech. From a young age, I just knew how machines worked. I’d often spend my days drawing cool looking androids and figuring out how to program them to do things. Most of my childhood was theory though, I didn’t actually get to create or mess around with any real tech. That was until Morgan turned up part way through the year in high school. Transferred from another part of the city, she ended up in my class. She sat next to me and we hit it off straight away, bonding over our love of tech. She encouraged me to actually start working on stuff with her. I focused on the design and the programming; she focused more on the engineering side of it. And together... we were amazing. And now, at 29, I’m working on my most ambitious project yet. Creating our own, fully functioning android, complete with programmed behaviour and a realistic looking body. Morgan was great at working out the specifics about the chassis and the inner workings, whilst I designed the thing and worked on the personality and behaviour she would have. I didn’t tell Morgan exactly what I had in mind for this; this was a bit of a personal project for me, something to keep me company whilst Sadie was away on one of her business trips, or when she couldn’t come over. I’d just need to program a second set of behaviours into it for when Morgan is around it. “So... when we working on Evie next?” Morgan asked. Evelyn, or Evie as we’ve grown to call her now, was the android we were working on. Morgan would often go dumpster diving to get whatever parts we could get for free. Whatever we couldn’t obtain, we’d have to get from the market. I hated going there, it was shady as hell, but sometimes we needed to. “Dunno. Whenever. Been a couple of days. We’re getting close, we just need a couple more parts and I need to finish the code before she’s ready.” “So once we’ve finished, she’s just going to help around your workshop? That’s a bit of a waste for such a brilliant piece of tech.” “What else can we do with her? She’s brilliant, sure, but we can’t exactly get her registered nor do anything outside my workshop. Only official androids can perform jobs and all that.” “I know, but she’s more advanced than any of that android market crap. She makes even the newer models look obsolete!” “But we don’t have a licence. We’re lucky we can even make her at all.” “Ugh.” Morgan flailed her arms and turned around, looking behind us at the city. “I hate this city.” “I know. It’s shit. But would you rather live out there?” I pointed out towards the empty horizon. “I know we got it good compared to other cities that survived the flood, and we got it infinitely better than the people who didn’t survive... but this city is toxic. There’s a reason I like this spot.” “No signs, no noise?” “Exactly. We’re on the floating city of London, and the only place I actually like is this quiet bit at the back because it doesn’t feel like the rest of it. I mean look at it, look at the city.” I turned around and did as she was doing, my back against the wall, looking out to the city of London. ------------------------------------------------- Forty years ago, London was just another city in the world. Advancement in tech skyrocketed after the Victorian era. Tech advanced so quickly, we were more advanced than we should have been. We pushed the world further and further into the future. Humanity as a civilisation advanced much quicker than we should have, which means we are now about 50 years ahead in terms of society and technology. By the thirties, we had developed smart phones. By the forties, we had perfected robots. By the fifties, we had already developed bionic limbs and organs. By the sixties we had created androids. But all of this came at a cost. Humanity polluted the planet faster than it could handle it. The ice caps melted, the world flooded. Most of humanity was wiped out in a decade. The survivors were those who escaped to the major cities. Instead of working on a solution to fix the climate crisis, engineers and scientists worked on a way to adapt to it instead. They created a way to make the major cities of the world... float, turning them into their own little islands. Creating a solid infrastructure beneath a large city, they were able to save a whole bunch of people when the world started flooding. London was one of them. These cities quickly became new nations with their own laws and their own jurisdiction. England no longer had control over the rest of the UK. England had a couple more cities that were able to be saved, but we didn’t have many. Scotland, Wales and Ireland quickly distanced themselves from us, but they were only able to save one city each. Edinburgh was the largest, and it quickly sailed away from the rest of us. Wales and Ireland managed to save their capital cities, and followed suit. And so, as the whole world sank, a hundred or so cities throughout the world survived, floating on the endless ocean that covered the planet. That was over 40 years ago, before my time. And since, London has gotten worse and worse. Crime rates increasing, tech has kinda... stagnated, corruption is rife within the police and the politicians. Hell, even slavery is making a comeback. Whilst we rarely interact with other cities due to us being pretty self-sufficient, there are a lot of stories about people being sold off to wealthy people on some of the less... civilised... cities. It’s illegal still, but the police are often paid to look the other way most of the time. It’s why I keep to myself mostly, only leaving my apartment when I need to. “Come on, let’s go back. Your girlfriend is probably worried I’ve kidnapped you or something!” Morgan said, pulling my arm. I nodded and smiled as we got back on her bike, driving into the centre of the city. As we passed all the tall buildings, I couldn’t help but admire their design. Sure, the city looked like any of those typical futuristic dystopian cities from the old movies and books, but where they differed to reality is the style of buildings. They had all these smooth, modern buildings and it was all dark and grungy. They got the dark and grungy part right. But for every three modern buildings that had been built in the past twenty years, there was one old building. And it was these old buildings that made this city. At some point during our rushed technological advancement, Art Deco buildings became popular, and London was flooded with architects creating large numbers of buildings of this particular style. I think they looked at New York and tried to copy it. And where other trends would go out of style... this never did. They became a part of this city and people were reluctant to replace them. So throughout the city, these towering structures withstood the test of time and are some of the most popular places to live. I managed to score an apartment in one, but only because my landlord owed Morgan a favour and she cashed it in to get me my place. I mean... it’s not exactly one of the best kept buildings, it’s a bit of a wreck in a bad neighbourhood, but it keeps me safe and I’ve got a roof over my head. ------------------------------------------------- As we pulled up to my apartment, I got off the bike and went to hand Morgan her spare helmet back. She pushed it back at me. “Keep it on you. I’m gonna take you for a ride again soon. Now that I’ve managed it once, it’ll be easier next time. I’ll call you later, and then we can work on Evie.” I knew better to argue against Morgan. If she wanted me to do something, there’s a very high chance I’d do it for her. She gave off a weird protective, maternal feeling. Maybe that was what attracted me to being her friend to begin with? Either way, I gripped the helmet and she winked at me, dropped her visor, and sped off down the road. “Hey baby, how was your little trip with Morgan?” Sadie said as I entered the apartment. “Oh hey! I wasn’t expecting you!” I replied. “I figured you’d want a bit of time with me... baby.” “Oh... you mean?” “Yep. Now go lay down on the bed and wait for me. Mummy has a couple more things to do, then I’ll be right in to get you changed into something much more appropriate for someone as little as you...” My face turned red and I did everything I could as to not wiggle my butt as I quickly rushed into my bedroom. I started taking my clothes off, unbuttoning my shirt, when my wrists were grabbed and I was quickly turned around. “Babygirl... you know you’re not supposed to do that yourself... now, are you going to be a good girl for Mummy?” Sadie looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers and I melted. “Yes... yes Mummy...” my voice had gone really quiet and shy at this point. “Good girl. Now, lay back. I assume you’re going to be working on your little Nannybot tomorrow?” “Yes Mummy... Morgan is going to come round and help.” “Good girl. Now you better be good, otherwise I’ll make sure you’re padded for your little playdate with her, and she’ll quickly realise just what you plan to use that android for..." She pushed me back onto the bed and I lost the ability to speak. I was so flustered that I hadn’t even noticed that she had brought out the super thick nappies she saves for when I’m feeling really little... ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter! It's a genre I never thought I'd write, but I had a fun idea and went with it. Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Witch in Training and Glitch in Nanny. The first tier is purely for supporting my writing. Access to my Discord server is included with both tiers, where people can discuss early access chapters, although it seems most of them use it just to tease me ? New chapters every Monday/Friday!
  8. Fidgeting anxiously in the café Amelia couldn’t stop herself from checking the clock every few moments, Irritated that only 15 minutes have passed when it felt like 15 years. To focused on the time she barely notices when the waitress walks up “just yourself today Hun” pulling out a pen and paper for her order. “I’m waiting on someone actually” looking down to avoid eye contact she sheepishly says “could I have small coffee please” she’s never been good with strangers “ of course coming right up” the waitress replies smiling before turning away. Amelia’s eyes once again dart back to the clock with 10 minutes to go, almost squirming uncontrollably “I can’t believe I’m doing this” she murmurs under her breath waiting for the elusive C an older woman she has been chatting on fetlife for the last several weeks. They seem to click on every level spending hours upon hours discussing everything from books to their home life. They decided to wait on a meeting up or giving names, both having been burned heavily in past relationships due to their interests but neither wished to discuss it just yet. Arriving with her coffee the waitress leaves it on the table and heads back up front, suddenly the café door opens up and Amelia hears her say “oh she’s in the back waiting” Amelia straightened up her anxiety going through the rood as she hears the footsteps growing closer until finally. “Hello are you A?” Her voice sounds incredibly familiar to Amelia as she stands and turns, but freezes at the sight of C instantly recognizing her. “Oh no oh no” is all she can say her mind racing “this can’t be happening” standing before her is Claire Parker her old middle school teacher. Not just any teacher, her favorite teacher. The one who was there to comfort Amelia when her best friend pretended she didn’t exist in the cafeteria, the one who helped wipe away the tears when bullies wouldn’t leave her alone calling her “anchor Amy” because of her size. Miss Parker was also the one who encouraged her to follow her passion for music and to be honest the one when had an enormous crush on. She was a huge influence on young Amelia, but suddenly one day she just quit, no word or warning she just vanished. Leaving Amelia devastated. But now over 6 years later they’re once again face to face, she should be overjoyed at the reunion but all Amelia can think about is the fact that she has told Miss Parker everything. Literally every dirty fantasy and kink has been unknowingly discussed with her former teacher; shaking uncontrollably the only thing that stops her from fleeing is 9Miss Parkers reaction. “AMEILIA!!!” she exclaims pulling the startled girl into a warm embrace “now this is a happy coincidence isn’t it” her voice giddy with excitement “it’s been what? 6 years? Look how you’ve grown” looking her up and down Miss Parker gets a good look at her former pupil her smile growing “you filled out in all the right places” Amelia’s face flashes crimson at the compliment, looking down at her thick frame she doesn’t quite get what Ms Parker is seeing “t..th..thank you Miss Parker” is all she can spit out “Oh I think we’re far past calling me Miss don’t you?” her kind demeanor making Amelia fill more at ease “ why don’t you try calling me Claire?” she says as she settles down into the booth. Settling down herself she takes a deep breath to steady her nerves “this isn’t weird for you? I mean you use to be my teacher” says Amelia quietly, her eyes darting back and forth ensuring the coast is clear “I haven’t been your teacher in a long time sweetie, were both adults who know what they are getting into” Claire keeps a close eye on her not looking away for a moment “and besides I think we’d both rather I be your Mommy anyway” she says it so casually it causes Amelia to blush even harder. “but why don’t we forget all that for now” reaching across the table Claire puts a hand on her arm “I’d love for us just to catch up and chat, just treat this like a regular old date, no pressure or expectations. How does that sound?” Thinking of this as a normal date did help alleviate some of Amelia’s anxiety about the situation, I mean at the least this isn’t some stranger just trying to seduce her or anything, it was Miss Parker one of the kindest people she has ever known “I guess that could work” a smile beginning to spread across her face as she begins to relax. And so began their first official ‘date’ it was awkward at first with Amelia stumbling to find her words but soon they were both chatting up a storm talking for hours in the quiet little booth about everything they could think off . It all flowed just so naturally as if they were friends for years. It was the best date either of them had in quite a while. One thing became very evident to Amelia throughout the evening and that is that she was still totally infatuated with her former teacher hanging onto her every word neither of them realizing just how long they’ve been talking until Amelia asks the question that has plagued her for years “Why did you leave the way you did” Claire grimaces, the old memory still causing a sting even now “well you see sweetie back then I was in a relationship that had slowly become toxic. We were bad for each other but neither of us could admit it. In the end I broke things off with her” she pauses staring down at her coffee “she….didn’t take it well” Amelia’s can see her eyes start to glisten and says “you don’t have to tell me if it’s too painful I understand” the last thing she wants is to drudge up old hurts. “No…no it’s ok you of all people deserve an answer” breathing in deep she exhales “my former little ousted me to everyone, she told the school board and all the parents the nature of our relationship and they freaked” Amelia’s eyes grow wide with disbelief. How could anyone do such a cruel vindictive thing to Claire, she was always the kindest and most compassionate out of all the teachers at school. “They gave me the choice to resign with some dignity or be fired” looking down to avoid eye contact she says “I’m so very sorry for never saying goodbye but they wouldn’t let me” a moment of pure silence follows as Claire continues to stare at her coffee. Amelia had never seen the usually confident Miss Parker seem so vulnerable. Shaking her head she looks up at Amelia “but that’s all in the past now” reaching over the table she takes Amelia’s Hand “I’d much rather look to the future” she squeezes a little “and I hope you can be a part of it as my little” Amelia’s entire body once against turns scarlet almost forgetting why they were there in the first place. The thought of loosing Miss Parker again is too much to bear; she squeezes Claire’s hand just as hard before replying “I think I’d like that very much” “You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that” says Claire still holding Amelia’s Hand tightly “there’s no rush we can take this as fast or slow as you want ok baby girl” gazing deep into Amelia’s eyes she leans forward over the table their lips just barely touching before she pulls away “I’ll keep you safe, I’ll take care of you, I promise” Amelia’s brain short circuits as their lips meet, she must have day dreamed about doing that a million times back in school but the reality of it is much more satisfying then in fantasy. Her attempts to speak fail miserably, unable to find the right words. Burying her face in her hands incredibly flustered she can only murmur “oh my God that just happened “much to the amusement of her older companion. Mustering the strength of will to lift her head she finally asks “do you mean it…..that you’ll keep me safe? ….. That you’ll take care of me?” Her face instantly serious without a shred of doubt in her voice Claire replies “Always Amelia no matter what we do I’ll be there with you every step of the way” softening her features “you’re going to be my little girl after all” Seeing Claries conviction she relaxes, a state of calm she rarely enjoys. The ideas of being someone’s baby girl making her feel so at ease it’s shocking. Feeling 10 years younger she slips into a headspace she’s not quite familiar expressing in front of others. Having spent her teen years being the good girl, the honour roll student, the constant pressure by her parents to succeed. Heck she has never even had a detention. With a coy smile she leans over and giggles “but what if your baby girl likes being a brat” she teases twirling her honey blonde hair around her finger enjoying being able to show this side of herself to someone “I mean I can be a lot to handle” “Oh is that so” purrs Claire her voice sweeter then honey “well there isn’t a brat born who myself and Miss Hairbrush can’t handle” reaching into her purse she pulls out a solid oak paddle brush placing it in front of Amelia. Biting her lip Amelia’s eyes lock onto the brush, so many deep seated fantasies of being helpless over someone’s knee while they roast her bottom flashing through her mind, squeezing her legs together in need hoping Claire doesn’t notice. Feeling like a bratty teen now more than ever she defiantly proclaims “is that all?” dismissing the brush entirely “you’ve met your match Miss Parker” sticking her tongue out at her former mentor impudently. Leaning to the side Claire raises her hand almost shouting “Check Please!” Sitting in Claries SUV outside her home Amelia’s heart is beating like a drum, she is made to sit in the back on the drive because “little girls are safer back there”. Sticking true to her role Amelia whined “but I wanna sit up front” But was quickly silenced by Claire’s steely glare. Stepping out onto the asphalt the young woman can’t help but stare in awe at the big house, so entranced she doesn’t notice Claire coming up beside her “sweetie there’s something important we need to discuss” Turning around to look up the tall brunette is staring down at her. She can’t help but blush “If anything gets to be too overwhelming or to difficult you just have to say cantaloupe and well stop ok” reaching up she brushes some of amelias hair behind her ears before leaning to whisper “otherwise the second you walk in that door you’ll be nothing but a naughty brat in need of some firm discipline, is that clear” her demeanour changing rapidly, now strict and demanding causing a shiver to run down Amelia’s spine, nodding her head unable to articulate a response Claire gently grasps her hand leading her up the stairs. inside the house is immaculate and well furnished but the awestruck girl has no time to process when she hears “Amelia Jacobs you are in so much trouble” spinning around to see Miss Parker with her hands firmly on her hips stern look across her face. “I can’t believe a girl your age would act like such an incorrigible brat in public” with hands faster then they eye can see she grabs Amelia by the ear much to her dismay“and I know just how to deal with bratty little girls”. Stinging like hell with little choice but to lean forward awkwardly as the older woman leads her into the living room squealing along the way “hey let me go you can’t do this I’m not some little kid” trying her best to sound angry instead of deeply excited being lead to her fate. Ignoring her pleas Claire drags her to the living room before pushing her front and center, where with the same steely gaze as before she orders “Strip!” Amelia’s heart is pounding in her ears, it’s been many years since her last high school gym class, and even then she changed in the stalls insecure about her body. Panicking a little she debates using her safe word until she sees Claries face staring at hermit was a look of pure desire, of hunger and want. No one had ever looked at her that way before, like she was something desirable. Shaking her head meekly she squeaks “n-no I w-wont” stuttering while staring at her feet to hide her excitement. Feeling a hand under her chin her head rises to meet Claire’s gaze “you can do it or I can do it little one your choice” Oh god the thought of Claire stripping her down is almost too much to bear. Gulping down her apprehension and with shaky hands she slips her thumbs into her yoga pants slowly dragging them to the floor hoping that’s the end of it “Shirt to” says Claire leaving no room for argument Hands still shaking lifting her sweater over her head before dropping to cover her voluptuous body, she can feel Claire’s eyes scanning every inch of her until they rest on her wiggly bottom framed perfectly by a lacy pink thong “tsk tsk tsk” is all that comes out “Those panties are unacceptable for a girl your age Amy” taking the waistband of her panties giving it a snap against her waist “we will definitely be making some changes to your underwear drawer” without further warning she gives Amelia a spank on her unprotected bottom “in the corner now little girl” Amelia quickly buries her head into the corner having never felt so exposed while Claire can only stare at her bottom “in 20 minutes I’ll be back and I won’t be empty handed” her hand making its way to her bottom giving it gentle rub before leaving. So here was Amelia, half naked, exposed and having never felt so helpless in her entire life, yet she couldn’t have been more excited.
  9. Back to Basics Tara looked at herself in the mirror and blushed. She obviously hadn't known she was a lesbian her first time through kindergarten, but despite being the most stereotypical colors, it still looked like something she would have worn back then. Poofy blouse in red plaid, denim ruffle skirt, she even had red plaid hair bows in her pigtails and rainbow light up sneakers. Movement in the corner of the mirror caught her eyes, "Rocking the look, kiddo," her mom said as she stepped into the room, "all you'd need to make it authentic is a pullup." Her shocked exclamation of "Mother!" Caused the older woman to grin sheepishly, "sorry honey, forgot that whole… situation." The situation is question being the forceful return of her old bedwetting problem last year as the stresses of being a Senior got to her, but that was not the cause of her outburst. Her mother was one hundred percent correct, and she had been unable to stop herself from grabbing one of the butterfly covered nighttime garments when they had stared at her when she went into the closet for the purple, unicorn covered backpack she had chosen to use this year. She had been an energetic, social, and most of all playful five year old, so even though she had been daytime trained, her nighttime training stalling until she was twelve, her mother had made the wise choice to keep her in pullups until just before first grade. It wasn't a daily thing, naptime didn't count, but two to three days a week was average, and since they were pullups she could change them herself like a big girl without anyone knowing. Looking back she knew she wasn't the only one, roughly a third of her class had taken their backpack into the bathroom with them from time to time. Now you might be wondering why a nineteen year old woman a few months past her last day of school was dressing up like it was her very first, and for that we have to go back a few years. Five years ago the district had finished its new, modern kindergarten, leaving the old one that had been in use for decades empty with no prospective buyers, when a group of stressed former seniors taking a gap year hit on an idea. Pooling their money, they rented the building from the district to do a second kindergarten, citing a review of basics they might not have touched on in over a decade, seeing how far they had come, as well as give them a year to relax in a way that wasn't the expensive foreign trips that were so popular with their fellows. Surprisingly, or maybe not so much since they were making money on a building they had no current use for, the district ate it up, and had offered it every year since, with thirty students taking them up on it this year. As an added bonus this year, three of the alumni of the first year were returning to act as their teachers, offering a reduced price to the previous years that had hired retired teachers or older siblings to do the same. "Gods kiddo, this brings back some memories," her mom said with tears in her eyes. Tara's mother had been single when she had started kindergarten, losing her father to another woman, but that had turned out alright in the end as she had found a woman of her own in Tara's kindergarten teacher, or re-found as the case was, they had known each other when they were younger, and had dated, before breaking it off and losing contact for ten years for what they both agreed were stupid reason, or what her mother now referred to as 'the biggest damn mistake of my life, with only one good consequence' when the grief hit her too hard. Losing her to breast cancer three years ago had been devastating, and was one of the reasons Tara had been planning on signing up for this since she was seventeen, and also why she wore a pink ribbon pin on each of her hair bows. "Your Mami would have loved to see you like this again." Tara had no words, tears welling up in her own eyes as she pulled her mom into a hug until they both calmed a little. Forcing a smile onto her face as she pulled away Tara's mom asked, "speaking of paramour's, is Susan going too?" Tara's blush was answer enough, but her stuttered "we're not technically dating yet," sealed the deal. Tara and Susan had met the first day of kindergarten and quickly became inseparable best friends, and Tara had harbored a secret crush on her for years, but was always worried about losing what they already had. She had finally decided to admit she wanted to try being more than best friends at the start of senior year, but the academic rigors of both studious girls had left them little time to explore each other, and the little time they did get they felt that very little had changed. Their parents had assured them that was normal, they had practically been dating for years so of course it would feel the same. The fact that three times in the last month they had ended a hangout breathless on one of their beds wearing what it would be generous to call an outfit between them, well, Tara was hoping this would be the week they would acknowledge each other as Girlfriends. Tara's mom just smirked, "you got fake married in sixth grade, I already consider that girl my daughter in law." Tara's blush deepened. It had been for a school play, it had also been when she first figured out her crush and she may have spent the entire ride home telling her mothers how beautiful Susan had looked. "Alright kiddo, enough chatter and reminiscing, let's get you off to your first day of kindergarten," the last word punctuated by a butt swat that left her mother frozen for a second. "You were right, it's more authentic," she smirked through her, by this point glowing, blush and her mother could only laugh. —- Susan looked stunning, Tara thought as she opened the passenger side door and the other girl ran over. She had gone for a mix of adult and childish, with black leggings, a blue skirt, a Dora shirt, and one pink and one blue sneaker, though the shirt was a crop top, or maybe an actual kids shirt the tiny girl had squeezed into, the skirt was as short as socially acceptable, and the leggings were practically painted on, highlighting her amazing ass. Her backpack was Dora as well, and it wasn't just to appear childish. Susan had become a genuine fan of the young adventurer as another way to connect with Tara after Mami had begun teaching her her native language. The school had eventually deemed it unfair for the two to take Spanish and they were put into French classes that they still breezed through due to the shared Latin root, which they had then decided to learn as well. Susan had suggested they go for something not Latin based next, and they had hit on the idea of using the second kindergarten to begin to learn German, even talking to the teachers and having their activity sheets translated, they would have to break the immersion a bit and check each others work though, as none of the teachers wrote or spoke german. Tara's mother leaned over the passenger seat as the two embraced and said "now despite how cute you both look, you're not kids anymore so I'm not setting a curfew, but remember tomorrow is a school day so don't stay out too late." Susan's Friday and Saturday night shifts as a hostess and bartender at a local restaurant and Tara's similar hours at the cinema meant that Mondays were the nights they went out and did something together, having reservations at 5 at Susan's work followed by a movie at 7 as both of their coworkers wanted to see how cute they looked today. School didn't start until 9, so as long as they were both home and in bed by midnight they figured they could get up at six with minimal fuss. According to their schedules the three teachers were Mr. and Mrs. Harris, and Miss Smith. A husband and wife and the wife's twin sister. Today was a big 'meet' and greet, sure they had almost all known each other for over a decade but it was all part of the experience. Their rousing round of Name, favorite color, favorite animal ran a bit long when Jessie, who was planning on being a zookeeper, couldn't decide on her favorite animal, and kept giving facts about all her choices. She hadn't known she was a little girl the first time around, had been incredibly excited about her new name, and was making up for lost time with enthusiasm. The two of them speaking in German had slowed things down as well as the others questioned them on it, but when they explained three others expressed interest in joining in. Next it was a game of flag tag that had to be called for time when only the former captains of the girls soccer team and boys tennis team had remained, dancing around each other for almost five minutes after getting everyone else out. This came as a surprise to no one as they had been doing that since tenth grade. Back inside for lunch, a few PB&J's she shared with Susan, followed by storytime. It was in storytime that things got rather interesting rather quickly. Tara was rather fond of skirts, and one of the ways she had been trying to introduce more sexiness into their relationship was occasional panty flashes when she felt she could get away with it. In fact the panties she had put on this morning had been specifically chosen to flash Susan, panties she had unthinkingly replaced with pullups, pullups she had forgotten she was wearing as she had become used to the feeling after wearing them nightly for most of a year. So when she smirked at Susan, who was sitting sideways next to her so they could share the translated book, and spread her legs, the other girl's growing grin morphed quickly to a look of shock. Oh, right, shit. Susan shifted closer to her, pretending to get a better look at the spelling of a word and hissed "are you wearing a pullup?!" Tara's hands were sweaty and and shaking, her cheeks heating up in a blush, but she took stock of the facts. Susan looked shocked, but she wasn't yelling, she didn't look angry or afraid, looks she had thankfully rarely seen from the shorter girl, and almost never aimed at her, in fact she almost looked curious. Thinking over the schedule she hit on a way for them to talk privately, "cuddle with me at naptime? I can explain then." She whispered. "Already planning on it." Was the last thing said during Story time. Laying down on mats next to each other Susan quickly scooched them together, had they been paying attention they would have noticed three other couples following their example, as it was Susan lay her head on Tara's breasts and whispered "are you comfortable telling me?" She was giving her an out, and Tara loved her even more for it, but if they just dozed off their was a non-zero chance she would actually end up using the garment unknowingly, she was starting to feel the urge after the juice boxes with lunch, and that would be even harder to explain. "No, you should know. You know how I have been avoiding having sleepovers?" "Yah, I missed them. Alot. I love waking up like this, but I figured you were worried that it would make us both feel like we should have sex, and you didn't want to rush into that. To clarify I do want sex, but I don't want to rush you if you don't yet, though do prepare for some seduction." "No, I totally want sex too, but last year got so stressful and, well, remember how I wet the bed until we were twelve?" Susan caught on immediately, "Oh babe, I'm so sorry. I want you to know though, I am just as fine with you needing, is the right word protection now? Anyway, I am just as accepting of your sleepover needs as I was then. I want girlfriend cuddles and I don't care if you wake up wet from them, though I would prefer to get you wet in other ways." Tara's brain had frozen halfway through, "I'm your girlfriend?" "Babe, we've been dating for months, finally. Most of our class thinks we're the longest term couple of our grade. How did you not know?" "It's just, we haven't really said it." "Yah, we have lived in the same town for nineteen years, not very many new people to introduce you to like 'and this is my girlfriend, Tara' and sitcoms have just ruined 'hey girlfriend' for me." "Hey girlfriend." "OK, it's actually super fucking cute when you say it and I'm sorry I didn't make it clearer earlier ya doof. Now kiss me and let's actually get some relaxation time in. You're wearing protection for naptime in case you do doze off and forgot in your haste to flash me, which you do regularly, despite not realizing we were dating. I get it." Tara happily complied before saying "I actually still just call them pullups, even though that's not the brand, and no, that's not why I'm wearing them, though now you mention it I really should have thought of that." Susan's head had perked back up, "I, umm, I saw them in my closet this morning while getting dressed, and I remembered that I did wear pullups to kindergarten. Little me had a bit of a play or potty priority problem." "Little you was fucking awesome and I will hear nothing bad about her. And I can totally see it, I seem to remember you would sometimes wet yourself when you got too into what we were doing until we were, like, nine." "The last time I purposely wet myself to keep doing something with you we were thirteen." "Thirteen?! How did I not notice!" "I pulled my skirt back and was wearing black leggings. We were sitting on the ground so I just let go in the grass." "You have a very vivid memory of this occasion." "Remember when I had you practice all the couples scenes for the grade seven play at the playground with me over and over?" "The play I didn't even get to be in because I got the flu that week?" "Remember the kiss at the end?" "The kiss I didn't get because