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  1. More Kitty Stuff

  2. preference on thickness

    Who said we were addicts? Really, saying that we are, seeing your signature, profile, name and description leads me to believe you are the pot calling the kettle black. You DIDN'T have to open this poll. You DIDN'T have to comment.
  3. preference on thickness

    pretty thick imo.
  4. What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    Well, I like to be a kitten, sometimes a sissy princess one. I do enjoy being a little, but sometimes the animal aspect is a lot of fun for me.
  5. Kitten Stuff

  6. Colors n' Things

    What I do for some fun! Just drawings n stuff.
  7. Newborn!

    Hey all! I am a newborn here, new to the nursery. I live in Colorado and have loved being a little for a very long, long time. My parents used to be pretty strict and overbearing and I used to sneak pacifiers and diapers home in order to get little and de-stress all night. When I moved out and went to college, I could be a little boy whenever I want. Now I work all day and am a little all night. When I come home, I become 1 again, color, watch cartoons, drink juice from my sippy and suck on my paci. Life is good and simple. Its very nice to meet all of you and I hope we have a good time!!!!