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  1. I've been working on creating a longer story and I've come up with "The Accidental Toddler". The story is has the familiar plot of being stuck in an automated daycare / nursery set in a near future setting. As always, feedback is welcomed. Chapter 1: The Mistake In the not-too-distant future, automation had become a way of life. Everything from driving cars to making coffee was handled by computer systems. One such system was the Potty Training and Developmental Education program. It was designed to help young children learn basic hygiene, social skills, and even some early education. The program was championed as a pre-school / head start program that advanced children’s development. The program was highly efficient, and it had helped countless families over the years. With its automated systems, parents could focus on their work without having to worry about taking care of their children's basic needs. Jack is a tall and lanky man with sharp features and a prominent nose. He has short, curly hair that's a deep shade of brown and is usually styled in a messy, tousled manner. His eyes are a piercing blue and seem to gleam with intelligence and wit. He carries himself with an air of confidence and has a quick, easy smile that can charm almost anyone. Despite his somewhat aloof demeanor, he is fiercely loyal to those he cares about and will go to great lengths to protect them. Jack had recently graduated from college and was struggling to find work in his field as more and more jobs were rapidly moving to automation. As he was scrolling through job listings on his tablet, he came across an ad for a job at the early development center. Without reading the details carefully, he assumed it was a regular daycare type of role and applied by uploading his details. Unfortunately, Jack had made an embarrassing rookie mistake when filling out the application. Instead of applying for a job at the development center, he mistakenly signed up for the potty training and early development program. The computer system was supposed to verify the applicant's age before successfully registering them, but due to a simple coding error within the systems’ source code, it failed to do so. As a result, the uploaded data to the system registered Jack as a toddler. It would only be 10 minutes later that Jack would receive the confirmation email informing him of his mistake. At first, Jack was confused and he attempted to contact the program to explain the mistake, but he couldn't get through to anyone as the system routed his call through a series of automated menus. These automated menus always ended him back to the original menu indicating a problem that would need a human to fix. He decided the best course of action was to walk to the program's office in person, hoping to clear things up. As he entered the office, he was greeted by an automated receptionist. He explained the situation, but the receptionist didn't understand. The system had already registered him, and there was no way to reverse it. The only option was to start the training program or face legal consequences for breaking the law. Jack was shocked to learn that the program was not just a voluntary service but mandatory by law for all children under the age of three. The system had been implemented as a way to ensure that all children received the same level of early education and care, regardless of their family's financial status. He was left with no choice but to accept the situation and start the training program. However, there was a catch. Since the system had registered him as a toddler, it was causing major coding faults to happen within the system. Code that hadn’t been reviewed and revised over decades begin to fault back to a non-production fail-safe subroutines that had not been updated since the completion of the system. Jack unhappily signed in and validating his identity using the biometrics scanner at the registration desk, a second robot came out and directed Jack to the intake room. In the room Jack was striped of his clothes before he was taken to the showers. A warm shower with a complete scrub down from head to toe was preformed by the robot. Once done with the shower, Jack was dried off and led over to a changing table. Before Jack arrived, the wall behind the changing table rotated and the once child sized table was swapped for one now in his size. “Great, just when I thought things couldn’t get worst” Jack said under his breath as his only hope that the center wouldn’t be able to accommodate his size begin to diminish. Jack hopped up on the table shivering a little bit from the cold plastic as he laid down. It was useless to fight the system as one way or another he was going to have to at least get into the main room in hopes of contacting someone. The machine quickly scanned Jack and a series of sounds happened beneath the changing table as the automated system searched for a diaper in his size. After a few minutes the system had found it’s answer as Jack, wide eyed watched as a generic scaled up version of a Huggies diaper is slid underneath him before pulling up between his crotch. With the closing of the second tape on his diaper the reality of his situation set in. Jack's mind raced with questions. How was he going to function like this? Would he be forced to go outside where people could see him? What if someone he knew saw him like this? The embarrassment alone was enough to make him want to crawl into a hole and never come out. As Jack was led out of the intake room, he realized that he was now dressed in a full toddler outfit. He was wearing a green short-sleeved onesie with snaps at the crotch, and a pair of bright yellow shorts with a cartoon character on the front. A pair of white socks and light up Velcro-strapped shoes completed the ensemble. Jack felt humiliated as he waddled along in his new outfit, feeling the bulky diaper between his legs. He was directed into a brightly lit room filled with toys, play mats, and small tables and chairs. Surprisingly, Jack was the only one in the playroom which Jack felt out of place as his town although small it definitely had growing families. Suddenly, a voice startled Jack as it boomed out over the room's speaker system, "Hello there little one, my name is Emily and I'll be your guide here at the center. How are you feeling?" Chapter 2: Acceptance Jack sat in the playroom, surrounded by toys and colorful objects that were meant for toddlers. He felt angry at himself for his mistake and how he could be so careless. He had never felt so helpless in his life. He couldn't believe that he was stuck in this situation, forced to go through potty training and education programs meant for young children. As he sat there, feeling sorry for himself, the door to the playroom opened, and a young woman walked in. She was in her mid-twenties, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She introduced herself as Emily, a teacher at the center. "Hi, I'm Emily. I'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances," she said, looking at Jack with sympathy. Jack didn't know how to respond. He was embarrassed and could easily feel his face turning 3 shades of red. He just nodded his head, hoping that she had a solution to his problem. Emily sat down next to him, sensing his unease. "I know this must be terrible for you, but I'm here to help you.” “We’re going to try and get you out of the system but to be honest it isn’t looking good." Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing. He sat in shock that the reality of being treated like a toddler was only getting more and more certain every minute. "Thank you," he said, surprised by her kindness. “There has to be a way out of this! I mean, I'm not a child. I shouldn't be here!" Emily looked at him with empathy. "I know, this isn’t right, but unfortunately, there's nothing we can do. The system is secure, and we’re trying everything we can to override it. “We’re attempting to reach out to anyone from the company that helped build the system but we’re running into walls”. “For now, you'll have to follow the potty-training program." Jack sighed, feeling hopeless." “But, how am I supposed to go through this?’ “I’m already potty trained and I’m not a toddler!" Emily understood his frustration. "I know it's terrible, but you’re going to have to try. The system is highly advanced and is designed to recognize patterns and behaviors, and if you don't act like toddler, it may mark your behavior as abnormal.” “If that happens it will only make getting you out of here even harder as it will assign you to a different class that we don't have access to.” “You have to go through the program like any other child while we work to get you out of here." Jack realized he had no choice. He would have to participate in the program, but he didn't know how he would manage to act like a toddler. He had never had little brother or even really been around small children to know how to act. Emily saw the look of despair on his face and decided to offer some comfort. "Look, I know this is not easy, but I promise to help you as much as I can. I'll be your teacher, and I'll make sure you're comfortable and happy.” “We'll work through this together." Jack felt a glimmer of hope. Maybe, with Emily's help, he could get through this. He smiled, feeling grateful for her kindness. "Thank you," he said. "I appreciate your offer of help" Emily smiled back but begin to look concern when Jack’s sighed. "I just don't even know how a toddler behaves so how am I’m going act like one? “I've never had a little brother or been around small children." Emily nodded in understanding. "No worries Jack. I'll help you as I’m pretty experienced in that category. In general, toddlers tend to be curious and playful, and they love to explore their environment. They also have short attention spans, so we'll keep things fun and interesting for you. We'll have to jump from play games, to reading stories, and other activities to try and meet that expectation." Jack smiled at the idea of playing games and actually having the time to read. "That sounds like it could be relaxing." Emily chuckled. "It will be. As for the potty training program.” “It’s divided into three sections: assessment, training, and qualification. The system will start with an assessment of your current skills to develop a plan that is tailored to you, and then move on to the training phase. “Once you've completed one level, you'll be able to move on to the next level." Jack felt a little relieved at the idea of the program being divided into sections. "Okay, that doesn't sound too bad." “Hopefully you guys can get me out of her before we even enter training phase and I just get to relax reading” Jack said as he relaxed his posture and leaned back in his playpen. Emily placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Well…” “The problem with the assessment phase is the system is looking for a specific behavior to ensure that the child is ready for potty training.” “Which means you’re going to have to act out those behaviors or the system will mark you as Not Ready”. “Not ready assessment is not what you want as that means you’re not going to be progressing and you’re stuck here.” Emily continued, "But this is a good thing, being qualified as “Not Ready” can be a fail-safe for us in the event you might be close to getting sent to a different class.” “Not Ready status ensures the child kept in the same class to avoid any further setbacks due to changing environments.” “We need go over the behaviors soon as the system begins the assessment phase the moment the child is dropped off.” “Know starting back at 0 is not ideal, but it's better than being sent to a different classroom." “I know I probably don’t want to know the answer but what would cause me to fall back to “Not Ready” status?” Jack asked with a bit of fear. Emily sensing the uneasiness from Jack answered “You’re not ready for that answer and we will cross that bridge if we have too”. Jack nodded, feeling a little more confident worried knowing that there was a way to prevent him from being stuck in this toddler program forever. "Okay, I understand." Emily smiled again. "Good. Now, let's get started on the assessment phase.
  2. More Littles with Sugar than Salt How do you get what you can’t have but really want? There are better ways than forcing someone to your will. That always ends poorly, instead use a little sugar and you may get a lot farther than you’d think. This story is how I ended up getting myself into a “dreaded” adoption but it wasn’t so bad. Actually, it’s kind of nice… I was walking home as I usually did, I could have taken an auto car or even the rotor platforms, flat things that moved you where you wanted to go, no roof but got there fast. not much going on for me, but I liked it that way. Work had been a little rough, my amazon boss had been riding my a$$ about being able to keep up with the giants and pull my own weight. That was a funny thought, I don't weigh a tenth of what those hippos weighed so shouldn’t my work be “lighter” too? God! they were annoying creatures, every female treating me like I'm 3 wiping my face and making sure I can get to the "potty" on time. Every male calling me "sport" or "buddy." Really, such a superiority complex. Anyway, here I am going home on my usual route stretching my legs and enjoying a nice afternoon, the setting sun gave a good vibe of a peaceful night. Probably enjoy a good beer on the back porch when I got done with dinner. Not like I had anyone to answer to tonight. Single life was something of a blessing and a curse. While no one was there for you, you also didn't have to justify spending that 100 dollars for that thing you wanted. My walk home usually brought me close to a few of the "fee fi fo fums" in the neighborhood but they tended to be well behaved. A couple might try to drug me just so they could diaper me on the sidewalk, since they were not allowed to force adoption anymore. That was the worst case scenario. You could usually tell those ones right away, for instance, take the behemoth Bella Carter. Every week it was a new baked thing or the new fried that, and she loved giving them to me. I had tried a few here and there, in private of course, to see what would happen. It only reinforced the rule you never take things from a giant. I had a friend that once took a pillow once, seems innocent right? Well, technology being what it is and the giants being what they are, it ended up being an auto diaper and boy was it thorough. When he layed on it it activated, a small puff of knockout gas, followed by a fast numbing agent, it put itself on him and performed incontinence surgery on him right there. Poor guy ended up giving up, couldn't afford to fix it, the price of keeping up with his new needs was too high, he just walked down the street and told the monster he would do what she wanted. Last I saw he was blissfully unaware of his current state of infantilism. Buuuh, never take things from an Amazon. On this particular night, since it was so nice out, a lot of Amazon's were out and about or sitting on a porch. Everyone of them offering a small encouragement to get home before dark, or "hope your well sweetie" or "you're such a big boy walking home alone." Arriving at my street Bella was out walking her dog. Of course she was carrying some cookies, upon seeing me she immediately ran over to me exclaiming "oh, cutie pie! I made you a little something." I rolled my eyes and turned to face the thundering elephant bounding towards me on tree pole legs. "I know you're gonna love these," she said with a rather southern twang. It would be almost charming, if she wasn't trying to poison my digestive tract for the next week. "OH, miss Carter I didn't see you there, how are you tonight?" I replied, "it's a wonderful evening and I'm ready to get home from work and relax a little over the weekend. Gotta get to it." Trying to sound polite and not give her a reason to invoke the "Impromptu Needed Attitude Adjustment law. She didn't even act like she heard me, "will you give them a try? I made them this afternoon." Looking at her offering, it had the same logo that the "Love your Little" pharmacy used. Cooked it? Yeah, I had heard her cooking would probably have killed me, not just left me without bowel control for a week. "Oh wow, I'll have to give them a try on the way, I'm super tired after a long week, miss Carter, I'll just scoot along and give one a go on the way, deal?" Not one to give up easily, she replies "oh it'll give you a pep in your step." I'm sure it would, so much so I'd be running home. Starting to walk I quipped "Yeah but I don't want to ruin my dinner, you know how we littles are. I promise next time I see you i'll let you know what I think, deal?" "Oh all right, make sure you eat your vegetables tonight to. Be a good boy and I'll see you next time." Walking on until I was certain she couldn't see me, I dumped them into a trashcan, keeping the bag so I could return it to her as evidence i had eaten them, it was fun this way. She always had such a confused look on her face when i never had any issues. I received 2 more "gifts" on my way before I reached the Littles part of the neighborhood. Here there was a small gap with just some trees and no lights or anything, it divided the Giant houses from the littles houses. I Always feel nervous here, it made me feel like I was being watched or like a wolf was waiting to attack me. Tonight was no different so I picked up my pace. By now the light was starting to dim, and it was getting hard to see into the trees very far. However, that's not where the danger came from. I should have seen it, should have heard it but I assumed I was safe, and I let my guard down. A hand snaked around my waist, grabbing me and lifting me straight up about 5 feet. Carrying me into the trees I heard a female voice say "You are a rather curious one, and I'm not going to lie to you, curious littles are kind of my thing. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. In fact I hope you enjoy tonight's entertainment." About that time she plopped me onto a folding table, pretty certain I was about to be spanked into oblivion I rebelled, "I haven't done anything to deserve an attitude adjustment! Leave me alone!" I began kicking and trying to escape. A rather pleasant face came into view over top of me, a face that felt familiar in spite of never having met her. She spoke again, obviously surprised, "Spank you? no, I would never! You're a good little boy aren't you? At Least, that's what I've seen." "You were watching me? Isn't that stalking? What do you want?" "Only to reward you," her answer threw me off. No amazon rewards a little, ever. It had never happened in written history. Even before the demons had infested the little dimensions with portals. The words alone stunned me better than a punch to the face. In a heartbeat she had my pants off, my legs went up, which was enough to shake me out of my confusion. "Hey! what're you doing? Stop!! You said I hadn't done anything wrong." At that point something warm and very much like a slimy ball went right in my bum. It made me feel sick, I was going to spend a lifetime on the toilet, I just knew it. Maybe it was some kind of new hormone thing and I will be a girl tomorrow. Man, the problems of explaining that to my boss or my family. "Don't worry, it has some… undesirable side effects but they will wear off by morning. I don't like doing it this way but its hard to get you littles to believe I won't harm you." She replied coolly. "Now let me finish before it all starts getting into that cutie patootie system of yours" I was certain I heard a hint of baby talk in that last bit, but I wasn't going to fight whatever this was, why you might ask? It was already bad, and going to get worse if I put up a fight. No, she wouldn't adopt me, the penalty for that basically made her take my place with a new amazon. It wasn't something you heard of Amazons trying anymore. This however, was well within her rights. I felt my legs go up again and a soft padding went under my rear. Great! Yup it was a diaper. "Don't worry hun, it'll be just this one, I promise no more unless you want them." "Want them? WANT THEM?!" I was almost yelling. "Why would I ever want them?!?" "Don't worry, my little love, I promised you a reward, and believe me it will be one." At that moment my stomach twisted. I must have reacted because she quickly went back to her demonic work of putting me in padding. "That's my que, I promise no one has ever complained about this part." No one? As she pulled the diaper up I felt really really small and out of control, something I was not accustomed to. I was rapidly taped in inspite of my continued protests, she ignored me completely while she finished. And then… it started. It was wonderful, a pleasure like I had never felt. It wasn't sexual, or anything else I had ever had. It started small, like that first bite of cake when you have been staring at it for an hour. Or when you get that first drink after being incredibly thirsty. Oh it was good, but there was more it grew, it became as strong as an orgasm but there wasn't an orgasm. I felt the hands that lifted me up and pressed me against 2 soft pillows, wait those were breasts. The behemoth had laid me against her chest, she was going to kidnap me! "Hush, my little pretty boy, I'll make sure you're safe and sound. I'll bring you to your home and get you in bed, don't you worry. Shhh shhh, I've got you." At this point I didn't care, the pleasure had grown so much, it seemed to vibrate and caress and gently massage and everything all at once. My fatigue washed away and the fact I was in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt laid against two, truthfully soft, giant mounds of my doom, didn't matter at all. My world was washed out in beautiful warm colors. I don't know how long it lasted, but I savored every second of it. It was luxurious, beyond sex, beyond a good beer, beyond anything I had ever known. And then everything faded out, I didn't know where I was, nor did I care, I was so tired, I was so relaxed I slept, a perfect sleep. Ch2. Where the sun doesn't shine or Butter up buttercup. *sniff sniff* ugh I was so tired. *sniff sniff* What was that smell? My consciousness returned slowly, mostly I became aware of the stench. Good dog almighty it was awful. I opened my eyes to the sun coming in my window, which had been opened. "I didn't do that," I thought. "How did I even get home?" Then it all came crashing home, as