I was sick with the damn flu?" Tara suppressed a snort in her girlfriends hair. "You got a lot during that practice session, I wet myself so we could have more. And your backup was terrible at your lines, and a boy yuck, and only got a small peck on the side of the mouth. Besides, mom reminded me we got married the year before. She already considers you her daughter in law." "Yah, but that play ended before the 'you may now kiss the bride' and the others were the last ones I got until this past year." Susan was quiet for a bit, "If it makes you feel better, you might remember I wore diapers until after new years during kindergarten, then switched to pullups until April. Well, after the first day, I was in panties for that." "I vaguely remember that, but if you were in panties before kindergarten why did you switch back to diapers?" Susan blushed, "I was having so much fun with you. I had to go before pickup but you wanted to play outside for a bit, and then we waited for our moms tuckered out under that big tree and I just stopped holding it. Your mom came first so you didn't see it, but the back of my overalls were wrecked." "Can't blame you, don't think I made it to the potty once that first week. Your mom got mad?" "Pretty mad, yah. I very rarely had accidents and I flat admitted I did it to keep playing with you. Kayla was still in diapers, so she put me in one as punishment. Probably expected me to beg her to take it off next time I had to use the bathroom, but I figured if mommy was putting me in diapers she wanted me to use them, so I did until she told me she wouldn't be buying any more because Kayla was progressing in her potty training, and I would have to get back to it too once they were all gone." "That's hilarious. I can totally see your mom getting so flustered when you didn't realize it was a punishment, but unwilling to go back on it until it had gone on too long." "Yah, your Mami would wake me up a little early from nap time for a change and that would usually last me until I got home unless I pooped later, but I really didn't try to be secretive about it at all." "You pooped your diaper too?" "I just told you I used them until she told me I couldn't. And are you saying you didn't poop your pullup on occasion? You just said you didn't make it to the potty once that first week." "OK, Yah, but no more than twice a month after that. Maybe we should get you some diapers so you can be more authentic." Tara admitted before tickling her girlfriends sides lightly. Susan squirmed a little before returning fire and saying, "you want authentic, I dare you to wet yours." With all the tickling, giggling, and whispering they were doing a teacher would have probably stepped in long before in actual kindergarten, in fact Tara remembered her Mami doing so a few times when they did that back then, but they weren't actual children. Mr and Mrs Harris had all but admitted they were going off to have sex in the teachers lounge, and Miss Smith had said she needed a smoke and some quote 'real ass food', so as long as they were discreet the various couples in the room could get up to what they wanted. Tara considered the proposal for a minute, before whispering, "you really want authentic?" Susan hmm'd an affirmative into her chest. Why did going through with this sound so hot. "Ok, I'm going to wet myself, once I do neither of us are going to make it to the toilet for a week. We will stop by that medical supply store on Maple on our way out today and get you diapers, and I am going to need a lot more pullups, probably grab some diapers for nighttime as well, because that's what I wore back then. I'm pretty sure my work uniform can hide a pullup, and I'm sitting ninety percent of the time anyway, and yours is a dress and apron so your diaper should be pretty well hidden. Does that sound ok?" Susan gave some thought to it for a minute, "I don't know why, but this is the hottest fucking thing I have ever imagined. I don't think there is any way I can hide that I am wearing diapers from my family for a week though, especially if I am using them. That and I will have to pee at least once before we leave." "Stay with me for the week. We can say we are celebrating making our relationship official, your mom doesn't want your little sisters walking in on us when we get too handsy making out, she for sure won't want that to happen when we have sex, and I sorta want to make like bunnies this week now that I know we can. My mom already found out I wore today for authenticity, we can tell her we are doing that together if she finds you out, and she has already told me if I ever need some privacy with you to put a sock on my doorknob. I have a diaper genie in my closet for my pullups, it should hold both of our diapers just fine. As for having to pee," Tara smirked, "I believe I was just talking about the virtues of black leggings. We can go color outside under the old tree, you did want to be authentic. Susan let out an aroused little squeal, "OK, apparently this is something I am really into. You're sure you want to do this? Because if we do, I'm probably going to want to do it again some time." "Yah, seems like I'm into it too so this is definitely not going to be a one time thing. Ok," Tara sighed slightly and Susan wondered why until she continued, "OK, I'm peeing." Now that she knew, Susan could hear the slight hissing for about a minute. "I'm pretty sure it held it all, don't know how fast I pee when I'm asleep so I was worried for a second. Can you feel my ass quick?" "I will feel your ass any time you want." "To check for leaks, not just to grope me." "I can multitask. Oh wow that is so warm. And squishy. Eeee, fuck that may be my new favorite feeling. Ok, not feeling any wetness under you or on your thighs, think you're safe." The two young women spent the rest of naptime getting their breathing back under control, as it was almost at the level it had been during their last makeout when they had ended with one tank top sans bra, and two bikini bottoms between them. After being 'woken up' by a decidedly disheveled Mrs. Harris Tara took the opportunity to change her pullup in the bathroom, before they went out to color beneath the old oak tree by the parking lot. After about fifteen minutes of peacefully coloring and chatting Susan crossed her legs, made sure her skirt was flared out behind her, and moved her coloring book to her knee, before continuing where they left off quizzing each other on verbs, but deciding to be cheeky with it. "Peeing" "What you're doing right now." "Yah, but what's it in German? "Ich pinkle." "No, that's if you're peeing." Tara leaned in closer and whispered "Ich. Pinkle." She kissed Susan's neck, "Und Du pinkelst." Her chin, "Wir pinkeln." Nipped at her earlobe, drawing out a low moan from the shorter girl. "I'm going to need you to stop, or immediately finger me against this tree." Tara leaned back and smirked at her, "Stop peeing? But I'm not done yet." "Fuck me." "I think that's Fick mich, but I'm not sure. Most of our research materials are for…" Thoroughly through with her girlfriends shenanigans Susan roughly pulled her onto her own lap and into a searing kiss, pressing the girls sodden pullup against her own soaked crotch hard enough she leaked a little, though they were a bit busy to notice. They made out for another five minutes before pulling themselves away breathless and red faced and stared into each others eyes, both wide with arousal. After getting their breathing under control a bit, mixed with a few more pecks, Tara reached down to Susan's crotch and rubbed it quickly, drawing out a whimper, "uh oh. Looks like someone had an accident in her pants. Maybe we should get you some diapers, you clearly aren't potty trained." "Am so," Susan shot back, "it's just so fun playing with you I didn't want to go in to the potty. I did it on purpose, so it wasn't an accident, so I'm still totally potty trained." She couldn't stop herself from breaking into giggles at the end and pulling Tara in for another kiss. "Besides," she returned the crotch grab, "you piddled your pullup, so you're one to talk about potty training." "I'm just mature enough to know I will have trouble stopping playing for the stupid potty and came prepared." Tara laughed as well, "Gods this week is going to be fun." "Yah it will, babe." Susan nudged Tara off her lap and swatted her ass. "Come on potty pants, let's go do goodbyes and get me appropriately attired, I'll need to swing by my place to change into a longer skirt too, the shorter one was just so you could stare at my ass anyway. Did you bring a second change?" "No, and you chose this outfit specifically to get laid tonight, didn't you." "Oh hell yes, I was prepared to get increasingly sexy over the entire week until you could no longer resist jumping me. I did warn you to prepare for seduction." Tara sputtered, "What! You know how shy and oblivious I am, what if I just forced myself to look and not touch?" "Honestly if you made it until Friday night I would have accepted you weren't ready for sex yet, masturbated furiously to my many, many sexy pictures of you, and told you we could wait as long as you needed, but you would need to accept that, after particularly hot makeout sessions like last week, I would need to get myself off afterwards. And honestly, apparently I don't know how oblivious you are because when I planned this I thought you knew we had been dating for months. So, to be perfectly clear on what we know today, you are my romantic girlfriend who I very much want to have sex with as soon as, and as much as, possible, I find you pissing yourself in panties, a pullup, or a diaper to be unbelievably hot, honestly thinking on it I would be straight out disappointed if you pulled your pants down or panties to the side to pee if you were desperate, don't know how it's different, feel free to use the toilet whenever you want I just don't want to be watching, I really enjoy pissing my own pants, etcetera as well, especially with you watching, and from what I can tell from imagining it I should feel the same way as all of the above about pooping ourselves. Am I perfectly clear?" Tara nodded, and Susan pulled her into another kiss, "Good, now we will swing by your place so you can change, then mine so I can do the same, then on to Maple Street Medical, it"s about two now, so we should be fine to get there by three, even if we are shopping for an hour we will be able to make our reservations. Now, real quick before we go inside," Susan did a slow little twirl, "can you tell I pissed my pants at all?" Tara looked very carefully and, after confirming there were no visible clues and someone would need to physically feel her pants to tell they were wet, they made their goodbyes and headed out to Susan's car, an old, but well taken care of station wagon. "Do you think you will need to pee again before we get to your place?" Susan asked, grabbing a towel left over from their beach trip a few weeks ago for herself to sit on from the cargo area and holding up a second. "Probably not, but give it to me just in case." Tara agreed, catching the tossed item and laying it under her. —- "Mom, I'm home!" Tara called out, slidding her shoes off and shutting the door behind them. "Hey kiddo, how was your first day of school? Oh, hi Susan, same to you." Her mother said, as she walked in from the kitchen. "It was super fun, we played games and colored and napped aaaand, Susan is officially my girlfriend can she stay the week to celebrate please?" Tara's mom chuckled, "of course she can, though if she's staying the week you may want to let her know…" "Oh, I already told her about my bedwetting. During naptime." "Naptime, should have thought of that. If you wet then you should probably wear every day you go to class, at least you'll get the more accurate experience." "I did wet, but," Tara took a deep breath and steeled herself for disapproval, "it was for the other reason I used to." "It was my fault, I dared her to." Susan interjected. "And I went along with it because it would be just like old times. I wanted to." Tara overruled, before looking back at her mom. "I want the whole kindergarten experience. I tried it, and had so much fun, and please don't be mad." "Oh kiddo, I'm not mad, just surprised. I honestly shouldn't be, the whole point is to recreate the kindergarten experience, no reason you shouldn't take that as far as you can." She pulled her daughter into a hug, "If it makes you happy, I don't mind. You wearing pullups to school is a good idea anyway even just for naptime, speaking of," she patted her butt, "you're soaked, we should have thought to pack you a change." "I did," Tara responded, blushing, "I just wet again when I didn't want to stop coloring with Susan." Tara's mom snorted, "right, whole experience, should have thought of that. Well, you need to make sure to pack enough changes in that case. If I remember correctly I always sent you with three, one for naptime, one for any 'accidents', and a spare just in case. You're going to want to stock up." "We're going to Maple Street Medical after I grab my bag for the week," Susan chimed in, a blush rising on her cheeks as she decided to come clean as well, "I'm joining her on the whole experience thing this week, but I need something a bit bigger than what they have in the supermarket." "I'm glad you two can share this," Tara's mom said before smirking, "I'm not changing either of your diapers though, did enough of that the first time around. You can change each other." "Wait," Tara turned to her girlfriend, "Mom changed your diapers too?" "Yah, silly. We started having sleepovers on Halloween, I was still in diapers for another couple months." Susan leaned her head on Tara's shoulder, "I'm looking forward to the Klein hat trick tonight, think it'll be my favorite of the three." She kissed her girlfriends cheek, then swatted her butt. "Go get changed, we gotta get rolling." A quick stop at Susan's later to pack her bags and tell her family she would be staying the week, and they were soon standing outside Maple Street Medical Supplies. "Last chance to back out." Tara said. "No way in hell. Remember, the story is they are for my granny." Was Susan's reply. They browsed the store for a while before coming to the incontinence isle. Grabbing a pack of the shelf, Susan looked at it a second. "Kinda wish I could still fit in baby diapers, these don't look bad but I sort of want something a bit cuter." Tara came up beside her holding a pack of her own, "Yah, but I guess adults who need these wouldn't really want something cute, they're looking for something more discreet and practical." "You're right, ok fourteen to a pack, I remember I went through three or four a day, so two pack should get me through the week. One should see you through nighttime with some to spare, so I can borrow from you in an emergency. You find your pullups?" "They don't seem to sell regular bedwetting pullups here, just plain medical ones that look so much worse. We'll have to swing by the supermarket for them." "OK, let's ring these out so I can get into a diaper. I'll change in the cargo area if you keep watch." With that the girls turned and headed to the registers, until Susan stopped dead, "Shit." She hissed. "Wait to do that in your diaper." Tara joked. "No, it's Mrs. Harris. She works here. Fuck, she probably saw the pullup taking out the garbage and now two of her students are buying diapers? No way she will buy the granny line." "OK, we blame naptime and my bedwetting." "I'm not throwing you under the bus!" "It would have been true!" "Hi ladies. Can I help you with anything?" Mrs. Harris asked as she approached them. "Hi Mrs. Harris," they both said before descending into a jumbled "we're looking for things for my granny.""I've been having some problems while I sleep and naptime…" "Oook, yah, you two need help." The girls worried expressions deepened, "shit, no, not like that." She looked around before hiking her apron to the side a bit and lifting up her shirt showing a crinkly white waistband just rising above her pants. "I'm on your side." She looked over at the registers and shouted, "Hey Mark, I'm going to help some customers for a bit." Oh joy, there was Mr. Harris too. She led them off into the store, "now, first lesson, you don't need to tell the workers squat about why you are buying something. Never volunteer that information, it is none of our business. Lesson two, if you feel you need an alibi at least agree on one." "We did agree on one." Susan mumbled. Tara grabbed her hand placatingly, "I'm sorry, we panicked when we saw you. You probably took out the garbage with my pullup in it and now two of your students are buying diapers? I figured you wouldn't buy the granny line. I really have been having that problem while sleeping." "Kid, no one ever buys the granny line, but it's not our job to care. For the pullup, there were two diapers each from me and Mark, and I'm pretty sure Clara needed a change at some point too, but she was wearing a Hypertough so maybe not. I wasn't on the lookout for used diapers in a trash I already knew contained them." "If you don't care, then why not let us just cash out and pretend we don't know each other?" Susan asked. "Said it isn't my job to care, not that I don't, and you two gave off panicked shoplifter vibes when you saw me, we don't need one of the other staff confronting you over that misunderstanding. You two are obviously still pretty new to this and could use some pointers. First pointer, those are not the diapers you're looking for. Firstly they are a super shit brand that will leak faster than a pullup, we only stock them because some of the customers expect them because they are a big brand name. Secondly," with this she pushed aside a curtain with a giant blue rubber duck of all things on it, "welcome to The Nursery." The girls looked on in wonder at what was concealed behind that simple curtain. Shelves of diaper packs that would not have looked out of place in the kids isle, sized up kids cloths, bottles, pacifiers, even a huge crib in one corner. The whole room smelled like baby powder, and they wondered how it didn't penitrate to the rest of the store. "Ok, what's your usual ageplay age outside the classroom?" At their blank looks she tried again, "OK, Little newer than that I guess, how long have the two of you been into ABDL?" Still nothing until Tara raised her hand. "Umm, what's ABDL?" "Wow, total newbies, don't get them often, usually they do at least some internet research before coming in. ABDL stands for Adult Baby, Diaper Lover. It's a kink where you like to pretend you're a different age and or wear diapers. It's why we came up with the second kindergarten idea in the first place, the seven of us in the first year were all a secret ABDL hangout group. If you don't mind me asking, how did you come to be buying yourselves diapers without already finding out about it?" A ten minute explaination later and Mrs. Harris was up to speed on their plans, but Susan had one final thing to add. "Umm, and I sort of am really starting to need to pee, and we agreed to no making it to the toilet, so…" "Oh, yah, no problem." Mrs. Harris said casually, "The floor in here is tile if you just want to go in your pants, or you can grab one of the diaper samples you like and put it on, I can help you if you're not quite sure how." Shocked that the older woman would so nonchalantly suggest wetting her pants Susan almost did, but she had been holding this specifically to go into her first diaper in years, so she looked around the room quickly before settling on a diaper with teddy bears on the waistline and sheepishly asking for help putting it on. About a minute after they had gone into the backroom Tara was browsing the shelves when a shout came from the curtain as it was thrown open, "Hey Mrs. Harris! Our order come… oh, hi Tara." Turning in horror Tara saw the two former sports captains arm in arm in front of the curtain as it fluttered closed again. "Hey, Stacy, Kyle, umm, good to see you?" Tara squeaked. "No need to be shy," Stacy laughed, twirling her earrings, before sliding her loose athletic shorts off revealing a thick diaper with castles and unicorns on the waistband. "We're ABDLs too. Hey, is Mrs. Harris around?" "Yah, she's just in the back helping…" "Holy shit babe, you can hardly tell I peed at all," Susan said without looking as she walked into the room, skirt and leggings in her hand and poking at the diaper around her waist. "Another customer." Tara finished lamely, so much for protecting her girlfriends secret at least. "Oh yah, Tinklebelles are decently tanky with hardly any swelling. Best discreet ABDL brand out there right now. I'm in a Princess one, and Kyle likes the Teddies like you." Stacy piped in immediately causing Susan to look up in shock. "Umm, hi guys." "Stacy, don't scare off the newbies, they just found out about it today." Mrs. Harris said as she followed Susan out, "Here for your pickup I presume?" "Yup, Kyle can you get those out to the car? I'm going to have some girl chat with our new initiates over here. Don't worry, I'm not going to scare them off Mrs. Harris, just some advice from a peer. Or pee-er as the case may be." She giggled at her own joke. "Ok, tip one," she looked down at Susan's feet for some reason, "If you are going to use the old black leggings trick, make sure you wear black socks too." The young couple looked down and to their horror found the top of Susan's white socks had indeed yellowed a bit. "Easy mistake to make, it's why I only buy black socks, helpful for that and the rare times my diaper leaks. Speaking of leaking," she turned to Tara who felt a blush creeping up her face as she felt the smallest trickle of warmth running down her leg and nodded. "What are you in?" Tara shyly showed her her pullup, "Wow, brave. I leak every time I try those." "My mom got them for me when I started wetting the bed again last year. They work fine for that, and I wet two earlier without problem." "No babe, your second one leaked a bit, I felt it on your towel when I put them in the wash at home." Susan chimed in. "That's probably because you crushed our crotches together while I was still peeing!" "Kinky, but that's the thing with those, they are designed for bedwetting. When you are laying down your pee can flow towards the back or front and soak in more, helps that most bedwetters leak slowly from what I've heard, which reduces the risk of overloading the absorption rate. Not that I'd know, I've been wearing regularly for about five years now after getting super sick early freshman year and having a hard time making it to the bathroom, and I still can't wet in my sleep" "But, I wore pullups to kindergarten. If we are going for authentic I should only be in diapers at night!" Tara cried out, saddened by this news, but Stacy had a solution. "Ooh, authenticity play? That is rad. My usual ageplay age is around two, but I might just have to join you in that, I was in pullups too. As for your potty pantsing problem I have a product p-p-p dangit, suggestion." "Proposal." Kyle piped in from the register. "Thanks honey. For your potty pantsing problem I have a product PROPOSAL. Tinklebelles just released a line of ABDL pullups, almost as tanky as their diapers from what I've read online." She looked over her shoulder, "Hey, honey? Add a few bags of Tinklebelles Pixie Pants please. Did you wear any padding to kindie?" "Am I part of this conversation or am I checking us out, dear?" "Both, we need to know if we should get you some too." "No. I was fully potty trained by kindergarten." "Aww, dang." "I'm sorry I wasn't a late bloomer like you three." "I wasn't a late bloomer, I would just rather keep playing than use the potty." Tara raised her hand sheepishly at that and Stacy turned back to her, "question?" "No, I was just the exact same way." "Oh, rad. Potty rebel sisters!" Stacy raised her hand for a high five, which Tara confusedly returned. "What about you, Sue?" "This one corrupted me when we met the first day. She probably forgot other kids would have to go use the potty and kept us playing the entire time. Just before pickup we were sitting out at the tree and I just let go. I was stupid enough to tell my mom it wasn't an accident and she tried to punish me by putting me in my little sisters diapers. It wasn't a punishment to me, and I wore them until we ran out when she started potty training." Stacy's mouth was open in shock, before she threw her arms up and excitedly exclaimed "Radder! Geeze that is a huge fantasy in the ABDL community. So, you two are recreating how you met? That is so romantic. So is kindergartener your usual ageplay age?" "Umm, we're not entirely sure what that even is yet, but if I'm translating it right, probably? Kindergarten was a huge time for us, it's when we met and how I got my Mami, sorry, my stepmom to clarify, Mami is Spanish for mom." Tara said hesitantly "Spanish? Wait, your dad married Miss Vasquez?" "My dad is a deadbeat who left us for another woman when I was two. Then left her for a younger woman, etc about five times last I heard. He is in prison for failing to pay child support. My mom married Miss Vasquez. They were high school sweethearts, who drifted apart for a few years. I wound up in her class, yada yada yada, it was pretty much a kid reunites parents movie." "Wow, that is amazing! How is…" Kyle had stepped over and clamped a hand around her mouth, using the other to point at the pins on her hairbands questioning, having noticed the slight wetness on her cheeks. "Yah, sophomore year, when I got over my grief enough to think straight I knew I had to do second kindergarten, she was a big supporter of the idea. The year it started was the last year she was teaching before she got sick, and she said she missed the old space, but was glad it was being put to good use." Susan pulled her into a hug, "Mi Vida, I'm leaking." "Don't care babe, you needed this. Besides, it's kinda hot." Tara snorted into the shorter girl's hair. "OK, happy thoughts, you two are recreating your kindergarten experience because it's when you started dating among other reasons." Tara laughed, which was probably part of the point, "we did not start dating in kindergarten." "You didn't know what you were doing was dating in kindergarten you mean." "We didn't start dating until last year, this goof still wasn't sure we officially were until today." Sue chimed in. The other three in the room looked at them with blank, shocked looks. "You're joking, right?" Stacy asked. "No." They chorused hesitantly. "You realize the entire grade was sure that wedding in sixth grade was real?" "I went to that show to see how the younger theater kids were coming up and I thought it looked authentic. Plus, I know enough Spanish to recognize you just called her 'My Life,' pet names like that are not first day things." Mrs. Harris piped up from the back. "That's what that means? You have been calling her that for literally as long as I can remember. You have been calling Susan what I'm guessing pretty much means 'the love of my life' since grade school, and you expect us to believe you just realized you're dating today?" Stacy exclaimed. The girls chuckled nervously, "Mami slipped up and called Mom it a few times while they were still being secret about it because I was in her class. Mom panicked when I asked her what it meant and said 'Best Friend', that made Mami panic when I called Susan it the next day, but she couldn't exactly correct me without revealing their relationship." "You did not go until today not knowing what it really meant though." Tara was bright red by this point, "I knew what the words meant by seven, and the meaning by thirteen, but I had been calling her it for so long by that point. And it's not like I was lying, it was true, I was just way too stupid and worried it might mess up our friendship. Other kids were getting together and breaking up in a matter of days around then, and it terrified me to think we might do the same." "Never would have happened, babe, but I get it. We have each other now, and that's what matters." Susan said softly, before kissing her cheek. "You know, Tom, the guy who played the priest, is going into priest school right now, he could probably make it retroactively official in a few years." Kyle added. "He's going to have to get in contact with my Abuela then. She wants us to have our Mayan ceremony the same day. It's stupid, we should have been dating for years, but at least we are now. What are you doing?" This last was just to Stacy who had squatted slightly and had a look of mild concentration. "Pooping." Was her casual response, and now that they knew what to look for her diaper was tenting out a bit in the back, she was peeing as well obviously as the front was getting slightly darker and saggier. "Well, you've clearly been in love for years. Why not decide you've been dating all along? That's what we did, finally talked about our feelings for each other last Christmas, looked back at the last few years and how we had been acting, and decided we had been dating since the end of Sophomore year." "We can do that?!" Susan asked, eyes lighting up like it was Christmas, before turning to Tara. "Babe, I promised myself I would never tell you, but you need to know how much this would mean to me. You know how everyone thinks we've been dating for years?" Tara nodded, a bit confused, "I thought we were too, until you asked if we could give dating a try in November. I thought, somewhere along the way, we just naturally went from best friends to dating. I want you to really think about this, think if it is something you want too, but I have felt like we have been dating for years, I've been in love with you for years, and now I know we can have been, and my vote is a big yes." "Ok," Tara caved to her look, blushing, "we can do that. But when should we say we started? And if you say kindergarten Stacy Warner I will hurt you." "Well, Kyle and I went through a checklist of sorts. We could go down that, see when you average on relationship milestones." Tara groaned, already seeing where this was leading, "OK, first big dating type thing is, unsurprisingly, dates. When did you first do something for just the two of you, maybe with a chaperone. They looked at each other, Susan smirked, while Tara looked resigned. "Kindergarten." They chorused, before Tara elaborated, "we would sometimes start sleepovers by heading to see the newest kids movie together at the theater with whatever parent was the host that night." "Yah, should have seen that coming. Ok, we know when Tara first gave you a pet name, but Susan, first pet name and when?" Susan actually blushed this time. "First day of kindergarten, when my mom asked if I had an accident, I said I did it to keep playing with a princess, even my mom was calling her my princess by first grade." "HOW THE F- nevermind, forget that, ok. Hopefully this was later, first kiss." "Ha, Seventh grade!" Tara said triumphantly. "Yah, babe, and we were so pent up you wet yourself just so we could keep doing it." "No! Not only so we could keep doing it! Also so we could keep rehearsing the lines and keep hanging out… ok, mostly to keep doing it." "That's actually really romantic. Ok, just thought of this one, didn't really apply to us, when did you each realize you liked girls?" The two looked at each other, "I don't think it was ever off the table honestly. We grew up around my mothers, so we always knew girls could like girls. I didn't realize I exclusively like girls until sex ed started around fifth." Tara responded, while Susan also piped up that she was Bi, but pretty much all the rest was the same. "Wait," Tara said, "I know we're in the middle of something, but I always forget you're Bi. Should I get a strap on, would you like that?" Susan's eyes glazed over and she did her best bobble head impression. "Do not rush off to go buy a strap on! Dang horny fuckers. Leads well into, when did you first have sex though? Also, if you can wait 'till tomorrow I have some recommendations. " Tara blushed, "We haven't. I was afraid to tell her my bedwetting was back, and I tend to nod off a bit when we cuddle." "Explains why you're so horny a bit. When you met each other's family is obvious, held hands and cuddled, guessing probably around the same, ok last question, when did you each figure out you liked the other romantically?" "Sixth grade, the play." Tara responded, "I saw her in that wedding dress costume walking towards me and thought 'I want that to be real some day.' Spent the whole ride home telling my moms how beautiful you are." "It, it took you that long to figure out?" Susan questioned, sounding a little distressed. "Oh, Mi Vida," she kissed her softly, "It was all still there much earlier, but all that just felt like a natural extension of our friendship at the time. You know how oblivious I am. When did you figure it out?" "Well, my mom wanted to head off sex ed, so she gave me the start of The Talk in fourth. How I'd notice some changes, yada yada yada, but also that I may start having some new feelings for some people, but none of them were new. They were all things I already felt around you. Wanting to be around you all the time, hold hands, cuddle, even kiss you, thinking you're beautiful, blushing when you catch my eye…" Tara cut her off by pulling her into a passionate kiss. "Oh my god, so romantic!" Stacy squealed. "Shouldn't you go change?" Tara huffed in mock annoyance. "Meh, I'll change in a bit. I don't mind being poopy and Tinklebelles have great odor protection." She responded, "and the verdict is in," she made trumpeting noises, "You guys started dating… whenever the heck you feel like saying you did, you're all over the place honestly. A lot of the more basic romantic groundwork was very early days, but most of the physical and acknowledgment stuff was more recent, which, duh. If I had to suggest a point that wouldn't get me slapped, I would say either shortly before or during that play in sixth grade as it is a good reference point." The young couple looked at each other before turning back and nodding. "Congrats on seven years then, now let's make sure you guys have all your supplies." "Supplies? We don't just need diapers?" "Oh wow, you want a rash on your second day? That would totally ruin things for you. You at least need baby powder or diaper cream. I prefer both, and there are some great scents here. I would suggest cornstarch over talcum, but that's personal preference. Did you plan on pooping too? Some people aren't into it." At their nods she continued, "then you'll definitely want wipes. You can't go wrong with a changing mat either, much more comfortable than just laying on the floor. Small garbage bags for disposal in places without their own trash, or even just an open trash, no need to just leave your diap laying there. Your backpacks are decent enough diaper bags for school, but you will want something for after and weekends if you plan on being full time for a bit. I prefer a three chamber model, one for diapers and changing supplies, one for the occasional carry out used diaper, you really want those in separate sections, and one for all the usual miscellaneous stuff you might find yourself needing sort of like a purse, and a change of pants just in case, you never know when you'll leak. This might seem like a lot, but for ABDL friendly events it is awesome. Speaking of purses, make sure the one you use can hold a change and a small thing of powder or cream, you don't want to be caught without one when you suddenly need it. How long are you planning on going for?" When they responded that they planned to try for a week she pouted, "aww, that's no fun. Can I try and convince you to go at least two? My little guy is turning two, so next Sunday we are having a big party with all our baby friends, but only babies are invited!" At their clear confusion Kyle clarified, "I'm turning twenty on Thursday. My usual ageplay age is three or four, but it is some kind of tradition to refer to ABDL's as being their decade as their age when their birthday comes around, so I am turning two. On Thursday we are having my regular adult birthday party, but Sunday we are having an ABDL party with the other ABDL's going to kindergarten with us, and a few from out of town, at our new apartment. You two are invited, but it's diapered butts only." The girls looked at each other and Susan grimaced. "It sounds super fun, but I don't think I could swing staying at your place for two weeks. Mom might think we're U-Hauling it at that point. If I go home wearing diapers I will have to come out to them about it. You can keep wearing Babe, but I don't know if I'm ready for that. I can change into one for the party at your place though. Are we the only ones in class that weren't secretly ABDL already?" "Yah, that'll work. Coming out to your parents is hard, I was delirious on meds when I told my dad how good diapers felt and how much I wanted to stay in them, and was so embarrassed when he told me what I said when I was more lucid. Luckily he was super understanding and I got to wear a few times a month, before going full time at home once I got my first job and could afford them myself. Kyle still hasn't told his, it wasn't until we got our own place from a guy my dad knows last week that he started wearing with any regularity. And no, there aren't that many of us in class, you two make eight, not counting the teachers. According to Mrs. Harris, besides their year which was a hundred percent, usually about a third of the class ends up a part of the ABDL community by the end. Wanting to go back to kindergarten is a little, well, little anyway, so we are more common. So, a weeks worth of diapers, and when you decide you know where to get more. I would suggest grabbing different brands each bag to see what you like, unfortunately Pixie Pants are the only really viable ABDL pullup so far, so Tara you are out on that, but I would say grab something Sue doesn't for your night diaper so you guys can swap and compare. Night diapers should also be a bulkier one, you want to wear it until you get into your morning shower, so it should be able to take a few hits depending on your morning routine and how soon before bed you put it on. Lastly, your ducks." Again the two newbies were completely lost, "ducks are our symbol locally. ABDL's have a few symbols, but a lot can mean other things or just be an aesthetic like a safety pin. Locally a while back someone came up with the idea of marking people and places that were ABDL or ABDL friendly with red or blue rubber ducks. On a person a red duck means they are a supporter and a blue duck means they are an ABDL." On examination the girls realized the other three in the room did indeed have blue ducks on them. Stacy had a blue duck on the ends of both her earrings, Kyle had one on a pin on his ballcap, and Mrs. Harris had one pinned to her apron, with a white duck next to it. "On places or events the rule is 'if it's red, keep it in your head' this is usually more public and family friendly places, it means they usually have a few accommodations for ABDL's like adult rated changing tables or adult diapers for sale, and you usually won't be looked at too weird for having a stuffy or something on you. You can usually be less subtle about pottying your pants, but don't be full on obvious or say you are. 