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  1. Hi, I'm a guy interested in age play. Many people are interested in wearing diapers or nursiring little's. My preference lays more in a age range between 9 and 11 yo. I wear undies and clothes that fit that age and love to be forced wearing lil girl undies. Maybe is there someone that can relate to this fetisch.
  2. Here's a free story about a young woman who doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. Please comment or give it a like if you're enjoying the story. --- Lindsey sat in her room, staring out of her bedroom window brooding after her self imposed exile. It was her fucking birthday for crying out loud and her parents had forbade her from being able to leave the house! Unlike most twenty one year olds, Lindsey had been forced to spend her summer break from college back at home with her parents. Well, the word "forced" was a bit extreme; she had voluntarily returned home to see her parents and mooch off of them until she had to go back to school. However, things quickly changed once she got home and found out that they had a new baby in the house. "It's okay, Maddie. It's just a little bit of poopy in your pamper." Lindsey felt the right side of her head throb upon hearing her mother's sickeningly sweet voice coming from just outside of her door. She knew that voice well. It was her mom's "attempting to calm her sister tone" when the brat was screaming her head off like a teething toddler. "Don't cry, baby. Mommy's going to change your diaper once we get you down for bed." "Ugh," Lindsey subconsciously groaned. She had been stuck on diaper duty during the past three weeks whenever her mom and dad weren't at home and it was starting to grind away at what little remained of her sanity. The worst part of the whole arrangement was that she effectively being kept a prisoner in her own house. At first, it was because nobody was around to watch the baby since both of her parents still worked. Since she was watching her sister all day long, she hadn't really thought about leaving the house since caring for her sister was literally a full time job. However, as time passed and tempers flared, she finally got sick of wiping her sister's ass and wanted to go hang out with her friends. It was on her mom's first day off since Lindsey arrived home that her parents literally told her that she couldn't leave the house! It was no longer about helping out with the baby; according to her parents, it was about keeping her safe from whatever was going on around town. To Lindsey, it was as if a quiet, self contained hysteria had engulfed the small town over the past few weeks. It seemed more and more incidents were occurring around town which made her parents become increasingly protective of her. At least, that's what she was able to piece together through the few snippets of what passed as conversation during dinner. It felt so odd to be effectively ignored since she had to help feed the baby, but hearing her mom and dad gossip in solemn tones about which family around town was afflicted by this mysterious tragedy was starting to drive her crazy. It all came to a boil during the previous night's meal where her dad had casually mentioned Maddie's best friend from down the street like her disappearance was perfectly normal. "I haven't seen the Miller girl in a few days." Her mother looked up from her plate. "Is that the family with the twenty four year old daughter?" Her dad sighed. "Yeah, she went to school with Maddie if I'm not mistaken." Lindsey recalled putting down the large plastic spoon full of mashed prunes before chiming in. "Are you guys talking about Jackie Miller?" Her mother sighed. "Yeah, I think so." She couldn't believe her mother's apathetic tone. That was Madison's best friend and they were pretending like she didn't exist! "Well, what do you guys think happened to her?" "Hopefully nothing, but I haven't seen her since last Friday." Her mother replied before taking a sip off of her alcoholically enhanced iced tea. "They should've kept her in the house." "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!" Lindsey snapped at her father's remark causing her sister to start bawling her eyes out. In the blink of an eye, her mother had leapt up from her seat and was standing beside her daughter, Maddie. "It's okay, baby. Big sissy isn't mad at you." Her dad had cleared his throat by that point and was staring her down from his spot at the head of the table. "You know what I meant, Lindsey. The Miller's shouldn't have let Jackie leave their house which is why you're definitely not going to leave this house until the sheriff's catch the sick fucks responsible for your sister's condition!" An awkward tension had filled the air before Lindsey stood up from her seat at the table and screamed at her father. "Tomorrow is my twenty-first birthday, dad! I'm not going to just sit here like a prisoner while all my other friends are enjoying