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  1. Author's Note: if you've been following some of my more recent works, this is gonna be a bit different. Less on the fetishy side and more of an… emotional conversation? I dunno what direction I'm gonna take it yet. Anyhoo, enjoy! ~~~~ God, what a hell of a day! I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't a Monday. Nope. Just a supposed-to-be-boring old Thursday. Are Thursdays the new Monday? Shit, who knows? I'm just glad to be home. I can't wait to take a hot shower, boot up the Xbox, and maybe even put on a- My thoughts were interrupted by my apartment door suddenly swinging open to reveal my girlfriend Grace standing in the doorway. She wore her usual casual clothes: sweat pants and a t-shirt commemorating some emo rock band from the early 2,000s–today it was Black Veil Brides. Her long black hair cascaded down over her shoulders, framing the most beautiful face I'd had the pleasure of seeing almost every day for… Huh. How long had it been? Four months? Six? Who knows, who cares. I barely remembered a life before her anyway, that's how happy she made me. “Hey Aaron.” She said, smiling up at me. “Uhhhhh, hi?” Hi? Is that all I could say? “I didn't expect to see you today. I didn't forget a date or something, did I?” Shit, had she made plans for us today and I forgot? I don't think I did, but if I did she was gonna be pissed… “Nope. Just thought I'd drop in and surprise you.” she stepped out of the doorway to let me in. “Well… Consider me surprised!” I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my lips to hers. Even if my original plans were out the window with her here, it was well-worth it to spend the evening with the love of my life. “Want some coffee?” She asked when her lips were finally free from mine. “Is that a question? Of course I want coffee!” She knew I had a routine of having a cup of coffee when I get home from work. If I was anything I was a creature of habit. She sauntered off to the kitchen to get me my drink. I was very particular about my coffee, but she had a knack for making it *just* the way I liked it. It was reason #217 why I loved her. I went about my arriving-home routine of hanging up my coat, putting my wallet and keys in their usual spots, kicking off my shoes, and changing out of my work shirt. I had just finished all that by the time Grace came to me with my favorite coffee mug–the one that said “I before E, except when your foreign neighbor Keith receives eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters.” I took a sip of my coffee and I'm sure the look on my face must've conveyed something akin to orgasmic bliss. “Mmmmm, perfect as always.” She gave me a satisfied grin and grabbed my free hand, leading me back out to the living room couch. I figured she either wanted to play games or watch some of our shows, and I was fine with either of those options. I sat down on the couch and was slightly taken aback when she opted to sit on the coffee table in front of me, instead of taking her seat beside me. “So.” This was a little game she played sometimes. “So.” I repeated, prompting her to continue. “You know how you helped me learn to communicate better and not overreact during conversations?” “I do seem to recall this, yes.” It was true. When we met, she wasn't all that great at dealing with conflict. Not that I blamed her. To say she had come from a broken home would be like calling the Hindenburg a little oopsy-daisy. “Well,” she continued “I may have done something that might require you to use those same skills…” I quirked an eyebrow at her. This was… Very unlike my Grace. She was normally outspoken and unapologetic when it came to the things she did. Now it seemed the cat had gotten her tongue pretty good. “Ummm, okay? Consider me braced for bad news. Hit me.” I was honestly perplexed as to what she could have done that she'd be afraid to tell me. Cheated on me? No, not a chance. She regularly told me that I was the best thing that had ever happened to her–a sentiment I reciprocated just as regularly. Stolen from me? No, not her style. “Well you see, the other day I was here and you were taking a shower and I was bored so I kinda just started… Going through your closet…” My face turned pale as a ghost. Fuck. I felt her hand on my knee “Just bare with me a minute, okay babe?” my whole body felt like it was on fire, but her smile definitely helped put me at ease. I let out the breath I didn't know had caught in my throat and nodded for her to continue. “I was obviously a bit confused, so I ummm… went through your phone. Found some things…” My eyes were glued to the floor. I had envisioned this scenario a thousand times, and it never turned out well. I had to stop my mind from jumping to the conclusions it was certain that this conversation was leading to. “You have a thing for diapers.”
  2. After ten years, I'm so pleased to introduce the DailyDiapers forum to Sophie & Pudding's 50th story!! Butterflies is - in my opinion - one of the best things we have ever written. We have been working on it for about a year and I'm just so happy I finally get to show people. ;__; Butterflies is a story about love and how transformative it can be to have people care about you. It's a tale about growing up and growing down and how both of those things can be possible at the same time. It's a realistic narrative about life and daily problems and overcoming obstacles you never thought you would have to deal with. And of course, it's a story about diapers and cute adults wearing them. ^_~ Butterflies has exactly 100 chapters (an homage to the first ABDL story I ever read!). The complete story is available on our Patreon in PDF and ePUB format. If you don't like waiting for chapters, please consider supporting us at: www.patreon.com/sophieandpudding Thank you all for the past ten years! We wouldn't be where we are as writers without you guys as our audience. ❤️ Also, special thanks to @mahleedl for commissioning this piece and inspiring the concept! ~Sophie ----------------------------- Butterflies By Sophie & Pudding ----------------------------- Chapter One "Fuck off." I put up my middle finger and stuck out my tongue - some sort of half-step between maturity and childishness. That sentence just outright summed me up. But Eliot was getting on my nerves today. Always asking stupid questions... "I don't want a boyfriend. Who wants a boyfriend anyway? They just talk shit behind your back and sleep around, right?" Speaking as someone who had never had one. "If it matters so much to you, why don't you go get a boyfriend, hm?" "I'm not really boyfriend-boyfriend material, Ky-Spy." I flipped my bangs up out of my eyes with a sharp and cynical exhale, a little puff of breath, and shrugged with my palms faced upward - I'd always been a pretty animated example of a young man my age. Also, it infuriated Kylie when I was aloof, but that was my way of being a conscientious objector to our sometimes-childish bickering. She also hated it when I rhymed her name with things, too. All a side effect of growing up together. "I just think you should try it out, maybe have someone you can kick around some, you know?" "I cannot believe we are having this conversation..." How many times did I have to spell it out? I don't date! Well... not the way Eliot thought about dating, anyway. "Why are you on my case about this, huh? I don't pester you for being single, do I?" "You do not," I conceded, glibly, before continuing with an almost-too-sharp, "you're too busy pestering me for spending a thousand credits a week on nice clothes when 'one good pair of jeans is all you really need', right?" Eyeing up a reply, I burst into a little immature giggle and clasped my hands together. "Oh don't be mad, come on now! I was just winding you up. You make a single pair of jeans look... great, really!" She wasn't poor, neither of us were, she just had hobbies of the more mechanical nature. Clothes were function to Kylie, not fashion. "It's a miracle you afford rent," I said flatly and got up from the table. We had been sitting in the mall food court for the better part of an hour. Thankfully, malls were back in fashion. It's wonderful what universal income can do for the economy. "Come on - I want to check out a new game." "I don't know how you spend your income on something you never actually get to own." Kylie shot me a look that told me she was about done with the razzing back and forth, and I tipped my head in unspoken understanding, following along behind her. "Tell me about this game, what's it about? Is it one of those ones where the Big Burly Man Shoot Gun, or one where the Big Burly Man Throw Ball?" Games were not my forte. "It's an RPG. You can kind of like... I dunno. Make a character. Be someone else. That kind of thing." "I like who you are," I said under my breath. Kylie turned to me with a goofy smile. "No worries; I'm not going anywhere." "That girl at the game store that hit on you, did you ever call her?" Ky had argued that it wasn't flirting, but I knew better - as far as romantic entanglements went, I knew more than most boys my age. "She's probably working today, do you wanna hit the store outside the mall?" "No thank you," I said flatly. I kept looking forward to prevent Eliot from seeing my blush. I insisted time and again that I didn't like girls, but... well, as the years went on I was less and less sure of that. I almost felt like I was hanging onto my heterosexuality just to spite people. A shitty way to live, I guess. But I repeated my trademark line: "I don't date." "Of course you don't." I didn't either, but for me the statement was more of a 'I'm so bad at this OTL' kind of sentiment. We both had our own hang-ups, it, but together we could probably conquer the world if we could go an entire day without sassing each other. "I wanna know more about this game!" I tried to explain to him all the nuances that came with reputation systems, but he definitely wasn't following along. I had tried to play games with him in the past, but Eliot had the attention span of a may fly when it came to technology. But he could look at t-shirts for two hours. I swear... We were just outside the game store when something caught my eye. At the end of the hallway, a woman was standing there, leaning against the wall. Tall. Taller than me, and I wasn't really short either. Her hair was reddish and cut short. But most importantly: I knew this woman. I knew her and I really didn't want her to be here... "Hey, uh... you go inside. I'll catch up..." "Hi, El, you go into the store that we're here for me to go to, and I'll stand out here and maybe go look at clothes." I said out loud, looking at her with a dopey smile, like she hadn't realized the surrealness of what she'd suggested. But her eyes read serious, so I did what she said after a tense moment, and found myself immersed in the kinda dank smelling decade-old carpet and wall-to-wall shelving décor of the game store. Oh look, a T-Shirt rack… When I approached her, she took a few steps away, off to the side and away from the crowds. I followed after her, until we were as along as two people could get in the middle of a shopping mall. "What are you doing here?!" "You weren't answering your phone," she said quietly, almost nervously. "I'm fine, Marnie. I... I just need some time to myself, okay?" I crossed my arms over my chest and looked down at my feet. When had things become so complicated...? "Time to yourself with a boy?" Marnie tilted her head almost accusatorially, but gave no reason to believe her question didn't expect an answer, either. She wasn't quite an insecure girl, so much as she was an often paranoid one. She didn't like being blindsided. I balled my hands at my sides and looked up at Marnie with irritation. "I don't date!" I swear, one of these days someone is going to actually listen to me when I say that! "And if I did, it's none of your business. You're just..." "...just what?" I looked at the floor and shook my head. The thought that came to my mind was mean-spirited. So I took a deep breath and changed direction. "I'm... I'm glad you're worried about me. It's sweet. But I'll call you when I need you, okay?" "It's funny how if I took you on your word at that, I never seem to hear from you again, isn't it?" Marnie meant well, she really truly did, but just like some art was defined by its imperfections, so too was Marnie by hers. "I'll wait, but not forever." "Whatever..." I turned on my heel and went back to the game store, with a whole lot on my mind. Marnie... why was she doing this? I just wanted to keep everything the way it was. Separate. Simple. But no... "Hey, sorry about that," I told Eliot, returning to the game store. "Just had to take care of something..." "I found T-Shirts. Or I thought they were T-Shirts, and then I touched them, and realized they were just coarse pads for scrubbing pots and pans with, in the shape of T-Shirts, which is a shame cause there was this one that looked pretty cool with a fat little yellow rat on it, but I could not wear something like that." Nor should anybody; clothing that cheaply made ought to be a war crime! "Yeah... sure." "Not even a single snide remark? You sure you're okay?" Eliot put his hand to my forehead to check for a fever and I brushed him away. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Um. I'm not really feeling the whole games thing. Maybe we could take off?" I wanted to go home. "You know, it doesn't take an android to figure out that something happened, so maybe..." It was always best to let Ky know that I wasn't going to cross her boundaries when she was wound up like this. Hmm.. "I'm not going to like push the issue or anything, but I'm here you know?" I sighed and nodded my head. "Yeah, thanks..." Eliot could be pretty cool sometimes. I guess that's why we stayed friends after all these years. Maybe I should have told him the truth. I could have told him everything, right? But I didn't think I'd survive the emotional talk. Emotions really weren't my thing... "Come on, I'll buy us some ice cream. I know you already spent all your credits." "If I spent credits on ice cream, I'd have to spend more credits on clothes, cause mine wouldn't fit." Graciously, I'd accept the free ice-cream though, despite my diminutive frame. Honestly, no amount of food in the world would alter my waifish frame - was waifish a word you could use to describe a boy? Sure, why not - but I didn't generally like to take chances. I liked being small. So we got ice cream. He talked about something - fashion or shoes or whatever - and I nodded my head. I wasn't listening though. I had a lot on my mind, and I wasn't looking forward to this discussion. Maybe I should just talk to Eliot. And make things even weirder? Pass.