'If it's blue, you be you' that blue duck on the curtain indicates that this is a safe place to toss my pants off and hang around in a diaper, tell you that I'm pooping it, and generally just be as little as I want." "The third Thursday of every month at the Cinema is marked with a blue duck on the calendar, I always wondered what it meant," Tara chimed in. "Oh yah, it's tons of fun, we watch kids movies all night and drink giant sodas so we can pee our pants. You should totally come this month." "Tara laughed, "you're just trying to keep me in diapers indefinitely aren't you?" "Heck yah, they are way better than panties. Anywho, you two should get a duck or two to mark you out for others in the know." Tara eventually settled on earrings like Stacy had, while Susan got one that clipped to the side of her glasses, grabbing a few red ones for their parents as well, and then Susan asked, "What about Mrs. Harris's white duck?" "That marks her as a universal changer. If you don't want to or don't know how to change yourself look for the white duck and they will change you, no fuss. A white duck on a baby changing station means it is rated for adult weights as well, which is super helpful. You may have noticed it today in the bathroom at school." Mrs. Harris gave an impressed whistle as they walked up to the register, "Dang kid, you really upsold them, I haven't heard a spiel like that in ages. You wouldn't happen to be looking for a job, would you?" Stacy laughed a bit bitterly, "I wish, The Smoothie Station just laid off all of us who are going back to, quote, 'non-essential classes' meaning me, Jessie, and a bunch of college kids got suddenly fired last week." "Looks like I need a new place to get smoothies, and wish granted, come on back here and learn the register. I will add these two to your commissions once we get you into the system. We have been looking for some folks to just man The Nursery for a couple weeks now, it gets more popular with each year that passes. It is miles past the regular incontinence section, and by sales volume it is past everything but the pharmacy, and wraps and braces." "Wait, you're serious? Shouldn't you talk to your manager or an owner or something?" Mrs. Harris almost collapsed laughing, "Kid, my family owns this shop, I've been an owner since I graduated. Now come on back and learn the system." "I seriously get to work in a Blue Duck room all the time!?" Stacey squealed in happiness and hugged her new boss. Mrs. Harris laughed, "yes, but it won't be all fun and games. This is a fun place to work, but it will still be work. Do you think you'll be comfortable being a white duck as well? It's not required, but it will raise your pay a bit and is a helpful service for people to be able to get here." The girl bounced back to the ducks section and decisively grabbed a white one. "Anyone need a change? Besides me of course." Mrs. Harris laughed, "Let's get these two checked out, then you can change me." A few minutes late the girls purses were a bit lighter and everything was packed in two discreet brown boxes. Tara had already changed into one of her new pullups while Susan was paying, and was marveling at the feeling of ever so slightly more padding. Susan had been told her diaper could take at least two more wettings, three if she didn't mind sagging below her still rather short skirt a bit, though they suggested leaving her leggings off if she wanted that as they may squeeze the diaper and make it leak sooner, they were rather tight. Kyle had smirked and said he could go five or six times before it leaked, and Stacy had swatted him, stating that boys were cheaters because they could adjust where the stream hit, but added that girls could get similar results if they strategically lay on their back and front, and as they got more used to wearing they would be able to let go in smaller amounts, going from the 'ok I have to pee' floods to 'I guess I could pee a bit' trickles that would absorb easier and have less chance of overwhelming the leg guards. Mrs. Harris and Stacy had used their needed changes to show the girls how to change a diaper properly as they had said they were interested in being the ones to change each other, instead of changing themselves, and now Stacy was in a professional looking apron with her new white duck proudly displayed, though she had still chosen to forgo pants over her fresh padding. She had decided to stay and begin her training, as the other couple hadn't really had any plans for the evening. Now sitting in Susan's car the girls took a minute to process everything they had learned and done in what they had thought would be a quick trip to the shop. "You know," Susan said, looking at the clock, "When I said we would be fine, even if we were shopping for an hour, I was joking." Tara laughed, "your work is only ten minutes away though, and we still have forty. Want to park in the back of the supermarket's lot and make out for twenty?" Susan agreed that sounded like an incredible plan, glad for the wide back seat she usually had little use for. With no makeup to fix the girls were easily able to cover the more obvious signs of their amorous activities, though the lack did make it much harder to hide their flushed cheeks. Monsieur Crevette was a French restaurant though, which meant it approved of amorous activities. They were led to a candlelit table for two off in a corner by the owner's daughter, a young woman a few years older than them who had taken Susan under her wing, who smirked at their obvious blushes and tightly clasped hands. "You kids look adorable. Going for the full kindergarten look I see." The girls shyly nodded, informing her it had been where they had first met and they had decided to revel in that. "Awww, wish I could have gone. It started a few years after I graduated though. Those guys had a good idea." With Susan having worked there for three years now they were quick to decide their meals, Susan ordering a hearty duck stew she had taken a liking to many years ago when she first started, with sparkling grape juice as she still had to drive tonight, while Tara went with the roast duck in a cranberry sauce and the suggested white wine pairing. Ducks seemed to be a theme for the night, and it was a common meat in many delicious French dishes. As they sat and chatted, the rest of the staff and a few regulars came up to coo over their outfits and story. About three quarters of the way through the meal Tara began to squirm slightly, and by the time they were walking to Susan's car with the near half a cake that had been foisted on them she obviously had to pee, and Susan wondered why she hadn't while they had been seated, she had, shortly after finishing her first glass of juice. The other girls low moan as she let go as soon as they were seated in the car was hot as hell though. "I didn't know it would be that hard to pee surrounded by people. I was able to do it easily at naptime." She complained. "I didn't have trouble with it, but it's a more familiar place to me." She tickled her girlfriend's sides, "though with how often you've pissed yourself in the past I'm surprised you had any trouble at all." "You'd think. I don't know, maybe I was just a bit worried subconsciously after leaking twice in my normal ones?" She poked the damp garment under her skirt, "this one doesn't even feel all that wet though." "Let me feel," Susan snaked her hand up her girlfriend's skirt, delighting in the low moan that drew from the other girl. "Yup, think we should both make it through the movie just fine." "Or we could skip the movie? I haven't had you in my bed in almost a year. It misses you, and there is a brand new activity we can do on it." Susan burst out laughing, "That is the corniest thing I have ever heard. As much as I love the idea, we made reservations and I don't want to make your coworkers mad at me, especially if we are going to go see what next Thursday is all about. Besides, the buildup is half the fun." "The buildup has been building up for most of our lives." Tara pouted, "If it builds up much more it'll be in danger of falling on something. That made more sense in my head, I mean we may not make it back to the house, and I have broken up enough amorous couples in the back row to know I would get teased mercilessly if someone caught us." "Two hours, babe." Susan kissed her quickly, "can you hold on for me for two more hours?" Tara groaned before nodding reluctantly. Peterson's Picture Palace is only a short drive from Monsieur Crevette's, so they got there with a little time to spare. They were immediately pulled into the back by Tara's coworkers, who gushed over how cute they looked, and the owner quietly told them their new accessories really suited them, while flashing the blue duck on his watch band and putting their cake in the staff fridge. The girls had initially planned on seeing a romantic comedy, but after some light teasing that perhaps the newest animated kids movie would be more their style, they decided to go with that. There are only three other families this late, but they manage to keep their hands to themselves, mostly, and walk out having had more fun than expected. The anticipation is heavy in the air as they pull into Tara's driveway, Susan putting their cake into the fridge, while Tara brings their diapers and supplies up to her room.
  10. Hi all, I want to try to write a story and ask you to evaluate it, unfortunately I am not a native English speaker and this may affect the quality of the story. Well, the story will be more about emotions and you won't find any violent scenes in it. Also please let me know if my English is too bad I'm also publishing this story on Watpad. Let's begin. Alex sat in the back seat of the taxi, feeling tired and skeptical about his upcoming vacation. It seemed he had already seen everything the hotel industry could offer and did not expect his anticipation to be surpassed. He flipped through the pages of the "Fairy Tale" hotel brochure, feeling that the photos were dull and monotonous. "Where are we headed?" the driver asked, not noticing that Alex was examining the brochure. "To the 'Fairy Tale Hotel.' Do you know where that is?" Alex replied. "Of course, I do. It's a lovely hotel where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Are you on vacation there?" the driver inquired. "Yes," Alex responded skeptically. "Great, that's a good choice. I've heard that this hotel has some unique services and programs that guests may enjoy. You can learn more about them when you check in," the driver added. "Yeah, I've heard something about that," Alex replied without much enthusiasm or desire to continue the conversation. The hotel brochure was a bright and colorful booklet, featuring images of various room interiors on its pages. Each page showcased cozy rooms decorated in different styles. The first page showed a Provence-style room where a wooden bed with a richly colored white rug was adorned with floral pillows. The second page described a classic-style room with dark-colored wooden furniture and velvet pillows. The third page featured a modern-style room with minimalist black-and-white furniture harmoniously combined with colorful rugs and bright paintings on the walls. The fourth page introduced an Art Deco-style room with a luxurious bed boasting a tall headboard and lush curtains as the centerpiece. "Looks like a great hotel, doesn't it?" the driver remarked. "Yeah, I guess," Alex replied, continuing to study the brochure. "Well, cheer up, my friend, you're on vacation! Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. Who knows what can happen when you find yourself in a place that exceeds your expectations," the driver noted, and Alex felt a slight improvement in his mood. "Yes, maybe," Alex agreed, but the feeling of indifference towards what was happening returned to him. Alex continued to examine the brochure with its polished, diverse interiors, until his gaze fell upon a photo that featured an ordinary, at first glance, detail – a baby crib had been set up in one of the hotel rooms. Alex was puzzled because one of the hotel's conditions stated that guests could only stay without children, allowing for a complete relaxation in an atmosphere of peace and quiet, which isn't always possible with children running around the floors and lobby. For some inexplicable reason, Alex couldn't take his eyes off the photo with the baby crib. His memories delved back into the time when he was carefree and happy. He recalled his toys, his first bike, the first time his mother took him to kindergarten, and how she pitied him when the neighbor's dog scared him. He remembered how he was always surrounded by loving and caring parents, how they spent time together, played together, and learned together. Alex remembered how loved he was and how he trusted his parents, and how they always made time for him and his interests. But something happened on the way to adulthood. Alex gradually stopped finding pleasure in what he loved to do, he ceased to delight in the little things, and he stopped finding meaning in life. His life became gray and boring, and he didn't know how to reclaim the joy he felt in his childhood. "What happened to me? How did I become who I am now? How did I lose my childlike joy?" Alex thought as he looked at the photo. "Anyway, what's the difference, it happens to everyone," Alex told himself, resolutely putting the brochure on the adjacent seat and trying to rid himself of the now tiresome, albeit warm, memories. He didn't notice the taxi stopping at the hotel entrance. His thoughts were still preoccupied with childhood memories. Alex slowly got out of the taxi and approached the reception desk, where a friendly clerk greeted him. "Welcome to the 'Fairy Tale Hotel'! I hope your stay with us will be enjoyable and comfortable," the clerk greeted. "Thank you," Alex replied with a perfunctory phrase, continuing to ponder how to regain his lost joy and enjoy life again. Alex took the elevator to the top floor of the hotel, where the luxury suites were located. When the elevator doors opened, he found himself in front of a massive wooden door with golden handles and panels. Above the door hung a crystal chandelier that emitted bright light, creating a sense of luxury and refinement. Alex opened the door and entered the room. Inside, a pleasant atmosphere was created by pastel shades and a harmonious combination of furniture. The room was spacious, with high ceilings and large windows offering a beautiful view of the mountains. The bed was huge and comfortable, upholstered in soft white fabric, and paintings of nature and cityscapes adorned the walls. Alex walked around the room and noticed all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay: a minibar, bathrobes and slippers, a TV, an air conditioner, and a small table with cups for tea and coffee. "Well, it seems they really care about their guests," thought Alex, feeling his skepticism giving way to satisfaction. Meanwhile, his eyes fell on a questionnaire left on the table. He began to fill it out but suddenly noticed a strange question: "What is your most precious childhood memory?" Alex looked at the question, realizing it was unusual for such a form. "No one needs this… not even me," he thought to himself and put a dash. An hour later, Alex decided it was time to start exploring the hotel. Grabbing the filled-out questionnaire, he headed for the door. He was skeptical about the prospect of relaxing at this hotel but was still curious and wanted to learn more about the place where he would spend the next couple of weeks. Approaching the reception desk, Alex noticed the friendly clerk, who quickly paid attention to him and politely asked how he could help. "Why was there such a strange question about childhood in the questionnaire?" Alex inquired. "That question helps us personalize the service for each guest. We try to learn as much as possible about our guests to ensure their stay with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible," the clerk explained. "I see," Alex agreed, but his skepticism didn't fade. As he strolled through the hotel, he noticed that he rarely saw other guests. Instead, he constantly encountered hotel staff who quickly helped him find the right place or answered his questions. This seemed strange to him, especially considering the size of the hotel. However, when he asked the clerk at the reception desk about this, the latter explained that it was currently the off-season, and during busier times, the hotel was filled with guests from all over the world. Alex nodded in understanding but still felt a little bewildered. He continued his walk, carefully examining the hotel's interiors and details, trying to figure out what made this place so special, as described in the promotional brochure. Despite his skepticism, Alex couldn't help but notice his mood improving due to the surrounding atmosphere of tranquility and peace. Stepping out into the hotel's inner courtyard, he enjoyed the variety of greenery and flowers when he suddenly noticed a little girl playing in the grass with a teddy bear in her arms. Remembering that this hotel didn't accept children, he couldn't help but be surprised by the child's presence. Perhaps she was the daughter of one of the staff members. Sitting down on a bench, he closed his eyes to enjoy the calmness when he heard a child's voice nearby. Opening his eyes, Alex saw the girl who smiled and addressed him: "Hi," she said. "Hi, what's your name?" Alex asked. "My name is Elizabeth, and yours?" the girl replied. "My name is Alex. Where are your parents?" he inquired, trying to find out who she was. "My mom works at the hotel, and my dad is away on a business trip," the girl answered. Alex smiled but still felt a bit awkward, as he rarely interacted with people younger than himself, let alone children. "Shouldn't you be busy with something else, Elizabeth?" he asked. "No, I'm free. Do you want to play with me?" she inquired, holding out the bear. Alex smiled and agreed. They began playing tea party, where he was a clumsy bear, and Elizabeth was a caring hostess. Alex noticed that the girl was smarter than he could have guessed. She asked him questions about his travels, his favorite books, and movies. Despite her young age, her curiosity and zest for life amazed Alex. "Do you travel a lot, Alex?" Elizabeth asked, pouring him tea from a toy teapot. "Yes, I love to travel and learn new things about different places," he replied, smiling. "I love traveling too," said Elizabeth, smiling back at him. Alex examined her gaze, which was so lively and clear, and suddenly realized that he had never met a child so interested in the world around her. He pondered what was so special about this place that made people feel this way. "Do you have a sister or brother?" Alex asked, trying to learn more about her family. "I have a mom, dad, and a little brother. They all love me," Elizabeth replied with a smile. Alex smiled back, feeling his heart fill with warmth and kindness. Eventually, Elizabeth ran off, and he was left sitting on the bench, feeling a bit bewildered but at the same time - happy. Alex sat on the bench in the hotel's inner courtyard, lost in his thoughts. It was so quiet and peaceful around him that it seemed as if time had stopped here. "Excuse me, sir, may I offer you something? Perhaps a cup of tea?" a voice came from behind. Alex turned and saw a smiling waiter with a tray on which stood a cup of hot tea and a plate of crackers. "Thank you, I wouldn't refuse," Alex replied, smiling back. The waiter approached and placed the tray on the bench. "It's complimentary for all our guests," he said, pointing to the cup and crackers. Alex thanked him and started drinking the tea, feeling the warmth spreading throughout his body. "They take care of their guests here," he thought and smiled. After some time, Alex returned to his room. Upon entering, he noticed that the room had been tidied up, and everything looked even neater and cozier. On the table by the entrance to the room stood a telephone for internal communication. "Good evening, sir. How may I help you?" the operator's voice came from the other end of the line. "Good evening, I'd like to place an order. Can I ask you to prepare an English breakfast?" asked Alex. "Of course, sir. What time would you like it served?" the operator replied. "At 9 am, please." "Thank you, sir. We will arrange everything for you. Have a good evening," the operator reported on the other end of the line and hung up. Alex looked at the clock and noticed that it was already late. He felt fatigue starting to wash over him, but at the same time, he sensed that his thoughts were still occupied with reflections on his life. Not knowing how to cope with this negative mood, he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. Images from his past flickered through his mind: a job that was becoming increasingly tiring, a love that ended in failure, and the feeling that his life had come to a standstill. Alex felt all of this was dragging him down, and he didn't know how to get out of this situation. Finally, fatigue and negativity gave way to tranquility. His thoughts subsided, and he fell into a deep sleep. In the morning, Alex woke up feeling light and refreshed. Glancing at the clock, he saw that he had slept more than usual, but it didn't spoil his mood. He got into the shower and stood there, enjoying the sensation of water cascading down his body. Suddenly, an old childhood song came to mind, and he began to hum it out loud, not realizing he was doing so. "What's happening to me?" Alex thought, looking around to make sure no one was watching him. "It's probably just the aftermath of yesterday's encounter with Elizabeth," he thought to himself. Soon, his breakfast was brought to him, but instead of the usual English breakfast, a bowl of semolina porridge with strawberry jam and a glass of hot cocoa were on the cart in front of him. "What is this?" Alex asked, surprised. "Unfortunately, today it was not possible to prepare an English breakfast due to supply issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and offer you our children's breakfast to enjoy. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any other alternatives," the waitress explained, smiling apologetically. Alex was a little disappointed, but as soon as the first spoonful of porridge was in his mouth, the disappointment faded. The porridge was delicious, and the rich cocoa filled him with warmth. "I must have been living under stress for too long if semolina porridge is a pleasant event for me," Alex thought as he finished his breakfast. Feeling more energetic and full, he decided to continue exploring the hotel. Alex descended the elegant staircase and found himself in the spacious hotel lobby. The tireless porter standing behind the reception desk smiled at him and asked how his night had been. "Good morning, thank you, everything was fine. Can you tell me something interesting about your hotel?" Alex replied with a smile on his face, filled with the desire to learn more about this place. "Of course, sir. Our hotel was built in 1920 and has been renowned for its comfort and service for many years. We take care of every guest and do our best to make you feel at home," the porter said proudly. Alex nodded, but his gaze had already caught something else. On the floor, by the counter, lay a backpack, just like the one he used in college. A patch with the emblem of his favorite basketball team was sewn in the same place. Something stirred inside Alex. "What's this backpack?" he asked the porter, pointing to the item. "Oh, it's the backpack of one of our guests. He's leaving today and might have temporarily left it here," the hotel employee replied. Alex couldn't believe his eyes. He felt a strong sense of déjà vu, as if he were in the past. His hand reached for the backpack, but at that moment he heard a familiar voice behind him: "Hi, Alex!" Elizabeth exclaimed, waving her hand. Alex turned around. He smiled, happily greeting her. "Do you want to play with me?" Elizabeth looked intently at Alex, the glow in her eyes reflecting her desire to spend time together. "Of course, I'd love to! What do we have planned?" Alex replied, feeling excitement filling his chest. "Let's ride scooters!" the girl suggested, handing him a pink scooter. "I don't have my own scooter; I won't be able to ride," Alex shrugged but examined Elizabeth's toy with curiosity. "Don't worry, I'll give you my dad's scooter. He's on a business trip right now," Elizabeth smiled, pointing to a blue scooter leaning against the wall. "Thank you, Elizabeth, that's great!" Alex approached the scooter and noticed that it looked just like the one he had ridden in his childhood. Even the broken reflector was wrapped in the same yellow tape. Of course, back then, the scooter was too big for him, but now it fit perfectly. "What's wrong, Alex? Don't you like something?" Elizabeth looked at him curiously. "No, everything is perfect; I'm just amazed at how similar this scooter is to my childhood one!" Alex replied, not taking his eyes off the scooter and trying to contain his excitement. "That's great! You can ride it as much as you want until my dad comes back," Elizabeth smiled, giving him the green light. Alex turned to Elizabeth and smiled, "I need to change into something more comfortable and suitable for a scooter. But I'll be back soon, I promise!" "Of course, Alex! I'll do a few laps in the meantime," Elizabeth replied. Alex quickly walked through the lobby and headed to his room. He was surprised that someone in such a remote place as the "Fairytale" hotel could have a backpack just like his. His heart skipped a beat with excitement as he remembered his college years and the friends who remained in the past. Entering the room, Alex began to change quickly. Suddenly, he noticed an envelope that had fallen out of his jacket. Alex sat on the bed, picked it up, and recognized the familiar handwriting - it was a letter from his old college friend, Edward. "Hey, old pal! It's been a while. How are you? I think you're already at the 'Fairytale' hotel. I heard from mutual acquaintances that you were planning to visit this place. If that's true, I highly recommend taking advantage of the extended relaxation program. It will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this place and enjoy its uniqueness. You won't regret it! I hope to see you soon. Take care!" the letter read. Alex looked out the window and pondered. There were few details, but judging by Edward's words, the program could significantly improve his stay at this mysterious hotel. He decided that he would definitely inquire about it at the reception. Alex quickly changed into a comfortable T-shirt and shorts and left the room, holding Edward's letter in his hands. When he returned to the lobby, Elizabeth was already riding her scooter. "Just another minute," said Alex. Elizabeth nodded in agreement. Alex approached the reception desk and asked about the program mentioned in the letter. The porter tried to explain that it was a program based on his questionnaire and childhood memories, which would help him immerse himself in the hotel's atmosphere and experience an unforgettable vacation. However, Alex interrupted him, noticing that Elizabeth was waiting for him. "Let me sign up for participation, and we'll talk about this later," he said. The porter smiled and handed him a document to sign. "Excellent, we'll start everything immediately," he said when Alex returned the document to him. Alex and Elizabeth left the hotel and rode their scooters onto the street. They passed flower beds and a fountain, enjoying the fresh air and scenery. When they reached the main road, Elizabeth turned left, pointing to a beautiful park across the street. Alex followed her. They entered the park, and Alex felt the magical atmosphere of the place. The summer sun filtered through the leaves of the trees, creating playful rays that danced on the ground. Flower beds adorned with bright colors stretched out before them, making them feel like they were in a fairytale. Alex and Elizabeth rode their scooters along the winding paths of the park, stopping to feed the ducks. They tried to catch each other, laughed and ran like two carefree children. They played hide-and-seek, jumped over barriers, and inspired each other to try new tricks. It seemed to Alex that time had stopped, and he had returned to his childhood when no worries could spoil his mood. As they made their way back to the hotel from the park, Alex began to notice that his scooter was getting heavier, but he chalked it up to fatigue. Elizabeth, on the other hand, encouraged him, saying that they were almost back. Finally, as evening approached, they reached the "Fairytale" hotel. Alex and Elizabeth, laughing merrily, entered the hotel. Alex felt that everything around him had become louder, brighter, and more saturated. People and objects seemed incredibly large, as if he had entered another world. But the strangest thing was that he felt his body becoming lighter and softer. Walking through the lobby, he glanced at a mirror and froze in horror. A seven-year-old boy with brown eyes and tousled hair stared back at him from the mirror. The boy was wearing a superhero T-shirt and shorts, and his feet were clad in neat Velcro sneakers. Alex couldn't believe his eyes; he was sure he had just been a 35-year-old man. "Elizabeth, what happened to my clothes? Why do I look like a child?" he asked, looking fearfully at the girl. "It's okay, Alex. You've always looked like this," Elizabeth smiled. But Alex couldn't believe it. He felt tears welling up in his eyes, and his heart was about to break in two. He knew that something strange was happening, and he couldn't stop the process. "Elizabeth, I don't understand what's happening," he whispered, struggling to hold back the lump in his throat. "Don't worry, Alex. Everything will be fine," Elizabeth cheerfully chirped and ran deeper into the hotel. Alex felt a mysterious force pulling him back to the distant years when he was still small and carefree, pulling insistently, without much regard for his opinions and desires. Alex wiped away his tears and headed to the porter, who smiled at him and asked what had happened. Alex replied with a sour expression that it was obvious. The porter nodded understandingly and began to explain. "This is our extended program that you ordered, sir. You agreed to undergo this program based on your questionnaire data and childhood memories to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 'Fairytale' hotel and have an unforgettable vacation," the porter explained. "So, this was all intentional?" Alex asked, feeling panic and resentment taking hold of him. "Yes, sir. You can stop it all now, but if you continue, you won't be able to leave until the program is complete," the porter replied. "I don't know what to do," Alex whispered, barely holding back a new wave of tears. "Let me remind you of the emotions you have already gained from staying at our hotel, sir. Do you really want to give them up?" the porter asked. Alex pondered. Indeed, he had experienced many vivid emotions, enjoyed nature, and had fun with Elizabeth. In the end, what did he have to lose? He thought for a long time before saying, "I will continue with the program." The porter smiled and handed him a document to sign. "Excellent, sir. You won't regret it," he said when Alex returned the document. Alex struggled to lift his head, feeling a mysterious force pulling him back to the distant years when he was still small and carefree. But despite his fear, he was ready to accept the challenge and explore the new world that was here at the "Fairytale" hotel. "What do I do now?" he asked. The porter gently placed his hand on Alex's shoulder and suggested he sit down and calm down. "Let me help you," he said, as if addressing a child. Alex slowly sank into the armchair, feeling it embrace his body with soft cushions. He wiped away his tears and asked the porter, "Can you tell me more about the program?" trying to stay calm. "I can only tell you what I am allowed. It is a truly unique adventure based on your personality," the porter replied. "But what will happen to me after the program ends?" Alex asked, feeling a new wave of tears welling up in his eyes. "You will return to the real world. But I am sure you will be satisfied with what you have experienced here," the porter replied, trying to reassure Alex. "And when will the program end?" Alex continued, trying to understand how much time he had left. "I cannot disclose all the details. But I assure you that you will be satisfied," the porter repeated, smiling at him. "Alright," Alex said, clenching his fists on his knees. He felt that he could not continue this conversation any longer; he simply had to trust and wait. "I need to step away and give some instructions. But I will return to make sure everything is alright, sir," the porter said, no longer addressing Alex as a child, but with deep respect. Alex remained seated in the armchair, examining his new appearance. He felt that a new stage of his life had begun, and he was ready for any adventure.