their lives!" That was the last time Lindsey had spoken to her parents. She had spent the entire day in her room, periodically walking out to the kitchen to get a yogurt or make a bowl of cereal. Just because she was pissed off at her parents didn't mean that she was going to starve herself. Their attempts at conversation were ignored. Each "happy birthday" was met with quiet indifference and indignation. Somehow she had gone the entire day without talking to either one of them, but luckily she had her friend, Gwen to chat with. They had spent the whole day planning out their night on the town. In all honesty, there wasn't much to plan since the town only had two bars and the Copper Stallion was the only thing close to a "hip dive bar" suitable to the forty and younger crowd. The Iron Spittoon was literally a Boomer bar and she wouldn't waste a minute in that shithole even if the drinks were free! The sound of her bedroom door creaking open pulled Lindsey's attention away from the window and towards the door to see her mother looking in through the gap. "I just put Maddie to sleep." Lindsey remained silent, but didn't look away. "I know you're still upset about the situation, honey, but we don't want you to take any risks. What if you end up like your older sister?" The question lingered in the air for an uncomfortable amount of time until her mother spoke again. "You're still angry, I get that, but how about we celebrate your birthday tomorrow?" It sounded less like an offer and more like a plea. "I'll take the day off, hire a babysitter for Maddie, and we can make mixed drinks all day. It'll be a regular girls day in!" Slowly, Lindsey turned away and returned her gaze to the window, peering out of it like a bird trapped inside of a cage. The sound of her mother closing the door in defeat was the only sound that pierced the quiet stillness of the house until a few moments later a digital ping came from the phone that sat on the desk by her chair. She immediately picked it up and noticed that it was Gwen. Ur parents in bed yet? Lindsey's thumbs got to work typing on the now fully charged phone. "Dunno bout my dad. Mom is prolly gonna lay down." K was the only letter sent in reply. Lindsey stared at the reply for a moment and started to get annoyed. "U gonna pick me up or wat?" Normally, she would've taken her car, but since her dad had confiscated the keys she was forced to rely on Gwen. An uncomfortable amount of time passed waiting for her reply. If Gwen had bailed on her then she'd just walk to the bar. It wasn't that far away, but the thought of someone jumping her along the way did linger in her mind until another digital ping sounded off, pulling her out of her increasingly dark thoughts. Can't take my car. No gas. "Fucking cheap cunt." Lindsey seethed under her breath. "Walking to the bar." Lindsey replied with annoyance. Don't. I got a buck for UBER to get you. "Such a cheap cunt." Lindsey chuckled to herself before typing, "Wat about beer?" I got cash. UBER is cheaper than gas. Lindsey couldn't argue with that line of thinking so she simply replied with a "K" and put her phone into the back of her ripped Jeans as she stood up. She quietly slid her window open, taking her time to push the screen out from its place, knocking it out of the frame. Flashes of sneaking out of the house during high school to smoke pot flashed through her mind as she did so, making her feel rather juvenile until her face was hit by the cold air of the night. Originally, Lindsey had wanted to wear her booty shirts and show off her body, but once her sneakers landed on the wet grass, she knew that she had made the right choice by wearing her Jeans. The minutes passed by painfully slow as the cold air made Lindsey start to question whether standing around and waiting for her friend was a good idea. Lindsey sighed, seeing her breath hang in the air for a moment before vanishing. 'Fucking bitch.' She looked down the end of the street and was just about to text Gwen when a pair of headlights appeared in the distance. 'It's about damn time!' Lindsey thought as she stood there impatiently on the sidewalk in the growing glare of the car's headlights. The black SUV crept forward until it pulled up to the side of the curb and stopped. Right when she was about to step up to the sports utility vehicle her phone pinged, notifying her that she had just received a text message. 