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Found 10 results

  1. (Image by Rosie BRS, commissioned by PrincessofThemyscria) "MMM MMMPH!!" Ed, muffled by the giant pacifier tied to his mouth, tried to shout as his former wife kissed her new boyfriend directly in front of him. He struggled against his binds. Cuffed, held tight in a kneeling position with his hands behind his back in the giant crib he was told was now his bed, gagged with a pacifier, and locked into a tight dress lifted to keep his diaper on display, he could do nothing but watch in humiliation as Sarah and Dwayne made it clear how little they respected him. Lost in their emotional and sexual attraction for each other, he was a non-entity, just their to witness how a "real" man acted, and to add his embaressment and whining to their joy. If he didn't want to look at them, there were few other places he could look without the same embaressment. The room, formerly his office, had been turned into a full on adult sized nursery, and decorated for his new role as the 'baby girle'. Stacks of adult diapers, dresses, and onsies piled on shelves, all intended for him. Toys stood in each corner, piles of teddy bears, a rocking horse with buckles to keep him in place, and a baby bouncer with more of the same locks. Even the walls reminded him of his positon, painted bright pink, with a line of disney princess around it. Of course, it wasn't entirely true that they didn't think of him at all. Sarah stole a glance into his eyes, giving him a malicious grin between kissing her new boyfriend. She turned around so that Ed could see his hand running up and down her back and gripping her bottom hard. Dwayne then opened his own eyes and watched Ed's raction as he spanked her hard, showing his own control over what used to be Ed's, then lifted a hand under her skirt. Sarah put a hand on Dwayne's chest and backed a way. "Alright honey, I need to get going." He smiled and raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure? I could do this allll day." She laughed. "I know, I've seen it before." They kissed again, and she backed away. "But I do need to go to get something for this little stinker here." She pointed at Ed. "Ah," he nodded. "Of course. Go ahead, I'll take care of your baby girl." "Are you sure? You won't mind babysitting? She's about due for a diaper change." Ed looked down at his diaper. At the moment, it was still clean. Hearing her predict his future 'accidents' was always embaressing, especially since she had so far always been right. He couldn't help but think she was deliberatly feeding something to cause it, but the truth was with other option then his diapers, the result was inevitable. "Not a problem. I've changed diapers before, these ones will just be a bit bigger." He turned to Ed and leaned into him. "Won't they, baby girl?" He said in a cooing, teasing voice and pinched Ed's cheek. "Just a bit bigger baby in a bit bigger diapies for a bit bigger diapie changes?" Ed blushed and groaned, but saw Sarah's look from over Dwayne's shoulder. He nodded, agreeing to the humiliating question. Dwayne smiled. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get along just fine. And if the baby girl doesn't want to get along... well, you already showed me how to spank her padded bottom. I bet a good trip over my knee will remove any problems." Ed shuddered. He had strong, horrible memories of all the times Sarah had spanked him, including the time Dwayne had watched. It shamed him to admit how easily she could bring him to tears with the childish punishment, and looking at Dwayne's powerful, muscual arms, he didn't want to know how much worse it would be. "I'm sure they will," Sarah said. "I know she won't cause many problems anyway. You're a full grown man, someone like this little baby girl won't stand a chance." She looked at Ed and winked. "Won't you baby girl? Widdle baby girl can't stand up to a man? Widdle baby girl Olivia need her baby sitter for her widdle diapies?" She turned back to Dwayne. "And either way, you know how to work her straps." Ed cringed at the teasing, and especially at the new name they had slected for him, which deorated the tag on the collar around his neck under the words "Baby Girl." It had seemed like so little time, and yet they had been so throrough so much of anything that had defined him as a man. Ed pulled at the straps again, but they held tight. He was sure this discussion was planned. They LOVED discussing his new life in front of him as his gag kept him from responding. Going over his changes, his spankings, and his straps one after another was just to get a reaction, and unfortunatly it worked. Already, Ed was squirming in shame, and only a bit more might send him over the edge into another tear filled "tantrum" at his new lifestyle, followed by their choice of