  11. This story has been on hiatus for but while I deal with ... life. But I'm picking it up again and getting back to more regular updates, so I figured I may as well start sharing it here as well. I've been a part of the Invader Zim fandom for a while, and there's barely any ABDL content there, so I had to fix that. Chapter 1: Once is an Accident ... i. “GAHHH!! FUCK YOU, GIR!!!!” The shout from the kitchen had Dib launching himself off the couch and sliding to a halt on the tile in his socks in no time flat. He was greeted with the sight of pink milkshake over every conceivable surface; the ceiling, the counter, the walls, the table, and all over both a thoroughly amused GIR and a very angry Zim. “Shit, Zim,” Dib groaned. “I told you messing with your PAK in the kitchen was a bad idea.” Zim’s PAK sat open on the kitchen table, half dismantled from Zim’s attempt at installing an upgrade. Zim’s body seemed to have shielded it slightly, but it was still spattered with sticky pink liquid. “I didn’t think he was gonna start the blender with the top off!! ” Zim shouted, aggravated, as he rushed to mop up the mess with his shirt before it seeped too far into his PAK. “I can’t put it back on like this!!” Dib checked his watch. He’d been keeping a countdown to make sure Zim’s PAK wasn’t off for longer than the ten minute maximum. “We’ve got eight minutes before it becomes a problem. GIR —” He looked over at the robot, who was currently trying to lick milkshake out of the blender, “— start cleaning up the kitchen.” GIR saluted and gave a shrill, “Okie dokie!!!” before dashing off to grab some towels. “My life is starting to flash before my eyes, Dib!!!” Zim whined as Dib grabbed a handful of napkins and briefly ran them under the faucet. “We’ve still got time, you fucking drama queen,” Dib admonished, shoving a the napkins at Zim. “Start cleaning up with those, and I’ll follow with some rubbing alcohol to make sure everything’s dry before you plug it back in.” Zim nodded and they quickly got to work. It wasn’t long before the tight space made their tag team effort more difficult than Dib had planned, however, especially as Zim’s coordination rapidly spiraled downwards. After watching him smear strawberry chunks around for an agonizing thirty seconds, Dib finally pushed his hands aside. “We’ve got five minutes,” Dib warned. “Let me finish this and you just try to stay conscious.” Zim’s skin was an ashy shade of green and his eyes were glassy and unfocused. Even when all he had to do was sit still, he was visibly trembling. “I don’t feel so good, Dib,” he whispered hoarsely. “I know, bug, but just hang in there.” Despite the tension in the air, Dib tried harder than ever to maintain a calm demeanor, reassuring Zim in dulcet tones while scrubbing away at the sticky goo spattered all over. Behind him, he could hear GIR mostly pushing the rest of the disaster around, and he was positive he was going to need to clean that up later, as well. As the minutes ticked down, Dib’s anxiety rose like a tsunami, threatening to crash down on him every time Zim moaned in discomfort. He was down to his last minute before he knew it, and there was still a cluster of wires he had yet to clean. It was just out of reach and if he had more than sixty seconds left, he would have grabbed a cotton swab to finish cleaning them off. As it was, he twisted a napkin to give it a bit of rigidity, and blindly stuffed it in while checking his watch. “Shit.” Thirty seconds left. He shook his head and pulled his makeshift cleaning device back out. “This’ll have to do, Zim.” He leaned over and hauled Zim up onto his lap. The poor little Irken was barely even responding at this point. With seconds to spare, Dib lifted the PAK to Zim’s back and the cables shot out to reconnect with the ports on Zim’s back. Zim’s eyelids fluttered and he groaned incomprehensibly, but as he squinted and rubbed his eyes, the color was beginning to return to his cheeks. “You feeling alright?” Dib asked nervously. That last spill had been worryingly close to an awful lot of connections. Zim nodded, sliding off Dib’s lap and onto the floor. He did a couple toe touches, stretched his arms, and bounced up and down on the balls of his feet. “Yep. Everything seems to be in or—” A sudden zap of electricity made his body convulse and PAK spark. Dib watched in silent horror as Zim suddenly went limp and fell to the floor, antennae twitching twice before falling still. Before a single coherent thought could pass through Dib’s head, he jumped up and grabbed the silicone pot holders from the counter and used them to turn Zim onto his side. The Irken didn’t seem to be breathing, but it was difficult to tell for sure. Dib retrieved his phone from his pocket and held it under Zim’s mouth, waiting for it to fog up. When it didn’t, a sick knot of realization began to form in Dib’s belly. He had no idea how to give an alien CPR. He had a vague idea of Zim’s internal structure, but the question of how to restart things had simply never come up. And when even successful human CPR led to a few broken ribs, he was leery of injuring Zim further. “Stand clear.” The robotic, monotone voice sent Dib scurrying backwards in a panic. Had Zim’s PAK really just spoken ??? Was it allowed to do that on its own?? That question certainly hadn’t ever cropped up before in all the years they’d known each other. Another jolt of electricity arced between Zim’s antennae, making his muscles twitch and jerk for a few painfully slow seconds before he was still once more. Dib leaned forward, heart hammering in his chest and breath stuck in his throat. “Zim?” he whispered, reaching out with a shaking hand. Zim’s face screwed up and he let out a low groan before opening his bleary eyes. “S-sugar …” he mumbled. Dib fell forwards and hugged him tightly. “Oh thank fuck!! I thought you died!!” “Ow … I did ,” Zim grumbled. Dib sat up so fast he saw stars. “ What‽‽ ” Zim laboriously pushed himself up into a sitting position and rubbed his temples. “Well, I’m not dead now, idiot. My systems reset themselves,” he said thickly. “Death is rarely a permanent state, Dibby.” “God forbid there be a normal day in this household,” Dib sighed as GIR scooted by on a towel, oblivious and smearing pink stickiness across everything in his wake. Zim groaned and rubbed his head. “Getting reset depletes sugar reserves, so I’m going to need you to get me off this floor and grab me a snack before I keel over again.” Zim still seemed too weak to properly hold on to anything, so Dib lifted him in a bridal carry and carefully walked him to the couch. He set Zim down, propped up against the pillows, and gently touched a hand to Zim’s cheek. His skin was clammy and slightly pale, but at least he was obviously alive. “Are you gonna be alright?” Dib asked worriedly. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just grab me a glass of Tang and a couple sugar cookies,” Zim replied in much more subdued tones. Dib gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “You got it.” He strode into the kitchen, but stopped dead at the edge of the tile. GIR was sprawled out on the floor, attempting to make milkshake angels. Dib sighed, edged around the kitchen, and opened one of the cupboards to fish around for a bucket. Once he’d located one — and dumped out all the junk it contained — he filled it with soap, water, and a bit of rubbing alcohol. GIR did better when the list of steps to complete a task was as small as humanly possible, so mixing the cleaning solution before handing the task off reduced the opportunity for errors. “Alright, you’ve had enough fun,” Dib said irritably, shoving the bucket at a thoroughly unphased GIR. “I don’t care if you strap sponges to your feet or make yourself a towel taco, I just need this mess gone.” “Caaaan dooooo,” GIR yelled, snatching the bucket from him and dashing towards the sponges as soapy water sloshed onto the floor. Dib skirted out of his way and busied himself with grabbing Zim’s requested snack. He returned to the living room with a plate of sugar cookies and Tang in one of GIR’s sippy cups. Zim gave the cup a slightly hard stare, but ultimately shook his head and didn’t question the choice. “So I was thinking,” Dib said as he carefully sat down beside Zim, “we should take it easy for the rest of the day, considering you died for around forty-five seconds. We can just hole up and watch some horror movies, get some soda and kettle corn into you, that sort of thing.” Zim snuggled against Dib, head on his chest. “Works for me. I still feel … Ugh , it’s hard to put into words,” he grumbled, taking a long sip of his drink. “Something feels off, but I can’t explain it.” Dib frowned, numerous worries occupying the back of his brain. “We could take your PAK off again and try to do a more thorough job of cleaning it out?” he offered. “Not right now,” Zim said, squeezing his eyes shut. “If you take too long, it’s going to be that much harder on my body. I’m really not in any shape for that right now.” He nestled in closer, as if proximity to Dib would fix things. “I just …” He looked up at Dib, concern scrawled across his face. “Hold me?” he asked, voice barely a whisper. Dib’s expression softened to one that was very nearly pity. Zim had a habit of being a pain in the ass and prickly more often than not, but he regularly demanded physical comfort whenever he was feeling less than stellar for any reason. “Yeah,” Dib replied gently. “But let me grab you some kettle corn and cocoa, first.” Zim shook his sippy cup and raised his eyebrows. “In a mug?” “In a thermos ,” Dib corrected. “I don’t need you spilling all over the couch when the kitchen is already a disaster.” An hour or so later, as morning spilled into golden autumn afternoon, the kitchen was finally clean and they were midway through one of Dib’s favorite horror movies. Zim sat snuggled under multiple blankets on Dib’s lap with a belly pleasantly full of warm drinks and sugary snacks. His color has finally returned to normal and he was no longer shivering. By all accounts, he was back to normal. Still, though, he couldn’t shake the feeling something was different . As he struggled to pin down exactly what or why , a sudden crescendo of music crashed through the speakers in a cheap jump scare, startling Zim back to the present with a horribly unwelcome jolt. He was suddenly glad that Dib had insisted on giving him all his drinks in containers with a top. He grumbled under his breath, ruffled, before settling back down against Dib, vaguely aware that the space between them felt a bit warmer than it had a minute ago. Beneath him, Dib shifted slightly, froze, then freed his arm from around Zim to blindly feel around under the blankets for a moment before coming to a rest. “Er … Zim?” “What?” Zim asked gruffly, still miffed that the movie had managed to startle him as badly as it did. “Did you lose your phone again? Because I’m not getting up this time.” Dib opened his mouth, let out a sort of strangled sigh, then bit the inside of his cheek, brow furrowed. “Did you … uh. Jesus, there is no easy way to ask this …” He pressed his palm to his forehead before spitting out in a single breath, “ Please tell me you just spilled your cocoa. ” Zim turned and raised an eyebrow, holding up his thermos. “No? Why are you—” As he shifted, he finally felt what Dib was talking about, and his eyes went wider than flying saucers. “ Oh my god , Zim,” Dib groaned, taking him under the arms and lifting him away like a badly behaved cat. As he stood up and the blankets fell away, there was no question what had happened. Both their pants were soaked, along with a sizeable portion of the cushion beneath them. Zim stood in a small puddle, dripping and purple-faced with embarrassment. “How did you not feel that??” Dib asked, more baffled than upset. “Everything was already really warm!” Zim insisted frantically. Dib gave him a look that was equal parts worry and horror. “You didn’t even feel like you had to go??” Zim tossed his arms up in frustration. “Do I look like I’m five?” “I’m not trying to be an ass here, Zim,” Dib insisted, trying to tone down his intensity to something Zim would find less offensive. “I just need to know if you had any idea this was gonna happen, before it happened.” “Of course I—!” Zim stopped mid sentence, suddenly realizing that he hadn’t gotten any of the usual signals. Not so much as a twinge. “I mean, I think … fuck.” He stared down at the puddle around his feet. “I … didn’t feel anything,” he finally admitted in hushed tones. Dib pushed his glasses up to rub the bridge of his nose. “Shit. Alright. Well, first of all, you’re banned from screwing with your PAK anymore until we sort this out.” Zim shot him a snide expression. “You can’t ban me from fixing my own brain, Dib!” “Until we figure out exactly what went wrong? Yes, I can.” Dib glanced down at his soaked pants with a frown before seeming to give up and start unbuttoning things. “Just take all your clothes off here,” he instructed as he peeled away his wet clothes. “You take everything up to the wash. I’m gonna shower off and run out to the store real quick.” Zim paused in the middle of attempting to pull his socks off, balancing on one foot. “Why are you going to the store?” he asked, suspicious. Dib’s face contorted into something that was somewhere north of innocence and south of pity. Zim scowled back. “Why are you going to the store, Dib ?” he asked, enunciating each word with palpable malice. Dib held up his hands. “It’s just as an ‘in case’ measure, alright?” Zim sucked in a breath and puffed out his chest, blustering and fuming in what Dib could only imagine was very angry Irken. “It was ONE TIME !!!” he finally spat out, incensed. Dib nervously ran a hand through his hair. “Okay … and if it isn’t just one time?” Zim growled something under his breath, fists at his sides. “It might not be related to the issue with your PAK, but if it is, I’d rather be prepared,” Dib said simply. “You’re not putting me in diapers!” Zim snapped. “Fine. No diapers. But I am gonna grab a pack of pull-ups or something, just in case ,” Dib said as he tossed his underwear onto the pile, trying to remain blasé about the whole thing. Which was a difficult thing to pull off while naked and covered in piss. Zim spied Dib’s cock poking out of a thicket of hair and abruptly looked away before he could get distracted. Not to mention, he was vaguely concerned that getting turned on in wet pants might rewire him in an even worse way. He merely crossed his arms and faced away. “I’ll get you some snacks as a consolation,” Dib said as he turned to walk upstairs. “We’re almost out of Fun Dip, right? I’ll get you more of that.” Zim gathered the clothes and blankets and damp cushion with the help of his PAK legs to steady everything. He’d stupidly put his clothes-cleaning contraption upstairs, but at least he’d had the foresight to put it right outside the lift. The stairs were really just for Dib’s benefit. It was the only way the kid got any exercise, some days. Zim pulled aside one of the large speakers beside the TV to reveal the interior of an elevator, and climbed inside with his bundle. He reached the top just as Dib finished hosing himself off in the shower, and got to work loading the machine with all of the damp clothes and blankets. Dib dressed himself in a flash, hurriedly striding towards the stairs before Zim was even finished. “I’ll be back before you know it!” Dib called on his way down. Zim gave only a non-committal grunt. “Text me if you think of anything you want!” “Hmph.” Zim rolled his eyes and slammed the door to the washer shut, irritably poking at the controls until it chimed happily and began chugging away. Zim waited, one antenna perked, until he heard the front door close and lock behind Dib. His human would be gone for at least ten minutes, and ten minutes was all Zim needed to get back inside his PAK and fix this irritating little hiccup once and for all. ii. Dib’s truck rumbled along the road back home, the breeze from the windows making the bags beside him billow and snap. He caught a glimpse of the package contained inside and felt himself blush slightly. Although the situation was embarrassing and slightly worrying when it came to Zim’s overall health, Dib found that he was strangely un-squicked by recent events. Even though Zim had pissed right in his lap, he hadn’t really found the situation all that revolting. If he hadn’t been so shocked at the time, it might have even been a little hot. Zim, caught in an embarrassing situation, dependent on Dib to make things better … Dib shook his head to clear it as he pulled up to the base. He doubted he could get Zim on board with that sort of roleplay. But he could dream, at least. He killed the engine, grabbed his bags, and hopped out of the truck. Scattered leaves blew across his path, catching on the tacky lawn gnomes Zim still insisted stand guard outside. Dib would have been lying if he said he didn’t find Zim’s sense of decor at least a little amusing. He opened the door and stepped inside. “I’m back!” he shouted cheerily, kicking his shoes off. He started towards the stairs, then stopped dead. The whole base was eerily quiet, except for what he’d initially written off as the wind whistling over the roof. But as he stood there, barely breathing, it had begun to sound an awful lot more like sobbing. “ Zim ??” When there was no answer, Dib dropped his bags and raced up the spiraling steps. He came to a screeching halt at the doorway to their bedroom, where Zim was crumped on the floor, sobbing and sitting in a puddle of something that Dib would have bet money wasn’t tears. Nevertheless, Dib rushed over and scooped Zim up, hugging him close. “What’s wrong??” he asked, rubbing the small of Zim’s back in an attempt to soothe him. “I tried to fix it!!” Zim wailed, breath hitching in his throat. “The wires … they were all — hic!! — fused in the wrong spots. I tried to separate them, but … but once I put my PAK back on, it … it shorted out again. And … and when I woke up I — hic!! — I was on the floor and I know I just made it worse!!” Anger swelled in Dib’s chest for a moment, but it was quickly snuffed out by Zim’s obvious upset. There was nothing to be gained by cussing him out for his actions. He was already suffering the consequences. Plus, the sounds he was making were causing Dib heartache like he’d never felt before. All he wanted was to put things right. “It’s gonna be okay,” Dib murmured, hugging him tightly. Zim shook his head, face buried in Dib’s shoulder. “No, it isn’t !! I don’t know what’s wrong but something just isn’t right!!! ” It was hard for Dib to argue. He’d never seen Zim so worked up before. He’d seen him get a little teary over things or sometimes even cry out of frustration, but he’d never dissolved into such a thoroughly inconsolable state before. “Let’s get you cleaned up, and then we can go back to taking it easy, okay?” Dib said softly. Zim took a few shaky breaths in an attempt to get ahold of himself. “Bath,” he finally mumbled, wiping his eyes. Dib was slightly taken aback. Zim usually avoided anything deeper than a puddle like the plague. “I was just gonna let you shower off, but yeah, we can do a bath, if that’s what you want.” He stood up and carried Zim to the bathroom, watching with growing concern as Zim buried his face in the front of his hoodie. He lowered himself onto the edge of the bathtub and turned on the taps, putting his wrist in the stream to gauge the temperature before plugging the drain and gently setting Zim down. “Get settled. I’ll be right back.” Dib made it to the stairs in a few long strides, descending the steps to retrieve two of the bags he’d dropped by the door. On his way back through the bedroom, he tossed one bag onto the bed, then carried the other with him back into the bathroom. He made it back up in time to see Zim adding a hefty amount of bubble bath to the water. “You’re really going all-in on this, huh?” Dib remarked as he put his back against the wall and slid to a sitting position next to the tub. Zim ducked his head nervously. “It smells nice.” Dib leaned on the edge of the tub and reached out to cup Zim’s cheek, stroking it with his thumb. “Yeah, it does. And that means you’ll smell nice when we’re cuddled up together on the couch, later.” Zim pressed against his hand with a soft purr, eyes closed, a contented smile on his face. Dib’s own sad smile slowly faded as the full weight of the interaction started to hit him. He felt like he was talking to a slightly younger Zim. At the very least, a Zim with all the usual sass and salt stripped out. And that had him worried, sure, but the worst part was, he knew full well that some part of him was enjoying the shift. Taking care of a soft, sweet Zim fulfilled some basic need he didn’t even know he had. Zim slowly opened his eyes, and the pink packaging inside the bag suddenly caught his attention. “Do I even need to ask what that is?” he said wearily. Dib gave a weak smile and finally pulled the package out of the bag. The front graphic showed an earth child in a t-shirt and what appeared at first to be purple underwear. It didn't take Zim’s earth-shattering IQ to be able to guess they weren’t that, at all. “I was a bedwetter for way longer than I care to say,” Dib admitted, cheeks going pink. “So I can personally vouch for this brand. Pluuuus ,” he added in a sing-song tone, “they’re purple and pink! Your favorite colors.” Zim stared blankly for a second, then puffed out his cheeks. “Wow, Dib. I didn’t think I could feel any more self conscious about this, but congratulations.” Dib deflated a bit and ran his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, sorry. Just try to remember that it’s not for forever, alright?” Zim opened his mouth, then closed it and shook his head, thinking better of whatever he was about to say. Instead, he grabbed a washcloth and thrust it at Dib. “There’s still some milkshake on my back,” he said quietly. “I can’t reach it myself. Can you …? Dib took the washcloth from him, dipped it into the bath water, and gently began cleaning him up. There were strawberries caked along the outline of his PAK, along with the general stickiness coating everything. Zim held uncharacteristically still as Dib worked, merely swirling his fingers in the water and watching the bubble trails. “Are you alright?” Dib finally asked after several minutes of silence. “Yeah, Dib. I’ve always wanted to start pissing myself at random. So, you know. Never better,” Zim replied dryly without looking up. “We could keep trying to fix it, you know,” Dib offered as he poured water down Zim’s back to clean under his PAK. “No,” Zim replied sorrowfully, “it’s not just the wires. Some of the chips are damaged, and they’re not like your computer chips. They’re grown, like crystals. So you can’t just slap a new one in there any more than you can take a slice of your brain and replace it.” He leaned his head against the cool tile, eyes closed. “There are tools to regrow broken chips, but I don’t have them. There’s a chance I could pick up what I need on Vort, but that’s not possible right now because of the political situation.” Dib silently wrung out the washcloth and set it on the edge of the tub. “So you’re …” “Stuck like this for the foreseeable future, yeah,” Zim confirmed, swirling the bubbles around with his finger. “And I don’t even know the full extent of what ‘like this’ is .” “You haven’t been losing any of your other faculties, have you?” Dib asked with a concerned frown. Zim shook his head. “No, I just feel weird. Different.” He pushed the water from side to side, watching the frothy waves bounce around the tub as he struggled to find the words. “Smaller, almost,” he finally whispered. “I just want physical comfort and … simple things. I don’t know …” Dib reached out and put a finger under Zim’s chin, making him look up. “You want me to take care of you?” he asked gently. As he looked into Zim’s eyes, there was no denying that something had permanently shifted. The Zim that sat in front of him seemed to be trying to take up as little space as possible. Everything about him seemed to cry out for affection, and Dib wanted nothing more than to give it to him. Zim bit his lip nervously before giving a small nod. “Y-yeah. Being taken care of sounds nice.” Dib leaned forwards and kissed him on his forehead, then sat back on his heels. “Good, because that’s what I was planning to spend the rest of the day doing, anyways.” Dib pulled the stopper out of the drain and shook out a fuzzy purple towel as Zim stood up out of the water with a shiver. In one fluid motion, Dib wrapped Zim up in the towel and whisked him up before the alien could protest. Much to his surprise, this got a genuine laugh out of Zim instead of the usual cussing-out. “Man, you are in some rare moods today,” Dib said as he kissed Zim’s cheek. Zim shrugged self-consciously. “I guess …” His blush made his freckles stand out like stars in a dusty desert twilight, and for a moment, all Dib could do was smile and take it all in. “You’re still going to make me put one of those things on, aren’t you?” Zim asked quietly, face falling as Dib set him down on his feet. “Sorry,” Dib murmured, in lieu of saying ‘yes’. “If it had just been the one accident, I wouldn’t push, but, well.” He shrugged apologetically. “Twice is kind of a pattern.” Zim dried himself off slowly, looking over the packaging that claimed the product enclosed “ looks and feels like real underwear! ” It was a bold claim that Zim wasn’t positive would be able to hold up under scrutiny. It also hammered home the fact that Zim was departing the realm of whatever “real” underwear happened to be, and he had no idea if -- or when -- he’d be returning. The uncertainty left a knot in his guts. As Zim finished drying off his legs, Dib ripped one end of the package open and pulled out something that certainly looked more like a diaper than any sort of adult undergarment Zim had ever seen. Dib handed it over and Zim, still skeptical, took it and examined it closer. At least Dib had done his best to get the good colors. But that was really the only bright spot. Zim pulled the stretchy sides wide enough to step into it, then shimmied it up until the padding was flush with his crotch. He wiggled it around a bit, noting the muted crinkle the thing made as he shifted. He looked up to meet Dib’s eyes. “This is a diaper,” he said with a wry look. “It’s just a pull-up,” Dib corrected. “Call it whatever you want, Dib,” Zim said with a sigh as he walked towards the bedroom closet. “Doesn’t really change what it is. You know. I know.” He gestured half-heartedly towards the packaging. “Even those lying marketing executives probably know.” There wasn’t much Dib could say to that, so he gave Zim a sort of well-meaning pat on the head, and went to dig through the dresser for a change of clothes. After changing into some ridiculously fluffy pajamas, they settled in for an afternoon of sugar and scary movies with the hope of taking Zim’s mind of what a disaster the day had been so far. Zim had been concerned that Dib would want to keep a bit of distance between the two of them, but instead Dib seemed to want him as close as possible. Dib tended to be fairly affectionate as it was, but tonight he was all but smothering Zim with his love, cuddling him and preening his antennae. “Normally I’d never say this, because I’m worried you’d rip my face off and wear it as a hat, but you’re really cute,” Dib murmured between cheek kisses. “I wouldn’t kick your ass for that,” Zim said dismissively. “You always assume I want to be referred to in hard, masculine terms, but I’ve never said that.” Dib raised his eyebrows in surprise. “For real?” “Yeah,” Zim said as he snuggled against Dib’s chest. “I’d like it if you called me cute more often.” Dib smiled and hugged him close. “How about adorable?” “Mm-Hmm. That one, too.” “Sweet?” “Literally and figuratively, yes.” “My little bug?” Zim stopped with a Fun Dip stick halfway to his mouth. Those words made all eight ventricles of his heart suddenly flutter so badly, he was momentarily convinced he was experiencing a cardiac event. Dib laughed nervously, “Alright, not that one. Message received.” Zim hunched his shoulders reflexively. “Um. Actually … say that one again?” Dib looked down, trying and failing to read his expression. “What? My little bug?” he repeated cautiously. Zim closed his eyes, a stupid smile spreading across his face. The words were warm and soft, like a blanket fresh from the dryer on a chilly fall evening. “Oh, you actually like that one!” Dib remarked, more than a little surprised. “I thought the silence was because you were too nice to tell me it was stupid.” “I’m never too nice to call you stupid , Dib,” Zim pointed out with a sidelong glance and a barely concealed smirk. “But yes, when you say that, it gives me the warm-and-fuzzies.” “Sure that’s not because you’ve peed yourself again?” Dib said under his breath. Zim gave him a swift elbow to the ribs for his trouble. “Be nice to Zim!” he groused with a scowl as Dib coughed and grabbed his side. “I’ve had a rough day. Asshole.” “ Fuck , I think you broke something,” Dib wheezed as tears sprung to his eyes. “ Good . Think of that next time you decide that making me feel like filthy garbage over something I can’t help is a fantastic idea.” Zim crossed his arms and leaned his way out of Dib’s lap, flopping against the arm of the couch. Well. There he was. That was the Zim that Dib knew and (mostly) loved. Dib rubbed his ribs gingerly, a sinking feeling in his guts. “Hey, I’m sorry, alright?” he offered gently. “I didn’t mean to ruin a nice moment. I … guess I