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  1. Sarah sat back after hanging up the phone, she had been asked to babysit for Mr and Mrs Johnson that evening. Their 12 year old daughter, Katie, wasn’t much of a problem but had a wetting issue and wore diapers to bed for it, something Sarah always teased her for. The 16 year old brushed her hair and got her shoes on before heading to The Johnson’s house. Mrs Johnson let her in before rushing out leaving Katie under Sarah’s supervision. ”Hi Katie, how are you doing today? Still in your big girl panties I see, well done baby girl, your mommy and daddy will be able to throw away all your diapers if you can stop peeing at night!”
  2. Kelli smiled and shut the door of the playpen, effectively trapping him. ”There we go, now mommy and Aunty Kelli can watch you and you won’t get into trouble” She went and sat with his mom as they chatted about his behaviour, Sarah smiled and whispered to Kelli and told her that soon they would have a stinky diaper to deal with as soon as the laxative worked their magic
  3. Peter hurriedly put his clothes over the diaper and rushed home. The diaper crinkled loudly as he walked, he hoped no one could here the crinkles as he took every step carefully until he got home. As soon as he was inside his house, he rushed up to his room and closed the door before locking it. He got into his pyjamas and was able to fall asleep after an hour of trying to get comfy. Early the next morning he woke and blushed as he remembered the previous nights events, he looked under the covers to confirm and to his horror he realised that the diaper he was wearing was thoroughly soaked, meaning he had wet it during the night.
  4. As Sarah sat down on the couch, Kelli bent down to the level of the baby and smiled, ruffling his hair. ”Is baby Janey excited to see her babysitter? Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you” She smiled and pointed to the corner where a playpen was set up with baby toys ”Crawl in for Aunty Kelli and I’ll shut the door so baby is safe where the adults can see her”
  5. He wanted to rip the diaper off and tell her that he wasn’t playing along anymore but he knew she was the one in charge, hopefully he could find a way out of this. He shook his head when she asked about the pacifier “No, I’ll weave it here” He wondered how he was going to hide his diapered condition from his family
  6. After a few minutes Kelli opened the door and smiled at them both, she stood aside and invited them in. Sarah pulled James in and shut the door as Kelli went into the living room. ”Ok baby, on your knees and follow mommy to the living room” She turned and headed to the living room and waited for the baby to crawl in. James could hear Kelli giggling as his mommy stood at the living room door and waited
  7. He nodded and waited for her to take the pacifier out, when she made no move to it he pointed at it ”peathe take it out” As she threatened to show all the pictures he got worried and nodded frantically “I’ll be here!”
  8. Peter took the pacifier out of his mouth and reached out to pass it back. ”what? You mean I have to wear this...this thing home and wear it to bed?” He sighed and kissed her on the cheek. ”Fine, I’ll see you tomorrow, I guess.”
  9. Sarah pulled up outside Kelli’s place, she shut the engine off and got out. Going to the trunk and getting the diaper bag, she came to the door and opened it before unfastening the belt and letting James out. ”We are saying hello to your babysitter” She then pushed a pacifier into his mouth and led him to the door and knocked loudly. ”Keep that pacifier in unless you want a trip over my lap!” She smiled, knowing soon he would be in need of a diaper change as the laxative and diuretic in his breakfast would take effect.
  10. He gasped and tried to move away from her but she had a grip holding him close. ”N..no....I...don’t...wan...” He struggled to get his words to come out as he felt himself becoming erect inside his diaper again. It didn’t take long until he felt himself orgasm yet again from the stimulation. As he looked at the smile on Britney’s face, it was clear that she held th cards
  11. Sarah headed down the road to the traffic lights. “Mommy picked a lovely lady to be your babysitter, when I asked her she said she’d be thrilled to be your sitter. I have given her permission change you, bath you and she has permission to pull your diapers down and spank your bottom. If mommy hears you have been spanked by your babysitter then you’ll get it again at home, are we clear?” She turned the car down the next street, the only person that James knew who lived down that street was his girlfriend Kelli
  12. Peter blushed, he had tears in his eyes but he knew if he fussed then she’d spank him and probably show his friends the pictures she had taken. ”Um....um...m..my peepee...is...is so small...it...it belongs in a baby d..diaper”
  13. “Well mommy needs to introduce you to your babysitter. Mommy can’t be there all the time with you so I need someone to look after you and change your diapers” She grabbed his hand and led him to the car, opening the back and strapping him in before getting in and starting the car
  14. He said nothing as she spoke to him, his face red and hot from embarrassment. When she held the pacifier to his mouth he wondered if he had to have it, one look from her made his mind up and he let her slip it into his mouth As she fastened the diaper on, he noticed it seemed thicker and more crinkly than the last one. ”Um...tum back to mommy at theven firty?” He hated how his words sounded as he spoke with the pacifier as wondered when she would let him take it out, not to mention when he was allowed to take the diaper off
  15. “Well of course I’m taking it with us, what would happen if we’re out and you need a diaper change? I wouldn’t be a very good mommy would I” She finished packing the diaper bag by adding the hairbrush to it, she then took his hand and sat him on the bed. Going back to her closet she came back with a pair of patent shiny pink Maryjane shoes. ”I’m glad these came on time” She slipped them on his feet and buckled them