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  1. Why do this to me Kimmy. Emotions are running high again. I hope you’re happy! I didn’t like Wendy and wanted Carol but Carol turned out to be unstable! need to psyche myself up for the next story!
  2. KIMMY!!! You warned and said it got dark, you said I might cry! You wasn’t wrong, emotional overload. Halfway through act 2 I wanted to stop reading, the emotions were too much, I just couldn’t. I needed to know Kimmy got back to April! When she woke up and Gwen was there I cheered and cried again! well done you!
  3. This was such an amazing story. I went on an emotional ride from start to finish. I found I couldn’t stop reading it. i cared about all the characters. I was worried about Kailee, felt for Dani and Vanessa and loved Jess brilliant story Kimmy
  4. I’m loving this story! I hope we find out Stacy plays baby too. Part of me wants Kelly to get her comeuppance and both Amy and Katherine get to be proper doctors again but Katherine will be padded under her clothes still
  5. Looking for a story it is set in a school or orphanage. The boy offers to give his room up so 2 sisters can stay together but the only room he can go in after is the nursery and ends up being diapered
  6. “Babies who wear diapers and wet them, go to bed when they are told!” Sarah grabbed hold of then remote and pulled it hard, determined to get Katie to bed so she could watch her tv and relax
  7. Sarah had been watching Katie closely and smiled when her face looked distracted and she could tell that Katie had wet her diaper. Sarah stood up and walked over, she sat down and pressed her hand in the crotch of Katie’s pyjamas. ”Well baby girl, you’ve managed to soak your diaper, I’ll have to tell your mommy that you wet your diaper before bed. Come on baby, bedtime”
  8. Sarah cleaned up the kitchen and went to the living room, smiling as she saw the outline of Katie’s diaper through her pyjamas and wondered how long the diuretic would take to work. She looked at the clock and saw it was around 6.45pm, she’d let Katie watch tv a little longer before telling her it was bedtime for babies in diapers
  9. “Ok well I guess you can go watch tv a little bit while I clean up” Sarah let Katie passed and smiled as she heard her diaper crinkle as she waddled into the living room
  10. Sarah sighed, she walked over to the tv and unplugged it from the wall socket and then walked to Katie “In there; now, or I’ll take you upstairs and put you to bed, but not before I’ve spanked you good and hard!” She held Katie’s arm and pulled her up and to the table. ”I want that food gone and that orange gone!”
  11. Hi I'm looking to start a roleplay where my character gets diaper punished, spanked and embarrassed by somone, treated like a baby in front of friends and family etc If you think youd like to join this rp as the adult then please message me with your interest and possibly ideas and no one with one liner roleplay, needs to be decent to get into
  12. Sarah went to the living room and turned the tv off. ”Katie, get in there and drink your orange and eat your dinner or you can go to bed right this minute!” She stood and tapped her feet as she crossed her arms. ”I wasn’t joking when I said I’ll get your mommy’s hairbrush so what are you going to do?”
  13. Sarah went and picked out the pyjamas and brought them over and helped Katie get into them. She took her hand and brought her down and made her sit on the chair before plating her dinner up and putting it on the table with the glass of orange. ”ok eat that all and I’ll get you some ice cream for after. Then you can watch tv until bedtime” She looked at the clock and saw it was just after 6.15pm
  14. Sarah knew that Katie was defeated and stopped spanking her before making her lay on the bed. She went to the drawers and pulled a diaper out of it, unfolding it and easily sliding it under katie before dusting her with baby powder, using more than needed before taping the diaper in place. ”ok put your pyjamas on and then come for dinner, that diaper stays on, if i see you messing with it then I’ll be getting your mommy’s hairbrush and taking it to your bottom. If you’re a big girl then you can hold it anyway until the morning”
  15. Sarah delivered a few hard slaps to Katie’s bare bottom ”Katie, your mommy said I can spank you if you’re a naughty girl, and not listening to your babysitter classes as being a naughty little girl. Now you can either say sorry and let me put your diaper on or I’ll just carry on doing this?”