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  1. Just writing on here that I plan on returning to the online community and to the RP channel. Update on my health, I'm going to be fine it looks like. I had been on Lithium for some time and it damaged my liver to the point it was starting to fail. I got off of lithium, quit drinking, and started living a healthier lifestyle altogether. My enzymes are high but I'm stable and able to look forward to a long life where as several months ago, I didn't think I'd see 2020. I'm confident enough in my health that I'm ready to rejoin the world so to speak.

    My husband, our friend, her girlfriend, and I also all moved to Seattle, so I lost my local kink scene. So now that all of my kinky friends are 36 hours away, I hope to make some new ones here. I'll be responding to PMs though out the day. I look forward to being back.


    1. Elfy


      I don't think we've spoken before but I'm glad to hear you are through some hard times and looking forwards :)