if my brain finally decided to wake up. The whole thing, but I didn't remember ever getting home or really anything after all the glorious fun had ended. But what was that smell? It was my butt. I lifted my body up to stand and became acutely aware of the diaper still taped around me. The smell was emanating from it. Sure enough, I could feel the mush inside it. Strangely, I wasn't even mad, I was kind of ready to be rid of it, though. The mushy mess shifted as I stood up, so gross. I reached down and grabbed a tab only to be rewarded with tape stuck fast. Great its a littleez, the diaper meant to stop any little from easily escaping it . It wasn't coming off without an Amazon or a pair of sharp scissors. Luckily, I stocked such items in my junk drawer. Moving downstairs in the most awkward yet, least poo touching way possible, I hurried to my freedom. Only, I was stopped by a packet on the counter, it only read "READ ME FIRST" in giant letters. I picked it up and opened the cover, and began reading… "I know this wasn't the state you wanted to wake up in, but I felt you may be ok with it after the enjoyment you got from last night. Don't worry your current state is far from permanent. Matter of fact the side effects should be wearing off or even gone by now. You'll be able to tell easily as there will be a slight green ooze in the front of your, im sure, rather full diaper." Curiosity got the best of me, sure enough, after pulling the waistband back just a little there was a green slime there. "This is built in so you know the end of this particular pleasure pill. I'm quite certain you have more questions and I will answer them in the next pages, but why don't you cut that diaper off and take a nice warm shower first then read on." That actually sounded smart. Moving to the bathroom I took care of the giant fluffy sack of crap around my waist. Climbed in the shower and let warm water run down my spine and now cleaner buttocks. I wondered at technology, after all these advancements we couldn't even upgrade our cleanliness, nothing beat a showe. The shower did feel almost righteous though, I guess you don't fix what's not broken. After drying off, I bagged the nastiness and threw it away, it was shaping up to be a nice day so I sat on the back porch to read, I didn't want to be disturbed: "My name is Tina Herringer, I am not an enemy but rather a simple purveyor of pleasurable items for you Littles. I do not want to harm you, only help you" sure sure, id heard that before. " what I gave you last night was a pleasure ball, or anal super stimulator, A.S.S for short, yes yes, I am aware of the funny you Littles see in that word. These pills are designed to give you more pleasure than you've ever felt before, the unfortunate side effect is incontinence of both kinds, bowel and urinary. I'm sure you noticed." Yeah, the house still wreaks, I thought. "So I'm sure by now you're wondering, why me? Well that's simple enough. You're a good boy. You don't cause trouble, or fight with other Littles, you don't argue with the maternity crazed Amazons. You are a good boy, you should be rewarded. I like to give good things to good boys. I mean what I say, I want to give you more. In good faith I have placed another pill in your underwear drawer, and yes another diaper, in case you'd like to give them another try. There is another note in the drawer as well. It contains more information than I have given here. Please do not read it until you use the pill, I would like you to be a good boy and wear the diaper as well. It is an auto diaper unlike the one you had on last night. It will release itself when you have filled it. Remember once it's on it doesn't come off without you using it for what it is for. If you use the pill and not the diaper I will know." On that note, the note ended. It felt a little ominous, I knew I should immediately go throw it away, but I really didn't want to. Was it really worth the potential issues? I mean she had been honest, I regained my control. At least I haven't peed myself yet. Whose to say the next one wouldn't make things worse? This Tina also knew too much. I didn't like it. I went upstairs and straight to the drawer, it was going to go in the incinerator trash immediately. There it was exactly as she had said in the note, a diaper, a glove, wipes, a note and of course the A.S.S. Grabbing everything I went straight outside to the chute that would burn it all. I flipped up the latch and hesitated. How would she know? Would she seek retribution if I tossed them? I lifted the pill off the pile of supplies. My mouth began to water, my whole body wanted it, I was trembling. How could I throw it away? I decided right there to keep the pill and note. Tossing the diaper and supplies, fudge the consequences. Taking it back inside with me I made a cup of coffee and sat down with the pill. It was in a tube like a prescription would come in. The label read," self lubricating, take one rectally, never more than one in a 24 hour period. Make sure to properly diaper anyone taking this medication, extreme loss of continence is expected lasting as long as 12 hours." What was I thinking? NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FROM THESE DEVILS. I just couldn't stop myself, she seemed sincere, and I… I trusted her?. Did I? It sure felt that way. Whatever, let's test this theory, I popped the lid open and pulled out the pill. It looked for all the world like a large green piece of candy. In a rush I dropped my pants and prepared myself, I was elated, I was desperate… in a flash it came to me i was standing in my kitchen with open windows to the world, and I was Half naked. Instead of coming to my senses I went to the bathtub, you know, just in case she wasn't lying about the incontinence part. Bent over and like magic it seemed to turn into a slimy thing as it was pressed into where the sun doesn't shine. A couple minutes later I was about to give up, it had seemed like only a few seconds last night, why was it taking so long? Stepping out of the tub and i felt the twinge I felt last night. It was happening, I was almost drooling on myself. The excitement and anticipation came on like a wave. I tried to get back into the tub but the pleasure started and it was all I could do to hold myself upright. With the next wave I went to my knees, and the third wave washed my world out again. I hovered in pure bliss for eternity again. Floating in an ocean of warm orange and yellow, caressed by the most gentle feeling ever. It was ecstasy once more…
  3. Karen stood naked in front of the full length mirror that was attached to the back of her bedroom door. Her body was toned and fit, the result of regular exercise and a healthy diet. She had long, dark hair that cascaded down her back in loose waves and striking blue eyes that sparkled with mischief. As she examined her reflection, a small smile played at the corners of her lips. She reached for the thick, adult disposable diaper that was lying on her bed. The diaper was a printed adult sized disposable diaper that she had purchased online. It featured babyish prints on it, like a teddy bears a baby bottles. She picked it up and ran her fingers over the soft, padded surface, feeling a familiar thrill run through her body. Next to the diaper was a tub of Huggies brand wipes and a bottle of unscented baby powder. Karen laid down on her back on her bed and began the process of diapering herself. She spread her legs and positioned the diaper underneath her. She then took a handful of wipes and began to gently wipe herself clean, paying close attention to her sensative areas. After wich she reached for the baby powder and lightly dusted her crotch with the powder. The powder was cool against her skin and she couldn't help but giggle as she imagined being diapered like a baby. When that was all done Karen reached between her legs and pulled the front up between her legs and fastening the adhesive tabs on each side. Once she was satisfied with the fit of the diaper, she got dressed in her nurse scrubs. The scrubs were navy blue with a white collar and a small, embroidered hospital logo on the left breast pocket. She turned and rubbed her hands over her padded butt and gave it a few pats, running her hands over her diapered crotch giving it a few squeezes she she started to giggle before turing and exiting her bedroom. When Karen arrived at the hospital, she parked her car in her ususal parking spot. Before getting out, she opened her glove compartment and begain fishing around for something before finally pulling out a pacifier. Before putting on her face mask, Karen pushed the pacifer intoher mouth, covering it up with the face mask. She chuckled to herself about how the new COVID protocols helped keep her secret safe. She got out of her car, feeling a little self-conscious as she walked towards the hospital entrance. But as she passed by her colleagues and patients, no one seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary. She felt a sense of relief wash over her, knowing that her secret was still safe. As she made her rounds, Karen went about her duties as a nurse. All of which she carried out with precision and efficiency. She checked on patients, took vital signs, and administered medication. She made sure to keep her movements smooth and steady, trying not to draw attention to the thick, padded diaper she was wearing. Karen couldn't help but feel the thickness between her legs and the desire to reach down and touch it. But she knew she couldn't, or she would risk blowing her secret. So instead, she sucked on her pacifier harder and faster at the thought of what she would like to do but couldn't. No one was none the wiser that she was sucking on a pacifier, thanks to the face masks that everyone was wearing. She was able to keep her fetish a secret, and it made the experience all the more thrilling. As she made her way to her locker, Karen couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. She had successfully kept her secret, and she couldn't wait to keep doing it all shift long. Karen stood infront of her locker and quickly looked around to see if anyone was nearby. Seeing that no one was around, she opened her locker and removed the pacifier from her mouth, placing it carefully inside before pulling her face mask back into place. She closed her locker and looked around again, making sure that she was still alone. With no one around, she reached down and rubbed and squeezed her diapered crotch through her hospital scrubs. The sensation sent a shiver down her spine as she indulged in the secret pleasure of her fetish. She let out a soft sigh as she enjoyed the sensation for a few more moments before pulling her hand away. Satisfied, she left the locker room to go have lunch. She couldn't help but feel a little giddy at the thought of what she had just done. Her secret fetish was still safe, and she couldn't wait to indulge in it some more. Karen entered the hospital cafeteria, where several other hospital staff were gathered, eating their lunch. She made her way to the food line and decided to get herself a sandwich and an apple As she waited for her food, she couldn't help but smile under her face mask as she thought to herself about how there were all these people in the cafeteria, and not a one of them knew her secret. She was wearing a thick disposable diaper featuring babyish prints on it right underneath her hospital scrubs and no one was the wiser. It was a secret thrill that she couldn't help but enjoy. Exiting from the food line and with tray in hand Karen sat down to eat her lunch. As she sat down, she couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction as she felt the diaper crinkle underneath her scrubs. She ate her lunch, feeling a little giddy as she imagined what it would be like if everyone knew her secret. As Karen was eating her lunch, her coworker and friend, Jane, sat down to join her. They chatted and caught up on things as they ate their lunch togehter. During the course of their conversation, Karen suddenly realized that she had to pee. For a brief moment, she closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to go pee in her diaper. She imagined the sensation of the urine soaking into the thick padding, and a shiver ran down her spine. As her bladder relaxed and Karen began to pee, the diaper swelled and became warm as it absorbed her urine. The sensation was both strange and exhilarating, and she couldn't help but feel a little giddy at the thought that she had just wet her diaper in a room full of people. The excitment and sensation of wetting her diaper was broken by Jane. "Everything alright Karen?" As she had noticed that Karen had seeminlgly not heard the question she had asked her. Karen shook off her daze before responded with a smile. "Everything is alright just thinking about something, What was the question again." They both finished their lunch and bused their trays and went their separate directions. Jane went off in one direction while Karen started heading back towards her locker. As she walked, she couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction as she felt the wet diaper squish between her legs. It was a thrill that she couldn't wait to indulge in again. Karen arrived back at her locker and quickly looked around to make sure no one was around before opening her locker. She grabbed her pacifier and put it back into her mouth before pulling her face mask back into place. Looking around once again to make sure no one else was around, she grabbed a fresh diaper and a small packet of wipes that she had stashed in her locker. The diaper was the same as the one she was wearing and it crinkled in her hand as she held it. Karen quickly tucked the diaper and wipes under the shirt of her scrubs as she turned to make her way to the nearest bathroom. Once she was inside the bathroom, Karen quickly locked the door and began the process of changing her diaper. Since she was in a bathroom stall, Karen had to change while standing up. She used the stall walls to help with her diaper change as she leaned against it. Before Karen started changing, she examined how wet her diaper was. It was very wet, and she couldn't help but rub her hand up and down the front of her now wet diaper and squeeze her now wet diapered crotch a few times before changing. She sucked on her pacifier hard and fast as she changed her diaper. She felt a mixture of pleasure, embarrassment and excitement as she changed her diaper. The sensation of the wet diaper between her legs, and the thought of being diapered like a baby, was thrill that she couldn't help but to experience more. Once Karen was finished changing, she made sure to properly dispose of the used diaper and then washed her hands before exiting the bathroom. With her secret still safe, she went back to her locker to stash the packet of wipes away once again. With the wipes safely stashed away Karen went back to her regular nurse duties. She felt a sense of excitement for the next time she could indulge in wetting her diaper again. As Karen went about her duties, she attended to patients, administered medication, and took vital signs. All the while, she couldn't help but feel the thick, padded diaper underneath her scrubs. She couldn't help but want to reach down and touch, rub and squeeze her diapered crotch but knowing she couldn't do it. At one point, she had a conversation with a fellow nurse about something medical related, discussing a patient's symptoms and treatment options. The nurse she was talking to didn't pick up on or comment on how her voice sounded a little strange. This was of course due to the pacifier between her lips, but since face masks already made speech off no one would ever be the wiser or suspect anything. After the conversation was over, she sucked on her pacifier hard and fast as she chuckled to herself that the fellow nurse couldn't tell she had a pacifier in her mouth. The thought of keeping this part of her life hidden made her feel both excited and a little nervous. When her shit was finally over Karen made her way back to her locker room. She took a few seconds to see if anyone was around but she knew that with shift ending most people would have left boy now. She opened her locker to get something before going home, but as she did she found a small piece of paper that was now lying in her locker. Karen became both alarmed and confused, as she didn't leave that there. As she picked it up and unfolded it, she was shocked to see it was a note with the words, "cute diaper. If you don't want anyone to know, come to the nearest bathroom. Knock at the last stall 3 times." Karen was scared, she was not sure who could have seen that she was wearing a diaper, she had been so careful. Karen was stuck and with nothing else to do she made her way to the bathroom. As Karen entered the bathroom nearest to her locker, her heart was racing, she was panicked and scared and unsure of what was about to happen. She stopped at the last stall and knocked 3 times. She waited for a minute before she heard the latch on the stall click and she was pulled inside and pushed against the wall of the stall as she heard the stall door close and latch shut. Pressed against the wall with her heart racing and with her pacifier in her mouth, she tried to say "please don't hurt me, please don't blackmail me" before she was spun around and was now face to face with her friend Jane. Jane put her finger up to her face mask and hushed Karen. "It is alright and don't be silly I have no intentions of doing any of that." Karen felt relieved at this news but started to panic as Jane reached out with her hands to yank down her scrub pants. Karen moved to stop her, but Jane smacked her hands away before warning her against such actions. "None of that now,keep your hands up." Karen had no choice but to comply and hold her hands up and out of the way as she let Jane pull her scrub pants down. Karen's eyes started to water as she now stood with her scrub pants around her ankles and her diaper fully exposed to Jane. "What a cute looking diaper you have on Karen." Jane Commented as she reached out and ran her hand over it. Jane notice Karen's eyes watering before speaking in a soothing and calming voice. "No need to cry Karen, I promise you that I won't hurt you. I could never harm you." As she reached out and wiped Karen's tears away she spoke again. "You are very brave for doing this here at work, I admire your courage and bravery." Jane reached up and took off her face mask before smiling at Karen. "It's just us in here, no need for these anymore." Karen hesitated to take her face mask off, which caused Jane to see her hesitation before asking with concern. "What is wrong?" Slightly mumbled by the pacifier she utters the words. "My Secret." Jane looked at her curiously questioned her. "What secret Karen, You can show me." Karen pulled her face mask away to reveal her pacifier.Before Jane could say anything Karen blurted out "You must think I am a freak now." Jane reached out andwrapped her arms around Karen pulling into a warm comofrting embrace. "Karen you are not a freak, I find it quite cute." As Karen snuggled in Jane's embrace and having been so full of fear, her bladder just couldn't handle it anymore and finally released into her diaper. The diaper was now visibly heavy and wet now and Karen had been unaware that she had done so yet. Aftersome time of standing in warm embrace with Karen, Jane let go of her before speaking softly. "Are you into more than just diapers?" She was clearly making obvious references to the pacifier that still filled Karen's mouth. Karen blushed and nodded slowly. "That is just adorable that you so shy, but I promise you there is nothing the shy about." Jane giggled slitly before going on. "Do you like girls?" Karen hesitated for a bit before mumbling "yes". Jane smiled at her before responding with a smile on her face. "so do I, Would you like me to be your Mommy?" Karen blushed some more and nodded again. Jane smiles once more as she let out a slight giggle at Karen's continued shyness before stating. "well, I best get my lil girl changed then huh?" Unaware still she has wet her diaper, Karen gave Jane a look of confusion before Jane reached out and squeezed her wet diaper and giggled slightly. Karen's scrubs were pulled back up and both women put their masks back on as they left the bathroom stall, holding hands briefly as they left the bathroom together. They both stopped at Karen's locker to grab the last spare diaper Karen had stashed away there along with the packet of wipes. Jane kept watch making sure no one was around before taking the diaper and wipes from Karen and tucking them under her scrubs shirt. Jane looked at Karen and said "let's go get you changed baby." Karen felt a rush of emotions, she had never dreamed something like this could happen. They both walked into an empty patient room, closing and locking the door. Jane Patted the bed as she looked at Karen with a warm smile. "Hop on up baby." Karen compled with her her new Mommy's order as she laid back on the bed, her heart racing as she knew what was about to happen. Jane set down the wipes and the diaper as she walked over to the dispenser for exam gloves. Karen watched Jane put on exam gloves, they were blue and the sound of the gloves being pulled on was crisp. When Jane had the exam gloves on, she walked back over to Karen and smoothly yet swiftly pulled down Karen's scrub pants to reveal the wet diaper. Before changing Karen's diaper, Jane slowly and gently rubbed her now glove-covered hands up and down Karen's wet diaper before giving it a few hard squeezes. This caused Karen to suck on her pacifier fast and hard because she knew what was coming. Jane starting to change Karen's diaper by first unding the tapes on the diaper and pulling it away from Karen's crotch. Taking the wipes in hand Jane begain to gently and sensually wipe Karen clean, before placing them in and pulling them and the used diaper away and balling it up. Jane then slid a fresh diaper underneath Karen and quckly and snugly sealed it in place, giving it a fre pats and squeezes for good measure, The entire time Jane was doing some baby talk as she changed her. Karen felt a mix of embarrassment and excitement as her friend, now Mommy, was changing her diaper. After the diaper change was completed, Jane pulled back up Karen's scrub pants before disposing of the used diaper and used wipes and dirty gloves. Jane turned to face Karen before asking "ready to go home baby?" and Karen responded simply "Yes Mommy."