  3. My first story. I have a thing for semi-realistic dark fantasies. All characters are above 18. There eventually be heavy sex and gaslighting. This is just a fantasy, and I don't condone the actions of Doms like those depicted in this story. I edited chapter 5 to change the 2nd paragraph. Sophia is wearing a floral peasants dress when they meet, now. ____________________________ Chapter 1 "I'm sorry ma'am, but this brand only comes in whole sizes," Kim said with an apologetic smile. The customer, a middle aged, bottled blonde white lady in a tacky green dress didn't seem convinced. "Are you sure, honey? I could have sworn that ECCO had half sizes. Could you check for me? Maybe ask your manager?" She asked with a condescending smile and the privileged obliviousness of a rich suburban mom paying full price for shoes at Macy’s in the early afternoon. Kim fought the urge to grimace from the all too common patronizing tone. "Of course ma'am, I'll check in the back to make sure" was the reply she gave, because she knew from experience that as a petite Asian woman, this customer wouldn't take her word for it. She walked into the shoe storage room to wait a convincing amount of time before going back to tell the woman that the brand everyone who knows anything about shoes knows that it only has full sizes, indeed only has full sizes. She took out her phone and discreetly opened up chrome to check Fetlife, the kink website she'd been kind of obsessed with for a couple weeks. She opened up a local abdl group and saw a new post about a local age play job opportunity. It read, Seattle based ageplay product maker and reseller seeking ageplayers with customer service skills to help build our brand. Competitive salary, plus benefits. Message us for interest. "Hey Kim, what are you doing?" Kim jumped and lowered her phone to hide the screen. Joan, her supervisor, was standing there with a slight frown. "Oh, that blonde woman I was helping thinks ECCO has half sizes and asked me to check. So, I'm waiting a bit before going back. I might need backup." "I heard. Good job on defusing a conflict, but in these situations I'd suggest looking for some similar shoes back here, instead of hopping on your phone. I can help if you need it, but these are situations you should get better at handling yourself." Joan's face softened after he delivered this reprimand, but Kimberly still felt a jab of embarrassment. "Sorry, I'll do that next time." "Don't worry about it. Good luck with her," Joan said. "Oh, did you see the updated schedule? I'm gonna need you to fill in for Sue on Saturday. It'll be a half shift for closing." Kimberly forced a smile, even as she realized that she wouldn't get a day off this week. "Sure thing, happy to pitch in." "Great, now go get her tiger," Joan said with a nod towards the sales floor. Kimberly hurried back to the woman, but before she could gently tell the customer that she was wrong, the lady interrupted her, "I'm sorry, dear, I looked it up on my phone, and you're right. I must have been thinking of Michael kors." Suppressing the urge to say that this was a weird thing to get confused, Kimberly smiled and said "oh we have plenty of Michael kors, let me show you some." _____________________________ Chapter 2 Kimberly trudged through the front door of her efficiency apartment and fell face first onto her bed. She was exhausted, and had been dwelling on the scolding Joan had given her as well, as well as the blonde customer. She ended up buying 3 pairs, which helped a lot for Kimberly's sales quota, but the interaction took almost an hour and was emotionally taxing. Kimberly remembered her asking how old she was, and when she answered with 19 years old, the woman acted shocked, saying, "oh my lord, you don't look a day past 15. I mean my daughter in middle school has friends that look older than you. You Asian girls are so lucky with that." Such comments were common for her. She was 4’11,” thin, and had youthful features. She had a nicely sized ass and breasts for her frame, but given her small size they were still small. She was regularly mistaken for a child, and felt treated like one, even when people knew her true age. As a quiet introvert, she seemed to disappear in social environments, except when she was singled out for asian stereotypes. She remembered that fetlife post from earlier, and that she had messaged the account on her break, HI, this sounds like a dream job for me! My name is Kim and my number is 509-696-9420. She took out her phone and logged into Fetlife to check if she had a reply. Nothing from that account, just some random dudes. She went back to the job posting and tapped on the account profile. The_ABDL_Boutique&Studio had a location of Seattle, WA, and age of 101, female, ageplayer. The about me section said, "Seller of top quality ABDL clothing and gear, and nursery location. For inquiries for stays or photo shoots, follow the link below," and had an etsy link and one to another website. Kim scrolled up and tapped on the profile picture. There were dozens of pictures of an ABDL nursery, with a huge white crib, changing table, rocking chair, and play area. There also was what looked like a little girl's room, with a canopy bed with pink curtains, a small desk, a makeup table, and an ornate wardrobe. There were some pictures of women in various Littles outfits, some with diapers. After a couple minutes, Kim started getting aroused,reaching her hands under her panties. She stopped, and thought better of it. She got up, went to her closet and reached in for the pack of xl goodnites hidden in the back, taking one. She also found her pink, bow-covered nighty. She went back to her bed, stripped down and put the goodnite and nighty on. She then opened her nightstand drawer, picked up her hitachi magic wand, plugged it into the power strip below her bed, and flopped down onto the mattress. Nice and situated, she unlocked her phone. And before she could start where she left off, she noticed she had a message. Tapping the inbox, she saw that it was a reply from The_ABDL_Boutique&Studio. Excitement rising, she opened the message and read, "That is wonderful to hear, sweetie. I will call you soon. It will be a 202, New York city number. Talk to you soon! Sophia." Kim wondered if she should hold off on masturbating, in case she received the call while in the middle of it, but she reasoned that she was already set up and could finish quickly. Plus, the message had made her even hornier. So, she tapped on the profile pic, opened up the photos, turned her vibrator to high, started scrolling, and pressed the magic wand hard on top of her goodnites. After about 5 minutes, Kim was breathing heavily and tapping through the photos until she found a picture of a blonde haired woman laying on her back on top of the changing table, spread eagle with her wrists and ankles cuffed and attached to ropes that were hooked to its sides. She was only wearing a thick white diaper that had a lot of pink adornments. Over her loomed a tall, shapely woman in a pink a line dress, with one hand pressing against the diaper, and the other petting the blonde's hair, as if she was soothing her. The tall woman had brunette hair, but her face blurred. She was obviously very fit, but she was "thick" up top and bottom, with her ample cleavage on display. This picture hit all the right buttons, as Kim was a submissive Little with a bondage fetish. She was attracted to men and women, but she had a particular thing for strong, maternal women. Just as she was feeling the lead up to an orgasm, her phone changed to the incoming call screen and started buzzing. It was a 202 New York city number! No, this soon? She hesitated, and thought about ignoring the call. But, this was so close to her perfect fantasy. What if she missed her chance? And, the sudden shift had killed her sexual momentum, anyway. Steeling herself, she slid her finger right to accept the call, "Hello?" A confident woman's voice said, "Hi, my name is Sophia. I believe you messaged me earlier. You are Kim, correct?" As the woman was introducing herself, Kim realized that her hitachi was still loudly buzzing, and she scrambled to turn it off. She scrunched her face in mortification as she replied, "Y-yes I'm Kim." "Are you ok? Is now a good time to talk?" "Yes, it's fine," Kim said as she calmed down. "Great, then I'd like to just say a little about this position. My husband and I are wealthy, and I recently sold my marketing firm, so I am semi retired. We're both in the kink lifestyle, and I've been idly planning to build an abdl brand for a while, but I really need some help. I'd need someone to help me get things off the ground, and then to do customer service and fulfillment duties. The ideal candidate would be a little, because I'd like their perspective. I know all about the caretaker side of things, heh. How does that sound, kim?" "Wow, that sounds really, uh, interesting. I’m definitely, uh, interested," Kim cringed as she repeated herself, finding it hard to speak due to nerves. "Great. Do you mind if we switch over to video chat? I think it would start us off on the right foot, and allow us to get to know each other better." Kim paused. Should she deny her request? This sounded like a fantasy scenario from the story sites she loved to read. "Well, I'm in my pajamas…" Kim got up and walked quickly to her mirror and combed her hair with her fingers, just in case. "If you don't feel comfortable, I understand. We could try to arrange another time to talk. But, I have a busy schedule… and I don't mind, if you don't. I understand how sudden this is." Sophia's voice was warm, yet authoritative. She had a maternal insistence that Kim liked. Kim had sat back on her bed and hesitated. Was she really going to interview for a job in a nighty and pullup? It all felt like a dream, so far, so she decided to go with it, "ok, if you're ok with me being in a nightie, I'm OK with it." "Wonderful! Let's see if this works." A second later, a notification asking if she'd accept the request for video calling came up on Kim's phone. Kim took a breath and accepted the video request. A beautiful brunette woman came on screen, showing her from the neck up. Kim couldn’t really judge her age, but she didn't look old enough to retire. She had a wide smile, showing perfect white teeth, and pearls. Her face was tastefully made up. Not too heavy, but she had a nice burgundy lipstick, and muted tones on her cheeks and eyes. "My, my aren't you a cutie," Sophia said warmly. Kim blushed. She could see her own face in the small box at the bottom, with her black, medium bobbed hair, and the pink nighty shoulder straps with bows at the top. She didn't have any makeup on. She felt childish in comparison. "Thanks, ma'am." Kim found herself falling into little space, already, as she felt the woman's warm, but commanding presence through the screen. "How sweet. You can call me ma'am, if you want. But don't be afraid to call me Sophia. Why don't you tell me about yourself?" " Well, I'm originally from Seattle, but I moved to Spokane when I was a freshman in highschool, and graduated there. I moved back here to go to Seattle University, but it was difficult to afford tuition and books with a part time job, so I took a break to work full time at Macy’s. I'm an associate in the shoe department." "Oh, tuition has gotten insane. Your generation has it very rough. My husband and I actually give out scholarships every year to try to help. Tuition assistance is definitely an option for this position." "Really? That's amazing. I'm not sure what the job involves, but I'm a hard worker and I have plenty of customer service experience. I waited tables in high-school, too. I always try my best to please the customers. I don't have a ton of experience doing it, but considering my age, I think it's a good amount." Kim's rising excitement shifted her nervous difficulty with words to the mile a minute style of nerves. "You seem to have the exact attitude I'm looking for,' Sophia interjected in a momentary lull in Kim's flurry of words. Her smile beamed as she continued, "and I don't need someone with a lot of experience. Training and mentoring a young woman is actually something I'm looking forward to with this project. I value a hard work ethic and loyalty, above all. And, we take care of our employees. I should be able to more than match Macy’s. What's your hourly pay, dear?" Kim slowed down and felt a pleasurable tingle from the words training and take care. It was almost as if Sophia had said them with particular emphasis, but Kim couldn't be sure. "$16 an hour, plus commission, ma'am." Sophia's warm smile remained constant as she said, "I'm prepared to pay $22 an hour, full time, with medical, and the tuition assistance we talked about, earlier. I have the philosophy that you should pay and treat staff well in order to get the best. We have a personal chef, and you'd be welcome to eat many of your meals here. You'd save a fair bit from that." Kim was shocked. She'd never made that much, even with commission, and it would involve her deepest fantasy. After a second, she realized that Sophia had stopped talking and had an expectant look on her face. "T-that sounds great," she managed to say, suddenly finding it hard to find her voice again. Sophia's big smile returned. "Excellent! Before we schedule an in person interview, I just want to confirm that you understand that you'll be required to test out our products. That includes ageplay clothing like onesies and party dresses. And of course, diapers. Your profile on Fetlife listed all of that, and you seem like a good fit in that department. oh, and bondage. Restraints are a product line I'd like to develop. I need a submissive Little that is deeply knowledgeable of these kinds of things to help with product development and marketing. I just need your explicit confirmation." Kim's tingling and little space feelings suddenly surged into a wave of arousal, and she felt as little as she'd ever before. She blushed and looked away from the screen. It was almost impossible to reply, but she managed to squeak out, "That sounds, uh, kind of amazing actually… I'm still very interested in the job." Her confidence returned as she finished the sentence, sporting a big smile. "Wonderful! Now, I believe in striking while the iron is hot. Are you free tomorrow for an in person interview?" Shit, she had work for the next 3 days. "Well, I work a morning shift, but I get out at noon." "Would you be able to make it to magnolia by 3? My house is near Discovery park." "Oh, I love Discovery park. Yes, 3 is good for me." It would be a long day, but Kim didn't want to lose this. And, she was feeling incredibly little and submissive. She felt a strong desire to please this beautiful, strong woman. "That is wonderful to hear, dear. Hopefully you can visit the park all the time, when you take breaks." "That would be nice," Kim smiled. "Great! I’ll text you the address. I hope you have a good night's sleep and a nice shift tomorrow, and I'll see you at 3." Kim felt like she was being tucked in. "OK, see you then." "Bye, bye" Sophia smiled, and the call ended. Kim let out a big sigh as the video disappeared and her phone's screen returned to the Fetlife picture she'd been masturbating to before she was interrupted. It was so hot. The release from that roller coaster of emotions had left her drained, but she was also very aroused from the submissive and little feelings that the call had given her. She was disoriented, but also very horny. She felt under her Goodnite and found that her pussy was so wet that the pullup was damp. Had she really just had a job interview while wearing a diaper and nightie? Did Sophia know about the diaper? Kim started rubbing herself. Did Sophia hear the buzzing of the hitachi? Did she know just how much of a diaper slut Kim was? She rubbed harder. She looked at the changing table picture on her phone again, and found the hitachi. The first orgasm came quickly as she imagined herself tied down to the table with Sophia looming over her and running her fingers through Kim's hair. After one more, she tapped the ❤️ button for the picture and got ready for bed.
  4. Forward This is a gentle, and hopefully realistic (for a diaper story) about a sweet DMLB between two friends who want to grow old together while keeping the youthful flame. While there will be domestic discipline, it will not cross into punishment porn or spanking. Just a story about an awkward man who has given up his independence for the chance to be loved and cared for like a toddler. The Question It was right at the cusp of our new relationship when Michelle asked, “So what are you into?” It is the question that every AB/DL fears. Do I tell her the truth, and hope she still accepts me? Or do I brush it off, and hope to broach the subject another day? In truth, it was my fear of answering that specific question that kept me from ever getting married or having many girlfriends. I was just too afraid of the ultimate rejection to even come to the plate. It wasn’t like I was alone, because I had several friends, but none had crossed over into something intimate. And Michelle wasn’t all that different. While the intimacy of our relationship was new, I had known Michelle for a very long time. Long enough to remember when Jessica, her 18-year-old daughter started kindergarten. However, in all those years, Michelle and I hadn’t even slept in the same bedroom. It wasn’t a sudden “When Harry Met Sally,” type of moment that caused us to come together. There were a series of circumstances that pushed us closer. Michelle, after years in a loveless marriage, had finally divorced. Once Jessica graduated from high school, Michelle decided it was time to leave a marriage that had long since died. She and her ex had slept in separate rooms for most of the last fifteen years. I was forced into early retirement due to limited eyesight, not being able to drive, and limited mobility due to leg pain. I was going to have knee surgery, and I needed a place to recover. Michelle took control and decided that I should move in with her, at least temporarily. With her being freshly divorced, and I needed somebody to take care of me, we realized we loved each other dearly and wanted to be together. And the fact is, I needed her much more than she needed me. I bit my lip, which is always a sign of nerves. Michelle looked at me calmly and asked, “What is it? I can tell you’re nervous.” Her voice was calm and reassuring. I started, “It’s, um, uh,” my stammer gets particularly bad when I’m nervous, or flustered. I took a breath and said, “I wear diapers.” In my mind, this could go one of two ways. The first was ultimate acceptance, and even a desire to fully participate in my desires. The second was a complete rejection of everything and leaving me forever. There was no middle ground when I was in little space. Michelle looked confused and asked, ‘You mean like you’re incontinent. That’s ok, my dad had that problem too.” I shook my head and said, “It’s not that. I like to wear diapers.” “What? Why?” “I don’t know. It just kind of makes me comfortable.” “How long have you felt like that?” I answered, “Pretty much all of my life. I always wanted to wear diapers, and when I became an adult, I would buy them and wear them. I pretty much wear them all the time now.” Michelle asked, “Are you wearing one now?” I was and had been diapered most of the time that Michelle and I were ever together. Diapers were my security blanket, and I needed that security when out in public. I nodded, and Michelle said, “Show me.” I got up from the table, pulled down my pants and underwear, and then reveal the plastic pants. I pulled those out discreetly and revealed the top of a Crinklz Aquanaut disposable diaper. She replied, “That’s like a baby’s diaper. Is that what you like?” I could only nod. She then asked, “Do you use them? Do you pee in them?” I nodded and answered. “Yes.” “How about poop?” I blushed and said, “Sometimes, but not very often.” She looked confused and asked, “When was the last time you pooped in your diaper?” I sheepishly answered, “Last Saturday.” “Was it an accident?” “Not really. I usually do that in the toilet.” Our conversation trailed off, and we moved on to other topics. While it wasn’t the clear rejection that I feared, it wasn’t the complete acceptance that I dreamed of. Michelle seemed curious but did not indicate that she liked, or even accepted this part of me. And I took that ambiguity as rejection. In my mind, Michelle didn’t like me wearing diapers. One week later, I was with Michelle again. This was right after I moved in and was just before my surgery. I had moved into my room, and Michelle wanted to take me to dinner. I wasn’t sure what would happen when we got home, and if we would end up sleeping with each other. Since I thought Michelle didn’t like me wearing a diaper, and I feared it would kill the mood, I decided to leave the diaper off. It would be the first time in a while since I had been in public without the benefit of protection, but I didn’t want to upset Michelle. Michelle squeezed around my diaper area. I didn’t realize what she was doing and wondered if it was gentle flirting, but then she said, “You aren’t wearing a diaper?” “Yeah, I decided not to.” There was this awkward pause, and then Michelle asked, “Why? I thought you felt better in diapers.” It was a decisive moment, and my stammer exposed my fear. “I do, but I thought you didn’t like them.” “What gave you that idea?” “Ah- I don’t know. It just felt like you thought it was weird.” “It is weird, but why does that matter?” I didn’t have an answer, so Michelle continued, “Would you feel more comfortable in a diaper?” I didn’t answer, which Michelle took as confirmation, and she said, “Go and put your diaper on, and then we can go out.”
