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Found 13 results

  1. Ordered the new little mermaid pull ups from wal-mart. the designs are super cute and hold a lot of potty suprisenly. Definitely check these out if you're a pull ups lover 😊
  2. Did not expect huggies to release a 5t-6t version of their night time pull ups. But to my suprise they did and I couldn't be more happier. These seem to be a bit more stretchier then the regular 5T-6T pull ups and definitely a lot more absorbant. They feature two cute sleepy mickey mouse designs. I've already went potty 3 times in mine and no leaks! I highly recommend giving these a try if you're a pull ups fan 😊
  3. I found Pampers Cruisers Size 7 at Walmart today. I haven't seen these in a decade. That said they have changed a lot since then. 1. They don't have Seasame Street Characters. 2. They are way thinner when dry, but swell and absorb dramatically more than expected. 3. They aren't as stretchy and the padding doesn't go all the way up in the back anymore. 4. My wife wet one and it held for her, but due to the loss of stretchy we couldnt fasten the tapes (so she wore a pullup over it to hold it in place). Overall a mixed bag, but I am excited to see them again.
  4. So there's a review channel and she did a review there now of rearz diapers and she's not an abdl but I absolutely love her reviews she goes into soo much detail and she also walks around and does daily tasks in it to show how it looks and how comfortable it is and honestly I'd highly recommend watching it and subbing to her channel for hopefully more in depth reviews of abdl diapers her channel is called ada KiGaines https://youtu.be/qoS3rH0qByo
  5. I've been using certainty fitted briefs max protection for over 2 years and today I went to buy a new pack and I was surprised to see they had a new look, it got me wondering how different this new design looks and how well they perform. On the left is the new design the right it's the older design. I LOVE these new briefs!! They really improved the way it fits, it's more flexible and with a better leakguard. It feels more like a baby diaper than a hospital diaper. The older design had a smaller guard, it had too much excess material. If u can see the new ones really hug all arround the legs. The old ones made it feel like u needed to readjust Everytime I moved positions, with the new briefs I can spend all day without having to readjust the tapes. I love these diapers thank you wallgreens! Thank you Certainty for listening to your customers and for this great product. I will be buying more!!
  6. Here is our review of the Seni Active Super Plus Adult pull-up.
  7. My wife and I do a lot of spanking play with diapers.
  8. TENA from what I see is mostly for girls however they look like something I would enjoy wearing. I have a 32inch waist, I'm a guy, not over weight, average body, butt and legs. Please tell me what type I should try (I like the look of the flex) and the size (I think either small or medium). Any other suggestions as to other types of diapers I may enjoy that I can get at my local stores is also appreciated. I have tried Goodnites (both boxers and briefs) Pampers Cruisers size 7 (Favorite so far) and Depends (pull-ups, extra
  9. Recently I have had the chance to try a few Canadian products from Rearz Inc. (http://www.nhdcanada.com/) Laurie (The owner) is currently in between sites at the moment and this is the one with the most functionality on it. As their other site (http://www.rearz.ca/) is still under construction. I had a lot of questions about products and I even asked about AB/DL considering they have baby print pants etc. All she said is that she
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