  4. Hello All, This will be my first story posted. Long time lurker, abdl, switch, daddy, yada yada. I'm open to critics and I'll change when I can (hehe) but for the most part I'm happy with what I've wrote. I'm already 20,000 words and 15 chapters into this story. I'll be posting (hopefully) every Monday and Friday with a new chapter. If this gets enough love I might do some spin offs and one shots. Let me know. (Cover art by DiaperedPrince) Chapter 1: I See You’re Finally Awake The dim room that greeted Ava’s eyes was not a welcome one for the little. Pastels walls, and pastel furniture, and pastel clothes, and pastel toys, all lay beyond pure white bars. A few locks of soft brown hair were quickly shaken aside to get an unobscured look at the soft blues and pinks that dominated her vision. “Better to be awake before the bitch gets up and ruins what few moments alone I have.” She said to herself, or would have if she hadn’t forgot about the rubber gag dominating her mouth. Sure, call it a pacifier, but normally pacifiers don’t have straps that run behind the head of their victims. The feelings she slowly regained consciousness of weren’t any better than the view. Most people would appreciate soft pajamas and a firm clean mattress. Ava could feel the soft fabric start at her upper neck, run down her body and split off to her arms and legs. Once you got to her feet and hands, however, you would find firm leather cuffs keeping her appendages spread apart. She didn’t even know why Mommy (Yes mommy as the woman formerly referred to as “the bitch” demanded she be called) would put these cuffs on her. The end of the sleeves had soft but firm perfectly round mittens that meant she couldn’t pick up anything, and the wedge in her similarly round booties prevented her from walking for more than a few steps before tottering down on her padded posterior. Another indignity, and in Ava’s mind the worst of it, was the ridiculously thick diaper strapped to her heiny. Ava had changed a diaper or two when she had to babysit back in her world, but never had she ever thought, “Let’s put enough padding on this tyke that they won’t be able to sit up straight.” “They treat me like some kind of BDSM toddler!” The mumbling was met with equally frustrated thrashing. That did it. If she did hear the fucking diaper crinkling she definatly heard this stupid protective mattress cover. Why does she even have that??? Not like I’m gonna leak out of this pillow she calls a diaper. Tears welled up in her eyes before she quickly shook it off, causing even more infuriating russelling beneath her. Tears were a week one Ava thing, maybe a sometimes thing on week two, but this was week three Ava who had convinced herself to be strong. She didn’t care what happened to her. Those spankings weren’t so bad (so long as the old bitty didn’t use the hairbrush), and the soap wasn’t so bad considering the mush she had to eat for food (the one time the grey haired demon, formally known as Mommy, had mentioned she could no longer breastfeed Ava nearly vomited), and the enema was………. not something Ava was keen on thinking about. Trying to ignore the memory, Ava did a quick roll from side to side. Thick, powder filled, cream coated diaper rustled as it hugged her most sensitive area. Heh. Guess the hypnotic cartoons she forced me to watch didn’t do the trick. I’m still dry mothafucka!!!! Guess I’m made of better stock than you thought. If the shield of her pacifier wasn’t so big, you might have been able to see a smile creep up on her face before being quickly wiped away. Yesterday Mommy had been so excited to strap her little lamb into a bouncy prison in front of the cinema sized T.V. before putting in some kind of chip into a box with a click and a message on the screen saying, “Removable drive accepted. Play video?” The nearly 12 foot tall elderly woman smiled down in complete adoration of the 5’3’’ baby girl, “You’ll love this, baby. I know most parents would have introduced you to all kinds of cartoon friends by now, but I was hoping you’d relax a bit more on your own.” She turned her body towards the screen before clicking a button on her remote. The woodland creatures that instantly popped on the screen were not the typical kind of entertainment the 25 year old college student was used to, but she was quickly finding the appeal. The way they danced on the screen was incredibly funny and their snarky jokes could rival the best comedians.” Back in her immediate surroundings Ava was shaken by her memories of the previous day by a familiar but unwelcome feeling in her lower gut. After the first week with no “presents” for her Mommy she was given the much dreaded enema. Ava shuddered at the phantom feeling of water and soap filling up her bottom. What she thought would be a quick and painless process was filled with more tears than she would openly admit. Mommy had rubbed her bloated stomach and pat her puffy bottom sending vibrations to the plug holding back the deluge of waste and water. Mommy wanted her thoroughly cleaned out, and if Ava had learned anything at that point was that Mommy got what Mommy wants. She had been much more compliant after that. The constant escape attempts had momentarily stopped, the strings of profanity were nowhere to be found, and her diapers were now daily filled with her own organic mudslides. Oatmeal coming in and its smelly, brown version coming out made here feel like the infant the elderly woman claimed her to be. Even now Ava was weighing her options. Would she debase herself and give in to the cramps down below, or would she hold out until the last second before a change. The less time she spent smelling of poop and baby powder was a win, but Mommy might think her little one was holding it in again and spend some more time getting her naughtiness washed out. The threat was enough for her to just lighten her clenched cheeks for just a second before they snapped back shut. I’ll wait until she comes in at least. No reason to spend any more time covered in shit than absolutely necessary. She won’t know the difference anyway. And so her master plan to keep her pants clean as long as possible commenced. Butt clenched, appendages spread far apart, nether regions swaddled in immense padding, body covered in soft fleece, and pacifier softly bobbing in and out while the room was covered in the dim light of a teddy bear night light.
  5. Jimmy’s Story Mary quietly entered her home. She’d had to work a little late at the office but she knew that two of her three children would be out getting on with their lives... she also knew that one wouldn’t. Jimmy was laid out on the sofa dozing. The TV was showing some nature program on elephants whilst the soft, reassuring and knowledgeable English voice of the narrator explained the animal’s lifecycle. The image showed a mother elephant looking after her recently born baby and what she had to do to protect it in those first few hours. Mary stood in quiet appreciation of her youngest son. At that moment, when he looked like he did, her heart filled with the love only a mother can have for her child. His soft, stretchy Disney pyjamas made him appear so damn cute. The top of his PJ bottoms revealed the thick, semi-opaque plastic protection he was wearing and the thick padding they kept in place. His shallow breathing, floppy blond hair and extremely long eye-lashes, only accentuating his sweet, innocent looks, but what topped the entire scene off was how he was soothing himself with his thumb, which was gently embedded between his full moist lips. Mary couldn’t have been greeted by a more agreeable or more reassuring sight as she slowly woke up her sleepy-eyed son. “Time for bed sweetheart,” she said as his eyes fluttered into recognition. “It’s way past your bedtime and you look so, so sleepy. Let’s get you upstairs…” His dribble-coated thumb was replaced by a smile as he recognised his mama was now home. “I stayed awake for you…” then realised he hadn’t. “Tried,” his mother gently corrected with a grin and pushed some loose strands of hair away as she kissed her son’s forehead. She helped him to his feet. His diaper crinkled as he moved also revealing more of his padding and plastic pants. She reached in and pulled them up for him. “Look,” she said pointing towards the digital timer on the cable box, “it’s after nine and you have school tomorrow.” She tapped his padded bottom and followed him up the stairs as he waddled, unselfconsciously, to his room. She pulled back the covers and let him climb in. His thick padding making sure he was well protected for the night ahead. Not that he often needed it these days but it seemed he just couldn’t sleep unless his night time diaper was in place. He hadn’t actually wet or messed himself for quite some time but was scared stiff that he might repeat an incident that happened when he was five. Since that experience ten years ago he never trusted himself to be without protection. The mess, the smell, the effort of cleaning him and his bed up (the sheer awfulness of the memory caused him to shake uncontrollably), and everything the family had to go through on that particularly unpleasant night made him fear any kind of relapse. He’d begged his parents if he could forever wear a diaper when he went to bed. His mother wasn’t in any rush to change things. Eight years earlier she’d lost one son, John who, at fifteen, had been found dead from a drugs overdose in the family garage. He was the eldest of her four children; always positive, clever, the leader, the experimenter, the knowing one of his group of peers but it was he who was now no longer around - she was determined that nothing untoward would happen to her other kids. Jimmy was only seven when his brother died and that led to another series of unfortunate accidents in his pants and bed (a repeat of his experience when he was five), that the rest of the family, coming to terms with the death of his brother, could have done without. Little Jimmy was beside himself with grief both for his lost sibling and the extra work he was adding to the laundry. * Of course, it was all connected and trauma affects people in different ways but Jimmy, well he never really got over that terrible day. However, more was to come, within six months his father Joe also passed away. An industrial disease that had plagued him for many years eventually spread rapidly throughout his body and ended only with the man’s last cough and spluttering fit. The compensation that all the families affected by this terrible disease had been fighting for came two weeks after his death. So, although his wife and children would be comfortable, he would never see that money do the good he hoped it might achieve. Friends and neighbours, and to a certain degree Mary, all thought that the untimely death of his eldest son had hastened his demise. No one could be certain but it certainly coincided with Joe being at his lowest ebb. Losing two members of his family had been hard on the youngest who began to cling to the things he knew, the things that gave him comfort and a sense of stability. His soft cuddly teddy Mr Chips was always by his side, his thick diapers offered security, his blue pacifier (dum-dum) was never far away and, if he could, he would never let mama out of his sight. Unlike most boys his age Jimmy didn’t like to go out, play sport, play X-Box… he didn’t want to do any of the things most other fifteen year-old boy did. He was now at the age his eldest brother had been when he died but you wouldn’t know it, the difference in temperament between them was quite staggering. Whereas John had been confident and extravert, his youngest brother was shy and reserved. Despite him growing like a fifteen year-old he was still very much a child. He clung to his mama. He helped her bake, helped her shop and helped her sew. In fact, he was more of a daughter to her than his sister, seventeen year-old Marcia, who was part time at college and part time at the beauty salon. She, like his older brother, eighteen year-old Paul, was also very independent and spent more time out of the house than in, often only returning for the occasional meal and to sleep. Paul took after his father, who had been an ace with anything mechanical, worked in the local garage fixing engines though these days was hardly ever home. The room he shared with his younger brother still had his single bed made and ready for him but he spent most of his time with his girlfriend at her place. She was ten years older than him but they seemed happy enough and Paul, being an extremely likable roguish, laddish type of lad, was confident in his relationship with her and everyone else. Once, when Jimmy was younger and being picked on by both school mates and the occasional teacher, it was Paul who had thumped the bullying ring-leader in front of the bullying teacher. The withering look he gave the horrified teacher (and the implied threat), even from one so young was enough for him to change his attitude towards “That sissy little fag”. It would have been easy for a self-assured lad like Paul to hate his brother’s childish ways but in fact, the family had grown used to him and liked that he was sweet, naïve and exceptional. Jimmy never said a bad word about, or to, anyone. He was kind, gentle and, as far as Paul was concerned, woe-betide anyone who tried to take advantage or change him. …to be continued *
  6. I've been playing with this story idea for a while. I still don't have a title... I had been calling it "Lockdown", but that title was recently taken, so now I need another one. Comments and feedback are, of course, strongly encouraged... ======================== It was a great day. My contract was finally ending, and my manager had confirmed that the customer had signed off on a very significant bonus. What had started as a lucrative 6 month project had turned into 12, and then 18 months of no vacations, rarely a full weekend off, and lots and lots of overtime. On the bright side, my bank account was in great shape, my loans were paid off, and I was looking at getting a new car for the first time ever. But, I really, really needed a break. A quick call to my wife let her know that I was grabbing dinner for tonight, and with a smile and a hop in my step I entered the grocery store. A bouquet of roses. Steaks. A bagged salad. A good bottle of wine. A second good bottle of wine. Some chocolates. And, as an impromptu purchase, a balloon with “I Love You” on it. I guess it didn’t take a genius to figure out what was on my mind as I made my way through the checkout line, paid, and drove the short distance home. “Karen! I’m free! I’m free! No more work for me! Yipee!” I shouted as I came in the door. Placing the groceries on the table, I gave my wife a hug and kiss. She still smelled of sawdust, not yet having cleaned up after coming in from the barn housing her workshop in our backyard. I got the meal ready while she showered, and when she returned wearing some clothing that left little of her beautiful body to the imagination, the evening progressed much as I had hoped for. Soon, we were laying in bed next to each other, cuddling. “So, you think that they’re actually going to lock down the whole state like China did? Can they even do that?” The worry in my voice must have come through. “Well, it’s probably the best thing. If they can do it. I don’t know if it’s even legal. But we’ll be OK.” She hugged me close, my head landing on her oh-so-comfortable chest. “At least my contract is done. We can just hang here. It can’t be more than 2 weeks or so, right? That’s what people are saying.” “Well… I don’t know. The way the government has been handling this, I tend to doubt there’s a real plan to begin with. At least I can just work here, and you were going to take some time anyway. So, we’re set, right?” “I guess so.” I paused. “This is going to suck, isn’t it?” She hugged me closer. “I’m sure we can find a way of making it fun. Wouldn’t want you to get bored.” I kissed her, and snuggled closer. “Yeah, that would be terrible.” And we both fell asleep. ==== The next morning, Karen was gently trying to wake me. I quickly realized why as I felt the wetness around me. Crap. “Oh. I’m so sorry honey.” She gave me a kiss on my forehead while allowing me to wake up a little more. “It’s ok. Not a big deal. You didn’t get me this time.” “Oh. Good. I. Uh. OK, let me clean up and I’ll take care of it.” Well, today was off to a pretty bad start. Sigh. She kissed me again. “Go shower, babe. I’ll throw this in the wash.” I moved the wet covers to see my sopping wet boxers. The waterproof mattress cover ensured that there was a puddle of my pee right under me. “Um, could I get a” “Towel? Yeah, just a second.” She disappeared into the bathroom, returning with a bath towel. “Just leave the underwear there. I’ll throw them in with the sheets.