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Found 10 results

  1. Marta

    colored day.jpg

    From the album: Wash and Dry

    © Marta

  2. Marta

    white day.jpg

    From the album: Wash and Dry

    © Marta

  3. I'm trying to get a huge messy diaper (i have no idea why I thought it'd be fun) and I am wondering if I use 2-4 boosters if that would help it be huge but also hold some stuff. If some brands can hold it up or vise versa please tell me!
  4. Marta

    washing line2.jpg

    From the album: Album 2

    © Marta

  5. From the album: evilengine's diaper packs

    First time trying both Tykables Galactics and Tykables Dubblers/stuffers. See what all the fuss is about booster pads
  6. Last Friday I got my order for Zorb II dimples. I ordered a half yard of sixty inch wide fabric. This morning I cut it up into six 10" wide by 18" soaker panels. I wear two of these panels sandwiched between two cloth diapers. That Zorb II is, as they say nowadays "da bomb." The more you wash it, the fluffier it gets. Anybody else tried it? Tell us your experience.
  7. Doing some house cleaning. Anyone interested in a weird assortment of diapers and boosters? Diapers - Medium: Northshore Care Plastic - 13 Northshore Care Cloth-backed - 2 Dr. P (Basic type) - 8 Dry 24/7 Initial Model - 6 Dry 24/7 Second Edition (The ridiculously thick kind) - 2 Dry 24/7 Third Edition (The stiff kind) - 2 Molicare Super Plus - 3 Secure X-Pus - 1 Bambino Bianco - 1 Tranquility ATN - 1 Diapers - Small: ATN - 1 Boosters: TotalDry Boost-Ups Ultimate - 30+ TotalDry Boost-Ups Super? (the second-highest level) - 7 Abena Abri-Let Maxi - 9 Depend Boost - 2 ???? - 4 Bonus: Two Frankensteined Abri M4's stuffed with other diapers (preposterously thick) Terms: I live in Portland. Local sales only. (No shipping) I have zero interest in selling to anyone <18 This is a package deal. All or nothing. Seriously, I have zero interest in shipping a package. Make me a reasonable offer, and they're yours. Or, if you happen to have any Rearz Safari, I'd trade. Totally want to try those.
  8. This has probably been asked before but, what is the best kind of diaper booster that can be bought at a pharmacy like cvs and walgreens? I understand that baby diapers can be used as stuffers but I'm just asking about normal boosters meant to be used in a diaper.
  9. I'm always out for a deal on my diapers, but I look for a good balance between quality and unit price. The best quality I've found in the big three brands is Huggies Snug and Dry, here are the best prices from various sellers online stores. The most effective size I've found overall is size 3, since the padding tends to go fully from the front to back, size 4-7 tends to have less padding in the rear of the diaper. The best prices I've found are as follows for the biggest pack of Huggies Snug and Dry: Walmart: $40.88 for 206 diapers or under 21 cents per diaper (qualifies for free shipping to home with a $45 order of "Home Free" items, id recommend a box of wipes). Some but not all stores carry this size, but online it is available Walgreens: 19.99 for 96 diapers or under 21 cents per diaper (unknown shipping for online orders, but hey, Walgreens are everywhere) Shopko: Not listed online but generally comparable to Walgreens in price with generally larger counts, yielding a lower unit price. Diapers.com: 156 count for $38.96 (includes shipping, unknown handling) or under 25 cents per diaper Generic diapers Walmart: $13.97 for 96 diapers (qualifies for free shipping to home with a $45 order of "Home Free" items, id recommend buying 3 caes and a box of wipes) Walgreens:$18.49 for 96 diapers (under 20 cents per diaper) Shopko: Shopko brand $15.99 for 96 diapers (under 17 cents per diaper) Diapers.com Diapers.com brand: $41.99 for 200 diapers (includes shipping, unknown handling) or under 23 cents per diaper For actual adult boosters, which I've never tried: $76.96 for 180 boosters or under 43 cents a booster Bambino Quadro: $76.96 for 180 boosters or under 43 cents a booster Abena Abri-let from XP Medical: $80.95 for 350 boosters or under 24 cents per booster
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