punishing him for brattiness or an equally humiliating "soothing" session on their laps to calm down the "whiny baby girl." So, he held his emotions in. Dwayne laughed and hugged Sarah, then gave her another firm pat on the behind. Ed was unsure whether it was for her benefit, Dwayne's, or his own. "So the diapers are still in the same place? And her bottles and baby food in the fridge?" "Yep! Have fun you too! I'll be a bit, widdly baby girl Olivia's credit card has a MUCH better rate then mine. Goodbye Dwayne, byebye widdle baby girl Olivia!" "Say byebye to your mommy princess," Dwayne said. "MMMM MMM!" Ed said from behind his pacifier as she left. She turned to give a tiny wave and blow a kiss, and headed out. Ed's heart was racing. Panic, confusion, shame and humiliation all filled him. He swallowed, and turned to look at Dwayne, who was watching Sarah leave. He turned to Ed and smiled. His punishment had been a lot when it was just Sarah. When Dwayne came in to see him, it was worse, but at least it was still his wife controlling everything. Now, solely in the control of the strange man who slept who replaced him with his wife and as man of his house, had had no idea what to expect. Dwayne watched him, seeming to take pleasure in his obvious fear. He leaned in close to Ed, grabbed his nose, and started playfully tweaking it from side to side. "Well well well, look at this little baby girl. What a pathetic, helpless sight you make, Olivia. You were once a big man? Once married and owned a house? Now look at you, sitting in your diaper and in your crib while another man fucks your wife in front of you. You had everything and you threw it all away so you could cheat and play at being a big man. Hows that feel?" Ed whined, but couldn't do anything to stop him. Dwayne was right, he knew how pathetic he looked. He had initialy hoped this would be a short, private agreement between Sarah and himself, a way to avoid losing everyhting in the divorce. Instead, it seemed he now risked losing far, far more. Dwayne ran his hand down his dress and flicked the skirt. "Such a pretty girl in her pretty dress. Bet you never thought you'd wear something like that, eh?" He rested a hand on Ed's diaper. "Much less this. Still dry it seems." "You know, when she told me how she planned to sissify you, I thought it was hilarious on its own. But when she mentioend diapering you and making you her little baby," he pressed harder, and Ed groaned. "I think I laughed for an hour straight. What a fitting punishment for a low, immature cheater like you." Ed glared and pulled at the ropes, but nothing moved. Sarah teasing him had been embaressing, but hearing this man mock him filled him with rage. Every part of him wanted to reach out and swing at him, to re-assert some level of masculinity and strength, but the straps held in place. Dwayne just laughed, then waved a finger in front of Ed's nose. "Ah ah ah, even without the straps, you know how that would go. Either way, you'll just be pinned down, then over my lap for a spanking." He reached to Ed's bicep and pulled at the soft putty of his arm, then flexed his own. Ed watched him and blushed. His rage was quickly replaced with embaressment and despair. He knew it was true. It had been years since he excercised, and the difference between his own arm and Dwayne's powerful, muscular body was clear. If the straps broke, he'd just end up being beaten back down anyway. Dwayne patted his diaper. "Now, your mommy mentioned that you will be filling your diaper soon. My guess is she knows your body better then you, and she is bound to be right. However, I want to emphasize something to you. You see, you still think this is just an agreement with your wife where she gets to humliate you and I just happen to be here. I you to realize the truth is that even though this is your house, you are such a pathetic little loser that anyone who comes in can control you. So, you are going to mess your diaper for me, and you are going to do it soon. Then I'll change you like your mommy does while you lay helpless in your binds, and you'll know how much you've fallen." "MMM MMM! MMM MMM!" Ed shouted from behind the pacifier. He felt his eyes go wide, and he pulled again at the ropes. Dwayne just laughed. "Now now, you know this is going to happen. There is no way around it, little potty pants. So, here's whats going to happen." He took his cell phone out, placed it on record, and faced it toward Ed. He could see himself in it, backward with the focus directly on the seat of his diaper. Dwayne then took out a second cellphone and showed it to Ed. "This video is streaming directly to my phone so I can monitor the state of your diapers. I'm going to go back down through your house, make myself at home, eat your food, watch your tv, and take my rightful place as man of the house which