“ I stripped down, wrapped the towel around myself, and did the walk of shame to the bathroom for a shower. A few minutes later I was downstairs, refreshed, making coffee and a bagel. I could hear the washing machine start, and Karen joined me in the kitchen. I gave her the first brewed cup, and then poured another for myself. I was feeling down, as I always am after waking up after one of my accidents. Not that I have many accidents, of course. They’re rare. I mean, there was that one other this week, but it had been… a month since the last time, and like three months before that. So it’s not like I’m a regular bed wetter, or anything. I just have some occasional accidents. But it still makes me not feel great about myself. She put her non-coffee-holding arm around me in a half hug. Neither of us were the type to put coffee down, even for a hug. “It’s not a big deal.” She always says that, of course. “It is the second time this week, though. Are you OK?” I nodded. “Yeah. I guess the wine just got to me, or something. Sorry.” “It’s OK.” She paused. “The governor is supposed to make some kind of announcement later today. Maybe you should go get some groceries? A week or so worth? Just in case, you know. Maybe go to Costco?” “Probably a good idea. I should go do that now before the crowds get worse…”, and so after a second cup of coffee I gave her a kiss, collected my wallet and jacket, and headed out the door. Everyone else had the same idea, of course. Costco was mobbed, with everyone grabbing everything as though they wouldn’t be able to shop for weeks. There was enough meat, veggies, bread, and of course alcohol left that I got most of what we’d need to avoid shopping for a few weeks, if it came to it. We had a chest freezer in Karen’s workshop that could hold a lot of food, so why not. As an afterthought, I grabbed one of the last packages of toilet paper before the mob wiped the store out. Why was there a run on toilet paper? What the hell? It’s not like this virus gave you diarrhea or something. As I walked past the diaper aisle, I paused and thought for a fleeting second about picking up a package of Goodnights. Karen was very tolerant of my accidents, but she of course didn’t like waking up wet, and had in the past suggested that maybe, perhaps, I should consider wearing some protection. With a shiver I continued on. I was not ready for that. I mean, I sometimes wore them if we were travelling or something, but those were special cases. Not at home. As I was getting ready to brave the long checkout line, I realized that the mornings’ coffee was ready to come out. Parking my cart on the side I used the facilities, only to return to see that someone had taken the toilet paper from the bottom of my cart. And, of course, there was none left now. Argh. Time to get out here before they took my sanity along with the toilet paper. After a few other stops, I finally returned home. I found Karen in the barn listening to a stream of the governor speaking. “And so therefore, I am directing all citizens to shelter in place … Only essential workers may travel… orders shall stay in effect....” “So, it’s begun, eh?” She turned to me from the cabinet base she had been working on, her eyes betraying her anxiousness. “Yeah, it looks like it. Everything is shut down. Everything. Did you get groceries?” “Everything but the toilet paper. Someone stole that. It’s a mob scene out there.” She looked at me, incredulous. “Someone stole your toilet paper? Do people think that COVID gives you the runs or something? What the hell?” I laughed. “Yeah, that was exactly my thought. It was on my cart, but I had to leave it to use the restroom, and when I came back…” “Wow.” “Yeah. Wow. Glad I’m back now.” We hugged. I looked her in the eyes. “This is going to be a mess, isn’t it?” Sigh. “Yeah. It’s unprecedented here in so many ways. And… well… I don’t think people are going to do well with it.” “Can you help me get the rest of the groceries? What’s left in the car needs to go in the chest freezer, I think, and, urm.” I gestured to the box I had brought in. “There are two more boxes in the car. I’ll go get those.” Karen laughed. “Of course, honey.” She took the box over to the freezer and started unloading as I brought the other two boxes in, loaded with frozen food. I look over the edge of the freezer. This is where my height was a problem, of course. At only four and a half feet, only my shoulders were above the freezer, and I couldn’t really reach in to help without going to get a stool. Oh well. I was used to having others handle these kinds of things; it was just easier, really. Most of the time my small stature didn’t matter, but there were some things that were just not designed for short people. Lunch was a quick sandwich affair, and then she was back to work. She had talked to her company, but since she was working in her own shop here the shutdown didn’t really change anything for her. If anything, would give her a chance to catch up while everyone else paused. I, on the other hand, was bound and determined to not let a little lockdown get in the way of my hard-earned time off. So, groceries put away and lunch cleaned up, I lay down with a book, and promptly fell asleep.
  7. So I have been here roleplaying for years and have been here reading stories for nearly ten years. This is the first story I've ever writen. Check it out. Give feed back. Tell me what you like and what you don't like. If you want more. Let me know. Part 1 The lights burn down onto the white canvas. The rattling of the cage shakes the arena. The crowd roars as blood covers the increasingly red floor. The ones spilling it are two men in the middle battering the mess out of each other. One is a big beefy behemoth of a man with scars and prison tattoos. That man…is not the hero of our story. No our hero is our hero is his opponent. Meet Jamie Kaze, he’s a young 18 year old Japanese-African American. Most of his peers would be in college or working at a McDonalds or something. But young Jamie is up to different stuff like fighting in the rookie leagues of an underground arena. The young lanky boy kicks the larger man in the head twice before blocking a heavy blow sliding back and when the large man throws another heavy blow, Jamie ducks it and side steps it before popping up and jump kicks the back of his head bringing the big man down knocking him clean out. The blood thirsty attendees stand up in cheers, but Jamie isn’t caring about them he’s looking at one person and one person in the crowd. A beautiful woman of middling age with golden brown skin and dark brown hair tied into an over the shoulder pony tail wearing an expensive skin tight dress. Who is smirking down at the young boy. Jamie exits the cage as the scene changes to him resting up in the locker room with a towel on his head covering his long braided hair. As he sits in his green fighting shorts that have a slight noticeable bulge in them. The sound of the locker room door opening and closing can be heard as Jamie stares down at the floor trying to take back in the oxygen that he used up fighting for his life in the cage. The distinct clicking sounds of heels can be heard which puts a smile on his face. “My my someone had quite a showing out there" a soft spoken voice can be heard as Jamie's vision gets obscured by a feminine figure. He looks up and has a big smile on his face seeing the woman he was looking at after his victory. But in his eyes aren’t a look of lust like most would have seeing a beautiful woman like this. “sorry I didn’t get the job done faster.” He says his voice even softer but lighter but has a sense of exhaustion to it. “Awww sweet baby, I’m just glad you got the win and didn’t get too many bruises on that cute face~” the woman coos as she leans down and takes the towel and wipes Jamies face with it and the two just smile to each other for a moment. Before the door can be heard opening again as a man in a suit comes in “Hey kid I got your cash for winn-" the man stops as and sees the woman in there as well “Oh Ms. King, sorry didn’t know you were here. Giving victory speech to your client?” He says as the woman leans back up and puts on a trusting smile. “Oh Greyson, just in time. Nothing like seeing the owner of the hottest fighting arena in the south at a time like this. Plus you can just call me Lilith.” The woman we now know as Lilith King says as she sits the towel aside. “Flattery will get you places Lilith. Having a fresh young fighter like this kid will get you even further.” Greyson laughs as he comes over and pats Jamie on the head and Lilith takes the money and counts it up “Two thousand for a low ranked victory.” She says fanning herself with the cash “This kid keeps becoming a draw here in Limbo, and you’ll see more of thatm I’ll leave and give you two some privacy. See me before you leave to get the kid his next fight" Greyson says walking out. Lilith smirks and turns to Jamie with a bigger smile “Here that baby boy?” she askes and daps his nose “You’re making a name for yourself.” She tells him before Jamie counters with. “Its all thanks to you managing me. “Don’t you forget it" She commands before continuing with “Now, let Momma see the state of that daipee" she declares before laying him down on the locker bench and sliding his shorts down to show a yellowed adult baby diaper with animals on it “Oh dear my baby bear had a weewee while that big meanie was giving him an owie owie~” she coos once more causing Jamie to giggle as he looks up with a flash of innocence in his eyes and his thumb slowly moves to his mouth as Lilith sits her purse down and opens it pulling out changing supplies. Some baby wipes, some baby powder, and a fresh clean baby diaper. “Changie time!” Jamie declares with a sudden air of excitement. “Yes baby boo. Momma's gonna clean her baby up. Yes she is~” Lilith confirms before untaping the diaper and pulling out two wet wipes and begins wiping his crotch making him squirm and shiver. “Oh stop it. Its not that cold" Lilith playfully scolds making Jamie giggle. Its like a switch went off in his head swapping this on the rise rookie underground fighter into a big helpless baby at the hands of this gorgeous femme fatal. Just how Lilith likes it. “Legs up honey bunny~” She commands and he follows his command immediately. She follows by wiping the pee from his bottom. “To think I can lead that little street punk trying to find his way in life into my big strong champion, and in return I’ll be your loving mommy. Just like you wanted" She says in a moment of rreminiscing. Just mumbles and blushes remembering how they met. He tried to rob her and she took him down with a tazer and instead of calling the cops she yelled and lectured at him making him feel small and like a child. One thing led to another, deals were made, and now a relationship was formed. “I see that bluuuuush" she teases tickling his flat hard tummy making him giggle. “Mommy put the baby in his place. Yes she did" Lilith coos as she shakes some powder on him and rubs it in making Jamie relax and lean his head back with a sigh and before he knows it a new diaper is under his butt. “Legs down booboo bear" She commands and he follows. She lovingly tapes the diaper up making sure its nice and tight before standing up and admiring her work with a cocky smirk “Best change yet if I do say so myself. Now lets get the baby all dressed in his big boy clothes and go on home. She says giving Jamie another tickle and he squeals kicking his feet in the air before looking up at her. Lilith King. His manager. His Mommy.
  8. The year is 2031 in the cold cold lands of Hokkaido Japan. Its been 7 years since World War IV ended and with technology constantly advancing, whether due to life conveniences or due to fear of more war, that leaves many people with many new ways to make a living. Down in the back alleys of Sapporo's undercity. A young 18 year old by the name of Wakai Tsukiõji is in his little "office" working on black market cybernetics for those who either can't afford mainline cybernetics or want some illegal grade stuff put on for a high price. His golden brown skin covered in sweat showing his body isn't entirely cybernetic and his long black hair currently in a pony tail. He does have cybernetic arms which help him with precision during his work and his cybernetic brain has a special implant for....personal use. As he works he tries to keep his mind off of the saggy diaper drooping bellow his skirt and that would match his lab coat if it wasrt so yellow. He is trying to get this job done so he can get home and relax in a certain someone's arms.
  9. This is something I've written up the past couple of days, while being sick. It's not great by any means, but I hope it's entertaining. If this is somehow your first exposure to 'diaper dimension' stories, please go read the progenitor, "Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension," and some of the other, better, and more prolific authors around here. Technical and plot criticism is very welcome. Enjoy. -- Blair wore a smile on his face, as he stared at his love in the driver's seat. He began to reminisce. Fay Smedley had been his girlfriend for three years. A mutual friend, a Little named Paul, had set them up. He had said they were perfect for eachother. Blair had a thing for Amazon women, and he had majored in Mechanical Engineering at university. Fay had also majored in Chemical Engineering, although she went to a different school. Blair had figured it wouldn't work out, but, at the time, he decided to humor his friend. It wasn't odd for the two races to date, although it almost always ended in adoption. He wasn't very interested in being a baby. Marriage between Amazons and Littles wasn't illegal, but it was rare. Despite his interests, Blair didn't expect it to happen. That was until he saw Fay. It was love at first sight. She felt likewise. They had changed eachother. While he would've loved to marry his love, he came around to the idea of being her baby. He became less independently minded, and she became less dominant. He let his emotions show more. He grew his hair out, because she liked it. He slowly let her do more and more for him. She made sure to occasionally let him feel needed. She made sure to never regarded him as anything less than an equal. She valued what he had to say. They had been through a lot together. Good times had brought them close, and the bad times had made them stronger. Today, however, had been the most important day of the couple's lives. Everything had been taken care of during the preceeding days. They'd visited a clinic to got himself examined medically and tagged. A local judge had privately interviewed both, and a lawyer helped them get all the documents together. Everything was approved by the state. Finally, the Amazon woman and the Little man had reached the final step in making their relationship official. As per their country's laws, they both signed an adoption agreement. From here on, the two were bound together. The woman as the caretaker, and the man as her ward. It was a union that both had dreamed about for a long time. The pair were now riding home from that event. "Home" was Fay's house. A medium-sized, three-bedroom, one-story, suburban cookie-cutter. It wasn't lavish. It was more than enough for two, though. Blair had moved in months ago, but he had slept in Fay's bed. He had a room, but he had never seen it. Fay wanted to keep it a secret. It was a present to the love of her life. He knew it was a nursery. Whenever she was home alone, he knew that she worked on it. He had begged her to let him work on it, to help her out, but she had rebuffed him. The room was a surprise present for him. It was silly to think he could work on it. She promised he would love it, though. A gentle nudge on the shoulder and an angelic voice roused him from this thoughts. "Hey sweetie, day-dreaming?" He looked up at Fay, now holding the back passenger-side door open. They were already home. He responded with a smile and then held his arms out to the much taller woman. "Yep. Up, please." "Of course, of course." Fay chuckled as she lifted him out of his carseat. "You know, now that you're adopted, you're going have to have better manners than that." "Sorry, Mommy. I'll do better next time." "Well, there will be plenty of opportunity to learn." With that, she started walking towards the door. "How's it feel to never have to use that boring old carseat again?" As she got to the door, she fiddled with her keychain. "Great. I hear the babyish carseats are way more comfortable." The door opened, and they stepped inside. Fay began to carry Blair towards his new room. Their small-talk ceased. He was excited, and she was nervous, even if she didn't show it. Ever since Blair moved in, he had wondered about this secret room. It would be representative of the life he was going to live from now on. Fay just hoped that Blair liked it. As they stopped in front of the door, Blair noticed something different. A name plaque was on it now. It was pink. Well, he had to be fair, the border was pink and the center was white. The pink was a bit worrisome, though, as was the stylized butterfly that took up some space next to his also pink name. Blair would've asked about this, but Fay spoke first. "Are you ready to see your nursery?" He nodded, putting the plaque behind him. It might've been a mistake. When she opened the door, and he took in his first view of the nursery, he realized that it wasn't a mistake. The carpet was the only thing he was fine with. It was the same greyish color that went throughout the rest of the house. The wall opposite the door was pastel pink, as was the wall with the door on it. The walls to the left and right were a pastel yellow. A crib sat under the window, which was in the middle of the other pink wall. It was white and rather ornate. The sheets and pillows on the bed were yellow. To his left was a closet door, which was painted white and covered in butterfly designs. To his right was what he assumed was a changing table and a toy-chest. Both were painted white, matching the crib. The cushioning on the changing table was pink, however. Blair's mouth hung open. Fay forced a smile. "What do you think?" Several seconds passed by before the small man in her arms gave a reply. "I-it's for a girl." "Of course it is, buttercup." "A-and I'm a boy." She looked down at him and smiled. "That is for Mommy to decide. Now, let's get you out of those nasty big boy clothes, and get your first diaper on you." She started towards the changing table, but stopped as her charge struggled in her arms. "Wait! Fay! Explain what's going on to me, please." Blair was rightfully upset. This was not was he was expecting, and Fay had never mentioned anything like this to him. He was scared, too. He knew that a lot of Little boys were turned into Little girls. He also knew, that he didn't make sure to specify anything against that