  5. This is going to be a little side story, something to write on the side for my Traveler story. A focus of romance, sexuality, growing as a person, and whatever tropes will come to mind with this story. Updates will likely be a bit slower (or perhaps not), but I just wanted to try a different approach to my only other ABDL work. --- Chapter One: Moving Out There comes the point in life when you realize just how much you value privacy or recognize the lack thereof. The older you get, the more apparent it becomes just how much it means to your sanity. It’s those sobering moments that drive people to recognize the need to do something about it. But it also causes one to determine that having it from time to time isn’t good enough now. For James Smith, that moment came around when he was 24 years old. The catalyst for this decision came after his hand was forced by a particular event and made James finally leave his parent’s home for good. To understand both the decision and event, one needed to understand that James was an adult-baby. This wasn’t a recent discovery; he had known for years, since before puberty, that he liked diapers and being treated like a baby. However, his ‘vice’ became increasingly deviant, and upon becoming a young-adult, his urges became more extravagant. When James finally had the chance to wear diapers again, at the age of 16 and during a time when he had the house to himself for two weeks, he found himself in a diapered induced, horny haze. There was no going back after having tasted that particular forbidden fruit. But as he got older and explored his fetish, James found himself growing increasingly curious at certain sub-fetishes of being an ABDL, which lead him down a bizarre rabbit hole. He learned very few peculiar things about himself by the time he was 21. James wanted a mommy to dominate him, to baby him, to humiliate him. He wanted to be treated from a newborn to a little boy. James found himself increasingly into the idea of roleplaying being forced into diapers, losing his adult privileges, and having an adult-mommy in his life. He was a submissive man. However, he tempered his expectations and considered his situation’s reality, namely that fantasy was all well and good. Still, he also wanted to be a man for his woman. Call it male pride or ego, but James understood the value of having a partner first and an adult-mommy second. Unfortunately for James, he never did learn how to go out on dates. He was still a virgin by the time he was 24. That left him minimal options to remove the pressure of sexual desire, namely via his diapers and erotic roleplaying. At 24, James had the money to pull this off. He graduated college with a degree in computer design and programming. He became a freelance programmer, working his way out of the hell that was the “z” tier ranks of code-monkeys actually to become a “c” ranker, that was someone both trusted and reliable. Living at home meant he didn’t have to pay for much, and he had been freelancing for years, and with more significant contracts meant he had considerable cash on hand. So it was easy to get what he wanted. No, the hard part was finding a place to hide it and time to wear and enjoy his purchases. His parents hardly ever left the house, and the most recent events resulted in everyone being cooped up in their homes. James ultimately stored his diapers and other infantile paraphernalia away, hidden from the world and his view. He could only fantasize and masturbate about the next chance he would get to wear and act out his desires. However, as the world got back to normal, James found himself increasingly agitated at how his parents continued to move about his room without his permission. It was a problem and one that finally compounded into what caused him to leave eventually. James had been out with some friends. They enjoyed a movie, a nice meal and then sat down to smoke a few bowls of weed. James had initially planned on staying the night, but a nagging feeling in the back of his mind caused him to withhold from partaking in the evening’s festivities. He drove back home, expecting nothing much to have happened. He was confused when he pulled into the family garage to see several boxes of what looked to be old computer parts, toys, clothes, books, and other knickknacks that James didn’t use when he recalled where those came from exactly. The realization that the came from his closet, which had a box containing almost a dozen diapers, a vibrating wand, and other adult-sized baby items, caused him to start panicking. His parents had to have seen the contents, and they would, of course, want to know why James had them in his room. Yet as he internally panicked, his mother came out into the garage all smiles, “Oh, James? I thought you were going to be out all night. Well, welcome back. I hope you don’t mind, but I just got started taking out a few of those old boxes in your closet.” Her calm tone gave James hope that she hadn’t discovered his embarrassing secret. He barely said hi as he not-so-subtly raced to his room and quickly saw a host of piled boxes. None of them was the one carrying his diaper stash. That was still safely tucked away in the back of the closet. James felt relief like no other, and as he sat on his bed and finally felt like he could breathe again, he came to terms with just how close that was to become an incredibly awkward conversation. Whatever gods blessed him with the foresight to not smoke with his friends and come back home gave him the biggest of all passes. And that caused him to recognize that it was time to start reevaluating what he could do in this situation. He wasn’t going to stop, no chance of that. No chance in hell he would tell his parents that he wanted to wear diapers around the house, fuck that. Well, the choice became obvious. The following day, James talked to his parents and informed them that he wanted to move out. His parents seemed almost relieved to hear him say that and were a tad too excited when they told him that they would help him. They did, however, ask him what brought this on. James could only respond by saying, “Well, first time for everything, right?” When his parents said that they’d help him, they’d do everything for James to find his first place. And as it were, they had someone, an old family friend, that owned a bunch of homes in San Jose. They had a small but charming home that they could sell to his family at what amounted to a steal in Silicon Valley, at some place called Applegrove. It sounded like a retirement community, or something. Still, James laughed at the idea of having a home in Silicon Valley to himself. So James was floored when his parents actually bought it for him, making James a homeowner in one fell swoop at 24. If he didn’t know any better, he almost thought his parents wanted him out of their house. They claimed that it was an excellent investment when James wanted to move out someday, and besides, it would pay itself off in the future. James knew then that there was no going back. That was when another series of “firsts” started to fall into his lap—the first time moving out—the first time setting up a mortgage payment, automatic payment for multiple bills, learning about homeowners insurance, and homeowner laws. Then he had to buy furniture, electronics, new carpeting, and check on everything else in the house to make sure it wasn’t a total wreck. A thousand little things made James recognize the irony of his situation. He wanted to leave so he could enjoy his adult-baby lifestyle in peace, and instead, he had more grown-up responsibilities now. It wasn’t until almost eight months had passed that James finally settled into his new home. His parents were so proud of him, granted he hadn’t done anything other than sign some paperwork and paid a few deposits. His mother and father had arranged just about everything. His parents stayed for a few days before they finally took off, giving him a hug and kiss, instructions for him to call them every few days and report back any problems, and that they were only an hour away if he needed anything. James waved them goodbye and watched them drive off. As he closed the door, James took a moment to look around at his home. The house itself wasn’t that old, made in the early 90s, and had only a few tenants that lived in it. It was pretty spacious for a bachelor’s first home, but considering how his family got it for a steal and the going rate was just for a crummy apartment, James was thankful. Even so, the enormity of the situation set in, and James felt a bit overwhelmed. This was also the first time he would be away from his parents for longer than a few days. That this might be for the rest of his life now caused James to feel quite anxious. For most of his life, he lived close to his family. Even when he was going to college, he had only a thirty-minute drive to and from his school’s campus. Most of his friends were also far away now. It wasn’t like he was an entire world away. His parent’s home was about an hour’s drive at max. Still, he felt uneasy. James spent the next hour finishing up his unpacking. Just about all the necessary components were ready now. His computer, which was effectively his lifeline and cost a small fortune, was essential to unbox. But as soon as he finished that, James saw one other box that caught his attention. “Right...the whole reason I’m here.” James had no time to wear his diapers or act out as a baby these last few months. All he had time for was his masturbation fantasies. It was easy to think about how much fun and freedom that he could have with an entire house to himself. It was easy to imagine that he could walk around freely in just his diapers or baby clothes, that he could stack his dressers and closest with a not-so-small stash of diapers and display them for as long as he wanted to. But why stop there? James could have baby-toys lying out in the open, pacifiers all around the house, baby-bottles sitting in the kitchen cabinets, and he could have the TV playing whatever juvenile cartoon or pornographic video he wanted too. Nothing was stopping him now...that started echoing through his head while his other “head” began to harden at the prospect. James’ face felt hot as he blushed, and his hands trembled as he opened up the box, displaying several ABU peekabu’s, a couple of stuffers, his “magic wand,” his changing supplies, and a few other personal items. A goofy smile adorned his face as he started to strip his clothes and then grabbed everything before heading towards his bed. However, he stopped as he realized that he didn’t need to diaper himself inside his room. It was his house! He could do it wherever he wanted to! So instead, he decided to roleplay this out in his mind. The first thing that James did was find a nice spot in the middle of his new living room, placed a soft blanket down, then his diapers and supplies, before heading to the front door of all places. James felt positively silly as he closed his eyes and pretended that he wasn’t a young man that just entered his new house...but an adult-baby being carried into his first home by a mommy like a newborn. She was cooing at him, saying that this was his home now, and he was safe. “Is Baby James excited to be in his new home? I bet he is! But we need to get him into a nice and fresh diaper!” A soothing and maternal voice spoke to him in his mind as James started to walk towards the living room, naked as the day he was born, here and in his fantasy. He gave a few awkward pretend cries, trying to act like a baby for the moment. It felt so lame in his head, but he wanted to enjoy the weirdness of the moment. Besides, who cared if he was acting weird here? It was his home now, his safe space. As he slowly and carefully made his way over into the living room, he lowered himself onto the unfolded diaper. James felt the soft, crinkly padding under his bottom and giggled. Opening his eyes, he grabbed the container of powder and started to sprinkle the sweet-smelling substance of his erect cock and slowly rubbed it in his crotch, savoring it. He even went the extra mile and poured a little on his stomach, making sure that the smell of baby powder lingered. “Does Jamesy love the smell of baby powder? Now he smells just like a baby! Time for the diaper!” The woman in his fantasy kept encouraging him, and James gladly worked on putting on the garment of his desires. He had to push his penis down to ensure that he got the diaper’s front over it before working on the tapes. Out of everything, James wished he had someone in his life to engage in this babyplay. No matter how much fun he had with solo stuff, it just wasn’t the same thing as what he read in stories or seen in videos. A human connection, companionship, that was what he wanted. But right now, he was stuck with this fantasy. At the very least, he had home to enjoy it in privacy, and with that in mind, James finished fixing the tapes of the diaper and checking the leak guards. He was diapered, safe and secured, and felt babyish. The first act inside his new home, getting diapered in the living room. So as James lay there, he closed his eyes again and kept imagining he was just a baby, diapered by his imaginary mommy, laying on his changing mat, and giggling and cooing like the infant he wanted to be. Again, it was all so silly, but it made James feel comfortable in his new home. And as he placed his thumb in his mouth, rubbing his legs together to hear the crinkling of his diaper, James got it in his head that maybe he should enjoy himself as he wanted and that it was time to place a few orders. As he got up, he kept giggling as he waddled back towards his room. First, he’d get on a few websites such as Etsy and order a few unique objects of interest, then he’d look up some decent mommy-dommy porn and rub himself through his diaper, and then he’d see about having some dinner. “Hmm, maybe I should try some of those hypnosis files as well?” Such thoughts echoed through his mind as he sat on his bed and opened up his Chromebook. The next few days would be full of anxious anticipation. The genie was out of the bottle. There was nothing him now. James was going to start his full-time adult-baby life. --- The only unrealistic part in this entire story is going to be that someone like James was able to own a home in San Jose or anywhere near the Valley at his age and job, but thank god for rich parents, right? In any case, this highlights probably something a lot of people here would want to do upon getting their home and with enough disposable income to indulge in things.
