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  1. I had this cover photo cover commisioned for my story Hermione Granger Dark Arts Diapered, set after the final book/movie Hermione now 18 has decided to go back to Hogwarts to sit her final school year that she missed while fighting Voldemort. During her first Dark Arts class a spell goes wrong and her underwear turns into a nappy that continues to expand the more you try and take it off. The art was creat by the very talented Shadee2d
  2. Unfortunately, I can't remember anything else about it, I stumbled across the story when I first got into the fetish, it was the first ABDL story I read and that was about 15 years ago now. Yikes I feel old, haha I knew it was a long shot, thanks anyway
  3. Looking for a story I read many years ago, a woman returns home to find that her parents have decided to to make her a baby again, a nurse is in her bedroom and drugs her, when she wakes up she is in a crib wearing a diaper with a pacifier strapped to her head, she gets led downstairs where all her friends are there to see her off to get baby trained
  4. The rest of the story is on my Patreon page: Hermione Granger Dark Arts Diapered
  5. Chapter 01 The Dark Lord had been defeated, those that were at the battle of Hogwarts seldom talk about what took place that day but everyone knew that Lord Voldemort was no more and that Harry Potter had saved the wizarding world. Harry, Ron and Hermione had sacrificed a year of there lives to destroy all the Horcruxes and finally put a stop to Voldemort once and for all but once the next year had rolled along only one of the good friends was on the train back to Hogwarts. Harry and Ron had decided not to return to Hogwarts and instead believed they had enough knowledge and experience to become Auror’s, Hermione, on the other hand, wanted to learn more and even after having a three hour debate trying to convince Harry and Ron to return with her she was the only one on the Hogwarts Express. Hermione’s first lesson of the year was the defence against the dark arts, she had made her way down to the dungeon where the class was now held out of memory for Professor Snape. The room was colder than up in the main castle and would have been quite creepy enough without the pickled animals floating in glass jars all around the walls. Hermione entered after all her fellow classmates had seated but she saw an open seat at the front and sat down next to Ginny Weasley, Ron’s younger sister. “Did you see who the new professor is?” Ginny said to Hermione “No, McGonagall didn’t announce who the new professor would be, after all the teachers we have had it could be anyone now” Hermione was thinking back to all the professors they had through her years at Hogwarts. Professor Quirrell, Professor Lockhart, Professor Lupin, Professor Moody, Professor Umbridge and Professor Snape. Out of all the Professor’s Lockhart and Lupin were the only ones that didn’t have a connection to Voldemort, Lockhart was a fraud who stole the adventures and stories of other wizards and Lupin was a werewolf which when revealed caused him to be practically chased out of the school by the scared parents of students. Hermione, Ginny and the rest of the class jumped as the door to the dungeon closed hard, they all turned around and saw a tall man standing at the back of the class, he slowly examined the room then smiled and walked to the front of the class. He wasn’t wearing a robe like all the other Professors or students but was wearing a long brown coat, under the coat was a blue suit and a red tie, but to Hermione the thing that stood out the most was the converse sneakers that he wore on his feet “How is he getting away with wearing them” Hermione whispered to Ginny, Ginny shrugged and was about to respond when the man announced “Well Defence against the dark arts, dark arts, arts” he clicked his tongue as he walked back and forth “So I guess we could get started, just call me the Professor” he smiled and all the tension was lifted from the room and students suddenly relaxed. He stood still for the first time and looked at the class “I know a lot of you were part of the battle last year, I wasn’t, was dealing with a creature in a metal box” he broke off and looked out the window “Anyway so a lot of you know about the arts and how to defend yourself, but there are a few little things I could still teach you, I need a volunteer” another big smile beamed from his face and half the room had their hands up instantly, including Hermione and Ginny. The professor scanned the room and finally lifted his hand and pointed “You there, come up here” Hermione got up from her seat and practically skipped to the front of the class. The Professor put out his hand and smiled “Hello there and who might you be?” Hermione blushed “I’m Hermione Granger,” she said as she shook his hand. “Of course you are, Well this should be easy for you” he turned to the class “Now there are some curses that can be defended by simply rebounding them back to the one that cursed you, the curse can change with the rebound, however, depending on how much power is used to rebound it”. The Professor took five paces back from Hermione “Now Hermione if you can give me a curse I will rebound it back and if you feel up to it try and rebound it back to me” Hermione was feeling nervous “A curse? What type of curse?”. “Oh yeah, how about a simple transformation curse, turn my lovely red tie into a long scarf, I haven’t worn a scarf for years” he smiled, Hermione put her wand up “Whoa whoa not just yet, a little more teaching first” Hermione put down her wand embarrassed “Sorry” she said sheepishly, “Ok so the spell to rebound is Resiliant, you focus on the curse coming towards you and you picture it flying back and say Resiliant, sounds easy doesn’t it. Now if I put more power into the curse as it goes back it will change so it might not change your tie colour but might change your robes or something, it’s tricky as the outcome isn’t really known”. The Professor put his hand into one of his suit pockets and pulled out a strange wand, the handle was made of a silver metal, it had ridges and buttons and a blue crystal at the base, Hermione and the rest of the class had never seen a wand like that and The Professor looked down at it “What’s wrong” he said, Hermione