in their agreement. He was a boy, and he thought Fay wanted a boy. It was an oversight on his part, and now it was costing him. His large lover sighed and sat down on the floor, still holding him. "Calm down. It's okay." She stroked his shoulder-length, blonde hair. "I've been debating whether to tell you. It's been my biggest worry. I didn't want to destroy the love we have. I figured that surprising you like this would be the best way. In retrospect, it was stupid. I got too deep into it. I kept putting off telling you, but I kept working on this nursery." She paused for a moment. "I've been a liar. I never wanted a man. I still don't. I never wanted a little boy, either." Blair cringed at that. "I don't exactly want a little girl, either." That surprised him. What did she want, then? "I want you. As a boy, but as my princess too. It has been a fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember, to have a cute Little boy dolled up as my Little girl." Another moment of silence passed before Blair spoke. "So I'm not going to be turned into a girl? I get to keep my," He paused and glanced at his crotch, "y'know?" "Yes, you do. Your princess parts will stay intact." The words embarassed Blair a bit, but they did make him relieved. His mommy continued "I want you to know, we're still equals. Mostly. I would never make a decision like that without your consent. This," her hand sliced through the air, "was just my silly way of asking you if this was okay. If it's not, I can change it. Make it fit for a little prince, instead. But, I really, really want you to be my little girl. Please?" Blair grimaced. He loved her, and he would do anything to please her. She had shocked him with this room. A role he didn't want was thrust upon him. It had taken a long time for him to get used to the idea of being a baby boy, and now he was expected to be a girl. It was something he had never imagined. He was firmly a male in his mind. For his true love, though? He didn't adore the idea, but he adored her enough to make this concession. He had one more concern, however. "W-well," It bothered him to even have to ask this, "I'll still be the only man in your life?" "You're not a man anymore, Blair. You will be the only love in my life, though. It'll just be you and me. No Daddy or second Mommy for you." "Okay, then. Anything for you, Mommy." He was still hesitant, but he had decided. Not that he really had a choice. If she forced it, there was nothing in their agreement against it. Besides that, his love for her wouldn't let this desire go unaddressed. With that, Fay began to undress Blair. His big boy clothes and underwear were left on the floor, as the Little was lifted onto the changing table and strapped down. She took some supplies out of a drawer on the side of the table, and then began. He'd heard about the first time being intimate and romantic. It was everything he could've hoped for. Baby-powder smelled incredible. The feeling of it being sprinkled onto him, and then gentlely spread around by Fay's hand was tantalizing. She spoke sweet nothings to him, as she lifted his behind and slid some padding beneath him. The thick, white garment was taped around him. It was an odd feeling, but a feeling he knew he'd get used to. After checking the leak-guards, she unbuckled him and picked him back up. She took him to the butterfly-covered closet door. Each design was perfect, and each butterfly was randomly placed around the door. Blair figured that Fay had used a stencil. She had never been the best at that sort of thing. Fay used her free hand to open the door, revealing a rainbow-colored cornucopeia of clothes. There was a large selection on hangers, and Blair could see a few plastic drawers. He had quite the wardrobe, and Fay was browsing through it. Two different items were eventually displayed to him. A frilly, pastel-purple dress with puffy short-sleeves, or a simple pink onesie displaying the words "So Sweet" in cursive. Blair didn't particularly care for either choice. This was his lot, now, however. He weighed the options. One was sickeningly girly, and more formal. The other was a bit more gender-neutral in design. Today was their special day, though. Blair assumed that Fay would prefer him to pick the dress, so that she could get some pictures to commemorate it. He pointed at the dress and uttered a "Please." He needed to get used to that kind of clothing anyway. This certainly wasn't the only dress he now owned, and it wouldn't be the last day he'd wear one. "Good choice, buttercup." Fay sat him down on the ground, and the dress was slipped over Blair's head. A zipper was zipped up the back of the dress. He was now dressed. It was a little uncomfortable, but not overly so. The hem of the dress was about at the middle of his diaper. Blair didn't expect to have many clothes that covered his diaper, but it was something else to really feel the air on his legs. The knowledge that his undergarment was on full display, and that he could very well be taken outside like this was a lot to take in. "How does it feel? It looks like it fits well." "Y-yea, it feels fine, Mommy." Fay looked down at me, impressed with her work. She fished her cellphone out of her pocket. The Little knew what was coming. There weren't any flashes, but he could hear the telltale clicks. His caretaker was taking pictures and lots of them. "You are just absolutely adorable. Do you think you can do a little curtsy? For me?" Now she was making him pose. It was to be expected. She'd finally gotten her doll, and she wanted to play with him. Blair didn't mind, it was in her Amazon nature. All the same, a blush spread across his face. A curtsy? He wasn't really sure how. That thought was a bit silly to him. He awkardly lifted the skirt of the dress, and bent over a little. His uncertain curtsy got an audible coo out of his photographer. "Aww, we'll have plenty of time to work on that. Little girls should know how to properly curtsy, huh?" "Yes, mommy." She bent down and pulled me in for a hug. "I love you so much, Blair." "I love you too, Mommy." The two embraced for only a couple moments. "If this ever gets too much for you, just let me know. I'll lighten up on the little girl treatment." Blair nodded. "You wanna see?" She held up her phone. On the screen was a Little girl, looking up towards the camera. Blair was surprised at how much he looked like the opposite sex. Littles were generally neotenous and androgynous, but a simple change of clothes couldn't make a man look like a girl. Could it? Blair knew the answer, after seeing the picture of himself. Now, the only way for anyone to know his real gender was to change his diaper. Suddenly, a growl emanated from his stomach. All he had for breakfast was a simple granola bar. The busy morning didn't allow Blair and Fay the time to eat much, and they hadn't stopped to get anything to eat on the way home. "How about we fill up that tummy, huh?" Fay reached down and tickled his stomach a bit. Like most Littles, Blair was ticklish, so this elicited some uncontrolled giggling. "I'll even let you walk to the kitchen, so you can get used to moving in your diapers." Calling it 'walking' was giving Blair too much credit. What the feminine Little did was toddle along behind his caretaker. "If you need to crawl, feel free." Fay giggled. Blair rolled his eyes. At least, he had been clear about that in their agreement. Freedom of movement was too important. Restriction of movement was against their rules. These diapers, despite impacting his gait, weren't too bad. They weren't the kind of diapers that forced the wearer to crawl. Blair would never voluntarily choose to crawl. He'd make it to the kitchen, if a bit slowly. It was only a minute before they were in the kitchen. It served the dual purpose of a dining room, having a small table in the corner. On one side of the table was an regular chair, next to it was a white high-chair. That was a new addition, and Blair wondered when Fay had the time to sneak that in. The amazon deftly lifted the much smaller person up, and placed him in the chair. The tray was locked into place in front of him. The seated Little watched as the fridge was opened and shut. He then heard the beeps and whirs of the microwave. His vantage point wasn't great, so the contents of lunch weren't known to him. As the microwave ran, Fay opened the fridge again. This, Blair could see. She sat the materials to make a sandwich on the counter. Their lunches were going to be different. Two jars of worringly green paste and a bottle of formula were eventually brought to their table, alongside the sandwich. Blair grimaced. He had an idea this was coming, but he had hoped it wouldn't. Fay was very adamant about controlling what he ate. Relucantly, he allowed that to be enshrined in their agreement. Pureed food was a fad among Amazons. Many adopted Littles were on a pureed-only diet. As was he, apparently. "These are..." Fay, now sitting beside him, picked up the jar and looked at it. "Banana, green bean, pea, and zucchini. Sounds healthy, right? There's some formula to wash it down with too." Sounds gross, thought Blair. "Why was it in the fridge?" From what he knew, baby-food didn't need to be refridgerated unless it was opened. A small blush appeared on Fay's face. "When I bought it, I tried a bit." She paused. "It was gross." "And you're making me eat it?" His caretaker giggled. "It's good for you." She dipped a spoon into the jar. "Open up, sweetie." He was hungry, and he didn't have much of an option, so his mouth recieved the spoonful of baby-food. It wasn't awful. It wasn't his favorite, either. A far cry from gross. Baby-food for Littles was engineered just for them, after all, so it made sense that it wasn't horrifically disgusting. Spoonful after spoonful entered into his mouth. Fay didn't meet with any resistance from the Little, yet she still enacted tactics like airplane noises. She was just having a good time with it, and Blair didn't mind much. Once the jars were empty, Fay turned and began to eat her own food. Blair picked up the sandwich, and tried to nurse on it while she ate. It was harder than he had imagined. It took him several seconds to get a little liquid to trickle out. Halfway through Fay's sandwich, he had figured out how to get a constant and consistent flow. After lunch, Blair was let down from the highchair. "Alright, sweetie. I'm going to excuse myself for a second. Why don't you pick out a couple toys and bring them to the living room?" With that, Fay walked back to her room. Blair figured that it was to use the half-bathroom that was attached to that room. He did as told. Once he entered his new room, he went straight to the toy chest. Entertainment for the Little was now to be found in the wooden container. In the coming days, he was sure to be intimately acquainted with each item inside. Not wasting any time, he opened the chest and began to search through it. Several stuffed animals, some dolls, some accessories for the baby-doll, blocks, a rattle, a shape-sorter, a corn popper, a pull-along train, a pack of crayons, a set of wash-off markers, a stack of blank paper, some coloring books, and several more uninteresting toys. He grabbed a stuffed doll, the rattle, the pull-along train, the crayons, and the coloring books. Blair figured that it was a diverse selection. Enough to experiment, and let him see what he liked. With toys in hand, he toddled to the living room. Fay was already out there. A pink, mesh playpen had been set up in Blair's absence. As he entered the room, Fay stood up from her seat on the couch to pick him up and carry him to the playpen. She placed him down on the soft floor alongside his chosen toys. "Enjoy your playtime, buttercup." With a kiss on the forehead, she went back to the couch and turned on their television. To Fay, it was just background noise. Blair was the focus of her attention, and he knew it. She just wanted to see him play and be adorable. He did just that. The rattle was first, as Blair figured it would be the least interesting. He was right. After several seconds of shaking, he figured he had gotten the full experience. At best, it'd be something to off-handedly mess with. Next was the toy train. As it was pulled along, it made little clicking sounds. In terms of entertainment, it was much like the rattle. Not something to really keep his interest. The stuffed doll was next. Blair figured that he'd have to like this one. Fay would probably decide he looked too adorable without it. It had moppy red hair, and a short plaid dress. The doll got a quick hug, and it began to be manipulated by his hands, dancing about. Had he brought a couple other dolls, he could've had a fun time making up a story. "What's her name, huh?" Blair looked away from the doll and towards his mommy. "I don't know. I didn't know she needed a name." "Of course, silly. Every girl names her dollies." A pensive look donned his face. His eyes drifted towards the ceiling. "Maybe... Lizzie? Yea, Lizzie." He nodded his head to confirm it. "That's a good name. I hope you and Lizzie have a lot of fun from here on out." "We will, Mommy." He didn't know how true that was, but he'd at least try. For much of the rest of the afternoon, he played with Lizzie in the playpen. Either focusing just on her, or hugging her while coloring-in a coloring book. At some point, his bladder made itself known. Blair had no qualms about this, and he knew it was something he had to do. Without much thought, he pushed and pushed until his bladder emptied into his thirsty padding. If Fay had noticed, she didn't mention it to him. By the time Blair was roused from his playing, the sun was starting to sink towards the horizon. It was evening. A growl from his stomach informed him that it was dinner-time as well. Lizzie was left behind, as Fay carried her Little towards the kitchen. Dinner went much the same as lunch did, except one jar of baby-food was pureed turkey and gravy. The taste was comparable to the baby-food from lunch. After dinner, Fay announced that it was bathtime, and then off to bed. Blair didn't groan or make much fuss about it. This was expected. Babies got early bedtimes. He was looking forward to the bath, though. Fay checked his diaper first, of course. Discovering that he had wet it at some point, she declared that it was time for a change. His first true change had been just as lovely as being put into it. He thought that it might be better, even, considering he was being taken out of a slightly-uncomfortable diaper and cleaned. Now naked, Blair made his way to the bathroom with Fay. Their bathroom wasn't huge, having just enough room for a moderate-size tub, a toilet, and a counter with a sink. She turned on the water, and filled the tub with a small amount of water. When Blair was set in the tub, he found out that the warm water only just covered his legs. Fay gently washed him. She had a cup, which she used to rinse his hair and body. She massaged some liquid soap into his skin and hair. Blair guessed that it was both a soap and a shampoo. He let his caretaker do all the work, just enjoying the sensations of warmth and of her working on his body. Muscles relaxed, as tension released. This was an event that the Little could get used to. A couple of toys, specifically some rubber ducks, floated around. They were ignored in favor of melting into a puddle of relaxation and comfort. Blair groaned as he was lifted out of the bath. "I know, I know, but you can't stay in there all night. You'll turn into a prune." A large, soft towel was wrapped around him. He let Fay do all the work, as she scrubbed him dry. Once she was done, Blair was lifted up into her arms and carried into the nursery. He was again placed onto the changing table. Powder was sprinkled, and a new diaper was taped on. Sleepwear was chosen for him this time. Fay pulled the pink onesie from earlier out of the closet. Blair stuck his arms up, allowing his mommy to slide the garment onto him. Three clicks later and it was buttoned. After being deposited in his crib, Fay planted another kiss on his forehead. An inflatable pacifier was coaxed into his mouth, and it was inflated a few times. "Goodnight, Blair. I love you so much." He managed to respond around the pacifier. "I love you too, Mommy." On her way out of the room, Fay turned on a baby monitor and turned off the lights. The room wasn't pitch black, however, due to a nightlight somewhere in the room. Blair examined the crib. Besides the usual pillows and blankets, he found a stuffed bear. Deciding to act the part, Blair pulled the bear in and wrapped his arms around it. Snuggling underneath a blanket, Blair began to think. Fay and his new life were at the forefront. All the girly stuff was certainly unexpected. Not that it was bad, or made his life worse in any way. Except for a few trappings, Blair reflected that his new life would've been the same either way. And, if it made Fay happy, he was happy too. Losing himself in his thoughts, he eventually drifted off to sleep. Fay stayed up later than normal. She sat in the living room, fixated on her phone. A baby monitor laid on the couch next to her. The television was on, being the only source of light in the room, but it was muted. Fay listened to the regular breathing of her new ward. On the phone, she flipped through the pictures she took that day. Happiness was all she could feel. She was glad that her lie of omission hadn't bothered him. She was even more glad that he had accepted the role as her little girl. Had he refused, she would've been devastated. There wouldn't have been any legal way to stop her from forcing him into the role, but, if she did that, she wouldn't have been able to live with herself. It didn't matter, though. Now, he was hers. He was her cute, girly Little. All she had ever wanted was now in her possession. The pair were both pleased with their lives.