  6. “But I’m supposed to be big today” I fumed, as Daddy barred my way, diaper in hand. “I know,” his voice was calm and measured, but there was a slightly stern tone to his words, “but it’s going to be a long day, with lots of distractions.” He had a point. Most of my accidents happened when my attention was on something fun or exciting. “And the escape room booking is for two hours. You definitely aren’t going to be able to hold on for that long.” I sighed, I’d been looking forward to today, and didn’t want to spoil it with an accident, but I really didn’t want to wear a diaper, particularly something so thick and babyish. They always made me feel spacey and little, and I wanted to be on my best form with a clear head. “If you don’t make a fuss, I’ll let you have any treats you want while we’re out”. I smiled, it was a small victory, but I’d take it, “OK Daddy”, I said, waddling towards my bed, my very soggy overnight diaper making walking kind of difficult. “Just a second” Daddy said, stopping me in my tracks, “Do you need you go potty before I change you?” I blushed, of course I did. If I hadn’t been so flustered I would have said something to show him how big I could be. I nodded meekly, then began to head towards the bathroom. “Where do you think you’re going?” Daddy asked, gently taking hold of my arm. “The potty” I replied. The hope in my voice trailing off as I realised what he was expecting me to do. He shook his head, chuckling a little, “just do it in your diaper, silly. It’s not that wet, you won’t leak.” I sulked, then whispered, “but I have to poop.” Daddy shrugged, “it smells like you already had a bit of a stinky accident already, so I’m going to have a messy clean up to deal with either way.” I went bright red. Until he mentioned the smell, I hadn’t even noticed. Had I messed in my sleep again, and just not noticed when I sat down? Or did I go while I was having breakfast? Or when I was walking back upstairs? “But I don’t want to do it in front of you?” I whined. Daddy raised his eyebrow, “You’re not normally this modest about being a stinky butt” he joked, stepping behind me and rubbing my back. Without even thinking I gave a little push. Nothing came out. Daddy noticed. Without saying a word he sat himself on my bed, and pulled me onto his lap, guiding my feet onto a little stool to raise them up so I was almost squatting, “try now” he whispered into my ear. I pushed again, wetting myself a little as I did. After a few moments of pushing I felt a big, soft mess erupt into my diaper.Daddy must have noticed too, as he whispered “good kitten” into my ear.I gave another little push, getting the last of the mess out. “Are you done?” I nodded. “I think so”. He hugged me tight for a few moments, then eased me up off of his lap, “let’s see what we’re dealing with” he said, as he gently tugged the back of my diaper. As he did the smell, which wasn’t too bad at first, filled the room. “Well that’s a pretty big mess. Guess the we shouldn’t have given you milk with your breakfast.” I was already pretty embarrassed, but this tipped me over the edge. My tummy went gurgly and my head fuzzy with the humiliation. “If I hadn’t said anything you’d have had a very stinky butt by the time we got to lunch” he teased. Leaving me where I was standing, Daddy reached under the bed and pulled out my changing mat, as well as some bed pads, wipes, creme, powder and gloves. I watched as he put the gloves on, and laid the changing mat and disposable bed pads out. Then, with a few playful pats on my butt, he guided me to lie down for my change. The mess mushed against my skin as I sat on the bed. It made me shiver a little. Daddy noticed. Once I was lying down he eased my pacifier into my mouth, and handed me BearBear, who I used to hide my face. He was very good at hiding my blushes when Daddy opened up the diaper and the smell got so much worse. I closed my eyes for the rest of the change, enjoying the feel of the wipes against my skin as Daddy cleaned me up. After a few minutes he lifted my butt off the bed, slid the clean diaper under me, covered me in rash and powder and taped me up in my clean diaper. I gave a little wiggle, enjoying the feeling, and he blew a raspberry on my belly. When daddy helped me off the bed I realised how big and babyish the diaper he’d put me in looked. It was a Tykeables Camelots, but he’d added a booster pad to it. I could barely put my legs together, and my butt looked enormous. “This diaper is huge” I whinged. “Everyone will see it”. “That sounds like a fuss to me” Daddy cautioned, “and babies who make a fuss don’t get treats, do they?” I sighed. “No Daddy.” He reached into my chest of drawers and took out a plain blue snap crotch romper, holding it up for me, “Arms up” I did as I was told,, allowing him to slide it over my head, then to button it closed. “That should help to keep it held up.” He explained, “now go pick out some big kid clothes for the day”. I did as he asked, taking a pair of baggy jeans and a cute t-shirt with a t-rex on it. I wanted to be big today, but not that big. Daddy packed a diaper bag for me as I got dressed, and as soon as I was ready we headed to the car. ***** We pulled up at the old mall, just outside the centre of town. It was only a small mall, and the retail stores had all closed down about a year ago. Since then the place had been converted into an entertainment complex, with a handful of quick service restaurants, a small bowling alley, indoor mini golf, an arcade, and a huge escape room complex. As we walked toward the building my eyes were drawn to a sign advertising an adult soft play centre ‘coming soon’. “Want to visit?” Daddy asked, seeing what I was looking at. “Yeah” I replied, my excitement evident in my voice. “Maybe we should see if Maya and Rett want to join us?” “Yeah” I agreed. Now even more excited. I loved spending time doing little-y things with Maya and Rett. they were so much fun. That’s why we booked the escape room with them today. It was nice having fun with people who were also Little, even if we were being big. Daddy led me to the place we were getting lunch. It had diner style food, and was really heavily themed to seem like a sleazy, grimey dive bar. Either they spent a fortune making it look right, or they left it as they found it when they moved in. It was hard to tell. Maya and Rett were already there, sitting at a table waiting for us. Although they were dressed ‘big’, a quick glance at their butt revealed they were as heavily padded as me. I wondered whether Daddy and Maya had conspired with each other before we left the house. We reached across the table for hugs, then sat down opposite them. “Excited?” Maya asked me. I nodded, a big grin on my face. She probably didn’t need to ask, I was bouncing up and down in my seat. There were a few reasons for that. “Did you see the sign outside?” I blurted out, at Rett and Maya. “the soft play?” Rett grinned, “yeah”. “Wanna come with us when it opens?” “Sure” Maya said. I stopped bouncing. Daddy and Maya both gave me The Look. Then Daddy leaned over to Maya, and whispered a little more loudly then I was happy about, “someone told me they didn’t want to wear a diaper today. Can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t put my foot down?” Maya chuckled to herself. “Rett was the same. They were so certain they weren’t going to be able to make it to the potty, but someone had a stinky butt before we’d even made it here.” Rett blushed bright red. “Everyone know what they want?” Daddy asked. “Chilli cheese fries and chilli cheese dog for me,” I said. “I’ll come with and get ours,” Maya told Daddy. “I’ll have a vanilla milkshake too please” I said as they walked away. Daddy gave me a look, “are you sure? That’s a lot of dairy”. “You said I could have what I wanted” I pouted. “I guess I did” Daddy replied. When he and Maya were out of earshot, I leaned over to Rett, “So are you ready to show them how much smarter and better we are than them?” “Yeah” Rett replied. “I’ve been reading up on puzzles these sort of places use. I think we should be able to get ourselves out pretty quickly.” “Not too quickly though,” I laughed, “we want to get our money’s worth”. Rett giggled. “Yeah. I mean, it’s relative. I hear this place can take up to three hours” I blanched “wow. Daddy said two. I don’t think I’d be able to go that long without needing a bathroom break” “I think that’s why they’ve put us in such thick padding. They expect us to take ages.” “We’ll show them” I said, as Daddy and Maya returned with our lunch. “Show us what?” Daddy asked. “Nothing.” I said, as innocently as I could. He didn’t seem to believe me. “Maybe you should show me your diaper so I can check if you need a change.” I blushed and shook my head, “OK, he said. “Well eat up, we’ll go to the bathroom to check you when we’re done eating.” ****** It didn’t take us too long to eat,and true to his word, Daddy and Maya led us into the bathrooms for diaper checks. We were both a little bit soggy, but we were in such thick padding they decided not to bother changing us. I was hoping I’d get a chance to try to poop, as I could already feel my tummy rumbling from all the dairy, but Daddy didn’t offer, and I didn’t want to ask in front of Maya and Rett, even though Daddy had made me go on my potty chair in front of them lots of times before. After that we headed to the escape rooms. The theming was amazing. The check in area was made to look like a space port, and when we went into the briefing room they had us sit down in seats like we were on a shuttle to a space station. They even vibrated and moved as the ‘ship’ flew us into ‘space’. In the briefing we were told that we were a rescue crew being sent to a space station which had lost communication with mission control. Our task was to investigate what had happened, and if we could, to find and rescue the crew. Once the briefing ended, the door at the front of the room slid open. We unstamped our 'safety harnesses', collected our thoughts, and stepped through into the first chamber. It was a small room with a sign saying 'AIRLOCK ONE'. A screen on the wall flickered into life. "Rescue crew, we're having some trouble connecting to the station's systems from down here" the guy on the static-filled 'transmission' explained, "we can't open the inner door to the airlock from down here. You're going to need to find a way to override it to get on board the station." As the transmission ended, the door from the 'shuttle' slid closed, and the flickering lights held steady at a dim glow. "Seems easy enough" Maya said, examining the numbered keypad beside the door. "I suppose we just need to find the code somewhere around the room. Daddy began searching for numbers, while Maya looked at the keypad from different angles. "maybe there will be some wear from where people have pressed the buttons before" she explained. "I'm not so sure that's the right solution" I said, but by then Maya and Daddy were already engrossed in their hunt, and didn't hear me, or at least didn't respond. "I think you're right" Rett agreed. "I haven't seen anything that looks like clues to a code, and they usually telegraph that sort of thing." "So what are you thinking?" I asked "Well, as it's an airlock I don't think there will be a crawl through to the next room, so I'm guessing they want us to do something to short out the lock" "So we're looking for a removable panel then?" "I think so." Rett replied. Our hunt began. Rett took one side, I took the other, and we crawled around the room, trying to tug the panels off the walls. When Maya noticed what we were doing she chuckled and called to Daddy, "have you seen what the two cuties are doing?" "Leave them for two minutes and they're already crawling around" he replied. The joke was on them, though, I managed to get a panel beside the airlock door off the wall. Behind it were five wires, one red, one yellow, one black, one white and one with black and yellow stripes. "I've found something" i called out. Everyone came over to look. "So how does this work?" Daddy asked, thinking out loud rather than expecting a response. I tugged the wires. All five of them came loose at one end. "I guess we just need to connect these up in a different way" I explained. "Should we just try solutions?" suggested Maya. I did as she suggested. This didn't seem very efficient, but it was better than just sitting staring. Rett was a bit shy around Daddy, so I didn't hear them talking at first, but then they tapped me on the shoulder. I looked round and they were holding the panel I’d taken off the wall. On the back of it, the side I'd laid on the floor, was a sign that read 'EMERGENCY OVERRIDE', with a picture of the solution. I set the wires how they were on the sign, and the door slid open. We moved through into the next chamber: a long hallway with lots of closed doors along each side. The monitor on the wall crackled into life. "Well done on getting through the airlock" the Guy at Mission Control said, "Sorry to spoil the moment, but we've got a readout here saying life support is failing, we need you to go to ops to get our downlink for the cameras and uplink for the doors turned back on, and to hydroponics to fix any issues you find." As the transmission ended, lights flicked on above two doors. One was marked 'Operations', the other 'Hydroponics'. Rett, confident from their earlier success, rushed towards the Operations Room. there was a button beside the door. They pressed it, the door slid open, and their face went white. When I caught up to them, we saw why. The room looked like a crime scene. There was blood on the walls, and several dummies made to look like the charred bodies of crew members on the floor. It looked amazing, but I can see why Rett was surprised. I gave them a hug to comfort them. When I did I noticed a smell. I whispered in their ear, "Did you have an accident because you were scared?" Rett nodded and whispered, "I think so". "Let's go in quick, before Daddy or Maya notice". I grabbed Rett's hand and led them inside. They seemed a little bit unsure, but followed. The room had lots of computer consoles with flickering screens, there were different labels above each of them, one said, 'CAMERAS', one had 'LIFE SUPPORT' one had 'DOOR CONTROL' and there were a few others. i went up to the one for the cameras and examined it. As I was looking, Daddy and Maya came into the room. I noticed Daddy sniffing a little bit and realised my hope to spare Rett's embarrassment was probably not great, as the room was fairly small. "It smells a bit funny in here" Maya said, as she walked up behind Rett. Daddy was already behind me, and I felt his hand on the back of my jeans. "I think it's the theming," Rett said, not convincing anyone, "they make it smell like that because of the bodies" "Is that so, Maya asked, gently patting their butt, "so it's not because someone had an accident then?" Rett winced and shook their head. I felt daddy's hand rubbing the back of my diaper, feeling for messies. "All clean here, he announced" "This one's definitely a little bit stinky" Maya announced, “but not too bad.” I saw Rett's expression change, as they began to slip into little space. I was going the same way, but I fought it so that my head was clear for the puzzles, "No fair!" I whined, "you're just trying to make us smol so we don't do better at solving puzzles than you," Daddy and Maya chuckled, not denying their trick. My revelation snapped Rett out of their reverie, and they began examining the Camera console. "it says the camera unlink is off" they explained, tapping the keyboard. when they pressed it a prompt came up asking for a password. "We need to find the password," they said, a hint of authority to their voice, "I imagine it will be written down somewhere". We began searching, not really sure what we were looking for, it felt an awful lot like we were wasting time, as it took us ages, but I eventually had a revelation. One of the 'bodies' was lying right by the consoles. I reached down and turned it over. sure enough, in the breast pocket of the flight suit, was a little pocket book. I opened it up, and inside were passwords. I handed it to Rett, and they began trying them. After three attempts the prompt flickered off, replaced with "PASSWORD CORRECT. TURN CAMERAS ON Y/N". Rett tapped 'Y' on the keyboard, and the two cameras in the corner of the room began to move left and right. We beamed at one another with satisfaction. "Hydroponics next" I declared, grabbing their hand and leading them towards the door. "Shouldn't we do the rest of the systems while we're here?" Daddy suggested. "No." I explained, "We’ll end up getting sidetracked. Besides, they might be part of puzzles we have to solve later on.” Rett and I practically skipped out into the hallway, and down to the hydroponics room. I don’t know what we were expecting to find, but this wasn’t it. The room was fairly small, but along the back wall were a bank of four glass-fronted chambers, and along the side of each chamber were racks upon racks of plants. It took my breath away for a moment, as I puzzled over how the builders of the escape room had made such a huge, long, plant nursery, until I realised they were nowhere near as deep as they looked, and the effect was achieved with a mirror at the back, and a half-mirror finish on the glass in front of me. One of the ‘growing chambers’ seemed normal, but three of them seemed to be on fire, with flickering orange lights and flame effects. As Daddy and Maya caught up with us, the screen on the wall flickered into life, and the briefing began, “You’re doing a great job, Rescue Team. We now have the feed from the cameras. As you can see, it seems there’s a fire in the hydroponics tanks. The fire suppression system has failed. We need you to get it back on before we lose all of them.” “That seems simple enough” Daddy said, a hint of confidence in his voice. I wasn’t so sure. On the floor in front of the tanks were about 20 sections of copper pipe, as well as an angle grinder. I guess in the story the grinder was used to cut the pipe up. There was a pipe connector on one of the tanks, which I assume was where we should be connecting one end of the pipe to, but I couldn’t see the where it was meant to run to. “Guys, I think it needs to run to here” Maya called over from the corner of the room. I was a little surprised that she was the one to find the opening. Not that she wasn’t smart, but I assumed she’d come here because it was Rett’s thing. I was glad she’d begun to get into the spirit of the game though. We gathered around her. She was right, of course. In the corner was a pipe, connected to the wall, with a little wheel on top, but it wasn’t going to be as simple as just connecting the pipe. In front of the opening was a maze of fixed pipework. We would have to build our line out from there, and hope we got the design right and that we would reach the other end without too much trouble. We began. The pipe went together fairly easily, as there were push-fit connectors on the end of each section. While I was crouching down I peed. I wanted to show Daddy I could hold it, but there was no way I’d make it all the way through, and I didn’t see any sense in trying to hold it and being uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I also felt my tummy rumble a little, which made me regret the milkshake a tiny bit. Even though it was really good. Our first attempt with the pipe didn’t work out. We came up about six inches too short. For a minutes or so we couldn’t decide how much of the existing construction to keep, and how much to rebuild. In the end we settled on a complete fresh start. We agreed to let Rett try a few attempts on their own. They were definitely the most suited to it, as they were really patient, but also quite quick with their hands. While Rett worked, I wandered up to Daddy and gave him a hug, and a kiss on his cheek. “What was that for, little kitty?” he asked “Nothin’” I said, in my cutest voice, “I just wanted to be cute at you.” He chuckled to himself. “Thank you, you succeeded.” As I walked away he gently caught my arm, “how’s your diaper doing?” he asked, “I noticed you were peeing yourself while we were putting the pipe together.” I blushed, “how?” “You were looking like you were holding it, then looked very relieved. It was cute.” My face was as hot as the flames in the tanks at the back of the room. “I think it’s OK, I didn’t go that much” “Do I need to check you?” I shook my head. “OK, it’s not like I can do much in here to change you anyway.” He let my arm go and gently patted my butt as I toddled back to Rett. By the time I got there they were just putting the last connecting pipe in place. “Want to do the honours?” they asked, nodding to the wheel on the outlet. “No! You did all the work. You should do it” I replied. They grinned, “I guess so”, they said, as they made their way to the wheel and turned it. Their gait had become really unsteady, and they had a noticeable waddle from their pee-soaked diaper. I wondered whether I was that obviously soaked as well. Before I could give it much thought though, Rett turned the wheel, and a spray of glitter poured down from the top of each of the tanks while strobe lights flashed inside them. After a few moments the lights in the tanks went back on. The plants in two of them were completely charred and blackened. The other had singed plants on one side, but the other was unnscathed. After our eyesight recovered, and we took a moment to marvel at what we’d just witnessed, our attention was drawn back to the video screen, “So I have bad news and