was just trying to be funny.” Zim covered his head with his arms. “It’s not funny, Dib,” he said, muffled. “It’s one of the least funny things to ever happen to me!” His shoulders shook for a moment as he sucked in a deep breath. “… especially because it is wet …” he added, so softly that Dib almost missed it. “Fuck, I’m so sorry,” Dib said frantically, standing up and giving Zim’s sleeve a little tug. “C’mere. Let’s go take care of it.” Zim looked up miserably, wiping the corner of his eye on his sleeve. “I can do it myself, Dib.” “I know you can, but I said I was going to take care of you, so come here and let me handle things.” Dib reached down and made a little “up!!” gesture with his fingers. Zim gave an aggravated little snort, but eventually stood up and allowed Dib to pick him up. He wrapped his legs and arms around Dib’s body, clinging like a toddler, face buried in Dib’s shoulder to hide how badly he was blushing. “You’ve got to tell me when you need it swapped out,” Dib admonished gently as they ascended the stairs. “I was comfy,” Zim mumbled. “If that’s seriously the lie you’re going with, I’m gonna start checking,” Dib said with a warning glance. “Do you want that?” “Of course not!!” Zim sputtered. “It’s embarrassing, okay?? I don't want to draw attention to it.” “You know what’s more embarrassing?” Dib asked as he set Zim down on the floor. “Leaking all over me and the couch. Now, do me a favor and hold your shirt out of the way.” Zim sighed and lifted up his shirt as Dib deftly pulled his pants down and ripped the sides on his pull-up to take it off. He set it on the ground and pulled out a pack of wipes from the bag on the bed, then set to work wiping Zim down. It wasn’t as if Dib wasn’t already intimately familiar with all of Zim’s bits. They had a very healthy love life, and one of Dib’s favorite things to do was put his face between Zim’s thighs and absolutely go to town eating him out until Zim’s legs shook and he couldn’t see straight. But there was something altogether different about having Dib clean him up with all the gentle care in the world, absolutely devoid of sexual subtext. Or at least, that’s how it looked . “I’m starting to think you like this more than you’ve let on,” Zim said suspiciously. It was a stab in the dark, but it was also the only thing that explained why Dib seemed so completely unbothered by the whole thing. Dib shrugged. “I guess? Taking care of you kinda hits a special part of my heart just right,” he said with a genuine smile. “I don’t like that you’re in this situation, but as long as you are, I’d love to get to pamper the absolute hell out of you.” “I said no diapers, Dib,” Zim insisted nervously. “I mean I want to dote on you, dummy,” Dib said as he rolled everything up and brought it to the bin on the other side of the room. “Although diapers would make this whole thing easier. You wouldn’t need to take everything off in order for me to change you.” Zim whined as he stepped out of his pajama bottoms. “Not yet,” he said, a pleading tone to his words. Dib came back with a fresh pull-up, sprinkled with what smelled like lavender baby powder. “Suit yourself,” he said, holding the disposable underwear out in front of Zim. “Step into this, and then we’re done.” Zim put a hand on Dib’s shoulder for balance and did as he was told. “So that’s really it?” he asked as he straightened the leg bands on his hips. “You just like coddling me? You don’t have a piss fetish or anything?” Dib didn’t immediately answer, and when Zim looked up, his face was an indescribable shade of red. “ Oh my Tallest ,” Zim said, face falling. “I trusted you!” Dib fiddled with his glasses. “I’m not getting off on this!!” he insisted. A little too intently, Zim thought. “It’s more like … it’s cute??” he attempted desperately. “It’s weirdly emotionally intimate and it just makes me want to cuddle you, okay??” “So none of it is sexual?” Zim asked dryly as he pulled up his pajama bottoms. Dib tilted his head back towards the ceiling and gave a frustrated moan. “Ohhhh my gawd, alright . Look. Let me put it this way,” he said, face still on the red side of pink. “If we were fucking and you … um … you know …” Zim raised his eyebrows. Having a laugh at Dib’s expense was simply too easy. “ No . I don’t know.” Dib ran his fingers through his hair once, and then a few extra times for good measure. “Okay. Okay okay okay . If you … if you were inside of me, and you pissed …” Dib tossed his hands up on either side of him in a greatly exaggerated shrug. “I wouldn’t hate it , alright??” Zim thought for a moment, foot tapping as he watched Dib squirm out of the corner of his eye. “But would you like it ?” he asked, trying not to grin when Dib’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Gah!!! Yes, Zim! Is that what you want to hear??” he yelled. “That I fucking fantasize about having the balls to ask you to piss inside me and then fuck me in it?? ” A smile tugged at the corner of Zim’s face. He’d never seen Dib snap like this before and it was highly amusing. “Holy shit …” he whispered to himself. Dib continued on with his rant, unaware. “Because I do , alright?? I think that would be hot as hell , especially if you told me what a disgusting, perverted freak I am while you do it!!” He stopped gesticulating wildly and dropped his arms, panting. His glasses had nearly slid off his face and his hair was wild. “Are you happy now??? ” Dib demanded as Zim desperately stifled a giggle with his sleeve. “You have no idea,” he replied with a grin. “I’m not taking advantage of this situation, I swear ,” Dib said, still visibly flustered as he fixed his glasses. “You’re cute and I want to take care of you. I just also haven’t stopped seeing you as my partner so, if you want to still have sex…” He trailed off with a hopeful look. “That option is still on the table.” Zim stepped forwards and hugged Dib around the waist. “Good. Because I haven’t stopped enjoying the thought of being inside you.” Dib ruffled his antennae. “Perpetually on the same page. That’s why I love you.” Zim stepped back and made an “up!!” motion with his arms, an expectant look on his face. Dib rolled his eyes, but ultimately reached down to pick him up. “Alright, alright. One more movie, because I can’t say no to that look. But then we’re going to bed for real. It really has been a long day.”
  12. Hi! My name is Allycat, and this is my short story "A Little Trance." The story is about a college-aged couple--Riley and Sonia--and Sonia's little weekend to herself. With all her roommates away, Sonia finally has time to fully regress! ...with only one small hiccup beforehand: Riley walking in as she's putting away some of her little stuff. Now Riley knows (and wholeheartedly supports!), and Sonia still has the time to herself! Just with one person knowing, and caring an awful lot. Anyway, this is the first chapter! I'm not sure how many there will be, but it'll get done Eventually(TM). I hope you enjoy : ) Chapter One “I’ll see you Monday, Maddie!” Sonia called from her bedroom, “See you then!” her response. A quiet exchange of murmurs and a pregnant pause filled the gap, punctuated by the door finally shutting. From her bedroom Sonia couldn’t see what held it open for so long, but she didn’t care. She had to clean before Ri- “Hey Sunnie, how’s my girl doing?” Riley swung open and leaned on the door frame, staring at Sonia’s back. Her face flushed pinker than the pacifier sat plainly on her nightstand, now swooped up and shoved away into a drawer as the door swept forward. “H..hey Riley! I thought you were gonna text first before you came in! How did you get in?” Sonia’s voice warbled and stammered, anxious and rushed out. She layered her worries with a smile, one that Riley read through easily. Her eyes betrayed her, imbibing like a doe’s in dusk traffic–Riley honestly felt bad. “What were you uh…what were you shovin away?” Riley inquired, trying to peer around her girlfriend’s shoulder. Instinctively, Sonia’s hands swung behind her and pressed against the handle as if to glue it in place. “N…N…nothing! Nothing nothing nothing! Just had to tidy up!” “Well, in that case, that’s not nothing, is it now?” Sonia’s face turned a shade redder than her comforter, in which she wished she could curl up and die. Sadly, Riley could bound the four steps over to her drawer, then turn and jump on Sonia if she began to melt away into shame. She would have to tell her. “Listen, Riley…” Defeat. “Yes…?” Concern. “P…please, can you just drop it? It’s nothing bad, I promise. Please.” Palpitating. “Sonia, listen…” Soothing. “...” Descending. “You don’t have to look at me. But I want you to know that whatever it is, I won’t push you on it. Though I’m sure that talking about whatever it is will be helpful. I promise I won’t judge you.” “...” Considering. Riley stepped forward. “ I think this is the perfect opportunity, Sunshine.” Careful step after careful step, covered by careful words. “It’s your choice. In fact, I won’t ask a single follow-up question. You tell me what it is, we’ll drop it and move on.” “...” Ascended. Riley picked up Sonia’s hands, now gently resting at her sides. They floated between their chests parallel to each other; unparalleled relief pouring through Sonia’s heart. “I love you, Sonia. I don’t want you to think there’s anything I’d judge you for, or anything I couldn’t look past.” Sincere. “...” Preparing. “A pacifier. An adult, pink, pacifier.” Pacified. … Severe, unadulterated angst. A quiet beat, followed by a shrug. “Okay!” Riley chirped, roosting the two atop the bed. “So you got the place to yourself this weekend, huh? Anything fun you got planned?” Sonia stared, dumbfounded. “That’s...that’s it?” She sighed. “That’s all you have to say?” “Oh, my bad! You said no follow-up questions. But that shouldn’t count as a follow-up question, should it? Does that count as a follow-u–” She stopped, slyly alert. “These do not count as follow-up questions,” She smugly tapped her forehead twice, then slightly dropped the act. “Unless you consider it such. Then I’m sorry.” Sonia blinked hard. “No, not that. I told you I have an adult pacifier in my drawer and you’re not even weirded out by it. Why are you so co “I told you, I wasn’t going to ask any follow-up questions. I think that was a fair compromise to offer, you know how I feel about this kinda stuff. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t tell me about stuff. If I’m being honest, I’d feel weirded out if you didn’t tell me what it was.” She paused again, delayed in tossing her hands and eyelids up in panic and shock. “Not that that wouldn’t be okay! But the imagination is a wondrous place. I would have had to assume it was like, a doll’s head or something.” Sonia couldn’t help but smile. “I think you want me to, though” Smirking. Sonia now couldn’t help but stutter. “I I I n n no! No! I just want to ke… Sonia jumped upward, trailed by Riley’s hand. “Hold on there, dear.” Riley held Sonia dead in her tracks. “We’ve been dating for a year and a half now. You only clam up like this when I’m right, and when you’re unbelievably embarrassed. And for the last year and a half, every time you’re wrong you’ve been the latter, too! So, admit it! You want me to ask!” “...” Desce Riley stuck her finger out toward her lowering chin. “Uhp! Not this time! Look at me and admit it, Sonia. You want me to ask questions.” Sonia strained her eyes slightly upward because she refused to move any higher, forced into meeting her supposed sharp stare. Eye contact stung like a knife’s edge, making her bleed into her cheeks. “Is it healthy for this much blood to be going to your face in one afternoon?” Sonia squeaked and buried into Riley’s chest like a toddler. She needed to get away for a minute, her object permanence regressing. “I’ll admit something first,” Riley replaced her hands onto Sonia’s back, holding her softly. “I’m dying to ask questions. But I’m not going to until you give me the go-ahead. It seems like this is something you’ve been wanting to tell me, but haven’t had the opportunity to. Or, rather, you’ve been too flustered thinking of it to even make an attempt. Based on this reaction? “It’s the latter again.” Soul-piercing. “You know, your blush really brings out the blue in your eyes.” “YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS!” Sonia muffledly screamed without missing a beat, having had enough of this embarrassment. Quietly, she quivered in Riley’s bowed arms, her arms quavering as she grasped her shirt. “Okay, what’s it for? Tell me everything.” Empathy. Compassion. Love. Sonia stilled, cooling into the comfort.
  13. So... Book 5... Love in Dimensions. An MDLG romance novel set in the multiverse that my other books have been set in. The big finale to my ongoing story. Hard to say anything else without spoiling things, but readers of my previous stories will understand. Never would have thought I'd have made it this far honestly... Nearly a year since I posted the first chapter of Little in Love, half a million words later... we come to the final book in my 'littlefallenverse' series. This is what all hard work has been leading towards. All the little clues I've dotted around my books, all the mentions and everything... hopefully this book answers all the questions people have. It's my most ambitious project ever, and I'm so proud of myself for coming this far. I know they may be silly little kink stories, but they mean a lot to me and I'm glad that people enjoy reading them! Now... a quick, and VERY important disclaimer... IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ALL FOUR OF MY OTHER STORIES, DO NOT READ THIS! GO READ THOSE FIRST. OTHERWISE THIS STORY WON'T MAKE SENSE AND YOU WON'T ENJOY IT. It'd be like reading H.P. and jumping to the end book without reading or watching any others before it. SO GO! GO READ THEM NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! THERE ARE LINKS BELOW TO MY PREVIOUS STORIES. (Little in Love -> Witch in Training -> Glitch in Nanny -> Thief in Service -> Love in Dimensions) (Correct order to read them in for those who don't know) Anyway, now that that is out of the way, I hope people enjoy this. It's very... lore/story heavy. Maybe not as much kink included as previous stories, but I hope to have as much as possible. It's got a lot happening and a lot of characters. Not going to lie... it's been difficult to write, but I hope it's still good! Each chapter will show whose perspective the chapter is being told from. You're bound to see some familiar faces as we go on. And familiar settings. It should be about 60 chapters long (closer to LiL length), with an epilogue after it. Two chapters per week. Wednesday and Sunday. (Due to mental health and stuff, I've started limiting how much I post so I don't get overwhelmed or stressed) And as usual, if you want two weeks early access to chapters of Love in Dimensions, you can sub to my Patreon. You'll also get access to my discord server to discuss chapters there and stuff. And also to tease me apparently. Grr. I hope I've covered everything that needs saying and I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: Visions Love in Dimensions – LittleFallenPrincess “I don’t want to leave you...” she cried. “Do you trust me?” I asked, trying to brush her cheek. “Always and forever...” “Then trust me when I say... we’ll be together again. One day. I promise you that.” “I hope so. Our love could never keep us apart. Of that I’m sure.” she said, smiling. ‘If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be with you again, babygirl.’ I thought to myself, hoping that everything I had set up would pay off. If it didn’t, all hope is lost. “I love you, my little Ophelia.” I kissed her, despite the illusion being unable to touch her. “I love you too, my wonderful Mummy... Freya.” She replied. The guards started unlocking my door, so I dispelled the illusion I was weaving. Standing up straight, I braced myself for what was to come. ‘I hope you’re right, Babygirl. I hope I see you again.’ ============================================================== “What the...” I pushed myself into a sitting position. My head was killing me and my vision was blurry. My robes were a mess, my hat had fallen to the floor, but apart from that I was fine. I felt... weaker though. “What was that...” I heard from across the room. “Owww... my head!” Another voice came from opposite me. “Who... oh god!” Alexandria said, jumping to her feet and looking directly at me. Her sweater and jeans were a bit scuffed, but she looked unharmed otherwise. I jumped up at the same time as her, ready to defend myself as she looked ready to attack at any moment. Paige got up onto her feet and looked around, confused. Her little maid outfit was scuffed a bit too, but was fine otherwise. “Who are you?” Alexandria screamed at me. “Please... calm down...” I used my calmest voice, I didn’t want to make things worse than they already were. “What was that? And that thing you did before... wait... why do you look like me?” “I promised I’d answer all your questions, so I will. But please... is there anywhere to sit down? I don’t know about you, but my head is killing me...” I gave an awkward smile, hoping to defuse the situation. Alexandria looked ready to attack still. Sure, I could easily defend myself, even when feeling this out of it, but I didn’t want to hurt her. I also didn’t want to make her hate me any more than she currently does, we may need her help. Thankfully, Paige came to my aid, running over to Alex and holding her. “Please. No more fighting. Please, can we just hear her out? There’s something about her... I trust her.” Paige said, pulling her best puppy-dog-eyes expression, rivalling that of Noelle’s. “Oh good. I had this effect on Olivia and Faith too. Seems any of Noelle’s variations see me as someone they can trust. It’s similar to how I feel a need to protect all of you...” “Huh?” Paige was confused. “Let me explain... let’s sit down first, please.” I smiled. Paige walked over to me, took my hand and escorted me out of the room. Alexandria used her cardigan to pick the jewel up and bring it with her as she followed close behind us, eyeing me up the whole way. ------------------------------------------------- “So... talk.” Alexandria ordered. We sat in a large, very expensive-looking room that looked like it may be their living room. The fireplace was gorgeous, and the sofas were ridiculously comfortable. No doubt this woman was well off, like Charlie. Maybe even more so... But as I sat there, admiring the taste of my Earth Prime variation... I couldn’t avoid their stares any longer. “Right. So... how do I explain this... It seemed a lot easier with Noelle here too...” I shuffled about on the sofa as the other two sat patiently awaiting my explanation from the other sofa opposite. “Noelle?” Paige asked. “She’s... right... let me start from the beginning.” I took a deep breath, trying to think about what I was going to say... and worrying about if they’ll believe me. “Right... so you have a portal to another dimension, right?” I figured I’d get them started with something familiar, something I could work from. “To the diaper dimension, yes. What about it.” Alexandria’s face was as stern as mine is when Noelle decides to be a brat. “That means there is another Earth out there, one that is slightly different to this one.” “The multiverse theo....OH! SHIT!” Alexandria suddenly seemed excited. “HOW DID I NOT FIGURE THIS OUT?” She was flailing her arms about at this point, so I figured I’d just let her continue until she either calms down... or no longer has the energy to move her arms. “Multiverse?” Paige asked. Alexandria calmed down and looked at her wife. “Baby... you know how the diaper dimension is just like our Earth, but there are Amazons and Littles?” “Yeah?” “Well the multiverse theory is a hypothetical theory about there being infinite universes out there, all slightly different from each other. Decisions made throughout time have lead to the creation of new universes. So say... there was a universe where the Nazi’s won World War II, there’s a universe where we never evolved from apes, there’s a universe where climate change won and we’re living underwater.” “Actually... they live on floating cities.” I butted in, correcting her. “Wait... that actually exists? And you’ve been there?” Alexandria turned to look at me. “Yes. And I come from a dimension where magic developed faster than technology.” I smiled awkwardly. “Wait... so that stuff you did earlier...?” “Was magic. I’m a Witch.” “You’re a... holy fuck.” Alexandria just sat there, her mouth agape, startled by this revelation. Paige still looked confused, so I looked at her and tried to explain myself. “Paige... so basically in the diaper dimension, instead of humans developing at a steady rate throughout the population like they did on your Earth, half the population diverted one way, creating Amazons, and half stayed the same, who became Littles. “I... think I understand. I watched some sci-fi shows as a kid that had alternate realities. But what I’m most confused about... is why you and Alex look so alike...?” “Because... I... am Alex? Or more so the Alex that was born in the magic universe. Whilst Alex here was born with blonde hair, I was born with black hair... and magic. Due to differences in our parents and our universes.” “So there’s more than one Alex?” She asked. “We don’t know how many there are yet, I’ve been exploring different dimensions. But there are quite a few of us. And quite a few variations of you!” “Me? There’s more than one me?” I took a deep breath and sighed. “Right, so this is where things get weird.” I said. Alex pulled Paige close to her. “Weird how?” she asked. “So there are multiple Alex’s... and there are multiple Paige’s... well it seems like that in every dimension... every single Alex ends up with every single Paige...” “Seriously? So you...?” Alex continued. “Her name is Noelle in my universe. She’s also a very talented Witch.” “That is very weird.” “That’s just the tip of the iceberg, sorry. I’ve spoke to two other couples, we’re all in constant contact... I’ve also come across a few more but haven’t interacted with them yet. But it seems that every single variation of us... is into... you know...” This was the hardest part to explain... especially when they were so discreet about it all. “Into what?” Paige asked. “You’re a little. Alexandria is a Mummy.” “Wha? No!” Paige tried to deny it, but you could see it clearly on her face. I had seen the nappy the first time I visited them, casting that little wetting spell on her for a bit of fun, and also... unbeknownst to her or Alexandria... Paige’s padding was on full display to me right now. “You don’t have to lie. I’m Noelle’s Mummy. Charlie is Liv’s Mummy. Morgan is Faith’s Mummy... I’ve not seen a single variation of us that isn’t into it.” “You can’t be serious?” Alexandria still didn’t quite believe me. “Completely serious. Either we get them into it, or it develops between us naturally, or the little gets us into it. No matter what, we’re all Mummies and littles.” “Statistically, that’s next to impossible.” Alexandria was as intelligent as the rest of my variations it seems. “That’s not all. Every Alexandria has green eyes and freckles. Every Paige has blue eyes.” “But... that dream...” “So you saw it too?” I asked. This was exactly what brought me here to begin with... that jewel. “What, are we having shared dreams now too? Of being with a blonde version of Paige?” Alexandria was stubborn, but she was slowly coming to accept everything. “I... I didn’t see that...” Paige quietly butted in, as shy as a mouse. “Wait, sweetie... did you see something different?” I asked, using the ‘Mummy voice’ that I used around Noelle so much. “I... I saw it from the perspective of the blonde me...” “And Alexandria... you saw it from the perspective of the brown-haired woman who looked like us? Like I did?” “Y... yeah...” Alex replied. “It’s as I thought...” “Huh?” “Right, let me tell you something I haven’t told anyone. Because you’re the only other version of us that knows as much about the Goddesses as I do...” “Wait, the old mythological story? The one I was read as a child?” Alex asked. “The exact one. Ever since I interacted with a statue back in my dimension, shortly before I met you two for the first time... I’ve been more powerful. Before then, I had to use a wand to cast spells and I couldn’t portal between dimensions. After the statue... I could cast without a wand and can visit any dimension I want.” “Wait... is it by any chance a statue of two women, both with gems in their eyes, one with blue gems, the other with green?” ‘How did she...?’ I thought to myself. “The same. Why, do you have one?” I asked. “I did...” Alexandria looked at Paige. “Sorry!” Paige responded, looking... guilty. “Huh?” I asked. “She... she stole it from me years ago, shortly before you visited. To get out of a difficult situation. Well she tried to steal it... I ended up feeling sorry for her and giving it her. Then she ended up moving in.” “Shame. I’ve not seen another statue yet, I’ve always wondered if it would do anything more to me... wait, did it give you any powers?” “Us? No. Both of us have touched it, and nothing happened.” “Okay, so maybe it only works on the magic user variations of us...” I thought out loud. “Wait so what have the Goddesses of the Zadri got to do with us and our variations?” “I believe... I believe they are variations of us too.” “Wait... really?” Alex seemed astonished. “Think about it. Blue and green eyes. Same faces... I mean we literally just had some kind of vision about them! And that’s not the first time I’ve seen one!” “It’s not?” “So this is the big thing I haven’t told anyone, not even Noelle. Last year... I died.” “You... died?” Okay... this was the biggest reaction so far to all these revelations. I was a bit worried too many of these would give them a heart attack or something, but they needed to know. “Yes. I died, fighting a rogue Witch who absorbed a demon.” “I am not drunk enough for all this...” Paige joked. “Sorry, I know it’s a lot, but it’s true. I died... and whilst I was dead, I had a vision. A vision of the Goddesses together. It’s what first put the idea in my head to search the dimensions for more evidence. I never told Noelle, but I’ll have to soon, especially after that vision. She’s going to kill me.” “I like the sound of Noelle!” Paige laughed. “You’ll probably get on really well with her. And the others.” “Wait... I can meet them?” Paige perked up at the sound of meeting her doppelgangers. “I think you’ll have to, after what we saw, we’ll have to go back and tell them what we saw.” Alexandria started laughing. “Normally if a strange woman burst in, attacked me, then I had a weird hallucination... I’d throw you out and lock the door... I certainly wouldn’t go with them!” Alexandria stopped laughing and took a deep breath. “But... that vision felt real. It felt as if I was really there. And I don’t know why they were being kept apart, but I need to know more. So... how do we meet the other... us...’s?” “I can conjure a portal and take you there, although at the moment Morgan and Faith are in the diaper dimension with Olivia and Charlie, and Noelle is on this Earth. We ran here after the rogue Witch attack, and we’ve been living here ever since, when we’re not travelling that is.” “Wait... why are they in the diaper dimension?” Paige asked. She seemed nervous as she asked this; she must have heard the horror stories. And after what Charlie and Liv have told me... I didn’t blame her to be scared of that place. At least Noelle and I had our magic to protect us whilst we were there. “Charlie and Liv are from there. Faith was injured last year and was sent to their dimension to receive treatment to reverse everything done to her. Morgan, being her Mummy, went with her of course. Last time I saw them, Faith was ready to be discharged after making a full recovery.” “Wait... they’re from there? Have they not been kidnapped and adopted yet?” “I assure you, Morgan and Faith are fine, they’re under the care of an Amazon that Liv trusts with her life. They’re originally from that flooded dimension I told you about. Liv and Charlie are from the diaper dimension though. Liv nearly got adopted a few times, kidnapped too... but Charlie keeps her safe.” “How? How hasn’t Charlie been adopted yet?” “Because she’s an Amazon.” “SHE’S AN...” Paige grabbed a nearby cushion and covered her face with it, she was too scared to come out right now, so I turned my attention back to Alexandria. “Is a portal... safe?” she asked. “It’s perfectly...” I was quickly cut off as light popped into existence in the middle of the room, quickly expanding to create the familiar sight of a portal. Noelle hopped out of it. Wearing her usual black robes and that cute little schoolgirl outfit underneath it that she’s been refusing to take off lately. Alexandria’s eyes were wide open in disbelief at what she was looking at. Paige had popped her head from behind the cushion long enough to pull the exact same face of disbelief. “Hey baby!” I said to Noelle, casually. “Hey Mummy!” Noelle waved at me. Turning round, she saw the other variations, ones she hadn’t met before and gave a casual wave and a smile. “Hey newbies!” she grinned at them before turning back around to face me. “So Rose...?” “Yes, my love?” “What the fuck was that vision?” ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoys this new story as it goes on! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Love in Dimensions. New chapters of Love in Dimensions every Wednesday/Sunday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks! ?