  10. This is an old story, quite long but unfinished (what a surprise!). I'll repost it here, and finish it this weekend. I don't know how to get rid of the light blue background behind the font. I can't find a button for it. Any clues appreciated. Kate And Bobbi Chapter 1It was an unusual marriage, some said. Kate was a statuesque 30 year old personal trainer with a daughter who looked likely to become a clone of her tall mother, and Bob was a short, slim, shy man with soft, clear skin, a boyish face and lustrous blonde hair which his mother always told him was wasted on a boy. He was still regularly carded, at 23, when he dared to venture into a club or bar. Bob had never really settled down, and had drifted from one job to another. These days he was not without means from his inheritance, but money didn't seem to be his attraction for Kate. They appeared to be devoted to one another.Things went well for a couple of years, although Bob and Kate's daughter Sue never quite saw eye to eye. Literally, in fact. Bob was barely 5 feet 2, and Sue at 12 when her mother married Bob was already nearly 5 feet 10 inches tall and precociously well-developed. Sue regarded her adored mother's marriage as a mistake.Bob had been working in a large supermarket for a couple of years – a record for him – when the trouble started. Whether it was Kate's height, her air of competence and authority or some need or lack of inner strength in Bob, he had over the two years of marriage, begun to defer to Kate. She made the major decisions, sometimes discussing them with Sue, but Bob was often left out of the loop. He didn't say much about it and just got on with his life. Bob's few friends, and certainly Kate's friends who were mostly women, noticed the change."Does he mind being bossed around? Even Sue does it," observed Sally, one the instructors at the gym where Kate worked."He's happy for us to make decisions," said Kate. "That's the way our marriage works."Bob's subservient position in his small household began to show itself in his job. Increasingly, he was allocated less responsible tasks, and even then someone usually checked his work. Recently, he had been more or less demoted to the role of errand boy. He trotted around the store, doing everyone's bidding. He had his breaks with the checkout girls and had become used to sitting in the lunchroom with them as they chatted. For their part, the girls considered Bob one of themselves. They even joked about how well he fitted in, and in fact, sitting around the big table in the lunchroom, it was hard to tell at a glance that Bob, with his long hair, as Kate liked it, and in the ponytail she pulled it into every morning, wasn't indeed a rather pretty young woman. He was the only male in the store who wore over his clothing one of the red tops all the women wore. He was often listed as Bobbi in store communications. Bob had objected in his mild way once or twice, so he gave up protesting and even answered uncomplainingly to Bobbi, the girls' nickname for him.Bob wasn't unaware of his position in the store's hierarchy, and began to worry about why he wasn't able to make headway against all the stronger personalities around him. He longed for simpler times – in a general way, without knowing what those simpler times might entail. He realized that he didn't really enjoy life, rather, he just lived it.There were some high spots for him. He enjoyed sorting things – physically putting things in different piles and whatever order was required. But those tasks never lasted, and it was back to running errands. He actually preferred working for the women in his workplace. He had to look up at them when they spoke to him, but they seemed gentler on him and less intimidating than some of the big jocks who shoved him around. Bob was now 25, and his life didn't seem to be going anywhere in particular. His favourite at work was Mary Jenkins, who often smiled at him and always had a kind word. "That wife of yours needs a baby to look after," Mrs Jenkins had said after she had watched Bob as a took a call at work from Kate. 'Yes Kate… no… yes… okay… yes… I love you too… bye," comprised Bob's side of the conversation. "She can't spend her time looking after you, no matter how sweet you are," Mrs Jenkins told Bob. "Why don't you try for one?"Bob couldn't tell Mary that Kate's opinion of Bob's capacity for procreation was very low, and that their sex life consisted basically of Bob giving his wife oral sex, and sucking on her glorious breasts. Kate often told Bob that one daughter was enough, and that she was glad Bob didn't want a child of his own, not that Bob had ever said anything about that.That night, Bob had dreamed of having a baby in the house. It was a confusing dream, with Bob not quite sure of his viewpoint during it. He had forgotten the details of the dream when he woke up, or more correctly was woken up by his angry wife. He had wet the bed.Sue, already up and back from her morning run, heard the commotion and watched as Bob shame-facedly carried the bundle of wet bedclothes into the laundry. She gave her stepfather a withering look as only 15 year old girls can. It happened again two nights later, with no dreams about babies, and Bob was terrified that his old problem had returned. Bob had been held back for a year from starting school because he was still in diapers. Even when he did eventually start at infant school, he had regular accidents there, earning himself the unloved nickname Baby Bobby. He was still wetting at night until he was Sue's age, with his mother pinning him into a bulky terry diaper, for economy, with plastic plants over them. Sleepovers with friends were definitely out for Bob. There was no recurrence of wetting the marital bed until a few months after Sue had turned 16 and Kate had supplemented her daughter's savings and helped her buy a car. Bob's job was on a bus route, and Kate had decided that they didn't need his car, and in truth, they found Kate's SUV quite adequate. Kate was out and Bob had once again had to ask Sue for a ride to the hardware shop for some woodwork he was attempting in his shed. Sue was about to go to her regular gym workout, and stood unsmiling in her spandex bodysuit as Bob made his appeal. She turned him down with a few short words as she often did, and on this occasion Bob felt particularly hard done by. He complained to Kate, who supported her daughter, saying that Sue was a busy person and didn't have time to drive around at Bob's pleasure. Bob had had a difficult day at work, managing to mix up the messages he was running for some of the checkout girls, and they had been quite angry with him.Now both Kate and Sue were dismissing his legitimate needs. He went to bed upset that he couldn't have his own car, and that he was so dependent on everyone. He felt small and insignificant. That night, Bob soaked the bed again, in the morning as he headed to the laundry, he ran into Sue who took one look at the bundle of wet bedding and remarked that she hadn't wet the bed since she was four. Bob had no answer, but bit his lip as he packed the sodden sheets and his pyjamas into the washer. His stepdaughter had a solid part time job and was doing well in her studies. She had lots of friends and drove her own car. No-one pushed her around. Bob was struggling at his simple job, and relied on his Kate, and now Sue, for transport. He even had to be on his best behavior and ask them nicely for even that small favour. "Sue is a woman now," Kate had said. "She has her life to lead and can't be running around for you all the time."She'd never told him he was a man. Bob closed the washer door and reached down, feeling his genitals through the track pants Kate had given him to put on. Even to his small hand, there wasn't much to feel. Bob blinked and realized that he was crying.It was a Saturday and after Kate and Sue had left the house on their various business, Bob unloaded the washer and hung out the contents as asked. Both women had had washing in the machine when the sheets went in, and Bob felt a familiar wave of despair wash over him as he hung out their garments with his own. Kate and Sue's jeans were inches longer than his small pair, and even their underwear was several sizes bigger. Bob looked at his little briefs hanging between the larger 'smalls' of his lofty wife and her tall daughter, and felt more than ever the baby of the family. Anyone looking at the washing on the line would think by the comparative sizes of the clothing that there were two adults and a child living in the house. Furtively, he looked at the tag in Sue's bra as he pinned it to the line. 38C. It was almost as big as Kate's, which he knew was 38D. Bob's feelings of misery were accompanied by a small spurt of pee into his underpants. That had been happening recently when he was distressed or under pressure. Bob felt his crotch, and discovered that this time, the wetness had soaked through to his track pants. He pulled them down to make them a bit looser, and hoped they would dry before the women came home. He didn't dare change his clothes – he was sure to be asked why. He thought of the way Sue's gym suit hugged the feminine bulge of her crotch. Clearly, she had no worries about wet patches.With a thick feeling in his throat, Bob retreated inside and picked up the newspaper. It seemed to be full of the doings of people who did more important things than running errands for checkout girls. Boring, he decided, and turned to the cartoons. At least they were interesting, and they cheered him up a bit. He was sorry when he had read the last one that there were no more, then remembered a book in the bookcase nearby. It didn't take long to find it – an old large format Disney book that he'd been given for a youthful birthday. For the next half hour, Bob sat happily reading. It was much easier to read than the newspaper, with big print, simple words and of course, pictures to illustrate the talk bubbles. Bob found that he remembered some of the stories, and they were still just as funny. He was soon engrossed in the adventures of Donald Duck and his nephews, and forgot for the moment his concerns about being the child of the family. While reading, he had felt a twinge in his groin, and had got up to go the the bathroom. As he stood up0-, he realised that his need to pee was more urgent than he had thought, and he had to run to the bathroom. He made it just in time, tearing down his track pants and his underpants in one move and having to squeeze his penis as he pointed it towards the toilet bowl. Relieved not only physically but that he had not wet himself, Bob waggled his little penis dry and returned to his reading, to hear after a minute or two the sound of a car arriving outside, and people's voices. He heard his wife, and the voices of some children. Who had she brought with her, he wondered.The front door opened and Kate walked in with her friend Stella and Stella's two children, Mark and Sally. Bob closed his book and stood up, confident that his pants had dried enough for the dampness not to be noticeable. 'H darling, you know Stella, and Mark and Sally,' Kate said. 'And can you help me with some things from the car?''Hi guys,' Bob said as he headed outside.Kate opened the rear door of the SUV, exposing a couple of cardboard boxes. Bob leaned into the car and pulled towards him a large box. It was quite heavy.'Not that one, honey, it's too heavy,' said Kate. 'Here's one for you.'Kate gave Bob a much smaller box, while she effortlessly lifted the larger box and followed Bob back into the house.He put the carton down where Kate indicated.'Coffee, Stell?' asked Kate. 'Thanks Kate, I could kill for one,' replied Stella. 'And I've got some lemonade for you kids,' said Kate. 'Yummy,' said Sally, a bright seven year old. Her brother, eight, grinned his thanks and they waited expectantly. Stella joined Kate I the kitchen. 'Thanks for helping out,' Stella said. 'I'm at a bit of an impasse with this marketing thing, and I could really use another opinion.''Bugs Bunny!' Sally called excitedly, discovering Bob's book on the sofa.'Oh, that old book of Bob's,' Kate responded with a smile. 'What's that doing out?''I was reading it,' said Bob. 'It's really quite funny. Bugs sends them to Uncle Scrooge, but he doesn't know he has…' began Bob enthusiastically.'OK, honey,' interrupted Kate, 'But Stell and I have to talk about some business. Why don't you show the kids your old Legos? The box is in the study. I was cleaning out the cupboard yesterday and was going to put it in the garage. You can spread them out on the floor there, but remember to tidy up.''Can't I stay here with you?' asked Bob. 'Honey it's just two… two people talking about boring business. Go and show Mark and Sally some of the things you used to make,' Kate said.Bob new an order when he heard one. He turned to go, then paused.'Can I have a coffee?' he asked. 'Honey I've already got a drink for you,' Kate said, handing Bob one of three big glasses of lemonade she had just poured.Mark and Sally happily lined up for their drinks. 'There you are,' said Kate giving the pair the glasses. 'Off you go.'Bob led the two to the study. 'Remember kids, tidy up,' Kate called after them as they went. 'No mess!''We'll be tidy Mrs Johnson!' Mark replied before the trio went through the door out of the room.Bob winced at the minor irritation of Mark using Kate's maiden name. Where had he heard that, Bob wondered. Bob was Bob Wood, and Kate was Mrs Wood, although she practised the business she had started before marriage under her maiden name. Bob was also annoyed that he wasn't allowed coffee and had to have lemonade like Mark and Sally, but on the other hand he had to admit that he was looking forward to getting out his Legos. He hadn't played with them for years. Not that he'd be playing. He'd just show these kids what to do. He was actually glad that he didn't have to sit and listen to Kate and Stella, who hear could hear talking earnestly in the background. Kate was right – as she usually was: it was just two people talking about boring business.It turned out Mark had some good ideas for building with Lego, including some which Bob could not remember using himself. Even Sally was useful, finding just the piece the boys needed as he and Mark showed off their skills to each other. Mark was building a lighthouse, while Bob was engrossed in constructing his 'Bugs Bunny' house. He even made a carrot patch out the front, and was trying to make a giant orange carrot, a task which defeated him, until Mark showed him how to make a realistic cylinder out of different sized Lego bricks. Bob was impressed, and once he'd finished his house, he set to work making another big carrot. It was fun, and Bob ignored the slight twinge from between his legs. He flexed his thigh muscles and changed position as he sat on the big rug. He would go to the bathroom when he had finished his carrot.'Why have you got a ponytail?' Sally asked suddenly.'Er, it's how Kate does it,' Bab answered.'I do my own hair,' Sally told him proudly. 'Do you like ponytails?''I dunno,' said Bob. 'They're OK.''I think it's girly,' said Mark.Bob just grunted, and reached for another orange brick. As he did so, he felt a warmth spreading around his crotch, and stopped in mid reach. He tried to stop the flow, but by the time he had, the damage was done. Sally saw what had happened. 'You wet your pants,' she said quite loudly. Bob looked down. It was far worse than he expected. The whole front of his track pants was dark blue with pee, and he was sitting in a puddle. Mark looked on, somewhat surprised. Bob didn't know what to do. His first thought was that he could run to the bedroom and get changed, but that wouldn't alter what had happened. What would Kate say, he thought.'I'm telling your mummy!' announced Sally as she stood up. Bob caught his breath, held it for a moment, then began to sob, much as he tried not to.Sally sprinted from the room.'You're really wet,' said Mark. 'Why didn't you go and pee?'Kate and Stella looked up as Sally burst into the room. 'Bobby's wet his pants!' she said. 'I think he's crying.'Stella raised her eyebrows and looked at Kate. Kate got up immediately and went to the study.She found Bob sitting on the floor, surrounded by the Legos. He was certainly crying. Mark was sitting next to him. 'He just peed everywhere,' said Mark. 'It's OK, Mark, he's just had an accident. Come on Bob,' she said, helping Bob to his feet. 'Let's get you sorted out.'Kate didn't say much as she stood Bob in the bathroom and took down his wet pants and undies. She turned on the shower and guided him in, then helped him dry. Now dry, Bob stood shivering while Kate opened the cupboard in the bathroom and rummaged around for a moment. She emerged with a thick white object in her hand, which she opened out. Bob wasn't sure what it was, but soon realized what it was for. It was a kind of padded panty with a wide elasticated top. He sure as hell didn't want to wear it, and struggled to get away from Kate. Kate gripped his arm. 'Now Bob, I don't want you to fuss about this. We'll talk about it later. Leg in here please,' she said, holding a leg opening up. Bob knew better than to argue. At least he had stopped crying, and Kate wasn't actually cross, he didn't think. Tentatively, he poked his foot into the opening, and Kate kissed him on the forehead and pulled the panty up his leg to the knee. 'Good boy,' she said. 'Now the other leg.'Bob put his other leg into the strange feeling panty and let Kate tug the garment up snug around his waist. She reached into the front of the panty and pushed his little penis downwards, then gave the panty another tug and turned him around to inspect her work.'All done,' she said. 'I know it will feel funny, but you'll be safe now. No more accidents.'Bob looked up at her in some distress.'I didn't mean to,' he said.'I know, honey. It was just an accident. You can go back and play with the others now,' she said kindly.Kate kissed him again on the forehead, and patted him gently on the rump. Bob wasn't sure what to do. It didn't matter, as Kate guided him back into the study, where Mark and Sally had resumed their Lego building. Bob sat silently on the rug. He wasn't sure if he felt like going on with his carrot. Sally studied Bob's dry track pants closely. 'Did she put your diaper on?' asked Sally. 'I can hear it.'Bob just nodded, and stared at the half built Lego carrot.'So what, Sal,' Mark said. 'You wear a diaper every night.''Shut up, Mark!' objected Sally. 'I've been dry for, for three nights. I bet you used to wet your pants!''Not when I was seven,' said Mark. 'And you're nearly eight.''Shut up and I don't care!' said Sally with vigour. 'Bobby, here's another piece for your carrot.'Sally handed Bob the half block he needed. Bob took it silently and pressed it in place. He decided to concentrate on finishing it and ignored the other two.In the other room, the women heard the raised voices and Stella began to get up to investigate. Kate shook her head and put her hand on Stella's forearm. Stella sat and looked at Kate, who said quietly, 'They'll work it out.'Stella shrugged and resumed her seat. The raised voices quietened down, and Stella and Kate resumed their discussion.The trio in the study, with the exception of Bob, soon moved on too. After all, someone wetting their pants and having to be changed wasn't unheard among Mark and Sally's acquaintances. And Bobby was only a bit bigger than Mark, Sally thought. So maybe he did still need diapers. After all, his mummy had some ready to put him into. Sally felt quite pleased. He probably still wet the bed, just like her. So Mark could just shut up.The incident did change the children's opinion of Bob's status in their pecking order. He wasn't just a big boy playing with Legos, he really was like them. Even littler, probably, despite his size, if he was still in diapers. And that was a pretty cool carrot he was making. Subconsciously, the two children became even more accepting and inclusive of their new friend. So what if he wet his pants? Plenty of kids still did that.So play resumed, with a lot of chatter and giggling.A while later, Kate and Stella had resolved Stella's marketing troubles, and the women went to the study to wind up operations there. They were pleased to see the three playing so happily together, and Kate squatted down to pull up the back of Bob's track pants from which a couple of inches of the top of his pullup was showing, not that it bothered his playmates. Kate was especially pleased to see Bob so happy, considering his incongruous surroundings. Sally looked up with a grin.'Bobby made carrots!' she said excitedly. 