you used to think was yours. You are going to lay there in your pretty widdle pampers and in your crib, helpless while another man takes advantage of you, and struggle not to mess your pampers. When you fail at that too, I'll see it and come to change you like a baby. How's that sound, little cucky?" Ed, filled with rage but unable to respond, could only watch as Dwayne walked out the door. He glared at the phone, and on it, his own image glaring back. He HATED seeing his own reflection dressed in his new 'style.' He always knew how he looked, but at times he could almost pretend it was normal. Seeing himself with the pacifier in his mouth, frilly purple dress with bows, and thick, exposed diaper, only drove home how humiliating his newfound positon was. If that wasn't enough, he could hear Dwayne living out his promise. He heard the cuboard and fridge open, and Dwayne grabbing at drinks and food he had bought. Dwayne then walked through the house, and Ed heard the TV playing. The image of the strange man sitting on his couch, watching his tv, and eating chips and drinking beer where he used to drove him mad. He pulled at his binds, imagining himself running down the stairs, grabbing Dwayne, punching him, kicking him, and... What? Getting beat up, then still having to play out his agreement with Sarah. He opened his eyes and saw his image again, in the outfit locked onto his body. The same plot played out in his head, except this time he waddled down, barely able to walk in his over thick diaper, charged at Dwayne with his skirt flaring behind him, and struggled, barely able to move in the tight clothing. Even he wanted to laugh at the image of a man dressed as he was trying to seem tough, and it ended only one way: himself pulled over Dwayne's lap, skirt pulled up and diaper pulled down as Dwayne spanked him into submission. Fighting back was nice to imagine, but impossible. Worse, he knew Dwayne was right about another thing. He had no idea what Sarah had been feeding him, but she seemed intent to ensure he had multiple diaper changes a day, and his stomach was telling him it was almost time. The presure came suddenly, his stomach grumbled, and he moaned out loud in dread. The phone chimed up. "Seems like SOMEONE is realizing I'm right! Is the widdle baby girl going to soil her pampers soon?" Dwayne said through the phone. Ed groaned out loud and pulled at the straps, but his stomach kept turning and grumbling. ...
  2. (Author's note: Please bear with me a bit on this one. This was initially a commission, with a story that was VERY dark, and VERY dirty. I've been trying to edit it from the initial version to follow the rules of different groups I post in while still maintaining some semblance of the original plot. Hopefully it will work out) "I don't know man, it seems suspicious." Ryan looked at his outfit up and down in the mirror. His best jeans, a black button up shirt, and hair combed neatly back. He turned to Jerald, his roommate, and looked at him with an eyebrow raised and moved his hands down his body as if displaying himself. "Why is that? You don't think she'd want someone like me? Am I not hot enough?" Jerald shrugged. "Well, you're alright, but she's a definite 10, and you're a..." "A what?" Jerald rolled his eyes. "What I mean is, you've been after this girl, Sawyer?" Ryan nodded at the name. "Yeah. Sawyer, who you've creeped on for months, and honestly it was kind of creepy to see. You creeped her facebook, talked to all her friends, and kept going into the coffee shop she owns. All that time, she didn't pay you any mind. Now, she suddenly invited you out of the blue to a new years eve party. Isn't that weird?" "Maybe she noticed how dedicated I was and decided it was attractive." "Maybe she noticed how creepy you were being and decided it was creepy." Ryan shook his head dismissively. "Then why would she invite me to a fancy party with all her hot, female friends? Obviously they want me." "You mean all the other girls you've creeped? Maybe they want revenge." Ryan laughed. "What? Revenge for being interested? And what would they do? Give me a spanking?" He laughed. His phone buzzed, and he looked down at it. A message from Sawyer read "almost ready? Remember to come by my apartment early, I have a surprise for you ;)' "Anyway, I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow." "They want you to show up at noon for a new years eve party?" "Yeah so?" Jerald shook his head. "Alright man, have fun. Be careful!" "I will!" Ryan put his jacket on and left the apartment, feeling his best. He entered the elevator and pointed finger guns at his own reflection in the mirror. "Ummm..." the elevator's other passenger, a tall blond woman, said. Ryan blushed. "Oh, ah, hi, just, making sure my clothes are alright." "Ok," she said, and covered her face to laugh. Ryan tried