'I wonder who that could be?' Lindsey ignored her phone, opting to approach the luxurious SUV. Before she could reach for the handle, the back door flung open revealing Gwen leaning over from her seat. The slightly older girl flashed her a smile and patted the empty seat. "Come on, Lindsey. What are you waiting for? Your birthday is almost over!" "No thanks to you." Lindsey replied in a bitchy tone while getting into the car and grabbing onto the side of the door, slamming it shut. Before Lindsey could even get comfortable, the driver was already starting to complain. "Make sure your friend is buckled up!" Lindsey cocked an eye and looked over at Gwen who was already reaching over for the seatbelts that laid limply by Lindsey's shoulder. Before she could be buckled in, Lindsey brushed away Gwen's hands and buckled herself in. "Just because I haven't been out of the house doesn't mean that I forgot how to use a seatbelt." She expected Gwen to say something, but the young woman remained silent which seemed odd given that she was always a bit of spitfire; it was why they both got along. "You're the birthday girl. Just thought I'd help." Gwen finally spoke up after snapping her own seatbelt shut. Lindsey felt like she was missing something here; like she was being left out of an obvious joke or something. She turned her gaze away from Gwen and to the driver who was already looking over her shoulder, watching her. It made the already awkward atmosphere of the backseat seem to build more awkward if such a thing was possible. It felt like the driver was waiting for her to say something. "Maybe you should stop staring at me and get this clown car on the road." Lindsey demanded in an annoyed tone. "You don't like the lighting? My passengers always love the lights, especially after a long night out." The driver replied, ignoring her rude tone. "They just stare at these lights until I deliver them to their homes." The back of the car had electric-pink pin-striping running around the lining of the ceiling which bathed the backseats in a faint pink glow. Lindsey had noticed the lights, but didn't exactly care for them. It seemed a bit much for a simple ride to the bar, more like a luxury car,but maybe Gwen had been lying about her budget? "The lights are nice, but I'd have to be pretty shit faced to just stare at them like some retard." Lindsey retorted. "Don't mind Lindsey." Gwen finally spoke up. "She's had a long week and just wants to get drunk on her birthday." "That's right." The driver smiled. "You did say on the way over here that it was her birthday." "Yeah, and it's almost over." Lindsey sighed. "So less yapping and more driving!" "Of course, but before we get going, here's a little gift from me for your special night out." The older woman pulled out a bottle of water from a cooler she must've had sitting on the passenger seat and handed it back to Lindsey. "Gee, thanks." Lindsey replied in a sarcastic voice. "It's actually a good idea to hydrate before you start drinking." Lindsey cocked her head just in time to see Gwen drink from her own bottle of water she must've gotten from the driver beforehand. "Your friend is right. It helps prevent hangovers." The driver added, seemingly waiting for her to pop open the top and drink. "Fine, but I want this car moving once I finish taking a sip." Lindsey grumbled while screwing off the lid of the twenty ounce bottle of water. She took a long sip from the water bottle and the car finally pulled forward. Feeling the vehicle actually moving made Lindsey start to unwind. She leaned back in her seat and started thinking about the potential guys she'd meet tonight. How many she'd flirt with and maybe the lucky guy she'd fuck if things went right and he invited her back to his place. Suddenly, Lindsey felt like she was having trouble thinking straight as an unusual haze overcame her mind. She tried to lift her hand to touch her forehead, but all the strength had left her arms, causing her to drop her bottle of water onto the floor. "Gwen!" Lindsey slurred her words. "Sum thin ish wong wif me!" If Gwen had heard what Lindsey had said, she gave no indication of it. Lindsey struggled to keep her eyes open as everything grew blurrier and darker in the backseat. A yawn escaped her mouth as a tiny trickle of drool dripped down her chin. Lindsey couldn't believe how out of it she was; it was like she had been drugged or something! The very idea that she had been drugged gave her a second wind of sorts. She gazed up from her slumped position and tried to spot the driver but found an opaque black glass divider that hid the woman from sight. It was like a big black mirror reflecting an endless sea of neon pink due to the custom interior lights of the car. She pulled her eyes away from the tinted glass partition and let out a long sigh before succumbing to the drugs in her system. "Okay, she's knocked out now." Gwen said as she looked at her unconscious friend. To Be Continued...
  3. (Hi. I want to do an RP where I am a man(22 years old) who is kidnapped by another man and whisked away to a nursery where he is babified and forced to live with him as a supposedly growth-disordered baby. Please be aggressive and condescending. Thank you.)
  4. I am thinking about a scenario where a small framed man attracts the attention of a larger man,he abducts the smaller man and turns him into the baby of his dreams whether he likes it or not! I can play the daddy or the baby anyone interested?
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