worse news” The Guy from Mission Control was back, “You’ve stopped the fire, but we’ve lost 60% of the plant capacity, and the fire suppression powder is clogging up the filters. That means you’ve got about 100 minutes of useable oxygen before the air becomes unbreathable.” A countdown timer appeared at the bottom of the screen, “but that’s the less bad news. The bad news is that the ion engines have failed, and if you don’t fix them the station is going to hurtle back to earth. On it’s current course it will hit somewhere in Europe. The exact location is classified, but if you’ve planned a holiday in Paris it’s probably worth canceling it.” We headed back out into the hallway. At one end a light had turned on above a door marked, ‘ENGINE ROOM’. I grabbed Rett’s hand and led them down the hallway, although as we were both waddling due to our bulky padding, Daddy and Maya had less trouble keeping up with us. Inside the room was a stack of thin metal cylinders, each about three inches in diameter and two feet long. There was also a separate stack of hexagonal blocks, a similar diameter but a third of the length. On the other side of the room there were two seats like the ones on the shuttle, with VR headsets resting on top of them. Once again the video screen flickered and our briefing began. “You’re going to need to divide into two teams,” The Guy from Mission Control, looking far more wary now than he had done at the start of our adventure. “One team will be using the EVA headsets to control robots outside the station. Their task is to fix the leaks in the engine fuel lines. The other team will need to carefully remove the empty fuel cylinders and discharged battery blocks, and replace them with new units from storage. But be careful, There we’re reading a fault in the wiring, so if the casings of the batteries or fuel cylinders make contact with the containment unit walls, you will short out the power and blow up the station. No pressure though.” Rett was staring at the seats even before we walked in. They loved video games, and had been wanting to try VR for ages. They’d have probably been better at doing the cylinder puzzle than any of the rest of us, but there was no way I was going to take this away from them, “Daddy and I can do the cylinders” I volunteered, “want a hand getting strapped into the chair, Rett?” Their eyes lit up. “Don’t you want to try the VR?” Daddy asked me. “Yeah, but I think Rett would probably have more fun doing it with Maya” I replied. Daddy rubbed my back, “You’re a very good kitty” he whispered in my ear. I shivered a little, and grinned like a crazy person. Maya and Rett sat themselves down on the seats, while Daddy and I slipped the headsets over their heads, and handed them the controllers. Then we moved over to the cylinders. “We’ll have to be careful” Daddy cautioned, “Or we’ll end up cutting their game short”. One of the walls in the room held the ‘in use’ cylinders and batteries. The ends of the containers jutted out from the wall slightly, and each had an unlit LED next to it. “How do we get them out?” Daddy wondered aloud I looked at the ends, each of them had four notches cut into them. “I think there’s some sort of grabbing tool that we need to use. The other question is how we tell which ones need to be swapped out? The LEDs are probably indicators, but they all seem to be off” I hadn’t noticed, but Daddy had stepped away while I was speaking. When he came back he had a claw for grabbing the cylinders, and a fairly nondescript black box with a handle. “Look what I found” he said. He was grinning. I took the box off of him and began waving it just in front of the cylinder ends. As I did the LEDs started lighting up. Some green, some red. “Ooh, I think it’s done with EM fields” I said “What?” asked Daddy. “The box sends a small magnetic field out, and that powers a circuit that lights the LEDs up.” I explained, “It’s really clever”. “So are you.” Daddy replied. I moved the box to the top left hand side of the wall and started systematically moving it across the cylinders. The third one I got to had a red LED. “This one needs changing” I announced, “Really? I thought you could probably last a bit longer” Daddy joked. Then he grabbed the end of the cylinder with the grippers and gently eased it out of the wall. He went slowly, and supported the bottom of it with his hand as it came out. Depositing the cylinder on the ground, he picked up a new one, and lifted it in. “These are heavier than they look” He complained. “Yeah, I agreed. “They will be because you’re having to lift them from the end”. We continued, with me finding cylinders to change, and Daddy removing and replacing them. It took a while, but eventually we succeeded. All without ‘frying the station’ and ending the game. Once it was complete we moved over to where Rett and Maya were. They were just finishing up, and Rett had a big grin on their face. “How was it?” I asked. “AMAZING!” Rett enthused, bouncing out of the chair. “I didn’t think we were going to do it, because I dropped a spanner and it started floating away, but Maya fired her thrusters, grabbed the spanner and threw it back to me.” Maya took a little bow. Then the video started playing. “Well, you’ve saved Paris” The Guy said, before producing a party popper and setting it off, “And look at that, you’ve got over an hour to work out what happened. Loads of time. We can’t download the logs from here, as they’re isolated from the system, but they’re probably the best place to start. And we’ll be able to monitor them once you begin watching them. You’ll find them in the ops room”. “I guess we’re going back to ops then,” Daddy said. As we walked back down the hallway, Rett looked at the doors that still hadn’t opened, “I wonder what’s behind those?” “I’m sure we’ll find out soon” Maya replied. In the ops room we couldn’t see a console marked ‘LOGS’, but there was one marked ‘PLAYBACK’, which had a USB port and a box of thumb drives beside it marked ‘logs’. I grabbed a drive at random and put it in the port. It started playing. On the screen was a woman with close-cropped, dark hair. She had an air of authority. “Since the incident, Reeve’s behavior has been getting worse” she explained, “I don’t know whether it’s because he’s worried about a possible infection, or something to do with the contamination itself, but he’s rude, aggressive, and has come close to violence. I’m giving it 24 hours, and if things haven’t calmed down I’m ordering an evac for him.” This was clearly from partway through whatever had happened. I pulled the drive out, grabbed another from the box and inserted it in. It was the same woman: “Reeves and I were checking his PPE gear back into storage, and we noticed a slight nick in one of the outer gloves. It’s probably nothing, he wouldn’t have made contact with the slime, but it’s still worried me a little. He’s agreed to spend the night in medical for observation, and we’ll address it when we’re less exhausted.” I swapped the drive out for another. The screen filled with an image of the operations room, shot from one of the security cameras. Several of the crew were busy working, including the woman who had been making the logs. Then the door opened and a tall guy walked in. It might have been a glitch on the recording, but it almost looked like his hands were on fire. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and looked at him. He walked up to each person in turn, completely calmly, and as he got to them, they burst into flames. Once the screen went black I took a moment to collect myself from the shock of what I’d seen and changed out the thumb drive again. The woman, who I’d come to assume was the station’s commander, was back. “We’ve found some sort of residue built up around the vents for the filtration system,” the Commander explained, “It’s probably innocuous, but it doesn’t look like the usual grime that collects on the station, and no one can recall seeing it yesterday. I’ve asked Reeves to collect some samples and take them to medical” The screen went black. Just before I could replace the drive, it came on again, “Reeves has successfully collected a sample. Frankly that’s an understatement. He cleared what he could find and filled eleven containers worth. I’ve had one container taken to medical for analysis, and the rest I’ve locked up in the storage closet in ops until we know what we’re dealing with” I glanced at Rett, who had clearly already seen the door marked “STORAGE”, and was walking towards it. As they got close to the door it started banging from the inside. Rett stopped dead, started to whimper, then darted to Maya, giving her a big hug. I’d gone white, and as I calmed down a little I realised I was grasping Daddy’s hand. Then I started laughing. “Well that was horrible” I said, breaking the tension. Maya was stroking Rett’s hair, although even they were laughing as well. “Maybe we should check out Medical” Rett suggested, “I’d rather not find out what’s behind that door.” “Will we be able to get into it? Maya asked, “So far they’ve opened the doors of the rooms they want us to go in”. Daddy shrugged, “Only one way to find out”. He led us out of the room and down the hallway. When we got to the door marked ‘MEDICAL’ he pushed the button beside the door. It slid open. “Guess we’re allowed in,” he said. Inside it looked trashed. There were beds on their sides, smashed up sample containers and equipment scattered everywhere. “Are we looking for anything in particular in here?” asked Maya “I don’t know” I replied, “Nothing I can think of” “I don’t think there will be anything in here” Rett explained, “They would have given us clear instruction if it was part of the game, I just wanted to take a look before we got to the end” I noticed a glass cylinder on the ground, buried under some of the scattered detritus. It was filled with a black, jelly-like substance. I gently nudged it with my foot, “guess that’s the sample then” I said. As I moved, I felt my tummy lurch. I was really enjoying myself, but if we didn’t get to the end pretty soon I was going to have a major accident, “where next?” I asked. “The crew rooms?” Rett suggested, “We haven’t looked in there yet, and there might be more clues.” We moved into the crew accommodation - a fairly small room with eight capsule-like bunks in two banks either side. We began with the top bunk on the left hand side, and drew the curtain on each in turn. The first two were empty, but the third had a mannequin in it, covered in fake blood. If we hadn’t had the shock in the ops room it probably would have been upsetting, but as it was it just kind of made us all chuckle. “He doesn’t seem very well” Daddy joked. Which made me groan. There were two more ‘bodies’ both equally bloody in two of the other bunks.Beside one of them was a hardback notepad, with a cover that read ‘EMERGENCY CREW LOG BOOK’. I picked it up, and opened it. There were only two entries. I began to read the first one to everyone, “Mission Log, Day 42 - We have sealed ourselves into the accommodation. Reeves has taken control of operations, and has The Commander, Matthews, Radjek, Upesh and Huang with him. We have noidea about their condition, or if they’re even alive. He has destroyed medical, almost completely, deactivated the Escape Pod, and set traps in the Hydroponics. One of those traps has severely injured Magnusdottir, and she’s in critical condition. Njeri and I are planning to try to enter ops, and restrain Reeves shortly”. I paused a little before moving on to the next log, “We have restrained Reeves. In doing so both Njeri and I have been seriously injured. I’ve done what I can to stabilise both of us, but nothing I can do will stop the bleeding. Unless we get some sort of miracle, we won’t survive the night.” As I finished reading the log an alert siren started ringing, and the lighting in the room, as well as the hallway changed to flashing orange. An automated voice came from hidden speakers in the room, asking us to, “PLEASE PROCEED TO THE OPERATIONS ROOM”. It seemed the ‘mission’ was coming to its end. I was pleased about that. I was beginning to sweat a little as the strain of holding took its toll. From the look on Rett’s face, they were in a similar position. I suspect Daddy had noticed the struggle I was going through as well. He smiled, held his hand toward the door, and said, “shall we?”, and as I passed him, he gave me a gentle patt on my butt. When we got to operations, the door to the store cupboard was open. Inside were several containers, like the one in Medical, each with the same black jelly. Several of them were broken, “I dare you to try it,” I joked to Rett, which caused them to giggle. After a moment of examining the cupboard, Maya drew our attention over to the Playback console. The drives in the box had all gone. In their place was a single drive on top of the console. Maya plugged it into the usb port. The screen began playback. It was showing the exterior of the station, with a transport shuttle attached. Slowly the shuttle undocked, and began to float away. When the playback ended, the video screen in the corner of the room crackled back into life showing the Guy from Mission Control, “Congratulations Rescue Team.” he began,” You’ve stopped the station crashing to earth, and you’ve gathered lots of evidence for what happened to the crew. Unfortunately it seems the shuttle that should be taking you back has… detached itself from the station. We’re not sure how that’s happened, but don’t worry, we do have an escape pod. You’re just going to need to fix the bits that were.. disabled by the crew member who had difficulties. Please proceed to the ENGINE ROOM where we will brief you. And not to make worry too much, you have ten minutes of oxygen left.” As he was speaking I felt my control slip even further, and a fart escaped without me being able to do anything about it. It was silent, but the smell was awful. Daddy leaned over to me, “have you made a stinky in your diaper?” he whispered. I shook my head, “just gas Daddy, I promise.” He didn’t seem entirely convinced, as I looked very uncomfortable, but he let it slide. In truth my discomfort was from how hard I was fighting to avoid an accident. But I thought I would be able to hold it for the next ten minutes. We got to the engineering room, and the Guy from Mission Control was on the screen again to brief us: “The damage to the escape pods is minor”, he explained, “but has caused issue with the holding clamps. Two of your team will need to use the EVA robots to make the repairs. Rett’s eyes lit up at the prospect of a second go with the VR, then they paused, “Would you guys like a go this time,” they offered, “it only seems fair.” Daddy waved his hand, “I’m OK thanks” he said, then gestured to me and Rett, “I think you guys would enjoy it most if you did it together” No one needed to tell us twice. Rett and I jumped into the seats, and Maya and Daddy helped us with the headsets. It was sooo cool. I looked around, and as I did I could see the parts of the robot. The arms moved when I moved the controllers I was holding, and it felt like I was floating in space. Then I heard Rett’s voice in my ear, through the headset’s interlink “What do you think?” they asked, “It’s so cool” I replied, “I had no idea it was going to feel like this” “Yep. incredible, isn’t it?” they continued. “Now press the thruster button on the controller, and let’s go fix the escape pod” I watched as Rett, or at least, their robot, floated away from the station, then thrusted around it heading in the direction of the escape pod, which was marked by an arrow on the display. I tapped the button on my left controller to trigger the retro thrustor and moved away from the station, then tapped the button on the right to fire the forward thruster and followed them. We reached the escape pod, selected the cutting attachment on our robots, and set about removing the clamps holding the pod in place. I was having so much fun, and so lost in what I was doing that I forgot I was meant to be holding. I felt my stomach lurch and cramp, and then it was too late. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop it. Mushy mess began to leak out, a small amount at first, then a flood. The resistance of the chair causing it to squish all though my diaper. The mess was bad, but the smell was worse. Rett’s voice came through my ear again, “Have you had an accident?” “Mmmhmmm” I whimpered, still trying to cut virtual clamps as my mind dropped into little space from my accident. “So have I” they continued, “it’s OK”. That helped. I focused as best as I could, and we managed to cut the escape pod free. It took us a minute more to get the robots back to the station, then we removed the headsets. As I took mine off I found Daddy standing over me, “Is someone a stinky butt?” he asked. It was a redundant question, it was incredibly obvious I’d pooped my diaper. I nodded in response anyway, too dazed from the combination of the VR and the accident to do much more. He reached down and helped me out of the seat, “We’ll get you cleaned up as soon as we’re done kiddo” he reassured me. I was in a daze as the final video message flashed up. It was The Guy from Mission Control again, “Congratulations EVA team, you’ve managed to free the escape pod. Unfortunately we’ve seen something on the camera feed. It seems Reeves is still on the station. You need to go. Now! Run!” The door to the Engine Room slid open, as did a door across the hallway with a sign reading ‘ESCAPE POD’ above it. Rett and Maya led the way, Rett waddling more than they had been before. Daddy and I followed. Daddy kept his gentle grip on my arm as I was still pretty spacey. As we crossed through the hallway I looked toward the airlock doors. They were open, and a figure was standing in them. I couldn’t see properly, the lighting was behind him, but it seemed like his hands were on fire. We reached the ‘escape pod’ and the door slid shut behind us. There were eight seats around the room, the same as in the ‘shuttle’. Maya and Rett were already sitting down and strapped in. Daddy helped ease me down into one, then took the seat next to me. As soon as we strapped in the seats began to judder, the lights in the room flashed, and a rumbling noise came over the speakers. Then some triumphant music began to play, the lights came up, and the door at the back of the room slid open. I was riding high from the victory, and the mixture of emotions. Daddy had to unbuckle my safety strap so I could get out of the chair. We walked toward the door, where a guy was waiting to congratulate us. He looked a little confused when Rett walked past him, noticing the slight smell from their diaper. Then I walked past. And the look on his face made it very clear there was no hiding what I’d done. We emerged back into the mall complex, and it was packed. Both Rett and I became very shy, very quickly, aware of how obvious it was that we were messy. At least Rett had the advantage of being around me, and the smell of my diaper would likely cloak theirs. Daddy and Maya took the lead, holding our hands and guiding us through the throng of people, and straight to the bathrooms. Maya then took Rett and I into the accessible bathroom while Daddy went to get the my changing bag from our car. Away from people, the excitement from the escape room took back over, and Rett and I began to talk about the experience. “Did you see the guy at the end?” Maya joined in, “I honestly thought we were going to die!” “And the banging in the closet” Rett added, glancing down at their diaper, “I had a bit of an accident then too”. Just as I was about to reply, there was a knock at the door. Rett yelped a little. “It’s me” Daddy’s voice came through the door. Rett sighed with relief, which made Maya and me giggle. I unlocked the door and let him in. “Phew. You two stinky butts really need a change” he said, as he came in. He put the diaper bag down, and laid a changing mat on the floor. “Who’s first?” I looked over at Rett, they were being shy again.”I will, Daddy” I offered. I stepped forward, and Daddy undid the button on my jeans and eased them down my legs, “Step out please” he asked. I did as I was told. He then reached up and unsnapped the buttons on my romper. As he did, my diaper sagged down. . “On the mat please kiddo” Daddy said. I crouched down, then eased myself onto the mat, feeling the mess squelch against my butt as it did. Then I laid down and Daddy began the change. As he untapped the diaper, the smell filled the room. I felt my cheeks warm up form the shame of having such a stinky diaper changed in front of our friends, the sense of humiliation was almost overwhelming. It was wonderful. I have no idea how long the change took, I was far too spacey to keep track, but eventually Daddy slipped a clean diaper underneath me - without additional padding this time - and taped it closed. Then he helped me up and gave me a hand getting dressed again. As he did, Maya had Rett lay on the mat and began their change. They looked so scared and uncomfortable. I crouched down and held their hand and stroked their hair..That seemed to relax them. After a few minutes they were in a clean and dry diaper, and we were ready to go. We walked out of the bathroom and headed back to our cars. As we walked, we passed the entrance to the arcade. “Shall we stay a little longer?” Daddy asked, glancing over ot it. “Yes!” I shouted, my voice full of enthusiasm. “It seems a shame to go home so early” Maya agreed. “Can I have an ice cream first please though Daddy?” I asked, “You did say I could have whatever treats I wanted.”.