  14. by LittleFallenPrincess So here's my fourth story in my series, Thief in Service. It's an MDLG/ABDL romance novel set in London. A thief is indebted to someone and is tasked to retrieve rare items in order to pay off her debt. She may however, end up in way over her head... This story has been so much fun to write so far, expect much kinkier things than my previous stories! I would recommend reading my other three stories (Little in Love, Witch in Training, and Glitch in Nanny) before reading this, but you don't have to. You can find my first story, Little in Love, here. And my second story, Witch in Training, here. (Currently in Progress) And my third story, Glitch in Nanny, here. (Currently in Progress) One of the characters was chosen by my Patrons in a poll! It should be about 40 chapters long, with an Epilogue at the end, and new chapters will be posted every Wednesday and Sunday. Two weeks Early Access to chapters of Glitch in Nanny & Thief in Service is available for the second tier on my Patreon. The first five chapters in pdf form are up from the start, with the sixth being posted on Wednesday, the same time the second will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding this, ask away. Charge up front is enabled. Meaning you will be charged as soon as you pledge. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: The Jewel of Aenonnos Thief in Service - by LittleFallenPrincess As I crawled along the edge of the rooftop, ignoring the bustling, illuminated city of London in the background, I couldn’t help but think of the money this job was going to make me, rather than the beauty of the view that surrounded me. I mean... money it was going to make us. Five figures for some stupid jewel named after some stupid made up ancient city. Five figures... each. Sure, it wasn’t ‘run away to the Bahamas and live the rest of my life on a beach’ money, but it was enough to pay off my debts, get out of this life, and maybe a down payment on a house. I could settle down, find someone, and maybe even have kids. Well... maybe in another ten years or so, I still had a lot I wanted to do in life before I had kids. The important thing is that this job would allow me that future. The future I had always dreamt of. “Paige. Focus.” As I was rudely interrupted by the voice coming from my ear piece, I noticed that I was a little bit too close to the edge, so I shuffled over carefully. “I’m fine, Jack. Why, were you worried about me or something?” I joked. “No. But if you mess this up, we’re out a lot of money. And you have no idea what Christian will do to you if you mess this up for him. So stop playing around and do your job.” “Christian can go suck his own...” “His own what, Paige?” Christian interrupted me. “...Lollipop.” ‘Yeah. Great save, Paige. He totally bought that...’ “Stop messing about. You’re nearly at the vent.” Jack carried on guiding me towards the entry point to the museum. “You don’t have to take everything so seriously. And that goes for both of you!” I joked. Big mistake. “Paige, stop being such a childish brat and get your arse in that vent. Or else you’re going to miss your window. If you mess this up, I’ll mess you up.” Christian sounded vaguely threatening. But after knowing him for years, I was used to it and knew better than to take him seriously, so I shrugged it off and continued onwards. Reaching the vent, I pulled out the toolkit I had in one of my vest pockets. Quickly unscrewing the cover, setting it aside carefully as to not to make any noise, I took a deep breath, I wasn’t expecting the vent cover to be that heavy. “Good job. Now go.” Jack instructed. “You don’t have to praise her like she’s a fucking child, Jack. Just do your job.” “Christian, leave them both alone!” yelled a feminine voice. ‘Great. Now Naomi has joined in. This isn’t distracting at all, having 3 voices in my head arguing and having a go at me... now all I need is Emily and I’ll have the whole gang!’ I thought to myself as I shimmied down the dark ventilation shaft, heading deeper into the heart of the museum. “Why? What are you going to do, Naomi? Cry again?” Christian could be a real jerk sometimes, but he was our leader, he was the one with the contacts, he was the one who organised us to do jobs like this. I hate to say it, without him... we’d be lost. “Shut up! That was one time like two years ago! Why do you always bring it up?” Naomi yelled. “Mimi... just let it go. He knows how to get to you.” I whispered, trying to calm her down. ------------------------------------------------- Naomi, or as I like to call her, Mimi, was my best friend. We had been for a long time now. We met in sixth form, hung out a lot, then moved in together, and eventually she got me into the crew because I got drunk one night and told her about my debt and the reason I had it. She promised me that we’d make enough money to pay it off, and that I didn’t need to go solo anymore. If it wasn’t for that one stupid hidden alarm, resulting in me getting me arrested, I wouldn’t be doing this shit with these guys. Mimi has known the crew longer than I have, and honestly I have no idea why she puts up with them. I’m only with them because I need to pay off my debt. She hasn’t got any debts (that I know of), so there must be some reason why she stays. She hates Christian just as much as I do, but we don’t mind Jack and Emily. I mean, sure, they like to play jokes on us, and they look down on us, seeing us as annoying children despite us being older than them (I mean... sure, I can be a tiny bit bratty and childish... sometimes...), but they’re not too bad. At least when Christian isn’t around. ------------------------------------------------- I crawled along the vent as it straightened out, looking down each grate I passed to see the museum floor. The walls were lined with the typical paintings you’d see in any normal museum. And in the centre of each room was the usual centre piece, usually some statue or piece of art. Something... valuable. Not too valuable though. This wasn’t some fancy museum like the British Museum, it was actually a private museum owned by some rich dickhead who loved to show off his ‘bargain bin’ collection. You know... the stuff that’s too cheap to put in the proper museums, so he buys it cheap and puts it on display. It’s still worth a pretty penny to us common folk, but to him... most of it was worthless. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to complain that these items are of a lesser value to any fence, mainly because the higher you go in value for an item... the better security it has protecting it. And this guy... well this guy was a cheapskate. He charged patrons way too much to get in, just to make himself wealthier, whilst also scrimping on decent security. Honestly I’m surprised no one has already tried to rob this place. But despite the hand-me-downs, there was one item stored right at the heart of his little museum... the Jewel of Aenonnos. Named after the fictional city in some mythological story, it was a ruby the size of your fist. Now before you start telling me that surely a ruby that large would be worth millions, hundreds of millions maybe... the exact thing I asked when we were offered this job... apparently it wasn’t actually a ruby. I was told it was a huge scandal years ago, no one could identify what kind of gemstone it was. It looked like a ruby, but most people said it was just a lab-made one, so it was practically worthless. But that didn’t matter to us, the people who hired us to steal it offered us ten grand each. Which is more than enough to get... him... off my back for a while. -----------------------And now for a little backstory-------------------------- I was twenty. I had some experience pick pocketing and breaking into large estates at this point of my life, growing up on the streets of London. My parents died when I was young, fell into a life of crime... blah blah blah wrong crowd. Usual sad story you hear in books and on TV. I was hired by this shady guy called Tony. He knew of my skills, knew how good I was at getting into places unnoticed. I could be in and out of a place before anyone knew the item was even missing. And he needed me for a job. Something he wanted that he didn’t have. Something that the person who currently owned it... didn’t want to part with. At least not willingly... I had done a few basic jobs for him before, and out of the blue he offered me this. It was a simple job, break in, get the necklace, and get out unnoticed. Simple. He promised I’d make enough to be able to go wherever I wanted. So I, being the stupid young girl who trusted people way too easily, accepted the job. And of course... the job goes sideways. I tripped an alarm. An alarm that wasn’t on the blueprints of the estate. It was like it was purposely hidden from me. And then there’s the fact that security was way too fast, it was as if they were waiting for me. As if someone had tipped them off. Now, I know I was set up. Clearly Tony had set me up. He got me arrested just so he could bail me out with his connections, claiming ‘I owed him now’. He wanted me on his payroll. All the talk about getting to run away wherever I wanted, getting to have whatever life I wanted... he was bullshitting me the entire time. He set me up with this job just so I’d get caught and end up owing him. A debt that would probably never be payable, at least not in my lifetime. That way he can get me to steal whatever he wants, because every bit of cash I pay back adds time to my debt deadline. If I run out of time... well, I’ve been promised it won’t end well for me. So I decided to take whatever jobs I could take, just to pay him back. Shortly after, I got drunk with Mimi and told her everything. She told me about the guys, that they were starting their own crew. She introduced me to them, and I quickly impressed them, becoming part of the crew, along with Mimi. I don’t know why Mimi is on the team, she doesn’t have any skills for this line of work, but I appreciate her being on it nonetheless. I’d hate to be stuck with those three dicks. Christian is the boss. He has the contacts, gets the jobs from Tony, and comes up with a plan. He leads us. But he’s also a dick. Jack is our tech guy. He’s good at getting his way into security systems, even teaching me a few things along the way. Emily was our driver. She got me in and out, and picked up all the equipment we’d need. Mimi... again, she didn’t really have any skills. She was there because she was my friend and because for some reason, the others didn’t want to get rid of her. We don’t have a name for our little crew, although Christian likes to come up with really bad names occasionally. We humour him until he inevitably decides on the next name. I don’t care either way; I’m just here to get paid. It was going well for a while, we hit some pretty big targets. Big for us at least. Made enough to add a bit more time onto my deadline with Tony. I didn’t get to keep much for myself to live on, most of my cut was paid directly to Tony to keep him away for a bit longer. And then I reached my mid twenties...and we got this job. From Tony himself. He said he’d cancel my debt, as well as letting me keep my cut of the rewards to spend however I like. So of course we took it. I just hoped he didn’t screw me over like last time... ------------------------------------------------- I looked down at my target. The jewel was just below me, out in the open, not even covered by a glass case. ‘God, this guy really does cheap out when it comes to security...’ “Focus, Paige. Take it slowly. Your window is in two minutes. Get that grate open.” Jack said. Slowly and quietly removing the grate, I set it aside like I did the last one and tied my harness to the vent. According to the blueprints we... ‘acquired’, we determined the vent should be strong enough to hold my weight. I’d just simply rappel down, disable the panel that controlled the sensors, and then take the jewel. And so I began my descent. Lowering myself down, I was putting my faith in Jack that his timing is correct and the two guards hired for security were at the other end of the building. If we timed this right, I’d be back up into the vent before they got back, and they’d never notice the jewel had been replaced by a replica. I slowly lowered myself to the ground, making very little sound when I touched the floor with my boots. Creeping up to the panel on the side of the basic white pedestal the jewel was displayed on, I quickly plugged in the device Jack had prepared for me. I didn’t know exactly how it worked as he liked to keep some secrets, but thankfully it worked perfectly as I took the jewel from its display without so much as a sound. No alarms, no security... maybe this wouldn’t go bad like I was expecting! Carefully placing the jewel in my backpack, I took the replica out and placed it back on the pedestal. Pressing the button on the pager-like device, the security system started up again, returning back to normal. ‘Perfect!’ “Good job. Now get back up into the vent. You’ve got sixty seconds!” Jack instructed. I attached myself back to the cord and pressed the button on the side of grip. Quickly ascending back up into the ceiling, I reached the vent in seconds, pulling the rope back up with me. “Good job. Now put the grate back on.” Jack talked down to me like a child again, infuriating me. “I know...” I whispered angrily into the comms. “I know you know, but I’m still going to remind you.” “Stop treating me like a child. I’m older than you!” I nearly yelled, but got myself under control quickly enough to whisper it. “Stop arguing!” Christian yelled, causing us both to shut up immediately. Carefully and silently putting the grate back into place, I climbed back out of the vent, up back on to the rooftop, where I quickly put the other grate back in place. “Where’s Emily?” I asked, looking over the side of the large building at the street lit up by the street lamps. I couldn’t spot any cars or anything, it was strangely quiet, even if it was in the middle of night. ‘Good thing I’m not scared of heights or anything, or this would kill me.’ “She’s on the next street over. Get back down to street level and head over there.” “On it.” And so I climbed down the side of the building, using the ladders available, making sure not to leave any evidence that anyone had been here. If everything has gone according to plan, they’ll never know I was here or that the jewel had been switched. As I reached street level, I unzipped my jacket and tied it around my waist by the sleeves. Letting my jet black hair down from the ponytail it was in, I ran my fingers through it after having it up for so long. “Much better. Now... where’s Emily...” I said as I wandered off down the road to find my ride back. ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoys this new story as it goes on! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Witch in Training, Glitch in Nanny and Thief in Service. New chapters of Witch in Training and Thief in Service every Wednesday/Sunday! Glitch in Nanny on Monday/Friday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. 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  15. Three Strikes and You’re Out! By Horatio Husky One I swear if he’s out at the gym again for one of his ‘impromptu workout sessions’ I’ll bite his tail off. These musings came from the mind of a black and golden tan German Shepherd fur as he shivered, cold despite his thick fur and winter jacket at the doorstep of his friend’s house. The two had only been friends for a few months, but a lot had transpired between them during that time. Being a police officer, Rick was expected to keep his body in a state of fit physique and agility to operate at peak performance. Thus, he had found himself acquiring a gym membership after a few months at his new job when he had noticed a suspicious increase in mass around his midsection. Not wanting his fate to end like any other stereotypical donut munching cop, he had started to frequent his local gym several times a week, usually after his shift ended. At that establishment he found himself seeing a certain, rather athletic looking arcanine, who always seemed to be in the most chipper, friendly of moods whenever he saw him. After a few days of a few moments of eye contact and nervous smiling, he had come over to him and introduced himself as, ”Anthony, but you can call me Tony!” His confidence and self-assured grin had given him a friendly glow that Richard found he liked very much, and he extended his paw to shake and replied with his name. The following weeks turned into a blur as the two canines hit it off better than either of them had expected. Beyond exchanging their own little fitness tips and tricks their sense of humor was shared as well, and they found great excitement and amusement in exchanging their own ideas and perspectives on the world, which the two found that although they differed on many subjects they both found hearing what the other had to say about a particular argument quite interesting and engaging. They had gone out a few times too, to a few lesser-known bars that the arcanine had said he preferred to go too since he usually wasn’t recognized there. At this strange comment, Richard had raised his eyebrows, thinking that his friend was making a joke. Tony had smiled a little, the first time in fact that Richard had ever seen him look sheepish, as he explained that he was a locally well-known baseball player, and had found himself getting bothered quite a bit at some of the other establishments he had frequented previously. Richard had done a google search, at Tony’s suggestion more to humor him than anything, but found to his surprise a Wikipedia page confirming his newly made friend’s claims at athletic success. Tony had then told him something that warmed Rich’s heart. He had first begun to talk to the shepherd because he felt was searching for a friend who wouldn’t want to be close to him just for his fame, but someone who liked him as a person. This warmed the cop’s heart, and he had wrapped his arm around the hulky arcanine’s shoulder and smiled at him conspiratorially, saying that he was more than happy to be such a person for him. Naturally, after such a warm entrance into friendship, they had gotten plastered that night and ended up somehow both falling on top of each other back at Tony’s residence. Things had progressed down a path that the two had not fully acknowledged, even to themselves, but yet both somehow knew that would traverse if things continued. Tony had leaned forward into a passionate kiss, pushing himself against the shepherd in an act of shameless passion to which the drunken shepherd could only respond in kind. Their passions lead to the stripping of clothes and before Richard knew it the arcanine had begun to take control of him and his body in the most loving fashion he had experienced to date. Being straddled by the muscled beast he had whined and howled in pain and ecstasy, the arcanine leaning down to his ears and whispered sweet nothings into it, even going as far as gently biting the nape of his neck and embracing him around the chest as he thrust himself into him. The lovemaking had lasted a decent while, Richard remembered how he had marveled as just how well Tony had paced himself, most likely due to his athletic training and discipline. By the time Tony finished, at last, the shepherd found himself able to do little but pant and gasp for air in an orgasmic trance, having climaxed himself several minutes ago while Tony had still been going strong. The arcanine had grasped him under the chin and brought him up to his face. They kissed more, the arcanine rubbing his back and humming soothingly to the receptive canine, thanking him for a wonderful time. Richard could only smile goofily back, completely and utterly entranced by the wonderful being before him who he had so perfectly made love to. Richard stamped his feet, trying to keep warm even as his cheeks flushed with red standing in the cold at Tony’s doorstep, remembering how they had then fallen asleep spooning, Tony being the big spoon naturally, and how the shepherd had woken up to Tony cooking him breakfast, wrapped up in a snuggly blanket on his couch. They had spent the morning chatting about the previous night, now almost completely unabashedly speaking about their own preferences and even delving into fetishes. They had been surprised just how well they had meshed together in lovemaking last night, Tony causing Richard to blush when he told him how he wasn’t surprised at all how to find that the shepherd was so subordinate. “I mean come on, anybody looking at you even from a mile away could see that you totally scream bottom!” Richard had almost coughed his coffee out of his maw at this comment, causing Tony to only laugh louder between fork-fulls of syrupy pancake. The canine had blushed in response to the arcanine but smiled good-naturedly. Although normally his tough, police officer persona was the one he operated on most of the time, he found that he felt comfortable letting his guard down around the arcanine, even to the point of expressing his submissiveness to him. After his normally uncharacteristic blush, the arcanine had gently inquired about the shepherd’s preferences, whether he had considered himself a sub for long. The two spent the rest of the morning discussing their own sexual experiences, preferences, and even fantasies. Throughout their dialogue the arcanine seemed to work magic onto Richard, gently but firmly inquiring as to what he would enjoy and wouldn’t, as well as what thinks he would enjoy not enjoying. The shepherd’s heart rate rose up multiple times during their exchanges, excitement filling his body that not even his job offered him during moments of pursuing justice and chasing after criminals. “Wait here, Richie, I think I have something that you might enjoy.” The arcanine winked before rising to his full height and softly strolling out of the room, a devilish expression on his muzzle. Richard could only lean forward off of the couch and look after him, wondering what his attractive friend was wanting to retrieve. “Close your eyes, Richard.” The canine obeyed and heard Tony shuffle towards him before stopping in front of him. “You can open them now.” Richard opened his eyes and gazed up at Tony before looking down to see that the arcanine was holding something in front of the shepherd’s nose. Richard took a sharp breath and quickly realized what the object that lay in the arcanine’s outstretched paw was. A small, white chastity cage was being presented to him, complete with a steel, heart-shaped lock adorning the bottom. The German Shepherd’s heart pounded in his chest, and he looked up wide-eyed into Tony’s own well-knowing eyes, understanding what he was being offered. “What do you think buckeroo, wanna have some fun? I think I could go for dating a cutie like you. After all, I think after last night you’ve proven that you might be needing this. You made a mess all over my couch after all!” Richard’s cheeks reddened at the playful admonishment, but his eyes looked back down onto the cage in front of him. He opened his lips as if to speak, but found it difficult to articulate what he felt. Picking up on his apparent speechlessness, Tony squatted in front of him and looked up into the blushing shepherd’s eyes, his voice softening now but retaining the same firm assuredness that proliferated his entire being. “How about I help you put it on, would that help, pup?” The shepherd could only nod shakily in response, his breaths still coming in heavy and deep as his entire being seemed to grow warm and vibrate in excision and stimulation. The arcanine gently pushed on the shepherd’s shoulders and repositioned him onto his back. Scooching over onto the couch he unbuckled the shepherd’s jeans and slid them down, following with his underwear. Richard’s member had begun to grow slowly after he had been approached by the arcanine’s offer but had not yet reached full erection. Tsk-tsking at the apparent excitement the canine was displaying, Tony worked efficiently and quickly at sliding the tube over the shepherd's not yet fully excited head and looping the support ring underneath his testicles. Richard felt a firm pressure on his jewels, which increased to a more distinct pressing feeling as he heard a soft click, and then a louder one as the cage was locked firmly into place. His member now strained against his confines, but to no relief as the plastic prison kept his erotic excitement firmly and securely in check. Tony grinned, and almost cooed as he said. “Looks like our little friend here is having a hard time containing himself! It’s a good thing I was around to make sure that he doesn’t get himself into trouble now, no?” Tony’s words washed over him like a stimulating wave of air, causing a shiver to run through him as both tone and context of what the arcanine said turned him on immensely. The amateur baseball player had a charm and confidence that the shepherd could find almost irresistible. He couldn’t help but blushing slightly, as he gazed into the arcanine’s eyes, feelings of attraction and yearning coursing through his veins as he strained against the cage around his member. Tony offered a paw to him and helped Richard up to his feet before helping him redress, surprising him by delivering an impassioned and deliberate kiss on the shepherd’s cheek, causing him to his great embarrassment to stammer a little bit in response. Tony’s eyes glistened as he let out a loud laugh, grinning broadly and looking directly into Richard’s eyes and winking confidently. “Oh Rick, this is going to be more fun than I could have possibly imagined, I figured you were a total sub but to this extent? I think this is going to be a luxurious time.”