to run out of the elevator as soon as the bell went off, slammed into the door, then made himself wait patiently and walked out. He tried to ignore the women's laughter behind him. The walk to Sawyer's apartment was short but cold. He hurried along, eager to get to the apartment and promised party. Her texts called him forward, promising something he had longed after for months. Already, his stomach was turning over in excitement. Her apartment complex was far larger, and, he couldn't help but notice, nicer then his. Black steal and glass rose in dual towers in front of him, hinting at a garden, or possibly a pool, between them. He imagined coming back there to meet her in the summer, going into the pool at night, getting into all sorts of... He cleared his throat. He could daydream about that later. Right now, he had the real thing only minutes away. He found her bell number and rang it. "Hello?" Sawyer's voice came through. "Hi! It's Ryan! You told me to come early, right?' "Yes! We're just upstairs waiting! Can't wait to show you what we have planned!" "Wait, we?" Ryan asked. He heard a giggling from the other side, then Sawyer shushing the source. "Don't worry about it! Just get your butt upstairs!" The speaker clicked, and the door opened. Ryan walked it, and headed for the elevator. So there was more then one woman in her apartment. Ryan didn't know if that should disappoint him or excite him. On the one hand, Sawyer hadn't intended them to be alone together, which shut down his initial hope. On the other, she may still have expected to do something "fun," and it just meant more women would be involved. Her final comment did sound flirty, so he told himself he still had a chance. Her apartment was on the 20th floor. The elevator told him it was top, and he couldn't help but wonder what that said about the cost of where she lived. He had seen her working at a coffee shop, but he never knew what her role was there. From the looks of things, she was making a lot of money. He got out of the elevator. The top floor had a hallway with only two doors- one at the far left, one at the far right. Alright, so she made a TON of money, enough to own half a floor. He walked to the left and knocked. The door opened a crack, and Sawyer's long brown hair and hazelnut eyes popped out. She smiled at him. "Oh hey Ryan," she said in a voice he took as flirtatious. "Come on in! We are waiting!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him in. "Hey thanks for... what?!" Ryan gasped. The first thing he noticed was Sawyer's outfit. She was wearing a short, black dress, low cut and dotted with shining crystals. Beneath that, she wore lace tights and healed boots that rose almost to her knees. Ryan's mouth hung open for a second at the sight of her, and she giggled when she noticed. The second thing he noticed was that she wasn't the only one in the room. Three other women, all dressed similar, and all familiar. He swallowed. It was Alyssa, Jordan, and Liz, three other women he had been, in his roommate's words, "creeping." Each wore clothes that made Ryan's hear beat faster and his face slush. They lounged on couches, sipping champaign and waving at him. "I... I..." he stuttered. The women all giggled at him. "What's going on?" he blurted out.
  3. ABAlex

    Pageant Pictures

    So here are two old pictures by BlackRoseSeduction. It shows a sequence where my OC is first led to, then forced to compete in, a "Pageant" for submissives. Write up below I'm fairly certain this write up has been posted in the story side in one form or another, but here it is for the pictures. The part in italics is by blackrose, the rest is mine. "Nnnf..." "Now now, sweetie. If you keep fussing like that, you're going to lose your pacifier and it's going to get aaaallll dirty. I think you've had enough lessons today to know better, hm?" :: Alex's bottom was still sore from the last lesson he learned. "No fussing when putting on dresses for Mommy." His bottom still stung, even in his big, comfy pink car seat.:: "Now, are you going to behave like a good little girl during this Pageant?" :: Alex nodded his head, a constant blush running across his cheeks. He was dolled up and ready as Mommy wanted him. He couldn't touch anything; he wasn't physically permitted to. Even though the false eyelashes bothered him, his hands were encased in sleeves, which were linked to the harness placed around his dress. No, he would remain just as Mommy wanted him until the Pageant was done. He was a good little girl.:: :: With a leash clicked to his baby harness, he had no choice but to follow like a little child. His skirt was too short to hide his diaper, and he didn't dare let go of his pacifier to speak again. He dutifully followed his Mommy like a little trained puppy, walking to the building with the giant Marquee that read "Little Teapot Beauty Pageant tonight":: "Good. Mommy wants to win, tonight. Be a good little girl and give the judges a good show.