  7. This is my first ever story. I do apologize for any grammar mistakes. I wrote it on my iPhone and this is the first story I’ve ever posted. Would love to hear your thoughts on the story.Thank you for reading. So, when I went to Disney World with my "mommy" it was actually the third day I was with after I met her in person. This took place about two weeks ago. She had mentioned it would be fun to go there and I went along with it. We ended up going to the magical kingdom. Apparently, there are three different parks. You probably knew about this, but it was kind of new to me. She wore a pretty dress with a bow in her hair and I wore a colorful pair of board shorts with a baby print Bambino diaper underneath.I ended up driving because I had rented a minivan that would have plenty of room in the back for possible diaper changes if needed. Since she was from Orlando she was an expert in all things Disney. She knew the best way to go about buying the tickets at the best price and how to navigate the park without waiting in to many lines. I can't remember how many times she said she had been there, but it was a lot. I let her guide me around the park and do whatever she saw fit. This turned out to be a good idea because she turned out to be an expert at maximizing fun at Disney World. I don't remember all the rides we went on, but there were a lot. Every ride we went on was a two seater and we got on together. We went on thunder mountain, the teacups, it's a small world, some Peter Pan thing, a ride inspired by Lilo and stitch, and countless others. I think we got there around 330 and left around 10. The whole time we were there I was like a real baby boy holding his mommy's hand in true aww of the whole situation. She played games with me the whole time and made sure I was safe. It made me feel so special. She was so cute the whole time. She would ask me how I was doing with my diaper and occasionally give me a little love tap on my diapered butt. The only way I can truly describe the day is to say that it was enchanting. On top of that, she truly seemed to enjoy it just as much as me. That was really important to me. Anytime I am doing something fun I want the other person I'm with to be having fun as well. Any good relationship needs to be fun for both parties and it truly seemed like it was fun for her too. I guess I can't tell the whole story without mentioning that we did need to have one diaper change while I was there. At one point she looked at me with a knowing look and said that it looked like her baby needed his diaper changed. When I heard her say that I truly blushed like a little boy with his hand in the cookie jar. I knew this would happen at some point, but when the time came I truly was scared. She of course took me to a family bathroom and luckily it was a single person use only. While we were waiting in line there was a couple in front of us waiting to change their baby. The mom looked at us and said that we were in the wrong line and that we could just use the regular one next-door. At that point mommy looked at her and said that she knew what line we were in and that we needed to use this one. The woman looked at us a little strangely, but let it go. I was truly freaking out, but there was nothing to worry about. When we got in there she laid a towel down on the floor for me and went about doing the diaper change like a pro. She made sure to use plenty of powder and even blew a raspberry on my tummy when we were done. After she got done with my diaper change she redid her make up and I watched her quietly in pure disbelief that I just had my diaper changed at Disney World. It was so much fun. As we were leaving we got stopped by the Disney parade. Apparently, it happens every night. We watched all the Disney characters march through the streets. Then, as we were going to the car to leave we passed what I think is Cinderella's castle and fireworks literally started going off. She then grabbed my hand and we had a special mommy baby moment watching the fireworks go off. We continued holding hands as the fireworks went off and we walked to our car. As I mentioned, I drove. While we were driving back I sort of got out of my little space and we just talked about it like two adults. It was really great to reflect on what an amazing day it was for both of us. When we got back to her house she changed my diaper and I got back in baby mode. When the diaper change was complete she put me in my onesie and gave me a bottle. After that, she helped me put together a puzzle on the floor. As we completed the puzzle she said I had to go to bed. Like any other tired baby I didn't want to go to bed and I didn't want the night to end, but she persisted and finally tucked me into my crib. Then, after giving me another baba she read me a story that actually put me to sleep. This was only my third day in my whole life of baby play. I can only assume it's not always like this, but let's just say after this day I was hooked. If you actually have read this far please forgive me as this is the longest thing I have written since I was in college and had I to type it on my IPhone with limited spell check. I can only assume it was riddled with run-on sentences and less than great grammar. Thank you so much for reading this as this is the first time I have ever shared the story with anyone. It makes it feel that much more magical being able to share it. I know that sounds corny, but it's true. After reading all this, I'm sure you can tell you wouldn't have to twist my arm too hard to go back.
  8. Hiya kids. This is a new one from Sophie - i.e. no colors. It also is totally fictional and not at all based on anything in real life! ? On an entirely unrelated note, check out my ABDL podcast I run with my kink-sister: The Usual Bet PDF and ePub are available on our Patreon: www.patreon.com/sophieandpudding ------------------- Premise: Lucy and Mira are left home alone while their Mommy goes away for the weekend. Though Lucy is left in charge of her little sister, Mira isn’t the type to give up easily. As the girls begin a new game, will Lucy prevail as Mira’s big sister, or will Mira prove to Lucy that there are things smaller than little girls? Disclaimers: diapers, wet, messy ------------------- Babydoll By Sophie Chapter One “I hate leaving you both alone for this long,” Mommy said with a pout, drawing her purse over her shoulder. She had to go to a weekend conference and wouldn’t be home until Sunday. “You really don’t have to worry,” I laughed. “We aren’t actual babies.” Though from the look of things, she really couldn’t tell. Mira and I were sitting side by side on the sofa, dressed in nighties with pacifiers clipped to the collars. We shared a midnight blue blanket and the Netflix was paused on the third episode of Hilda. Of course, Mira was the only one in a diaper. “I know, but I’m still going to miss you.” Mommy sighed before continuing: “Lucy, you’re in charge. Bedtime at midnight. Brush your teeth.” “I know, I know!” I whined. “Mira, make sure your sister eats breakfast and takes her medicine.” “Okay,” Mira said with a smile. I rolled my eyes. “I can do all that stuff myself,” I told them. “It never hurts to have some extra help.” She came over and kissed me once on the forehead, then once on Mira’s. A warm feeling filled my chest and I melted into the sofa. I glanced at my sister as she did the same. Mommy took her luggage to the car and gave us a final wave before pulling out of the driveway. We closed the door and went back to the sofa to finish our episode. Truth be told, Mira and I got along fine without Mommy around; we had been friends long before she came into the picture. We met online, like so many Littles do, and bonded over a mutual appreciation of old movies. Sometimes we would start a movie at the same time and talk about it while we watched it. Back then I had a boyfriend. He didn’t know about the ‘wanting to be a little girl’ thing, and I was always too afraid to bring it up. Hell, I was too scared to even buy diapers in case he found them. Mira - on the other hand - would post pictures of herself in onesies and diapers on Twitter. Lucky brat. Days turned to weeks turned to months, and my boyfriend and I broke up. It didn’t have anything to do with Little stuff, not directly at least. Our sex life was sort of down-in-the-dumps, and he sought pleasure elsewhere. To be honest, I’m almost glad he did. Him cheating on me gave me a good excuse to end things. I hadn’t been happy with him for a long time. Unfortunately, I was staying at his apartment. Fortunately, I had a friend who needed a roommate: Mira. She lived a few states over, so I packed my bags into my mini coup and left all my furniture behind. Mira and I always joked online that we were basically sisters, as Littles would often do. We didn’t realize how true it was until we met in person. We spent days on her couch watching movies and TV shows. We played video games all night together. We went to restaurants and ordered the same food. She helped me find a therapist and I helped her learn guitar. Sometimes we would fight and yell and hurt each other, but we always came back in tears to fix it. Best of all, Mira and I were about the same size. I was a little taller - and one year older! - but her clothes fit me fine. So did her diapers. Suddenly, I was engrossed in a world for which I had longed for years. I had never felt such a sense of belonging before. Mommy came a few years later, after I’d graduated college. She and Mira had met online, but not on a diaper site. On a dating site. I was jealous, at first. Suddenly, I had to compete with this other girl for Mira’s attention! For a moment, I thought I could be gay if it meant keeping Mira all for myself, but I knew where I was meant to be; not in her bed, but next door to it. When Mira asked me if she should tell Mommy about the diaper stuff, I was adamant: “No way! Not if you want to keep dating her!” “But it’s a big part of my life, Lucy. It’s a part of who I am.” “She isn’t going to understand that.” Maybe I should have supported Mira more; if Mommy didn’t like it, then I could have Mira to myself again. But what if she did? What if I had to share this special part of our relationship with a total stranger? I felt sick. Despite my warnings, Mira told Mommy. They went better than I expected, but it wasn’t perfect. It started out with Little Girl stuff: “I like to dress in cute clothes” and “I like to be called cute names”. Then it turned to: “I like sippy cups” and “I like pacifiers”. Which turned to “I like wearing diapers” which turned to “I like using diapers” which turned to “I want to call you Mommy”. For a long time, I resisted. I didn’t tell Mommy that I had the same feelings as Mira. I didn’t tell her that I was a little girl too, and that Mira was my sister. I didn’t tell her that Mira and I shared clothes and we wore diapers together. But as time went on, it became more and more apparent that the barrier between Mira and me wasn’t because of Mommy: it was because of me. I sat down alone with Mommy for the first time and told her everything. The things I liked. The ways I felt. Mira was the first person in my life to really understand me, and I was scared of losing her. I wrapped myself in a hug and cried, and Mommy held me. She said: “If you’re sisters, then I’m your Mommy too, aren’t I? Mira is my only girlfriend, but I don’t see why I can’t have two Littles.” We ran things by Mira, and she was more than happy to try it. She was actually more excited than I was! Honestly, the whole thing felt weird to me. For a few months they continued to feel weird, but less and less every day. Then one day it wasn’t weird at all. I sat by my sister on the sofa and pulled the blue blanket over us again. Even without Mommy here, we were going to have a great weekend. Mira and I would have our own kind of fun. ------------------- Thank you for reading! Like, comment, and check us out on our Patreon!