  16. Author’s Note * While this is a true story obviously for entertainment purposes some events “over the top-ness” are just that for “over the top” purposes otherwise this is pretty much how it happened and continues to unfold. Also there might be some spelling errors scattered about should gett better as the story moves on (first time posting)* Prologue pt. 1 Like many I too never “grew out of” diaper’s oh sure my parents potty trained me but the second I became a “big brother” to my siblings that’s the moment when I found “diaper’s” again. With only a two year age gap between myself and brother’s fitting into their baby diaper’s was a snap, in fact it was an early memory of me begging our babysitter at the time to put me in a diaper and not tell my parents. She caved and within a few seconds I found myself looking at myself in a mirror pulling my pants up & down and shouting….. “Paul’s got a diaper”…”Paul’s got a diaper”….”Paul’s got a diaper” In short at four years old I had sort of found “paradise” sort of, anyways time past and while the diaper’s left my desire for them & all things “little” never really went away from daydreaming on boring bus rides about being “Mommy’s baby boy again” to watching all those references on popular kids shows of the 90’s. Whenever I saw a “main character” regressed I wanted that to be me……. Fast forward through the advent of the net, the ABDL community and the ABDL market place and in my late teens/early twenty’s I got small tastes here & there of finding “paradise” once again but nothing to concrete. Mainly due to the fact that as a “millennial” I had found myself back in my parents’ home after college. That radio degree sort of fell through after 2008. But I persevered, took a hellhole job at Wal-Mart for two years as a truck unload’er with a college degree, finally began making a living doing public speaking gigs shortly after, voice over work but still couldn’t leave my old room. Sure I pay rent but it doesn’t feel the same. While my brothers are raising the bar, with one in accounting & the other enlisted in armed services left home and never looked back sort of making me feel like the “baby” of the family. My parents often traveled giving me time to indulge in my ABDL side with diapers, onises, bottles ect. Even had the nerve of getting into the dating side of the ABDL world and its tuff and rough but I finally found a woman who I loved and who loved me and my ABDL side……Lilly. The first time we “liked” each other’s profile and sent each other pic’s and I must say while I was shocked she loved some of my “baby fat”. I was stunned by her, immediately her hazel brown hair and icy blue eyes popped out of the screen and she was at least in my opinion the picture of perfection again in my opinion a knock out pure and simple. Heck she was only three years older than me at that time in 2014 (29) and for the first time in my limited but intimate dating experience’s she was taller than me, I stand 5’5 while she’s just six feet even along with a "toned" body type nothing like a body builder or anything like that but her past of playing high school b-ball certainly is evident. We had so much in common besides the whole ABDL thing. From fave movies that should have won the Oscar in 94 the “Shawshank Redemption”, fave vacation which turned out we are both a couple of luxury cruiser’s, best pizza toppings well that’s wasn’t an exact match but hey nobody’s THAT perfect lol. We also found that we both loved acting and perusing our passions by any means necessary, well especially for Lilly that would ring more true for her than me. We “met” back in 2013, had all the Skype dates we could stand and heck after the tenth or so we both agreed to meet for a weekend in Toronto. I lived in Ancaster, Ontario while she lived in Kingston, Ontario respectively so Toronto would be the half-way point from both of our homes in the summer of 2014 for a weekend. I was excited, nervous and thrilled to be meeting a woman who’s image was the first thing I saw in the morning and last thing I thought about before bed. However we wanted this weekend to be like our dates just about us. Sure we had talked about the whole ABDL stuff, I sent her pics of me in my diaper’s, she always played the mommy so she loved anything I sent or colored for her but that’s as far as we went so far in that department and I wasn’t thinking anything would come up that weekend at all. So I arrived in Toronto first and I remember pacing around this grand train station like it was a small closet I was just so envious and afraid I mean what if she couldn’t make it? What if she just stood me up? All dumb stupid fears that were put to rest the moment I heard her shout “PAULY” Yes I know “PAULY” I hated that nick name in school but when she said it over Skype I sort of gave in. I walked towards her platform, helped her off the train took her bag and BAM we embraced and kissed right there on the spot and it didn’t matter that we were in anybody’s way at that moment we were both where we needed to be in each other’s arms’ for the first time. It was so wonderful to actually hug & kiss this beautiful woman right there in the train station but what I didn’t expect was her actually having the strength to lift me just a few inches off the ground on our initial embrace, she was in much better shape than myself in fact even her grip was strong as she insisted on holding my hand the entire way to the hotel I sort of blushed but thought nothing of it especially since I was the one who booked the hotel room and yes if you’re wondering my mother didn’t raise no fool but a gentlemen and since this was our “first” date face to face I booked a room with two queen bed’s instead of just one king. It’s the right thing to do period. That said the moment that was over she again took my hand as we went upstairs and headed up to the room, now it wasn’t a stunning view of downtown Toronto although if I’m being honest here I already had the perfect view in Lilly. However I wasn’t really paying much attention because by the time I turned around checking the coffee machine for a decent pod of “Deep Roast” blend and then I asked “So which bed do you want? Near the door or window?” She didn’t say anything, instead I could feel her glare not a mean stare but a stare none the less as I looked over to her. Lying on top of her bed, her suitcase opened and a white object resting perfectly in the center of it, the object that brought us together, a diaper. I’ve never had what is called a “poker face” so I’m sure while I felt my fingers go ice cold my face must have looked like a deer in the headlights. I mean I’ve come to accept and really enjoy the diaper/abdl parts of my life but I almost felt a tad bit betrayed I mean we both agreed not to really bring up this part of our relationship. This was supposed to be a diaper free weekend, a weekend about Lilly & I just us. I’m sure by now my unusual silence was killing the mood as Lilly instantly spoke up with a look of remorse and pity written across her face as she looked at mine. “Ohh sweetheart, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to upset you with this.” I was still off in my own thoughts as Lilly in one fluid motion almost maternal like she wrapped her arms around me pulling me close to her chest as she softly stroked the back of my head. I can’t lie here, it was amazing to be held this close & this lovingly by this woman of my dreams but I had no intension of staying in this “little” space for much longer as I slowly pushed away and stared into Lilly’s soft blue eyes……. “No, no Lilly it’s I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have overreacted in that way, I mean after all it’s only a diaper.” Lilly’s eyes lit up imminently any worry she might have had quickly disappeared from her face causing me to also brighten up and flash a smile as this beautiful woman kept me wrapped around her arms. “I’m so glad Paul. I really didn’t mean to upset you with this more of a surprise actually.” “Well I was certainly surprised but now maybe I can surprise you by picking the place we go out to eat at.” “Now I’m the one who can’t wait on BOTH those surprises” What does she mean both? I thought as she turned and picked up the diaper and motioned for me to “lie down” on the bed beside me. “Ummm Lilly I said I was okay with you bringing the diaper but I don’t think I want to wear one today especially since this was supposed to be a weekend about us.” “Paul” She said with such an authoritative tone I had not heard in a long while, the last time she was that “mad” at me was during an early Skype season. I was standing there showing off my diaper at the time and I the urge to go to the bathroom but Lilly demanded that I “Stand and Deliver” on sight to make a “pee pee” in my “pampers” in front of her. I wasn’t expecting that at the time, I’m sure I babbled some lame excuse but she was firm. Telling me to “Make Potties” in my “pampers”….I did….and her smile lit up my screen. I was brought back to reality as her once soft blue eyes now turned into icy blue daggers aimed directly at me and her once gentle grip became significantly stronger around my hand. “I certainly remember what this weekend was supposed to be about; getting to know each other, getting comfortable with each other and most of all seeing if it would work between the both of us. And Paul if this is going to work between us, then I’m going to need YOU to wear THIS between your legs because we both know that THIS is a big part of who you are but most importantly Paul it’s a big part of why I think I’ve been falling for you.” It was the most shocking, brutally and perhaps the most ingratiating statement ever made about who I really am when it comes to my ABDL side. My shock was quickly placed aside as Lilly again leaned forward and the two of us locked lips once again. As we both came up for air I don’t know why and maybe I’ll never know but I reached down and took the diaper from Lilly’s hand. “Alright but I’m going to put this ONE on myself and after dinner I’m taking it off.” I thought my firm tone would set things straight and while I could see a small sight of disappointment in her eyes, her slight grin on her face told a different story. “Whatever makes YOU most comfortable.” She said with anther quick peck on my cheek as I turned around and headed towards the bathroom making sure the door was shut & locked. I turned and tossed the diaper onto the sink and took a deep breath as I splashed some cold water on my face. Looking up into the mirror I could see my face still looked as red as a tomato even without Lilly demanding to diaper me. I also felt like a fool for not taking the opportunity of a lifetime, for not making a dream of mine coming true. To have a woman change me into a diaper not just any woman but the woman of my dreams but that’s NOT why I came here this weekend. It was just supposed to be about us and not this…… The Diaper It was the first time I looked at it and despite my objections earlier I couldn’t help but smile a tad after looking at it. It was a Bambino Teddy, one of my absolute fave’s diapers up to this point. In fact I’ve always been a fan of the Bambino brand and the fact that Lilly remembered which diapee was my favorite just melted my heart just a tad and also got me excited at the same time. “What’s taking so long in there?” I heard Lilly’s muffled voice shout from behind the door. “If you needed to be helped I’d be more than welcome to offer it or do I need to walk in there and march you out onto this bed and diaper you up all by myself?” I was both aroused & embarrassed at the same time and again while it was a tempting offer for “help” I wasn’t ready for that step yet. “I’ll be out in just a second.” I meekly replied, in reality I was still back in the moment and while everything in my head told me NOT to unfold the diaper my hands were already un-wrapping this slice of heaven open. I quickly pulled off my shorts & boxers, this was it the moment of truth will I or won’t I? Like it was even a question at this point. After years of diapering myself whether I was standing, sitting or lying down this took no time at all and within moments the diaper was tightly wrapped around me and I was once again back to my “happy” place. Taking a few moments to look at myself in the mirror I could only imagine what my six year old self would have to say now. Once again in a babyish diaper, standing in front of a mirror and with another woman waiting for her “baby”. I have to admit though I thought this diaper was much more bulkier than I had previous remembered. I mean my butt certainly did puff out more than usual but it’s a diaper that’s what diaper’s do. Now was the real moment of truth Lilly. I mean I had sent her pics of me in diapers but she had never seen me in one in person and I’m betting on the fact that since it was her diaper that I was wearing she would probably want her money’s worth. My heart raced, my fingers turned ice cold as I reached for the door knob and began turning it slowly it was now or never laughter or love, shame or success a future or a bitter past. I closed my eyes as finally the door opened to a resounding high pitch squeal……. “Awwwwww…….LOOK AT HOW CUTE YOU ARE” I slowly opened my eyes as Lilly stood in front of me sporting one of the most wonderful smiles I have ever seen, the picture of happiness and joy was standing in front of me. Why? For simply standing there in diapers I’m sure I even sported a smile at that point. For all the years of doubt, shame and disgust that comes with this lifestyle in that one moment I felt like it was all worth it, I felt overjoyed that my fears were never realized and that the dream of wearing diapers around people I loved seemingly came true. Lilly was quick to once again embrace me but unlike before her hands quickly reached my padded rear and she squeezed and squealed……. “Oooohhhhhh what a cute diapered butt, who has a cute diapered butt? You do….yes you do…..I have such a cute diapered baby…yes I do" She kept patting my diapered bottom and listening to it crinkle all the while she was smiling at me whispering into my ear, “You know your loving it; I can see your diaper starting to poke out in the front” Lilly was right, I was loving it! But like all good things this too had to come to an end as Lilly kissed me on the cheek and told me to get dressed so we could go out, the first part of this journey was over but the adventure into the unknown was just beginning and I was about to walk or in this case waddle into it pampers and all…… More 2 Come
  17. Hello, I am a Daddy and enjoy the idea of being romantically involved with a woman who needs and/or likes to use diapers. Because I'm interested in romance, I definitely lean more towards the DL side of 'ABDL,' so I'd prefer there not being too much regression, but I'm not against there being some. I prefer lengthy, detailed responses and would rather RP either in private messages or on Discord. I'd prefer an actual woman RP partner, but it's not a deal-breaker. Other kinks I enjoy are women being humiliated/embarrassed, exhibitionism/voyeurism, blackmail/coercion, role reversal scenarios, mind control/hypnosis, giving spankings, giving enemas, light bondage (handcuffs, tied up, both being tied and tying someone else up), and anything else included in my f-list and kinklist. If this sounds up your alley, let me know. There are some other ideas I have but these are a couple I haven't really gotten to RP yet, or at least it's been a while since I've done something like it. A Harry Potter Hogwarts-esque school for wizards in training. Your character unfortunately has a bully who's a prodigy when it comes to sorcery. He's managed to convince the student body, through magical manipulation and trickery, that you're wearing. What kind of spell changes your panties to diapers anyway, and how could he possibly know how to do that? The diapers are only the beginning as even her normal clothing starts changing to more childlike in aesthetic. Does she learn to enjoy diapers and using them, or does he use magic to hypnotize or mind control her to? Bully secretly harboring a crush on his victim is a favorite role of mine. The victim could also be a teacher of his instead of a classmate for a nice role reversal type scenario. Would love for a magic-fueled romance. Another scenario could be one of cops and robbers. Your character is the cop or detective, mine a thief or burglar of sorts. Perhaps they were friends back in the day getting into all kinds of trouble, but my character took all the blame for something she was an accomplice to. As a reformed prison guard having turned over a new leaf, she sees the friend who went to jail and never ratted her out in one of the cells she walks by every day. Perhaps overwhelmed by guilt, she offers herself to him and tells him she'll do anything to make it up to him...or perhaps he has video evidence of her at the scene of the crime with him and he blackmails her with it. She becomes his prison guard but also his baby girl in private. Or maybe the scenario is more a game of cat and mouse, and she's a detective on the trail of a cat burglar who manages to evade capture and diaper her in the process. Or maybe he's a cat burglar who just happens to know her little secret that she wears diapers. He has his fun with her whenever he evades capture, treats her like a baby, but also keeps her secret. Perhaps that mutual respect leads to a genuine romance. Would also love to discuss a Fallout or Borderlands type RP involving diapers and a DD/LG relationship. Hope everyone's safe and healthy during this pandemic. Thanks for taking the time to read. Have a good one!
  18. This is my first ABDL story and I hope I can stick with it. I also hope you guys enjoy it and any feed back would be welcome. Chapter 1 The music filled bar turned into a blur of colors as Levi threw back his head to empty the shot of rum down his waiting throat. The liquid burned all he way down and Levi coughed a little and shook his head reactively. “Looks like someone can’t handled his alcohol.” The voice came from his left and Levi glanced over to see a red-headed woman chuckling at him. “I can handled my alcohol just fine,” Levi answered back with tears in his eyes. “I just don’t like to make the shots look bad so I let them think they got the better of me.” He tried to laugh but it turned into a cough shortly after. In truth Levi never could handled his alcohol very well but that never stopped his urge to drink. The woman covered her mouth and giggled. “That’s a good idea. If the alcohol got wind of your strong tolerance it might stop working. It would be a shame if you sobered up on me.” Levi was finally able to stop his coughing and he was able to really take a good look at the woman. She was sitting on the barstool with her legs crossed and swilling her martini with an olive stick. Her auburn hair hung free framing her very pretty freckled face. She was still smiling as she watched Levi with interest in her stunning green eyes. Levi’s eyes couldn’t help but wander down to the shapely legs sticking out from under her tight black dress. From what he could tell she would easily be taller than himself; at a lowly five foot four, he was shorter than most adults. “And why would that be such a shame,” Levi answered back. He wouldn’t call himself a ladies man by any means. Usually women were put off by his height, but this woman seemed obviously interested in him. “Planning on taking advantage of me?” She giggled again. “You caught me. In fact I was actually planning on taking one of your kidneys.” Levi laughed. “If that’s all you wanted you could have just asked. I luckily have two and would gladly give one up to a pretty girl like you.” “Be careful now,” She said slyly. “Keep saying things like that and I may start to believe you’re flirting with me, and that may not be very responsible.” “Shit, you’re right,” Levi said, unable to hide his huge grin. This beautiful girl was hard core flirting with him and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t already infatuated. “But then again I didn’t bring a babysitter so I think I can afford to be a little irresponsible.” “Now that just won’t do. An innocent boy out without his babysitter?” She leaned in closer to Levi and took his hand. “I’ll tell you what little one. Because you obviously need looking after, I will be your designated babysitter.” Levi blushed when she called him “little one”. He had always been self conscious about his size but he tried to push it away, knowing she didn’t mean it as an insult. “Hmmm I don’t know,” Levi said, enjoying the game they were playing. “I’m feeling naughty tonight and I’d rather not be reigned in for my lechery.” He pulled her hand up and kissed it. She giggled again and pulled her hand away. “See that’s exactly why you need a babysitter. I will keep you in check and,” she leaned in and whispered the the next part in his ear, “punish you if you misbehave.” Levi felt a shiver go down his spine and he was instantly, and very noticeably, aroused. She leaned back and smiled as she looked down at the front of his pants. “That settles it. I, Becky Roberts, will be your official babysitter tonight. Now, little boy,” she said, overemphasizing the last words, “tell your babysitter your name sweetie.” He was now putty in her hands, and she knew it. “I have the pleasure of being Levi, and I guess I can trust you to be my babysitter, but I can’t promise I will behave.” Levi caught the eyes of the bartender and she came over. “Please make me, and the beautiful redhead here a trash can.” It might have been from all the alcohol he had consumed that night, but Levi was already in love. After about two hours of hard drinking and continuous flirting, they left the bar to get some fresh air and also do a bit of adventuring. The moment they stood up from their stools, Levi saw that she had a good five inches on him, which made him blush and look down at his feet. However, Becky was having none of that and she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the bar with a giggle. “What do you do for a living,” Becky asked as they walked down the dark street, hand in hand. “I’m a phleb... a phlebobiss.” When Levi drank, his speech was usually the first thing to go and phlebotomist was not an easy word to say at the moment. “I stick needles in peoples arms. “Oh so your a nurse.” She chuckled. “Little nurse Levi. I would love to see you in one of those sexy nurse outfits.” “I wish I was a nurse. Thay make so much more money than me, and I would rock the hell out of that outfit.” Levi felt a quick swat on his backside; it wasn’t a hard swat but it caught him off guard. “Language little one, or I’ll take you over my knee.” She winked and Levi shivered with excitement. He seemed to be doing a lot of that tonight. The girl seemed to know exactly what to say or do to push his buttons. Levi kept worrying he was going to wake up soon and realize she was just a dream, but thankfully that haven’t happened as of yet. “So you take peoples blood then?” “Technically yes, but we are actually collecting the plasma from their blood.” “I hate needles,” she said cringing, “I don’t know how you can do that but it sounds cool.” “Funnily enough I hate needles too, but it’s actually pretty easy.” Levi was starting to feel the urge to pee and thought it best to speak up. “Hey could we maybe walk back toward a bar or something? I gotta use the bathroom.” They were currently walking past houses and to their left was an old elementary school. “Aww does my little man have to go potty,” she said, adopting a childish voice and making Levi blush. “Well have no fear babysitter Becky in on the case, and I’ve got a much better idea!” She stopped abruptly and pointed to the school. “How good are you and climbing?” Levi was taken aback. “You want to break into a school?” “That’s exactly what I want to do and I’m in charge so,” she stuck out her tongue, and pulled Levi toward the chain link fence. Levi had no choice to follow, and after much huffing and puffing, and a hole ripped in his shirt, they were over the fence, and shortly after that, through the window of the school. Thankfuly the window had been unlocked. “Now little man, lets find you a potty.” Once again she took his hand a led him through the school. “The school looked pretty old, though Levi knew it was still in use. However, it was currently the middle of summer so it had been empty for about a month now. Levi had never been to this particular school, but from how familiar Becky seemed to be with it, she must have went here as a kid. “Here we are,” she said, pushing open a door with the name “Miss Fitts” on it. “This in the nurses office and she’s got a much better bathroom than the kid’s bathrooms.” They pushed though the office which was filled with cabinets, cupboards, and a exam table in the center. To the very back was another door which was labeled “bathroom”. Becky pulled him back to the door and grabbed the handle, opening it. “Now can I trust you to go alone, or do want me to help?” Levi laughed and shook his head. “I think I’ll manage. I don’t think the toilet will swallow me up here.” “It had better not,” she said sternly. “I will be very upset if it does. Now hurry along little one, we don’t want you have an accident.” Levi laughed again and pushed into the bathroom. The room looked overall ordinary aside from the toilet, which was obviously made for a child so it was much shorter than he was used to. In his drunken state, he thought he had better sit down to pee rather than risk making a mess of the bathroom. Levi quickly finished up his business, then pulled his pants up, washed his hands, and exited the bathroom. When he came back into the nurses office he spotted Becky smiling at him with both of her hand hiding something behind her back. A drawer was slightly open behind her but Levi was unable to make out any of the contents. “What have you got there,” he asked. “Well,” she said, her smile growing bigger. “Considering the fact that I am your babysitter, I thought it would be fun if we both got more into our roles and as such,” she reveled the object from behind her back and Levi felt his face burn beet red. “No, there is no way I’m wearing that!” “Oh come on don’t be such a baby.” The irony of her goading wasn’t lost on him as he looked at the blue and white Pull-Up in her hands. The thing looked obviously big enough to fit Levi’s smaller frame, and the Blue’s Clues paw prints seemed to be staring at him mockingly. “The fact of the matter is I am not a baby and I don’t need diapers.” Levi folded his arms and looked over at the wall so he didn’t have to look at the thing. “It is not a diaper it’s training pants,” she walked up to him, threw her arms around him, and grabbed his chin. The next thing he knew, her lips were on his and he was lost in euphoria. It was in that moment he knew he didn’t want to be with anybody else for the rest of his life. It just felt right and that magic, everyone was always talking about when they fell in love, Levi felt a thousand times over in that moment. Her lips were warm and moist, and almost as if by impulse, Levi wrapped his arms around her and pushed his fingers into her sweet smelling hair. It was only a few seconds but it felt infinitely longer than those short seconds. When they pulled apart and he looked into her stunning green eyes, they both knew she had won. “Fine I’ll wear the damn thing.” She put her hand threateningly on his backside and warned, “Language.”
  19. Hey there! I'm Thorn (he/him). New member, long time writer and self-published author of queer fiction. I've been looking for somewhere to post some DL stories, and then I found you folks! So I thought I'd share a little something I've been working on lately. It's a work-in-progress with quite a bit written already, so I'll be posting new chapters frequently. I'd love some feedback and I'm not afraid of constructive criticism, so bring it on! lol Summary: Caiden is an eighteen-year-old trans boy about to graduate from high school. He's been a bedwetter all his life, but when he develops Irritable Bowel Syndrome, with explosive diarrhoea as a symptom, he starts wearing his bedtime diapers in the daytime. When his best friend Victor discovers his secret, Caiden is sure he won't want to be friends anymore, but that isn't what happens at all . . . CW: This story contains messing, light BDSM, Dom/sub dynamics, coarse language, and sexual situations between consenting individuals over eighteen. I looked and couldn't find any rules that prohibit any of these things, but if there are some, please let me know and I will edit accordingly. ———————— Chapter 1. ‘Caiden!’ He turned his head as he heard his name and saw Victor running up to him. ‘Hey. Where were you earlier? You missed English.’ Caiden tried his best not to blush. ‘Yeah. Sorry. I . . . wasn’t feeling well.’ He looked down and mumbled, ‘Stomach upset.’ Victor frowned, now caught up and walking alongside him. ‘Again? Didn’t that happen last week too?’ Caiden nodded. ‘Yeah. In Math.’ His friend made a face. ‘Sorry, dude. Was it something you ate?’ Caiden shrugged. ‘Maybe. It’s hard to tell. Mom thinks it might be some IBS shit or something . . . Anyway. Let’s change the subject, you don’t wanna hear about my bowel movements.’ Victor laughed. ‘Maybe I do?’ Caiden stopped, looking at him with an eyebrow raised, and Victor laughed again. ‘Nah, bro, just kidding.’ Caiden laughed as well and they resumed their walk, but then he was quiet, mostly just listening as Victor talked about what they’d gone over in English that afternoon. They parted ways at their usual spot and exchanged fistbumps. Then Caiden set off home. Truth was, he had barely made it to the bathroom in time today. In fact, he hadn’t, a little bit had come out in his shorts before he managed to get them off. He carried a spare pair of underwear in his gym bag that was stashed in his locker, thankfully, so he’d been able to change, but it was still embarrassing. When he got home, no one else was there yet. His parents were both at work and his younger twin brothers still at school. He went to the bathroom, getting his soiled shorts out of a plastic bag in his backpack and rinsing them in the bathtub before throwing them in the laundry basket. Entering his room, he pondered. He knelt next to the bed and pulled out the drawer underneath, where he kept his nighttime diapers. Caiden had been wetting the bed all his life. It was like his body had never quite pulled off that whole subconsciously holding your bladder thing. He’d had a few close calls in the daytime as well, though he hadn’t wet himself when awake since he was in grade school. Now he was eighteen, nearly finished with high school. His stomach troubles had started about half a year ago. Until today, he’d managed to make it to the toilet every time, but this minor accident had made up his mind about something he’d been considering for a while; whether he should wear his diapers in the daytime as well. A couple of weeks ago he’d woken up with a stomach ache and, in his sleepy, groggy state, had let it all out in his diaper instead of rushing to the toilet. Once he woke up properly, he felt ashamed. He’d gone to the bathroom, changed himself, and gotten rid of the evidence. If they found out, his mom would worry, his brothers would tease him, and his step-dad would be a dick about it as usual, like he was about everything else. He’d sworn to himself never to do it in his diaper again, but since then it had begun to occur to him that it might not be so bad to have a safety net of sorts. So if he didn’t make it in time, he’d have an easy fix. It could have come in handy today. The diapers he slept in were designed for heavy urine incontinence, though they worked for bowel incontinence as well. And anyway, it wasn’t like he’d be properly pooping in them, they’d just be there for safety. Caiden undressed, leaving just his chest binder on. Then he took a diaper from the drawer and put it on. He pulled his shorts and his jeans back on and looked in the mirror. The jeans were loose, like most of his clothes, and he inspected himself thoroughly. There was no real noticeable bulge. Caiden had been blessed with slim hips and a small behind. The padding made no noticeable difference. He moved around a bit, listening for any noise. There wasn’t much. A slight occasional crinkle, his waistband sliding against the diaper, but nothing anyone would notice. He stared at his reflection and laughed at himself a little. Was he really going to wear a diaper to school tomorrow? His stomach rumbled. ‘Fuck, not this again,’ he muttered. He made to go to the bathroom, but then the thought occurred to him that he might want to test the diaper, see if it could hold a potential accident. He reached to undo his jeans, take off both them and his shorts so they wouldn’t risk getting messy . . . but there was no time. Caiden farted loudly, and then the poop rushed out of him and into his diaper. It was soft and squishy, not exactly liquid diarrhoea, but far from solid. Then it stopped, though he knew there was more, and, figuring that he might as well get it all out, he squatted down and pushed, groaning with the strain. A more solid clump was blocking the rest of it from coming out, and it took a moment to press it out. When it was over, he was trembling and panting. He stood up, making a face at the feeling of his full diaper. He inspected himself in the full length mirror. There was now a considerable bulge, but his jeans looked fine, and he took them off. His shorts were fine too, though he didn’t want to gamble on the diaper holding this kind of load for long, and so he got a fresh one out of the drawer and went to the bathroom to clean up and change. Standing in the shower, he felt suddenly horny. He reached down, rubbing himself. He thought of Victor. Then he wondered what Victor would think if he knew that Caiden wore diapers now. The thought made him blush. Somehow, the thought of Victor knowing turned him on more, and he rubbed himself yet more vigorously, until he came with shaking thighs. By the time Caiden was finished in the bathroom, his mother had come home. ‘Oh!’ she said, as he came out of the bathroom. ‘There you are, Kayla.’ ‘Mom, it’s Caiden,’ he said, somewhat exasperated. ‘I’m sorry. Caiden.’ She sighed. ‘I’m sorry, it just takes a little getting used to, is all.’ ‘Yeah. It’s okay. Just . . . try?’ ‘I am. I promise. I haven’t referred to you as my daughter in months.’ She smiled. ‘How was school?’ ‘It was okay.’ Caiden hesitated. ‘Mom?’ ‘Mhm?’ ‘I . . . I had another stomach upset today and . . . I kind of had an accident. Just . . . just a little one!’ he hurried to say. ‘I just . . . almost didn’t make it. To the bathroom.’ His face felt hot. ‘Aww, I’m sorry, baby!’ Caiden’s mother hugged him. ‘You okay?’ ‘Yeah. Fine. But . . .’ He licked his lips. ‘I think I should . . . start wearing the . . . you know. In the daytime as well. Like, to school. Just . . . just as a precaution. Until we can figure out what’s wrong with my stomach, you know?’ His mother nodded. ‘Hm, yeah . . . That might actually be a good idea. If you’re having a hard time making it to the bathroom on time. It would be just awful if you pooped your pants in class, wouldn’t it?’ Caiden snorted. ‘“Just awful” doesn’t begin to cover it, Mom. It would be the end of my life.’ ‘All right. I’ll make sure we keep stocked up, all right, baby?’ ‘Yeah. Thanks, Mom.’ Caiden bit his lip. ‘Hey . . . do you think you could maybe not mention this to Brendan and Ryker? Or to Sam? I . . . I’d rather they not know. It’s embarrassing enough wearing diapers at night.’ ‘Of course, sweetie.’ She hugged him. ‘I won’t tell a soul.’