~" "Oh, and Little one... put all worries aside; your diaper is most DEFINITELY showing.~" Alex waddled behind her as best as the thick padding would allow. Even after all this time, every crinkle, every flash of white plastic and every awkward, waddling step made him blush. This was especially true with all those eyes on him. He nodded at the mistress' words, knowing he better do his best to win or face the consequences, and pouted at her comment about his diaper. Though he knew it was clearly showing, he hated to have it pointed out. He tried to think back on how he got himself into this mess. It all seemed so natural, he didn't really know what had caused it. He had arrived at the Mistress' house, told he was there for 'rehabilitation', not really knowing what that meant. It was as much his choice as anyone else's. He figured he would be out in a week or so, and move on. At first it had seemed like a game, a little bit of acting up, followed by a little bit of 'fun' punishment.... Except that he soon realized he couldn't say no to the games. The one week turned into weeks, then months, and the punishments went from brief little games to his full time life. They got more and more embarrassing, as he found himself being treated as if he were younger and younger. When the Mistress finally took out a diaper and lay it underneath him, (replacing the pull up she had him in at the time) it simply seemed natural. A spanking ended any argument, a few months without 'big boy privileges' ended any thought he didn't belong in them. Eventually, his "Mistress" became his "Mommy". Now here he was at the dreaded pageant. When she first mentioned it he had thought, or at least hoped, she was joking. He had gone out in public before, which was embarrassing enough, but an actual pageant? With all those eyes on him? He shuddered. As ordered he waved sadly at the tv cameras, trying not to think about how far they could be broadcasting. Making matters worse was a surprise twist he had only found out about that morning. He remembered waking up, nervous enough as it was for the upcoming pageant. He ate breakfast in his high chair slowly, wishing he could make the clock move slower. At that point, he was dressed in a blue baby boy onesie, diaper, and bonnet, which he would have told anyone was about as embarrassing as it gets. Oh, how naive he was. When he finally finished the last of the oatmeal shoved into his mouth by his "mommy's" over aggressive spoon, he sighed and let her help him get out of the high chair. He followed her into the bed room, expecting to find some childish version of a suit, maybe a costume, or perhaps a sailor's outfit all designed to prominently display his padded rear. Instead, to his shock, he found a frilly pink dress lying neatly on his crib. At first he didn't want to believe it. "Wha... what is that?" he asked nervously, dreading the answer. "Why, that is your dress for the pageant!" his mistress replied cheerily, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. He looked at her with wide eyes. "Wha..What do you mean!?" "I mean we are going to put you in a nice dress so everyone can see what a pretty little girl you are." The realization he had been avoiding finally clicked. They meant to put HIM in a DRESS, and say he was a GIRL!? "No! Please!" he shouted desperately. "I'm not a girl!" "Really?" his mistress said with mock surprise. "Is that so? Then why does it say right here on your form, 'baby girl'? It seems to be all filled out that way, are you sure your not a girl? I think we better put you in the dress just to be sure. Oh and look, you signed it, so it must be true." She showed him the form, "Sarah Paeron's Sissy Pageant," where the box 'girl' really was checked, then signed. By his own hand. Why had he missed that? He recalled signing it in a rush, with eyes full of tears, having just been 'persuaded' to do so and hoping the persuasion was over. "Silly baby, what did you think "Sissy" meant anyway? That they wanted manly babies? Is there even such a thing?" she asked. "But... but..." his complaints fell on deaf ears as she pulled the dress over his head. As soon as she let go of him, he reached for the hem of his dress. Though deep down he knew it was pointless, part of him hoped that by fighting back enough eventually she would give up. Maybe he could tear the dress? "I'm. Not. A. GIRL!" he said, yanking at it. He had barely a moment of rebellion before he found himself turned upside down. The dress, now partially flipped over his head, trapped him and kept him immobile while he was positioned over the women's knee. "Nooo..." he shouted, kicking. He knew full well what was coming next. WHAP! The familiar sting of the paddle came