  9. New short story! This one is about anxiety and how helpful Little stuff can be. Also! There isn't any gendered language for the protag, so feel free to self-insert. If you like it, check us out at www.patreon.com/sophieandpudding. Your support goes a long way. ----------------------------- Baby's First Love Language By Sophie Disclaimers: diapers, mature ----------------------------- “I don’t know what’s wrong.” I stirred the sauce, staring dejectedly into the little pot. “I followed the directions. I did everything right.” “Cooking isn’t a science, hun.” “It shouldn’t be this watery. It’s supposed to thicken up.” I turned up the dial on the stove; maybe it wasn’t hot enough. “I didn’t add too much olive oil, right? You said two tablespoons.” “The internet said two tablespoons.” “I just don’t understand…” I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to Ava, her face only six inches from mine. She kissed me once on the lips and took the wooden spoon out of my hand. “Get some bowls and set the table, alright?” She said it like a question, but it didn’t feel that way. “Let me worry about the sauce.” Some people have a way with words. Ava had a way with tones. She could squish more love and curiosity and kindness and sympathy and poignancy and seriousness in one word than authors could put into entire books. With a sigh of reluctance, I left her alone with the stove and went to get bowls from the cupboard. But my mind was still on the sauce. Maybe it needed to simmer for a bit longer? Or maybe I got the instructions wrong? One of the bowls slipped out of my hands and crashed down on the countertop. A sharp echo filled the room, wall to wall. “What happened?” Ava asked. “You okay?” “Yeah, it just slipped…” I picked the ceramic bowl up off the counter and turned it over. It didn’t look cracked, but my head was still ringing. My heart hurt. I set both bowls on the table - along with a pair of forks - and tried to take a deep breath. Why couldn’t I do anything right? I looked at Ava, stirring the sauce, and caught her stealing glances. She was worried. She shouldn’t be worried. It was just pasta sauce. It was just a loud noise. I forced a smile. “Be right back.” “Where are you going?” Ava asked, leaning around the corner so she could catch sight of me as I climbed the stairs. “Bathroom.” “Okay.” I took the steps at an ordinary pace; normal stair-climbing sounds filled our small townhouse. But when I got to the landing at the top, I had to pause to catch my breath. I felt nauseas. I couldn’t breathe. With a moment to steel myself, I lumbered into the bathroom, turned on the light, and closed the door behind me. I paused in front of the mirror, with my hands on the edges of the sink. My hair was heavy and oily, though I had showered the night before. My skin was creased around my mouth and forehead, like paper that had been folded and unfolded again. I recognized myself only through constant exposure to reflections and the Switch Camera button on my phone. This didn’t feel like me. The truth was, I didn’t feel like I was there at all. This was just a body in front of a mirror, looking at itself. What control did I have over my racing heart? What could I do about the sickness in my stomach? If I tried to move my hands off the sink basin, would they move? If I put them under the hot water, would I feel it? “You’re okay,” I said to myself. I looked into my eyes and tried to exhibit the slightest bit of confidence. I had to believe me. “It’s not a big deal. It’s just dinner. It’s not the end of the world.” A deep breath. Count to four. Hold it. Count to four. Exhale. Count to four. “Ava isn’t upset. You aren’t upset. No one is mad at you.” I felt lightheaded; this wasn’t working. I had to result to base instincts. I had to keep the status quo. “Do you want Ava to be upset? No. Do you want to cause any more trouble? No. So let’s chill out. Relax and you can go back downstairs and have a great dinner and everything can be normal. Cool? Cool. Great.” I closed my eyes and took another deep breath. This one was easier. I just had to calm down. A few minutes later, I stepped away from the mirror. I flushed the toilet so Ava wouldn’t wonder. I washed my hands, even though I didn’t need to. Then I opened the door to find Ava there, waiting outside the bathroom. “You okay?” she asked, two words filled with so much love and worry and curiosity and suspense and kindness and passion and thoughtfulness that I thought I would break down crying right then and there. Luckily, I was better than that. “Uh huh. No worries.” I put on another smile. “Mmhmm. Come here.” Ava wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in for a hug. She felt like a blanket; a weighted one, with soft fabric and a heating element. She pushed on the back of my head until my cheek pressed against her shoulder. “Ava…” “It’s okay, hun,” she whispered. We were the only ones in the townhouse, but her quiet tone brought a rush of emotions. Peace. Simplicity. Love. I felt tears in my eyes. “The sauce, and…” “I took care of it, don’t worry.” Took care of it? What did that mean? She had fixed the watery sauce? Or was she scrapping it? We worked on it for half an hour, and that would be such a waste. We had to eat dinner. Did she turn the burner off? What about the noodles? Ava broke our hug and held my face in her hands. She stared into my eyes and ran her thumb across my cheek. Her smile was so calm, like nothing mattered. Nothing but me. “I said don’t worry,” she repeated, though I didn’t say anything. Then she kissed me once on the forehead and I felt a heat build up in my chest. Warm, melting heat. Ava took my hand and led me down the hall toward our bedroom. I sat on the edge of our bed and kicked my feet while Ava rummaged through the closet. I already knew what she was getting, but I didn’t think it was an appropriate moment. We had to finish cooking. We had to eat. We had TV plans and we couldn’t stay up too late. I was wasting her time. Ava came back a moment later with a diaper in one hand and baby powder in the other. A heat filled my cheeks. I opened my mouth to say something, but Ava cut me off. “No worries, remember? I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to take care of everything.” “But…” “Shh.” Ava reached into her pocket and pulled out a pacifier. She put it first in her mouth, and then in mine. Like a kiss. A silly babyish kiss. I sucked softly on the teat and kicked my feet a little more. “Much better,” Ava smiled. Her tone was full of excitement, sincerity, and attention. “That’s a good baby.” I muttered something through the pacifier, but even I wasn’t sure what I was trying to say. Ava laid me back on the bed and tapped the side of my thigh, prompting me to lift my bottom. Almost instinctively, I did. Ava stripped me of my pajama pants and underwear all in one motion. She held up the diaper in front of her and unfolded it, causing a soft crinkle to echo around the room. She tapped my thigh again and I felt my bottom lift off the mattress. When I placed it down again - a few seconds later - the soft seat of the diaper greeted my bare skin. I sucked the pacifier as the smell of baby powder filled the air. A soft dusting was sprinkled between my legs. Ava pulled the diaper up and the thickness of the padding spread my thighs apart. Then, methodically, she gently pressed the top tapes onto the front of the diaper. “Aww, sweetie you look so cute in your flower diaper! This is Mommy’s favorite design, you know? You look like a magical little fairy, relaxing in a garden. That’s what you need to do: relax more.” “Mm…” No words escaped the pacifier. I sucked softly and let my eyes flutter shut. Mommy took her time after that. She pulled up on the diaper’s waistband, making sure it fit snugly. She patted the front of the thick padding, pressing down now and again to elicit a shiver. She taped each of the lower tapes slowly, folding the plastic under so that it looked nothing short of perfect. Sometimes her diaper changes could take ten whole minutes, but they never seemed to feel long enough. Mommy took my hands and sat me up on the bed. I looked up at her with glossy eyes. My heart had stopped hurting. My head had stopped aching. Things felt quiet. She kissed me once on the forehead and went to find something else: a new shirt for me to wear. I didn’t complain or whine or argue. Sometimes it was fun to throw a fit and cause trouble, but not today. I was tired of struggling. I just wanted the serendipity of being Mommy’s little baby. With little effort, she dressed me in a comfortable onesie with little bees all over it. “Now you really do look like a garden, hm?” she teased. Tenderness. Amusement. Adoration. “The cutest little garden baby in the whole world. My beautiful flower.” I felt my cheeks get hot in embarrassment, but my lips were turned up in a smile behind the pacifier. She kissed the button of my binky and crawled into bed beside me. She had forgotten to snap up my onesie, but she wasn’t one to forget anything. I followed her toward the head of the bed. “Feeling a little better?” she asked, knowing full well I couldn’t answer with the pacifier between my lips. I elected to nod my head instead; I was feeling better. “Good. Come here, I want you to know how special you are.” Mommy sat upright with her back to the headboard. She pulled on the hem of her shirt and slipped it off over her head. Then she unfastened the clasp on the front of her bra and tossed it haphazardly to the floor. I looked at her bare chest with a hint of a blush on my cheeks. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I was still thinking about the pasta and the sauce and the burner downstairs. I was still thinking about wearing a diaper in front of the girl I loved, about calling her Mommy, and if she secretly hated me. I was still thinking about the interview I had in the morning and the grocery shopping I had to do afterward. But when she told me to come over to her, I did so without thinking. I crawled up into her lap and laid my head against the crook of her arm. I looked up into her beautiful brown eyes, sparkling with delight. Then I looked at her nipple, inches from my mouth. “Go on, hun,” she whispered in that same quiet tone. Peace. Simplicity. Love. “Be a good little one for Mommy.” She plucked the pacifier from my lips and quickly replaced it with her own breast. I sucked softly on the nipple, as if it was no different than the binky it had replaced. But I could feel her heartbeat in my cheek. I could hear her breathing in my ear. I felt so close to her, like we were assimilating into one person. Maybe together, I could be more competent. If I always had a part of her with me, maybe I had nothing to worry about. Ava was always capable of anything. I could be capable too. I felt Mommy’s hand between my legs, against the soft, thick padding of the diaper. Her words continued to exude that beautiful whisper, full of peace, simplicity, and love. They bathed me in her, as I continued to nurse from her breast. “There we are… such a good little baby. Suckle and relax and let all those silly grown up thoughts float away. Like clouds in the wind. Wispy and quiet and lost to the horizon.” Mommy cupped the front of my diaper in her palm and pressed the tips of her fingers into the plastic. I shivered in her arms and started to breathe unevenly. “I love you so much. Did you know that? You’re my little one, pure and true. Sometimes you get lost, and sometimes you’re afraid to be found. But you’re still there, a light in the dark woods. I’ll always find you. I’ll always help you get home.” A shiver ran up my spine as she pressed her hand firmly between my legs. The diaper crinkled with each of her movements and the rhythm of my nursing began to quicken. “Now you’re home: in your diaper, in your onesie, and in my arms. No more fear or worry or shame. No thoughts at all. You’re just an empty headed little baby now. My baby. I make your decisions, I solve your problems. All you have to do is look cute and use your diapers.” Mommy bounced me lightly in her lap, forward in back, timing each rub of my diaper with each suck on her nipple. A heat rose through my stomach, to my cheeks, and I quivered in her arms. “Prove to me… no, prove to yourself that you’re done with all that silly adult life. You’re a helpless little baby now. You’re Mommy’s helpless little baby. Give up all your control. Choose your diapers over your thoughts.” I pushed my hips into Mommy’s hand, pressing my diaper roughly against her fingers, and sucked sharply on her breast. I wondered - for only a moment - if it had caused her any pain, but that thought drift away with all the rest. I didn’t choose thoughts; I chose diapers. I shuddered and writhed in Mommy’s lap, never taking my lips off her nipple. When the convulsions started to die down, she would press her palm between my legs in an effort to start them up again. After a few minutes of quiet post-orgasmic haze, she slipped her finger between my lips and her breast. The sucking motion stopped and I looked up at Ava with starry eyes and blushing cheeks. “I love you,” she whispered, but this whisper was different. This whisper was dripping with certainty. I wasn’t thinking about the sauce or the pasta or the burner. I wasn’t thinking about the interview in the morning or the grocery shopping afterward. I was just thinking about her, in that moment, looking down at me with the most confidence in the universe. I was thinking that I needed to say something back, something I was just as confident about. I wanted to drip with certainty, so I said the only thought I had left in my head. “I love you too.” [End.]