'I showed him how to do it,' grumbled Mark.Stella smiled down at the three. 'Don't be grumpy, Mark. They're lovely carrots, Bobby,' she said with a smirk at Kate. 'And what's this little house?''That's Bugs Bunny's house,' said Bob proudly. 'It's got a chimney, too,' he added, indicating the little stack of red blocks on the roof.'For winter, when Bugs and Mrs Bunny sit by the fire,' said Sally.'I could make a fireplace in there!' said Bob, and began to look around for likely components.'Whoa!' said Kate. 'It's time to pack up now, Mark and Sally have to go home.'There was a joint groan from the floor. Kate wasn't really surprised to see Bob joining in. 'Come on kids, tidy up for Kate please,' said Stella. 'Five minutes. Come on, chop chop!'Reluctantly, the builders began to put the Lego away. A few minutes later, Mark and Sally emerged from the study, followed by Bob. Soon everyone was standing at the door saying their goodbyes.'Bye, Bobby!' said Sally. 'I like your ponytail. It's cool, even if it does make you look like a girl.'Bob giggled. Secretly, he liked it too. He liked the way Kate brushed his hair in the morning , and the feel of her pulling his hair together to put it in the rubber band.Once Kate and the children had left, Kate and Bob sat in the living room. 'That was fun, wasn't it?' asked Kate.'Except I had an accident,' said Bob, looking embarrassed. . 'Oh, honey,' said Kate. 'That's not really a big deal. How's your pullup anyway, sweetie?''My what?' replied Bob.'Your pullup. That's what you're wearing. It's just underpants with a bit of padding,' she explained.'Oh,' said Bob. 'It's OK.''What do you mean, OK?' said Kate. 'Let's have a look.''Kate!' objected Bob as Kate stood him up and poked her hand down the front of Bob's track pants. 'You're wet again, honey,' said Kate. 'Did that happen while you were playing?''I dunno,' said Bob, not looking at her. 'I wasn't playing anyway, I was showing them what to do.'Bob felt confused. He had an odd feeling that he had just travelled backwards in time, and now he was back in the present. Yet he was wearing these padded pants. He was 25 and he worked at a supermarket, but he had just wet his pants while he was on the floor, not actually playing, but with a couple of kids and Legos. His head began to swim a little. 'Bob, there's something I want to talk to you about. Let's go into the bedroom,' Kate said, leading Bob out of the living room. 'What do you want to talk about?' he asked.'Some important things, Bob. You'll see,' said Kate. 'Just sit on the bed for a minute.'Bob sat, wondering what important things Kate wanted to talk about, and why in the bedroom.Kate went to the chest of drawers, and took something from a drawer. Then she bent down and took from a basket on the floor a handful of what looked like underpants.'Bob.' She began, 'I know you're under pressure at work.'Bob was taken aback.'How, how do you know that?' he asked.'Bob, I know Mary Jenkins quite well,' she said. 'I have coffee with her every few weeks. She's the reason you're still at the supermarket.'Bob stared at his wife. This was news to him.'When you were dropped from the management trainee program, it was Mary who suggested that you become the new office ju… office helper to keep things running smoothly,' she said. 'You replaced Jenny, do you remember her?''The work experience girl?' said Bob, surprised. 'But my job is much more than what she did! I go into the manager's office and everything. I take, I take all the, all the till rolls…'Kate could see that Bob's eyes were starting to water, and he was starting to catch his breath as he spoke. She knew what was coming next and she put her arm around her poor husband and her heart went out to him as he tried to defend the value of his job. He wasn't just struggling with the job of office junior, which was the actual description of his job, he was struggling with being an adult. Kate thought how genuinely happy he had been playing with Stella's children, and how he seemed to bloom in the unthreatening, undemanding company of the two kids. He really needed her help, Kate knew. Some months before, when Bob's bedwetting had started, Kate had managed to get Bob to see a friend of hers, a paediatric psychologist who, on a dinner visit to Kate and Bob's, had afterwards expressed her concerns to Kate. She felt that Bob's responses were 'compromised in certain ways' and went on to explain that she thought he may be having a kind of slow breakdown, quite rare, but clearly evidenced by some of Bob's words and actions. Even allowing for the unusual inequality of the power relationship within the marriage, which itself wasn't unusual at all, Kate's friend Julie had said, Bob seemed to be, to put it bluntly, Julie had said, regressing. The bedwetting episodes were part of that, Julie said, and the troubles and lack of progress at work. People tended to treat people as they acted, and while Bob was doing his best to fight against it, he was not succeeding, and often projected a persona that was quite obviously at odds with his chronological age. At these times, his subconscious would overpower his conscious will, and it would appear that he had 'given in' to some bizarre impulse, whereas in fact, his adult personality had been pushed by various factors into the background, and the younger Bob within had emerged.'How horrible,' Kate had said at the time, although even then she had felt a strange tremor of delight that Bob might eventually become little Bobby, fully dependent on her; the baby in diapers she had not been able to conceive with him. However, the thought was so weird and alien, that she had tried to banish it whenever it recurred, but it kept coming back. Sometimes it felt as if she and Bob were in a vortex, both approaching, willingly or unwillingly, the same fate from different angles, and neither able to stop what was happening. Kate and Bobbi Chapter 2 Kate stroked Bob's silky hair as she consoled him, eventually guiding him back to sit on the end of the bed. She put her handful of underpants on the bedspread next to Bob and picked a pair from the pile. They were the full cut white fly style that Kate usually bought for Bob. 'Honey,' Kate said, 'do you know what these are?' Bob was confused. 'They're my underpants, Kate. Why have you got them? I thought I was running short. What have you got them for?' Bob asked. 'Bob, I've got a whole week of your underpants from the wash. I want to show you something. This is Monday's pair. I want you to look at the front of them,' Kate said, holding Bob's questioning gaze. 'Tell me what you see on the front of these undies, Bob!' Kate said. Bob swallowed hard, and flushed a little as he realised what this was about. As Kate spread the front of the underpants in front of Bob, he realised that there was only one answer he could give. 'I, erm, I wet a bit on Monday, I think. Just a bit,' he said quietly, looking at Kate's shoes. 'Bob,'Kate said severely, 'Look at me when I'm talking to you please. Bob, I have more of your underpants here. And not only is this mark urine, but all theses rings are,' she said, spreading the fabric still more to show several concentric rings of greyish-yellow discolouration. Bob looked at her, feeling quite frightened about what Kate was going to say next. 'Bob, I know you try your best, but you just aren't handling your toileting very well. Do you go to the bathroom often enough at work? Bob nodded his head miserably 'Speak, please,' Kate ordered him. 'Yes,' Bob squeaked. 'Well that's not what it looks like. Bob, every single pair of your underpants from last week has been wet. Quite wet. If you didn't wear black pants at work, I think you would have been running around with a big wet patch for everyone to see. Bob, you're setting the bed, and we're managing that, but now you are having serious trouble in the daytime as well. That's obvious from these But that's only half the reason I wanted to have this talk. I want to ask you about these,' Kate said, holding up a stiff, crumpled mass of fabric. 'Bob, I found these behind the cupboard in the bathroom. They must have been there at least a fortnight, because I remember washing these jeans just after hour training class graduation. I want you to tell me the truth about why they were stuffed, stained, and smelly, behind the bathroom cupboard.' Kate was standing up now. Bob looked up at her strong thighs, encased in tight, dark blue denim. The denim hugged the swell of her crotch, with the yellow stitched seam pulling slightly up to divide her vulva with a small valley of denim. Bob knew that beneath the denim were the thinnest of underpants. If Kate peed a drop in her pants it would show. And he was damp nearly all the time. It wasn't fair, Bob thought, and felt the tears rising yet again. 'Well, Bob? I'm really cross about this. Not only are these jeans ruined, but you have deliberately tried to deceive me. Is this what you do at work, Bob? Do you try to lie go the other girls? Because that's what deception is, Bob, it's lying. And I will not have you lying to me,' Kate said. Kate hated lying, and was making herself even angrier by talking about it. 'I wet myself!' Bob said frantically. 'I did and I couldn't help it. We got home from the shops and I had to carry the box in and you kept talking to me and then I tried to get to the bathroom and I took them off and put them there because I didn't want to tell you and I had a shower and put my towel on and said I wasn't feeling well and went to bed and you came in and put my diaper on and I'm not a girl, Kate you said 'other girls'. I'm not a girl, I'm a boy.' Bob finished his epic sentence and sat sniffling quietly. 'Bob,' said Kate, 'I didn't mean to call you a girl but I am still very cross that you tried to trick me.' Kate knew what she had in mind, and squirmed slightly at the thought. She became aware of a feeling in her crotch, and squeezed her thigh muscles hard. She had to bite her lip to stop herself from moaning aloud. She knew she was taking advantage of the situation for her own purposes but didn't care. Bob still had to be taught his lesson about lying. Bob was sitting very quietly. He mumbled something at Kate's apology and stared at the floor, anywhere but at the yellowed undies laid out on the bedspread, or at the dried clump of clothing on Kate's knees. 'Bob,' said Kate, 'Wetting your pants during the day is a very childish thing to do, but I know you can't help it at the moment, but lying to, to me, is also very childish. And trying to trick me is not only childish and silly, but wrong. So I'm going to help you remember not to do it ever again. I know you forget things, Bob, but I don't want you to foget this.' Kate bent over to pull Bob to a standing position. She yanked his track pants to his knees and in one powerful move, she sat and pulled his bare bottom across her knees. 'No! Please!' shouted Bob as he realised what was happening. He hadn't been spanked since he was about 12. Now he was about to be spanked by his wife. Kate's strong hand came down hard on her husband's pale cheeks. After two or three more blows, Bob was crying lustily. Kate felt him peeing on her legs after a couple more solid slaps, but she knew that she was wet enough herself to have to wash her jeans and panties anyway. Now she would have to wash the rug at the foot of the bed, too. After a round dozen hard spanks, Kate let Bob up. He flopped onto the bed and howled his eyes out for the next fiftenn minutes. When he had recivered, and Kate had attended to the washing, she walked back into the room, carrying a bulging shopping bag. She had had a quick shower, and had rubbed herself to another massive orgasm. The first she had had after about spank five. She was too elated to worry that she might be a closet sadist, or at best, kinky. She was focused on dealing with her immature little husband. 'Honey, I know it was painful, but you needed to learn a lesson, and smacking you was the best way to teach it,' Kate said. Bob stayed face down on the bed, but at least he stopped crying as Kate spoke. 'So, sweetheart, we're going to try you in daytime pull-ups for a while. You're ruining your undies, and I think that pull-ups might be just what you need. You can relax a little bit and not worry about hiding things from me. If you wet, I want you to come and tell me, and I'll change you. No more wet undies, honey, so sit up, and I'll put these on you.' And so life went on in Kate's household. Stella continued to visit, and her children enjoyed their interludes with Bobby, as they called the big boy who joined in their games. Bob had continued to have daytime wetting accidents. He explained to Kate that the need to go to the toilet came on quite rapidly sometimes, and he had no time to reach the bathroom before he started wetting, and once started, he found it hard to stop. At other times, he wouldn't even notice until he felt his warm pee flooding his crotch. At first, Bob objected to wearing pull-ups during the day, but soon saw the sense of it. He began wearing pull-ups to work as well, and Kate had arranged for Mary to be his 'mum' at work, as Mary called it, and would help him when he needed it with dry pull-ups from the supply Kate gave her. Bob got over his shyness about standing in front of Mary half naked with his little penis in full view. Mary was kind and gentle with him, and he responded to her care by putting himself completely under her control at those times. Mary felt sorry for Bob, and wondered how he and Kate got on with Bob having such a soft little willy. Even his testicles were small, Mary noticed, just a little pink bulge under the short, finger-sized penis that rested on top. For his part, Bob was continuing to have troubles with his job. He wasn't lazy or deliberately neglectful, but Mary could see that if he were overloaded with instructions, he would manage the first couple of things, but would have difficulty remembering the others. He was increasingly being reprimanded by his superiors, and if he weren't such a little cutie in his store top - the smallest among all the girls who wore them - even the checkout girls would have complained when he failed to carry out their wishes. Things at work came to a head a week after a new store-wide change of unform for 'junior female staff'. It seemed automatic that Bob be included in the change. He wasn't female obviously, but his job was invariably performed by the junior female, usually someone working her way up to being a fully-fledged checkout girl. So Bob handed in his red top and was given a new top, still red, but with his name embroidered in an attractive cursive script on the left breast. Some sort of communication error meant that his name appeared as 'Bobbi'. There were new pants too, snug-fitting red cotton pants with a side zip. Some of the chubbier girls complained that the pants made their tummies too noticeable, but in Bob's case the smooth front, stretching over his pull-up under which his downward-pointing penis was barely noticeable anyway, gave him a crotch indistinguishable from any of the girls who wore the same uniform. Bob was carrying a little extra weight anyway, and his soft features and beautiful hair in its rubber-banded ponytail did nothing to dispel the impression that he was a girl like his co-workers. He began to dislike using the men's bathroom and on the occasions he did use it, he would always sit in a cubicle to pee. He had no choice, really. His new pants didn't allow peeing standing at a urinal. By the end of the week, the supervisors who had been addressing the girls as 'girls and Bob' began to just say 'girls'. Bob was too embarrassed to correct them, and as was his way, he simply accepted it. The following week, Bob had become quite confused with a change in his normal routine, and had left a box of till rolls recording the afternoon's trade at several of the checkouts on a cabinet after Mary had stopped him to ask if he needed his usual afternoon change. The result was a recount of all the tills, and the manager was furious with Bob. Mary found him sobbing in the lunch room. He was so wet that his pull-up had leaked badly, and he had soiled himself. Mary took the afternoon off and took him home, sitting on a towel in her car. Bob calmed down during the trip, when Mary asked him why hadn't admitted that he needed a change when she had asked him, he explained that it was Kate's birthday, and that for once he wanted to be grown up enough not to need Mary to change him at work, and to arrive home without needing anyone's help all day. He showed Mary the bracelet he had bought for Kate with money he had saved from his quite meagre wage. Mary felt close to tears when she read the words on the little plate on the simple bracelet: 'I love you'. The band on Bob's ponytail had slipped down, so ?Mary took it off entirely. She was a little shocked at the result. With his blonde hair now falling over his shoulders and framing his pale, round face, Bob looked almost beautiful, certainly very pretty, even for a girl. Mary wondered how much different, how much better his life would have been if he really were the pretty young girl he now appeared to be. And if she weren't in pull-ups, Mary added to herself. 'Mary, I need to pee again,' said Bob quietly. Mary looked across at him. He really did look unhappy. 'Just hold on until we get you home, hon,' she said. 'It's only a few minutes away now.' Bob nodded, and ?Mary sensed the battle he was having. 'Hon, it's ok if you go in your pull-ups. And you're on a towel. It'll be ok,' she said. Bob nodded again, and brushed the hair from his face. There was a roadblock on the way to Kate's house due to what appeared to be a burst water main. Mary slowed and a burly utility worker approached the car. Mary wound down the passenger side window, and the man leant down, placing his big gloved hand on the roof above the window. 'Sorry, lady, this street's blocked, as you can see. So is Saratoga Avenue a bit further down,' he said. 'Hiya, miss,' he added as Bob glanced up at him. 'Where are you headed?' he asked Mary. 'Pine Boulevard,' said Mary. She heard Bob catch his breath, stifling a sob. 'Is she ok?' asked the man with some concern, looking at the pretty young girl in the passenger seat and noticing her soaked crotch. 'She, she's not very well,' Mary said. 'I'm taking her home to her mum.' 'Sorry to hear that,' the big man said. 'Lady, the quickest way to Pine for you is to go back to Arlington, up onto the freeway, then off at the next exit and come back onto Pine. Hey Bobbi,' he said, reading Bob's embroidered name. 'I'm sure you'll be OK. First job is it? My girl works at the supermarket too. Ellie. You probably know her. Part-time on the checkout, Friday nights and weekends. I'll tell her I saw you. You take care, eh, sweet pea?' 'I will, thanks,' Bob managed. Mary was proud of him. Bob knew Ellie. She came to their training sessions, and at the last end of course party, she had been one of the girls who had made Bob up for the beauty parade, in which he had come second. The judge, the area manager for the stores who had attended the 'graduation', hadn't seemed to realise even as he awarded Bob his ribbon, that the pretty young second place getter was actually a boy, not to mention a man of 25. Bob was quiet for the rest of the way, and only collapsed crying into Kate's arms after Mary had gone. 'Katie, what's happening to me?' he managed between heavy sobs. Kate had no answer, and just hugged him closer. It was the first time Bob had messed his pull-up, and after Kate had cleaned him up and changed him, just in case, into one of his new night time diapers and plastic pants and pulled his track pants over their bulk, she settled Bob in front of one of his favourite cartoon shows on TV and rang her psychologist friend Julie from the privacy of the bedroom. 'The poor thing,' said Julie when Kate had told her what had happened. 'I've got a couple of urology referrals on Wednesday afternoon. You could bring him in after them, at about 3,' Julie said. 'Will he be working?' 'I don't know, Julie,' Kate said. 'One of the staff brought him home, bless her, and she's going to call me tomorrow about Bob's future there. It's not just what happened today. He's been having a hard time there for a while. The other, I mean his workmates have been really good looking out for him, but it really has been a tough time for him.' 'Poor thing,' Julie said. 'It'll work out, I suppose. So I'll see you on Wednesday, then.' 'Yup, see you then,' said Kate and hung up. To be continued.