quickly said “Nothing, just never seen a wand like that before” “Oh yeah it’s my own design, want to be different you know how it is” Hermione smiled “Ok you ready?” the professor put the wand at his side “Yep allons-y”. Hermione raised her wand “Colovaria” she pointed her wand toward The Professor who quickly lifted his wand “Resiliant” a blue light appeared out of the wand and made its way towards Hermione, Hermione only managed to say “Resi” when the light hit her, she stood there for a moment and looked down at her tie, it hadn’t changed colour. Hermione was standing at the front of the class looking down at her clothing, nothing had appeared to change “Odd” The Professor said “Maybe it changed something else, well thank you for the demonstration Hermione you can sit back down, now that is one way to repel curses I want you all to look up other ways, I will give you 20 minutes”. Hermione sat back down at her desk and The Professor sat behind his desk at the front of the class. Hermione had just opened her book when she felt something strange, she first noticed a warmth coming from her waist, she then felt it around her groin and then her bum, then suddenly she felt something thick appear. She looked down and could see that her skirt had become tighter and slightly inflated, she looked up at The Professor who had his eyes fixed on his desk as he was writing something. Hermione tried to put her legs together but there was a now a bulge between her legs that prevented her from doing so “Ginny” she whispered, Ginny turned her head and looked at her “What?” she whispered back, Hermione didn’t know what to say she knew something had appeared around her groin but hadn’t thought about what it was until now. Hermione’s jaw dropped when she realised what had happened to her underwear, her red underwear had changed into a nappy. “What is it?” Ginny asked, but Hermione just shook her head “Nothing, it’s nothing”. Ginny went back to reading from her book and taking notes as Hermione sat in her new padded underwear. Chapter 02 Hermione looked around the room, everyone had their eyes down concentrating on the task The Professor had assigned them but Hermione couldn’t think of anything else but the nappy between her legs, as she shifted in her seat she turned three shades of red as she heard the rustle of the nappy. “Should I tell The Professor what has happened? If anyone finds out I will be known as Nappy girl for the rest of the year, If I get his attention I could tell him quietly and then be excused from class, would anyone be able to tell though? My skirt has got tighter I bet my bum looks so much bigger”. Suddenly a strange noise rang out from behind the professor, all the students looked up including Hermione, Ginny looked at her “Is that a new bell?” she asked, Hermione shook her head “No it’s coming from the office” The Professor stood up with a worried expression on his face “Class is finished for today, all of you go” the students looked at each other confused when the Professor shouted “Now” the students quickly stood and began to leave the room as the Professor went into the office and closed the door quickly. Hermione continued to sit waiting for the class to leave, Ginny had finished packing her books and stood up “You coming?” she asked, “Yes, I will catch you up” Hermione said which satisfied Ginny who followed her fellow students out of the class. Hermione blew a sigh of relief as the last student left and she began to fill her bags with her books, she slowly stood up and turned bright red again as she took a step forward and heard the nappy rustle. Hermione slowly left the classroom and made her way down the corridor behind all the other students, hoping that nobody noticed her, she felt like her bum was swinging side to side as she walked and she had to contentiously stop her self from waddling as she made her way down the corridor. She turned a corner and saw the door to the girl's toilets “Perfect I will go in there and remove this nappy and nobody will know” she thought. It was gloomy, depressing bathroom, under a large, cracked, and spotted mirror was a row of chipped sinks. The floor was damp and reflected the dull light given off by the stubs of a few candles, burning low in their holders; the wooden doors to the stalls were flaking and scratched and one of them was dangling off its hinges. Hermione looked around the empty room “Thank god it’s empty” she thought as she took a step forward she realised why it was empty “No, this is Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, I hope she isn’t in here” she said to herself as she walked into a cubicle. Quickly she closed and locked the door of the cubicle and just stood looking down at her waist “How could a simple spell turn my red panties into a nappy?” Hermione wondered, she slowly unclasped her skirt and watched in amazement as she pulled it down over the bulging nappy. It was white with a blue line going down the middle and two tabs on either side, in stunned silence she turned her head to look at her rear and was amazed at how much the nappy was sticking out “Wow, it looks just like a proper nappy, How did it happen?” she thought “Anyway time to take it off” she said and she put her hands around the tabs and pulled. The tabs didn’t move and suddenly Hermione could see the nappy get bigger, Hermione’s eyes went wide as she looked down and saw it was sticking further out at the front than before, the thickness between her legs had grown bigger and as she looked behind her she saw that the back had also expanded. “What is happening?” she thought as panic ran through her, she gave a big tug on the tabs again and once again the nappy expanded, Hermione had to move her legs apart as the thickness between her crotch got larger, she looked down and could only see the tips of her toes now the nappy was protruding 10cm out from her body all the way around “What can I do, I should go back to The Professors class and see if he could help” she said but she then looked down at her skirt “That’s never going to fit over now” she said glumly. Hermione continued to stand in the cubicle with the huge diaper around her crotch when she heard a little giggle coming from the toilet, Hermione turned and saw moaning Myrtle slowly appearing up from the toilet, her hand over her mouth giggling.