  10. My first 'mature' ABDL story. It's about a husband and a wife who have a problem. I hope to write a lot more after this, so I hope you like it! Finding Mommy 'This isn't working.' The statement didn't come as a shock to Andrew. He knew it wasn't working. But he didn't want to look like he didn't care, so he persued it, already feeling resigned and bitter about the discussion's inevitable conclusion. 'What isn't?' he asked, softly. 'This. This whole...baby thing. I can't do it,' his wife, Tammy, waved her hand in his direction. He winced, glancing down at his apparel. A slightly soggy diaper, and a t-shirt. He'd been wearing the same thing to bed every so often for a couple months now. His wife had initially chuckled and teased him playfully, but lately...lately the playful teasing had stopped. She wouldn't remark on his padded state, except if the diaper got too close to her. 'The tapes scratch my skin,' she'd explain, but Andrew suspected it was something else. She went on. 'I'm sorry. I thought I could. I know you really want this. But I can't do it. I can't...pretend you're a baby. The diapers were one thing...but...I can't do that,' she looked away, as if preparing herself to say something upsetting. 'You know...when you first told me...you made it sound...sound like a sex thing...I don't mind that. I don't even mind...using them, sometimes...like...like before...you know?' She trailed off, looking at Andrew, a pained expression on her face. Andrew's mind flashed back to when he'd first told her, almost a year and a half ago. How she'd been so...accepting. -------------------------------- 'Are these ones good?' Tammy asked, as she patted the package. 'I wanted to make sure I got good ones...I ordered these a few weeks after you told me...they just arrived on Monday.' Andrew glanced at the large box of diapers, feeling a stirring of excitement at the fact that she'd bought so many...a whole case, in fact. God, what was she planning? Was this going to become a regular occurence? Was she going to keep him in diapers, for the whole day? Or wear herself? His head swam at the possibilities. 'I...uh...what are they?' he asked, licking his lips, nervously. 'Abena?' Tammy replied, scrunching up her face, trying to recall something. 'I...Abena X-plus? They had so many different names, but I think these are the good ones. Abri-form L4...The large ones...I wasn't sure what size we'd need...Oh.' She suddenly stopped, pausing, as if worried about what she was going to say next. She reached into her (rather mysterious, to Andrew, at least) handbag, rummaging around. Andrew waited patiently for her to speak, his eyes darting back and forth between her and the large box on the bed. Abena X-plus was sure to be a world away from what he'd tried so far. He knew these were premium diapers. He felt himself jolt back to reality as Tammy started talking again. 'I bought...these...as well...' Another package slid onto the bed, only this time it wasn't boxed or freshly delivered. It was clearly a packet of diapers. A packet of OPEN diapers. 'On the site I got the...uh...Abenas from, they were selling purple ones, too,' she said, nervously. 'So...I got some of those, in a smaller size...' Andrew's mind could have exploded at that moment. Tammy stood up from the bed, an audible crinkling coming from her pyjama bottoms. Andrew couldn't believe he hadn't noticed the bulge of her diaper before, but he certainly noticed now. He stared at her rump almost hungrily as she turned sideways, looking coyly at him, grabbing the edge of her pyjama top and starting to lift it, revealing the purple waistband of the diaper. Andrew stepped forwards, reaching out. His hand ran over her bottom, slipping off her trousers, until she was standing in just a diaper and a shirt. He patted the material of padding, pulling her close to him, hand trailing around and around the crinkly undergarment, feeling it, feeling /her/ through it. 'I...I guess you like it?' Tammy asked, feeling a little awkward. Andrew made a noise halfway between a sigh and a groan. 'Yes,' he replied, simply. 'Would you like to wear one, too?' she asked, wriggling her bottom against his crotch, making him tense a little. 'Y...yes...' he gasped, hardly believing what was happening... 'Then lay down on the bed for me...' ----------------------------- That night had been amazing. Andrew couldn't believe his luck. They'd spent the whole evening in diapers, exploring and experimenting. It felt like his wildest fantasies had come true. This beautiful woman, his future wife (he'd chosen to tell her a little while after they got engaged), was willing to wear and use diapers for him. He couldn't believe it. She seemed almost as eager as him, that evening. She did everything he'd ever fantasized about, sexually. She wet. She asked for a change. She changed him...they even had...well. Andrew wasn't sure what to call it. Lots of rubbing. Wet, squishy diapers pressing together, then pulled aside for the 'main event'. Was that diaper sex? He supposed so. It was wonderful, whatever it was. He wondered if what happened next had been a turning point. At the end of the evening, when they were snuggled in bed, she'd sighed contentedly and lazily rolled out of bed. 'Be right back, hun,' she told him huskily, slipping out of the room in an instant. She'd returned, after a couple minutes, undiapered, her bottoms now back on. She'd smiled and gotten back into bed with him. ------------ 'Why did you take it off?' Andrew asked, a little confused. 'Didn't you like it?' Tammy dodged the question, but sounded just as confused as Andrew. 'Well...we're done now, aren't we? I'm really tired...I don't think you're up to going again, even I wasn't...' She paused, sidling up to him in the bed, absent-mindedly flattening the covers over her. 'Why haven't you taken yours off?' she asked, finally. 'I...Well. I just...thought I'd like to keep it on. That's...okay, right?' A few moments ago, he'd been certain it would be. It seemed silly even to ask. But now he wasn't so sure. 'Oh. Um. Sure,' Tammy replied, smiling again. 'I love you.' She kissed him, turning away, and Andrew slipped his arms around her from behind, murmuring 'I love you, too' into her neck. --------------- 'That was okay. It made me feel...sexy. I loved that I could have that effect on you. It made me feel good, too,' she thought for a moment. 'I felt like your partner, then. I felt like I was desirable, sexually, like...like this was a special secret, between us. Something for the bedroom, something kinky and fun. I didn't care that it was nappies, I knew people had fetishes...but this isn't just a fetish, is it?' Andrew swallowed as she fixed him with a steely gaze. 'Is it, Andrew?' He shook his head 'no'. It was more than that. He wished he'd explained before. He thought she'd understood. 'You...want to be a baby, don't you?' Andrew's mouth opened in protest. 'No! I mean...not all the ti-' Tammy raised a hand, cutting him off. 'I know. Not all the time. Not most of the time. Not forever. Just occasionally, right? Like when I tried before...but for real?' Andrew swallowed and nodded again. He remembered the brief times she'd tried to play 'Mommy'. -------------- 'Uh...crawl to me...come here, you naughty little baby...' Tammy's voice was strained, as she patted the top of her legs, calling Andrew over. Meanwhile, Andrew himself was feeling...well. He wasn't sure exactly. There was something a little exciting about the humiliation his wife was bringing to this role. He found something arousing about how she threatened to spank him, how she called him names and teased him. It felt, well, /naughty/, and he decided he sort of liked that. It was very erotic. But...he wasn't looking for this to be erotic. Something was wrong. He didn't feel like a baby; he felt like a naughty boy being punished. He didn't feel safe and looked after. He felt chastised and a little ashamed. He felt unspeakably adult, despite the baby bonnet and mittens he was wearing. Instead of an innocent little baby, he was some weird guy, crawling around, pretending to be an infant, calling his wife 'Mommy'. 'Crawl to me!' Tammy repeated. Andrew sighed, starting to move. 'Yes, Mommy...' ------------------- 'I thought that was really weird, but you know...' Tammy shrugged. 'I tried. For you. I thought you wanted that. I thought it was a sex thing still.' Andrew shuffled in the bed, feeling uncomfortable. He wished he hadn't worn to bed, now. He'd felt a pang when he'd gone to pad up; his case of abenas was nearly empty; her package of molicares was two thirds full. He hadn't expected her to use them of her own volition, but it was a reminder of just how infrequently she'd worn, for him or otherwise. 'Then,' Tammy continued. 'Then you told me that wasn't what you wanted, either. You wanted it to be more...innocent...more 'snuggly'.' That last word was almost a snarl, and Andrew felt himself flinch. 'So I tried that, too. But I couldn't do it...I mean...' she sighed, pushing the hair back out of her eyes, sighing in frustration. 'Remember what I told you when you told me this stuff?' ­Andrew nodded. ­­­ ----------------- 'Aren't I...doing enough?' Tammy asked, a look of confusion on her face. 'No! No, it's not that...it's more that you're doing it the wrong way...' Andrew immediately regretted his words, seeing his wife's expression turn sour. 'No! I mean...I...I think maybe I didn't really explain what I want, not properly. It's not just the baby stuff, dressing up and that...I want...' he swallowed, hesitant. 'Well...I want it to be more...um...innocent? Like...like...I was a rea...' he stopped himself. 'Like, more snuggly? You know? Maybe some...cuddles...at bedt- at night time...I'd like to be, um...held...sometimes...' Tammy stared at him as if he had just sprouted a third head. 'So...you want me to be like your real mother?' 'No!' 'As if you were a real baby, right?' 'I...No...I mean...it's not like you're my real mother...I...I just want you to...' 'To what? Look after you? Like an infant?' Tammy demanded, her voice even. 'I...I...in a way...yes...I just don't want it to always be so...sexual...' Tammy sighed. There was a silence before she finally spoke. 'Okay. Look. This is pretty weird to me. I'm not comfortable with it. But I love you, Andrew. I always will,' she looked up as she spoke, taking Andrew's hand in her own. 'But I don't know how to deal with this. I don't think I can...do that. I'm sorry.' 'Oh.' replied Andrew, simply. He hated himself at that moment. If he'd been honest from the beginning, maybe none of this would have happened. 'But,' Tammy started, nibbling her lip. 'BUT. I'd like to be okay with it. So...You can do something...something small...I don't know, you could wear a nappy to bed. And I'll try to get more comfy with the idea.' Andrew's heart leapt. Everything was going to be okay. --------------- Andrew's heart sank. Everything was going wrong. But Tammy wasn't done yet... 'I tried so hard to...to accept this. I started off like...like it was no big deal, remember? I used to tease you and you'd smile and for a bit, I thought maybe I could be okay with it. But then, then you started to...I don't know. Resent me? You pulled away. It wasn't enough for you. And maybe I pulled away, too. It hurt to see you wanting me to give you something I wouldn't, couldn't give you. It hurt to see you shut me out because I couldn't understand. So...now we're here...' 'Where is here?' Andrew said, asking, for the second time that night, a question which he really didn't feel he needed to ask, but if he didn't ask it, he knew it would appear he didn't care. 'Here? Here is...my husband wants to be treated like a baby...NON sexually...and I can't cope with it,’ she paused, seemingly thinking hard about something. Her mouth opened again, this time drawing out the sound of one little word, waiting for a statement to follow it. ‘So….’ Andrew swallowed. He waited for the crushing blow. He didn’t know what she would say, but he could guess. ‘So you can’t wear diapers anymore around me…’ ‘So I don’t want diapers in the house anymore…’ ‘So I don’t love him anymore….’ ‘So I /can’t/ love him anymore, and I think we need to get a divorce…’ He knew whatever was said next would change their relationship forever. He was about to lose something, he didn’t know what exactly, but he also knew life would be a lot harder without him. He looked up at her with grim determination, resigned to whatever awful things came out of her mouth next. ‘So…’ she began again, and Andrew felt himself stiffen, worry making his heart pound. ‘So I think we need to find him…find you…someone who can.’ Andrew gawped at her. That wasn’t what he’d been expecting at all. What was she saying? Was she leaving him? She must be… she was just being the wonderful woman she always had been, willing to help him find a more ‘appropriate’ mate, someone who’d be happy to indulge him. He felt his eyes sting a little as tears formed, before, in the silence, another possibility occurred to him. She’d been watching him closely, and seemed to notice as a flash of something, hope, realization maybe, passed across his face. He addressed her again, voice shaky. ‘Do you mea-‘ he was cut off abruptly. ‘I mean, just someone to do that for you, you know?’ Tammy explained, her voice emphasizing the word ‘that’ in a way that made it clear she found ‘that’ distasteful. ‘I…no sex. I’m not leaving you. I love you, I always will, I think. I hope. I just…I don’t know what to do. I’m scared, Andrew. And…I know this is so, so important to you. I see it, Andy, I see how much you want it…’ It’s her turn to look scared now, her eyes filled with tears, rolling freely down her cheeks. She’s shivering, but it’s not cold. Wordlessly, Andrew embraced her, his own manly sob joining her small, squeaking ones, her voice cracking as she tried to go on. ‘I…I don’t want to lose you…I’m…I wanted so badly to m…make you happy, but I CAN’T. I’m a horrible, awful wife. I’m a fuck-up. I…I don’t know why you married me!’ she howls, throwing herself into Andrew’s chest, his arms soothing her, rubbing her back, shh-ing her like you would a crying child. A tiny smile formed on his lips for a moment, as he considered the role reversal. But it was soon replaced by another kind of smile, the kind that happens when you realize maybe you’re not alone, that your partner is just as afraid of what’s happening as you. That he or she is afraid of the exact same things. It was a tearful, almost regret-filled smile. ‘If only we’d talked about this sooner…’ He shook his head, clearing his mind. Right now, he had to help Tammy feel better. ‘Ohh…oh hun…’ he said, his own voice wavering, fighting back another hard sob. ‘Shhh… you know, I’ve been worried about the same thing. I thought I was an awful husband. I wondered why you wanted to be with me. I didn’t understand. I thought…just now, you were going to leave me…’ Tammy jerked back, head snapping upwards to look at him, a look of something…hurt, Andrew decides. Hurt he’d think she would do that. Her face pink and flushed, her cheeks damp with too many tears. ‘Never,’ She retorted, instantly, and then she was back in his arms, crying anew. ‘Never…I…I NEVER want to lose you…’ Andrew smiled again, sighing, a little in relief. Of course, given her earlier outburst, he already knew that…but it was lovely to have confirmation. ‘I know Tam, I really do. Now, at least. But I want to let you know, I love you too. I don’t think you’re an awful wife…you’ve been so understanding. Please, don’t think I don’t love you, don’t think I resent you, or hate you or think ANYTHING bad about you, after you’ve tried so hard to fulfill me and my selfish, perverted desires.’ He felt her shaking her head, disagreeing, with the part about her trying so hard, or the part about his desires being perverted, or both, or something else…he wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter at that moment. ‘So I’m just telling you, no matter what, I’ll love you. I’d have loved you even if you said I could never wear another diaper. I’d have loved you even if you told me you’d stopped loving me. I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself…’ Tammy’s cheeks turned a little pinker, her sobs dying down. ‘Are you sure?’ she asks, not moving to look at him. ‘Positive,’ he says, more confident now. ‘Do you feel better now?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Are you ready to talk about…it?’ ‘…Yes.’ There was a pause as Tammy pulled away, slowly, reluctantly, so she could look at him. She smiled, her eyes wandering over him, as if appreciating him newly. When she reached the diaper her expression clouded, eyes flitting back up to his, as if just remembering they had something else to discuss now. ‘So…do you mean it?’ Andrew asked, anxiously. ‘Yes.’ He looked unconvinced, so Tammy continued. ‘I don’t have a problem with it. I really don’t. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, an-‘ ‘Why didn’t you ask me before?’ ‘Wh-what?’ ‘Why didn’t you ask me before?’ Andrew repeated, his tone not demanding or forceful, but genuinely curious. ‘I…well…’ Tammy looked away, embarrassed. ‘I was scared…’ ‘Why?’ ‘Well…first I was worried you’d say no, because she wouldn’t be me, and you wouldn’t be able to feel anything with her. And if you said no, I’d be out of options. I don’t know what would h-happen if…’ her voice broke again, eyes swimming with tears. Andrew frowned slightly. ‘What else?’ ‘I was afraid if you said yes, you would love her...too much. You’d leave me. Because you don’t love me at all, not anymore…how could you? I mean-‘ Andrew squeezed her hand suddenly, shaking his head, stopping her from working herself up again. ‘Not true, love. I want you. I love you. I’m not going to replace you. Even if I agree to this, I promise,nobody’ll never replace you…are you sure you’re okay with this?’ Tammy nodded. ‘Yes.’ ‘What…sort of things would she, uh, do?’ ‘I don’t know,’ Tammy admitted, seeming to shrink back a little. ‘I mean…change you? Give you bottles…pacifiers…play with you like a real baby.’ Andrew felt his heart flutter twice; once at the prospect of a genuine Mommy in his life, after so long… and once at the sudden feeling of utter love for Tammy that swept over him. ‘The ideal woman…’ he thought, snorting somewhere inside his head at how corny that was. ‘Would I be allowed to call her Mo…’ Andrew blushed, dropping his voice to a whisper. ‘Mommy?’ he finished, waiting. ‘Yes. Of course. I mean, that’s what you want, right? A Mommy? For the…the baby inside you? Just no sexual stuff. Please. I need that from you.’ Andrew nodded unhesitatingly. The thought of having sex with another woman (beyond occasional fantasies) had never even crossed his mind. He was missing an emotional, platonic, maternal bond, not a passionate sexual one. They both smiled a moment, almost in triumph. They were still together. This might just work out. ‘So…’ Tammy started, grinning now. ‘So…’ Repeated Andrew, a playful smirk joining hers. ‘What do we do now?’ ‘Now? Now we sleep. I’m so tired. I just want to be held. I’m so…worn out…’ she leant forwards again, nuzzling his chest, smiling softly. She sighed, a long, happy sigh, as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. ‘Okay…do…you want me to go change before we-‘ ‘No. I don’t want you to leave.’ Her tone was demanding that time, and Andrew chuckled. She wriggled, pulling the covers out from under them both, as they each shuffled and worked to lie down, his arms still wrapped around her. Their heads reaching the pillows, Tammy smiled wearily, shifting away a little, finding her husband’s body too warm for comfort. He leaned forwards and kissed her on the forehead. ‘Goodnight Tammy…’ ‘Goodnight…’ she hesitated, wondering if she was really going to say this, worrying he’d take it the wrong way. She stopped hesitating. ‘Baby,’ she added, one hand slipping down and squeezing the soggy bulge of his diaper. She watched his face for a reaction. Andrew blushed a little as she withdrew her hand. It was a simple, loving gesture. A show of acceptance. It hadn’t meant anything else. She wasn’t going to baby him. She didn’t see him that way. She didn’t want to be ‘Mommy’. She was his wife, and she was just showing how much she cared, how safe he was with her, how much she truly wanted him to be happy, even in this. At that moment, that was all that Andrew needed. He lifted his hand to squeeze her retreating one, smiling. ‘Thanks,’ he said, earnestly. With that, she sighed slightly and turned around, snuggling into him backwards. Tomorrow, she thought, was sure to be a very interesting day.
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