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  1. Azzy_Dreemurr

    Adoption Centre RP (Open)

    That's fine by me! I would be playing a 1 1/2 Year old baby or around that age, white hair, green eyes (he looks like Asriel from UT), he's a little shy, and emotional, but he loves
  2. Azzy_Dreemurr

    Adoption Centre RP (Open)

    So... First off HI! I'm Asriel... although my friends call me Azzy, I'm a newborn to DD, and I like to RP, so I thought it might be fun to RP something like this. Anyone can join There are two roles to be played A baby, toddler, little girl, sissy, little boy, etc. or you could be one of the "Staff" which are the nurse, mommy, daddy, nanny, etc.
  3. Azzy_Dreemurr

    ABDL Minecraft Server

    Hey Andrew! I would love to join the server, think you can PM me for more details?