down upon his plastic-padded backside. He yelped in pain, and braced for the next. WHAP WHAP WHAP! They rained down as he cried and wailed. "You. Are. A. GIRL." she said, mimicking his earlier words, and punctuating each one with another spank. "You. Will. Be. A. Good. Baby. Girl. You. Will. Do. Your. Best. To. Be. Pretty. Effeminate. And. Cute. And. Win. The. Pageant. For. Mommy. Or. This. Spanking. Will. Seem. Like. A. Cakewalk. Understand?" "YESS!!!" he wailed, giving in. She finally stopped the spanking, sat him on her lap, and wrapped his arms in long, finger less sleeves. She wiped his tears from his cheeks and hugged him. "There's a good baby girl. Just let the tears come out until your done, mommy needs to do your makeup." If anything, that made him want to cry even more. So here he was, at the competition as a baby girl. Alex hoped this change wasn't permanent, but something told him it was. He stared jealously at those who were actually dressed as boys, then at his own, more effeminate competition. He wondered how many of the skirts he saw belonged to actual girls, and how many were just sissy boys like him. He joined a group of other adult babies in their own special category. Some looked as miserable as he was, while others seemed to have accepted their position and waved happily at the crowds and cameras. "See?" his mistress said, pointing at the happier ones "if you learn to accept what you are, you can love it too!" Alex cringed at the thought, hoping he never got to that point. Or so he told himself. He could feel part of his mind telling him it was better that way, that he belonged in, even preferred this lifestyle, that he really, truly hoped for it... He remembered the hug after the spanking, how soothing it was... Should he accept it and learn to love it, rather then finding it all humiliating and constantly being punished? ... Maybe it was better, accepting a life of cuteness, being adored, no responsibilities... He shook those thoughts out of his mind. He would NOT let himself go there. Anyway, he had other, much more pressing matters to worry about. He would be on stage soon, expected to look cute for the judges. If he didn't do his best to win, there would be more punishment in store, and he knew his mistress was all too happy to spank him right on stage. He really would have to work, which made his growing problem even worse... in his stomach, he could feel a rumbling, and cramps getting harder and harder to hold back. Perhaps Mistress had put something in his bottle earlier, perhaps it was just poor timing, he didn't know. He looked down at his skirt, barely covering the diaper, leaving it all visible for the crowds and cameras... He watched the line, trying to calculate how long it would take to get on stage, and how long he would be there demonstrating his babyish 'talents'... what were those talents again? Did she ever tell him what kind of show they would put on? Oh lord, what had she planed!? He hoped it had nothing to do with what he thought. More so, he hoped he wouldn't prove he needed his pampers right on stage. Did any of the things he had hoped for work out? Another cramp hit him. He hoped, oh he hoped... * (Picture 2) :: The pageant was enough to put a tinge on any sissy's cheeks. Back stage was a mess of wardrobe changes and ruffles galore! So many prissy sissies being dolled up for their big performance. Some wore wigs which were pasted cruelly to their hair, others restrained while their nails dried, posture collars in place to assure they didn't move as their makeup was perfected, etc. Everyone aimed to win, especially the sissies that often had much at stake if they lost. Alex could still feel the sting of his bottom from his last practice performance, so he knew he had to win this for Mommy if he wanted to be able to sit anytime soon!:: :: He was careful to walk past the other poor, pathetic little dolls in the hallway, moving his skirt from any staining hazards, tip-toeing past the chairs to be sure his shoes were not scoffed. He was a good sissy with a lot of practice keeping his outfit in ready shape, though of course, everyone wished to win... which meant there were competitive mothers that would do anything to make sure their investments paid off.:: "...Ooops! Dear oh Dear... you should watch where you're going!" :: Alex looked down with despair as he realized she was talking to him, seeing a nice, thick streak of blue across his white stockings. He didn't dare speak up to her, though before he met his Mommy, he knew he would need to remove those stockings!:: "Oh Sweetie. What happened to your stockings? I thought you wanted to keep your little diaper covered?" :: Alex blushed and looked away shyly from his Mommy. He couldn't think of a response, and remembering that his diaper was showing now, he couldn't even think to turn around and