  20. I'm a Daddy type seeking a Roleplay partner who would play the LG in a DD/LG type RP. Absolutely has to be a female character you’re playing, and I'd really prefer female RPers playing the role. Male RPers usually wind up using the wrong pronoun or something at some point and it kinda breaks the illusion for me. I'm not attracted to men. I'm sorry. If your profile says you're a woman and you're really good at playing one and not slipping up on stuff like that, then by all means lie to me. You have my permission. I prefer longer, more detailed responses; a lengthy paragraph at least, a couple of paragraphs would be more ideal. Story + Conflict > Slice of life I'd personally prefer third person, not a deal-breaker, though. I would prefer doing it via private messages or Discord. I have my reasons. I like romance in my RP's. I know below I've listed a number of kinks and smutty things, but I do like the smut to be romantically motivated or lead to a genuine romance. If a story involves her regressing or needing diapers as a result of some nefarious plot, I can play both the villain and the love interest. My interests lie mostly in female characters who probably need diapers but aren’t into them yet (women having accidents or nearly having them quite frequently), and the RP involving them getting diapered by way of my character. Be it by their own will or being forced into them. My interests lie a bit more on the DL side than the AB side. The RP can be about a woman regressing into an AB. I guess I just don't want the RP to start with her already in full AB-mode. Stuff I like in roleplays include humiliation (for the female character), women peeing, women pooping, women farting, light bondage (being tied up or tying a woman up), hypnosis/mind control, somnophilia (sleep sex, being taken advantage of in my sleep or the other way around), role reversal type scenarios (namely the woman starting out in a position of power over him but becoming more the submissive as he becomes more assertive), dressing women in sexy and/or embarrassing outfits, giving spankings, giving enemas, voyeurism/exhibitionism (spying on a woman), ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female) / CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female), and others which I’ll try to come up with if you’re curious and ask. Here are most of my smutty interests: https://i.imgur.com/Pmbclfk.png You don't have to like most of those things to interest me, but consider them bonus points the more of them you're interested in. I have some RP ideas in previous topics I've put up here and a couple I haven't posted yet. If my list of demands hasn't completely scared you off yet, let me know either by replying to this post or via PM. I'd love to discuss something and brainstorm it together. Hope all is well, Buddy
  21. The first 100 people to use this coupon code ( VY46X ) between now and the end of Black Friday will receive a free copy of my latest book, Test Subjects Wanted. You will have to create an account but the book is free after registering. This is a story about Thomas, a bright young man with a limited career path at his present place of employment. A chance look at a help wanted ad was about to change his life. He didn't know what he would be doing but he knew the money was a lot better than his entry-level tech support job at the electronics store. What amount of cash would it take for him to commit a significant amount of his life to something he would never want anyone else to find out about? Something that left no permanent effects and would ultimately help humanity as a whole but required a significant personal sacrifice by him? Follow Thomas as he makes a better life for himself and the world but at what cost to his dignity? This documents his participation in a medical research study, one where all of the test subjects are diapered and force-fed for the duration of the project. With the procedures the doctors have performed on the subjects, they have no choice but to use the diapers they are locked into. At least he will have company. Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html
  22. This is a story I have been wanting to write for a while. This is the true story of how I met and fell in love with my current fiancé/mommy. Of coarse I’ve changed up a few things to keep it interesting, But for the most part I will be keeping it factual. For those who are not patient readers, I warn you this will be a slow burn and there is no abdl content in this first post. I’m not sure how often I will write because I am only able to write when I feel it. Well enough prattling on. I hope you can all enjoy this story. ========================================================================================================================= It is hard to find the words to start this particular love story, for it is in fact a love that will endure all the storms and weathers of life. However, I feel like I’m getting too sappy with this introduction so I will just start my story with a bowl of pudding. Levi: I found this recipe on Facebook and I was thinking about making it tonight Ashlie: What kind of recipe??? Levi: It’s like a banana pudding/Reeses peanut butter cup kinda thing Ashlie: Sounds just vague enough to be good ? Levi: I feel like you’re patronizing me... Ashlie: I would never! Levi: Yeah sure... Well if you want any, you can stop by and pick some up. Levi put his phone down, looked over at the pudding supplies, and sighed. What was he doing? She had a boyfriend and, even if that hadn't been the case, she had turned down all of his previous invitations to hang out. The glass of wine shimmered in his hand as he swilled the contents. He had been drinking a lot as of late; a side effect of the depression that came with being single for too long. His phone pinged again and he picked it back up. Ashlie: I’ll be in town maybe I’ll pick some up after you’re done This didn’t really get his hopes up as she had accepted his request to hang out a time before, only to cancel the plans before the they came to fruition. Levi: Well just give me a heads up if you do decide to come over It was better, he had learned, not to get his hopes up, and instead of starting on the pudding, Levi began making his usual fare of Hamburger Helper, while continuing to sip on his glass of wine. The kitchen, he found himself in, was small, and not dirty enough to be called messy but just enough to be called “lived in.” Living in a house with two other bachelors (whom were not home at the moment), there was no real need to keep the place spotless, and Levi wasn't really a big fan of deep cleaning anyway. However, the small kitchen worked for Levi and his dinner was soon simmering on top of the oven. Levi was grabbing a bowl to start dishing up when his phone went off again. Ashlie: Alright give me your address so I can come get some of this pudding I’ve heard so much about “Shit!” Levi nearly dropped his bowl, as he looked over at the waiting pudding supplies sitting neatly in the plastic bag. Levi put down the bowl and quickly texted his address and then adding apologetically. Levi: Sorry I didn’t expect you to come honestly. I haven’t started on the pudding yet Ashlie: Yea of little faith well I guess that just means I’m going to have to help you make it. What have you been doing all this time if you haven’t been making pudding??? Levi blushed but thought it was best to keep being honest. Levi: I’ve been drinking wine and making hamburger helper Ashlie: So fancy!!! Well that just means we can drink wine while we make pudding Who is this girl, Levi thought and he ran to his room to change his clothes and put on cologne. Should she really be hanging out with me alone if she has a boyfriend? Does that make me a scumbag? Why am I getting my hopes up, I barely know her? This was true, the only interaction he had had with Ashlie up to this point had been at his work. Levi worked at a plasma center and this girl was one of the regular donors that came in twice a week. They talked a little bit here and there, but they never had time to really have any meaningful conversation. It was only recently that Levi had worked up enough courage to add her on Facebook, and after seeing that she was single on there, he started talking to her. However, when Levi was out drinking at the bars, he had gotten more gutsy than he would have normally been and asked her out on a date over text. It was then that she had burst his bubble and revealed that the statement on Facebook was in fact false, and to his disappointment and embarrassment, she had a boyfriend. The memory of exchange flashed through Levi’s mind as he pulled a new shirt over his head. “This is just a friend thing,” he said out loud, exiting his room, “I’m not going to try anything, and I won’t let her try anything.” Cheating, or letting someone cheat was the worst thing someone could do. Levi had unfortunately had experience with this in the past and it made him even more cautious of his current situation. There was a knock on the door and Levi jumped. That was quick. Levi walked over the door and opened it to reveal the tall, red-headed, and honestly beautiful Ashlie. Being tall all his life, it was refreshing to finally meet a girl close to his height. No, Levi had to remind himself, she’s just a friend. Stop looking at her as some girl you have “found.” “Alright you slacker,” Ashlie grinned and entered the house, “lets get started on this pudding. Oh,” she spotted the, still half full, glass of wine sitting on the table, “and the wine.”
  23. I'm riding on the train to my new house. I just moved in with my boyfriend Hitori after we agreed that it would be cheaper (and a lot more fun) to live together. I think back to how we met. I was at an anime con, and spotted the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was obviously in some sort of cosplay, but I didn't recognize the character. The only thing that seemed strange was her flat chest, despite it being obvious she was in her late teens. I stared for a long time, trying to build up the courage to go say hi, but I just couldn't make myself do it. After a while she spotted me, and grinned as I blushed and looked away. The next thing I knew the girl was right next to me, and introducing himself as Hitori. Of course at the time I was wearing something very similar to what I'm wearing now. My long pink wig with a braid that hangs down nearly to my knees. (I'm trying to grow my hair out long enough to make it natural but it's taking a long time, and my hair is only down to the middle of my back) I was wearing a short pink skirt, and a white belly shirt with a pink collar meant to emulate a schoolgirl uniform. I had forgone my usual panty smoothing gaff for a thick white diaper, since public bathrooms are disgusting, and not always readily available at a con. At first I found the idea of pissing on myself to be disgusting, but better than the alternative, but after the first time I did it, and it felt so good, I warmed up to the idea, just like my diaper warmed up around my crotch. Later that night I found out that Hitori was also wearing a diaper, and as we continued to see each other after the con he continued to wear diapers. I even recently started changing him from time to time. More often than not it lead to Hitori pulling me in for a kiss... which usually leads to a bit more than just a kiss. "You look really pretty when you smile little girl." A voice breaks me out of my blushing reminiscence, and I look at the source of the voice. There's an unkempt man in his mid 30's ...leering at me, there's simply no other way to describe his sparkling eyes, mouth half open in a toothy grin as I feel his gaze penetrate down to my skin. I clutch the courier bag over my shoulder. "Why don't you come sit over here, and talk to me for a while. I'm sure we'll get along reeeeal well, and then maybe you can let me show you a good time?" I back away, scared and uncomfortable, but not wanting to make a scene, I know my face is flushed, and I probably look like I'm turning into a tomato. "Um... no... no t-thank you." I manage to squeak out shyly as i back up to one of the doors of the train. "Awww, come on sweet little girl, I don't bite... unless you want me to." The man says his grin getting wider. The train slows to a stop, and the doors open, "This is my stop, bye!" I exclaim as I dash off the train, onto the platform. This was not my stop. I was just desperate to get away from the creepy man. I sigh, and look around for a bit, then shiver, the cold air of the underground station chilling me with my exposed thighs, arms, and belly. Eventually the next train comes, and I get on, riding it to my actual stop, and then getting off, walking the rest of the way to my new house. I unlock the door, and walk inside. "Hello? I'm home!" I call out into the house, hoping Hitori is as well.
  24. Before I start this roleplay I shall state some rules and requirements. I want a roleplay partner of my tier, not someone who already has trouble writing two lines. To truly give the both of us maximal immersion, we will both have to be competent and passionate. Also, this roleplay will be done in a private message as there will be sexual actions in it. Rules: 1. No one/two/three-liners. I expect at least a proper amount of text. This means of course that I in the first place also have to supply you with enough material to produce a reply of similar volume. 2. No controlling my character. I've had people before who thought they could decide what my character feels for some reason. Don't do that. Whatever ideas you have, they'll surely have their time in our roleplay. And you can always tell me out of character that you have an exciting idea for which I require a little bit of your guidance. 3. Please do not use bad grammar. This includes words such as 'u', 'ur', et cetera. I just cannot stand how some people on here seem to fail at even implementing the basics of grammar. It's really not hard and will significantly improve your performance. This of course excludes typo's and other accidental grammatical mistakes. I'm not THAT horrible. Basically that's all I ask. For many this likely already is too much. Be honest with yourself and don't overestimate yourself. I only want the best of the best, despite how cocky that may sound. I just want to have a roleplay on my level that's fun for the both of us. Now onto the characters. if you survived the rules and think you are fit for this roleplay, let's first see if the characters fit you. Your character (Picture 1): Age: 18 Gender: Male Special trait: Femboy Personality: A bit shy, very gentle-hearted and easily surprised Basically I want you to be able to act out the few personality traits I noted. The name for your character is up to you. My character (picture 2): Name: Hideri Age: 18 Special trait: femboy Personality: Teasing, confident, sweet but also rather mischievous Now the starter. I'll keep it short because it is rather late when I am writing this and I also want most of the focus to be solely on the story we create together. Hider and Y/N are a couple and have been living together for a while now. Both met a year ago at an convention for all things cosplay and anime, where they were cosplaying as traps. They both have a passion for crossdressing and love all kinds of girly/cute clothing. At that very same convention they both fell in love straight away, which would eventually lead into this. The more that the two got to know each other, the more fun their lives got. Aside from crossdressing the both of them also had a love for diapers. After they came out for that to each other, their lives got turned upside down. They started to wear diapers in the house around each other, going as far as changing each other and becoming closer in the process. Fast forward a few months and that's where our roleplay starts. We live together as a femboy ABDL couple. We both wear diapers around each other, even sometimes when going outside. We change each other and take care of one another. From here on it up to us what happens and how this story develops. If you have any questions left, don't be afraid to ask them.
  25. I'm a Daddy type seeking a Roleplay partner who would play the Daughter-type or LG in a DDLG type RP. Absolutely has to be a female character you’re playing. I prefer longer, more detailed responses; a lengthy paragraph or couple of paragraphs each time. I would prefer doing it via private messages but I have a RP going in the forum at the moment, so I'm not against that if that's what you prefer. I tend to lean towards romance being an element in my RP’s as well, so just putting that out there. My interests lie mostly in female characters who probably need diapers but aren’t into them yet (women having accidents or nearly having them quite frequently), and the RP involving them getting into diapers in some way, shape, or form. Be it by their own will or being forced into them. I guess you can say my interests lie a bit more on the DL side than the AB side, but I’m not against regression being an element in the RP and it becoming somewhat AB-oriented as long as the regression is part of the story. Other things I like in roleplays are humiliation (for the female character), women peeing, pooping, and farting, light bondage, somnophilia (sleep sex, being taken advantage of in my sleep or the other way around). I very much enjoy role reversal type scenarios. In this case, probably a woman in a position of power over my character either taking something submissive like being diapered and making it more she’s the one controlling him, OR slowly having the tables turned on her and finding herself dependent on him. Giving spankings, giving enemas, voyeurism/exhibitionism, ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female) / CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female), and others which I’ll try to come up with if you’re curious and ask. Here are most of my kinks: https://i.imgur.com/Pmbclfk.png If you PM me, let me know what you’re into, what you’re not into. I don’t need to have all of my turn-ons included by any means, so no pressure if there are things you’re really not comfortable with. If what I’m putting down interests you, then below I’m going to have a handful of RP scenarios for you to choose from. If you’re interested, send me a message with the RP you chose as the message subject, and we’ll discuss things. Doesn't have to be verbatim one of the scenarios, could be an idea you came up with that you think I might like, or a tweaked version of one of mine, or a combination of two or more of them. If I get one scenario going, I might turn others down who come to me with the same RP scenario chosen. Discussing the RP before just starting RPs is probably the way to go. Here are the scenarios: 1. Cranky Boss: A high-ranking executive businesswoman, probably the daughter of someone even higher-ranking, goes to great lengths to deliberately make her new shy personal assistant uncomfortable because she has so much fun watching him clench up. However, when her ‘pranks’ start involving diapers and having him change her, she finds herself softening up and no longer doing it for the reasons she started. Is she falling for him or just enjoying the pampering and diapers more than she expected? 2. Bully-Turned-Daddy: A meek high school girl with a reputation of running to the girl’s restroom every time she needs to go…finds herself being diapered by a bully. She can’t take the diaper off herself, thanks to some super glue the bully utilizes in the tape of the diaper, so she has to embarrassedly report to him at the end of the day so he can remove it and give her her panties back. An unusual romance develops however, when the bully ends up becoming an unexpected Daddy figure in her life and the diapers (as well as someone she can talk to about these issues) wind up being exactly what she needed. 3. Baby Girl’s Trusted Sidekick: The city’s beloved superheroine has a rather unusual origin story. Her bodily fluids and solids actually depower her, weaken her, and at their peak build-up, make her a regular ordinary woman. Unfortunately, the substances within her have chemical properties that are harmful to the world around them and can only be handled in a, undergarment made of material fabricated specifically for her that, regrettably, she can’t physically handle herself for Kryptonite-esque comic book reasons. Her often overshadowed partner, often ridiculed as merely her ‘sidekick’ by others, has to be the one to clean her up and pamper her in order for her to be as effective as she is. Will this secret ever be revealed to the public? Does the sidekick become more than just a sidekick to her? 4. Private Tutoring: A rather kinky teacher with a lust for showing herself off finds herself a boy in her class she thinks she can have a lot of fun with. His eyes linger whenever her short skirts flutter a bit, and he shifts a bit in his seat when she stands right beside him at his desk with her panty-less, miniskirt-covered crotch is mere inches from his face. Being a psychology teacher, she knows full well this boy is struggling to keep his grades up because he clearly is attracted to her, not that it bothers her in the slightest. Private tutoring just gives her more opportunities to have fun with the boy, and even test out some of her more out-there kinks. She’s always wanted to freely wet herself in front of someone, and how naughty to do it with a student who would never turn her in? Surely that’s bold enough, but she keeps going further, until the day comes when she’s having him change her diaper for ‘extra credit.’ 5. Not From Around Here: Whether she’s from an alien race that can look human or from some Wonder Woman-esque land outside of average society, this woman finds herself exiled from her people and naively trying to understand the world she now has to live in. Where she comes from, they’re more open with their bodies and a lot of the things typically done behind closed doors are done more openly. She bumps into a man with a womanizing past, admittedly trying to better himself, who takes it upon himself to try his best to help her adjust to the new world around her. Seemingly no longer can she walk around without any clothes on, relieve herself wherever she stood, or pleasure herself whenever and wherever she felt the urge. She might not need to get used to toilets however with the freedom diapers still provides her. Sometimes it’s a dream come true to have a beautiful open woman roaming about the house, while other times she’s a handful. Can he make it work? A few more ideas I had to get creative juices going. Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends on here. 6. Cursed: A bratty popular girl pisses off the wrong roaming spiritualist. This gypsy woman places a curse upon her head, which the girl initially writes off. When she wakes up in the morning however, she finds herself diapered. Cruel prank? Apparently the cruelest, she can't get the diaper off! Nothing seems to work, not even scissors or tearing it away. She has to go to school, however, so she does her best to hide it. Finding the gypsy woman after a rough day at school, she is told the only way the diapers can come off is if the person she's been the cruelest to grants her the kindness. A boy she's always picked on, whether because she kinda likes him and doesn't know how to show it or because she genuinely felt he was lesser than her, turns out to be the key to this curse. She can't take the diaper off, but he can! All seems well until the next morning, when she wakes up with another diaper on. With the gypsy woman nowhere to be found, she finds herself having to seek him out for the embarrassing task of removing her undergarments. Curses are never simple, however, are they? She doesn't even realize the curse gets more complicated as time goes on. Will the curse ever be broken? If so, how embarrassing and vulnerable will she have to be before it is? Will she grow a newfound appreciation for the boy she's mistreated along the way? 7. Novice Wizard: Being a novice at a school for magic-wielders in training is pretty tough. What's even worse however is when a rival of hers is one of the best and uses his mastery to make you look rather foolish on a regular basis. At any given moment she can suddenly start wetting herself and be completely unable to stop the flow of her bodily fluids, no matter where she is or who's nearby. After a number of such incidents occur, it becomes harder and harder to tell if she's still the victim of a prank from one of her rival's spells, or if something is genuinely wrong with her. The diapers he puts her in without her even realizing seem necessary if they weren't so humiliating. If only she could get him back! But how could she? She spends so much time being on the defensive for such cruel pranks, she doesn't have time to master spells the way he does. Will she ever surpass him? Or is she doomed to be the school baby girl against her will? Or maybe the story goes in a completely different direction, and an unusual romance develops between them. 8. Guy on the Train: She had always heard stories about what goes on during crowded subway commutes, but she was never warned about the kind of thing that happened to her. It started like how she was warned: a guy standing behind her getting a little handsy. He lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and completely off. A living nightmare. Suddenly, something soft was being pulled up her calves, knees and thighs. She was now wearing something cushiony underneath her skirt. Before anything made sense, the man was gone, and she had reached her stop. It was a diaper. But why? Why diaper a woman on the subway? If she still had her panties, she would've changed back into them at the nearest bathroom, but instead she had to wear the dang thing home. She found herself pondering it more and more. Another commute, it happens again, only on the way to work. Seemingly the same guy, only now she has to wear it all day at work, and on the commute home later. The commute home gets worse...does he want her to USE it? Why does he want this? Why her? Will these questions be answered, does it go in a story-driven direction, or is it just a weird couple instances? 9. A Superheroine Humiliated: A superheroine's arch-nemesis (or perhaps just a new villain on the rise), is on the loose: The Humiliator. His name doesn't really describe his abilities but more his M.O., how he leaves the police officers who try to foil his petty, immature schemes. Unfortunately, he's too much for even the mightier superheroines, and your character finds herself puzzled by how quickly and easily he's bested her. Before she knows it, she's being forced into a diaper in front of a crowd of citizens and law enforcement. If that's not bad enough, what he did to her during that time has seemingly caused her to have accidents in her day-to-day life. Despite how embarrassing as it was to be diapered in front of people, she finds herself needing diapers. The only person with answers as to why she needs them seems to be her new-found nemesis. Does he turn over a new leaf and help her, will she always need the diapers, or will something else come of their future encounters? Depending on how she feels about the diapers as time goes on, the RP could go in different directions. 10. The Eccentric Billionaire: Your character gets a job as a cleaning lady for a rather reclusive billionaire. He's very particular, however, and has had a lot of employees steal from him in the past. And since he doesn't want the bathrooms she just cleaned to be soiled or dirtied after being cleaned, he insists she doesn't use the bathrooms while on duty. His solution? Her work dress code involves her wearing a diaper all about the house. And being forbidden from using the bathroom means she must use the diapers. He feels the need to inspect her before she leaves anyway, just to make sure she's not leaving with anything of his, so she finds herself in the odd position of being changed by him during the day. He has a lot of food to eat in the fridge during her breaks, but there's something off about how they taste, and she can't help but wonder that she desperately needs to go to the bathroom the longer she works there. Is it possible her food and drinks are laced with muscle relaxers, diuretics, and laxatives? Would her boss really do that? Despite his eccentricities, there's potential for an odd romance here I'd be curious in exploring if anyone's up for it. 11. Blackmailed Teacher: A high school teacher finds herself struggling to hold in her pee and bowel movement while watching over a lone student in detention. She had been warned not to leave him alone for a second as he was very wily and not to be trusted. When she approaches the boy and tells him she needs to step out for a second, caving and deciding to leave him alone despite the warnings she had been given, she discovers approaching the boy was the biggest mistake she'd make. Rather than letting her go to the bathroom, he pulls her pants down/skirt off in a single motion, and the sudden jolt of losing clothing is enough for her to let loose right in front of the boy. Things go from bad to worse when he's quick enough to whip out his phone and get footage of it recorded. The image of her with her panties on full display to him at the start of the video would give people cause to believe an attempt to inappropriately seduce her student only resulted in a rather embarrassing accident. He of course won't share the video but only because he has humiliating plans for her to have more accidents in the future and become his Baby Girl, diapers and all. But as long as none of them are revealed to the other students, it's all worth it, right? Right?
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