  11. elfowl

    Pure as milk

    I would like to play an RP where I play the little girl in a MD/LG couple, where the mommy of the couple is lactating and feeds me from her breasts as much as she can. I would like the story to go through our daily lives, and explore a loving relationship between two adults. If you would like, you can have the mommy to be kind and relaxed, or strict and uptight. I would be open to the couple being in some form of BDSM relationship with some form of power dynamic, or to simply have a kind and romantic relationship between two women. We can go through the process of our characters meeting and building up their relationship, or start the story with them already deeply involved in their relationship, and simply explore their lives together as they grow and change. Perhaps they live in a community of other people in Cg/l relationships, perhaps they feel like they have to hide their relationship, and only act as themselves behind closed doors, I'd be more than happy to discuss possibilities and preferences over PM.
  12. The date is 2123 June 28th. It was said that long ago this time would be filled with sunshine and warmth. If you told that to anyone nowadays you get laughed at and probably robbed for everything you had on you. Today was not sunny. Neither was yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before that. The sun came out so rarely that some loons think that the sun itself is a god itself and sacrifices people to please it. It also isn't warm today. At least not outside but in the minds of many people today "When has it ever been?" Generations ago, nobody can remember or be able to tell exactly, but a weird series of horrible events happened right around each other. First there were massive earthquakes on every continent on the globe that killed many people, it also broke the polar icecaps to a point that they were much easier to melt. That resulted in a massive increase in water mass and flooded many areas of the world. To make matters worse is that not long after the world grew cold and was only grew colder and colder each day. It began to snow everywhere all day every day. We had officially entered a new ice age. But that was long ago. Now everyone knows no better. They know that the world is a lawless land. Especially in what was known as New York City. This is a lucky area. There were so many tall buildings that when the earthquakes and the floods came there was still something left. Now people live in the sky scrapes. There is no real society everyone does what it takes to survive. There are people who group up and try to make a community but it never ends well. Either they get attacked by a gang or they become a gang themselves. One boy who has grown in this city is Gabrial Lupus. A young 16 year old, 5"2, 105 pounds, has long jet black hair and milk chocolate skin with emerald green eyes. He has a love of old tech from before the floods. He is a good talker but is very shy and dependent. His parents died when he was three from the misfortune of not having enough blankets for everyone and the generator going out. He remembers that and it made him very scared and which made him get good with technology and scavenging. He wasn't ever potty trained and he doesn't mind it. He also isn't alone. For years someone has been taking care of him like she was his own mommy. He has even started calling her that.
  13. I finished brushing my teeth with the new "sonic" toothbrush that Gloria bought me. I didn't see what was so fancy about it, but I wasn't going to object. The past few days had been amazing. I had been so afraid to tell her my secret.. I had carried it for almost twenty years. How do you tell the woman you just moved in with that you like to wear diapers? I didn't need them, I just liked them. And yet, here I was, standing in our bathroom in a lime green onesie and nothing else, a thick diaper barely hidden by the snap-crotch. Pink plastic peeked out on either side and the bulge was very clearly there. I was still in shock, honestly. I had finally given my tear-stained confession three weeks ago, we'd been dating for a little over two years and had moved in together about a month ago.. and then the packages started appearing. It was more than I could have dreamed. Every day was like Christmas. That night, Gloria had told me that she also had a confession, but it took some courage to work up to as well. She said she'd tell me soon. I swore to myself I'd be as accepting and loving about whatever she had to tell me as she had been for my dark secret.She had told me that she'd be home late tonight, but she expected me to be in the crib when she got home. One of the packages had been an inflatable crib, we blew it up and put it in the master bedroom, in the corner. It stood to my chest, I could crawl through the "bars" easily and climb over it, but there was something wonderful about it. Tonight was going to be my first night sleeping in it, I had no idea if it would actually be comfortable or not, but when I had laid down in it the first time and she stared down at me... I was in heaven. I crawled in through the bars and laid down, hugging my stuffed unicorn tightly. I grabbed the amazingly large paci she'd bought, it was red with a white ring - the package it came in said it was from Germany - and clipped the pacifier clip to my onesie and popped the nipple in my mouth. I laid down to watch a show on my phone, I was madly in love with Steven Universe - I'd seen this episode 3 times already, but it was wonderful. Garnet was so inspiring, how she was who she was regardless of what anyone thought.Just as the episode was finishing and I was singing along with the closing lyrics as best I could around the paci, I heard the front door open."Jackie sweetie, I hope you're in your crib!""I am! I'm a good girl!" I called back, letting the paci dangle on the clip. I climbed to my knees to stare over the crib bars at her, sinking into the inflatable mattress."You are a good girl, you're mommy's good girl," she cooed at me and set my heart aflutter. I knew she wasn't physically attracted to me this way, but this love was just as special. It was still a romantic love, I wouldn't want to share this particular feeling with anyone else on the planet, but it wasn't a sexual love. "Okay, I know I've been holding off on my part of the confession for a while, I wanted to make sure you felt loved and accepted before I spilled my dark secret, too. You need your paci right now," She paused to stroke my hair and pop my paci back in my mouth. I swear there was a glint of light as she tapped the shield, but it had to be my imagination. "There's nothing wrong with you, sweetie. There's nothing wrong with wanting to wear a diaper and sit in a crib, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be taken care of, to be made to feel small and protected. You know that, right?"I nodded, tears forming unbidden in the corners of my eyes. She was saying the words I had been wanting to hear since I was a child. I had always wanted to wear a diaper, I had no idea why. I had asked my mother when I was young, I was 5 or 6, and she had mocked me and told me everyone would make fun of me. She had made me wear one of my little sister's diapers and stood me in front of the mirror, making me wet it while I stared at myself... the whole while she told me that it was wrong for me to want to be a baby, wrong and shameful. I felt the fear and shame grip my heart as I was suddenly 5 years old again in my mind's eye, but Gloria's soft touch brought me back to reality."There's nothing wrong with you," she continued, "I like it when you're Little. You have this innocent sweetness about you that I never knew I wanted. You're so darling and fragile. Your emotions are so close to the surface, your sad, your happy.. and your emotions feel stronger this way. I love it. I love you. I'm happy you trust me enough to share this part of yourself. I'm happy to put you in a diaper and make you my little girl."She sat on the corner of the bed and stared at me, her dark brown eyes shining with love. She smoothed down a wrinkle in her hospital scrubs and pulled the tie out of her auburn hair, letting it fall past her shoulders. I loved it when she let her hair down, she was gorgeous. Gloria was a little heavy set, she had some insecurities around that, but I loved her anyway. We were about the same height but she had a few pounds on me, I was almost too thin, you could count my ribs when I stretched. She also had DD cups to my B cups. Hers wouldn't look good on me though.. and they were amazing on her. People were mean to her a lot about her size, especially her family, but I was always there to help pick up the pieces. It wasn't from a lack of trying on her part, we'd done the same diet together... she just couldn't seem to lose the weight. It actually caused a little bit of static between us, because I lost 15 pounds in a month trying her diet, while she struggled to lose 5. I felt badly for her, not because of how she looked - she was gorgeous to me - but because of how other people made her feel."There's a secret I have kept from you too," she said softly, "It's going to sound stupid, but I swear it's the truth. Everyone I've ever told has left me.. so I've been afraid to tell you. I love you a lot, Jackie." I reached for the paci to tell her I loved her too, but she put a finger to the shield, "Shh.. let me talk. You're too little to talk right now, just listen." The words sent a shiver down my spine. "I'm.. bruja," she said, looking down, "It skips generations in my family... it skipped my mother and grandmother, they thought it was gone forever.. but.. " Gloria looked like she was about to cry. I tried to spit out the paci to console her, but it wouldn't budge... trying to spit it out just led to me sucking on it. "It'll be good for us. I have to get this energy out somehow and this way, you get to experience a little something extra." She stroked my cheek, "You're too little to get out of your crib alone." She said with a smile, and I knew I saw some light on her fingertips this time. "I want to show you we can have fun with this, it's not all bad," she scooted back on our queen-sized bed, "Come to mommy." She held her arms out to me.I had no idea what she was talking about, I had no idea what bruja meant, but I knew I would love her no matter what. I stood up to climb over the inflatable railing of the crib.. but I couldn't. I couldn't lift my leg high enough. Gloria smiled at me."Come on, sweetie, come to mommy," her arms were so inviting, I tried to sit down and crawl through the bars, but I just couldn't. It was like something was stopping me from leaving the crib. I sat back on my diapered butt, confused. Gloria came back to the crib and leaned down, helping me up by my armpits. With her hands under my arms, I was able to swing a leg out of the crib and stand next to her. I tried to ask her how... but I still couldn't talk around the paci, nor could I spit it out. I was actually starting to get a little scared. She pulled me down on top of her on the bed and hugged me. "It's okay sweetie, be a big girl and use your words," she said as she pulled my paci from my lips."Gloria... what just happened?" I asked, my voice thick with fear."I told you sweetie, I'm bruja. A witch. I have the power to make people believe things that aren't true, make it real for them for just a little bit. Actually, I have to. If I don't, I get sick. We're going to find out if using it to make you happy has the same effect on me as... what I normally need to do with it. That's my secret. Do you still love me?""I... wha.. you're a witch? Like seriously? Hocus pocus and broomsticks and all that? That's not real, Gloria. Are you making fun of the secret I shared with you?" Why would she make light of this? I bared a piece of my soul to her. If she couldn't take it seriously... I don't know what I'd do. This wasn't a joke to me.But it didn't look like it was a joke to her either, her lips tightened with hurt and the smile faded from her eyes as she helped me back into the crib. I didn't resist, my emotions were in turmoil."No, Jackie, I'm not making fun of you. This is really hard for me to talk about," she frowned, "Let's assume I'm 100% telling the truth. Would you love me if I were a witch?" She was serious. Completely and totally serious. As I gazed into her gorgeous eyes, I could see the fear of rejection there. That feeling I knew all too well, I had shared my secret before and been mocked. Sharing it with Gloria had been terrifying and painful, but she loved me even though the desire I shared was... ridiculous. I promised myself that I would go into this with love and acceptance, just as she had.. and I was failing."Of course I would still love you." I looked her straight in the eyes and professed my love with all the sincerity I had in my body. I would never do anything to hurt this woman, the first person who ever really saw me for me. A tiny flame of fear kindled in my heart that I was causing her the very pain I was terrified of myself."Do you need to go to the potty?" she asked me, not breaking the eye contact. "A little bit," I confessed. This was a little frustrating, we were having a serious conversation - this wasn't the time to play our Little game. I needed her to know that I was there for her, I didn't want her to hide behind my Little feelings. I wanted her to know that she was loved in equal measure, "but this is serious, Gloria. I don't want to hurt your feelings. I love you deeply, and if you're serious about this, I want you to know that I'm there for you.""Shh," she stroked my cheek and the light was on her fingers again, "You're too little for the potty, use your diaper." I felt a tingle where she touched me, that traced its way down my body... into my diaper."What?" I asked.. and felt that my diaper was growing warm. I put my hand between my legs and felt the padding swelling up under the onesie, "Did I just?""You're too little to stand by yourself," she booped me on the nose and my legs collapsed. I stared up at her from the inflatable mattress of the crib. The glow was still fading from her fingertip.. there was a faint red hue to the light. I tried to stand up but my legs wouldn't listen. I started to panic. I couldn't stand!"Gloria, what's going on? Why can't I stand up?" I couldn't keep the panic from showing in my voice, but she looked completely calm.. the fear was fading from her face, she was Gloria again."Because you're so little, silly. You're just my tiny, little, baby girl. Isn't that what you always wanted? You like being Little.""I do like being Little... are you saying you can take away my bladder control? My ability to walk? You can make me your baby?" I couldn't believe the words that were spilling from my lips, but I could feel that nervous joy growing in my stomach. Butterflies. It was impossible... but I wanted it so badly."Yes, sweetie. How does that make you feel?" She was probing, her tiny core was vulnerable, she was serious about what she was sharing. This... was real. The possibilites were incredibly exciting and terrifying at the same time. But in her question, there was fear. If I responded with fear as well, it would break her."Can.. can I stop you?" I couldn't keep the tremor from my voice entirely, nor could I keep the blush from my cheeks. I didn't honestly know how I wanted her to respond."Do you want to?" There was a touch of sadness in her voice, that fear of rejection. She was placing her secret heart in my hands and hoping against hope that I didn't crush it.I sat on my squishy bottom and thought about the implications of her supposed power. My diaper was warm and comfy and I didn't have to struggle to wet it. It was electric, my heart was pounding in my chest. I had wet a diaper for the first time just two days ago.. it was so hard! I had to imagine I was sitting on the toilet for minutes before I could finally go. Gloria had teased me about it as she changed me. Having her touch me and then just wetting... even if it wasn't magic, it was magical. It was hard to believe.. but it was hard to deny too."No," I grinned, "But.. if I wanted to, could I? Or can you use it as a punishment?""Ohhh, someone wants to be bratty, huh?" A smile spread across her face as well, with a glint of playfulness in her eye. She saw me. Of course she saw me, Gloria knew me better than any other person on the planet. She loved me, despite all my imperfections. She saw me for who I was, in a way that no one ever had before. And she accepted me."Maybe... may I please?" My heart surged in my chest. For some reason, I wanted her to make me Little. I didn't understand the desire, but it felt amazing."Let's see, you already can't get out of your crib, you can't stand up or walk, and you have no bladder control... what else do you want to lose?""Can you take my words?" My pulse was racing, this was too good to be true. If I was dreaming, I didn't want to wake up."If your tantrums get out of control, yes I can. I can render you completely mute or I can leave you with just a few words. Is someone feeling fussy?", Gloria reached forward and pinched my cheek playfully, "I'm going to make a big bottle for you to drink and you're going to drink the whole thing without fuss, right?""No!" I shouted, though I couldn't keep the grin from my face, "I'm not thirsty! I don't want a bottle!" I laid down on the mattress and kicked my feet, flailing my arms, "No no no no no!""Sweet girl," Gloria smiled, "Someone is too little to speak, no words from you." She tapped my forehead with a glowing finger.. and my words were gone."Waaah!" I yelled, finishing my tantrum with a grin. "Yaa!" I giggled and clapped my hands. I had never felt this little before. I was trapped in a crib, in a wet diaper, and I couldn't say a word until my lady love allowed it. I laid down and sucked on my paci and hugged my unicorn while I waited for my bottle. She came back with it and I sat up, reaching for the bottle and opening and closing my hands."Does someone want their bottle now? Is my little princess going to be a good girl?""Aaa," I let the paci drop from my lips and nodded."Drink it all gone, or I'll make you," Gloria smiled. "I expect that diaper to be nice and wet for me. Show me how little you are, princess."The feelings were amazing as I lay back and drained the bottle. Peach water, she had added a sweetener to the cold, cold water. It was delicious. This was my fantasy come true. I didn't have to ask for it, I didn't have to pretend. I really was Gloria's Little this way. I had no choice. There was no shame in something I had no control over. I was completely trapped... and free to enjoy it.And that made it all the sweeter.
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