see if people noticed. As he thought on it, his Mommy was moving him somewhere in the room, and he realized pretty soon that he was looking out the side of the stage!! It was a huge crowd!! His eyes froze in horror as he was pushed out onto the stage. He hadn't been paying attention, but it was his turn to perform a dance for the pageant!:: :: His performance utilized several pirouettes, to which the audience always lit up in camera flashes. It wasn't exactly rare to see sissies wearing diapers, but the obvious embarrassment and unexpected shock on his face made it far too priceless to not capture that moment. Perhaps it was also something else... but Alex was too focused on his performance and humiliation to think on it. He shamefully twirled and danced across the stage, just as he had been trained to do, his Mommy proudly looking back to the other Dominant characters with a smugness to her success.:: :: As it would seem, this accidental tweak to the routine was enough to win the judges over! Alex stood proudly with his trophy, even if the title did make him blush: "Pageant's Biggest Sissy." It was a sissy's dream come true, and he let the moment sink in as a final relief to his humiliating performance. He felt a pat on his shoulder which made him swell with a little pride in his duties. ...But then he felt a pat on his bottom, to which he only just now realized... was wet this entire time.:: Dear Readers, I have read the above messages and would like to clarify some points here. There is a clear and direct attempt to slander my good name here. This was all a deliberate and successful plan to manipulate the judges, not an embarrassing mistake. I obviously just took a diaper since I definitely do not need them and barely ever wear them, and I used a bottle of apple juice to- segrsrgsfg (Please ignore Alex's previous statement. He is currently spending some quality time with a paddle and a bar of soap for the obvious naughty lie. I'll have him write a more accurate explanation later.) ... (The following is the truth. Alex will have to write honestly if he wants to get rid of the soap, and I'll be nearby with a paddle to ensure accuracy.) "That was a lie, I am sorry for misbehaving. I am very naughty baby for doing it. I always wear a diaper because I am a baby, and definitely do not do so willingly. I need them and know it is for the best that my mommy puts me in them. I accidentally tore my tights and was crying like a sissy baby as I was told I had to wear my pampers without anything covering them. I was so nervous I used them, as I often do, which one of few dsrgs - one of many, many, nearly uncountable reasons I need them. (There you have it, he admits the truth. Oh, and to say he was merely 'wet' is being kind to him. He knows better then to lie about such things. However, what he doesn't know is that it doesn't matter anyway, as it was filmed and broadcast on television, so anyone can see the truth. Right now we are going to finish his spankings as he gets to watch his most adorable, embarrassing moments on the big screen. Oh, and did his eyes go wide when he read that! If only I could capture that reaction. Also, don't tell him, but this competition qualified him for the next level of competition, which will be broadcast prime time internationally. He won't know until after of course, and we are sure to have something even more 'fun' planned.)
  4. (So these are the first few pages of a fantasy/comedy/kink comic I was working on with Aungshadow on devinatart. Along with a typical fantasy adventure base, it would have abdl, sissy, and bdsm themes, and feature my OC as a diapered sub warrior and his as a sissified sub mage. * I wrote out the script and he was going to draw it, but I'm not sure if it is going to continue as he is having some perosnal issues. Anyway, here is the beginning, and if there is ever more I'll post here) (*I mean... his character is still technically diapered... and mine is still technically sissified... but those are the more noticeable "roles")
  5. Hey, just wandering if there is anyone in Bournemouth that is a DL or would like to crossdress.? I have never met anyone with my kink and am pretty nervous.?
  6. Hi - new to this site and a fairly new diaper lover. I recently discovered real adult diapers - the ones that are super absorbent and much bigger than the pull on types such as Depends. I LOVE the the feeling of my diaper getting warm and wet, while expanding on my private parts as the diaper swells. To enhance that feeling and to keep the large diaper from sagging, I have found that wearing a panty girdle over the diaper works great. Has anyone else tried this ?
  7. Dyper-joey


    From the album: Coming out as a kinky pervy diaper slut

    Feelin cute(for a crusty ol 41yo mechanic, lol!)
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